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Thank You So Much.Thank You So Much.
Thank You So Much.
2 months ago

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  • Saverio Gadaleta
    Saverio Gadaleta 9 hours ago


  • Fnaf adventures 1987
    Fnaf adventures 1987 16 hours ago

    hello Roi i have a question and that question is how do you have fun with these things you do cause some of these things look kind of well serious cause some of the videos have some serious stuff in them i was just wondering how you still have fun [Like If You Agree To What Im Saying]

  • Ava Longpre
    Ava Longpre 18 hours ago


  • Abdullah 1-3
    Abdullah 1-3 Day ago

    accounts Superbrainma and Superbrainm

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget

    Wazzup Roi! Since i was a fan i've always wanted to suggest a video idea. Can you please do a DIY Guava juice Bath Bomb or fill your Bath Tub with marshmellows. I'm trying to give you a video idea thats not to messy.

  • chris aka cj
    chris aka cj 3 days ago

    i wld like 4 u to come on my page n comment on a video if thts cool with u. ive been a long time friend who xoubks up on ur likes both ov ur pages are very entaining (i think u sld try some 3d printing or some laytex makeups or do ur own face bust ov ur head n face to do some laytex make ups) ur bath vids are awesom n ur game vids roblox an when ur in ur big house/the guave house wure u did u bath vids crazy how haunted it iz bet u wont confront tha ghost lol

  • chris aka cj
    chris aka cj 3 days ago

    waz gud roy aka mr.guaves i hit like on all ur vids evean double time when i re watch n also scribed on ur other chanel to ur funny ur fam n sister cousins bros are funny n awesome i enjoy all ur vids

  • yassen moataz
    yassen moataz 3 days ago

    lol pro

  • notan olipacas
    notan olipacas 4 days ago

    Guava Juice please give me the Iphone X have you hit by hammer sorry to my grammar

  • Shehryar Sheikh
    Shehryar Sheikh 4 days ago


  • Mulk gaiming
    Mulk gaiming 4 days ago


  • Dhruv Doshi
    Dhruv Doshi 4 days ago

    I HAVE TUB TAPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beejay spr
    beejay spr 4 days ago


    ŦƗŦΔŇ 6 days ago

    You Should do a Bath Challenge where you have your bathtub filled with Guava Toys!

  • mishary almishary
    mishary almishary 6 days ago

    hey roi im a fan can you give me box hoilday plsss

  • Gayle Burton
    Gayle Burton 7 days ago

    can u do a giveaway of a cheeseball

  • Exotic Jazzy
    Exotic Jazzy 7 days ago


  • DimensionPreventionRBLX


  • Jorge Castellanos
    Jorge Castellanos 7 days ago

    Roi I’m your biggest fan

  • Jorge Castellanos
    Jorge Castellanos 7 days ago

    Guava I been watching your vids four years

  • Tony Herrero
    Tony Herrero 7 days ago

    I found the Guava Juice a Pancake Art in Target But, my mom said She'll buy it next time.

  • Imran Saadi
    Imran Saadi 8 days ago

    Guava juice is like one of the best Fortnite dancers also Guava juice is funny in every video and he makes me laugh

    TINA CONLEY 8 days ago


  • Lucas Master Donovan


  • Matthew Royal
    Matthew Royal 8 days ago


  • Mr bobastine
    Mr bobastine 8 days ago

    Guava Juice u are my favorite youtuber and u inspired me to try a 3am vid

  • Robert Masson
    Robert Masson 9 days ago

    Hello Guava, my 10 year old son loves your show. He is autistic and mostly non-verbal, and has memorized many of your shows. He then recites them from memory. He does this everywhere and it helps to deal with anxiety. This type of behavior is called "scripting" and is pretty common among those on the spectrum. Thank you for keeping your show clean! I would rather he script your show than a lot of the other garbage out there on the internet. He likes your show so much that he records it with this reverse talk app on my phone then plays it backwards to himself. I creeped up on him yesterday and he was in the dark looking like Gollum from LotR all huddled over the screens in the darkness. You've got his attention, he is devout. Please realize you have this power over him and use it for good. He really needs help learning how to read. You reach Gaius in a way that I will never be able to. Thanks - Robert

  • Kate Unknown
    Kate Unknown 10 days ago

    can you order evry thing on amazon

  • YouFound Foxyy
    YouFound Foxyy 10 days ago

    Hey Roi. I want to ask you if you can do a bath challenge at 3am and fill your bath with creepy dolls.

