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  • Random Dark Souls Fan
    Random Dark Souls Fan 8 minutes ago

    The face on mcdonald when wendy shows up is perfect

  • Vain knowitall
    Vain knowitall 13 minutes ago

    Eminem vs snoop dogg if possible

  • Isaac
    Isaac 20 minutes ago

    Pennywise vs Penny Hardaway

  • Corpsecreate
    Corpsecreate 20 minutes ago

    Sephiroth (FFVII) vs Seymour (FFX)

  • Defrap22
    Defrap22 23 minutes ago

    Western philosophers vs african philosophers. Oh wait

  • Very Thicc Thanos
    Very Thicc Thanos 26 minutes ago

    Stalin vs food

  • Metias Ooshima
    Metias Ooshima 30 minutes ago

    jollibee can stomp all yall

  • Metias Ooshima
    Metias Ooshima 30 minutes ago

    the context everything here is fucking perfect

  • Vinisman
    Vinisman 35 minutes ago

    Chucky v Jigsaw

  • Ardi Meçi
    Ardi Meçi 41 minute ago

    Indiana Jones vs Lara Croft

  • Jonas Dekeyzer
    Jonas Dekeyzer 57 minutes ago

    those guys were both really good! but the winner is the editter and the guy who made this noice beat!

  • Vlad the impaled

    Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • M. T.
    M. T. Hour ago

    Soon enough I hope, I will own the world of computation. Kinda like you guys.

  • Roxas
    Roxas Hour ago

    What the fuck just happened

  • Caleb Underwood
    Caleb Underwood Hour ago

    Lord Voldemort v.s. Lord Vader

  • M. T.
    M. T. Hour ago

    deGrasse lost from the moment he tried to look cool with his speciesism

  • UNSC Grasshopper

    “I’m sorry man, no I’m fucking not FUCK YOU” the best line in this whole rap

  • Propel Gamer
    Propel Gamer Hour ago

    I love this one 😂😂😂😂 btw sun tsu wins hands down 😁😁😁😁

  • David Wayman
    David Wayman Hour ago

    You guys HAVE to do Pennywise vs Joker. Edit: Maybe have John Wayne Gacy come in.

  • urbiznonof
    urbiznonof Hour ago

    Julie Andrews vs Lin Manuel Miranda

  • Anthony Mills
    Anthony Mills Hour ago

    Pennywise vs. The Joker

  • Ska Music Lover
    Ska Music Lover Hour ago

    Dracula vs Caligula

  • Grizz Gamer
    Grizz Gamer Hour ago

    Gorbachev killed it tho

  • Bhansee Jabs
    Bhansee Jabs Hour ago

    Who is here for 1:51

  • shadowbanned
    shadowbanned Hour ago

    so.. i guess we know who won. lol

  • Kevin Hopps
    Kevin Hopps Hour ago

    0:22 is that PewDiePie?

  • Alamkan Countryball

    i just realized not only did they both work with animals, they both were in places considered "down under"

  • Androiddx7
    Androiddx7 2 hours ago

    Next idea? Tim Burton VS Yoko Taro

  • Jeti
    Jeti 2 hours ago

    Red Baron vs White Death

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 2 hours ago

    THAT DANK FLUTE SOLO DAMN HE WAS DOING SO WELL AND ESTROYS THE COMPETITION THEN HE DIES ON THE CHAIR. But historically speaking during the seven years war Frederick was fighting against Austria, Russia, Sweeden and France all by himself while portugal and britain were fighting spain and france on the other sidenof the world. He managed to knock out all the other powers but he simply didnt have enough troops and after 9 years or 7 years depends who your asking Fredericks capital Berlin was finally occupied by the Russians... Then the empress dies and her adopted son is a moron and lets Freddie go cause he is a fanboy and then... His wife catherine overthrows him and since Freddie helped Catherine earlier and knew her personally when she was younger and was the only one nice to her he was able to use his charisma to end the war and keep Silesia. Later him and his legacy ends the Polish Lithuanian Empire. Ya um that too.

