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My aquarium lightsMy aquarium lights
My aquarium lights
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BIG aquarium moveBIG aquarium move
BIG aquarium move
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  • ClayClaim
    ClayClaim Year ago

    Thank you!! Very amazing! :)

  • Wasim Akhtar
    Wasim Akhtar 2 years ago

    Check Wasim Akhtar

  • c7mp
    c7mp 5 years ago

    DIY Sump Video Maybe?

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 5 years ago

    Just stopping by Joey to say congrats on your continued success.

  • ew4lyfe
    ew4lyfe 5 years ago

    damn bredren. u sure know a lot about aquariums

  • TheDrunkenRogue
    TheDrunkenRogue 5 years ago

    I stumbled across your channel and it was intriguing.. Now, i've seen these massive glass aquariums that are TALL and not wide. Could you make one with acrylic?

    ART SKIN 5 years ago

    Really enjoy your videos, i have learned allot. Is there a video of you doing a water change? There not hard i know just curious how you do it. Hope the move is going good, looking forward to your next video.

  • Claude Johnson
    Claude Johnson 5 years ago

    This channel is excellent... I am going to use about 4 of your DIYs for my 120 tank build.

  • skyla k
    skyla k 5 years ago

    Sorry, that last comment is not from 123bonitachica123 but I don't know how to fix it. It's from Skymollie. Sorry.

  • skyla k
    skyla k 5 years ago

    Thanks for all the great videos. I have used your design to build a 125 gallon fish stand for my acrylic tank. It works great and looks good.

  • Peppo
    Peppo 5 years ago

    Hi Joey fantastic channel yuo've got here mate................I'm Daniel from Rome Italy.

  •  5 years ago

    Been watching your videos but never made a youtube account until now just to subscribe. Your videos inspired me to try to make my own acrylic tank and I managed to make my first 45 gallon tank. Not too big but I was happy when it was finished and there was no leaks at all. Thanks a lot for posting these videos and keep up the good work.

  •  5 years ago

    Joey could you please please do like break down of a canister filter break down please. I'm about to purchase one and I want to see what I'm getting into.

  • Josh Thompson
    Josh Thompson 5 years ago

    what exactly kind of resin are you using to coat the stuff that will be underwater? I build styrofoam backgrounds for Vivariums and looking for a good sealer to protect the acrylic paint and grout i use from the wet humid environment that goes on in my vivariums for poison dart frogs. I need something that is non toxic to plants and frogs. So far the only things i've found that i feel safe using are Shields All and Silicone

  • Greg Can
    Greg Can 5 years ago

    you are the don

  • Ralph Valentine
    Ralph Valentine 5 years ago

    Joey I just want to say thank up. I just bought an old metafinish tank 55 gal. The thing leaks bad, it has not had water in it for 20 yaers. after watching your Chanel. I believe I can fix it with out compromising the historical integrity. once again thank you for sharing.

  • Tony Clark
    Tony Clark 5 years ago

    Hello Joey. I like your channel. I once had a 90 gal salt water tank and it was awesome. I'm looking to build one now but I don't want to break my wallet.

  • Noah Solis-Merchant
    Noah Solis-Merchant 5 years ago

    nano tank

  •  5 years ago

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me out. I watched your videos and want to try and make a 55 gallon myself. Start smaller then your 150. I am terrible with math and just stuggling with the dimensions. A typical 55 gallon is 48" x 13" x 21". So first question is how thick should i make the acrylic? And two how much would I take off for the side peices to fit? If you could help that would be great. Thanks for your time!

  • David Simpson Jr
    David Simpson Jr 5 years ago

    When you start WetPet TV videos? Your vids are awesome, btw! :D

  • dragons
    dragons 5 years ago

    where did you get sting rays and how much? thank you

  • Jonathan Johnson
    Jonathan Johnson 5 years ago

    I am trying to build a dual stand. I want a 55 gal. on top and a 75 on the bottom. I keep running into design snags and I want to make sure my stand could handle all the weight. could you post something that sheds some light?