  • Ava Longpre
    Ava Longpre 11 days ago


  • Ava Longpre
    Ava Longpre 11 days ago


  • Ava Longpre
    Ava Longpre 11 days ago

    hey guava i am a huge fan of your ghost videos so i have an idea for a video u and some friends should stay the night at a hotel that is haunted

  • TRt Guavs
    TRt Guavs 11 days ago

    Make a 11 million subcribers celebration video

  • Dede Nash
    Dede Nash 11 days ago

    And I want a guava toys

  • Dede Nash
    Dede Nash 11 days ago

    I love your channel guava juice

  • U Tube
    U Tube 11 days ago

    Hope you make it to 12 million subscribers!

  • Musab Fawad
    Musab Fawad 11 days ago

    hey roi i am your biggest fan and i am very happy you have 11 million subs can take my name in your video please

  • Kalpit Mourya
    Kalpit Mourya 12 days ago

    Hello guava juice , Roi . I just have only one wish that , can you make your products delivered in India . Stay Juicy

    xX_VOLTRON_Xx 12 days ago

    Hey Guava Juice, was sup? I was wondering if u could put it game tub tapper on Amazon appstore?

  • Rajashekar Jayapal
    Rajashekar Jayapal 13 days ago


  • Birdman 2K5
    Birdman 2K5 13 days ago

    Yo guava what's up? ,I just want the iron man gauntlet?

  • sarahafifi
    sarahafifi 13 days ago

    your sooooooooooooo coool

  • sarahafifi
    sarahafifi 13 days ago

    cant you make another game roi

  • Laverne Harrell
    Laverne Harrell 14 days ago

    11m subs happppppppppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Logic Gaming Official

    subscribe here

  • Some Random YouTuber

    Great job on 11 million!

  • Jaylen Gaming
    Jaylen Gaming 14 days ago


  • ADS Killer
    ADS Killer 14 days ago

    Would you play Slendytubbies 3 multiplayer, please?

  • Acelene Abadilla
    Acelene Abadilla 14 days ago


  • Brax Morgan
    Brax Morgan 14 days ago

    Hey Guava Juice, can you make a video called Do not play Charlie Charlie (The Incredibles) when calling Violet at 3am

  • Chi the Kitten
    Chi the Kitten 15 days ago

    Roi’s been on yt for 12 years... w o w

  • Dark Lordb
    Dark Lordb 15 days ago


  • Asya Tolefree
    Asya Tolefree 15 days ago


  • TheKate528
    TheKate528 15 days ago

    I love you GuavaJuice

  • Wariofan1998 ALT
    Wariofan1998 ALT 15 days ago

    I have a new respect for you, my friend.

  • Naz Has
    Naz Has 16 days ago

    Can u PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ do the ice cream bath challenge

  • Taher

    i like guava juice i in roblox today my name is RamyHDGAMING

  • Evan Blueshine
    Evan Blueshine 16 days ago

    Congrats on 11 million subscribers!

    ITSTHEFANN_ROBLOX 16 days ago

    11m subs woww

  • ItsThunder Gaming
    ItsThunder Gaming 16 days ago

    hey guava juice im a big fan can you play project pokemon in roblox

  • lucasgames 10
    lucasgames 10 16 days ago

    can you make more 3am vidioes

  • ozzytheocelot
    ozzytheocelot 17 days ago

    hey guava juice ive been a fan since i found out youtube was a thing i think that was 2016 that was also the year i got my first phone witch was the only device i had.

    KISHAN SAMANIEGO 17 days ago

    That was so nice guava roi

  • Samantha Heaton
    Samantha Heaton 17 days ago

    hey guava juice about that iron man challenge can you let me win and i'm your biggest youtuber in the world i was watching you for four years now

  • Manuela Lopez
    Manuela Lopez 17 days ago

    can I have the irornman gloves

  • Nathan Daniel
    Nathan Daniel 17 days ago

    2 years ago Theodd1sout just tried to roast you on his 7 day vegan challenge, roast him back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KK Aa
    KK Aa 17 days ago

    Can I get the Iron Man hand

  • airconditionedgypsyX

    im shayden and i just subscribed to all pf your channles

  • JamesPlayZ - ROBLOX
    JamesPlayZ - ROBLOX 18 days ago

    omg your almost at 11,000,000 subs omg

    JULIA AND MIGUEL 18 days ago

    hey roi, i am a huge fan and wanting to meet you you are thne best

  • まPark Chimmyま
    まPark Chimmyま 18 days ago

    Hey Guava Juice! i got a scary game u can play on ROBLOX! Why don't you Play " Alone in the Dark House" made By: Nameless King? It has voices, sounds, things turning on, and more! You'll love it Trust me! (please give me a shoutout! I'm a Filipina girl Named Lizzle! And i Live in the US!)

