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  • Dazzling Deb
    Dazzling Deb 8 minutes ago

    Too cute!!

  • Wellington Da Silva
    Wellington Da Silva 8 minutes ago

    Lindo golden

  • Peter Ptak
    Peter Ptak 11 minutes ago

    These videos are awesome! Thank you for sharing them. Keep up the great content :)

  • pokemon dog show
    pokemon dog show 11 minutes ago

    Hey Tucker what is the name of that place?

  • Jackie Ware
    Jackie Ware 13 minutes ago

    Tucker is so so cute. Or u going to get a nother puppy

  • Crystal Lovelace
    Crystal Lovelace 15 minutes ago

    Tuker has a fart toy

  • sayeed chowdhury
    sayeed chowdhury 17 minutes ago

    This is like the hundredth time I have watched this. Tucker is soo cute

  • Pamplemousse Mirabelle
    Pamplemousse Mirabelle 29 minutes ago


  • ちなCRAZY
    ちなCRAZY 31 minute ago

    where bubble

  • Meghan Altis
    Meghan Altis 34 minutes ago

    when ever i whach i like

  • Pamplemousse Mirabelle
    Pamplemousse Mirabelle 37 minutes ago


  • woof woof
    woof woof 37 minutes ago

    Sum skill u gut there hm?

  • Crystal Lovelace
    Crystal Lovelace 38 minutes ago

    He is funny

  • Britney McGuire
    Britney McGuire 45 minutes ago

    Wait tucker is younger than my golden retriever?! Mine turned a year in March. He isn’t trained very well bc we got two at the same time. Mine are really skinny so I feel like my dad doesn’t feed them enough

  • Big Johnson
    Big Johnson 46 minutes ago

    Riley and Tucker must be Russian, cause they enjoy many Rubels.

  • Amy Harmon
    Amy Harmon 55 minutes ago

    Tuck Tuck, needs tree of doom again. I love it!😂

  • Jenna Ann
    Jenna Ann Hour ago

    so cute!

  • Natalie T7945
    Natalie T7945 Hour ago

    Those wrinkles and rolls...scrumptious 😀

  • Natalie T7945
    Natalie T7945 Hour ago

    Love him!

  • PS2player 24
    PS2player 24 Hour ago

    Awwwwww that Sneeze was so cuuuuute 💞💞💞😍🥰😍

  • Sans tache
    Sans tache Hour ago

    I subscribed to your other channel. Love to Tucker and family! I have a Tucker addiction. And I have found that since I started watching him that from time to time, I find I am "doin' me an embarrass". Lol

  • Guam783 Merizo673

    We here wink wink. To funny

  • mi fa so la
    mi fa so la 2 hours ago

    With so many dogs in shelters please don't breed.

  • Mystical_Cookies 24
    Mystical_Cookies 24 2 hours ago

    What about Maya?

  • Natalie Jaggessar
    Natalie Jaggessar 2 hours ago


  • kuuleiyukimuraoka
    kuuleiyukimuraoka 2 hours ago


  • Gacha Pawss
    Gacha Pawss 2 hours ago

    Am I The Only One Who Loves Brocoli?

  • CODY D
    CODY D 2 hours ago

    Hmmmmm I think I'm a bit late...........

  • AngelDame17
    AngelDame17 2 hours ago

    Tucker is hiding in a Corner now, heccin' pupset because you showed the Internet his Baby videos :3

  • Mr Cool Guy [[:
    Mr Cool Guy [[: 2 hours ago

    How could people possibly dislike this video

  • flamelion fortnite
    flamelion fortnite 2 hours ago

    1:39 All purpose flour Are you sure about that 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • brincando com a nana nunes

    Que fofos

  • Marta Lulka
    Marta Lulka 3 hours ago

    Awww dat face tho tucker became a meme

  • Jackie Rhone
    Jackie Rhone 3 hours ago

    Do you have many sponsors?

  • Jackie Rhone
    Jackie Rhone 3 hours ago


  • Itz_Hazel
    Itz_Hazel 3 hours ago

    The pickle one is me at morning trynna get the food from my momma and she ends up giving me food that I don’t like

  • antiheld
    antiheld 3 hours ago

    That Bowtie !! I just cant 🥰

  • nikita sharma
    nikita sharma 4 hours ago

    Looks like gal is vegetarian 😍😜

  • Sarah Mytha Lien Channel


  • T a m a g o t c h i G o r l

    Tucker and Maya ALL THE WAY

  • Michael Wann
    Michael Wann 4 hours ago

    Great video. What harness do you use?

  • Channel: Negative
    Channel: Negative 4 hours ago


  • Jo Swanell
    Jo Swanell 4 hours ago

    Tucker. ... you're just lucky it wasn't your girlfriend's daddy who caught you!! Whew!

  • Jo Swanell
    Jo Swanell 4 hours ago

    TUCKER!! Caught in the act!

