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Help Us Bullyproof Luis
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I'm Gonna Be on SHARK TANK!
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The Gracie Breakdown Effect
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Jamal Update
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  • Ibraheem Abdullah

    Greetings men. Rener, the culture of family in America is under attacked from every angle. You guys can also be an example in helping others see the importance in that. Please show your uncle respect by referring to him as Uncle Hickson.

  • Javier Salazar
    Javier Salazar Hour ago

    I love you guys and love BJJ, but I am a little concerned about a couple of things that you suggest/show here: A) I can't help but notice that the "bear/child" keeps on landing on his head when the attacker is tackled down. Truth is, the bad guy will always use the child as a cushion to prevent hurting himself when tackled. (even if he knows ukemi. He's the bad guy, remember that) So maybe you end up stopping the abduction but your kid ends up with a broken skull or a shattered spine. There must be a better way. (for instance, counting that the guy will have both hands on the kid, and going for a rear choke instead?) Again, a regular bad-guy won't protect the kid when falling. B)- The kidnapper might have a friend. Most work in pairs (woman+man) in order to be around couples and kids in public places without raising suspicion. So, if you send your 4-year-old for help, chances are you are sending him/her right into the hands of the bad guy's sidekick. Shouldn't it be better to instruct your kid to step back a couple of meters and start shouting HELP, HELP! at the top of his/her lungs within your view range? This sounds like a better strategy to me than disappearing from view. (if an accomplice grabs your kid, while you are struggling with the other guy, at least, maybe, you can spot how he/she looks like in order to inform the police. Just a couple of thoughts. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work! All the best!

  • Pyrit One
    Pyrit One 4 hours ago

    I find these videos to watch so hard, because i'm thinking " man i wish if i was there and defend the poor kid" ... weird because i don't even know him, i'm not even living in the same continent but still...

  • Chris Bacon
    Chris Bacon 4 hours ago

    That purple belt needs to have some sort of action taken against him. That's not cool at all.

  • Johannes Terzis
    Johannes Terzis 4 hours ago

    White/White sparring sucks. Neither one knows what they are doing and it's all about strength.

  • BuzzAwuzZ
    BuzzAwuzZ 5 hours ago

    I would rather fight a black belt in a cage than a white belt in the street. But if a "black belt" did that around here, I would prefer a chat on the street instead ;)

  • Bubba didn't do it.
    Bubba didn't do it. 5 hours ago

    What a great story, really happy for this young man. i wish i had you people help me out when i was his age.

  • Spiky
    Spiky 5 hours ago

    I wish Im That guy :D

  • Atheist Dingo
    Atheist Dingo 6 hours ago

    Too bad he got his legs blown off in Syria. Thanks Obama

  • Atheist Dingo
    Atheist Dingo 6 hours ago

    Kid going to learn how to defend himself mum going to support her kid dad going to perv on Eve

  • narko
    narko 7 hours ago

    Fight fire with fire... doesn't get more american than that.

  • Pw America
    Pw America 7 hours ago


  • Nah Nigga
    Nah Nigga 7 hours ago

    I DIED when he started smacking his face...😂😂😂

  • Lucid Interval
    Lucid Interval 8 hours ago

    trust the tap

  • asharedo
    asharedo 9 hours ago

    Best thing to do when vs multiple attackers is sit in air conditioned control room with remote for drone and use drone to blow them up. You're welcome.

  • B Henderson
    B Henderson 9 hours ago


  • DT
    DT 11 hours ago

    She should stay the fuck home bare foot and prego. You have no business being a police officer....

  • Simon J
    Simon J 11 hours ago

    Pricks NOT paying my shit!!!? Fuck the police!

  • Robin Workman
    Robin Workman 11 hours ago

    It's sad, but it's his own dam fault. The guy tried walking away.he kept advancing. the guy did t pull the gun right away. The guy seemed pretty determined to get in a fight.i guess the guy who walked away was willing to do what ever to get home to his family.

  • Krieger San
    Krieger San 11 hours ago

    I think the so-called policemen are incompetent and incapable of handling the drunk man. Why did they resort to using gun instead of handling the case peacefully ? Old wild west still exists in the US.

  • DT
    DT 12 hours ago

    This police woman is as useless as tits on a bull..... fucking pathetic

  • DT
    DT 12 hours ago

    What a fucking joke!! Women cannot do the same job as men. Your weak and cannot do jobs like police, firemen, etc. Stay home, bare foot and prego!!!

  • William
    William 12 hours ago

    Don't wanna bring to much hate to this but you failed dad, you failed. In the one area. Aint none of us perfect.

  • 3333 3333
    3333 3333 12 hours ago

    Much respect to an awesome cop

  • Rodger Minnerup
    Rodger Minnerup 13 hours ago

    Him being a black belt is a lethal weapon so the man with the gun had every right to defend himself

  • Cano
    Cano 13 hours ago

    what the fuck is the motherfucking trying to say? 'no hold on he thinks he can't breathe but it fact he can breathe for another 5 seconds dont worry' stupid guy, he even looks like a psychopath

  • Slime Bucket
    Slime Bucket 14 hours ago

    not condoning what he did, but I understand his power trip what I cant forgive is the losers who stood by and let it happen. Fucking cowards

  • Michael Bierlein
    Michael Bierlein 14 hours ago

    I see how much I don’t know. I want to start training but not sure who to trust as a trainer. I’m 55 and want to be capable of defending myself.

