Eat with Que
Eat with Que
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Indian Food Mukbang 먹방
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Good morning 😃
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    TREETOPBEAR 42 seconds ago

    I’m sending this to my sister Cathy in Venice Fl. We need you to come Florida and make this and just hang out. I’m going to reach out via email.

  • Skyler P
    Skyler P 47 seconds ago

    Where’s the intro Que..?” Why yu stop doin them..?”

  • Jasmine Ferguson
    Jasmine Ferguson 4 minutes ago

    So are u gonna admit u purchased bloves sauce ikno u did lol

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco 4 minutes ago


  • Tabatha Taylor
    Tabatha Taylor 4 minutes ago

    I pray for u there's a lot u got going on mentally

    TREETOPBEAR 4 minutes ago

    Sis; in your title you should have put that you saw Meek Mill and Meg it would have drawn more asap

  • Runt Brown
    Runt Brown 6 minutes ago

    About how much did you pay for this

    TREETOPBEAR 9 minutes ago

    How did you get it seasoned so well? Please tell us. Also can you do a video on how the collabs work. Who pays for the seafood?

  • nancy Pinas
    nancy Pinas 9 minutes ago

    ❤❤❤❤now i am hungry

  • mc joao zika
    mc joao zika 11 minutes ago

    Parece que está comendo bosta, credo

    TREETOPBEAR 12 minutes ago

    Everything looks so good and seasoned so well. I love cucumbers and vinegar with black pepper. Sometimes I cut up apples and add to it too. Your nails look nice too.

  • Runt Brown
    Runt Brown 12 minutes ago

    Is the sauce a sweet taste bc lord you make me so hungry🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Andrea Perkins
    Andrea Perkins 12 minutes ago

    Hey Que, yummy !!! Once again where is mine ????

  • Elyza Solis
    Elyza Solis 13 minutes ago

    MMMMMMMMMM *smack * *smack* MMMMMMMMMMMM

  • t0pia vázquez
    t0pia vázquez 13 minutes ago

    5:15 so disgusting

  • SnacksNchill
    SnacksNchill 13 minutes ago

    I wish I was at that table 😩 this all looked BOMB 🤤🤤🤤

  • Kel Goated
    Kel Goated 13 minutes ago

    I just had a seafood boil earlier today too

  • c jay
    c jay 17 minutes ago

    Que is sooooo fake 😂😂😂 this video is wild

  • Mia J
    Mia J 19 minutes ago

    Bad idea to watch this video why hungry .... I'm cooking this for dinner tomorow

  • bessietragsdale01
    bessietragsdale01 21 minute ago

    Hey Que i need the mac n cheese mukband...looking forward to that one

    RED ROSE 22 minutes ago

    I lost a lot of respect for this bitch.

  • Leeboss Zamora
    Leeboss Zamora 23 minutes ago

    I need your deshelled sea food boil

  • Theressa Burton
    Theressa Burton 26 minutes ago

    Que you have problems. If you truly forgave your sister why would you tell her that. You lied and your sister did not agree with you. I use to really like your channel. Que you are crazy.

  • Sha C Glorious Gems 2
    Sha C Glorious Gems 2 29 minutes ago

    Hi Beautiful 😊

  • Marisa Castle
    Marisa Castle 30 minutes ago

    You wanna be Bethany so bad!!

  • Aleyna C
    Aleyna C 30 minutes ago

    She put bloves sauce undercover.

  • bigwoman lilworld
    bigwoman lilworld 31 minute ago

    I just wish she would have blended that highlighter. Everything needs to be blended smoothly. Pretty girl nice video 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡

  • Nette Boo
    Nette Boo 31 minute ago

    Can't wait to see your next hair color.....

  • brandi igitol
    brandi igitol 32 minutes ago

    Sounds like a porn movie

  • Traniah Parker
    Traniah Parker 33 minutes ago

    Where’s your boyfriend I love seeing vids of u to

  • Kani Kawaii gamer
    Kani Kawaii gamer 34 minutes ago

    I’m vegetarian and when she said for us to eat it I was like hell naw sis I ain’t opening my mouth! 😂😂no hate tho

    DARRIELLE CARTER 35 minutes ago

    I'm eating seafood tomorrow I'm gonna have crab legs shrimp and mussels

  • Jes'Alyn Williams
    Jes'Alyn Williams 38 minutes ago

    do Tae & Lou Spicy butter sauce or Flavors by dame cause I’m tired of seeing this sauce

  • Kerizma Rolle
    Kerizma Rolle 39 minutes ago

    Hey que..thank you for the recipe ...will definitely be trying the cucumbers🥒🥒

  • Kendall Norman
    Kendall Norman 39 minutes ago

    Every color is cute asf on you ! 😍😍💖

  • Tara Bolling
    Tara Bolling 41 minute ago

    Hi Que! I just LOVE,LOVE LOVE seafood. Yummy to my tummy!!! 🤣 I like your hair too. 😊

  • Innocent Life
    Innocent Life 42 minutes ago

    Yes, I love Meghan hope I got her name spell right.😂 Que you pretty jus like her. Girl..Meek Mill needs 2 collab with you on your TVclip channel one day.😘

  • Davontae Wells
    Davontae Wells 43 minutes ago

    Hello Que I miss you too you eating seafood boil

  • Reya Cervantes
    Reya Cervantes 43 minutes ago

    I'll give you about 3 months til you come back talking shit about meg the stallion 🤔

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 39 minutes ago

      What?? Why would she do that?? Girl stop being negative and assuming shit..

