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  • Greg Epperson
    Greg Epperson 22 days ago

    thank you for not wearing gloves when handling ready to eat foods,..I hope you washed your hands after you last visit to the toilet and ass wipe,...or jerk off......WEAR GLOVES ! no one cares about the skin on food contact you are trying so hard to promote,. this ain't THE 80'S AND 90'S....GET WITH THE PROGRAM....ARE YOU NOT SERVE SAFE CERTIFIED? This aint England you bastard, get it together!

  • George Clinton
    George Clinton Month ago

    If it's in stock we have it...ya and if you buy it's it's free...LOL!!

  • Hey Jude
    Hey Jude Month ago

    Now I get it. The added butter and the type of ground beef is what made it good. I got the lobster burger but had a bite of this burger and wish I got it instead lol. That lobster burger was good but not memorable.

  • Stop Trolling
    Stop Trolling 2 months ago

    He “liberally” put the cooked patties on the same dish the raw patties were on

  • MATHPC 40
    MATHPC 40 2 months ago

    0:08 He looks like he's being pointed with a gun by the stuff.

  • Randy Dattilio
    Randy Dattilio 3 months ago

    Play husser musie

  • _.kerrigan
    _.kerrigan 5 months ago

    apple wood adding sweetness, alder wood adding smokiness, lmao why you acting like you know what you're even talking about. cooking over any wood fire gives you smoke, it doesnt really matter what wood you use, you might get small nuance but its not that deep. pitmasters literally just use whatever wood happens to grow near them, cuz they know it doesnt matter.

  • T P
    T P 5 months ago


  • Top Nep
    Top Nep 6 months ago


  • George Mollohan
    George Mollohan 6 months ago

    why does GR look so odd here

  • eighteen22s
    eighteen22s 6 months ago

    Is that cross contamination when he put the cooked beef on the same tray he had the RAW beef on?

  • fpsnoobvids
    fpsnoobvids 7 months ago

    Winner of hells kitchen is head chef not executive chef. Some people in comments dont get it.

  • Stacy Hackney
    Stacy Hackney 8 months ago


  • Dwi Djoko
    Dwi Djoko 8 months ago

    Tried the dry-aged one Dec2017. Even the one-month to three-month one so tasty. Worthed though pricey. Dont argue! Micheln class.

  • pPeter Jay
    pPeter Jay 8 months ago

    Where is his neck though

  • tongbeifamily
    tongbeifamily 8 months ago

    The second sake, used by the barman looks like Nigori saké ?

  • Cesar Sandoval
    Cesar Sandoval 9 months ago

    1300 burgrs a day!!! whaaatt!!!!!

  • steffen r
    steffen r 9 months ago

    Hope they just edited out the rest time

  • The Hound
    The Hound 9 months ago

    LOL at people in the comments spewing their ignorance about how they think a burger should be made, hey I got news for ya, go to culinary school and then start your own restaurant then.

  • gardini100
    gardini100 10 months ago

    the porterhouse at old Homestead is the best steak i ever had

  • F M
    F M 10 months ago

    The Whopper is way better

  • artfrat
    artfrat 11 months ago

    Song -

  • llcoolmartine
    llcoolmartine 11 months ago

    Its going to be overcooked or raw.

  • Manfred Mann
    Manfred Mann 11 months ago

    "Muppetsburgers" ?

  • Nargyza
    Nargyza Year ago

    So my friend went yesterday to this “dance” group show. I decided to google what’s that. Omg. Really? I should be a cheap woman with no self confidence, not educated, low iq or a total slut to even consider going there. Omg, I can’t believe women even screaming -> facepalm. Somebody is really paying money for so called dancing and showing their body? And women enjoy being on stage and being grabbed by a stranger? World, stop turning, let me exit this empty & without any single value place.

  • Sheldon Scott
    Sheldon Scott Year ago

    Wow, some people here are truly mean spirited. I wasn't even aware of the man's lisp til I read the comments. All I saw was a hardworking guy doing his job that likely many chefs would like to have.

