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Maroon 5 - Memories
Views 209M2 months ago
Maroon 5 - Memories (Audio)
Views 11M2 months ago
Maroon 5 - Wait (Audio)
Views 17M2 years ago
Maroon 5 - This Love (Live)
Views 4.9M4 years ago
Maroon 5 - Maps (Audio)
Views 103M5 years ago
Maroon 5 - VEVO24s
Views 599K9 years ago


  • Amina Bouhaj
    Amina Bouhaj 56 seconds ago


  • Pap Sajt
    Pap Sajt Minute ago

    Ádám: szimpatikus énekes vagy, nagyon kedvellek :-)))

  • Lucia Ganajová
    Lucia Ganajová 4 minutes ago


  • anna dobrowolska
    anna dobrowolska 4 minutes ago

    i love yours voice

  • Jon Bautista
    Jon Bautista 5 minutes ago

    2019 is depression for me my classmates in other sections are gone:(:(:(:( your now getting old

  • nguyen thuan
    nguyen thuan 6 minutes ago

    I very like this song~~~~

  • Mia Alcântara
    Mia Alcântara 6 minutes ago

    Brasileiros cade vocês?!🙋

  • Fabricinho nascimento
    Fabricinho nascimento 7 minutes ago

    Brasileiros deixem like@❤

  • Yumi} Yumi}
    Yumi} Yumi} 8 minutes ago

    OMG ok like

  • Veni Vidi Vici
    Veni Vidi Vici 11 minutes ago

    Put the coffee down and take your shower...focus...

  • Ladislav Decsi
    Ladislav Decsi 11 minutes ago

    coolio - I see you when you get there, who likes also coolios version?

  • Wael Debs
    Wael Debs 11 minutes ago

    Wow 🤩

  • Kevin Peroni
    Kevin Peroni 12 minutes ago

    this is cannon in D by Pachelbel

  • Sunday Ziloz
    Sunday Ziloz 12 minutes ago

    Here wishing I was there, how many more cheers to memories without beers for everything...

  • Remya Mk
    Remya Mk 13 minutes ago

    Maroon 5 - Canon??

  • Carol Fuchs
    Carol Fuchs 14 minutes ago

    Watch PS22 sing Memories. They are an amazing group of kids. Their teacher is an amazing teacher. Adam, you should connect with them. They will steal your heart.

  • 蔡意如
    蔡意如 15 minutes ago

    How great. Thank u.

  • かずやたつや
    かずやたつや 15 minutes ago

    I love Sugar I’m a Japanese

  • ridzky anugrah
    ridzky anugrah 16 minutes ago


  • Tri Prayogo
    Tri Prayogo 18 minutes ago

    Anak Warnet be Like

  • 김봉관
    김봉관 18 minutes ago

    this video makes me really happy

  • Frank Hendrix
    Frank Hendrix 19 minutes ago

    *_hair taxi driver_*

  • Kaito Kid
    Kaito Kid 21 minute ago

    Cheers to those who we loved but not here today. .💞

  • Alpha Galaxy
    Alpha Galaxy 21 minute ago

    Why am I crying rn

  • Arhaan King
    Arhaan King 22 minutes ago


  • pedro feil
    pedro feil 22 minutes ago


  • Jack rapper
    Jack rapper 22 minutes ago

    The last things I can remember is when I fall in love when I was still in primary school

  • Khushwinder Bhatia
    Khushwinder Bhatia 23 minutes ago


  • Suman M
    Suman M 23 minutes ago

    Maroon : Memories Me : After hearing this song *now* *my* *heart* *feels* *like* *December*

    ANDY JONES 23 minutes ago

    HIGH 5

  • Khushwinder Bhatia
    Khushwinder Bhatia 24 minutes ago

    Do you have any memories in 2019? 😁

  • Stephan El shaarawy
    Stephan El shaarawy 26 minutes ago

    The best song

  • Xd Emek Xd
    Xd Emek Xd 26 minutes ago

    0:42 oooo ooo im a shit for you ooo

  • montse cartes
    montse cartes 27 minutes ago



    god of war haircut

  • SeLine Art
    SeLine Art 27 minutes ago

    like a character on Clash of Clans a.k.a Hog Ridder

  • Gamerz Style
    Gamerz Style 28 minutes ago

    Who watching this in 2020

  • Fat Pig
    Fat Pig 28 minutes ago

    I swear he looks like captain price in the dark bits

  • Samuel Rojas
    Samuel Rojas 29 minutes ago

    Zangief de street fighter ??

  • GameBot
    GameBot 30 minutes ago

    When I was 10 I heard this song in a shopping centre Then I found the song yesterday

  • Tommaso Giardi
    Tommaso Giardi 32 minutes ago

    Beatiful Beatiful good Marron 5🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷

  • notinspiredatall
    notinspiredatall 32 minutes ago

    This song is so touching, is it weird I remembered old maroon 5? Got the same old vibes, also wished the rest of the band was in the video.

  • EREN q_x
    EREN q_x 35 minutes ago


  • Mellisa Sauers
    Mellisa Sauers 35 minutes ago

    When I first watched this, it made me cry so hard. It still makes me tear up. The video is so sad

  • Heloize Noronha
    Heloize Noronha 35 minutes ago

    Eternamente mágica!

