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Top 10 Dumbest UK Trends
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Top 10 Tom Holland Moments
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Top 10 Doctor Who Villains
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Top 10 Kit Harington Moments
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Top 10 WTF British Feuds
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  • Bobby Blob
    Bobby Blob 2 hours ago

    What the hell are you talking about? Tipping is extremely common in Britain

  • Jade Fo
    Jade Fo 3 hours ago

    I used to think Skins was so odd. Then I started to really like it. As i get older I come to realize skins ( generation 1 basically) is a great show. The generation 1 was so well-written! I really like the fact that in season 1 they’re all so stereotyped: Tony the narcissist leader abusing its power, Sid the looser sidekick, Cassie the crazy one, Michelle the naive one, Chris the silly one, Jal the steady and examplary student, Maxxie the nice one.. and in season 2 all those “stereotypes” shatter. We get to see how vulnerable Tony is, we get to see Sid stand up for himself and embrace who he is and what he, he only, wants. We get to see that Maxxie can bite back when you push it to hard ( with Amy for instance), Chris who was pictured as the idiot one gets a place and a job of his own, mans up and get a girl he really likes. Jal allows herself to be irrational and selfish. Michelle puts Tony in the waiting list and isn’t its puppy anymore as she allows herself to fuck his best friend. Also, we get to understand that Cassie isn’t that crazy, its like shes saying “you people are the ones crazy being so shady and selfish”.. That’s also why generation 2 and Fire didn’t do it for me. It was all about Effy and even though in season 4 we get to see the bad girl thing crumbles.. it was poor script. Same in Season 7! Once again she uses her beauty to get what she wants and everyone falls in love with her and blablabla.. Such a pity, why not see her struggling as she no longer can use her looks to go places. Why not see that she has the brains and get to see her use it for once. Why not see boys tell her no? Damn, Fire was bad.. Anyways, I hope somebody gets my point haha

  • redthorpe
    redthorpe 3 hours ago

    The real question is: who cares?

  • brianartillery
    brianartillery 3 hours ago

    #7: I have never heard fruit pulp referred to as 'juicy bits'. Ever. It might have been called it by someone a bit thick who did not know the correct term for... fruit pulp. And the UK has so many distinct accents because it's an ancient country, where people, in the far past, were separated by geography, and enmity, and existed in small, isolated pockets, using their own words and grammar. Being an island, other people from mainland Europe came here - Romans, Angles, Saxons, Franks, Jutes, etc, all with their own languages and grammar, which over time became subsumed into a more or less homogenised 'English'. People still kept their dialects - it's part of a race identity. I love speaking to people, and be able to tell from where they have originated. The USA, however, has only existed as a homogenous country for about 450 years. When you consider that men in ancient Britain started building Stonehenge about five thousand years ago, you can see that 450 years is no time at all in which to develop a myriad of accents, dialects, and sub-tongues. Admittedly, the First Nation peoples had their own varied languages - but I think we all know what happened when the settlers appeared.

  • toxicsilence93
    toxicsilence93 3 hours ago

    I think I'm british at heart x) I say, do, have pretty much all of this.

  • Oleander3333
    Oleander3333 3 hours ago

    All of them are hard!

  • Gábor Pintér
    Gábor Pintér 3 hours ago

    #3 HE HAD HIM. big mans stood next to ya innit? thats it. easy to be actin a loudmouth and be takin the piss out of ppl when you got hulks behind ur back.

  • welshgit
    welshgit 3 hours ago

    ....or perhaps they are just having a laugh? We exaggerate american stereotypes, doesn't mean we believe them!

  • Paul McCharmly
    Paul McCharmly 3 hours ago

    WhY aM i oN tHaT liST? Im not Paul McCartney

  • Xyphre
    Xyphre 3 hours ago

    im not dabbing im looking at the floor for cheese

  • Paul McCharmly
    Paul McCharmly 3 hours ago

    I think we all knew what was coming at 1st place...

