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    My name is Jessica

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    3:22 I’m Indian and I can relate my mom is unhappy even if I get a freaking 95

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    I have panic attacks before every class because I’m afraid I’m going to fail.

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    Teacher: Anyone else have iPhones in your socks or computer in your butt. Me: *Hahaha, that sounds so wrong.*

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    0:30 If you're good at something, never do it for free

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    Yay new video

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    I got exams next week 😭 block exams though which makes it slightly better

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    Im 9-10 and i love brocoli -_- OoO

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    I literally have an exam tomorrow I can relate 😂😂

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    In the electronic cheater scene I love jaz's sweater

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    Omg this was so cool!! I’m writing exams in two weeks 😭. I’m super nervous but I know I’ll make it. Keep creating relatable content❤️

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    im the undercover artist like im always drawing but i do study if i really have too but i am getting state As and i don't study much but i hate when the other kids say im coloring no do you see a coloring book i stopped using those when i was like 4 i draw not color

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