  • Keith nunya
    Keith nunya 5 hours ago

    Licks butt(and balls)then French kisses her

  • razi manzoor
    razi manzoor 5 hours ago

    Man u r thicc

  • CoolSoccerStar0406
    CoolSoccerStar0406 5 hours ago

    Do you have a P.O. Box

  • Janhavi Rewatkar
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    Sagarika Saraswati 5 hours ago

    Just give me one tasty Tucker plzzzzzzzzz😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    Sthitadhi Basu 5 hours ago

    Tucker is most entertaining

  • Miss T.E.A.
    Miss T.E.A. 5 hours ago

    Tucker, you're one gorgeous doggo

  • Shandey Shandey
    Shandey Shandey 5 hours ago

    I love you baby 💟💟💟

  • zif lion gaming
    zif lion gaming 6 hours ago

    So it's no just me who hates water melon

  • Soumyaditya Pal
    Soumyaditya Pal 6 hours ago

    What a caption! I always felt that you guys got him to have a TVclip channel. I believe I have been proven right.

  • Shrek 697
    Shrek 697 6 hours ago

    Nice doggo. Oh wait it scared doggo

  • Curtis Tisberger
    Curtis Tisberger 6 hours ago

    Who gives a shit u own a animal u are going to eat their hair once and a while

  • wobbly nostrils
    wobbly nostrils 6 hours ago

    The kazoo music. Loool 😭😭😂😂😂 They were all in a line sniffing each others butt. Lol

  • Its Shadow
    Its Shadow 6 hours ago


  • Susmita Chauhan
    Susmita Chauhan 6 hours ago

    U make such funny conversations... I prefer watching this channel to comedy videos... It's so funny n entertaining... N Tucker... Baby m ur new subscriber... U cutie fella

  • Its Shadow
    Its Shadow 6 hours ago


  • Alisa Young
    Alisa Young 7 hours ago

    Is Tucker good with kids

  • Blckshldmdn 1
    Blckshldmdn 1 7 hours ago

    Soooo we're just ignoring the 🐕 butt and penis on the table you eat...not even a little grossed out...no mention of it whatsoever... Got it 👍🏾

  • Paola López
    Paola López 7 hours ago

    2:35 jajaja

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    Jannette Becker 7 hours ago

    Gotta LOVE the "3" Butt Siffers.!!

  • Molly-Jo Fee
    Molly-Jo Fee 7 hours ago

    Aww tucker is soo cute!!! You are soo lucky to have him! Cant wait to see more of him!!!

  • crazzinesboi
    crazzinesboi 7 hours ago

    Looks identical to my Pet Marley! He is 6 years old now (:

  • Rachel Rogier
    Rachel Rogier 7 hours ago

    Such a beautiful dog. Me and my daugther like to watch the food reviews together. Much love from holland

  • Laiane Dantas
    Laiane Dantas 7 hours ago

    I love the caption

  • Simply Hannah da Banana

    How ol is tucker the dumm but

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    Nico 7 hours ago

    Tucker is as cute as his owner 🙂

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    Yash Kuwade 8 hours ago

    1:51 a true playa' our Tucker

  • XxArtistick-HuskyXx
    XxArtistick-HuskyXx 8 hours ago


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  • Lilbrownfella /Michelle Samuel

    Best TVclip channel ever honestly

  • Lilbrownfella /Michelle Samuel

    Cutest TVclipr ever

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    ChocolateSkinful 8 hours ago

    Why do dogs love to sniff other dogs butt?

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    Chango Chilemba 8 hours ago


  • light z 69
    light z 69 8 hours ago

    Lol so cute!!!

  • Sammy’s Life
    Sammy’s Life 8 hours ago

    watch my golden puppy eat a lemon, hilarious 😂

  • Sammy’s Life
    Sammy’s Life 8 hours ago

    watch my golden puppy eat a lemon, hilarious 😂

  • 니치향수
    니치향수 8 hours ago

    🥰🥰🥰cute cute cute

  • Sammy’s Life
    Sammy’s Life 8 hours ago

    watch my golden puppy eat a lemon, hilarious 😂

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    woof woof 9 hours ago

    ur face makes me barf - Tucker 2019 XDDDDDDDDDDD LOL

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    Anshika Chandel 9 hours ago

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    woof woof 9 hours ago

    I’m another dog

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    Amanda Grey 9 hours ago

    Cute video❣ I was going to say you need a drone, but from one of the shots it looks like you have one

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    kimmie 9 hours ago

    Tucker's eyelids like hooman. A bit wrinkled🙂.

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    Anya GSD 9 hours ago

    i want a Tucker burrito!! 😊😊😊

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    Bopitty Boopy 9 hours ago

    I love how Tucker smiles and all of a sudden gets energy right when you say “friends.” It’s like he knew what you meant!

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    Unica Anna Autajay 9 hours ago

    lmao luv these!!! binge watching while im high as hekkk

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