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  • Swagwan
    Swagwan 3 minutes ago

    2:33 the amount of Bournemouth fans that stood up in the away end when Wilson was’re 2-1 up, away at a local rival and everyone is sitting down🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Blue Canaria
    Blue Canaria 8 minutes ago

    I can’t with this interview, poor Christian 😂😂

  • honey badger
    honey badger 11 minutes ago

    What a boring team

  • PJR7
    PJR7 18 minutes ago

    Did cara jus say this is the debate we had in the sun??? 😳 I’m sure he hasn’t been in the sun! I’m sure he doesn’t read the sun!!! No real scouser allows the sun in their house! 🤬 Liverpool or Everton fans... the dirty bastards!!!

  • kofi victorine
    kofi victorine 20 minutes ago

    Well if AWB isnt good enough idk what more you Manchester United pundits really expect

  • louis fallan
    louis fallan 29 minutes ago

    Anyone would think there is only 6 teams in premiership because all sky talk about is the top 6 . They hardly ever talk about other teams even when there at Southampton's ground

  • Ilhan Darimi
    Ilhan Darimi 30 minutes ago

    what is the girl's name???

  • Sundae Kongo Kingdom
    Sundae Kongo Kingdom 32 minutes ago

    So because you have VAR, you have to use it every 5 mins?! Come on now. It wasn't even offside, offside by a knee or a shoulder or an ankle wtf🤔🤔🤔😢?! If it was Real or Juve vs Southampton, it was never an offside. That's what pisses me off. Big up to Bournemouth from a Tottenham fan, good football and Ake and Ibe still improving!!! Good jobs lads.

  • Michael Drew
    Michael Drew 34 minutes ago

    Didn't Liverpool have a 10 point advantage over city around midway point. I'm sure im right. This talk of Liverpool romping to the title is slightly premature let's get to December and see what's the score.

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 38 minutes ago

    I can’t agree that Lampard was Chelsea’s greatest player, it was Drogba. Lampard was lucky to play with world class talents like Essien and Makalele. They did ALL the dirty work, whilst Lampard got all the glory behind Drogba. People need to remember that.

  • L.A. BRIT
    L.A. BRIT 39 minutes ago

    Carragher is like a bratty 5 year old. So immature and snide; and distracting from the conversation that we are trying to listen to.

  • DD TS
    DD TS 42 minutes ago

    I had Wilson, ward prowse, ake all in my FPL yeah boi

  • wconp007
    wconp007 52 minutes ago

    Ole need to resign Zlatan back to United. He’s the one with experience, idol to young lads here. He needs to be here help Ole win it back the honours & trophy. Like Fergie bought Eric the king & the rest is history. Hope the players, fans & the boards be patience with Ole.

  • Mark Space Cube
    Mark Space Cube 53 minutes ago

    Definitely not a penalty !

  • TOYSoldier113
    TOYSoldier113 54 minutes ago

    A lot of Arsenal fans saw the decline of sanchez in his last 6 months at Arsenal, saying it was an unforeseen event is complete bullshit, everyone just said we were salty go check old tweets

  • Vanix
    Vanix Hour ago

    Damn I betted on a 2-1 win by Bournemouth RIP

  • Nazri Mansor
    Nazri Mansor Hour ago

    Too early in the season mate... many twist and turn to come.

  • PrinceOfM4rs20 __

    Poor Carragher. Even when they’re both retired, Lampard is still putting him on his ass.

  • 24
    24 Hour ago

    If city are struggling cause of injuries even with all of those players. Then I dont see how liverpool can cope with salah mane etc .. any of them getting injured

  • YNWA #6Times
    YNWA #6Times Hour ago

    We definitely are winning. With VAR, their chances are even less. No more offside goals for them

  • Owais Aslam
    Owais Aslam Hour ago

    carra u u got relegated..and Liverpool won couple of UCL.hahahah

  • LeoStar
    LeoStar Hour ago

    Am i the only one who thought Jamie and Gary would walk away again 🤣

  • Russell Creaser
    Russell Creaser Hour ago

    Bamford is cheating scum. I'm ashamed he played for Derby

  • T Bone
    T Bone Hour ago

    Just had the idea that these guys are basically Lister and Rimmer.

