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Stormzy - Shut Up
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Sucker Punch
Views 2554 years ago
Sucker Punch
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Oktoberfest 2012
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Da Click - Good Rhymes
Views 19K7 years ago
Stupid people getting hurt
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  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    I got this on vinyl. Everyone loved this track. Classic!!

  • Martin Mchugh
    Martin Mchugh 6 days ago

    Fire vapour jheeze

  • Pink Fanta
    Pink Fanta 8 days ago


  • muzzer98989
    muzzer98989 12 days ago

    What a prick that fat fucker is.

  • Leku Mapika
    Leku Mapika 16 days ago

    Wowwow and a thousand more wows, he can even rap proper mate this is 🔥🔥🔥. I scored with a few girls on Craig's tracks, a living Legend for real. Zimambwe is watching and respects #DjMLZim

  • Deborah jjo
    Deborah jjo 16 days ago

    Love this energy!

  • 1kopke
    1kopke 18 days ago

    I Swear this is it, stills slaps in 2019 🔥

    • Flea_j
      Flea_j 16 days ago

      1kopke facts

  • prizegotti
    prizegotti 19 days ago

    Kids today don't know about downloading MC Vapour sets through KaZaA or Limewire over a 56kb modem and it shows.

  • jashard wallington
    jashard wallington 20 days ago

    This is dope hes so talented uk has talented artist i love grime

  • The Wenger Inn
    The Wenger Inn 20 days ago

    Seriously tho- i used to big Vapour up back in the day...i mean that tune was just beyond legendary .......big up all the brothers back in the day that thought they were too cool for Vapour tho.....👀 bare man who came into grime late used to proper dig me out for playing know who you are- dont lie!!!!!!

  • Lorin_85
    Lorin_85 21 day ago

    Guys Please!!! Song at 08:20 and one after!!!

  • Connor Wålinder
    Connor Wålinder 21 day ago

    Does anyone know what the last song that was played is called?

  • David Harrison
    David Harrison 21 day ago

    lol i can't believe I used to like this shit. baddhahhayuuyahhahfggahahagahagahga SICK BRUV. Lol get a job

  • Nick Robinson
    Nick Robinson 21 day ago

    I really appreciate how there is zero wasted time between the moments of failure. Just banging them out rapid fire, I like it.

  • Martyn Cannon
    Martyn Cannon 23 days ago

    Why so little views man!

  • MCFCRuss Sinfin
    MCFCRuss Sinfin 24 days ago

    Narstie goin on like a little fan boy lol

  • Dominic Enness
    Dominic Enness 24 days ago

    Partie radio was the days 😍

  • Dominic Enness
    Dominic Enness 24 days ago

    Oh my days

  • Sara Keenan
    Sara Keenan 24 days ago

    Vapour awesome. !!! Keep up gd Mcing m8 👍👌😎❣️

  • A. Double
    A. Double 26 days ago

    Last great R&B singer.

  • King Khan
    King Khan 27 days ago

    OMG this was so cringe

  • toppa toppa
    toppa toppa Month ago

    He's like a white eksman

  • toppa toppa
    toppa toppa Month ago

    Ragga and rap influence Black music mixed up with the uk london vibe

  • toppa toppa
    toppa toppa Month ago

    I see mc grinder walking with some little mix race kid down mare street the other day He was out of character on a normal school run ting

  • Pat Doyle
    Pat Doyle Month ago

    We make money like Gloucester and Cheltenham? Has man seen Gloucester 🤣🤣 big up vapour

  • Kenny E
    Kenny E Month ago

    Fing love it yeah! He is the best MC no doubt. His crew and the chemistry is spot on. Visit Aus mate.

  • Y'all Got Issues
    Y'all Got Issues Month ago

    Any time I need to laugh, I listen to English rap. The rhymes are so basic.

