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Scary CatScary Cat
Scary Cat
2 months ago
2 years ago

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  • CCGtv
    CCGtv Year ago

    Hey, I just looked at your channel you feature some dope content ! Check out some of my videos and subscribe if you like the content. Thanks for your time !!!

  • LOL Life
    LOL Life 3 years ago

    Photo of the day. Europe is the next exiting destination to discover.

  • islanderess5
    islanderess5 6 years ago

    more videos? pretty please? :)

  • Nachin Yoma
    Nachin Yoma 6 years ago


  • 80smusiccollector
    80smusiccollector 6 years ago

    Y U NO POST MORE VIDEOS of the most adorable kitties on film:)

  • Sean Poyser
    Sean Poyser 6 years ago

    More Vids :)

  • Atara Deamer
    Atara Deamer 6 years ago

    when r u gonna upload another

  • Antonio Velasquez
    Antonio Velasquez 6 years ago

    Just whant to say this "ehem" Hello Loki Hello Sparta have a nice summer = 3

  • thenovascotian1
    thenovascotian1 6 years ago

    If you people want to see the kittys go to katersoneseven channel and watch her vlogs. often enough the cats are in them ;p

  • Tiara A
    Tiara A 6 years ago

    I miss sparta and loki! Hope you guys upload new videos soon! :)

  • Kenna
    Kenna 6 years ago

    I understand that making movies is time consuming, and that you want to let your cats live their lives and have fun. We wish then and you the very best. Just letting you know... ***WE MISS YOU GUYS!!!*** have a great summer Sparta and Loki!

  • Lacy Sova
    Lacy Sova 6 years ago

    where are the new videos???:/

  • goldeneyesofafrica
    goldeneyesofafrica 6 years ago

    Warmest wishes sent your way....Have a good day :)

  • CrystalAngel23
    CrystalAngel23 6 years ago

    We miss Sparta and Loki!!! </3

  • MsJaggerz
    MsJaggerz 6 years ago

    ~M~I~S~S~I~N~G~ ~S~P~A~R~T~A~

  • MsJaggerz
    MsJaggerz 6 years ago

    Nissing Sparta & Loki. I know Sparta has Feline L. hoping & praying he is still living full of strength because we all love him! Hope sll is well Cory~

  • jolee kerley
    jolee kerley 6 years ago

    all your fans miss the mean kitty videos please make more i and all your fan want more!!!

  • n2tigers99
    n2tigers99 6 years ago

    Excellent Video !!! =)) ROTDF LMSAO .... as several others have asked: Please tell us that Sparta is still alive and well ~ Thank you for your post ~ It made me laugh out loud .... not that easy a feat.

    ARCWH 6 years ago

    I've been Loki'd

    LILBLUPUP 6 years ago

    Please some more Sparta & Loki........we all miss them :(

  • goldeneyesofafrica
    goldeneyesofafrica 6 years ago

    I loved my visit! I will be back...Lots of warmth and love sent your way! :)

  • kyarachan
    kyarachan 6 years ago

    I read a few of the comments on some of your more recent videos about Sparta. Please tell me that it's not true that Sparta is gone :<

  • ScreamingPanda
    ScreamingPanda 6 years ago

    Look on your video guess that sound i think i got the answer thx u rock and hi to sparta and loki i have a cat exactly like sparta bt his name is Baby J but people call him Hunter :D

  • erin carson
    erin carson 6 years ago

    hey i just watched the avengers on saturday and i saw that you named your cat loki the evil brother of thor. and the fact that you named your other cat sparta... you named both of your cats different war legends.......

