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Gagging On Sex - Sex Fails
Views 189K2 months ago


  • Sir Scofferoff
    Sir Scofferoff 13 minutes ago

    Lady doesn't understand the function of Sphincters....

  • Lamu Sounds
    Lamu Sounds 32 minutes ago

    "...dramatic effect"

  • shivam Nirlaz
    shivam Nirlaz 46 minutes ago

    Tats sick

  • Chase
    Chase Hour ago

    Mary it's your Dad your Mom wanted me to tell you to stop being such a hussy!

  • Nicklas Pikhoved

    Ha ... ha.... h 🤤

  • Abdul 'The Doc' Chaudhry

    What happened with the watermelon?

  • ankit dixit
    ankit dixit 2 hours ago

    A seriously shit video. Shut up dumb woman

  • T Lee
    T Lee 2 hours ago

    WAit ... is the belly button unraveling thing true?!

  • Rakib Fiha
    Rakib Fiha 2 hours ago

    What the blimey hell was that??

  • Mac Daddy
    Mac Daddy 3 hours ago

    I had a smashed marijuana seed grow in a dark basement on carpet after the basement flooded.

  • Jobe Tedder
    Jobe Tedder 3 hours ago

    My kids are now running around telling me they want to run a breeding gummi bear farm so now because of some fucking idiot like this some kids think this shit is real it should be completely legal to shoot fucking people like u in the face repeatedly thanks for helping our youth become more fucked up and stupider then they already was

  • cbd7575
    cbd7575 3 hours ago

    Ok, this is pretty fucking great. The music and matter-of-factness add so much... well done

  • LeilaniPunani Mania
    LeilaniPunani Mania 3 hours ago

    I thought she would show a hoarders house 😂

  • Tony Geranios
    Tony Geranios 3 hours ago

    What's under the Mac 512?

  • ballbarn
    ballbarn 3 hours ago

    great story, hope ur mom don't see this :)

  • Beth Budwig
    Beth Budwig 3 hours ago

    This was just absolutely amazing. Thank you very much.

  • aj Torres
    aj Torres 3 hours ago

    Dude I have never heard of this guy and this series. now im binge watching and crying so hard 🤣

  • Faith Black
    Faith Black 3 hours ago

    Lol no words just to funny! 😁

  • Shriswaroop Sathyan
    Shriswaroop Sathyan 3 hours ago

    There will be a day when a generation uses this video for their medical references and doubts

  • Pramathesh Nandan
    Pramathesh Nandan 4 hours ago

    What happens after a tree grows inside?

  • Ashley Ahlman
    Ashley Ahlman 4 hours ago


  • Internet Comment
    Internet Comment 4 hours ago

    Love this guy

  • Bryan Griffith
    Bryan Griffith 4 hours ago

    Very dumb!1 seriously, very really dumb.

  • HaHAA Hehe
    HaHAA Hehe 4 hours ago

    This is surprisingly calming, I believe this expert

  • Layton Dalton
    Layton Dalton 4 hours ago

    Love the new Final destination movie ❤️

  • Saugat Ray
    Saugat Ray 4 hours ago

    finally youtube is reaching it's peak

  • SpeLLBounD BYtheDEVIL

    Fuck salvia.

  • Razzy1312
    Razzy1312 4 hours ago

    There's a recorded case of a man accidentally inhaling a bean and months later he started to have chest pains and breathing problems because a bean stalk had begun growing in his lungs.

  • Jordan The Fortniter

    Everyone worships something so try not to be a dick about it(Guy narrating video calls us idiots) and stop making fun of it we don’t call u guys idiots we just call u guys aethiest cuz that’s what it is and u guys call us idiots because we have an opinion bitch just like you so keep it to yourself or go fucking die. Now it’s time to report this offensive channel

  • sum dood
    sum dood 5 hours ago

    You’re digging up old memories of refusing to eat watermelon seeds because I thought a watermelon would grow in my stomach.

  • Carlos L. Jimenez Jr

    i thought this was real for waaaay too long

  • MM 27
    MM 27 5 hours ago

    The weird part of TVclip again...sigh.... 🙄

  • Star Beard
    Star Beard 5 hours ago

    LMFAO. If Anyone thought this is real.

  • Its Just Moon
    Its Just Moon 5 hours ago

    I ate a cherry seed pls help me :(

  • Griffin Chalem
    Griffin Chalem 5 hours ago

    That’s a bit of a stretch

  • Abhinav Acharya
    Abhinav Acharya 6 hours ago

    Hey thats impractical jokers

  • M Nur Sulthan
    M Nur Sulthan 6 hours ago

    Is this a joke!?

  • Haz zard
    Haz zard 6 hours ago

    his family lookin pretty funny

  • LostValley
    LostValley 6 hours ago

    Went on about 4 minutes to long

  • Alexander Herlan
    Alexander Herlan 6 hours ago

    I miss Gus :'( Bring back da Johnson.

  • Bnha Potato
    Bnha Potato 6 hours ago

    So i fr need to know if this could happen bc i am 13 years old and still actually still afraid of eating seeds like wtf

  • Luis Wiley
    Luis Wiley 6 hours ago

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Kenzie the Creator
    Kenzie the Creator 6 hours ago

    You know you’re ill in the head when you can’t tell whether she’s joking or not

    FAT PICCOLO 6 hours ago


  • queen. K&m
    queen. K&m 6 hours ago

    Who else is from TikTok if u are tell me ur TikTok I will add u

  • محمد العمودي

    wtf is the goal of this!

  • Joshua M.
    Joshua M. 7 hours ago

    WTF am I watching

  • Serenity Brooks
    Serenity Brooks 7 hours ago

    The set up for this answer is almost like those insane word math problems that gives you a certain amount of an object, then asks how many miles an hour you're driving on the freeway.