  • Avfc Mike R
    Avfc Mike R Month ago

    Oh yes bad boy tune respect to all

  • Lee Butler
    Lee Butler Month ago

    Fucking loads of shittttttttt

  • Daniel Guerra
    Daniel Guerra Month ago

    Bars!! ⛓jheez!!

  • Dubh Rí
    Dubh Rí Month ago

    this is a highlight of my ears and souls life!!

  • Lacrombre
    Lacrombre Month ago

    Natural selection is trying

  • Wanda Wizard
    Wanda Wizard Month ago

    Reminds me of my nights working at Eros nightclub, early 2000’s.

  • J Orson
    J Orson Month ago

    This video cures depression

  • Budzz Gamez
    Budzz Gamez Month ago

    I was doing what everyone was doing when it dropped 🤣

  • Andy Owens
    Andy Owens Month ago


  • HABEEB Khan
    HABEEB Khan Month ago

    STILL A BANGER!!!!!!

  • Syre
    Syre Month ago

    yeah I would be the guy to knock the fuck out of both of you just cause I can

  • JediX13
    JediX13 Month ago

    Ohhh yeah!

  • xhiltonx
    xhiltonx Month ago

    This for real, crock of shit

  • DJM
    DJM Month ago

    “you try it” “brrr drrr bbrr grrr bollocks”

  • Kathy love it xx Connolly

    Craig you can fill me in

  • Matty 2cities
    Matty 2cities Month ago

    My childhood right here... Jheezzee👀

  • Peter Jenkins
    Peter Jenkins Month ago


  • MrJstar691
    MrJstar691 Month ago

    Seen him at snowbox, fooking smashed it, it was cold that night maybe minus 10 but man was it warm in the mosh pit 🤪

  • pete otoole
    pete otoole Month ago

    top male artist what a voice ...seen him in 1997 before he was famous legend top lad

  • rosser man
    rosser man Month ago

    Vapour smoking.

  • name less2
    name less2 2 months ago


  • simon kemp
    simon kemp 2 months ago

    just float

  • Macca 90
    Macca 90 2 months ago

    Back when music was actually good.

  • Macca 90
    Macca 90 2 months ago

    Music was so much better back then. Wish I could go back to these days.

  • cames jonnor
    cames jonnor 2 months ago

    ...bae’s !

  • Minky Mincey
    Minky Mincey 2 months ago

    the original pete rock one is better imo and isn't as lazy of a sampling job as the final version

  • Mox Mix
    Mox Mix 2 months ago


  • Realist
    Realist 2 months ago

    Hard to know how in character Steves is... He just living it up like hes fully on it as if he's properly in character.

  • Realist
    Realist 2 months ago

    So sureal but absolutely banging at the same time..

  • Joel Simpson
    Joel Simpson 2 months ago

    I love this video. Aghhhhh

  • Christiana Eweto
    Christiana Eweto 3 months ago


  • WH0whatWHEN1
    WH0whatWHEN1 3 months ago

    When something is so good it makes you feel old and young simultaneously This was that good Thanks

  • Emma Ginn
    Emma Ginn 3 months ago

    Well what a old skool tune

  • Somos Cristianos Tambien

    neither diddy can remaster like this

  • Steve Legge
    Steve Legge 3 months ago

    Fuck creams and lotions, if you wanna feel 17 again listen to this!!!!

  • XXXkiller boyXXX XXX
    XXXkiller boyXXX XXX 3 months ago

    What a tune

  • Liam Colclough
    Liam Colclough 3 months ago

    Still prefer the other Craig David...

  • claire marie
    claire marie 3 months ago

    Wish that skinny guy would take those dog ears off looks like a prick only came here for vapour and C David boom 👍

  • justin charles
    justin charles 3 months ago

    Absolute FIRE 💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • benjiskitts
    benjiskitts 3 months ago


  • Gordon Alexander
    Gordon Alexander 3 months ago

    Vapour much better than the others.....who are they part from the shit show on BBC I player

  • Alex Ramos
    Alex Ramos 3 months ago

    Lanky dancing white guy with the hat ruins it - cringe...