  • corn dawgz
    corn dawgz 14 hours ago

    damn... her shoulders are broader than his..

  • PearsAreOkay
    PearsAreOkay 15 hours ago

    You gotta up date the link for Gracie U bc it has the “!” in the URL and I am lazy :/

  • Donavine Freeman
    Donavine Freeman 15 hours ago

    What if you can’t go up because his knees are right around your hip.

  • ifell3
    ifell3 15 hours ago

    Gracie's rock, end off!!!

  • Rebecca Brooks
    Rebecca Brooks 16 hours ago

    Wow, wish my parents had given 1/2 the concern his parents did when I was assaulted over and over in the 80's.

  • Flavio Jesus Galindo
    Flavio Jesus Galindo 16 hours ago

    increible se los chingo

  • Johannes Terzis
    Johannes Terzis 16 hours ago

    Fuck this guy is good. Imagine how good those black belts are. Now look at how relatively easily he handled them.

  • Andrew Zygarewicz
    Andrew Zygarewicz 17 hours ago

    Now when ever. I head plans head first I can see I was using my head for balance! Excellent vid ! Awesome !

  • Mr. Mark
    Mr. Mark 17 hours ago

    She might should consider a different profession.

  • Ronaldo Ferreira
    Ronaldo Ferreira 17 hours ago

    Relata a verdade dos policiais . Mal preparo pra combater o crime , mas são esperto pra estelhonatario e outros delitos chupa

  • Jack Bauer
    Jack Bauer 17 hours ago

    Yep. 110% agree.. I’m not training with some asshole that’s actively attempting to give me brain damage. I’m glad that you’re speaking out against practices that are clearly more dangerous than developmental.

  • din mamma
    din mamma 18 hours ago

    knee capped followed by not being allowed back in the sport.

  • Rex Banner
    Rex Banner 19 hours ago

    A credit to his family and to his community, class act.

  • Steven Rehrig
    Steven Rehrig 20 hours ago

    Fuck yeah. I have about 150 hours of BJJ training and even went to a tournament where I won third in my division. Changed my life.

  • red racer
    red racer 20 hours ago

    I contract work with the department of motor vehicles cameras are not allowed behind the stations( everybody's personal information is behind those counters in one way or another or on a paper laying down) this was a staged event. Gracie's you guys should know better.

  • road runner
    road runner 20 hours ago

    Oh give me a fucking break........the cop got his ass handed to him........period, end of story

  • road runner
    road runner 20 hours ago

    It's only hard to watch becuase a cop got beat, defeated!The cop got his ass handed to him......good for the suspect, good move!The suspect defended himself becuase the cop was abusing his ussual

  • road runner
    road runner 20 hours ago

    Oh give me a fucking break, "attempt to kill him?" Fuck off, it was a choke hold plain and simple......typical cop twisting things around!

  • road runner
    road runner 20 hours ago

    The cops abuse thier authority every day........thier never there when I need them........fuck em

  • road runner
    road runner 20 hours ago

    Elegid facts can be flipped way too easily all the time and by cops!How do we know the cop didn't initiate it! Things are manipulated every day......maybe the cops had it coming......I'm mean come on it was just a choke hold, cops abuse thier authority every day.......his problem! Any time I needed a cops help thier never there

  • humberto HGInteriorsRemodelingLLC

    Police need to go back school for new job Or better practice

  • rob roth
    rob roth 22 hours ago

    Thank you to the Gracie family God bless!!

  • John L
    John L 23 hours ago

    Seems like a very thin line between training and sexual assault.

  • Joelong
    Joelong 23 hours ago

    ..a girl I know now in her twenties,, was born to two totally deaf parents..she told me she learned ASL before she started to speak...her parents taught her ASL at an very early age.. today all her kids, her relatives, neighbors and places where she works she has taught them ASL so they can communicate some, with people with disabilities..this place should have had a person on board with ASL skills...and should have been one of the clerks..........

  • Himalayan
    Himalayan Day ago

    It's a pity there's not a soft mat everywhere🤔

  • Ronaldo Ferreira

    Show de bola menos polícia vagabundo nas ruas vivendo mamando o dinheiro que sivil ganha e paga seus miseráveis salário

  • Brad Sheppard
    Brad Sheppard Day ago

    And I have an idea how about both you clowns get in the gym and gain a little muscle. You goofies went through the police academy probably years ago and then started eating pizza and Chinese as soon as you graduated. That's sad. Yes Jujitsu will help tremendously with use of force situations, however it's not the end-all be-all. So in the meantime get in the gym, I understand fighting someone on drugs is a little different believe me I've done it a hundred times, but my God you two guys look pitiful

  • Jessie Cherall

    Accidentally? Seriously? The move is designed to do it's NOT an accident. Sigh...