  • omar smith
    omar smith 5 years ago

    thanks alot man now i can make my own diy fish tank

  • frankyoriginal
    frankyoriginal 5 years ago

    Very useful channel!:)

  •  5 years ago

    I made this overflow and i am getting air going into the overflow plpe any help

  • mla4202477
    mla4202477 6 years ago

    thank you for your videos but i was watching one video where u build the aquarium and show how to weld and cut the top out but u say ur going to show that tank from begining to end but i cannot find anymore videos on that tank built and im building it as i watch you :) ive made a couple modifications that i believe to be very nice but i need to see how u build the rest thank you very much markus-

  • Fochers27
    Fochers27 6 years ago

    is there a way to water proof a panel to make it a background? I have this red brick panel that i think would look nice but need a way to waterproof...

  • Patricia Lopez
    Patricia Lopez 6 years ago

    Nice vid

  • YoutubeStopAskingMeWhatNameIWantToUse

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the awesome videos. I recently used your pvc overflow design and a similar sump design for my new 155g; never considered doing diy projects until I came across your page. Thanks for saving me a bunch of $ man!

  • Patricia Lopez
    Patricia Lopez 6 years ago

    Love all the aquarium DIY videos very useful for me! Especially the 'How to build an Aquarium stand'! :D On that tutorial you said you are then going to show us how to finish it by wrapping it up. You know doors, trim, stain and/or paint. I build the stand but can put the tank on it yet because this tank and stand is going in my living room. Thanks again for taking the time to make these tutorial videos for us to learn and use.

  • William Shankland
    William Shankland 6 years ago

    I saw that in the how to build the tree stump back ground that you were useing a bow front corner tank do you know how to build a bow front tank? is tht something that we could do at home or does that require industrial equipment?

  • Joshua Bayani
    Joshua Bayani 6 years ago

    Love all the aquarium DIY videos very useful, have you ever tried your hand at a diy outdoor pond

  • Walter Roderick
    Walter Roderick 6 years ago

    Where can you get Zavlar in the USA

  • Abram Enuff
    Abram Enuff 6 years ago

    hey Uaruloey, am from Nairobi Kenya and i would like to know how i can get 3D background for my aquarium tank and how much it will cost me to get one to Kenya

  • António Valério
    António Valério 6 years ago


  • Pondguru
    Pondguru 6 years ago

    By the way, man - your videos on all subjects are far and away the best on Youtube.
    They make mine look as if I just say the first thing that comes to mind and then edit them badly - which of course is true.
    Keep up the good work, man.

  • Mclayne
    Mclayne 6 years ago

    yo joey, when can upload that aquarium stand tutoriall?
    regards Mike

  • Synapse
    Synapse 6 years ago

    Amazing tutorials Joey! Greatly appreciated.

  •  6 years ago

    hey ive been thinking about getting that inline heater, whats ur opinion on it? is it accurate and is it durable?

  • Love H Style
    Love H Style 6 years ago

    Hi, I really would like to learn how to build my own Upside Down Aquarium...something a decent size that I can put on a floor and not on a table. Do you have a video that can show someone like me how to build one?

  • ajre82
    ajre82 6 years ago

    You have some of the best DIY videos I've seen so far. Very comprehensive and easy to follow. Your DIY acrylic tank in particular has inspired me to give working with acrylic another shot. Keep up the good work, and thanks for all your hard work!

  • lupo10
    lupo10 6 years ago

    Where's this vid dude? ;)

  • mrkimrkonja
    mrkimrkonja 6 years ago

    Hey Joey, very nice channel.
    What do you think about making a how-to video about Sola-Tubes?
    Think that would be an awesome how-to project.

  • edward cooke
    edward cooke 6 years ago

    what lights do you use in the tank you made in the how to acrylic aquarium videos?
    ps love your channel, and im making a 3rd tank :)

  • Mario Matanza
    Mario Matanza 6 years ago

    sorry i didn't put what size... double to 300 gallon.

  • Mario Matanza
    Mario Matanza 6 years ago

    if i double the size/volume of your acrylic tutorial tank. can i still with the 12mm or 1/2inch acrylic?

  • bstahl1121
    bstahl1121 6 years ago

    Hey I have a 55 gal tank I'm starting up and I have a ten gallon sump. I'm going to make a pvc overflow. I think im gunna go with one inch pvc. How big of a return pump do I need?

  • O'tis Pebody
    O'tis Pebody 6 years ago

    Awesome very informative channel. Thanks Joey, you've helped out ALOT..and my fish thank you too.

