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Lil Baby - Pure Cocaine
Views 38M6 months ago
Lil Baby - Global
Views 37M7 months ago
Lil Baby - Global (Audio)
Views 2.4M9 months ago
Lil Baby - This Week (Audio)
Views 4.2M9 months ago
Lil Baby - Chastised (Audio)
Views 1.5M9 months ago
Lil Baby, Gunna - I Am (Audio)
Views 4.7M11 months ago


  • Luis Avalos
    Luis Avalos 7 minutes ago

    Got a 100 shooters bad wrong song.

  • Mallaki Burk
    Mallaki Burk 26 minutes ago


  • TeeJay
    TeeJay 26 minutes ago

    New music on my channel

  • linda nicole
    linda nicole 27 minutes ago

    cant wait to make it

  • Kiyana Piper
    Kiyana Piper 29 minutes ago

    I think this song starts out sad , but man when he basically said no matter what he’s going to make sure she’s straight . That’s real love . That’s a real bond .

  • Glitter Sparkle
    Glitter Sparkle 47 minutes ago

    “I ain’t worried bout you, imma do what I do and I do my thing” PERIODT.

  • Glitter Sparkle
    Glitter Sparkle 48 minutes ago

    Why the thumbnail look like the video was made in early 2000’s

  • Skorpio Savage
    Skorpio Savage 50 minutes ago

    Sep 17 2019

  • kc0ll13r
    kc0ll13r 59 minutes ago


  • J Spins
    J Spins Hour ago


  • mister_noodle
    mister_noodle Hour ago


  • Heidi Barrow
    Heidi Barrow Hour ago

    Ad weed or boy fjh

  • oh yeah
    oh yeah 2 hours ago

    Jemand deutsch und kennt lil baby wegen Fendi drip?

  • Cobo Racing
    Cobo Racing 3 hours ago


  • Phillies Cards and Games

    Listening December 2069 hit like

  • QuietBoyMusik
    QuietBoyMusik 4 hours ago

    Damn... I hate all the stupid shit police officers do. Like... who the fuk raised you? I capture all of their (nypd) corruption on my channel. 🌊🚔🌊🏛💯🙏🏽

  • Rahman Jamall
    Rahman Jamall 4 hours ago


  • Champagne Papi
    Champagne Papi 4 hours ago

    Why future looking like he somebody’s grandma😂

  • Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith 4 hours ago

    Keep 100 g

  • Logan Scott
    Logan Scott 5 hours ago

    Kirkwood baby on folkss😈🍾

  • hen ko
    hen ko 5 hours ago

    Not even 20 seconds in and there's so much auto tune I thought this was t-pain 😂

  • Ichigo kurasaki
    Ichigo kurasaki 5 hours ago

    drip too hard don’t stand to close you gone fuck around and drown OFF THIS WAVE!

  • Somila Yanta
    Somila Yanta 5 hours ago

  • ᴅxʙɪ -乂
    ᴅxʙɪ -乂 6 hours ago

    Whos from Rxwdy -SAYX-?😂

  • Darth Tater
    Darth Tater 6 hours ago

    R.I.P hip hop

  • You Tube
    You Tube 7 hours ago

    I sampled this same shit about 20yrs ago.

    • hen ko
      hen ko 5 hours ago

      This nigga is lit and I'm go in to his show

  • Kitty Lillian
    Kitty Lillian 7 hours ago

    DON'T CLICK FURTHER!!! You have 10 years of luck like to activate❤:)

  • dietisgreat
    dietisgreat 7 hours ago

    This is terrible, this generation is fucked if this Is what music has came too

  • C.D. Scales
    C.D. Scales 8 hours ago

    This shit hot hard!

  • Assasin. gaming
    Assasin. gaming 8 hours ago

    0:36 21 savage

  • lilly holmes
    lilly holmes 9 hours ago

    we started as close friends

  • V
    V 9 hours ago

    is it really possible to love someone within the seconds that you meet? bc if so...

  • RezR12
    RezR12 9 hours ago

    why they keeping putting Future on tracks, that dude absolutely ruins every song he touches.. ouch

  • BbyGirlLala Gonzales
    BbyGirlLala Gonzales 10 hours ago

    My Cush looked at me and smiled

  • Ghoul Gaming
    Ghoul Gaming 10 hours ago

    2 rappers that’s use 10000000% of auto tune great🙄💀

    • KaSh
      KaSh 3 hours ago

      Stfu bitchboy this song good asl, atleast the autotune sounds good

  • Mckennon Price
    Mckennon Price 10 hours ago

    Late gang where we at🙃

  • Jaleeah Collins
    Jaleeah Collins 11 hours ago

    Lil baby🥰🥰🤩🤩😂😂

  • Lil R
    Lil R 11 hours ago

    When he said autvdisybdkxu chskauffhhsjaosduhrdhfjdo I felt it Stolen tho

  • RICH
    RICH 11 hours ago


    KOREN 12 hours ago

    this nigga looks like a brown pig lol

  • TheBaller 305COUNTY
    TheBaller 305COUNTY 12 hours ago

    Wish it was only pablo

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  • Deqiang Liu
    Deqiang Liu 13 hours ago


  • Tamekia Postell
    Tamekia Postell 13 hours ago

    Bigggggg Factsssss

  • Tamekia Postell
    Tamekia Postell 13 hours ago

    SMH 2020

  • Tsunauticus III
    Tsunauticus III 14 hours ago

    Boon bragging sounds compilation

  • Akampa Collins
    Akampa Collins 14 hours ago

    i dont know wht somebody told you bae

  • Xismaelpro3raX Mixer gaming channel

    Gucci mane went in with flow

  • daffaahermawaan
    daffaahermawaan 15 hours ago

    Who see Jay z at the thumbnail ?

