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Graham With The Wind
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King Princess: "1950"
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  • Thom Perkins
    Thom Perkins 4 hours ago

    Fake doctor. Quack!!!

  • Jem -
    Jem - 4 hours ago

    The title of this clip should read the Hulk endorses Bernie Sanders. No matter how often you try to black him out of your media. CNN caught misrepresentating poll numbers, and countless other examples. We see through your lies corporate media, and we will elect #PresidentBernardSanders anyways. So you keep trying but on election day the people will be taking back this country from the corporations. Democracy will be purified.

  • Randall Anderson
    Randall Anderson 4 hours ago

    Devoss looks like the crazy lady in the dark house.

  • o
    o 4 hours ago

    If they have money to place cameras and drones along the wall, they don't need a wall.

  • Alcagaur1
    Alcagaur1 4 hours ago

    If only the "bonespurs in his ears" idea was a joke.

  • Indo with Bad english

    AMAZING. REAL ARTIST. harry styles or any new generation can't do this

  • Zac Maximillion
    Zac Maximillion 4 hours ago

    I love him for being so cool without trying to being cool. A great humanitarian and a freat actor

  • Lylly Rainer
    Lylly Rainer 4 hours ago

    This absolutely made my day! Stephen and Sean are awesome! I love Sean's interview questions cause he certainly does his homework.

  • Sean C
    Sean C 4 hours ago

    Library fool just mad that your book has likely done more to help survivors than the President has.

  • Lin Hun
    Lin Hun 4 hours ago

    Again, it's not an impeachment hearing that is necessary, it's a COMPETENCY hearing, because that man, has come unglued!

  • maodonimega
    maodonimega 4 hours ago

    Ben and Jerrys...a great company who take care of their employees. They put people and happiness before profits....and they're doing really well. I think she'll do the same.

  • madhusudan sapkota
    madhusudan sapkota 4 hours ago

    I vote tulsi

  • thevanishinghobo
    thevanishinghobo 4 hours ago

    He looks like the son of Willie Nelson

  • Hull Style Produtions Change the World

    Obama reading Tweets from Trump. Please make it happen.

  • Boby joint
    Boby joint 4 hours ago

    I love her... Irish girls so sexy

  • Lynn Turman
    Lynn Turman 4 hours ago

    I could see watching Gone with the wind with Clark Gable.

  • Nikki Vo
    Nikki Vo 4 hours ago

    1 nam ly di dua 2 ty usd nha cu Putin. chi day deo yeu cung :) nhung ma thu fuck voi cu coi sao chu no nhieu qua. again, 2 billion dollar. no agree no marry. tao hy vong may cuoi con khac le gium tao de thien ha rua may, ma tao deo fucking yeu may. du me met voi thang mat lon nay, chui no nhu cho ma no van cu yeu, do con dan ba co cat ,tao deo ne may. this x-mas I fucking want to be with you, leave me alone. I'm free Men in the World oi!

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh 4 hours ago

    World history is watching all you Republicans. Smile for the cameras you sniveling traitors.

  • Dexter Oddie
    Dexter Oddie 4 hours ago

    Lmao Mark's talking slow aF

  • Annex Web Design
    Annex Web Design 4 hours ago


  • Emmeline Weasley
    Emmeline Weasley 4 hours ago

    This helps so much. I'm trying to learn the Scottish accent. I thought it would be easy....It's not but this helps. I am English and learning Scottish pronunciation is so hard for me

    • Emmeline Weasley
      Emmeline Weasley 4 hours ago

      Like that say: to be onest we ye. Which throws me off completely

  • GeekOut Mashup
    GeekOut Mashup 4 hours ago

    I vote we buy as many anti Trump books as possible and train a thousand owls to deliver them to this guy's house. On a Sunday

  • J N
    J N 4 hours ago

    He thought hellboy was, he don’t know

  • Mon Tim
    Mon Tim 4 hours ago

    When a ghost gets more cheeks than you.

  • Alex Ruiz
    Alex Ruiz 4 hours ago

    Kushner instead spend your time trying to grow a pair of balls

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 4 hours ago

    ok boomer

  • teppolundgren
    teppolundgren 4 hours ago

    This is what Andy Dufresne would look like if he was released today...

