Pastimers - World's Best & Worst
Pastimers - World's Best & Worst
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    VIKRANT MISHRA 15 hours ago

    Very Bhutiful Video. Vande Matram

  • Jon S
    Jon S 16 hours ago

    Once lord krishna told the story of elephant with 2 teeth in kaliyuga to pandavas.. Showing good behavior outside but inner soul is completey rubbish.. Now we can see the clear cut examples of these rapist babas.(sai baba is innocent) They should be concernd and worried about the future world and the current malpractices that r emerging in today's religions.. These babas should feel shame on thier illegal act keeping men as their bodyguard and women as their play toys. All of these babas calling themselves gurus have been keeping young ladies in their dark room for very long period which is unknown to many people. #Truth are always bitter to accept. We need to raise the voice against these illegal act. Final word: We all need to worry about the future. The lifespan of the world is in the hand of youngsters now.

  • snaggletooth 70
    snaggletooth 70 21 hour ago

    Jeb bush has done way more evil than this girl,,but he has money,

  • Bsn Prasad
    Bsn Prasad Day ago

    Respect is most important. At the same time the time is most important to sing the national anthem.

  • laptopJDGamer
    laptopJDGamer Day ago

    Typhoon haiyan rivals typhoon tip in windspeed and speed itself. So it either needs to be top 1 or 2

  • Coin world coin

    The JEWISHES are very intelligent and wonderful

  • Pete D
    Pete D 2 days ago

    You do realise that TVclip is video channel don't you?

  • Andrew Britt
    Andrew Britt 2 days ago

    Coriciiiidins. Triple C's braa 🥴🤫😂

    SURAJ PRAJAPATI 2 days ago

    Speech less

  • Riley Harris
    Riley Harris 2 days ago

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  • Angelo
    Angelo 2 days ago

    The person who made this video is an idiot

  • haywoodtuk1964
    haywoodtuk1964 3 days ago

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    KINGSWAGGER 3 days ago

    Your a fucking dumbass

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 3 days ago


  • Orchid Lilly
    Orchid Lilly 3 days ago

    Actually, Lester Young called Billie's Mom Lady Day, Billy took it from there. You got many facts wrong. Greatly mistaken on Your information.

  • Raja Vishnuvardhana

    Dood sagar is not Goa 😂😁 It Goa and karntatka border and Hogenakkal is between karnataka and Tamil Nadu...please refer Wikipedia atleast...

  • Niki
    Niki 3 days ago

    I worked with a man who's son was in MIT at 14 but he never allowed the media to interview him to keep pressure off of him.

  • Carol Elizabeth Johnson

    Mr. Walt Disney Molested Little boys. And was a 33rd degree Mason. He shoulda been HORSEWHIPPED! But, I guess there's no "Fresh Air" where he is now, only Fire 'n Brimstone that never ends. If he would of Known Christ Jesus. ='-(

  • Sachin Ag
    Sachin Ag 4 days ago

    Kuch bol hi nahi pa raha hu

  • Abdulrazaq Abbas
    Abdulrazaq Abbas 4 days ago

    damn! what is Jay Z doing here?

  • Genie samantha Mahinay

    According to the news, haiyan was the strongest typhoon in the history!!!! Your video says your idiot!

  • Glam Slam
    Glam Slam 5 days ago

    He has 16 kids

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin 5 days ago

    CDhayS wIt tA Cuns

  • washington leite
    washington leite 5 days ago

    Jing tian a mais bela e linda que já vi 😍

  • Thomas Terry
    Thomas Terry 5 days ago

    someone needs to do their homework before making another video

  • carmen woods
    carmen woods 5 days ago

    Happy 🎂 Birthday. Rest In Power with the ancestors.

  • JustForFun
    JustForFun 6 days ago

    Yes i hvae 2500+ subs!!! And my video was hit 890,900+ views

  • AN Dynamics
    AN Dynamics 6 days ago

  • Ashidur Rahman
    Ashidur Rahman 6 days ago

    Uparwala sabka hisab karega...baari baari..unke bar pe awas nhi hoga...ghut ghut ke marega

  • Game Play
    Game Play 6 days ago


  • George Argyris
    George Argyris 6 days ago

    She was a gem..!

