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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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America's Call To Arms
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Positive Clown Facts
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Deep In The Heart Of Texas
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Meanwhile... Runaway Snake
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Bigly Shop Of Horrors
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Chicken Impossible
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  • Jim C
    Jim C 28 minutes ago

    Stephan obviously doesn't understand the concept of the establishment or is so enmeshed within it that he can't see it. If you go around quoting establishment headlines you will obviously hear little or nothing about bernie that is positive.

  • The J-Man
    The J-Man 28 minutes ago

    but but but, i want BERNIE !!!!

  • Joe Towers
    Joe Towers 29 minutes ago

    Senior superheroes? That's a movie right there.

  • Scipio Africanus
    Scipio Africanus 29 minutes ago

    Wait is this MTV showing the Jon Stewart Show circa 1995 and Jon is hosting from the future?

  • Rat 1
    Rat 1 30 minutes ago

    He always has a cunning plan

  • Magnifico Giganticus
    Magnifico Giganticus 30 minutes ago

    I'm starting to not be able to laugh even at Stephen's take on this stuff.

  • Richard Servello
    Richard Servello 30 minutes ago

    Why can't he just be honest...this is a play to kill off EVs. Gotta help the donors.

  • Comic Book Hangover
    Comic Book Hangover 30 minutes ago

    Says the fraud

  • Frazzy Blue
    Frazzy Blue 30 minutes ago

    Nice to see the green lights representing Loki 😉 I see tom misses the role as he’s growing his hair out

  • keco185
    keco185 31 minute ago

    Yet the car with the lowest probability of injury (according to NHTSA) is electric

  • photodojo57
    photodojo57 31 minute ago

    Daddy's got deep pockets!! haha That's right SwagDaddyYang is all about the people.

  • Mike Reiss
    Mike Reiss 31 minute ago

    You would think being the big fan he is, Stephen would at least know how to pronounce "Okasek" the right way(or at least the way Ric did). Lol.

  • Lk1038
    Lk1038 31 minute ago

    "Donald Trump is a fearmongering bigot!" "Corruption, corruption, corruption!"

  • ael buel
    ael buel 31 minute ago

    He looks like Hector Elizondo? Sorry Billy, i love you

  • David J. Kleinsasser
    David J. Kleinsasser 32 minutes ago

    It's gross! Doesn't taste like meat at all, and costs three times as much... I'll wait for the cloned lab meat.

  • faarsight
    faarsight 32 minutes ago

    Tensions have been high in the middle east since Gilgamesh went to Lebanon and killed Humbaba and stole their Cedar trees.

  • Marcello Basso
    Marcello Basso 32 minutes ago

    Dem or not a Dem... She’s ugly af to be a president.

  • ClownPrincess OfCrime
    ClownPrincess OfCrime 33 minutes ago

    I look at him and I see a handsome Pennywise. W H A T T H E F U C K

  • Joe H
    Joe H 33 minutes ago

    Bernie for pres, Warren for vp.

  • DoctorHver
    DoctorHver 33 minutes ago

    And Trump wonders why he is so unpopular

  • Kiere Luurs
    Kiere Luurs 33 minutes ago

    Somebody is pressing the 'laughs' button a lot. This is so FAKE.

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 33 minutes ago

    Orrr...the ultimate option...s suuupersized bucket of fried chicken and a gallon a coke.

  • Gina C
    Gina C 33 minutes ago

    So much chemistry going on. I love it!!!

  • rico567
    rico567 34 minutes ago

    With....or without.

  • Seye Joseph
    Seye Joseph 34 minutes ago

    Multidimensional theory applied to Burgers... Meow

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley 34 minutes ago

    TRUMP.......Hypocrite is just one word for you. So be quiet and go BACK TO wherever it is you Crawled out of .

  • Carlos Mendoza
    Carlos Mendoza 34 minutes ago

    So Biden wanted to hit black people with a chain?

  • Hevi Rane
    Hevi Rane 34 minutes ago

    more you talk about "it" more likely "it" will win

  • OnTheSpectrum
    OnTheSpectrum 34 minutes ago

    I fell asleep with my record player on last night. I feel so much smarter today. Thanks VP Biden!

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 35 minutes ago

    This show is not funny and unwatchable. Who wants to spend time watching some lib turd whine about how the u fairness of life

  • Thomas Clinton
    Thomas Clinton 35 minutes ago

    Ha ha snowflakes

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 35 minutes ago

    Oh u were human after all.

  • Brett Nichols
    Brett Nichols 35 minutes ago

    Rumpled Foreskin😂

  • chelade17
    chelade17 35 minutes ago

    Trump 2020✨✨✨🙏

  • The Last_Saint
    The Last_Saint 35 minutes ago

    Biden is a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate Democratic Party. I won’t vote for Biden.......

  • Isaac Menely
    Isaac Menely 36 minutes ago

    So what’s her solution to remove corporate money from congress? She’s accepted plenty of money in her time. She is a big ole nope for me. She wants the system to remain the same with tiny tweaks to satiate a tiny fraction of supporters just like every other president ever.

  • Ashwin R
    Ashwin R 36 minutes ago

    A country that elected Trump cannot be saved.