  • Sinanju Dark type
    Sinanju Dark type 2 hours ago

    This is my favorite one

  • Matthew Eichmann
    Matthew Eichmann 2 hours ago

    Captain America vs Master chief

  • Tyler Holt
    Tyler Holt 2 hours ago

    By the people and for the people

  • Katie P. Music
    Katie P. Music 2 hours ago

    You guys should do why don’t we vs prettymuch

  • Jamew7 Wicker10
    Jamew7 Wicker10 2 hours ago

    Backgrounds: 1:10 Gotham City, Batman vs Sherlock Holmes 1:16 Menlo Park & Wardenclyffe Tower, Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla 1:21 Atlanta Outskirts & Albuquerque Desert, Rick Grimes vs Walter White 1:25 Techno Stage & Renaissance Wallpaper, Skrillex vs Mozart 1:29 Broward Center for the Performing Arts & 1800's Theater Stage, Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield 1:32 Comic Book Store, Stan Lee vs Jim Henson 1:38 Sesame Street, Stan Lee vs Jim Henson 1:42 Inside the Joy of Painting & Pablo Picasso's Studio, Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso 1:45 Smoke, Not sure either an inspiration from Freddie Mercury vs Frank Sinatra and/or Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe 1:48 Black Hole, Stephen Hawking vs Albert Einstein 1:53 Code Background, Bill Gates vs Steve Jobs 1:58 Inside Death Star vs Berlin Environment, Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader 2:03 The Great Hall & The Black Gate of Mordor, George R. R. Martin vs J. R. R. Tolkien

  • Phantom
    Phantom 2 hours ago

    5: Kubrick 4: bay 3: Hitchcock 2: Spielberg 1: tarentino

  • Mhers Subaan
    Mhers Subaan 2 hours ago

    Hal 9000 wins

    DRACO KIRA 2 hours ago

    Jerry Springer vs maury

  • Ragin Bacon
    Ragin Bacon 2 hours ago

    Next one: John Henry vs George Stephenson

  • Pattharapong Boonkerd

    The world history :edison is one of the best inventor in history Tesla: you did not sleal from me you stole me from mankind!

  • Frizky Destrian Galistan

    Battle of the dark lord : Lord Voldemort VS Lord Sidious, that would be epic

  • The Crunkmeister
    The Crunkmeister 2 hours ago

    clint went so fucking ham but bruce had a really nice flow clint still won though

  • BZZBBZ Gaming
    BZZBBZ Gaming 2 hours ago

    I'm the first Tsar of all of Russia No Tsars there.

  • lps gameslilyanna
    lps gameslilyanna 2 hours ago

    there was no need to drag Chernobyl into this

  • MR boob
    MR boob 2 hours ago

    Mc Donald's=like Burger King=nothing Also burger King burgers arent fresh made by a company or a warehouse or a factory Try this grill a burger and eat burger Kings burger what do you notice they are grilled so get exposed burger king

  • youtube user
    youtube user 2 hours ago

    Next . Chopin Vs liszt.

  • The_Future_ Herobrine

    I think Freddy won, even if Wolverine had some good lines, Freddy was better in my opinion.

  • Chris Hilton
    Chris Hilton 2 hours ago

    Me: *Trying to sleep* My brain: LET ME JUST STEP RIGHT IN

  • Josefina Dominguez
    Josefina Dominguez 2 hours ago

    Joan Rivers won I'm sorry

  • Insanely Blu
    Insanely Blu 2 hours ago

    2019, still a good battle that's for sure.

  • Jm Cresencio
    Jm Cresencio 2 hours ago

    they should definitely do something along the lines of Dave Mustaine vs Kirk Hammett/James Hetfield

  • Nonstop G R I N D
    Nonstop G R I N D 3 hours ago

    I honestly still can’t decide on who actually one, this is too much of a close call

  • Dat Guy
    Dat Guy 3 hours ago

    I'd like to see what fun you guys could have with Peter Dinklage vs Andre the Giant.

  • Perrin Cook
    Perrin Cook 3 hours ago

    “Would you rather talk about your brother nazi nazi nazi oy yoy yoy” Winning line!

  • Tin Cheng
    Tin Cheng 3 hours ago

    Imagine Steve Irwin’s verses are earrape in this video

  • Dekuraka22
    Dekuraka22 3 hours ago

    The blonde guy acts like a child throwing a tantrum. Powers wins easy.

  • WildEyes
    WildEyes 3 hours ago

    James Bond all the way baby!

  • 再生リストコメント専門チャンネル


  • Popguy Smith
    Popguy Smith 3 hours ago

    R.I.P Stan Lee

  • Logan Brizzee
    Logan Brizzee 3 hours ago

    K N O C K K N O C K

  • Brecken Fighter
    Brecken Fighter 3 hours ago

    King Leonidas vs Xerxes

  • AnonymousPoison
    AnonymousPoison 3 hours ago

    Jerry Seinfeld vs. Ross Geller

  • Nameless
    Nameless 3 hours ago

    What about a battle royale of the female badasses of sci-fi? Samus Aran vs Ellen Ripley vs Sarah Connors vs Leia Organa?

