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ASMR spooky sound assortment
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vlog | ohio to california
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intentions matter
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ASMR Crackles and Crinkles
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Hand Sounds En Español
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Just the beginning
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ASMR Crinkles and Tapping
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ASMR close up tapping
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  • Linh Trinh
    Linh Trinh 5 minutes ago

    Haven't a new video 😭😭😭

  • Orochi
    Orochi 39 minutes ago

    Why do people make this video a *calendar*

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  • 弦巻こころ
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  • Jayq923 J
    Jayq923 J Hour ago

    I got Full Of Love , in this video....

  • Parinazu Gacha
    Parinazu Gacha 2 hours ago

    I agree :)

    PLAY BOY 2 hours ago

    First time watching : just a case Now : I think the case make good sounds

  • LiisiFlowerCrown
    LiisiFlowerCrown 2 hours ago

    Is he filming with a microwave or something

  • Shu.
    Shu. 2 hours ago


  • Carter James
    Carter James 4 hours ago

    Never forget the first time taffy introduces the birds pillow he dropped it😂😂

  • Vladdy Beruski
    Vladdy Beruski 4 hours ago


    DARK SYCO 6 hours ago

    I need a new vid man

  • ItsYaaBoySam19
    ItsYaaBoySam19 8 hours ago

    Day 10 of commenting for Raffy to come back and make good sounds

  • Kaylyn Chapin
    Kaylyn Chapin 10 hours ago

    I have a pet peeve it’s when someone breaths a deep breath before they start talking into the mic it drives me insane😂

  • Jake Stephenson
    Jake Stephenson 10 hours ago

    Christmas ASMR video!!!! Please!!!!

  • shaun misanchuk
    shaun misanchuk 11 hours ago


  • Just Tea
    Just Tea 11 hours ago

    6:23 the quiet kid in the back of the class summoning a demon

  • fagboi_ttv ttv
    fagboi_ttv ttv 11 hours ago

    Upload tomorrow raffy please

  • Andrew Hartley
    Andrew Hartley 11 hours ago

    I’m getting nervous

  • WaffleDeL
    WaffleDeL 12 hours ago

    @raffytaffyasmr you should use a lamp cover for your next video

  • Elanna Hough
    Elanna Hough 12 hours ago

    does anyone else think this guy is cute??

  • Aidan Serna
    Aidan Serna 12 hours ago

    I AM !

  • CaptainDigBick95
    CaptainDigBick95 13 hours ago

    u have a pimple on ur right cheek

    SUPER PEKKA 13 hours ago

    Me encantan tus nuevos micros, son muy relajantes🥴🤤

  • Loud 420
    Loud 420 13 hours ago

    Day 16th of commenting everyday until raffy is back

  • Darwin's ASMR
    Darwin's ASMR 13 hours ago

    Hey raffy ! You inspired me to go out and make my very own asmr channel and i just want to say thank you ! ❤️ Btw, How do you get the room so quiet !! i struggle with background noise so much

  • UnEqual
    UnEqual 13 hours ago

    Who's here in December? ( you don't have to like just comment)

    • Orochi
      Orochi 40 minutes ago

      This video isn't a calendar though!

  • Julie-Marie
    Julie-Marie 15 hours ago

    Me: ooh the mic must be waterproof Raffy: whoops

  • Randy Bruh Moment
    Randy Bruh Moment 15 hours ago

    Can't wait for me and my grandson to watch another video

  • Alida
    Alida 16 hours ago

    This plane game me tingles

  • B Eriksson
    B Eriksson 17 hours ago


  • ville löppönen
    ville löppönen 17 hours ago

    damn i like this tapping

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 18 hours ago

    Aaaaaand he’s gone

  • Mr. Awesome
    Mr. Awesome 18 hours ago

    This video is close to being three years old, and we are still watching this.

  • Julius kok
    Julius kok 20 hours ago

    Jon snow has eaten well, at the night watch

  • Julkot
    Julkot 21 hour ago

    me: trying to do my biology homework raffy: go to sleep me: ok

  • ASMR Henry
    ASMR Henry 22 hours ago

    I wanna be good ASMRIST like him

  • Ninø, Mahømaru
    Ninø, Mahømaru 22 hours ago


  • Ben
    Ben 22 hours ago

    28:06 to 28:17 is basically part of a comedy sketch

  • がお
    がお 23 hours ago


  • Raoul Bourgoin

    Where are you Dude ! Misssss youuu

  • 데바데
    데바데 Day ago

    hello there, tatatatata, hi there tatatatata

  • manzaza
    manzaza Day ago

    snek, sprite, spageti, smok

  • 정하은
    정하은 Day ago

    03:04 What is this tingle!!!!! I'm sure that you are the genious of asmr... +I am Korean so I can't write English well..😥 sorry

  • 빙빙이
    빙빙이 Day ago

    your good 👍 subscribers🐣

  • Sothern Tortillas

    0:44 what gurls say about my pp

  • u Got That
    u Got That Day ago

    Why do he kinda look like drake?

