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  • حسام الاسدي
    حسام الاسدي 13 minutes ago

    my sister hates your dogs name but i like his name his so cute

  • Kaustav Chatterjee
    Kaustav Chatterjee 19 minutes ago

    I need a CBD oil, immediately.

  • radha ramani vasam
    radha ramani vasam 30 minutes ago

    I laughed so much at the Kardashians joke, oh my Linda and Tucker are indeed funny, :)

  • Mario Scenic vids and dogs

    Tucker wants his friend

  • Chaco Taco
    Chaco Taco 42 minutes ago

    That dog needs disciplinary training

  • Chaima Bouitna
    Chaima Bouitna 53 minutes ago

    I think the left dog is undercover ship. I mean, watching dog eating fruits it's just freaking me out, like what's happening to the world?!.

  • Galaxie Wolf
    Galaxie Wolf 53 minutes ago

    That's how I react when I see a cockroach😂... I remember one time when the cockroach is on my shoulder and i was screaming😂

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis Hour ago

    hats off to linda tbh For making this content

  • Good boy LOL
    Good boy LOL Hour ago

    “Boulder holder” damn that’s so cute and funny I think it just made my lifespan how floofy can tucker get😍😍😍😎

  • BTS ARMY forever

    OMG they are to much cute☺☺😍😘i want one 😢😢😢

  • Stella Strbac
    Stella Strbac Hour ago

    I have a golden retriever

  • Romi Bogi
    Romi Bogi Hour ago

    You druged your dog,God you are awfull,

  • Ian Richards
    Ian Richards 2 hours ago

    Hekkin Linda makin' bank on doggo vids.

  • Princess Lollypop
    Princess Lollypop 2 hours ago

    How old is Tucker?

  • radha ramani vasam
    radha ramani vasam 2 hours ago

    Oh my, they look like Twins, :)

  • radha ramani vasam
    radha ramani vasam 2 hours ago

    Strawboobs, LOL I laughed so much, :)

  • z1lVeR -_- zTrEaKz
    z1lVeR -_- zTrEaKz 2 hours ago

    3 minutes and 7 seconds of sofference...for the Doggo...

  • Kreyshaun Mariveles
    Kreyshaun Mariveles 2 hours ago

    Tucker if gurl:henlo mommy Tucker if boi: HEKK U LINDADD

  • Kreyshaun Mariveles
    Kreyshaun Mariveles 2 hours ago

    Hi mommy 0173927392372939248 years later(not joek) Hekk u mom who is dis new puwpiees?

  • Lexi Viri
    Lexi Viri 2 hours ago

    Linda- The day I got a puppy Tucker-The day I got a mommy

  • Kreyshaun Mariveles
    Kreyshaun Mariveles 2 hours ago

    Omg tucker!!!

  • Joyce 31202
    Joyce 31202 2 hours ago

    You broke my sniffer.♥️😂

  • ZDS791 DS
    ZDS791 DS 2 hours ago

    Why 51 people hate this video?

  • Amy Metz
    Amy Metz 2 hours ago


  • Lindsay Deweese
    Lindsay Deweese 2 hours ago

    The begging was so funny

  • Amy Metz
    Amy Metz 2 hours ago

    Puppy apuckullipes

  • Aarki Shiralkar
    Aarki Shiralkar 2 hours ago

    This is the best channel of cute retrievers and nice people to take care of

  • Sparkle Pup
    Sparkle Pup 2 hours ago

    Who else tucker should be in the hype house

  • Sayaka Scofield Maeda

    Absolutely love ot

  • Aarki Shiralkar
    Aarki Shiralkar 2 hours ago

    That's so good! 😀😀

  • 'Αννα Φτάκα

    1:42 Tucker: dis candy Linda: no. It's not a candy Tucker: I tastes Linda: there's no candy in the....AAAAAAAAA 😂❤️

  • Super Goku
    Super Goku 2 hours ago

    Very sweet Dogs ❤

  • ツCrowdie
    ツCrowdie 2 hours ago

    Nobody: Linda: you good boi

  • Candy Lover
    Candy Lover 3 hours ago

    I LOVE GOLDEN RETREVERS!!! ( especially tucker )

  • PJ P
    PJ P 3 hours ago

    Tuckers Mum is very shagable

  • aadarsh lakshmanan
    aadarsh lakshmanan 3 hours ago

    6:03 see caption

  • TokyoCrabs
    TokyoCrabs 3 hours ago

    My dudes, Tucker needs to calm down😂

  • Gaptooth Goblin
    Gaptooth Goblin 3 hours ago

    Tucker's beach cammo is quite effective.

  • Lucas Hudson
    Lucas Hudson 3 hours ago


  • Jenna Stama
    Jenna Stama 3 hours ago


  • 丂Ɋㄩ乇乙乇ㄚ

    Lol 😂😂

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  • Cheryl Tait
    Cheryl Tait 3 hours ago

    hope ur feeling better now linda

  • Rahina Kharel
    Rahina Kharel 4 hours ago

    Ohh my goodddd🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • Idiot Ice
    Idiot Ice 4 hours ago

    STOP NOW 🛑

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  • Sri Raj
    Sri Raj 4 hours ago

    Perfectly executed advertising content!!