  • Brennan B
    Brennan B 18 days ago

    hey roi bath bomb challenge

  • The Ice Queen
    The Ice Queen 19 days ago

    Hello Guava Juice, I know this is late but I wanna see you to do the Bboom Bboom Dance Challenge and Damitukosita Dance challenge please!!! I wanna show it to my family and friends and share it to all kinds of social media sites I have so please do this not only for me but also for all avid fans here! Thank you in advance and God bless you :)

  • Ethan TD
    Ethan TD 19 days ago

    Uhhh Roi what happened to your gaming channel guava games

  • Jesse K.
    Jesse K. 19 days ago

    (From my son) Guava Juice- I love your videos and I hope that I can see you one day. My name is Jaxon, bye. Love Jaxon

  • Nikhil Tolat
    Nikhil Tolat 19 days ago

    Hey Roi, can you do a How to make guava juice from a real guava for your channel, it would really bring out the spirit in your guys name

  • Zes 3022
    Zes 3022 19 days ago

    hi why did you delete the floss chalange video its so funny

  • Pika-Pika C
    Pika-Pika C 20 days ago

    a suggestion for a bath challenge is dog food bath challenge

  • Pika-Pika C
    Pika-Pika C 20 days ago


  • SeanieBoyzTV
    SeanieBoyzTV 20 days ago

    Are you ready for the best idea of all times? You should Play Fortnite Battle Royal again!!

  • jahid tonmoy
    jahid tonmoy 21 day ago

    you can play the granny

  • Blue Gaming
    Blue Gaming 21 day ago


  • johana Garcia
    johana Garcia 22 days ago

    Hi how are you

  • Retmispar
    Retmispar 22 days ago

    This sucks.

  • Mary joy Santos
    Mary joy Santos 22 days ago

    Hello guava juice

  • Pizza Bros
    Pizza Bros 22 days ago

    play detroit become human

  • Lissa Lu (210lislu)
    Lissa Lu (210lislu) 22 days ago

    yo yo yo i'm unsubing bye

  • Tony Herrero
    Tony Herrero 22 days ago

    roi can you frind my friends "Erin_le" thats my brother's account. "Lila_le" thats my Sister's account. "Flamo_le, and Igotheckedtwice_le"

  • Tony Herrero
    Tony Herrero 22 days ago

    Roi can you friend me on roblox? my name in roblox is "jake_le"

  • Tony Herrero
    Tony Herrero 22 days ago


  • Rhonda Burgess
    Rhonda Burgess 23 days ago

    ilove your 3am vedose

  • Rhonda Burgess
    Rhonda Burgess 23 days ago

    i live in jackson plees

  • Rhonda Burgess
    Rhonda Burgess 23 days ago

    quava juice can you get me iphon 8 pluse i love your vedoooos alllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooot and mi name is damian

  • Marielle Bernadette Santos

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i iy hav a tub jihyfg

  • Oleeta 81
    Oleeta 81 23 days ago

    I'm writing a review for the Guava Toys Edible Pancake Art. First off my son was so excited to see that Target had something to do with Guava. That he begged me to make the 35 minute trip to our Target store so he could get this item. So, we went and got it and started right away to make these pancakes. Well, the amount of 2 tablespoons water and 4 tablespoons of batter just isn't enough to make the pictures. Also, when we were mixing the first batter the whisk broke. So, in the trash it went. When squeezing the batter out of the art bottles it was difficult for my son who is 8 and my niece who is 10. While squeezing the art bottles they became clogged I used a tooth pick and the batter had clumped up into something that resembles hard wax. Well, we hung in their finished making the picture art and placed it in the microwave for 35 seconds and waited 30 seconds before placing it on to a plate. Then, we all took the first bite and all at the same time we spitted it out. It was down right disgusting. The look on my sons face was so upsetting as a mother to see. He was so excited to get this. Just to have one disappointment after another with it. I will not be buying anymore Guava toys.

