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BrookeAB | I JOINED 100T!!!
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Brooke plays Super Seducer 2
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  • Ano An
    Ano An 6 seconds ago

    ur parents have good rng u look good without makeup be happy and proud of it because it won't go anywhere brrooooooooooo

  • ツDarkness
    ツDarkness 57 seconds ago

    There's no way that's no makeup 😧

  • Justin Kemper
    Justin Kemper Minute ago

    Mason playing with the hot curler at the end I was like he playing a dangerous game

  • xXMisXx
    xXMisXx Minute ago

    Brooke: getting ready Sym:slurpp

  • Harry Sime
    Harry Sime Minute ago

    Didn’t even notice she didn’t have makeup on at the start till she pointed it out tbh

  • Cannon live
    Cannon live Minute ago

    I think u look better without makeup )))

  • Peter and Manning NHL league

    You look better without make up though

  • T T
    T T 3 minutes ago

    Too much makeup. You looked great without it in the first place ❤️

  • SweetBabyJay
    SweetBabyJay 3 minutes ago

    Hi :)

  • Tynah 4729
    Tynah 4729 3 minutes ago

    You look ugly without makeup

    DREVIN AUNDRE 6 minutes ago

    Voice is different probably because of the mic.

  • Mikey Is cool
    Mikey Is cool 6 minutes ago

    Hello Brooke 😀🤗

    MARQ_PORTHOS 6 minutes ago

    Man, she still looks good without makeup.

  • MTS NosyBaton
    MTS NosyBaton 7 minutes ago

    You dont need make up

  • joshuahat82
    joshuahat82 7 minutes ago

    Imagine looking that beautiful without makeup on

  • Slimjimmyjim 260
    Slimjimmyjim 260 10 minutes ago

    You literally look no different with makeup off. I’m not even trying to be nice, I’m deadass

  • Raisanbu
    Raisanbu 10 minutes ago

    Damn smellfuhny is so lucky. This days is hard to find a girl who looks as beautiful as Brooke without make up

  • YxTG_Hvnz
    YxTG_Hvnz 10 minutes ago

    your very pretty sym

  • Tv Abdiganiii
    Tv Abdiganiii 11 minutes ago

    Symfuhny should do your makeup on stream

  • sean the bean
    sean the bean 12 minutes ago

    do a vid where all the girls in the 100t house does makeup for all the boys

  • UniqueRains
    UniqueRains 12 minutes ago

    You honestly look gorgeous either way

  • X1MPLE on crack
    X1MPLE on crack 12 minutes ago


  • Aasiyah Mohammed
    Aasiyah Mohammed 12 minutes ago

    Brooke you look very beautiful without makeup

  • Adam Shabaan
    Adam Shabaan 12 minutes ago

    She looks better without makeup no cap next stream no make up brooke

  • Fortnite Crazy
    Fortnite Crazy 13 minutes ago

    Hi first 5mins and I’m here

  • NoahMaynardTV
    NoahMaynardTV 13 minutes ago

    Guys I’m asking out the girl I’ve had a crush on for years on Tuesday!!! Someone help!!

  • Pexva
    Pexva 14 minutes ago

    You look beautiful without makeup and with beautiful Honestly and no worries I’m insecure to i hate it

  • George Henny
    George Henny 14 minutes ago

    You look good without makeup Unlike pokimane

  • Handles JAAAY
    Handles JAAAY 15 minutes ago


  • Exposed
    Exposed 15 minutes ago

    You both seem so happy :) Happy for you and Sym

  • iSooBeast69
    iSooBeast69 15 minutes ago

    “They are that big just how I like em” 😂😂

  • kool aid man
    kool aid man 16 minutes ago

    Wtf you are so pretty with out makeup sorry mason

  • SamGut7
    SamGut7 16 minutes ago

    Sym lookin pretty hot when he flashed us 😉

  • Edgar Puente
    Edgar Puente 16 minutes ago

    She looks the same without makeup, she doesn't need to be insecure

    TRIOS_HARRY 23 16 minutes ago


  • Malte Heindal
    Malte Heindal 16 minutes ago

    You are so good!

  • Reihan adamo
    Reihan adamo 16 minutes ago

    Brooke is so preety omg i wish i was so lucky like sym

  • PANTS_R6
    PANTS_R6 16 minutes ago

    Sup brooke how was ur day today

  • Randy Warren
    Randy Warren 17 minutes ago

    yall are great

  • ghost ninja
    ghost ninja 17 minutes ago

    subcrice for subcribe guys plZ

  • Spaghetti Strap
    Spaghetti Strap 17 minutes ago

    This the earliest I’ve been😁

  • Ruzzlex
    Ruzzlex 17 minutes ago

    Literally every COMMENT... WHo hAS bEen a HUge FAn bEfoRe 2019?? 💞 👇iM GifTing mY FiRst 10 sUbs

  • squirrel
    squirrel 18 minutes ago

    Whats up dont care what people say when you dont have make up you look beautiful

  • Tv Abdiganiii
    Tv Abdiganiii 18 minutes ago

    Do symfuhny makeup please? Like this so she can see it 10K deal?