  • Hoang Anh Pham
    Hoang Anh Pham 6 years ago

    Hi i'm from Vietnam and i'm a fan . Thankyou very much

  • f1793248650
    f1793248650 6 years ago

    hey, i have a queation, well it is more of a request, can you do a video on brine shrimp, breeding, care and other information, and is it true that you can feed brine shrimp to any fish

  • frogbeergolfgolf
    frogbeergolfgolf 6 years ago


  • pricelessparrots
    pricelessparrots 6 years ago

    Your videos are great but there's one tbhing i would love to see you build from scratch. That is a moving bed K1 tank. I thought i saw one under your tank but i would really love you to show us this.

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    The sky's the limit now Joey your flying pal

  • Central Florida Mopars

    could you please do a video or send me a message on the care of discus. i have a 55 planted tank, all high tech (t5 ho, compressed co2, the whole 9 yards) ive been in saltwater for years and was ver successful with it so i know how to care for very fragile fish. im just wondering how many i can fit in a 55 heavily planted, what they eat care level etc. thank you so much in advance,

  • SuperSlovenianyoutub

    Well I have a question. Why did you put so much work and effort to buil a 50 Gal sump for diskus aquarium, if you will later run the entire aquarium wit the Eheim pro canisterr filter? So the if you remove the sump, you will need to somehow repair the drilled holes at the top of the aqurium- and just how will you do that?

  • Nick J
    Nick J 6 years ago

    Looking forward to something on how to build stands for a larger tank, eg. 125 gal.
    Do you know about the ins and outs of the "Red Flowerhorn fish"
    Thanks, Nick

  • Mclayne
    Mclayne 6 years ago

    hey joey, how's that nano tank doing? Can you make a vid of that

  • mussicasdestiny
    mussicasdestiny 6 years ago

    so does this make it so i barely have to completely change out the water? cuz with my two turtles i change the water every two weeks or sooner..

  • Mclayne
    Mclayne 6 years ago

    appreciated :)

  • Mclayne
    Mclayne 6 years ago

    Hey Joey, I'm a big fan of your DIY tutorials? Could you elaborate more on that aquarium stand(type of wood and dimensions) made out of wood that you're showing in HOW TO: Set up an aquarium clips. Thanks

  • Gregory Sharp
    Gregory Sharp 6 years ago

    Where did you find your plastic aerator tube.

  • Roger Mercier
    Roger Mercier 6 years ago

    @uarujoey is there any do it yourself moving bed media out there that i can make?? I have heard using cut up straws works but im wondering if there is anything else out there that has more surface area than straws?

  • mike man
    mike man 6 years ago

    thanks very much and thank you for the videos hope to see many more

  • colbydelaney
    colbydelaney 6 years ago

    very nice..

  • mike man
    mike man 6 years ago

    sorry to disturb you but i would like to build myself a tank and am wondering on the thickness needed for it. thanks

  •  6 years ago

    Was curious if youve thought about doing anything on Ozone generators and CO2 systems

  •  6 years ago

    Thats what I thought but just wanted to be sure lol Thanks again and keep the Vids coming.. Its fantastic people like you take the time to do these videos, this is NOT a cheap Hobby so having to skip over all the DONTS is Def something to be Thankful for.. Looking forward to more videos and Thanks again. :)

  •  6 years ago

    Great Video as always..ok question, I have a Penn Plax Cascade 1200 Canister Filter and was curious how the Eheim compared to it, the Cascade also has 4 large media baskets and a large flow rate, I was originally going to buy an Eheim but found a spectacular deal on the Cascade that I simply couldnt pass. Now Im getting ready to build a 200 gal Acrylic and was curious on your opinion between the canisters.. btw I will be running 2 or perhaps 3 cans on 200 gal tank but again curious on which you would think is best.. Thanks Again!!

  • Merry Berry
    Merry Berry 6 years ago

    I do enjoy every bit of these videos .. thanks a lot

  • Merry Berry
    Merry Berry 6 years ago

    Best videos ever. Very technical.. Thanks a lot.

  • alex stamb
    alex stamb 6 years ago

    uarujoey I like your pvc oferflow video would you recommend an overflow plan for a red sea max 130? 3/4 inches would be fine with an eheim compact 2000 pump?

  • PamMilly
    PamMilly 6 years ago

    Keep up the awesome!!!

  • Merry Berry
    Merry Berry 6 years ago

    Thank you very much, You are the most respectful informative You Tuber I am following..Many thanks

  • Reverend Kro
    Reverend Kro 6 years ago


  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 years ago

    joey, can i make a few vidoes and send them to via email, as im nto sure if im doing things right.. i will try and document while filming.... its a few things im not toaly sure about.

