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  • e gr
    e gr Hour ago

    A $1.85 for gas?!?! Man, living in a big city sucks.

  • Dark Deng
    Dark Deng Hour ago

    Even if she doesn't deserve to be there her future looks bright

  • Benjamin Wilcox
    Benjamin Wilcox Hour ago

    always trust your gut there are predators out there, dont trust them

  • Chthonian121
    Chthonian121 Hour ago

    "I have guys in and out of my wallet all the time"

  • Scoob Scooby
    Scoob Scooby Hour ago

    That was so nice of you guys God bless you all look at the puppy he's so cute🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙏🙏😄😄

  • Kathee Starr
    Kathee Starr Hour ago

    So the guy admitted he did meth to cops and you just walk away without checking him out?

  • e gr
    e gr Hour ago

    I’m confused, don’t the check the VIN and not the plates?

  • Jason Murdock
    Jason Murdock Hour ago

    4 cops lol...

  • ecoomber
    ecoomber Hour ago

    I love how the passenger doesn't want to get out of the car. As if the cops will just give up and stop asking after a couple times. lol

  • E Lewis
    E Lewis Hour ago

    Ngl school fights are better than this

  • J J
    J J Hour ago

    His sister gave him money and he was ungrateful and said she did it "to make herself look good"? Why did he take it then???

  • a smoking grunt thats probably gonna die

    imagine if they just started a riot

  • Harry Roberts
    Harry Roberts Hour ago

    Anyone who likes this video, you should watch Shawshank Redemption

  • Zachary Morris
    Zachary Morris Hour ago

    The man's gotta a solid point. There is a lot of people who wear sweaters. Bunch of savages I tell ya.

  • Tony Gbaya
    Tony Gbaya Hour ago

    How Jeff doesn't read the comments coz he'll commit suicide.

  • Danny Villanueva

    Her belly splat on the pavement like slime 😂😂

  • terredee
    terredee Hour ago

    Oh, God. Laura says ‘there’s nothing wrong with me’ even tho she has lost custody of three kids?! And then she blames her husband John, whose home she ruined and who now has to live in the garage? I feel bad for the two girls, especially the one who grew up in that house and had to put a lock on her door to keep the evil stepmother from junking it up. Laura is a screaming harridan control freak. Awful person.

  • Doo Lally
    Doo Lally Hour ago

    " he wants to control me" ?

  • 4G Havic
    4G Havic Hour ago

    Dude Rene just grabbed that man's wife by the hips like it was his wife lmao

  • OVO 040
    OVO 040 Hour ago

    I smoe Wee

  • CandyInAVan
    CandyInAVan Hour ago

    Wtf is a kitty

  • Lucky Lex
    Lucky Lex Hour ago

    Woulda been nice to blur the womans gut. Yikes.

  • Dark Deng
    Dark Deng Hour ago

    If you ever get like this intoxicated or not you can never come back to my house and I will not be trying to hangout anymore, we still friends though 😂

  • Vincent Who
    Vincent Who Hour ago

    I know y’all saw the roach on the wall at 0:44

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard Hour ago

    I love the 20 min version so much better

  • Dessycomesalive
    Dessycomesalive Hour ago

    That woman is a bully she treats that man disgustingly he should kick her out

  • Kyle Graeme
    Kyle Graeme Hour ago

    Cop: Ill dO YoU a FaVoR

  • Linda Williams
    Linda Williams Hour ago

    Basically! Use the word correctly cuz nothing you said was basic.

  • ben dover
    ben dover Hour ago

    Hahahah all skraps smoked out the game

  • Los Angeles Life Living

    Uber so famous now dammmm wish i made that company

  • Discokrieg
    Discokrieg Hour ago


  • listen CLOSELY
    listen CLOSELY Hour ago

    Goodness, try a different test already! Is the officer under the influence?! Good grief that was painful to watch... Smh.

  • Kevin Danger Powers

    Would you look at that... Cops pulling over a car full of Mexicans and then letting them go because they were polite and not breaking the law... It's almost as if their race doesn't matter and the cops are just doing their job or something...

  • Maria Fox
    Maria Fox Hour ago

    Unfortunately for that last one, I think she’s a lost cause.