  • Vivian Harrison
    Vivian Harrison 44 minutes ago

    Your ass is very evil and you have a very cold heart.

  • Bxbdiej BDxhdjdnd
    Bxbdiej BDxhdjdnd 45 minutes ago

    That looks amazing

  • Barbara Kelly
    Barbara Kelly 47 minutes ago

    "You guys" is that all you can say??

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 38 minutes ago

      Go get a profile pic and stop being negative..

  • Latoya Johnson
    Latoya Johnson 49 minutes ago

    I love Megan but I want a cucumber now🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Khellys F
    Khellys F 49 minutes ago

    Sucks that she can’t try the new bloves sauce on amazon just cause it will start some ish I would have loved her reaction

  • Camryn Virgil
    Camryn Virgil 51 minute ago

    another PHO mukbang would be cool ♥️♥️

  • Camryn Virgil
    Camryn Virgil 52 minutes ago

    😍😍😍😍😍 love love love you que FOOD looking good as always 🥺🥺🥺

  • Reya Cervantes
    Reya Cervantes 52 minutes ago

    That Bloves sauce is good huh

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 36 minutes ago

      Say that shit to her face.. go support bloves and stop fucking with que.. Miserable ass.. foh!

  • Innocent Life
    Innocent Life 52 minutes ago

    Que your Deshelled seafood boils🍤always looks delicious. Yummy😋😘

  • Princess Johnson
    Princess Johnson 54 minutes ago

    I’m supposed to be doing my math hw and I’m watching you🌚

  • kripa akter
    kripa akter 54 minutes ago

    when she say i amma let u have first bite and i just lick the screen...

  • Krystle Cappetta
    Krystle Cappetta 56 minutes ago

    Girl you seriously don’t have to smack like that! It’s not natural. I love your videos but the over the top smacking is ridiculous... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    • Rebecca Garrett
      Rebecca Garrett 9 minutes ago

      @Krystle Cappetta I agree with you 100%

    • Krystle Cappetta
      Krystle Cappetta 14 minutes ago

      Rebecca Garrett I wasn’t trying to be rude just constructive criticism. I enjoy many of her videos. I was just simply saying she doesn’t need to go that extra mile for what is already good videos.

    • Rebecca Garrett
      Rebecca Garrett 20 minutes ago

      I agree she needs to stop the unnecessary lip popping and move the mic back

    • Krystle Cappetta
      Krystle Cappetta 25 minutes ago

      Anjel G. Nobody was speaking to you. So go somewhere troll. 😘

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 35 minutes ago

      Then cover your ears and watching..

  • Melinda Saiz
    Melinda Saiz 56 minutes ago

    That looks so good u should have used Bloves sauce

  • shanti D
    shanti D 57 minutes ago

    She seemed to enjoy telling her those hurtful things smh NARCISSIST

  • Mel
    Mel 58 minutes ago

    My greedy behind couldn't make a deshelled seafood boil I'd be eating it in the process of deshelling everything😂😂

  • NellaB TV
    NellaB TV 59 minutes ago

    Que wants to come off as a nice Christian person but she’s far from that. To tell your sister you hate her and you were okay with never seeing your niece again is some fkd up shit smh hate is a strong word and ppl use it so loosely

  • Alisha Hayes
    Alisha Hayes Hour ago

    Great mukbang😗😗😗 food looks delicious

  • Courtney Sanders

    It looking good too

  • Queen J
    Queen J Hour ago

    She could make a bowl a cereal sound good

  • Enid Ortiz
    Enid Ortiz Hour ago

    That burping 😒

  • Courtney Sanders

    I just love ur hair

  • Shirley Small
    Shirley Small Hour ago

    Hey Que i missed you I've been ill I'm glad to see you again

  • tina lovetoeat
    tina lovetoeat Hour ago

    Looks delicious

  • Hey Alexia
    Hey Alexia Hour ago

    I eat seafood thru you 😩😩 cause I’m allergic

  • Chinara Lamar
    Chinara Lamar Hour ago

    Hey Q just wondering if your going to support belove and do a review on her sauce????

  • Demi Lovato
    Demi Lovato Hour ago

    Intro: "Im here, im back, i missed you" honey ain't nobody missed you! if anything we want you gone sweety🙄

  • Jean Sedgwick
    Jean Sedgwick Hour ago

    Hi quietly que you look beautiful this evening and you look good in all your green and the nails are so pretty so I like your deshelled seafood boil mukbang it look so delicious and so charming and thank you for the kind words that you Express to us that was so thoughtful so you and your boo have a lovely evening love you miss jean.