  • Pastor Lliam Honey Brook

    I've always had great respect for the Gracie family and fighting system. NOW more than ever. GREAT honorable PEOPLE.

  • Metonicus
    Metonicus Day ago

    If two people are fighting hand to hand and one is armed, they're both armed.

  • Kip Allen
    Kip Allen Day ago

    Slick move..gotta try this!

  • Cosmic Giggle
    Cosmic Giggle Day ago

    200 pound white guy flexes on 3 professional asians

  • Destroyer Ofhearts

    Men these two brothers got such a beutiful relationship . they so different but when together make the perfect one being.

  • Cuban Jorge
    Cuban Jorge Day ago

    Sorry .. I respect people in uniform but this is fucked up .. if I get 5 people to help me do this to someone who is unarmed and even acting moderately aggressive towards me, I would be locked up. This is not justified.

  • Miguel Sandejas

    Mauricio Zingano was Cat Zngano's husband and trainer. He left this world a few years back.

  • vincent allen
    vincent allen Day ago

    Funny I have seen the Gracie family do this. TAP TAP TAP and the hold is not broken. FUCK YOU.

  • Caesar
    Caesar Day ago

    California? LMAO no worth it.

  • Clayton Vlogs
    Clayton Vlogs Day ago

    My friends be mean to me and run off so I jump on them

  • CLEZZY 99
    CLEZZY 99 Day ago

    I was jumped in fourth grade and it was crazy

  • Guy Whiteside
    Guy Whiteside Day ago

    You know what's bad, the guy filming this could have done something. He should be charged too.

  • Brayden_Rich Yt

    Who every those girls that beat her up if they meet again just look at those punches last time I checked you punch with your knuckles not the back of your fist

  • Barefoot Bushman

    What a top bloke 👍

  • Paul Blundell
    Paul Blundell Day ago

    The officer is a real man. Intelligent, caring and generous. That lady will never forget the kindness and the gesture. Stay safe officer💯❤️👌

  • Brian Bowles
    Brian Bowles Day ago

    Now that she has her license she can vote for a dem

  • FrapsGamer YT
    FrapsGamer YT Day ago

    Kill this poop

  • endlessawareness

    All I can say is....what a great video all around.

  • Dead Lock
    Dead Lock Day ago

    What a great community. So many civilians helping out the cop in a very bad situation. If I was that cop I would move to a more police friendly community the next day and let these people deal with this garbage themselves. Not worth it buddy

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith Day ago

    Call ICE!

  • Ron Smith
    Ron Smith Day ago

    Cal ID? So its another pos illegal who shouldnt be in the Country!

  • Travis
    Travis Day ago

    Gracie's are amazing people for helping bullied children. It's so messed up to see that video. I really hope they were able to help Naomi get herself back in the game of life again.

  • Esther Blaser
    Esther Blaser Day ago

    I kept shipping them and not paying attention :| (still ship them tho)

  • Gerard
    Gerard Day ago

    if i was there i kick him in the head. easy solution to fix such an asshole.

  • Yasmin I. Alamin

    When your son or daughter says no

  • Joseph Robichaud

    If Fox sees this the heading will be police talks down to black person.

  • Joseph Robichaud

    We need far more positive videos like this!

  • Uplift Snowyyy

    fuccin fat ass

  • jon snow
    jon snow Day ago

    man these parents are a failure

  • Kevin Patty
    Kevin Patty Day ago

    Thank you for this Video i am a full on Guillotine guy and this video really helped me get another technique. Thanks Loved it!

  • D. F.
    D. F. Day ago

    And he’s easy on the eyes. 💕

  • Sergio Aguero Fernandez


  • Armando
    Armando Day ago

    retaliation against that person, sorry but he should be killed horribly

  • Eric Von Zipper

    To bad they are the exception and not the rule!

  • mamuburaa
    mamuburaa Day ago

    That's criminal. He should get kicked out and in the balls.

  • Don Dawn
    Don Dawn Day ago

    Despite you teaching a viable art and you're obviously very good at it Gracies nauseat, me is it important for me to tell you that ? ...probably not but I did anyway ...

  • Ravenous Hydra

    yet he wouldn't be able to win against two white belts if one was allowed to just soccer kick him while the other rolled with him.

  • Always Watching.

    That dude needs to get his ass kicked and never allowed in a gym again.

  • Falling Black Snow

    beautifull that he takes this time

  • Alexazilla MVs

    The mount looks so wrong omg look at 0:20 ....

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    Uber didn't encourage you to do a damn thing. Stop trying to play victim. Just because he was going to be given $15 doesn't mean he has to return at that time. It's at the both of your convenience. Big crying baby trying to get likes and attention. POS

  • P Val
    P Val Day ago

    Kaneohe HI. Adult gangs. Carrie. Black at plaza. Liotta lookalike.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Day ago

    FOH. He doesn't have to stop his day to return your phone at that point. He's a driver. He's busy. POS

  • blade8768
    blade8768 Day ago

    What's the difference between Gracie academy vs gracie Barra?