    • T
      T 20 seconds ago

      Already done that

  • Seth Rakowitz
    Seth Rakowitz 18 minutes ago

    Your still beautiful

  • Nicholas Southam
    Nicholas Southam 18 minutes ago

    You look perfect without makeup just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Nesto J
    Nesto J 18 minutes ago

    Sym hair tutorial next, Plz and thank you

  • SWINDLE 04
    SWINDLE 04 18 minutes ago

    Ayo underrated TVclip check 👇🏾

  • Daniel Torres
    Daniel Torres 18 minutes ago


  • Bananer_Dood 1
    Bananer_Dood 1 18 minutes ago

    I really dont see a difference with or without makeup, either way your pretty. Lucky sym!

  • michael leyva
    michael leyva 18 minutes ago

    I love y’all both. 😂

  • Siphon
    Siphon 18 minutes ago

    I couldn’t see a difference from brookes beauty with or without makeup👏🏽

  • Rebbb
    Rebbb 18 minutes ago

    you're so pretty 😊

  • Savage_MLC 756
    Savage_MLC 756 19 minutes ago


  • Josiah Garcia
    Josiah Garcia 19 minutes ago

    She is not a makeup artist

  • Sophia Gonzalez
    Sophia Gonzalez 19 minutes ago


  • iSooBeast69
    iSooBeast69 19 minutes ago

    Cutest and best couple

  • J Supreme
    J Supreme 19 minutes ago

    Please comment

  • Pg Jairoc
    Pg Jairoc 19 minutes ago


  • max boy
    max boy 19 minutes ago

    your beautiful without makeup

  • Adbul Razak
    Adbul Razak 19 minutes ago

    Hi baby

  • Shower Head
    Shower Head 19 minutes ago

    At the start, your voice makes it sound really nervous soooooo are you ok?

  • AbieZer
    AbieZer 19 minutes ago


  • Merrick Roark
    Merrick Roark 19 minutes ago


  • Daniel Rangel
    Daniel Rangel 19 minutes ago

    The best and more entertaining

  • Riad Hushan
    Riad Hushan 19 minutes ago


  • ThemagicalX
    ThemagicalX 19 minutes ago

    Noti gang

  • angerolade
    angerolade 19 minutes ago

    Symhunhy is fire

  • Josiah Garcia
    Josiah Garcia 19 minutes ago


  • Aj Khalil
    Aj Khalil 19 minutes ago

    I love u and mason

  • Andrew Bautista
    Andrew Bautista 19 minutes ago


  • Ayes
    Ayes 19 minutes ago

    Who’s Been A HUGE Fan Before January?? 🔥 👇 *pewdiepie Commented on my latest video I’m literally crying and shaking *😝😭

  • Supreme Clan
    Supreme Clan 19 minutes ago

    Big fann

  • DafiFN
    DafiFN 19 minutes ago

    when ur early, love broke and sym but don’t know what to say

  • J Supreme
    J Supreme 19 minutes ago


  • Ellis Jones
    Ellis Jones 19 minutes ago


  • Dylan Ward
    Dylan Ward 19 minutes ago


  • MrBeast
    MrBeast 19 minutes ago

    Who else is a true fan Of brooke❄🌲 👇I'm gifting my next 11 active subs🎁 With Notis!👀

  • BF9_ naskowon
    BF9_ naskowon 19 minutes ago

    1 2 3 4 5

  • Teamxxhunter Gaming
    Teamxxhunter Gaming 19 minutes ago

    Yo first viewer

  • Ryland Bradford
    Ryland Bradford 19 minutes ago

    First comment

  • max boy
    max boy 19 minutes ago


  • LEiam Chancellor
    LEiam Chancellor 19 minutes ago


  • gaming _xtz
    gaming _xtz 19 minutes ago

    U guys r great

  • Daniel Rangel
    Daniel Rangel 19 minutes ago

    Love this channel

  • Tv Abdiganiii
    Tv Abdiganiii 19 minutes ago

    Where’s the Noti gang squad at?

  • Shneva
    Shneva 19 minutes ago

    Noti Squad

  • Aj Khalil
    Aj Khalil 19 minutes ago

    First comment

  • Acecay
    Acecay 19 minutes ago


  • shamrockhockey
    shamrockhockey 19 minutes ago

    First :D

  • Gaming With Yatin Ram
    Gaming With Yatin Ram 19 minutes ago

    Does she responds

  • imAFQ
    imAFQ 19 minutes ago


  • sheep sheep
    sheep sheep 19 minutes ago


  • DKN prince
    DKN prince 19 minutes ago


  • ItsThatSinger
    ItsThatSinger 6 hours ago

    Mason is a bender. If you know you know

  • Lalo F
    Lalo F 14 hours ago

    If u don’t start vloging i swear I-

  • Retro Production
    Retro Production 14 hours ago

    God damn this is the dumbest shit 100T ever have done signing you .. ugly no fun no damn entertainment here what so ever .... they honestly should terminate the deal.

  • Rhxnq M8
    Rhxnq M8 15 hours ago

    Yoga out of context

  • Cole Stapleton
    Cole Stapleton 17 hours ago

    Lmao sym looks like a LEGO character

  • Detix_Ghost FPO
    Detix_Ghost FPO 17 hours ago

    I sneezed and then symphunny said bless you 😂