  • 08Cali
    08Cali Hour ago

    Looks so good! You look gorg yourself too queen 👸🏾

  • Sonya Rucker
    Sonya Rucker Hour ago

    I really like your videos but the burping makes me exit..I’m sorry and I’m not hating

  • Taunesha Thomas
    Taunesha Thomas Hour ago

    I tried your cucumber recipe today and they were delicious

  • ciara Clayton
    ciara Clayton Hour ago

    Hey girl happy Sunday

  • Debra Harris
    Debra Harris Hour ago

    Happy Sunday Que that Seafood Boil looks fye

  • jiggen
    jiggen Hour ago

    loose wait

  • Nakisha Andrews
    Nakisha Andrews Hour ago

    Oh my it looks delicious Que and thank you for giving us the first bite 🤪

  • Shanteva Wiley
    Shanteva Wiley Hour ago

    When u goin to bring ur own sauce out then blame everyone that it wasn't right

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 32 minutes ago

      What?? You said all of that and still broke.. foh!

  • Jay Hines
    Jay Hines Hour ago

    Do a soul food mukbang

  • For Food's Sake, ASMR

    Thank you for the recipe!! I’ve been drooling over these cucumbers for too long! 🤤😍

  • Marcel Ming
    Marcel Ming Hour ago

    Another bomb ass video and amazing content thank you sis.

  • Marcel Ming
    Marcel Ming Hour ago

    Your Green hair though sis it looks so cool it brings out your eye's. Tell Scott no disrespect it looks good on you.

  • Sonja King
    Sonja King Hour ago

    CI God blessed be love where are your season gone nowhere because you are so negative

  • Andrea Rayford
    Andrea Rayford Hour ago

    Have you ever considered adding pineapples and brown sugar to your seafood sauce? It’s soooo tasty

  • Sharetha Green
    Sharetha Green Hour ago

    Damn Scott must said bye bye

  • Shavonnie johnson

    Why don’t u use belove sauce nomore

  • Miss Lovely Lady Owens

    Hey gorgeous food looks bomb

    WILDNSEXY1966 Hour ago

    Yummy😍. I love Meagan The Stallion ❤

  • Harmony Jones
    Harmony Jones Hour ago

    Hellooo everything looks delish..keep it ↑ ❤

  • Michelle Hill
    Michelle Hill Hour ago

    Stop snacking you nasty bitch

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 29 minutes ago

      Stop smelling like the river you dirty bitch.. wtf is you to tell her what tf to do?? Get a profile pic up, I bet you look like huk from the goonies! Weak ass bitch!

  • Shaniece Ashley
    Shaniece Ashley Hour ago

    Looks delicious 😋

  • Weston Killian
    Weston Killian Hour ago

    This seafood boil by far is one of your best ones that you made all the different seafood looks so delicious keep up the good work stay on your grind peace and love God bless

  • TheDongA1
    TheDongA1 Hour ago

    Ironically enough she looks like Ursula.

  • Aucpn
    Aucpn Hour ago

    I miss your intro😢

  • Business Of Seyy

    You’re so beautiful 😖😍😍😍

  • Jennifer Laprade

    I love your shirt! One of my favorite colors! Where did you get it??

  • Martha Robins
    Martha Robins Hour ago

    Nobody: que: HeLlOoOOo

  • Elizabeth Gray
    Elizabeth Gray Hour ago

    Probably is beloved sauce just diluted it lol

    • Rebecca Garrett
      Rebecca Garrett 59 minutes ago

      You just enjoy the sodium filled seasoning don't try to keep up mess miserable a** !!!!

  • Dynamic T
    Dynamic T Hour ago

    🖕🏽this is for que

  • Gailene Ryder
    Gailene Ryder Hour ago

    Que will. You be ordering gloves smacklicious spice mix?

  • Kyressia Wrighton

    When will y’all realize, the more you complain about her smacking The more she gonna do it , The more you complain about the “mmmhmmm” sound the more she gonna Do it !! So if you don’t like it leave ! I don’t like it but the food look good I just watch with the volume all the way down 😂

  • Michelle for once

    Lets goooooo Que! I'm ready!

  • Beverly Smith
    Beverly Smith Hour ago

    Damn that look so good i really do want some of that seriously👀👀

  • XoxoKennettaXoxo

    I Think You Should Try Bloves Sauce, Do It Because It’s A Good Way To Show Us As Your Fans That Watch You That You Got That Type Of Love In Your Heart. That Would So Much Respect For You. Ijs It’s All Love

    • Anjel G.
      Anjel G. 22 minutes ago

      @Kisha Gallimore Right, she ain't gotta kiss her ass by trying that woman's sauce.. let that woman do her..

    • Kisha Gallimore
      Kisha Gallimore Hour ago

      No sweetie, they would put her out to dry un in the comments. That's suicide!