  • Christian Castro
    Christian Castro 37 minutes ago

    Bernie 2020!!!!!

  • Dhruv Kumar
    Dhruv Kumar 37 minutes ago

    States still have the power to tax. California should create higher taxes for gasoline powered cars.

  • orlandotj1
    orlandotj1 37 minutes ago

    The Trump family needs to go away.

  • Mohna Priyanka
    Mohna Priyanka 37 minutes ago

    Future former national security advisor 😂😂

  • pranjali vishwakarma
    pranjali vishwakarma 37 minutes ago

    Can anyone tell a story better than tom holland👏🏻👏🏻

  • Z N
    Z N 37 minutes ago

    “Shake them utters” - Steven Colbert

  • CNend
    CNend 37 minutes ago

    two days ago the hack Colbert had his parrots rolling in laughter. Now , its proven fake and the lying NYT has retracted the story. Colbert , there will be a time for you.

    AXMED CUSMAAN MAYOW 38 minutes ago


    AXMED CUSMAAN MAYOW 38 minutes ago


  • carlosrsolrac
    carlosrsolrac 38 minutes ago

    Trump eating KFC directly advertises a company owned by China. Good job you orange fool.

  • BlueManIan
    BlueManIan 38 minutes ago

    Super seniors? That's Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy!

  • Cdiddly Son
    Cdiddly Son 38 minutes ago

    3:35 yeah Dave what is that handshake

  • David J. Kleinsasser
    David J. Kleinsasser 38 minutes ago

    How about John Mayer?

  • Gwen30
    Gwen30 39 minutes ago

    America get out and Vote Blue in November 2020 this insanity MUST STOP!

  • Aurora V.
    Aurora V. 39 minutes ago

    You are wrong. Trump has been avoiding any situation that will get thousands of people killed. And for medical health for all, that's what we have here in Canada but it doesn't work the way Obama care is and the way Warren wants.And, isn't education free already. Where do you go to school? If you say I go to public school, it means, its free. Private school, you pay. University and colleges has grants and bursaries for people with lesser means. Free everything? How are they going to do it? The country can't even give cheap homes for the homeless!

  • Guy Mcafee
    Guy Mcafee 39 minutes ago

    Wheres the beef

  • Justin Drake
    Justin Drake 39 minutes ago

    Thumbs down... Trump 20/20!!!!

  • LadyL2006
    LadyL2006 39 minutes ago

    She looks Awesome! So what if she had work done to her face!

  • Troyal Taylor
    Troyal Taylor 39 minutes ago

    NC was hit by a hurricane? Funny, I didn't notice one

  • Gwen30
    Gwen30 39 minutes ago

    I just don't understand why people are still supporting him this guy is awful?

  • Sofie Turesson
    Sofie Turesson 40 minutes ago

    I know he’s kinda kidding but what does he mean polling great with old folks? Bernie’s base is the youngest and most diverse of all of them! He very conveniently left that out and showed Bernie in the wrong light

  • Markshi Beblue
    Markshi Beblue 40 minutes ago


    PATRICK BRENNAN 40 minutes ago

    That meeting in California was done in secret by Trump so that we do not know who the donors are of course they are CEOs from the big automobile companies who want those smog restrictions lifted so they can kill our planet even more

  • Morgan Brody
    Morgan Brody 40 minutes ago

    Lay off the drugs Miller

  • David Robley
    David Robley 41 minute ago

    Warren/Buttigieg 2020!!

  • Warren Hertfelder
    Warren Hertfelder 41 minute ago

    Mama Crystal was a good sport lol

  • Johnny Grijalva
    Johnny Grijalva 41 minute ago

    OBrien is Trumps new security advisor for probably a week. Then will backstab him and tell him “YOUR FIRED”! It’ll happen.

  • zomaarwat9
    zomaarwat9 41 minute ago

    Next president, he means after Trumps second term. Because who really believes the American people have come to their senses?

  • OrionsFaith
    OrionsFaith 42 minutes ago

    Double stuffed Xanax. Ha!

  • aliciabeme
    aliciabeme 42 minutes ago

    Saying "yes, taxes will go up" is a death sentence for any politician. Having to constantly skirt that line of saying it without saying it is exhausting. Yes, taxes will go up, and in the process you won't care because you have free healthcare and school. Sadly, most American's just hear that taxes will go up and they shut off their mind to anything else. I don't care if my taxes go up as long as I don't have to pay off these stupid student loans and health bills every month that already drove my credit score into a ditch making me an apartment dweller for the rest of my life.

  • or eo
    or eo 42 minutes ago

    whos here after the return of poppy gloria

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 42 minutes ago

    I would totally buy St. Patrick’s Day ken

  • Ultra Mega
    Ultra Mega 42 minutes ago

    NH poll shows Americans choose Donald Trump over Elizabeth Warren.

  • Nicholas C
    Nicholas C 43 minutes ago

    Here Warren let me help you with this. MFA Total Value - Increased Taxes = Costs Go Down. It's a simple addition/subtraction explanation. You can highlight this further by pointing out the bloated bureaucracy of health insurance companies including multi-millionaire executives, CEO's and then the profit margin that is given to wealthy shareholders in the form of dividends. That all goes away when it's absorbed into one Government entity. Start talking to voters like adults, or risk having it defined by her opponents.

