Angelina Subocheva
Angelina Subocheva
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  • Adam Mahir
    Adam Mahir Day ago

    Moroocan boy 🇲🇦🔥❤

  • Christian Schwarz

    Cu in 2020

  • Luis Ángel Islas Olmos

    Está es una muestra de que el talento y el amor a música no ha muerto, y que la inovación músical sigue y que se supera por cada década, al menos tendré canciones que mostrar orgullosamente a mis nietos que pertenecieron a mi época...

  • Reagan Oinam
    Reagan Oinam 2 days ago

    Kindly break ur ego first

  • Kenneth Forest
    Kenneth Forest 3 days ago


  • Jahongir Kahharov
    Jahongir Kahharov 6 days ago

    November 30,2019

  • Elif naz Delipınar

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  • Goh Edushka
    Goh Edushka 7 days ago

    He's fat

  • Xentrix Xentrix
    Xentrix Xentrix 7 days ago

    what's called a singer with sigala please?

  • Vera Kavaja
    Vera Kavaja 8 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍The girls are beautiful here . I love Jesy

  • Daniel D. Claro
    Daniel D. Claro 8 days ago

    Pailisima esa voz. Jajaja

  • Ryan Larter
    Ryan Larter 9 days ago

    I was there front row it was amazing

  • Witty Bear
    Witty Bear 9 days ago

    Try 1.25 speed and you will hear like original

  • Vera Kavaja
    Vera Kavaja 9 days ago

    All the girls are great dancers 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Especially JESY

  • Angelina Subocheva
    Angelina Subocheva 11 days ago


  • Anne Mariner-Gibbs
    Anne Mariner-Gibbs 11 days ago

    Thank you so much! I’d love to see some more. X

  • Gentleman Rajib
    Gentleman Rajib 11 days ago

    Arne Marrie ♥️

  • Anton Cigurh
    Anton Cigurh 11 days ago

    CCCP!!! 💪

  • Daniel Swan
    Daniel Swan 11 days ago

    Ah, she's awesome, has such style .... and talent ... a beautiful lady.

  • rhythm king
    rhythm king 12 days ago

    pig in white socks

  • Alleson Rodrigo
    Alleson Rodrigo 13 days ago

    2019 alguém?

  • Angelina Subocheva
    Angelina Subocheva 13 days ago

    ok tommorow

  • Anne Mariner-Gibbs
    Anne Mariner-Gibbs 13 days ago

    Can you please upload some Ella Eyre performances please? X

  • NightShooter Web Development

    He's lost his contact lens at 4:04.

  • [BosS] HITMAN 20
    [BosS] HITMAN 20 13 days ago

    legendary pose click 3

  • yaplamf
    yaplamf 13 days ago

    I absolutely love the song but this is bad. I'd demand my money back if I had paid to hear this shit.

  • 이히'3'
    이히'3' 15 days ago

    Nice HD

  • Namjoon’s IQ of 148

    Security guard at 1:19 the real MVP

    • Uga1992
      Uga1992 15 days ago

      It's the bartender from the music video

  • Наталья Семенистая

    He is amazing 👏 💯talented

  • Mariel Hernández Ramos

    John Newman.😍😍

  • Jazzy Spazzy
    Jazzy Spazzy 17 days ago

    AAA thank you for uploading this! The original video got removed

  • JK3P
    JK3P 18 days ago


  • Chris is is Elite
    Chris is is Elite 19 days ago


  • Nick Drury
    Nick Drury 19 days ago

    currently on my 20th consecutive listen in a row!

  • Samir Gurung
    Samir Gurung 19 days ago

    Angelina Subocheva ❤thank you for this amazing video to be honest its always been pleasure to watch her.Just she is underrate 😩i mean very very much underrate you know 💙😊 I believe people are recognizing her now ❤

  • Tetelestai !!!
    Tetelestai !!! 20 days ago

    Political correctness is an effing bullet in your head RATM welcome back!

  • Valoue 123
    Valoue 123 20 days ago

    Such a goddess your voice is so wow you are so wow 😍❤

  • Subramanian Family
    Subramanian Family 20 days ago

    Hey where's the comments ya

  • Bitch/ L
    Bitch/ L 20 days ago

    Damn my boy PND put some weight on.

  • Shivam Sahu
    Shivam Sahu 21 day ago

    Love you Anne I am big fan of your smile and song and you look gorgeous

  • Joao Doria
    Joao Doria 22 days ago

    FIFA 14

  • NEIL Denny
    NEIL Denny 22 days ago

    Good love from Maisie💜💓💕💞💟💕💖💗💚💙💛💝💘💗💖❤

  • Alira Financial
    Alira Financial 22 days ago

    I love you❤️😘

  • 董玉麟
    董玉麟 22 days ago

    i dont need to hand row

  • Dutch Fangirl
    Dutch Fangirl 23 days ago

    i love her so much omg i am gay for her

  • Unknown
    Unknown 23 days ago


  • Ray Lilly
    Ray Lilly 23 days ago


  • Joe Griffiths
    Joe Griffiths 24 days ago

    Matts vocals have improved so much and it really shows in this performance

  • Rita De cassia
    Rita De cassia 25 days ago

    Love 🌸👋💜💚

  • Maximilian Schütte
    Maximilian Schütte 26 days ago


  • B.I is my salad
    B.I is my salad 26 days ago

    omg love them so much😍

  • Neslihan Menteş
    Neslihan Menteş 26 days ago

    Yes . Türk yokmu😶

  • Moises Popa
    Moises Popa 26 days ago

    The band is killllin

  • Grzegorz Kierat
    Grzegorz Kierat 27 days ago


  • vhenry75
    vhenry75 28 days ago

    Terrible..track vocals so high in the mix,wonder why lol..