  • WorldCGI
    WorldCGI 6 years ago

    Hey there , it's so interesting watching your history and transformation. I remember your tips on video views and all the early stuff you did. Then you discovered that one cute kitty video could get more views than all the other videos combined. What an epiphany! Suddenly you became the kitty dude 63million views! It's awesome I hope you have been making great money. Considering the high price to care for pets nowadays great deal , good for them. Lets hope you tube doesn't decide that cute pet videos don't really sell anything. It's good for animal awareness

  • esockell
    esockell 6 years ago

    more mean kitty, .....please

  • GrullaMustang16
    GrullaMustang16 6 years ago

    I just got to say that I just absolutely LOVE your videos! Whenever I have a rough day, I always just click on one of your videos and makes everything better! And on a good day, I have like, !20% Happiness hahaha! Your so funny and a great owner to your kitties! Keep up the good work buddy! :D -Abby (aka orcaheart16)

  • raiin rawrs
    raiin rawrs 6 years ago

    i love ur viedeos there so cool

  • bibbedpoet7
    bibbedpoet7 6 years ago

    SPARTA <3 <3

  • Scrapiechick
    Scrapiechick 6 years ago

    Hmmmm I wonder if The Mean Kitty has watched much Maru???

  • KentsRice
    KentsRice 6 years ago

    please make more videos. :3

  • Jean Ann Wilson
    Jean Ann Wilson 6 years ago

    dude i love your an you check out mine i would appreciate it thx

  • Shadd Anderson
    Shadd Anderson 6 years ago

    Cats are awesome. Thanks for reminding all of TVclip that this is indeed the case.

  • CutieFelice
    CutieFelice 6 years ago

    i love Sparta!! <3 <3

  • Sanisha Desmond
    Sanisha Desmond 6 years ago

    Love Sparta and Loki their well cute and the videos are amazing :)

  • melanie
    melanie 6 years ago

    I like the old mean kitty beter. still ove your vids tho

  • TeenySnowPaws
    TeenySnowPaws 6 years ago

    You cats are so ADORABE, they have such goregous eyes! I subbed to your channel. It'd be an honor if you sub to my channel. Pls come by and check out my little chihuahua Maisy, she's the cutest doggie... =)=)

  • Sevy SevyM.
    Sevy SevyM. 6 years ago

    Nice Channel! 1sub u4 :D

  • MetalGuitar457
    MetalGuitar457 6 years ago

    @animalclips2 yes, yes he is.

  • john freeton
    john freeton 6 years ago

    My cat has to be put down. :(

  • Gareth Ferguson
    Gareth Ferguson 6 years ago

    TheMeanKitty <3

  • Erika Elric
    Erika Elric 6 years ago

    This is Spartaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Stephen Buckley
    Stephen Buckley 6 years ago

    awwwww so cute

  • tzwicky
    tzwicky 6 years ago

    Loki needs his own image (wherever the hell it should be posted) so that people who list him in their facebook favorites (under "Inspirational People" oddly) get a decent image (like all of Sparta's pix).

  • RazerBladeX
    RazerBladeX 6 years ago

    Your Cahnnel is AWESOME!!! p.s. how do yuo get soo good vids!

  • girchu
    girchu 6 years ago

    Sorry my last comment was a respond to your ghost experience.If you responed we could talk more about this I didnet have time to write the WHOLE thing.

  • girchu
    girchu 6 years ago

    This is all true so please believe me!When my father moved into the house I live in he had a cat whos name was Sammy.Sam died when I was 3.But when I was nine at12:00 I went to bed.I woke up again from nightmares at 1:00.So I went to the bathroom.The door was closed because at this time I had a hamster who made lots of noise.I opened the door.Then I saw it.Sammy.Only this time he was a misty white transparent.He saw me.I screamed and flicked on the light.HE WAS GONE.Later that night I was on the computer.I have a pateo.And it has a glass slide door with blinds but I dident put them to cover up the window.I turned to go get some water and I saw Sammy again!He walked through the glass and came up on my table.I put my hand out and then he walked over.He put his head on my hand but he fell through and dissapred.I never saw Sammy again so far but if I do I'll write to you again.Please write back to me when you read this and if you want you may make a video of this.Please tell them its mine

  • Evelyn Jordan
    Evelyn Jordan 6 years ago

    I hope you continue your kitty project. I have really enjoyed watching your viedos as many do thanks