  • Naomi Haywood
    Naomi Haywood 3 hours ago

    Plus the school system. We don't get theirs and they don't get ours...

  • Darcie dance stranger things it2

    I just don't like her

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake 4 hours ago

    In Wales they have a dish called 'Local Faggots'

  • Jason Phoenix
    Jason Phoenix 4 hours ago

    This is one thing I just cannot understand. How did we go from awarding knighthood to warriors who upheld chivalry and fought for their kingdoms to awarding it to singers, writers and scientist. Yes, these people have accomplished a lot, but knighthood? No, this should be give to those who went beyond the call of duty, and stood their ground, fighting for their beliefs, their people, and who know how to fight. A warrior after all is considered one who is both sound of mind and body. But that is just my opinion.

  • batgurrl
    batgurrl 5 hours ago

    If you live in an apartment in NYC and are lucky enough to have a washing machine it would be in the kitchen. In the US most service jobs rely on Tips as their main income. The United States is not the largest on earth by size or population and it has MORE accents than you do in the UK. Did you ever see an American movie? I am not going to list endless accents here.

  • William Wiersberg
    William Wiersberg 5 hours ago

    Why would River know? The whole point is to avoid spoilers, so she has no idea that they haven’t already met in the Doctors timeline. How would she know what would be last?

  • Gatito Sanchez
    Gatito Sanchez 5 hours ago


  • Vadergamerboss 66
    Vadergamerboss 66 5 hours ago

    We have brown sauce everywhere in Iraq (literally, I'm not taking about the people who live here)

  • yo mama
    yo mama 5 hours ago

    For God’s sake! Stfu! I wish I could have actually enjoyed these clips but I couldn’t finish the video. You are very annoying! Sooooooo fucking annoying!!!!

  • kal 61
    kal 61 5 hours ago

    This is a pile of shite!

  • Mister Winkybluff
    Mister Winkybluff 5 hours ago

    Brits don’t hate these shows. Everyone hates these shows.

  • Jordan Morton
    Jordan Morton 6 hours ago

    Magic Pie by Oasis?

  • franl155
    franl155 6 hours ago

    not tipping: our service industry pays staff a living wage [albeit possibly a minimum one]: in the US, the policy seems to be that the company saves money by only paying slave-wages and expecting staff to make up the rest on tips.

  • Nelbert Wolf
    Nelbert Wolf 6 hours ago

    "Too long has the world believed us to be emotionless folk" We are, aren't we?

  • DeaconTaylor
    DeaconTaylor 6 hours ago

    you dont have a laundry room? o_O ive never heard 'juicy bits' before. no tipping in australia either. employers pay enough that we dont need to subsidise their employees' salaries. you poms and yanks both have a diverse range of accents. we're a load bigger and a lot less. 2 versions of bogan, country, posh, pretend posh, and most of everyone else. theyre not all that regional.

  • Josh Payne
    Josh Payne 6 hours ago

    Peter capaldi was in the Pompeii episode

  • Wild One
    Wild One 6 hours ago

    4:36 I had to keep replaying this XD. The way he says it

  • Monique Bean
    Monique Bean 6 hours ago

    We always had HP Sauce in the fridge in Canada

  • Taffbb3zt
    Taffbb3zt 6 hours ago

    You talk way too much just like the American idiot who does the USA version

  • Farleyeccles Gaming
    Farleyeccles Gaming 7 hours ago

    True you brits have dry humour unlike us Canadian

  • Nefertari
    Nefertari 7 hours ago

    I do not find accents weird at all. I just find them difficult to understand. To me, the further up north, the more difficult.

  • mkitten13
    mkitten13 7 hours ago

    Nah, number one isn't that weird. You should try coming to Norway and hear our massively diverse dialects, lol. It's to the degree that non-natives trying to learn the language more or less have to relearn the language should they relocate to a different area, lol.