  • Joseph Cony
    Joseph Cony 16 hours ago

    damn yall need to stop with them sad comments fore I whoop that ass w the belt

  • Timothy Moss
    Timothy Moss 18 hours ago

    dat muthafucca nasty they is not bullshittin the beat is going dumb dumb and the hook and verses are a dope boy anthem

  • Daniel Cortes
    Daniel Cortes 18 hours ago

    2:37 when you realize you thought the song was fire and you didn’t understand a word😐🤔

  • Gandalf The Gay
    Gandalf The Gay 19 hours ago

    came here from some weird fucking tik tok video

  • Steven c
    Steven c 19 hours ago

    We gonna act like lil baby didnt fuckinn snappp flow was crazy

  • Vilina Ledet
    Vilina Ledet 19 hours ago


  • Valerie Rosado
    Valerie Rosado 19 hours ago

    This nigga is lit and I'm go in to his show

  • Bama Kidd
    Bama Kidd 19 hours ago

    September 2019

  • hugo avanto
    hugo avanto 19 hours ago

    Just crashed my lambo to this song

  • Five Star
    Five Star 20 hours ago lil baby

  • Jezebel.A Garcia
    Jezebel.A Garcia 20 hours ago

    “Married to the game I can’t make you my fiancé “ 😔

  • Colin Benny
    Colin Benny 20 hours ago

    I dont like rap like at all but this song speaks to me

  • jatavious wright
    jatavious wright 20 hours ago


  • PakZ Diamond
    PakZ Diamond 20 hours ago

    Hfjdjcndjfjfjfnfjfjrjfvf i don't even know what he said

  • ZiiNx L
    ZiiNx L 20 hours ago

    Like to make me remember this song i will come back every year

    SAMAKASWAG 20 hours ago

    That sound in the beginning fye what kind Of instrument is that

  • Vee Link
    Vee Link 20 hours ago

    Did I just watch mumble rap dam click bait

  • Steve Raglin
    Steve Raglin 20 hours ago


  • Txnii
    Txnii 21 hour ago

    U know if future is on a song with someone else the other person has to mumble

  • breezy Mohamed
    breezy Mohamed 21 hour ago

    For me future is really fake pussy ass nigga he can't fight few white boys in Ibiza he just run

  • RUSEK ONE 228
    RUSEK ONE 228 21 hour ago

    Ohh hermano.. de las de lujo. La mera Cream 🤙🔥 😈🤘🏼

  • Teshika Pratt
    Teshika Pratt 21 hour ago

    Go hard keep it up lilbaby furture ass trash

  • ebb
    ebb 21 hour ago

    I wonder what he was playing with a controller that was off

  • Kea makesbeatz
    Kea makesbeatz 22 hours ago


  • Kea makesbeatz
    Kea makesbeatz 22 hours ago


  • Matthew Dorce
    Matthew Dorce 22 hours ago

    My name's Andrew

  • Matthew Dorce
    Matthew Dorce 22 hours ago

    The song the song is good

  • 713 young Tv
    713 young Tv 22 hours ago

    Real hood rich

  • 713 young Tv
    713 young Tv 22 hours ago

    Boss shit 🤟🏾👌🏾🤞🏾

  • 2 Restless 2 Quit
    2 Restless 2 Quit 22 hours ago


  • 713 young Tv
    713 young Tv 22 hours ago

    Out the mud

  • Sharneita Latrice
    Sharneita Latrice 22 hours ago

    My favorite song!!! 🥰🥰

  • 21Koneferenisi Tanoa
    21Koneferenisi Tanoa 23 hours ago


  • Pablo De La Cruz
    Pablo De La Cruz 23 hours ago


  • Davis Gekala
    Davis Gekala 23 hours ago

    Flow sounds like yung thug

  • Sernielby 14
    Sernielby 14 23 hours ago


  • JD ForThree
    JD ForThree 23 hours ago

    Future must've been a language arts teacher or sum, I can understand every word he says 😮

  • TopT
    TopT Day ago

    Damn it’s been a fat minute since the song came out

  • Kelvin Tyler
    Kelvin Tyler Day ago

    This nigga future is real life the goat

  • Jaheem puranda

    1 like if lil baby better than 21 savage\ comment if he is not

  • Erica Owens
    Erica Owens Day ago


  • Orlando Johnson

    Who's here because of Southern University Human Juke Box! After they killed this!!

  • Kainen Pate
    Kainen Pate Day ago

    boTTys all The TIme

  • FreakkoMode
    FreakkoMode Day ago

    You niggaz fell off and you’ll never RECOVER!!

  • Heidi Barrow
    Heidi Barrow Day ago

    Dkdptjgvjvkf b and v WWE song cjg ghost for I will begidhefvfjvfhjdekddjcxzkfdjgjdjjdjjhfjf

  • MissGilmorealeasha

    I love this song it is true my best friend dated me

  • earlene mason
    earlene mason Day ago

    Lil baby sounds like future brother

  • Jim Carey
    Jim Carey Day ago

    Lil Baby: This Pure Cocaine *Demi Lovato Has Entered The Chat*