  • PhaseSkater
    PhaseSkater Year ago

    Went there and it was epic

  • Seaver Ino
    Seaver Ino Year ago

    These burgers are the best! Definitely the best burger I’ve ever had! made the trip to Vegas worth it!

  • Bianca Polo
    Bianca Polo Year ago

    I have never seen him dance

  • J H Lockside
    J H Lockside Year ago

    I can only imagine that attempting interacting with one of the chefs during a manic Saturday service will only serve to annoy the hell out of the chefs

  • Tim MacIver
    Tim MacIver Year ago

    "Here ya go Vegas Playa".

  • chito ruiz
    chito ruiz Year ago

    This dude looks like an asshole lmao

  • Stay_ IN _ YA_Lane

    Did this mf put the fuckin cooked burger where he seasoned the RAW burger meat.???

  • Canuck88
    Canuck88 Year ago

    none in NYC anymore

  • Okram G
    Okram G Year ago

    Puts cooked meat back onto the tray where the raw meat originally was

  • Chris G
    Chris G Year ago


  • YAh lIKe jAzz?
    YAh lIKe jAzz? Year ago

    Burgr lol

  • AlvinVan JohnsonSr.

    Can’t find the skit of George Wallace about Why do people say stupid things

  • chito ruiz
    chito ruiz Year ago


  • andy Murtagh
    andy Murtagh Year ago

    Any of you a chef?

  • Johnathan. Aviles

    Where is this man's neck and chin lol

  • You’re Wrong
    You’re Wrong Year ago

    That fucking burger looks so fucking good.

  • Martin Lopez-Servin

    The restaurants that be neglecting a burger To that same categorización that they believe is eligible 😂😂😂😂😂😂✌️

  • Martin Lopez-Servin


  • wilhard45
    wilhard45 Year ago

    So why does Chef Ramsay go to In-N-Out for his burgers? Nice cheeseburger if you want to spend a bunch of money. Personally I prefer my hamburger patty to be cooked a bit more. I hate it when I take a bite and the dang thing mooos.

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams Year ago


  • Larry Brown
    Larry Brown Year ago

    Just keep a burger simple dude

  • DarkEpyon123
    DarkEpyon123 Year ago

    Best onion rings I have had Got 2 orders

  • jtube411
    jtube411 Year ago

    He wash his hands?

  • Jinc Jin
    Jinc Jin Year ago

    Whats the damage?

  • Eddie Gooden
    Eddie Gooden Year ago

    Fuck. Shouldn't have watched this when I'm high as a falcon.

  • Resinated Lungz
    Resinated Lungz Year ago

    he put it on the same pan that had raw meat on it before?

  • Andres Perez
    Andres Perez Year ago

    Do you know how to spell burger???

  • Corb4n
    Corb4n Year ago

    seen waaaaaayyyyyy better ones

  • Dave Lewis
    Dave Lewis Year ago

    Liberally putting on the jalapeño? Fuck you on about? 😂

  • Mit Arokis
    Mit Arokis Year ago

    BURGER KING still kicks ass LOL

  • Raul Toquinto
    Raul Toquinto Year ago

    I think he put the cooked burger back on the tray where he seasoned the raw meat...

  • d barnett
    d barnett Year ago

    If you can’t fit the burger in your mouth then what is the fucking point

  • sfdtjr
    sfdtjr Year ago


  • magrinday
    magrinday Year ago

    the way he says the word burger kind of triggers me

  • Ven Kobby
    Ven Kobby Year ago

    I’ve had it. Nothing special

  • DailYxDosE
    DailYxDosE Year ago

    I thought you never flip twice

  • Dani Emang
    Dani Emang Year ago

    first time see gordon use grill

  • Da Boom
    Da Boom Year ago

    Was that cooked meat put back on the RAW plate?!?!