  • Marty Howe
    Marty Howe 4 hours ago

    Linda is DDG (drop dead gorgeous). How did I get so old? Nothing more sweet than a pretty girl with her dog. Tucker is a beauty as well.

  • avraj singh
    avraj singh 4 hours ago

    Who else watches this video but doesn’t have s dog because there mom won’t let you buy one :c 😭😭😭

  • ricardo mercano
    ricardo mercano 4 hours ago

    "henlo mommy" ME: x-x

  • avraj singh
    avraj singh 4 hours ago

    Tucker: SEE MY BOL (BALLS) me: that feels weird

  • avraj singh
    avraj singh 4 hours ago


  • ami apple
    ami apple 4 hours ago

    Tucker Had sex i think with a dog

  • Dennis Sutton
    Dennis Sutton 4 hours ago

    Tucker is very handsome...good boy

  • Abhilash Pandey
    Abhilash Pandey 5 hours ago

    Does your dog knows that you are making money on his behalf?

  • Kelly Nevergonnatell

    My favorite moment ever is when Courtney gave Tucker a smooch. The look of pure love from both of then was beautiful.

  • boss guy
    boss guy 5 hours ago

    Get well linda and honestly you need to get a show you and tucker asap call disney

  • Theone Bondoc
    Theone Bondoc 5 hours ago

    Tucker as a baby: l wuv u mom Tucker now: HEKK U LINDA

  • Gamming Luna
    Gamming Luna 5 hours ago

    That can be fixed tho :^

  • Viking MGTOW
    Viking MGTOW 6 hours ago

    CBD oil has no THC and it is the THC that gets you high CBD also works on humans with epilepsy Parkinson cancer etc.

  • Kirsty Pratt
    Kirsty Pratt 6 hours ago

    Hi I was wondering what Tucker’s breed is? To me he looks like he’s got a mix of golden retriever and golden Labrador in him

  • David Berno
    David Berno 7 hours ago

    Tuker is my favorite dog😍❤️😘

  • Star Sisters
    Star Sisters 7 hours ago

    Can I come in pleaseeeee

  • Raechel F
    Raechel F 8 hours ago

    My cat: Dawgs r stoopid. Tucker: Um, cats chase lazer lites that not rilly therr. Dawgs never do. My cat: Shuttup stoopid dawg.

  • Maryam Ucal
    Maryam Ucal 8 hours ago

    Tucker looks very depressed with ur food😅😂

  • xxx_colby _brock_xxx

    What kinda of husky is echo shes beautiful

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    Lucky dog

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    kraken maunaloa 9 hours ago

    Hhhhhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dog thats so fanny

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    I had a lot more fun with the balloon thing

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    Thanks for the chuckles

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    Thanksfor the laugh

  • Nahviere Ruffin
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  • argene alcantara
    argene alcantara 9 hours ago

    8:59 was that from finding dory that was sanged by dory's mother and father?

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    Enjoyed the bath

  • Kylie Szabo
    Kylie Szabo 9 hours ago

    Tucker:yoos think it's death wewly mooma. Me Isabelle :you think I'm death two how meny times you say tuckerbudzyn #500 500

  • L.M.G.R
    L.M.G.R 9 hours ago

    Love is only feelings connecting this world

  • Lara Alvanna Sinahon

    Why he smell but😠😠😠

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 9 hours ago

    So cute

  • Lobo EL264MAG
    Lobo EL264MAG 10 hours ago

    Love your videos.

  • •`Prime Queen`•
    •`Prime Queen`• 10 hours ago

    I saw at the camera it took you more then a month to make this video

  • Random Potato UwU
    Random Potato UwU 10 hours ago

    That was hilarious, it was even more funny because the girl was eating everything but usually the boy does that 😂

  • Moody Pierat
    Moody Pierat 10 hours ago

    He no happs

  • Mercedes Casillas
    Mercedes Casillas 10 hours ago

    wat das he mean by MY GEM BE CAREFUL MY GEMS!?!?!?!?!?

    VADER 10 hours ago

    I love Tucker but a video idea should be tucker Being a bad boy

  • Ani M.
    Ani M. 10 hours ago

    Look at those beautiful blue eyes❤🙂🐕

  • Kelley Goldston
    Kelley Goldston 10 hours ago

    Flutter is a strong puppy

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  • Hailey Wadel
    Hailey Wadel 10 hours ago

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    GachaGirl47 11 hours ago

    I'm getting a golden retriever, and I was wondering... Do you have any tips?

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    XX_slender 173 11 hours ago

    At 2:34 LOL TUcker got beat up by puppy LOL laugh so hard

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    2:35 wow thats how dogs clean or make out but cute doggys❤️❤️❤️❤️

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  • Megan Smith
    Megan Smith 12 hours ago

    POTS - postural tachycardia syndrome is terrible. You faint when you stand up and you can’t stand up for too long. You need to be diagonal a lot of the time because even sitting up straight can cause you to collapse. I’m glad that you’re talking about it. It’s fairly unknown and more research needs to be done.