  • king jake jacob
    king jake jacob Hour ago

    My black people need to wake up mann...

  • TyBishops
    TyBishops Hour ago

    i mean, he’s not wrong

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai Hour ago

    Anyone else binge watching these?

  • Donnie Lansky
    Donnie Lansky Hour ago

    I bet I can get Marilyn's digits no CAP

  • ion like snakes
    ion like snakes Hour ago

    Looks like stevo

  • AiRik Tee
    AiRik Tee Hour ago

    1-800-1 SNITCH

  • Casey Winchester

    I don’t no my ssn lol, cops are needed but can also be super bitchy.

  • Blakkat Studio OonaVaKind

    Another Lake County huh. Must be a little like the Lake County here in northern California hehe

  • Kyle Graeme
    Kyle Graeme Hour ago

    I been had dat

  • Impulse_Toxic
    Impulse_Toxic Hour ago


  • Stiqah ツ
    Stiqah ツ Hour ago

    He calls the dog Honey and the cop asks for the dogs name and blanks it out😂

  • shit siege player

    I really thought I would be the only one to notice the roaches... I was wrong

  • 91adinfinitum
    91adinfinitum Hour ago

    A pound of weed? Must be dense herb.

  • Ed Hamya
    Ed Hamya Hour ago

    Did't you see a cop behind you? YIELD! Oh my GOD MOVE!

  • Daniel Quijada
    Daniel Quijada Hour ago

    I want some one to fight her I'd pay to watch

  • Carlos Baez
    Carlos Baez Hour ago

    No tiene bombas o senora. Jajajaja que carajo las senoras son ilegales

  • Oh Yea Yea
    Oh Yea Yea Hour ago

    Ngl i was hoping it was a body

  • Tyreen Wright
    Tyreen Wright Hour ago

    May god bless them kids and guide them

  • terredee
    terredee Hour ago

    The doll hoarder and especially her horrible mother Genny just ganged up on the husband, bringing up his past alcohol abuse to control and berate him despite the fact that he’s been sober for two years. Two wicked women.

  • Amanda Rose
    Amanda Rose Hour ago

    Imagine choosing to have that person living with you

  • Shane Wolfe
    Shane Wolfe Hour ago

    He'll be in prison. Or dead.

  • Justin
    Justin Hour ago

    He was just standing there lol wtf?

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard Hour ago

    This looks fake

  • 4vsbs2
    4vsbs2 2 hours ago

    It is amazing how people who ignore the law blame the police and government for their inconvenience. LOL

  • not_ randall
    not_ randall 2 hours ago

    Who tf gives there kids 2 full names as one(john) (Luke) (marry) (kate)

  • Internet Anonymity
    Internet Anonymity 2 hours ago

    Live PD is issuing copyright claims on public domain videos they have featured on their shows in an apparent attempt to destroy smaller channels abilities to profit from these videos. Unsubscribe from these greedy POS if you are a decent human being.

  • Justin
    Justin 2 hours ago

    My man Simmons, rep Spokane!!

  • John Menyhard
    John Menyhard 2 hours ago

    You can get. In a lot of trouble. If you don’t yelled. Wen a cop wants to. Get though

  • Crazy Joe
    Crazy Joe 2 hours ago

    The girl is awkward

  • Shayna August
    Shayna August 2 hours ago

    Mexicans love to drink and drive 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Krafty
    Krafty 2 hours ago

    she accusing him of controlling but its really her. He just needs to divorce her and kick her out.

  • Sidlah
    Sidlah 2 hours ago

    Driving a bright yellow car my guy was trying to get caught

  • DreamsIntoReality
    DreamsIntoReality 2 hours ago

    At 17:41 thats all you need to watch trust me

  • Anthony Wolf
    Anthony Wolf 2 hours ago

    Why did none of the cops ask how tf that thing got into the car

  • Dessycomesalive
    Dessycomesalive 2 hours ago

    I love how unbothered Dr.Green’s face always is😂😂😂😭

  • Shane Wolfe
    Shane Wolfe 2 hours ago

    Miss Tameka, He's going to end up dead or in prison.