  • Denys Tarnavskyi
    Denys Tarnavskyi 28 days ago

    dislike cause it's not Poison but some shitty retarded music LOL

  • Dimas Francisco Silva Jr.


  • Virna Tridade
    Virna Tridade 29 days ago

    Jade Pisa menos por favor !

  • rnbwmnstr 0626
    rnbwmnstr 0626 Month ago

    I can't stop drooling over that shirtless dancer next to jade at 1:31 to 1:36. I mean he's hot and all but his stage presence is amazing!!! Can someone please tell me his name!

  • juan pro xd gachancipa

    Soy yo o ella está más hermosa que nunca

  • jdmcars20
    jdmcars20 Month ago

    Incroyable incroyable je regarde le vidéo et je recent l'énergie incroyable que les gens ont . Rage againt the machine est un des groupes préféré de mon enfance et le restera pour toujours . En bon Québecois , ils sont sur la coche en estie 👍 Thumps up à vous autres et je vous souhaite un " merde " pour votre retour ensemble en 2019

  • Lauren Campbell
    Lauren Campbell Month ago

    she's amazing. so hot and talented!!

  • mylife ezz99
    mylife ezz99 Month ago

    where did perrie go😂😂😂

  • kateacser
    kateacser Month ago


  • Juan Cena
    Juan Cena Month ago

    shut the fuck up. we have to take our clothes off - travee mccoy

  • Avan Saheba Pungalan

    They are an idol to me

  • Sarah Taylor
    Sarah Taylor Month ago

    Omgg I miss this night so much, Shawn was definitely the best there 💞💞

  • h
    h Month ago

    Love it

  • Rita De cassia
    Rita De cassia Month ago

    Love 👋💜💚😃

  • Rita De cassia
    Rita De cassia Month ago

    Love 👋💜💚😃

  • YvngBoi Snaggy
    YvngBoi Snaggy Month ago

    THIS WAS GREAT! Favorite parts tho? Leigh Anne’s part if ykyk and the dance break when u can hear the stomping

  • your baby looks like a potato

    tonigha ha ha hay

  • james junior s.d. santos

    Oi angelina

  • Crislan Alves
    Crislan Alves Month ago

    Ficou top nessa voz também!

  • Iyke King.
    Iyke King. Month ago

    One in a million Beat😎...badaszzz.

  • chinthaka devinda

    Still better than lip syncing.. love the original version though🤘

  • GBPC
    GBPC Month ago

    Lit 🔥 crowd

  • Laura delValle
    Laura delValle Month ago

    All my senses generously accept that he undressed a little. Baby

  • D
    D Month ago


  • Cesar Lopez
    Cesar Lopez Month ago

    Audience is dead

  • Wuthering Heights

    wonderful voice Yasmin Green!

  • Edrues TM
    Edrues TM Month ago

    Fantástico hahahhahah

  • Sahure Hogan
    Sahure Hogan Month ago


  • SammyVan
    SammyVan Month ago

    did he say when i say uzi you say gay?

  • Shahira Jim
    Shahira Jim Month ago

    Comelll laaa die niie gerammm aqqq

  • mohammad asdaq
    mohammad asdaq Month ago

    Poor vocals.

  • mohammad asdaq
    mohammad asdaq Month ago


  • Brett Pendleton
    Brett Pendleton Month ago

    Is it just me or has he gotten better with age

  • Ezehh
    Ezehh Month ago

    do you have motivate and love a girl right?

  • Layan 55
    Layan 55 Month ago

    Who noticed when perrie left. It was so cute😍😍 she left and and was still singing.

  • Sxp3rDxrrito xXX
    Sxp3rDxrrito xXX Month ago

    0:14 When I'm mad

  • 홍다혜
    홍다혜 Month ago

    leave offset

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez Month ago


  • Chloe Carter
    Chloe Carter Month ago

    thanks for uploading!

  • Chloe Carter
    Chloe Carter Month ago

    Crowd on seditives or what? Im dancing and im not even there

  • Mina Sheed
    Mina Sheed Month ago

    Love u mabel and Your songs such a authentic genuine singer keep it up and keep on making songs your the best girl ❤💚💛💜🎵🎶🎧🎤☺

  • Hany A.
    Hany A. Month ago

    My new favorite. 😍😍😍

  • nesa nesa
    nesa nesa Month ago


  • Jordan Rossen
    Jordan Rossen Month ago

    I wont lie - this is a pretty supercharged performance.