  • sayitfast
    sayitfast 6 years ago

    Seriously helpful information... thanks!!!

  • Ashley
    Ashley 6 years ago

    many thx for the fast reply, i shall let things settle down fist be for i change my gravel, thx.

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Well done on the massive 3000 subs Joey. ;) Hope you're well.

  • Black and Abroad
    Black and Abroad 6 years ago

    its saying you removed the video on how to build a tank

  • Tiago Silva
    Tiago Silva 6 years ago

    awsome channel i SUB! :)

  • Lvzbel
    Lvzbel 6 years ago

    Hey uarujoey I really enjoy your vids they are great. I was wondering if you can make a video talking about your stingrays like how to care for them and their needs and maybe your overall experience with them. ever since I saw yours I felt in love with them but I would like to hear what you think about them and overall your experience thanks a lot and keep up the vids!

  • rogerbladh
    rogerbladh 6 years ago

    Hi Joey, I ended up on your site here when I was looking for a way to remove scratches from acrylic. I find your videos very interesting and informative, much better then many other videos I've seen. Keep up the good work

  • Peng Lee
    Peng Lee 6 years ago

    You should do a video featuring all your fish tanks and fishes :)

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    Oh ok. Alright I will call them on Monday to get another estimate. I guess I can ask for the free cutting afterwards. Even if the cutting is not free, I should be able to cut the acrylic myself. But would be nice to have it professionally cut to reduce saw marks. Thanks Joey for the quick response. Highly appreciated.

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    I basically requested for 6 sides. Front and Back(72x23), Bottom and Top(72x24), 2 sides(23x23). I think I got that right.

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    Hey Joey I had a question. Somewhere in your comments section I thought I saw that the total price for your acrylic tank build cost was $500. Im assuming thats with the acrylic. I recently had called EM plastic to get an estimate for acrylic to build a tank thats 72in x 24in x 23height. The estimate just for this half inch cell cast acrylic was $1450 from EM plastic. Just wanted to know if im missing something here or thats just the price it is. Please let me know buddy. Im very keen to start my build.

  • truly1676
    truly1676 6 years ago

    Have you heard of the Aquaripure nitrate filter? I'd love to see a review from you. Also, hoping you will attempt to do a bow front diy project. I have a giant oven and have considered giving it a try. I'm just a little afraid of the affect on the acrylic. Love your vids and am waiting on that monster saltwater build. Thanks for all the info.

  • airboatoutlaw
    airboatoutlaw 6 years ago

    why did you build the stand so low and not eye height?

  • mudassir hussain
    mudassir hussain 6 years ago

    thanks for the input joey,

  • mudassir hussain
    mudassir hussain 6 years ago

    Hi joey,
    i made the DIY overflow but i am not getting the water to flow, after i prime the pipe the water starts flowing and once i stop sucking on the check valve the water just stops coming of the outlet, any idea why this might happen, tried all i could but couldnt figure it out,
    P.S- do you drill the hole in the end cap after priming or before priming??
    P.S.S- does the position of the check valve matter? i have it on the elbow that is on the outer side of the tank.

  • tony tu
    tony tu 6 years ago

    HI Joey... I just bought a 180gal acrylic tank with some scratches from the inside. I clean it out by sanded and buffed with PlasticX. Now it shine like new. I want to know if it is ok that I use detergent to bleach out the chemical from PlasticX? wiill this cause any affect to the water or the fish later?

  • Dan broman
    Dan broman 6 years ago

    thanks a lot!

    SIMUANGCO2468 6 years ago

    Would you please be able to do a video on the care of FW stingrays.. I have a 340 gallon tank and am very interested in the rays.. Thank you.. You make great videos!!!!

  • snowingspoon
    snowingspoon 6 years ago

    Nice Channel, subscribing you right now

  • Dan broman
    Dan broman 6 years ago

    I just got done watching your series about building an acrylic aquarium, and I am considering doing a cube with the sides made of one 96"x18" piece of acrylic. my question is how would I go about measuring so that when I bend it the sides are all the same size? any input is appreciated.