  • Hair J
    Hair J 3 hours ago

    Almost 100,000,000 views

  • Javier Morgado
    Javier Morgado 3 hours ago

    Buena batalla Me gustó muchísimo

  • Hi there Buddy
    Hi there Buddy 3 hours ago

    Harriet Tubman vs Emilio Aguinaldo Seems like an interesting battle to me

  • Carl Wetter
    Carl Wetter 3 hours ago

    Aldof hitler vs captain America

  • Hanakin Sidewalker
    Hanakin Sidewalker 3 hours ago

    “You and I have so many world records between us. 184, that’s plenty of ‘em...and I’ve set 183 of them!” Tony Hawk crumpled under the weight of that flex.

  • Sean Quinn
    Sean Quinn 3 hours ago

    "Sucks? Guy, you died for the Catholics. A group with a bad touching little boys habit." Che won for that line alone.

  • Joe Pranevich
    Joe Pranevich 3 hours ago

    Penn & Teller vs Barnum & Bailey

    GRaFFiTi GAMINg 3 hours ago

    The only survivor won

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson 4 hours ago

    Stephen King got that 1....damn 😳

  • birminghamWILDCAT
    birminghamWILDCAT 4 hours ago

    George Wallace vs Nelson Mandela

  • Leif Erikson The Good Samaritan

    Well now the Trump administration also clapped a Bin Laden! Unlike Clinton's claims : )

  • Vincent Dutcher
    Vincent Dutcher 4 hours ago

    Morgz vs Mr Beast

  • Vincent Dutcher
    Vincent Dutcher 4 hours ago

    I don’t even have to say who won.. We all know who won

  • Raven Horan
    Raven Horan 4 hours ago

    Zac Efron and Ross Lynch vs ted bundy and Jeffrey dahmer

  • Kayvee Creative
    Kayvee Creative 4 hours ago

    Judge Judy vs Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  • MrV902
    MrV902 4 hours ago

    _You can't reach this _*_fellow, shit_* _I'm _*_too Towering_* _every time I do battle, it's _*_return of the King._* Huh, I just now that that first part, and by consequence the whole thing.

  • Salad Cuck
    Salad Cuck 4 hours ago

    I think Deadpool vs The Mask would be pretty fun.

  • Dan Alexander
    Dan Alexander 4 hours ago

    joan........hands down

  • Cullen William
    Cullen William 4 hours ago

    Best beat and bass in erb

  • Brian Wagner
    Brian Wagner 4 hours ago

    Howard Stern vs. Ryan Seacrest

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Wendy is sexy

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha 4 hours ago

    I think the only reason they made Steve won was because of his recent death otherwise Jacque's achivements were much grander then that of steve who was just like as Jauque said " a showman"

  • Bri Fitz
    Bri Fitz 4 hours ago

    Pffft. There's no way the Ghostbusters could lose this. Oops, myth busted.

  • ll TRYHARD ll
    ll TRYHARD ll 4 hours ago


  • goku uchiha
    goku uchiha 4 hours ago

    Mj much better.

  • Boss Life
    Boss Life 4 hours ago

    #RobinWilliamsIsTheGoat next should be Jay and Silent Bob vs Harold and Kumar vs Bill and Ted vs Cheech and Chong that would be Epic

  • Daniel Hernandez
    Daniel Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Robin Williams won just by being there

  • I fucking love you dude but

    pepsi > coke change my mind

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson 4 hours ago

    Gotta go with Wolverine

  • Reginald Johnson
    Reginald Johnson 4 hours ago

    Terminator got it

  • Supremax67
    Supremax67 4 hours ago

    Winston Churchill won because he broke the 4th wall.

  • Jalon Wells
    Jalon Wells 4 hours ago

    JoJo siwa and bhad bhabie

  • Mac N Cheese
    Mac N Cheese 4 hours ago

    osama bin laden vs thanos

  • Kiera Dickson
    Kiera Dickson 4 hours ago


  • john cena
    john cena 5 hours ago

    Han Solo vs Indiana Jones

  • Dad 76
    Dad 76 5 hours ago

    I like Rick more but I think Walther won rapwise

  • Anthropomorphic Corgi

    Keanu reeves vs. Liam neeson.