  • Adam
    Adam Year ago

    "A little bit of Thea Salt with thum thpit"

  • SilentJoNn
    SilentJoNn Year ago

    The avocado is BROWN on the end!!! 🤮🤮🤮

  • Scooter1
    Scooter1 Year ago

    That skeet ass burger ? And it’s probably expensive asl 😂

    • Scooter1
      Scooter1 Year ago

      MLG still skeet af , I’ll finish that MF in like not even a min

    • Maxg876
      Maxg876 Year ago

      Scooter1 It’s 15 bucks

  • DExterr666
    DExterr666 Year ago

    "get to interact with me or one of the sous chef, it's a a fun experience" I bet

  • Abitamim Bharmal

    Hee hee hee hee hee

  • Dmitri
    Dmitri Year ago

    Egg-wash?? You must mean "the most amazing Egg-wash."

  • Ann Waitai
    Ann Waitai Year ago

    Mmmm I like the way you put that meat in between them buns

  • Param Vala
    Param Vala Year ago

    pause at 2:10 thank me later

  • The Cow Lord
    The Cow Lord Year ago

    These are thome of the mothed thavage commenths I've ever theen.

  • placeholder
    placeholder Year ago

    0:11 dude haha, if that guy shaves, does he even have a face? :'D

  • Rollingtreesgenetics

    Looks terrible

  • Saša Ivanović
    Saša Ivanović Year ago

    he placed cooked meat on the same platter that raw meat was on.

  • Richard C
    Richard C Year ago

    You spelled burger wrong

  • sergeantbigmac
    sergeantbigmac Year ago

    A little style advice to any guys with a soft jawline/fat neck, do NOT trim your facial hair like this guy does!

  • Nikita savitsky
    Nikita savitsky Year ago

    Burgr.... is that a spelling mistake?

  • MATHPC 40
    MATHPC 40 Year ago

    why he talks like if he's scared? xd

  • Bravo GotSwag
    Bravo GotSwag Year ago

    Sexy steak man

  • PRiMENuVaL
    PRiMENuVaL Year ago

    Its very pink, its not cook yet! thake your time boy

    • peen dawg
      peen dawg Year ago

      First of all, your grammar is shit. Second, the beef is not raw, it's actually cooked perfectly

  • NG Slot
    NG Slot Year ago

    I was here a lot of time,and i can say this is my first favorite place for dinner !

  • Junior West
    Junior West Year ago

    Thath lookth awethome!

  • Taxi's Capati
    Taxi's Capati Year ago

    Beef auckland next

  • kprodigy11
    kprodigy11 Year ago

    He is teaching her the En Vogue routine!

  • Dan Coast
    Dan Coast Year ago


  • TeeKay
    TeeKay Year ago

    You and gorden beter continue to be thuckthesful

  • Roni B
    Roni B Year ago

    Freaking amazing work Peter!!!

  • Anthony Mann
    Anthony Mann Year ago

    Lot of pots and pans for a one dish

  • I Be Watchin
    I Be Watchin Year ago

    I bet anything thats a $35 burger and it aint even all that

  • ed china
    ed china Year ago

    dont like those BURGERS that much.seen better and most probably eaten better

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H Year ago

    Everyone is busy with his pronounciation, and I’m just here crying because I live 10k kilometers from LV.

  • Johnny Rios
    Johnny Rios Year ago

    1100 -1300 equals fast food bro

  • Emmanuel Rosas
    Emmanuel Rosas Year ago


  • Vladimir putin
    Vladimir putin Year ago


  • ACE ofSpades
    ACE ofSpades Year ago

    that plate ugly af

  • Alan Lu
    Alan Lu Year ago


  • Jacob Cardenas
    Jacob Cardenas Year ago

    "Thea thalt" 😭😭 weres his neck

  • LV
    LV Year ago

    I was underwhelmed by the beef Wellington I got at this restaurant. The one I made at home was better.