  • kevin Debrah
    kevin Debrah Hour ago

    Ofc we really need nore experienced players in the team

  • Aditya Balakrishnan

    city lose one game in 8 months - 'defensive crisis'

  • Tony Warren
    Tony Warren Hour ago

    Carra and Neville. Hated Neville as a player but they are the best combo ever. Absolutely brillant

  • Alfie Ryan
    Alfie Ryan 2 hours ago

    It's funny because people complain about Ake's height.

  • ian robby
    ian robby 2 hours ago

    This is the content that i need

  • yoo yoo
    yoo yoo 2 hours ago

    Bournemouth will win the league this season mark my words

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming 2 hours ago

    I’m a mourinista.

  • MMafieMc
    MMafieMc 2 hours ago

    He's right you know I really forgot Loui had been banned for 4 games he did cost them the league . People talk about Gerrards slip but your all conquering strikers discipline has more of it from where I sit now

  • Adrian Lim
    Adrian Lim 2 hours ago


  • Daniel Hughes
    Daniel Hughes 2 hours ago

    As Utd fan for years it's great to see these two and as much as the younger me would have hated I honestly believe Liverpoo will win the premiership this season know problem

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 2 hours ago

    He sounds exactly like Michael Owen, except he doesn't talk bollocks obviously

  • RetroPunk Gaming
    RetroPunk Gaming 2 hours ago

    The better team won

  • Smudger
    Smudger 2 hours ago

    Jose: i need a decent defender... United: nah Pep: I need a defender Oilchester Fc: have 4 for starters Media: Pep is the best in the world...

  • Billy D
    Billy D 3 hours ago

    This man is ready for a top job.

  • RbEoWyA
    RbEoWyA 3 hours ago

    Carra owned him at the end lol.

  • Eddy Martin
    Eddy Martin 3 hours ago

    Genuine question: How is Josh King Norwegian?

  • Jos P
    Jos P 3 hours ago

    Neville: " You're aware of a lot of things you want to be aware of but not aware of a lot of things you don't want to be aware of" My Opinion: That's human nature unfortunately !!!

  • StevePeeve
    StevePeeve 3 hours ago

    Shearer, Henry, Ronaldo, Aguero, Tevez, Fowler all unbelievable player but Giggs should be on this list as well foe he's miss against Arsenal

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh 3 hours ago

    Harry wilson again klopp u have to give this lad a chance

  • B- Turner-
    B- Turner- 3 hours ago

    I stg Southamptons middle name is saved by VAR they got saved in this and still lost but against Sheffield united last week u lot got lucky

  • Annan Snowden-Jones
    Annan Snowden-Jones 3 hours ago

    Man Utd have been relegated in the past? Well that’s not a shocker 😂😂

  • Eddy Martin
    Eddy Martin 3 hours ago

    By looking at the comments, I bet 90% of these people have NEVER been to a game before in their life, this isn’t an opinion, it’s Factual Information

    HAM HEAD 3 hours ago

    Lfc fan id take the point before we kick a ball...its our year

  • Happy Guy
    Happy Guy 3 hours ago

    Liverpool to win the league and Man City to win the UCL when they buy in the January window + get Laporte back, City will probably try and buy a defender that isn't already linked/registered in the CL.

  • Tyler Davies
    Tyler Davies 3 hours ago

    i had a tenner on wilson to score 12/1 hahahah

  • John Turner
    John Turner 3 hours ago

    Typical ridiculous talking points on Sky

  • ImHereToLacerate
    ImHereToLacerate 3 hours ago

    how is arsenals Freddie ljungberg 1 yard miss in front of an open goal not on this list!

    J. MORISSON 3 hours ago

    Frankie De Jong is currently the best holding midfielder in the world. As for Declan Rice... I don´t see it.