  • tom carpenter
    tom carpenter 7 hours ago

    UK bad neighbours US neighbours UK die hard 4.0 US live free or die hard

  • Nick Longmoor
    Nick Longmoor 7 hours ago

    Most of these are comparing the UK to the US and implying that it's weird because it is different?? Just because both countries speak English doesn't mean both countries need to be culturally and socialy identical. And calling something "weird" for being different is extremely out dated and narrow minded :/

    • franl155
      franl155 6 hours ago

      We don't even speak the same kind of English! "the pavement" in the US is the bit that the cars drive on. and try asking for a rubber in the US if you want to rub out pencil marks ...

  • johnny_dollar
    johnny_dollar 7 hours ago

    its not that we don't tip, its just not expected. if a bill is 28.67, ill give them 30 and say 'keep the change'

  • Medieaval Beabe
    Medieaval Beabe 7 hours ago

    America needs to stop doing this. Accept British humour is not the same as American humour and that your versions will never work for that reason. You don’t catch us stealing your shows. It’s not our faults we get great ideas before you do.

  • amy clarke
    amy clarke 7 hours ago

    10 bs a fig 9 w c dip 8 w c fin 7 soh t fif 6 c n fif 5 s b fif 4 m dkm fin 3 c dw fiu 2 n t fio 1 osra l fie

  • Nelson Ricardo
    Nelson Ricardo 7 hours ago

    The Office (U.S.) was miles (kilometers?) ahead of the British version. It's like Gervais set out to bore us to death.

  • James Beswick
    James Beswick 7 hours ago

    So Americans all sound the same and don't have accents? What rubbish

    • batgurrl
      batgurrl 5 hours ago

      James Beswick various southern accents, New York accents, Boston accents, Minnesota accents etc etc etc😘

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001 7 hours ago

    The obsession with tipping is an American oddity. Nothing pisses me off more than a useless pizza delivery guy asking for a tip simply for doing his job. I only tip well to people who do an excellent job everytime, like my Barber.

    • Sammy Long
      Sammy Long 4 hours ago

      I only tip when it's convenient. Like if the pizza order is 17.99, I'll just hand the driver 20 quid and say keep the change. However if the order is 19.99, he's still only getting 20 quid.

    • TheBoro4eva
      TheBoro4eva 5 hours ago

      Exactly it's should be something for doing a good job not just expected its like asking your boss for a bonus for doing your job correctly

  • Snowdonia Rider
    Snowdonia Rider 8 hours ago

    I have a North Wales accent if anyone wants to watch one of my vids and listen.

  • Terrence Seidel
    Terrence Seidel 8 hours ago

    The best for Jenny is her own show. Jenny Who. Space traveler.

  • Gabriele GHUT
    Gabriele GHUT 8 hours ago

    Washing machine in the kitchen not an uncommon sight in Germany. If you have a small flat, where to put it? WTF I don't believe it. A 14 minute commercial about juicers right in the middle of the video. 😤😡😠 In our small German country we have so many different dialects also. In my hometown, with ~ 60000 people we have so many dialects it's just crazy. When I went to school I was the student from the other part of town and sometimes it was hard for me to understand what my fellow classmates was talking about. So not that uncommon here in Germany either. And now at the end of the video another 8 minute long ad. Why does TVclip do this? 😵

    • franl155
      franl155 6 hours ago

      Accents are related to social isolation; when small communities in the past didn't travel much, their local way of speaking became reflected back and magnified. I'm from East London, and the Cockney accent changes over short distances of half a mile or so. "Why does TVclip do this?" because it can :(

  • Jeanette Sagarsee
    Jeanette Sagarsee 8 hours ago

    So what is spotted dick exactly?

  • Four56music
    Four56music 8 hours ago

    Would have been much better without the stupid put-on voiceover trying really hard to be funny.

  • Joseph Bleasdale
    Joseph Bleasdale 8 hours ago

    Nobody: Gino d’Acampo: *Sausage in the hole sounds fantastic!*

  • Meh
    Meh 8 hours ago

    I bought a bottle of brown sauce once, expecting it to taste like American barbecue sauce. It's been in my refrigerator ever since because I'm not sure what to put it on.