  • Charlotte Lenhard
    Charlotte Lenhard 23 days ago

    Hi my roblox is smithdaakota2

  • Jason Vorhees are cool


  • Adrienn Vartic
    Adrienn Vartic 24 days ago

    guava juice the schol was wen your opent the figers this was the scary mistery box

  • Lil Clark
    Lil Clark 24 days ago

    hey guava juice you should do jumanji board at 3 am me and my friend are gonna try it you should too btw im a big fan so is my bff

  • Leland Poorman
    Leland Poorman 24 days ago

    and are you ok???

  • Leland Poorman
    Leland Poorman 24 days ago

    I seen you got a blude nos

  • Elizabeth Donner
    Elizabeth Donner 25 days ago

    can you play fortnight and tub tapper at 3am together

  • RyanMinhTV
    RyanMinhTV 26 days ago

    Roi can you go for a Vietnam trip plz I want you there to met me :D

  • La'Naea's World
    La'Naea's World 26 days ago

    can you do a gaming video i have my notifcaion on and am waiting

  • La'Naea's World
    La'Naea's World 26 days ago

    tell marlin that i since i had this phone he was my first sub to me

  • The Indestructible Bro

    one of my vids are How to escape jailbreak! plz sub. :D

  • The Indestructible Bro

    roi. thankyou for helping me become a youtuber. in fact you started the whole become a youtuber thing! thx a lot roi!!!


    Oh yeah Roi I liked and subscribed please Accept my friend request my roblox username is Agentwesley01 I have been wacthing Wassabie productions for years and then when u guys started ure own channels I was heart broken from your number 1 Superfan

  • Ruqayyah Kazi
    Ruqayyah Kazi 27 days ago

    why did u stop posting plzzzzzzzzzz post

  • the servivels season 1

    some body said funnel visson is better then you so go report his or her vids

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 27 days ago

    can i go to your house pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeas

  • coleman family
    coleman family 28 days ago

    can you still play amog the sleep

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 28 days ago

    hi i am your fan

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 28 days ago

    go to my house becuase i am fan

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 28 days ago

    take a bath with puppy pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaes

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 28 days ago

    can i go to your house

  • Anthony Jaen
    Anthony Jaen 28 days ago

    can i have one of your guava juice box

  • Jason Chicko
    Jason Chicko 28 days ago

    egtv likes you

  • Martha Elia Paredes
    Martha Elia Paredes 28 days ago

    you're related chanel is fgtvee I olso like fgtvee

  • Kookie Angel
    Kookie Angel 28 days ago

    Please Please Please do this and hear me out!!! For Guava Games they upgraded "TVclipr Tycoon" sooo much IN FACT YOU ARE EVEN IN IT!!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE DO IT YOUR WISH CAME TRUE ALSO YOU ARE IN THE GAME FULLY!!!! - I got your tycoon and it is pretty cool!

  • Angela Butrum
    Angela Butrum 28 days ago

    hey guava juice! your videos are awesome keep up the awesome work

  • Hearing Wellness Center

    guava juice!

  • jahid tonmoy
    jahid tonmoy 29 days ago

    you can drink milk and coca cola plz

  • jahid tonmoy
    jahid tonmoy 29 days ago

    i love you roi

  • ghostman 8945
    ghostman 8945 29 days ago

    hi guava juice I want you to do a roblox video of chucky

  • Dusttale Sans
    Dusttale Sans 29 days ago

    hi guava keep up the good work with youtube. you are so cool i wish i were you because im a youtuber but i have no subcribers i try hard to make my dream come true but i guess my dream wont ever come true. i think i should give up on my dream of being a great youtuber like you . please respond to me and subscribe to me, please.

  • Did you think about it


  • The Ice Queen
    The Ice Queen 29 days ago

    Hello Guava Juice, I know this is late but I wanna see you to do the Bboom Bboom Dance Challenge and Damitukosita Dance challenge please!!! I wanna show it to my family and friends and share it to all kinds of social media sites I have so please do this not only for me but also for all avid fans hare! Thank you in advance and God bless you :)

  • ricky tayeh
    ricky tayeh Month ago

    Hey Guava Juice my nephew loves your videos and is a huge fan of yours

  • DylanRedSketch -
    DylanRedSketch - Month ago

    hey, guava juice! I have a good bath idea a rubber ducky bath challenge!!! I hope its a good idea or... play bendy and the ink machine or not because it's not family friendly or... try to make your own gummy guava juice that's all I have for ideas enjoy with the ideas and... stay juicy!!!!!!!:D

  • Shark Vlogs
    Shark Vlogs Month ago

    Hey Guavs!!!😘😘😘

  • malot jameslame
    malot jameslame Month ago

    Guava. I am a big fan.