  • ross cook
    ross cook 6 years ago


  • I am simply a Ghost
    I am simply a Ghost 6 years ago

    hey dude my names cameron im 12 years old and i live in norwood pennsilvania 12 west ridley ave huge fan of u(btw ur epic/funny)and im also a fan of sparta silly little kitty btw cute little thing ive ever seen anyway why did you take down the mean kitty website because i had a suggestion try to make time for wat u wanna do during the day and some time for videos for sparta sometime during the week that way u both r happy btw also find time to spend with ur wife i mean seriously on all the videos with her on them she doesnt look like shes too happy that ur not spending as much time with her then sparta o and todays my birthday im as old as the two digits at the end of the year date(which is 12)so thanks for listening and hope u sparta,loki and ur wife have fun anyway chow ur fan cameron(also cameronparris1)

  • Cat Edahl
    Cat Edahl 6 years ago

    You should re-due the Mean kitty song with Loki and Sparta

  • Monica Norris
    Monica Norris 6 years ago

    how do i add u as a friend?

  • Katherine Thompson
    Katherine Thompson 6 years ago

    happy easter cory katy andsarda and loki <3

  • Emerald Rickertsen
    Emerald Rickertsen 6 years ago

    love the cat

  • kleuZamb
    kleuZamb 6 years ago

    I'm so happy you've posted a new mean kitty video. I short one but I was missing Sparta and Loki so much. Thanks Cory. I love you all.

  • Emily Umana
    Emily Umana 6 years ago

    Cory, i love the new video but u have to blur out the name tag unless you random phone calls from ur fans

  • Alasen H.
    Alasen H. 6 years ago

    wait im confused?? whts ur relationship with kate? (and when r u coming to austin?)

  • Silver claw
    Silver claw 6 years ago

    new video is so funny cory and kate u are so funny and so talented ;)

  • DJ No E
    DJ No E 6 years ago

    I have a question, I am going to be making a long distance move from Ohio to New Orleans. I do not want to leave my furry children behind. Hw can I safely transport them from here to there? P.S. Not sure if this matters but I have 6. 5 adults 1 kitten...

  • sadie lobbes
    sadie lobbes 6 years ago

    u guys rock i hav a cat of my own she had kittens

  • Qwil
    Qwil 6 years ago

    @manasie17 Someone hasn't heard the news...

  • Manasie Tiwari Vaid
    Manasie Tiwari Vaid 6 years ago

    Why dont you upload videos more often... i miss watching Sparta & Loky... :(

  • hamsterchief259
    hamsterchief259 6 years ago

    you,sparta,and loki are awsome

  • PlayStationHidden
    PlayStationHidden 6 years ago

    Sorry... I'm pretty sure you remember me from the comment i made on your dudelikehella video. First of all, i've been your subscriber literally for years, and have been on dudehella since day 1 honestly, so i'm no way a troll. In all honesty the thing is that i've too been bodybuilding for over 8 months now, following expert advice and working my butt off, but i'm not 'ripped' like you, sure i've gained quiet a few inches on my biceps and am pretty big, but your transformation is beyond anything i've ever seen!!! So i just THOUGHT that you might be taking steriods because that was the only logical explanation i could think of, had no clue you were going to take it that seriously :P. But i guess it's a compliment in a way that you've become too good in such less time. Ill try to post this message on all your accounts so you do infact read it, because i am sorry!! (not trolling!!! dont judge me plz) hope you understand and please unblock me so i can get inspired everyday :)

  • AboSelaiman
    AboSelaiman 6 years ago

    TheMeanKitty . . . >> in Arabic TV station at 00.35 /watch?v=k4sF8_M7-RY

  • hckaylan
    hckaylan 6 years ago

    When are your new videos coming out? I heard you have already filmed two! :)

  • Amanda Le Loup
    Amanda Le Loup 6 years ago

    how is sparta doing? has anyone heard anything. i know that he had leukemia.