  • Steve Said
    Steve Said 43 minutes ago

    Ultimately, the ultimate plan is we can hope Iran will take trump hostage and we use this new national security advisor to negotiate to keep him.

  • cant tellyou
    cant tellyou 43 minutes ago


  • Stan M
    Stan M 44 minutes ago

    American Government is NOT supposed to help people...we have a free right to make it this way..

  • sasjazz Gray
    sasjazz Gray 44 minutes ago

    Hes just soo amazing!

  • 1Plug Life
    1Plug Life 44 minutes ago

    Get that Squaw off the stage.

  • Christian Renner
    Christian Renner 45 minutes ago

    This woman needs to be president. One of the ONLY people running that doesn’t just talk about the problems but also talks about the solutions. To many dems are just Trump bashing...pretty sure most people understand he is a orange orangutan...

  • Carlos Cortez
    Carlos Cortez 46 minutes ago

    Member when Obomber expanded two wars to seven? Pepperidge Farm remembers

  • Blackpink Wardina
    Blackpink Wardina 46 minutes ago

    He is sooo handsome . I love uuuu . When tom hiddelston die in infinity war , i was crying at cinema😭😭😭😭

  • Brian Rosado
    Brian Rosado 46 minutes ago

    Bruh who cares if taxes go up if they are used for what is neccessary. I don't understand peoples fight against taxes

  • Jason Lou
    Jason Lou 48 minutes ago

    I like Anthony Scaramucci.

  • Praxy Yeah
    Praxy Yeah 49 minutes ago

    Her and Bernie would be great for Andrew Yang's Cabinet.

  • james williams
    james williams 49 minutes ago

    Bernie Sanders Gets Stuff Done | 5 Amazing Victories

  • RMB
    RMB 49 minutes ago

    I did not know that EGOT John Legend is a comedian too! Has Chrissy Teigen ever thought about politics? She looks like she would do well in the republican debates. Where would we be without your smart mouth. You’ve got all of us.

  • cjlindallas
    cjlindallas 49 minutes ago

    Warren, Harris, and Biden are just horrible. I have no trust in these people. Fuck Trump though. Got to make the best out of this garbage.

  • Rob C
    Rob C 49 minutes ago

    Soooo what was the answer, will the middle class see tax increases? And people are clapping for Medicaid?.... it's awful.

  • Artiste Novice
    Artiste Novice 51 minute ago

    We love you so so much Michelle!

  • ClayDog
    ClayDog 51 minute ago

    Trump is getting rid of all Black Man Obama’s executive orders. Thank god

  • mowatt bigsly
    mowatt bigsly 51 minute ago

    Oh well shit, its GD Willy krystal. Alright now I dare someone to name a time when this guy was funny without the assistance of some other actually funny people. I'll wait..... Last time he came around like 4 yrs ago he was promoting his special called "still foolin em." I call bs willie. We've seen your atrocious blackface performance from the 80s. And you're definitely not fooling anything w that pathetic red rug crawling around your head. Go away. You're not an entertainer!

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 51 minute ago

    Song they played as Warren came in, " Regulate " - Warren G. feat Nate Dogg. Fits well!

  • Barro the Broadcaster
    Barro the Broadcaster 52 minutes ago

    Elizabeth Moron. I'm not voting Democrat.

  • Kevin Pope
    Kevin Pope 52 minutes ago

    It would be absolutely stupid to say that Iran is responsible for the oil field attack. Iran pretty much has complete control over the Iraqi government at this point. The Shiite dominated government have direct associations with the Iranian ayatollahs. They said the attack came from drone strikes. Would not surprise me one bit if WE did it in order to try to blame the Iranians. Huthi rebels don't have multiple drones with long range strike capabilities. Only a handful of nation-states do, and only a handful of those have drones operating in that region of the world.

  • Nicholas Rourke
    Nicholas Rourke 52 minutes ago

    Colbert I think trump is evil af to but u have let him control you're show for years now it's not comedy it's just dumb bias and gets old and not funny

  • sean mac
    sean mac 52 minutes ago

    Nobody likes Biden the corporate democrats keep forcing him into the fold

  • Laurie Huntley
    Laurie Huntley 53 minutes ago

    Good enough reason to Dump Mini ME. Reminds me of Pence except Pence Smirks MUCHLY MORE!

  • blueberries rasberries
    blueberries rasberries 54 minutes ago

    Trump work long and hard with White House chief kitchen staff on how to get sufficient supply of nuts for his brain food.

  • Alex Green
    Alex Green 54 minutes ago

    Good I don’t like Biden

  • Soorma530
    Soorma530 55 minutes ago

    Is this guy serious? Republican really have their standards lower than low at the moment.

  • ClayDog
    ClayDog 56 minutes ago

    Trump 2020. Hear liberals cry

  • dankwrasslin
    dankwrasslin 56 minutes ago

    thank nonexistent god i don't feel guilt for eating actual animals