  • dantdm taylor
    dantdm taylor Month ago

    tell me the doll on the scooter what was it singing

  • dantdm taylor
    dantdm taylor Month ago

    guys ples tell me

  • dantdm taylor
    dantdm taylor Month ago

    what was the song

  • dantdm taylor
    dantdm taylor Month ago

    what was the doll singing

  • Julie Whitehouse
    Julie Whitehouse Month ago

    piz stop do it 3am you now do wit 3am i not a subcribed

  • Mr.Railfanner #999


  • Doggo Drapy
    Doggo Drapy Month ago


  • Dowmify Fee
    Dowmify Fee Month ago

    7 months without uploading a gaming video

  • Rachael Keokenchanh

    Hi Roi, My daughter Lu (8yrs) and Jett (4yrs) are huge fans. Thank you for giving them wholesome content to watch online (it's few and far between). That being said, we love sticky rice, and as the kids were playing with the soaking rice tonight they said "Wouldn't it be great if Guava Juice did a rice bath challenge" They begged me to ask you and can't believe that I am actually writing to Guava Juice! It's now turned into hoping they can meet you and what if you actually answer. You're all the rage at our house! So, from Jett and Lu; we challenge you to the Rice Bath Challenge! Best, Rachael from South Dakota

  • Daniel Jenkinson
    Daniel Jenkinson Month ago


  • Daniel Jenkinson
    Daniel Jenkinson Month ago

    hey I would love if u would make a lunchboxthx ,someone!\m/ (>.<) \m/

  • Dearingermeister
    Dearingermeister Month ago

    Also, what happened to being able to level up straight to level 1000 once you’ve done the perk refresh. It was nice having that before the update instead of having to get perk 11 times just to reach level 1000 for every single tub every time I do an alien tubduction.

  • Dearingermeister
    Dearingermeister Month ago

    It says 1 cosmic bubble equals a 1% increase in bubbles. I’m making octillions of cosmic bubbles and not getting an octillion percent more bubbles. Also, there were 10 epic juice boxes in alien tubduction that cost millions of cosmic bubbles and I never got one. I’m making over 500 novemdecillion bubbles on every tap and now time warps, juice boxes, the big floating bubbles, all of that is worthless. They give me maybe a few novemdecillion.

  • TheeverythingGOAT!

    CONGRASONS ON 1O million SUBS!

  • Dearingermeister
    Dearingermeister Month ago

    Serious question. If you haven’t already done so, can you provide a place for help and FAQs for Tub Tapper? I’m addicted to the game and was wondering how does everything work with cosmic bubbles and how they correlate to how much your tap value will increase when you do alien tubduction. I was trying to do the math and gave myself a headache. I found that 1 octillion cosmic bubbles equals an increase of 200 undecillion bubbles on the tap bar at my current level.

  • Mateo y Aquiles Lopez


  • N&R Fortnite
    N&R Fortnite Month ago

    heh heh

  • Alaura Snyder
    Alaura Snyder Month ago


  • Crazy Gamer 320
    Crazy Gamer 320 Month ago

    sup can i get a shout out

  • Roblox gaming
    Roblox gaming Month ago


  • Kiwi Lemon
    Kiwi Lemon Month ago

    you should go to six flags and live stream

  • The amazing A.j.
    The amazing A.j. Month ago

    Guava juice is the best youtuber in the world 🌎

  • That guy
    That guy Month ago

    make more 3am vids plz

  • Mike Braunlich
    Mike Braunlich Month ago


  • Evelyn Beltran
    Evelyn Beltran Month ago

    hi guava juice I emailed you but you don't email me back it is very importan plz email I have been wating if you don't want to see my little borther tell me

  • Dorothy Pleas
    Dorothy Pleas Month ago

    i like your vids

  • Jasalyn Monet
    Jasalyn Monet Month ago


  • ice Boy
    ice Boy Month ago

    guvas twitter is suspened

  • jesiah Keating
    jesiah Keating Month ago

    In your next video can you give me a shout out and sub to me

  • SamuraiDynmite
    SamuraiDynmite Month ago

    Can Make More gaming videos on Guava Games

  • Doctor squish Fan

    I say guava u say juicer : guava...