  • bootnsoot
    bootnsoot 4 hours ago

    Isnt he in charge of world peace too?

  • jepipie
    jepipie 4 hours ago

    #buttigieg #buttimentum!!!!

  • Irish Guy
    Irish Guy 4 hours ago

    Vlad got bars

  • D. R.
    D. R. 4 hours ago

    Ooooo Nicole you’re single:))))))

  • Chantal Bellmont
    Chantal Bellmont 4 hours ago

    He's my favourite avenger

  • TheTooginator
    TheTooginator 4 hours ago

    I guess Trump has (amazingly!) realized that even NY mobsters don’t want to hang out with him. Even mobsters have standards.

  • daniel beck
    daniel beck 4 hours ago

    You know I'm wanting to put a list of the best monologues and skits I've seen/heard, and this is going close to the top. I give Jimmy Kimmel respect for the Mar-a-Lego ad he pulled, but this took it to another level. Might even be better then Colbert's epic ripping he did to Trump years ago over the Face the Nation sleight Trump did to Dickerson's face.

  • Silver Bat
    Silver Bat 4 hours ago

    I have always loved this guy, in all the indie movies where he was a quirky guy with a heart of gold, before Hulk. I always thought he was underrated. I am glad that he seems to have that mind & heart in real life. I love his gentle humility and his applause and service to justice. Congrats on your success Sir, and thanks for trying to make the world better.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 4 hours ago

    To me he is like a musical gift. Imagine John Lennon still being alive and dropping a tune like this out of the blue every couple of months or so?

  • President Obama
    President Obama 4 hours ago


  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann 4 hours ago

    His Eric Trump impression was epic!!! I cried with laughter!! 🤣😂

  • Uaine Diabhal
    Uaine Diabhal 4 hours ago

    Someone hand that CBP guy a cigar... hilarious

  • Skullcitygamer
    Skullcitygamer 4 hours ago

    fuck sake there was a power spoiler

  • Enrique Figueroa
    Enrique Figueroa 4 hours ago

    Queen Latifah deserves nothing but respect for every thing she has done and what she will continue to do.

  • Stephanie Blasenak
    Stephanie Blasenak 4 hours ago

    "Even Stevens" 😂

  • Jayme Ann
    Jayme Ann 4 hours ago

    The bouncy ball bouncing in time to the music somehow gave me joy... Yes, I'm child like and I don't give a fuck! 🤣😂

  • dana wallace
    dana wallace 5 hours ago

    She's trying so hard to put together a sensible answer that she misses the questions. Pardon me!

  • Satevo
    Satevo 5 hours ago

    "They don't gotta burn a book they just remove em".... or hide them behind a fern. Check mate libs.

  • Keith Kimmel
    Keith Kimmel 5 hours ago

    What we're witnessing is the demise and downfall of the Republican Party! Well! You made your bed! Now "lie" in it!

  • Yes I’m Blessed
    Yes I’m Blessed 5 hours ago

    Well, the idiot doesn't fall far from the idiot tree.

  • Kalana Herath
    Kalana Herath 5 hours ago

    Lmao I love how Putin's rap video has more dislikes than likes

  • John Nix
    John Nix 5 hours ago

    "Jail King"

  • Grace Bertrand
    Grace Bertrand 5 hours ago

    Ronan is freaky and female looking...

  • Troy Kruse
    Troy Kruse 5 hours ago

    Holy crap! It’s Santa Clause

  • S4njuro
    S4njuro 5 hours ago

    I need a Doctor.....

  • Stephanie Blasenak
    Stephanie Blasenak 5 hours ago

    Carrell looks odd with silver hair.