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Thanks Joey much appreciated mate

  • xtnrivera
    xtnrivera 6 years ago

    joey, are you talikng about the calculator on top of your page? i don't know, for some reason its not dropping down even if i point my mouse on forum neither on calculator...anyway, what do you think about the eheim classics? im also looking at 2217, currently running a 2213 in 40 breeder right now. Please advise, thanks man!

  • xtnrivera
    xtnrivera 6 years ago

    ....and what would be your suggestions, anything will highly appreciated?!

  • xtnrivera
    xtnrivera 6 years ago

    thanks, joey that was a quick responsed! I went to your calculator but it says under construction. i guess i just have to wait...but anyway, like i said previously, im kind of new in the aquarium, i guess, i need you to walk me thru this. your asking me about , how much flow im looking for my 125g (aro tank) upgrade. well, i would leave it up to you coz thats sounds so technical for me being new in this scene. one more thing im considering, if the 10g sump wouldn't be enough is the eheim ultra g160, but it'll be great to save some $!

  • xtnrivera
    xtnrivera 6 years ago

    hi, joey!great channel by the way! im sure you help alot of hobbyist and Im one of those thousands that follows your channel! Im kind of new in the aquarium hobby, currently I have 40g breeder tank with a eheim 2213 filter canister and a whisper over head filter, these are all hand me down stuff from a friend including the tank. I have 1 silver aro and a blue aro in a separate tank. The silver is in a quarantine 10g tank and im thinking of upgrading my tank to a 125g and make my 10g as a sump pump, would that be enough for a sump pump? I just wanna start with a simple set up like your diy over flow. please let me know, thank you and more power!

  • Nick J
    Nick J 6 years ago

    I'm a new subscriber, but love your videos and their detail. Hope to see more of your videos as you make them. How does my subscription help you in this way, because I would love to help you out. could you do any videos on fancy goldfish and what type of filtration they would need. Thanks, Nick...........

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    thanks. and btw, the diyfishkeepers website is coming out really nice. The calculators are really helpful.

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    Hey Joey, do you know when the Eheim contest end? Like when do we find out who won?

  • tony tu
    tony tu 6 years ago

    Hi Joey... I just watched your video how to make your own fish food... that was amazing how easy it was we can save lot of $ on fish food too. My question is.. do you feed all your stingrays and aro with that?
    Also, I'm setting up a 180gal tank now... do you knkow any good brand out there for pump, and how big of a pump will I need if I put 2pump in the 55gal sump just in case on is felt? Thanks Joey.

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Hey Joey, how's life? I'm almost at that magic number of 1000 subscribers - it's like watching paint dry waiting/watching my sub number go up to hit 1000 hahaha

  • Caio Stanchak
    Caio Stanchak 6 years ago

    Yo dude! Im missing the videos! And Im waiting for that tour of all your tanks....peace man

  • Philipp Sound
    Philipp Sound 6 years ago

    hez i am planing on building the same tank as you have and i would like to know how long did it take you to build the whole thing is it easy to keep clean ?

  • tony tu
    tony tu 6 years ago

    Hi Joey... do you know any great Arowana Club that I can join so I can learn more about this beautiful fish... any how often do you change the water for your arowana?

  • scareface1197
    scareface1197 6 years ago

    Hey joey! i subbed a long time ago! haha love your stuff! it would be awesome if you checked out my channel

  • tony tu
    tony tu 6 years ago

    Thanks for ur info... man I watched all ur videos and they all great. I really want to have an asian aro just like ur but they are so hard to find.

  • Kathleen
    Kathleen 6 years ago

    hi Joey... do you happen to know how much it cost for the 12" RTG or the 12" Golden XBack in Canada or in the US?

  • Sids Aquariums & Adventures

    Hi Joey. Im a big fan of your amazing builds. I wanted to build an acrylic tank about the size of that same tank you built in the DIY video. I live in Brampton, Ontario and theres an EM Plastic branch close to my house. I was just wondering if that offer of free cutting is still valid if I were to mention your name. Please let me know, also would be kind enough to tell me the exact dimensions of this tank you built. It would be a great help brother. thx.

  •  6 years ago

    joey, love all the build videos, very helpful. Trying to do a plywood tank but i wanna do a acrylic viewing area instead of glass. How many gallons is safe for a .222 sheet?

  • matt arana
    matt arana 6 years ago

    hows it going joey. i had a quick question how is that aqua style tank working out .. it looks so simple im really thinking of geting it .. besides the stuff in the video have made any mor mods to it ? have u had any problems with it ? thanks

  • funnymakeslifesunny
    funnymakeslifesunny 6 years ago

    hey, great videos joey! I subed, check out my channel and subscribe, I love the diy stuff!