  • Tim Ward
    Tim Ward 6 days ago

    These "worst of" and "best of" lists are usually sloppily done and full of errors, innuendo, and gossip. Even though there really were some horrible popes, anyone who "learns" anything from a video like this is an idiot. Don't be a lazy spreader of gossip, rumor and misinformation. Read a book! In fact, READ SEVERAL BOOKS.

  • orlystanleh
    orlystanleh 7 days ago

    She had 4 husbands, not 5.

  • Vikashkumar Kumar
    Vikashkumar Kumar 7 days ago

    Dil chhu jata hai jab bhi ye dhun suno to

  • Lavvender Productions

    uhhh Janis was never married... and Seth Ward Joplin was her father!

  • Fred Capp
    Fred Capp 7 days ago

    Sad, but had to mute the sound as this is the world today

  • Let Yr Body Moven
    Let Yr Body Moven 7 days ago

    Nice information

  • tom bronski
    tom bronski 7 days ago

    Goering was a transvestite just like Michael Obama, just in secret,.

  • G. Lee Ferguson
    G. Lee Ferguson 8 days ago

    What is a move career?

  • Harshitha A N
    Harshitha A N 8 days ago

    That is Indians 🇮🇳

  • Akash Giri
    Akash Giri 8 days ago

    I really want to know who sung this version. Its so beautiful.

  • Vaishnavi Elangovan

    Cleopatra had sexual relationship with Julius Caesar. When he died, she sought out to seduce Mark Antony, and she succeeded in it.

  • pure punjabi
    pure punjabi 8 days ago

    Many people have died there

    PRITISH KARMI 8 days ago

    Who's here after chandrayaan 2?

  • goodolgirlz
    goodolgirlz 8 days ago

    See the grief stricken parents? Their tear stained faces? Pleading for their child's safe return???? I don't either! Guilty!!!!!! Beyond reasonable doubt!

  • goodolgirlz
    goodolgirlz 8 days ago

    Going after accomplices. Sure they are!!!! How disgusting this president is

  • Garry Wood
    Garry Wood 8 days ago

    Arguably One Of The Greatest Stars Of The 20th Century. A Sad End To A GLITTERING Career.

  • Grace Star Power
    Grace Star Power 9 days ago

    Why didn't anyone comment?

  • Grace Star Power
    Grace Star Power 9 days ago


  • Pissed off Cat
    Pissed off Cat 9 days ago

    Katrina is not a typhoon

  • Pissed off Cat
    Pissed off Cat 9 days ago

    Andrew is not a typhoon

  • Parth Sharothi Pal
    Parth Sharothi Pal 9 days ago

    Respect from Bangladesh

  • Sunita Bonangi
    Sunita Bonangi 9 days ago

    Goosebumping add actually

  • prabhat udiya
    prabhat udiya 9 days ago

    on 1st there is indias solae plant with 2000mw capacity

  • Sheets Singh
    Sheets Singh 9 days ago

    Great india

  • Albania Shqip Gaming TV

    First is sony

  • Swati Paul
    Swati Paul 10 days ago

    With wet eyes and full love for my nation BHARAT.... I love you

  • सम्राट सिंह

    जय है जय है ,मेरा भारत महान.

  • askar ali pdk
    askar ali pdk 10 days ago

    Islam is great ever

  • Arzi Arzi
    Arzi Arzi 11 days ago

    Heyyy you forgot about me...

  • Rajeshwar Sharma
    Rajeshwar Sharma 11 days ago

    Respect from Fiji.

  • Sri Charan
    Sri Charan 11 days ago

    It so meaning full and have a great message 🇮🇳

  • darinaria
    darinaria 11 days ago

    Graf would wipe the floor with serena williams.

  • Monique Lehnhardt
    Monique Lehnhardt 12 days ago

    Socialite not socialist you idiots, She was a socialite.Never a socialist. Please fix this.

  • Iksab Ahlan
    Iksab Ahlan 12 days ago

    Where is sarah

  • sparkyinbath
    sparkyinbath 12 days ago

    Wonderful that he died having a tug. How embarrassing lol.