  • magicskyfairy69
    magicskyfairy69 5 hours ago

    blatant propaganda. No collusion with Russia, and the only evidence of "leverage" to pressure Ukraine to do anything is against Joe Biden, who freely admits (in the video link below) that he explicitly told Ukraine they wouldn't receive their funds unless they fired the prosecutor. By contrast, there is no equivalent statement by Trump, and we know this because we have a transcript of the call, and the Ukrainian president confirmed it. here's the Joe Biden footage: here's the Trump/Ukraine call transcript:

  • Channel 2Hoob
    Channel 2Hoob 5 hours ago

    Bet the government thought this show revealed too much lol 5:08 5:08

  • alotto cash
    alotto cash 5 hours ago

    IS DOJ AG William Barr a suspect in the death of Harvey Weinstine?. Hung in his prison cell while Barr was there.. No cameras were working in that area on that day of Barr's visit to Harvey Weinstine cell. Not the regular prison guards on duty that day but replacement guards. It seems strange because high level government administrators like DOJ Barr do not visit prisoners in prison there prison cells. Normally they interview prisoners in an area that is designated for that purpose. The DEMs need to open an investigation on DOJ William Barr for suspicion of murder or knowledge of one.He needs to be questioned about what he knows at the least.

  • Rocky O
    Rocky O 5 hours ago

    Colbert, you fukkin piece of late night propaganda shitbag. News flash...most of the Kiwis in NZ do NOT like you !. I don't care how well Jacinda received you. Majority of Kiwis can see through your bullshit. They don't want you ever to move there. They are trying to get their lost freedoms back and you, Hollyweird, and other phony rich celebrities will not stand in their way or allow you to continue lying to them about President Trump.

  • Harald Christensen
    Harald Christensen 5 hours ago


  • ferretmom4ever
    ferretmom4ever 5 hours ago

    Does someone need a safe space? Poor triggered trumper!

  • pamb 2
    pamb 2 5 hours ago

    It's too bad Colbert took this job. It's made him way to corporate. The old Colbert would've totally understood Susan and Bernie and the REAL change they are fighting for. I wonder if he even knows how much of a bubble he's in now. Even killer Mike was on and Steven didn't seem to get it. I miss the Colbert Report. That guy was so woke!

  • rijamor
    rijamor 5 hours ago

    I'll never get how such a technologically advanced country as the US gets so hung up on religion?

    DEG00GLEURSELF 5 hours ago

    God this stuff is awful. Talking about another "nothing burger" as if Trump did anything wrong. Narcissistic arseholes just can't accept that their world view is shite.

  • TrillTrill74
    TrillTrill74 5 hours ago

    Well I sure as hell didn't see him in Endgame

  • Black Prince
    Black Prince 5 hours ago

    OH! for goodness sake get over it. He"s the President, I guess some people are just envious, jealous, as previous Presidents have done a whole lot worse in looking after the country and it's people, but! hey you have to take off your rose coloured glasses I'd say. An Aussies point of view.

  • NextSongs4God
    NextSongs4God 5 hours ago

    Can you believe I’m still a “MacCa-“ from Wales ?

  • Courage Karnga
    Courage Karnga 5 hours ago

    I can't wait till Bernie becomes president. I want to hear Stephen's impression of him.

  • Kym Conjours
    Kym Conjours 5 hours ago

    Enjoy u 2 Steven Colbert! I'm constantly laughing cause I enjoy your comments!

  • Bike Arizona
    Bike Arizona 5 hours ago

    Brilliant man. Incredible actor.

  • Hulagan 808
    Hulagan 808 5 hours ago

    Trump. Best President Ever.

  • superflea72
    superflea72 5 hours ago

    Nicely done Stephen! 🤣🤣

  • Erik Lonborg
    Erik Lonborg 5 hours ago

    Me: Nik is kinda hot. But he’s straight, I think. Nik literally two seconds later: I’m also gay.

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster 5 hours ago

    I just bet SC has a great gratitude for being alive - every time he gets his stupidly large paycheque for basically pissing around every week. I would have a great gratitude as well if it was me. 🤣🤣

  • A H
    A H 5 hours ago

    Mexico should count each time the crew crosses the border, fine them for each illegal crossing, and send the bill to the White House. Payable by change of administration after 2020 election.

  • Miss Scofie
    Miss Scofie 5 hours ago

    Only one of the best movies EVER!!

  • kenxzero
    kenxzero 5 hours ago

    Why is a trumptard going to a library in the first place? They can barely read in the first place.