    • dorian brooker
      dorian brooker 5 hours ago

      @dadoctah I love marmite

    • dadoctah
      dadoctah 5 hours ago

      That's what would happen if I bought a jar of Marmite.

    • dorian brooker
      dorian brooker 7 hours ago

      @kevin sweeney on toast? in two door step cuts of fresh bread.

    • kevin sweeney
      kevin sweeney 8 hours ago

      absolutely everything ! lol best enjoyed with a bacon on toast

  • tom carpenter
    tom carpenter 8 hours ago

    A. Crazy frog was funny B. I could never do scoobys

  • Dafyd Maddz
    Dafyd Maddz 8 hours ago

    Jesus Christ the level of subjectivity in the whole idea of this mixed with the ignorance all-round is f'ing killing me

  • danysloan
    danysloan 8 hours ago

    The northeast US definitely has several distinct accents. I’m from Philly and early in my life I realized that relatives from other parts of the state or northern NJ spoke differently.

    • batgurrl
      batgurrl 5 hours ago

      danysloan don’t forget the Boston accent and the NYC accent (where I am from) and the south has a variety of different accents

  • StormMedia 17
    StormMedia 17 8 hours ago

    I'm British and I hate brown sauce 😂

  • tom carpenter
    tom carpenter 8 hours ago

    Why do you keep with new who what about the classic who

  • Kazzy
    Kazzy 8 hours ago

    No Plebs? No IT Crowd? No Mighty Boosh? No Inbetweeners? Friday Night Dinner so low on the list? This is shit.

  • Green Is Not A Creative Colour

    Are you sure they don't only wear those wigs on TV? I don't think they wear them in actual courts any more.

    • dorian brooker
      dorian brooker 7 hours ago

      when i done jury duty they had the wigs on.

    • Green Is Not A Creative Colour
      Green Is Not A Creative Colour 8 hours ago

      @Atheist Orphan Fair enough. I was told otherwise, but I don't care enough to actually see for myself.

    • Atheist Orphan
      Atheist Orphan 8 hours ago

      Green Is Not A Creative Colour - Er, yes they do. Go to the public gallery of any crown court and you’ll see.

  • Kieran Mackay Blake
    Kieran Mackay Blake 8 hours ago

    We tip

  • Emelie Särnhult
    Emelie Särnhult 8 hours ago

    Well, I mean in sweden we call pulp roughly translated : Fruit Meat! XD

    • nemo
      nemo 4 hours ago

      same in German ^^

    • franl155
      franl155 6 hours ago

      Oh, I like that!

    • toki doki
      toki doki 6 hours ago

      Same in Dutch (vruchtvlees)

    • mkitten13
      mkitten13 7 hours ago

      Same in Norway, lol

  • Myra the ice ninja
    Myra the ice ninja 8 hours ago

    *"Were breaking some serious science here boys"*

  • Xiao Ran Li
    Xiao Ran Li 8 hours ago

    Why is Piers Morgan not fired from his show yet? Why is he still given a platform?

  • Noah Bowie
    Noah Bowie 8 hours ago

    Most of these aren't weird. They're just better.

  • Boa Gaming
    Boa Gaming 8 hours ago

    Drying laundry on a line or rack. Only my mom and our European friends did this. Americans only used dryers, oh we had one but old habits die hard.

    • franl155
      franl155 6 hours ago

      I still use a clothes airer, outside if it's dry. No eclectic bills with sunshine. I've read that a clothes dryer is one of the two most energy-hungry household items; no idea what the other one is. And the washing machine is in the kitchen because that's where the water pipes have to go anyway, so they're easier to plumb in.

  • Lulu Urie
    Lulu Urie 8 hours ago

    "Before 'DIC-LINING' in favour of a less risque cheesecake" I see what you did there,Ashley.