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Congrats on passing 2000 subs Joey

  • sareedco
    sareedco 6 years ago

    I am planning to build a square aquarium for a salt-water FOWLR tank, 40 X 40 X 24 inches, I plan to put the overflow in the center of the tank. My question is, does the acrylic I use for the center overflow have to be the same thickness (1/2 inch) as the rest of the tank? Secondly, how do you determine the size the overflow needs to be? Your videos have been very helpful and I recommend them to my fellow aquarists!

  • Chad B
    Chad B 6 years ago

    i am planning on building an aquarium in the neer future for my reef and am looking at the pros and cons of plywood vs acrylic..any suggestions??...i curently have a 55 gal display tank with a 40 gal sump/refug...and am planning on keeping the sump and building a 140 display tank....any advice....p.s. check out my vid of my 55 display!

  •  6 years ago

    love the videos, been looking into building one, have one question though, is there any reason you put the top panel inside the sides instead of on them? why not reverse the build and put the bottom on last, the access holes can be used for the seaming

  • Filip Gram
    Filip Gram 6 years ago

    So helpful! People should pray to you, you know ;)

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Ok mate give me 10 mins :)

  • African Cichlid Hub
    African Cichlid Hub 6 years ago

    Joey me and you doing something new (saltwater) bites nails!
    Listen I'm off work for 6 weeks so we should sort this collab out? Good times buddy

  • rick yeager
    rick yeager 6 years ago

    joey, you should make a video on building a DIY vaccum for aquariums. If you know how to do one, that would be great

  • TheRossiboy
    TheRossiboy 6 years ago

    Hey joey thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice comment too I appreciate it! good luck with the saltwater setup it looks amazing :)

  • Jdub8025
    Jdub8025 6 years ago

    Could you route the edges before welding them or do you recommend welding first then routing?

  • Jdub8025
    Jdub8025 6 years ago

    Hey bud, love your videos about diy acrylic aquariums. Have a question though. After its all welded together and before its polished do you round the the edges and corners? If so, how? Would make a good video. Thanks again for all the information. Much appreciated!

  • Gustavo R. Guimarães

    @uarujoey, thanks again for the answer. I just bought a UV bulb online, planing on DIY a 15w to add to my system, I may be adding a post on the forum with the project with your permission.

  • pMustangw
    pMustangw 6 years ago

    Hey Joey thanks for all the info and the videos of making the tank where top notch. Now I see you are starting a salt water good stuff I got into it this year and love it. At some point I want to upgrade to a 250gal (60l x 36deep x 30h) with a coast to coast overflow. Maybe once your feet are wet and itching with the idea of upgrading we can do 2 tanks at once. ;) Quick question for ya though do acrylic tanks bow out?

  • Gustavo R. Guimarães

    First, congratulations for the work/videos, I was doing some random research and end up watching your videos for almost 4h. I'm new on the hobby,just got a 55gal tank stabled and running for 2 months by now, I'm using a ehein 2224, around 40 community fishes and some ghost shrimp. The questions:
    - What do you think about UV filtration?
    - Is it too early to ad on my filtration system? If no what size would you recommend?
    Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS again

  • xaviermalama
    xaviermalama 6 years ago

    is there a way to get rid of nitrate without water changes? like making your tank a ecosystem

  • Opexmans
    Opexmans 6 years ago

    nice channel, and like your videos, keep it up., and i have subscribed,,,.... also can go view my channel, im also having arowanas,.il ask u for a favor.. please.sub me back,.. thank u.

  • Mahbubur Rahman Fahim

    hi bro, i just completed the sump setup, but is there any way to calculate quantity amount of media which i will be putting it, i managed some bio balls and lots of k1 media too, there are total 3 partition inside the sump its about 24x18x18 inch total, i will be putting some cloths and then the bio balls on the first part and the k1 media on the second part, it will be a k1 bed filter as u have shown in your video, i need to know how much bio balls and k1 media shall i put in the sump, by the way bio balls are the smallest size and my tank size is 42x18x18......

  • windbandit
    windbandit 6 years ago

    Nice work,I currently have a 125 gal.tank,I want a 220 but was trying to encourage myself to make one..thats alot of water if something goes wrong..

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