  • Mike Quavo
    Mike Quavo 35 minutes ago

    Love this Maroon.. From Kenya

  • Sugandha Dogra
    Sugandha Dogra 37 minutes ago

    I lost my love, i lost mypet dog 🐕 #rip

  • taysha torrez
    taysha torrez 38 minutes ago

    I would buy a dress for you and ge your hair done at the best place most exspensive. if I could .

  • Interesting world
    Interesting world 38 minutes ago

    Who like Maroon5 like here 👇👇👇

  • Jhonata Wesley
    Jhonata Wesley 38 minutes ago


  • taysha torrez
    taysha torrez 38 minutes ago

    yes I would hire a muic place a band to sing at your wedding ellalina.

  • Poketrener Mixer
    Poketrener Mixer 42 minutes ago

    That wideo is very nice👌

  • Abhinandan Dey
    Abhinandan Dey 46 minutes ago

    How can you steal the melody of Canon in D by jerry

  • Lanz janiel Pablo
    Lanz janiel Pablo 46 minutes ago

    I like this song and my favorite song.

  • Dương Xoăn
    Dương Xoăn 46 minutes ago

    Việt nam đau r tôi muốn thấy cánh tay của các bạn

  • aze hvre
    aze hvre 46 minutes ago

    Yaşlandın bee

    ANDY JONES 47 minutes ago


  • latest songs
    latest songs 47 minutes ago

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    latest songs 48 minutes ago

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  • rick mriganka
    rick mriganka 48 minutes ago

    This will reach 1 billion soon

  • Melanie B
    Melanie B 48 minutes ago

    Lol since Ellen didn't even notice 😂

  • . OneDay.
    . OneDay. 49 minutes ago

    형 수염 겁나 섹시해ㅠㅠ

  • saba gul
    saba gul 49 minutes ago

    who thinks that the intro music is like that of Charlie Puth's 'Patient'

  • latest songs
    latest songs 49 minutes ago

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  • Michael Myers
    Michael Myers 52 minutes ago

    This is better then girls like you

  • Bruna Modf
    Bruna Modf 53 minutes ago


  • Anna Michelotti
    Anna Michelotti 53 minutes ago


  • 神奇哥哥吹箭哥
    神奇哥哥吹箭哥 54 minutes ago

    Who is here at the last month of 2019?

  • J Cooper
    J Cooper 55 minutes ago

    This reminds me of my sister I lost 2 mothers days ago. I still cry ALOT

  • Arianna Bessonne
    Arianna Bessonne 55 minutes ago

    è una canzone bellissima!! 💖💖

  • Navid Alami
    Navid Alami 58 minutes ago

    ahh, the pachebel canon in C melody. Truly, the greatest!

  • Monika
    Monika 59 minutes ago

    Adam, ale zarosłeś ;D

  • SVD - Sức khỏe đời sống

    Listen Canon in D and come back here

    SoG_ NOT SHADQW Hour ago


  • munggaran andika

    "cause the dringks bring back all the memories" "oh yeah"

  • game box
    game box Hour ago

    gal gadot

  • Lazar Laki
    Lazar Laki Hour ago


  • JustMargaret
    JustMargaret Hour ago

    Im here from Aaron Fraser Nash song...

  • Hom Hein
    Hom Hein Hour ago

    He looked exactly like johnny English.

  • Nazmul Islam Shakil

    Listed in my playlist...…

  • Nghĩa Trương
    Nghĩa Trương Hour ago

    Canon in D

  • Hom Hein
    Hom Hein Hour ago

    2003: maroon 5 2019: adam and the boys

  • Mây Hồng
    Mây Hồng Hour ago

    Việt Nam vô địch ❤️

  • Dan Levy
    Dan Levy Hour ago

    2:00 ❤️ Gal gadot Wonder Woman ❤️

  • Reem Ahmed
    Reem Ahmed Hour ago

    OK, so a 24-year old boy was depressed and committed suicide by throwing himself from the Cairo Tower in Egypt a week ago.. I really feel that this song describes him. :(

  • Jimmy Alexandro
    Jimmy Alexandro Hour ago

    Pipel +62 mna suaranya?

  • Gloria Nikki
    Gloria Nikki Hour ago

    this song reminds me of the song say something we should all learn one virtue in this world,THANKSGIVING APPRECIATE the people who were always there for you before they become memories

  • J O
    J O Hour ago

    The first time I heard this song, the day it was released here, I thought the lyrics beautiful and deep. Listening to this again today - just hours after Kevin revealed lion Amy's grim prognosis, days after Godfrey Gao's sudden death, and weeks after knowing what a family member is going through... the words in the song are the same as then, but so much is different. And for me, the lyrics now hold so much more meaning and significance.

  • Nom nom98
    Nom nom98 Hour ago

    even i heard this song,i like it 😍

  • gaming beast94
    gaming beast94 Hour ago

    best song ever created

  • Aquib mohammed
    Aquib mohammed Hour ago

    Hey I am not crying ok.

  • Blackbox BS
    Blackbox BS Hour ago

    Woman's singer?

  • iAnTZ
    iAnTZ Hour ago

    It's sad when a person you are with years like your best friend like when you and you're friend split up the person who gave you memories

  • ashish deshlahra

    1:37 gal😍😍

  • Arjun Khandelwal

    This is me in the shower but with much better singing

  • Nanda Fenti tampubolon

    Indo 06 Des 2019

  • Lạ Ơi Người

    Việt Nam

  • Pia Peters
    Pia Peters Hour ago


  • 닉값
    닉값 Hour ago