  • Graeme Nicol
    Graeme Nicol 9 hours ago

    I'm English and I always give tips when I use taxi's or go out for a meal as do all of my friends as far as I know.

    • Owen Mills
      Owen Mills 8 hours ago

      It matters if the driver is a dick or not or how close it is to the nearest £10

  • TurtleObsessed
    TurtleObsessed 9 hours ago

    I have a bagtag of that! “Wibbly-wobbly Timey-wimey”

  • manzstar1
    manzstar1 9 hours ago

    What no Dame Judi Dench?

  • Myra the ice ninja
    Myra the ice ninja 9 hours ago

    I think Donna's memory wipe and the scene where Wilfred and The Doctor talk in the rain is the saddest for me (PLZ NO HATE)

  • Da D
    Da D 9 hours ago

    Jane Eyre !!!!!!!

    WHY-YOU-WONT-DIE? 9 hours ago

    David Tennant best doctor

  • Lina Koh
    Lina Koh 9 hours ago

    Haha totally entertaining... I do use these words and yes it does baffles others... Thank you for sharing...

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith 9 hours ago

    Rah I did not know that brown sauce was only in the uk. You guys are missing out

  • Mr Tea & Crumpets
    Mr Tea & Crumpets 9 hours ago

    Everyone in the UK has the washing machine in the kitchen. It's only the Americans that find it weird.

    • Mr Tea & Crumpets
      Mr Tea & Crumpets 7 hours ago

      @red headed psycho shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgh

    • dorian brooker
      dorian brooker 7 hours ago

      I had my kitchen built around my washing machine......

    • Mr Tea & Crumpets
      Mr Tea & Crumpets 7 hours ago

      @red headed psycho I am upset :( I'm gonna go cry to my mummy

    • Mr Tea & Crumpets
      Mr Tea & Crumpets 7 hours ago

      @red headed psycho I mean if you can tell emotions from text then you must be a god so why are you replying to a feed that was just meant to give my own opinion.

  • Nikko Franchi
    Nikko Franchi 9 hours ago

    Watchmojo plot hole: runs out of ideas and making shit up

  • King Panther
    King Panther 9 hours ago


  • Subz Khan
    Subz Khan 9 hours ago

    Would you do eastenders cliffhangers next.

  • TurtleObsessed
    TurtleObsessed 9 hours ago

    Time to add Crowley~~~~

  • Jonathan Mcnicke
    Jonathan Mcnicke 9 hours ago

    Talked all over the bloody videos

  • Otterinmywater
    Otterinmywater 9 hours ago

    5:35 River Song isn’t a Time Lord, she just has the ability to regenerate. I can meow; doesn’t make me a cat.

  • TripleJumpYTP
    TripleJumpYTP 9 hours ago

    Half of these are plot holes

  • TripleJumpYTP
    TripleJumpYTP 9 hours ago

    3:56 at the corner of the screen it says alien and the dalek says no that is not true

  • Joanne Biddle
    Joanne Biddle 10 hours ago

    Come back miss you jeremy 😗😗😗😗😗

  • Mac Kettner
    Mac Kettner 10 hours ago

    In a competition like this, seconds actually matter. Diane shouldn't have TOUCHED another competitor's preps unless specifically asked to. I still can't believe she did that.

  • Blanch La Lemur
    Blanch La Lemur 10 hours ago

    Potterhead, Cumberbitch, Whovian, Sherlockian and Hiddleston fan, well... I fulfill half of summary but I am not a British. I guess Europe has a similar taste ;)

  • Karen knicely
    Karen knicely 10 hours ago

    Yea, that Dr.Who was the worst!!! Actually, America needs to quit trying to redo the BBC shows. It just don't work!