  • Yisel a secas
    Yisel a secas 5 hours ago

    I love it...😍😍😍😁😁😁🤩🤩🤩

  • backspace4353
    backspace4353 5 hours ago

    A man who has both feet firmly planted in the air can safely be called a liberal, as opposed to a conservative, who has both feet firmly planted in his mouth.

  • Annamaria Iannacito
    Annamaria Iannacito 5 hours ago

    Mark Ruffalo is amazing!!!

  • edward18517
    edward18517 5 hours ago

    Not everyday you get to see a Collector's Item being made.

  • donbsea
    donbsea 5 hours ago

    Ms Sarandon was incorrect. She omitted some IMPORTANT facts about certain Democrats voting against this particular bill to lower drug prices. She IS correct that several Dems. did vote that particular bill, along with enough Republican votes, (the GOP votes alone would have killed that bill). Ms Sarandon failed to address the fact that: 1.) it was voted down by Dems for good reason, and 2.) these same Democrats put a better bill out there. As usual in the GOP controlled Senate, the GOP members killed that bill as well, (the GOP senate members votes alone would kill either bill). PLEASE READ:

  • Tiniest Violin
    Tiniest Violin 5 hours ago

    Dolemite is my Name is hilarious! Great movie!

  • Rita Horvath
    Rita Horvath 5 hours ago

    Angela Merkel ?

  • Elvin Oreshko
    Elvin Oreshko 5 hours ago

    “Cochella sucks this year”

  • George Watanabe
    George Watanabe 5 hours ago

    Can they throw DT off Mt Rushmore?

  • Jasta315
    Jasta315 5 hours ago

    Jon Batiste has always been the weak point of this show.

  • Christian de Bensberg

    8:24 ; the dark side of Timothée Chalamet lol

  • tremelo75
    tremelo75 5 hours ago

    I hope you live forever, Thom. So every generation gets to experience your genius.

  • Tammy Cooke
    Tammy Cooke 5 hours ago

    Does Ricky believe in love? If u believe in love u should believe in God because God IS love. ❤️

  • Lisa Mortini
    Lisa Mortini 5 hours ago

    Beautiful singing but his ridiculous hairstyle is so distracting....

  • Diana L. Durrant
    Diana L. Durrant 5 hours ago

    There’s nothing I don’t love about her reaction!!

  • Thomas M
    Thomas M 5 hours ago

    The Church has been invaded by masons. They want to destroy the Church from within. That "great" movie didnt speak a word about it, so that "great" movie is actually trash. Just another hit piece on the already suffering Bride of Christ.

  • George Grant
    George Grant 5 hours ago

    A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 5 hours ago

    As soon as I heard the trailer- I knew it was Thom so distinctive.

  • Saraza
    Saraza 5 hours ago

    So Clinton was impeached because of pizzazz?

  • James G
    James G 5 hours ago

    Like we needed any more proof about how useless and stupid bert and his supporters are.

  • Mountain Man
    Mountain Man 5 hours ago

    Why does Colbert's breath smell like his Son's cock 🍆😲

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 5 hours ago


  • Steve Cole
    Steve Cole 5 hours ago

    I was nominated to be candidate as a crash test dummy. I said sorry we already have a president. It dont pay enough to leave my couch chips. Bring me a beer honey bunny.

  • William Crothers
    William Crothers 5 hours ago

    So’ 1st 😈 Let me guess. (Without watching;) B&M are going to stress, how they prefer that We #TheWorld/Country give him all of our money (for him to decide how they spend it). While We pay at a 35% NFL QB Rate, yet allow him to pay only the 15% investment rate. “You working stiffs can buy the 35 Million dollar Fighter Jets & Fuel them. 🤷‍♂️ To protect me & my Microsoft fortune.🎁 Thx 👍👍 Because I’m sure the 911 attack wasn’t against Wall St. 😳 It was against Main St. USA” 🇺🇸 - Bill Gates #WaitWTF🥵Bill ⁉️

  • Thomas
    Thomas 5 hours ago

    Did he just sign that book with a Sharpie?