  • MRknowone44
    MRknowone44 6 years ago

    about a year ago i got so depressed and was going to shootmyself then i watched sparta and loki. just watching this cheered me up so much. i miss you 're videos and im getting depressed again i dont know how much more i can take

  • Geoff Smith
    Geoff Smith 6 years ago

    can't wait to see your april fools vid. hoping to see one of the other ones you've been recording on DUDELIKEHELLA i'm sure all of them will be awsome...... once they are online and VIEWABLE >.< <3

  • us401k
    us401k 6 years ago

    Any update on Sparta and Loki? Your last video was over 4 months ago, really miss them.

  • travis bowers
    travis bowers 6 years ago

    this is sparta!!! the cutest cat on youtube

  • morevaseret
    morevaseret 6 years ago

    Not heard from you for ages. Is everything all right? Are Sparta and Loki well?

  • April Kay
    April Kay 6 years ago

    if you ever get bored with your cats, you could always get a special brush to get the loose fur than roll it in to a ball with your hands and there you go! a furball!

  • Ronnie Rufino
    Ronnie Rufino 6 years ago

    upload more

  • Christy Knight
    Christy Knight 6 years ago

    are you scared or sumpn c'mon I dare you!!!! ;p

  • Christy Knight
    Christy Knight 6 years ago

    I assure you sophie is WWWAAAAYYYY meaner than Sparta i promse

  • Christy Knight
    Christy Knight 6 years ago

    ps comment back when you read this

  • Christy Knight
    Christy Knight 6 years ago

    hey look at my page its christykwv I'm challenging you to a mean kitty off youll see the video btw im not that pastey it was the lighting

  • Katlee
    Katlee 6 years ago

    Where's that new mean kitty video that yall were filming? I want to see cuteness!!

  • Morgan
    Morgan 6 years ago

    Looking forward to seeing all of those Mean Kitty videos you've been talking about in your vlogs!

  • Lillian Rose
    Lillian Rose 6 years ago

    since i subbed, will u?

  • Lillian Rose
    Lillian Rose 6 years ago

    i lvoe sparta and loki!

  • the electric knight
    the electric knight 6 years ago

    is there going to be more videos soon? I hope everyone is well!

  • Amanda Head
    Amanda Head 6 years ago

    just adopted a beautiful long-haired cat that someone had abandoned at a vet's office. I named her River. Right now she's hiding under my bed, any suggestions on how to coax her out?

  • Conjure Woman
    Conjure Woman 6 years ago

    I hope Sparta and Loki are ok!

  • Winter
    Winter 6 years ago

    why is there no more videos please make more because i like them!

  • Antoinette toni Ennis

    more videos!

  • Meli
    Meli 6 years ago

    You two are possibly the cutest cats ever Sparta and Loki!

  • RedRobin275
    RedRobin275 6 years ago


  • April Kay
    April Kay 6 years ago

    dear mean kitty, can you please most a hd video of the mean kitty song intermental, im making a song that has the same beat but its about my dumb dog!


    (*^_^*) sweet

  • SuperMarioKartMaster

    Hey I love cats@!

  • Samuel Cai
    Samuel Cai 6 years ago


  • Bill Stewart
    Bill Stewart 6 years ago

    Love , the Cats, My Cat got His Name " Sparta" from the way he ran to the computer while i was watching the mean kitty video :D Thanks

  • majestic922
    majestic922 6 years ago

    Cory!! Please post more Mean Kitty videos! I miss seeing what the boys are up to! My two boys need reality TV too! :)

  • Fox Ace
    Fox Ace 6 years ago

    cory plss do a mean kitty video or surfer the consequences

  • Samuel Cai
    Samuel Cai 6 years ago

    Hi Cory! When I say this , I'm saying it for everyone here. We miss you and your cats! Please find time to film them again soon!

  • Ricardo Dinis
    Ricardo Dinis 7 years ago

    new vids?

  • Mamma Laughing Wolf
    Mamma Laughing Wolf 7 years ago

    We miss seeing Sparta and Loki's silly vlogs. Hope you all are doing well. <3 you guys!!

  • morevaseret
    morevaseret 7 years ago

    Please, please, pretty please, may we have more videos of Sparta and Loki. Missing them and wondering what they are doing and how they are getting on. Maureen from Cheshire England♥