    • J B
      J B 2 months ago

      Alex Ramos his a character from people just do nothing

  • TBE
    TBE 3 months ago

    Whats rodderz with the hat doin? Twat

  • Katie
    Katie 3 months ago


  • Andrew Banner
    Andrew Banner 3 months ago

    Blond Amanda

  • Dennis Long
    Dennis Long 3 months ago

    This video should have been named, "Bernie sanders supporters ".

  • Take Me Back: Pirate Radio Archives

    Vapour you're a veteran. He's been doing for yonks. Since Force FM.

  • TommyLee Stringer
    TommyLee Stringer 4 months ago

    August 2019 and this is still absolute fire!

  • Ross Garrett
    Ross Garrett 4 months ago

    smash it up best of the best rip Sparks kie keep it going so much love from my boys xx

  • ashley jeffery
    ashley jeffery 4 months ago

    Couldn't care who he is, grinda sounds like a prick

  • ashley jeffery
    ashley jeffery 4 months ago

    F*** Craig David, why?

  • JAY101 Tattoo
    JAY101 Tattoo 4 months ago

    That fast flow though!!

  • Reuben Fevrier
    Reuben Fevrier 4 months ago

    Where can I buy this mix?

  • Osama Filali Naji
    Osama Filali Naji 4 months ago

    Why is narstie trying to be centre of attention

  • The Skin Tailors jay101 tattoo

    Vapour 💥💥💥

  • adgjmptw353
    adgjmptw353 4 months ago

    Big narstie with the 'Oh God' when the beat changed and a classic comes on

  • British Titan
    British Titan 4 months ago

    Still banging out shot like this on the 1210s boi !!

  • Gary Lowe
    Gary Lowe 4 months ago

    black opps lol

  • Elite Tiling Uk
    Elite Tiling Uk 4 months ago

    6:26 “Monday is the day that we roll” can see how much Craig David gets into this bit. And when grinder spits the garage bars near the end you can literally see how he’s taken back to the day. Real shit yo

  • gEt Taa Noo
    gEt Taa Noo 4 months ago

    Who is this shit prick

  • H
    H 4 months ago

    Feel like I'm right there

  • H
    H 4 months ago

    Jheez legendary n jokes, u just cant beat the energy everyone feeling from that, for real makes me wanna go out raving again go to boomtown or sutin ahhhhhhhh life n responsibilities though

  • H
    H 4 months ago

    When the bassline dropped so did my phone swear on mans life lol

  • dale Wilson
    dale Wilson 4 months ago

    Him with the silly hat on skipping lol muppett

  • Lucus Davis
    Lucus Davis 4 months ago

    Literally narstie was jumping for 15 seconds and he sweating already!

  • Nicholas Gillett-Hayman

    2019 July Rid J. S. C

  • Benjamin Gwatkin
    Benjamin Gwatkin 4 months ago

    Mans wearing super dry 🤔

  • Twilight Sparkle
    Twilight Sparkle 4 months ago

    I hope that every unprofessional who tries to do proffessional things fails and gets hurt and not just hurt but ashamed in front of everyone they know

  • Tahir Arif
    Tahir Arif 4 months ago

    Do ur ting init

  • Tony R
    Tony R 4 months ago

    Shout out anyone who listened mc vapour - Halloween back in the day.

  • Francisco Scaramango
    Francisco Scaramango 4 months ago

    Disappointed that the whole vibe stopped when narstie said bagdad and they put bo selecta on. Should have let narstie keep flowing then moved on to grindah. That would have been so epic all 4 of them going in hard.

  • TheBrazilianHotDog724
    TheBrazilianHotDog724 4 months ago

    I couldn't watch the first 40 seconds of this video it was so bad quality.

  • Kyle France
    Kyle France 5 months ago

    Vapour rocking up like an undercover copper in that jacket