  • Safinatu fofanah
    Safinatu fofanah Month ago

    hey guava can you plz play slendrina and granny

  • Norah Lavoie
    Norah Lavoie Month ago

    this i a idea but will you do a nether tycoon

  • ZovickHD
    ZovickHD Month ago

    Rip you in escape the night

  • kenneth fangirl
    kenneth fangirl Month ago

    guava juice ummm .............THIS SONG IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gabby tackett
    gabby tackett Month ago

    as a big big fan i rememperd that rat from the 9th gummy food vs real food video and if guava juice still has it .

  • A51dante
    A51dante Month ago

    Hello, my name is Hector and i have daughters that are real big fans of your channel. My youngest daughter named Erin would like to see you play more scary games in roblox. If you could please make some time to make videos of you and friends playing more scary games on roblox.

  • Josh Bell
    Josh Bell Month ago

    stay juicei

  • Amya Hobson
    Amya Hobson Month ago


  • Marcus Gao
    Marcus Gao Month ago

    guava juice I cant play tub taper

  • Little Tyler Beau

    HEY Guava Juice please play plants vs zombies

  • Elijah Crowley
    Elijah Crowley Month ago

    Hey guava juice your app tub tapper i played it and it was awesome i loved it 👍

  • john w dixonjr
    john w dixonjr Month ago

    aad messyourself

  • TheGizmodi
    TheGizmodi Month ago

    Guava Juice, my kids love your channel! Any idea when the DIY box kits will be back in stock?

  • skatecomesfirst skate boy

    yo you should do a skit about how you felt when you left wassabi

  • Darwin TDM
    Darwin TDM Month ago

    guava juice yaaaaay

  • Darwin TDM
    Darwin TDM Month ago

    i've been a fan of you when i first started watching youtube!!!!!!

  • Nicki Sharp
    Nicki Sharp Month ago

    I'm not mad at you roi i'm just wating to find out (:

  • Nicki Sharp
    Nicki Sharp Month ago

    can you put tub tapper on apple ipod

  • Nicki Sharp
    Nicki Sharp Month ago

    he needs to tell us what the code from the stay juicy box is for!

  • Woodrow Hwang
    Woodrow Hwang Month ago

    can you add gears to the gold guava juice in tub tapper like your laptop and xbox 360 in your hands like your delivering something in your hands (i will aprecheate it if you do that)

  • Zavier Schneider
    Zavier Schneider Month ago

    i have watched ur videos since i was 4 now im 9 and watching to day. i have watched ur wasbi productions videos and roi vloges . u are my fav youtuber pls coment back.thank you.

  • Heather Wishart
    Heather Wishart Month ago

    wy dont you put warter boms in yore bath tub

  • Kash Orta
    Kash Orta Month ago

    hay Guava Juice can you give Kash a shout out and I was wondering if you could start playing with bay blades

  • TheKate528
    TheKate528 Month ago

    Guava juice is awesome

  • MrGrumpy Martinez

    make a video of try not to laugh while having water in your mouth :)

  • Joes Big GamingYT

    road to 11 mill 10684562 subs when I looked

  • Joes Big GamingYT

    really want to reach 500 subs can any of you subscribe to like give me a shoutout I will really apreseate that

  • Sebastian Mancha
    Sebastian Mancha Month ago

    Roi please add tub tapper to Amazon tablet because I want to try it out

  • Claw
    Claw Month ago

    guava juice suck em

  • Max Quinn
    Max Quinn Month ago

    imen litol oke im 7

  • Max Quinn
    Max Quinn Month ago


  • Align The Iris
    Align The Iris Month ago

    oh and also do a GUAVA JUICE BATH BOMB!

  • Align The Iris
    Align The Iris Month ago

    Hey Guava Juice I became a fan on my first day I joined i fell in love with your vids and I non stop watching I watch every one 1,000 times each! I wanted to say I don't ever give up ever even if times are hard i will always be your fan :) <3 you all stay Juicey :)

  • Michelle bunny
    Michelle bunny Month ago

    Hello Guava Juice!! You were my first channel I ever saw! You make me into a funny and nicer me!! I can ever stop watching your videos!! Can you make a vid with FaZe Rug!! If you do that it would complete me! I love everything about you videos. I found your channel thanks to my BFF who was wearing your logo on her T-shirt!!! Like they all say, "Stay, Juicy!!" and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bryan gigil Gil
    bryan gigil Gil Month ago

    hi guaavs

  • LegendOfLink
    LegendOfLink Month ago

    who thinks roi should do more game play :D i for one used to really enjoy it like umm... like among the sleep or somethin haha i really liked that one XD