  • Nathan Ward
    Nathan Ward 3 hours ago

    Great ref decision , grealish looking for it literally stuck his Leg out disgraceful player always on the floor biggest hype job since Wilshire

  • Josh Utting
    Josh Utting 3 hours ago

    I’m a htafc fan, I watched billing for 4/5 years as a first team player with poor attitude and work ethic but lots of potential, I can’t ever recall a time when he made a run like that for the 2nd goal for us, if he actually works hard Bournemouth have a great talent if not then they’ll understand my frustration with him

  • That Guy
    That Guy 3 hours ago

    Who do you think will win the premier league... Like = a premier league team Comment = a premier league side

  • Cristhiam Lopez
    Cristhiam Lopez 3 hours ago

    English please

  • LEO TV
    LEO TV 3 hours ago

    Id eat out the interviewer

  • Ibrahim Ansari
    Ibrahim Ansari 3 hours ago

    There are actual retards behind var

  • Human Beings R Infinite Beings

    Didnt Liverpool just lose?😂

    • Kris Faulkner
      Kris Faulkner 3 hours ago

      Human Beings R Infinite Beings in the champions league, lost against Napoli last year and still won the cup, no doubt the main aim is the league

  • SionLiverpool
    SionLiverpool 3 hours ago

    Im a simple man, i see carragher and neville and i click... they could be talking about rocket science and i still click 🤣

  • cmlamont1
    cmlamont1 4 hours ago

    "horribly wrong" *stares into the distance with haunted look*

  • Tag hydro
    Tag hydro 4 hours ago

    Very cocky

  • Jake Rogers
    Jake Rogers 4 hours ago

    This guy has to get a top 6 job soon

  • Sophie McKenzie
    Sophie McKenzie 4 hours ago

    Raphaël Varane coming to Man City in January. Watch this space.

  • Watashi Ikarashi
    Watashi Ikarashi 4 hours ago

    So Maya Yoshida should start the next match then

  • razbigranicu
    razbigranicu 4 hours ago

    Pep has played 3 at the back with wing backs at Bayern quite often actually.

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 4 hours ago

    I honestly think this is liverpools year, city should have kept hold of kompany for another year, that is the difference

    • Andrew Fishburn
      Andrew Fishburn 2 hours ago

      It's always Liverpools year. 😂😂

    • Tommy
      Tommy 3 hours ago

      they can’t keep hold of players who are at the end of their contract and they want to leave....

  • Ethan Power
    Ethan Power 4 hours ago

    How was that not a penalty? VAR has been shocking so far.

  • Mlu Mbambo
    Mlu Mbambo 4 hours ago

    What if Arsenal flopped and we bought Lacazette

  • Arachnophilia
    Arachnophilia 4 hours ago

    So the Southampton guy kicks the ball away and runs into the defender it's a pen then the Southampton defender clearly sticks his leg in front of the B guy and no pen. Complete nonsense.

    • Andy Brown
      Andy Brown 4 hours ago

      At last, someone that actually understands the game.

  • Flanders Flatearth
    Flanders Flatearth 4 hours ago

    carra just the classic deluded poolfan.... all excuses... its so funny

  • Raoul Gooner
    Raoul Gooner 4 hours ago

    Liverpool will implode as they allways do .

  • Elijah Fuller
    Elijah Fuller 4 hours ago

    Manchester United's Problem. I have always said that the day A. FERGUSON decided to part ways with the club, M.U will have some very difficult seasons. He left with the philosophy, drive, tenacity and hunger. I am not a Manchester Utd nor do I like the football club however that Ferguson era had something, that is no longer there. Style Gary? You of most should know better, if the philosophy were still alive at M.U none of those previous managers with the exception Jose would have been hired, a handful of those players themselves would may not have coped. Long gone are the days, in some sense they had it coming.

  • MyGamingHeaven
    MyGamingHeaven 4 hours ago

    Wtf was that defending at the end come on Southampton really

  • Ryan Edwards
    Ryan Edwards 4 hours ago

    im a big fan of eddie howe

  • Abdur rahman
    Abdur rahman 4 hours ago


  • [BDG] JR’s SimRacing

    As a Liverpool Fan ... No just no

  • Cripinub1
    Cripinub1 4 hours ago

    Romeu is the problem for Southampton to slow

  • bob padok
    bob padok 4 hours ago

    In circuimstances as are now....when City won two titles above 98pts...liverpool has to look only at themselves and try get can drop 15pts in first half of the season and then win remaining 19.and end season with 99pts...As carra mentioned...mostly they can damage each other in face to face games...liverpool city face to face made 6pts difference last season .