  • francisca Carvalho
    francisca Carvalho 12 days ago


  • Kunal
    Kunal 12 days ago

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🥳🤙🏼jai hind..🇮🇳🧡💚🇮🇳😻😻

  • Nane Aviabiseness
    Nane Aviabiseness 13 days ago

    I ran out of xan an ecstasy and stuff like that and i found ou aerius i was just checking if you could get high with it lmao

  • Manuella
    Manuella 13 days ago

    Sad Story!

  • Scorpians Dance Troupe & Academy

    I love my India number one always this video...

  • Heather Owens
    Heather Owens 14 days ago

    Is was her dad

  • Vaishak p
    Vaishak p 14 days ago

    This is half he don't no how and why is half.

  • Tara Velarde
    Tara Velarde 14 days ago

    #3 is not a surprising fact

  • Manish Bk
    Manish Bk 14 days ago

    Nepal flag is deferent Nd beautiful also of the World

  • JasjotSingh Malhotra

    And people have a problem with standing in the Cinema Hall.....

  • Nandita Roy
    Nandita Roy 14 days ago

    Amazing. I love my India 🇮🇳

  • YouTubeName
    YouTubeName 14 days ago

    Everyone please report this video under the “Violent and repulsive content” category.

  • Michela Dilena
    Michela Dilena 15 days ago

    0:22 thats a flipping ⓉⓄⓎ Edit: Like if you think the faunt that I used for "TOY" is funny. Edit 2: This is the link I got that faunt from

  • ícҽís թհօҽղíx

    Tree's are the earth's lungs. 🌳

  • 100 subscribers challenge

    Any sources for your stupid claims and assumptions?

  • Neppy_ Kun
    Neppy_ Kun 15 days ago

    Respect humans, destroy cast system, then we stand united to respect our country.

  • Nabendu Mazumder
    Nabendu Mazumder 15 days ago

    Jai Hind. ..hame Garv ha ki ham Bharatiya hu. ....All the best. ...Yea Desh nahi jhukne dunga yea Desh niye mitne dunga yea Kassam ha Bharat mata ki Teranga ko nahi jhukne dunga. ...Bharat Mata Ki Jai. ....

  • Naming THEM
    Naming THEM 15 days ago

    Lose the seizure music and ad some narration..

  • Consoles Love
    Consoles Love 16 days ago

    1-Panigale 2-1098R 3-Desmocedici RR 4-999R 5-998R 6-1000SS 7-Supersport S 2019 8-Multistrada 9-Xdiavel/Diavel 10-StreetFighter 11-Monster 12-Hypermoted

  • Pratik Gamer
    Pratik Gamer 16 days ago

    Where is kalal bangdi??

  • Sreeram G
    Sreeram G 16 days ago

    Jai hind

  • lee lee
    lee lee 16 days ago

    WHY THIS EASY CASE STILL A MYSTERY ? she fell to ocean from the cabin balcony. (Bradley's father, Ron, saw her asleep on the cabin balcony. ) .Why she fell off to the ocean ? either accident (Drunk from party) or pushed by somebody , ------ and this " somebody "is not difficult to guess , IN SHORT: She disappeared in their own family own private balcony which is private deck which can face the ocean

  • Ahilan Fernando
    Ahilan Fernando 16 days ago

    Stupid fellow, we poor people love our country but richest people only distroy our country in the name of development looting our money. Selling our country to foreign.

  • Be cool
    Be cool 16 days ago

  • Shilpa very nice video

    Love India country salute our India

  • Madhawa Welgama
    Madhawa Welgama 16 days ago

    We love your India 🇱🇰 🇱🇰 🇱🇰

  • Suryaveer Singh
    Suryaveer Singh 16 days ago

    😭🇮🇳 I love my country, best country in the world...proud to took birth in the land of Gods

  • billa vel
    billa vel 16 days ago

    317 idiots 😠

  • keri caye
    keri caye 16 days ago

    I used to live in her building

  • Tony Greene
    Tony Greene 16 days ago

    Yeah the music is appropriate.

  • lol
    lol 17 days ago

    Whoever made this video should be punched, its totally fake and the music is cancer.

  • Cindy B
    Cindy B 17 days ago

    Love the hilarious narration

  • Alpha Ghost_316
    Alpha Ghost_316 17 days ago

    The French flag should have been in there it’s beautiful

  • Siddaroodha Y
    Siddaroodha Y 17 days ago

    🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳😘😘😘😘😘 I'm crying