  • Alexandre F
    Alexandre F Day ago

    2:14 tingles

  • Black sheep
    Black sheep Day ago

    This is so tingly

  • Aiko
    Aiko Day ago

    That shaving cream is how I like my men: thick and rich 😋 Joke joke haha I like em...thick, medium income, and MMMMM haha

  • Shun
    Shun Day ago



    2019???? December 10th

  • Mr Fluffles
    Mr Fluffles Day ago

    Who is watching in december 10, 9th or 11 OR 12th???

  • DrV
    DrV Day ago

    Cadê os BR aqui chorando de rir desse asmr o cara e bem criativo e faz nós rir

  • 망자오댕이

    please give us longer ver too!!

  • Ewan Payne
    Ewan Payne Day ago

    well if thos comics were worth anything there not now lol

  • ND buck
    ND buck Day ago

    Let me inside then I've been looking at you tap on a book whilst outside your window

  • Ur Mom
    Ur Mom Day ago

    0:17 sir this is not your bedroom this is a Sephora

  • Enoc Neria
    Enoc Neria Day ago

    I'm still waiting for new asmr videos/ we're you at Raffy?😭

  • Ashlyn Taylor
    Ashlyn Taylor Day ago

    Everyone: wow how do you tap that fast? Me: *anxiety* :))

  • Boris Rodriguez

    Excellent video and you already have a new subscriber, regards. A question friend, which camera do you use to record this video? what model?

  • Aina. dz
    Aina. dz Day ago

    Jajajaj que divertido

  • JRdonda XXX
    JRdonda XXX Day ago

    Go Gators!

  • Danny M.
    Danny M. Day ago

    I thought the ASMR studio was supposed to help you create more content? Can’t wait till you return.

  • Barış Mustafa

    December 2019 !

  • minecrafter 321100

    Umm i think he misspelled my name at the beginning...

  • Sarah Maya
    Sarah Maya Day ago

    2020 :) kkk

  • Fay Morgane
    Fay Morgane Day ago

    The lightbulb Makes christmas sounds 😂

  • LIghTs 0ut y0
    LIghTs 0ut y0 Day ago

    28:07 idk why but I’m lmao 😂

  • Loud 420
    Loud 420 Day ago

    Day 15 of commenting everyday until raffy is back

    • Mr.PaNDaStiCk
      Mr.PaNDaStiCk 17 hours ago

      We still here

    • Annie Giblin
      Annie Giblin 17 hours ago

      gonna miss these comments when he uploads again

    • B Eriksson
      B Eriksson 18 hours ago

      He said on twitter that he would come back next week

    • B Eriksson
      B Eriksson 20 hours ago

      Day 11 of commenting under your post until raffy is back.

  • Poop man Poop
    Poop man Poop Day ago


  • Poop man Poop
    Poop man Poop Day ago

    I was 3 years old

  • Patricia Sena
    Patricia Sena Day ago

    Please don't speak to much

  • AlmightyKeen
    AlmightyKeen Day ago

    Ahh, time to enjoy a new raffy vid- Oop, he's gone.

  • Elea-jane SMITH

    This made me so uncomfortable.

  • ChunRS천룬성

    16:00 25:02 31:35

  • Savash
    Savash Day ago

    What my uncle says to me every night before bed 3:17:28

  • ItsYaaBoySam19

    Day 9 of commenting for Raffy to come back and make good sounds

  • Candice Cote
    Candice Cote Day ago

    Où sont les français ?😅

  • ZaidNeronYT
    ZaidNeronYT Day ago

    Olivia is so cute, best couple

  • Ddee Thompson
    Ddee Thompson Day ago

    Airpod users whenever someone broke tries to speak to them 35:33

  • syz i
    syz i Day ago

    I wonder why this got 17 million views

  • USGCHalo X
    USGCHalo X Day ago

    Raffy: You know me well! Me: urm...this is my first video

  • Вася Молодцов


  • Trev
    Trev Day ago

    25:17 when you feel a boob for the first time

  • Wayfarer
    Wayfarer Day ago

    3:31 when the No Nut November is finally over

  • Ippo Makunochi

    22:08 ASMR headcut

  • おぴすけ
    おぴすけ Day ago


  • Hilal afridi
    Hilal afridi Day ago

    Just imagine that he forget to press the record button oh my god😂😂

  • おぬぬま
    おぬぬま Day ago


  • マルコン
    マルコン 2 days ago


  • 용가리_하노
    용가리_하노 2 days ago

    Im still still still ×10000 here,,,,, This is Black hall...

  • Oh my god they were roommates

    2:46:48 me after saying hi to my crush

  • yongbokkie's my happiness

    oh the tingles are strong with this one

  • John Bon Jovi
    John Bon Jovi 2 days ago

    20:45 Raffy's giving off serious Chris Farley vibes

  • Mario Everhart
    Mario Everhart 2 days ago

    Raffy: Hello There My Brain: MASTER KENOBI

  • · ·
    · · 2 days ago

    Pobre silla we, no deja de tronar

  • Nyjah Crone
    Nyjah Crone 2 days ago

    Raffy is the only asmrtist who doesn't make me uncomfortable

  • Dr. Gearswell
    Dr. Gearswell 2 days ago

    raffy seems to insist on me not finishing my portfolio

  • SeattleBeast24
    SeattleBeast24 2 days ago

    You put me out inside 5 minutes! Best asmr Chanel on youtube! Wish you posted more but you're doing better!