  • Hazza Online
    Hazza Online 4 hours ago

    Everyone talking about the pen that about the offside ? What on earth is going on am I the only oke who thinks that's on side outrage.

  • MakaveliThaSavage
    MakaveliThaSavage 4 hours ago

    Liverpool will bottle the league.

  • Tristan Hartwell
    Tristan Hartwell 4 hours ago

    Bournemouth bearing their rivals?? There is no rivalry- never has been

  • Edward Greenan
    Edward Greenan 4 hours ago

    1:25 is obscene the technique on the run from that angle the best premier league striker ever by some way

  • sd98
    sd98 4 hours ago

    When Pep will have £150m to spend on CBs in Jan? Do me a favour

    • sd98
      sd98 39 minutes ago

      Andrew Fishburn Pep has an unlimited budget though. He’s desperate to deliver the CL before he leaves so if he wants a player, the owners will back it. Quite ridiculous tbh

    • Andrew Fishburn
      Andrew Fishburn 2 hours ago

      £150 million isn't enough anymore and that's a good thing as clubs will have to play youth players.

    • Sohail Din
      Sohail Din 2 hours ago

      Exactly lol

  • Jimmy Benyoucef
    Jimmy Benyoucef 4 hours ago

    7:09 😂😅🤣😭💀

  • Marian M
    Marian M 4 hours ago

    Gary: '8, 8.. 8' ;)

  • Tica Time
    Tica Time 4 hours ago


  • Jordclein
    Jordclein 4 hours ago

    Anybody else finding Gary neville growing on them like a nasty infection?

    • cormac malone
      cormac malone 4 hours ago

      Gary Neville is the least biased and most intelligent (football wise) pundit on sky sports and a bpl legend 👌😂

  • D R
    D R 4 hours ago

    City will win the league, water is wet

  • Darkwhizz
    Darkwhizz 4 hours ago

    This clear and obvious only reasoning is nonsense

  • Dean Sullivan
    Dean Sullivan 4 hours ago

    The last goal at the end you can see the reactions of both fans. The Southampton faces looking distraught and the bournemouth fans in pure ecstasy

  • Ian Tuohy
    Ian Tuohy 4 hours ago

    United won't get top 6

  • W
    W 4 hours ago

    Rivals?? No, the real rivalry is Tuesday night.

    • W
      W 3 hours ago

      @Andy Brown I'm not a Southampton fan you idiot 😂

    • Andy Brown
      Andy Brown 4 hours ago

      @W Yea, thanks for asking , just enjoying the result.

    • W
      W 4 hours ago

      @Andy Brown you ok? Lol

    • Andy Brown
      Andy Brown 4 hours ago


  • Avinash Reddy
    Avinash Reddy 4 hours ago

    Where is the slip ?

  • Kung Pao
    Kung Pao 5 hours ago

    I can understand Carragher when he speaks nowadays. He used to talk at a faster pace with that scouse accent. Well done lad!

  • Jack
    Jack 5 hours ago

    Trent is hot

  • Appy Ammer
    Appy Ammer 5 hours ago

    VAr does not work. Thats a stone wall pen on King

  • Kamran
    Kamran 5 hours ago

    Liverpool have to win PL? why are the expectations different? When will we say pep has to win CL at man city Pellegrini and Mancini won the PL nothing new. If we are on about the squad then theres not a better team which is well equipped for Europe than citys.

  • karim nasser
    karim nasser 5 hours ago

    Great chemistry...mates should date

  • Tuten Vanman
    Tuten Vanman 5 hours ago

    Should liverpool run away with the league it has already taken them over 30 years . It is hardly a crawl more like a slug crawling across a maggot invested scousers corpse.