  • The Gaming Aussie
    The Gaming Aussie 11 hours ago

    VOYAGE OF THE DAMNED IS GREAT, is better than a honorable mention

  • Cameron Selwood
    Cameron Selwood 12 hours ago

    Two plot holes no one ever talks about, (and this is mainly from the book, not the movie).. never mind about the twins seeing Peter Pettigrew on the Map, the writing is small and I don’t think they would worry about watching Ron... however, in the book, Lupin says he was studying the map and noticed 4 names in the grounds of Hogwarts... but... there should have been SIX names... as there was a second Harry and Hermione hiding close by watching... the other plothole is about how Hagrid (or anyone else) knew where to go after the death of Lily and James. As Peter Pettigrew was the secret keeper, only the people he told would know where the house is.. as Peter is still alive, then the house would still be under the Fedelius, so only the people Peter told the address to would know where to find the house, it would be easy to work out Sirius wasn’t the keeper, as he wouldn’t be able to say where the house was, and then obvious to everyone that Peter wasn’t dead because the charm continued...

  • Silber Hörnchen
    Silber Hörnchen 12 hours ago

    Seeing Amy gone like t his in an instant was for me so hearbreaking I suffered with depression for many weeks after this. Amy only one of the companions really grew on me and it was like she had to be "there". Even tho I liked Clara later too a lot and they did a good job preparing people to her with including both, Rory Amy and especially with the Plot of River then to me it was like the whole show just got crushed. But they do it with every season like this I think xD"

  • Benjamin Jonathan James Sisko Archer Tiberius Kirk

    The Big Bang Theory and NCIS are really popular in the UK - you're talking shit.

  • Indi Christiansen
    Indi Christiansen 13 hours ago

    I fucking love the angles name. Aziraphele is a fucking amazon name. So is Crowley but it really only works as a second or surname. As characters go, I am such a Crowley. Not by nature a nice person only choosing as such because it involves far less needless drama, I love my best friend and would do anything for her. She’s my Aziraphele. Also I’ve been told numerous times I resemble David tenant. Specs, hair n all. I love and almost died laugh at the way Crowley talks to and treats his plants. Reading that scene was a delight.

  • OperaticGraph75 [YT]
    OperaticGraph75 [YT] 13 hours ago

    Quest for Cheese

  • truediva18
    truediva18 13 hours ago

    Scoobies? We had those in high school in the 90s in the States. My friends and I would make them all of the time. Kept us out of trouble.

  • the king
    the king 13 hours ago

    I have stopped watching Doctor who since a woman took over plus the story's got far to PC for me. Now they want a female James Bond???

  • MrDogsledder
    MrDogsledder 14 hours ago

    You people have never heard of Kingswood Country! It was great. But like Love Thy Neighbour. It was a parody of the stereotype white racist bigot. Ted, like Eddie Booth, always lost and looked stupid. But they triggered the virtue signalling hypocritical scum

  • vero_7712
    vero_7712 14 hours ago

    I think Split and Filth deserve number 1. He was freaking brilliant. Especially Split... How did he not win oscar for that is a shame.

  • The Grimm Reaper
    The Grimm Reaper 14 hours ago

    *How Doctor Who Should End* What you talkin' about, Willis?

  • Kevin Waller
    Kevin Waller 14 hours ago

    The U.S. can keep that arse licker Corden

  • Kevin Waller
    Kevin Waller 14 hours ago

    Two and a half men was great until they sacked Charlie Sheen

  • Joel Claude
    Joel Claude 14 hours ago


  • Evelyn Cooper
    Evelyn Cooper 14 hours ago

    Jenny didn't regenerate!!! It was her close exposure to The Source that healed her!!!

  • Ali Imran Luqman
    Ali Imran Luqman 14 hours ago

    How else would you expect the case to move??

  • John Smith
    John Smith 14 hours ago

    THE CONFESSIONAL DIAL DOES NOT COUNT FOR THE DOCTOR'S AGE. Jenny didn't regenerated, it was the gas. And the genetic pod simply took the Doctor's DNA and constructed something out of it. River is not a Time lord. She is half human and only had a small amount of regeneration energy (3 or 4 regenerations) She also didn't become a Time Lord from Vortex exposure- she was conceived on the TARDIS with is much different.