  • LBJ x
    LBJ x 2 hours ago

    Release these faster

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 2 hours ago

    Beans got a pipe collection. 😂🐈

  • Aaron Andrade
    Aaron Andrade 2 hours ago

    "You're mad at you're dad, not at me I forgive you"

  • craig Mack
    craig Mack 2 hours ago


  • ThatOneDude
    ThatOneDude 2 hours ago

    Alicia low key can get it

  • Kane Monaghan
    Kane Monaghan 2 hours ago

    Their still human

  • Abraham Peña
    Abraham Peña 2 hours ago

    0:40 Okay, but y'all see the skills?!?!

  • Dalton Halter
    Dalton Halter 2 hours ago

    shouldnt have given that dude on the bike a ticket :/

    SQLI CTO 2 hours ago

    i just wanted to pause it, 5 minutes into the video....and hopefully the officer see's this...but this is kind of the stuff i like seeing to restore my faith in humanity. not letting him off the hook per-say, But giving first contact chance, based on the situation just like a scare tactic for kids being rude to parents. except if they don't wanna redeem them self. then book them.

  • ScraftyPants
    ScraftyPants 2 hours ago

    Keep in mind, these people are allowed to vote... Think about that. They can hardly get through a coherent sentence, yet they can make a decision on leaders of the country.

  • DreamsIntoReality
    DreamsIntoReality 2 hours ago

    These guys are called pigs for saving live and preventing crime smh

  • White Guy
    White Guy 2 hours ago

    By now everybody in the country should have seen or heard of this show. So if you in County Jail and you see a camera crew if it ain't MSNBC lockup it's probably 60 days In!

  • Scorch428
    Scorch428 2 hours ago

    Guy turned onto the train tracks? Is he drunk?? Nope. Just Asian... Man, those guys must never get DUIs cus they have a built in excuse....

  • Dirty Burger
    Dirty Burger 2 hours ago

    0.20 on the beers. Give me that breathalyzer after ive been in the whiskey and I will show you high 0.3s

  • Jman thegiantsfan
    Jman thegiantsfan 2 hours ago

    Billy is silly

  • Wildman Samurai
    Wildman Samurai 2 hours ago

    "I travel, I don't drive".. 🤦‍♂️

  • baileya82
    baileya82 2 hours ago

    Grandma stumbles over to do a sobriety test. Officer: "You're not under arrest. I just want to make sure you're okay to drive."

  • Dougie Doughnuts
    Dougie Doughnuts 2 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 the first guy is talking for the first minute it just says “ unintelligible “ I’m dying😆😆😆😆

  • Dominique Brown
    Dominique Brown 2 hours ago

    When I was 13 I had already been molested by my brother for years who is currently doing 20 years for doing it to someone else's daughter. Raising my sister's kid's as my own people thought I had children. I had no childhood. Being bullied because I didnt have nice clothes and shoes. Hair was never done. My mom had two jobs was never home trying to keep the roof over our heads. My dad wasnt in my life at the time. Anger and a bad temper is what I have now. But I never was like this..... She need to get it together ❤

  • John Kham
    John Kham 2 hours ago

    It’s modelo time!

    CASH`MERE KARDIGAN 2 hours ago

    Hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sean Hickey
    Sean Hickey 2 hours ago

    The guy in the White button down shirt needs to take another math class or two...

  • Nicholas Woodall
    Nicholas Woodall 2 hours ago

    3:38 pitbulls are aggresive due to the owner not the nature of pits

  • Fenrisúlfr Hródvitnir

    Oh joy, the first family live in the same state I currently am unfortunately living in... Ugh...

  • wo wo nfs
    wo wo nfs 2 hours ago


  • KaiPooMom
    KaiPooMom 2 hours ago

    This is soooo sad. These people are sick.

  • Ahsan Muhammad
    Ahsan Muhammad 2 hours ago

    2:48 he sounds like a dying formula car

  • Simple Man
    Simple Man 2 hours ago

    That last guy is having way too much fun

  • it's definitely true

    That was definitely one cool cop.

  • Syr Porter
    Syr Porter 2 hours ago

    That ringtone though! 🤣