  • Matthew Demonroe
    Matthew Demonroe 7 hours ago

    He never took a shit though????????

  • Oofball
    Oofball 7 hours ago

    This is so cringe and stupid

  • Studio XC
    Studio XC 7 hours ago

    Didn't get on the plane at LAX cause I was having shitty sex Ok I'm not creative enough to get the full song with this

  • steal threaded
    steal threaded 7 hours ago

    Thanks to you I planted an orchard in my kids today. I am going to save a fortune feeding them now that they are producing their own produce. Thanks

  • Attrition
    Attrition 7 hours ago

    this is retarded

  • Pedro Victor
    Pedro Victor 7 hours ago

    I lost my shit when he quoted the Room

  • Rishad K
    Rishad K 8 hours ago


  • Eno Ayala
    Eno Ayala 8 hours ago

    Holaaa😭 quien abla en español quiero c.a.

  • Sonia Flores
    Sonia Flores 8 hours ago

    but I got!!

  • Pretzel A31
    Pretzel A31 8 hours ago

    Rebecca Sugar

  • GizmoMaltese
    GizmoMaltese 8 hours ago

    This managed to be absurd and repetitive without being funny.

  • deanna verkovod
    deanna verkovod 8 hours ago

    You remind me of Andrea russet

  • Artemicion Kupo
    Artemicion Kupo 8 hours ago

    I'm gonna say it... The man-boy with those glasses is cute. I like them lips.

  • Pablito Robert
    Pablito Robert 8 hours ago

    Dumb. You should of said swallowed an led light.

  • Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69

    This is false. I have mooned a room of high-profile business clients to the sound of uproarious laughter and cries for encore, sure, but not once did an olive tree ever grow out my ass. Please.

  • Anthony Baltodano
    Anthony Baltodano 8 hours ago

    I'm done with this 🤣😂

  • thoms_here
    thoms_here 8 hours ago

    LOVE your voice! :)

  • CarlosMensuckass
    CarlosMensuckass 8 hours ago

    I'm a little annoyed that I'm just now seeing these, they're hilarious. Currently binge-watching.

  • Craig Colby
    Craig Colby 9 hours ago

    Only 45 more years and I'll have elastic dick. Awesome. Well....Im off for more tuggin

  • Double Yikes
    Double Yikes 9 hours ago

    Also, who the fuck is eating a box of fig Newtons right before you workout. Shut the fuck up, Comedy Central.

  • Kenn Ermino
    Kenn Ermino 9 hours ago

    I hear rumours that having sex in anus can make your penis fall off. 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • Tha chocolate god
    Tha chocolate god 9 hours ago

    Note to self:never eat any kind of plant matter like,ever.

  • Double Yikes
    Double Yikes 9 hours ago

    This is bottom of the barrel bullshit. They get worse every video.

  • Andrew Imm
    Andrew Imm 9 hours ago

    Dicks off for harambe

  • Andrew Imm
    Andrew Imm 9 hours ago

    So you're saying I'm pregnant with a tree and there's no way to avoid it?

  • Kenn Ermino
    Kenn Ermino 9 hours ago

    Human: 'The Secret Garden'

  • Nightmir Gaming
    Nightmir Gaming 9 hours ago

    Fuck this shit omg

  • Simon Kumar
    Simon Kumar 9 hours ago

    I’m a 5’3” male. Ever since I was a little boy growing up in school, boys and girls around me used to beat and bully me because I was short. Everyone used to laugh at me. I tried committing suicide when I was 15 but it didn’t work. I got injured but and was lying breathless hoping I wouldn’t survive but my mum saw me and rushed me to the hospital and the medics managed to save me. I still remember that day seeing my mum crying and begging the medics to save me. I feel sorry for her and the only reason I decided not to commit suicide again is because I don’t want to hurt her. But I can’t live my entire life like this getting bullied and being lonely. At university girls make fun of my height. I never approach or talk to girls but they randomly pass comments at me saying short guys should die. I only wish if any one of those girls shorter than me ever considered giving me a chance. I not a bad person and neither do I have any personality disorder (short man syndrome). I’m 21 now about to graduate with my degree in engineering. I’m going to give this one more try and if it doesn’t work out. I’m going to commit suicide and this time I’ll make it work. There’s no point in living a life alone without anyone to love. I’m sorry mum.

  • Specter Zender
    Specter Zender 9 hours ago

    The amount of dumb shit you have to do to grow one WTF?

  • Nerd Neck
    Nerd Neck 9 hours ago

    I sad now

  • Caleb  Barree
    Caleb Barree 9 hours ago


  • Jim Ross
    Jim Ross 10 hours ago

    First off she sucks ,,their is not ONE funny thing about her boring story

  • Bella Black
    Bella Black 10 hours ago

    I hate it thanks.

  • F Mills
    F Mills 10 hours ago

    I must be on DMT, that guy looks like Elon Musk.

  • EnjoyTheSilenc3
    EnjoyTheSilenc3 10 hours ago

    Olive pits are easily digested and are the only seeds to do so, so this is BS.

  • krys
    krys 10 hours ago

    This is the dumbest video I've ever seen, the amount of variables that it takes to make this happen is fucking ridiculous

  • JBangcastle
    JBangcastle 10 hours ago


  • Amanda Elizabeth
    Amanda Elizabeth 10 hours ago

    "What If" to the Extreme

  • robinson4979
    robinson4979 10 hours ago

    Omg. This is so hilarious😂😂😂😂

  • Marie Chan
    Marie Chan 10 hours ago

    What if you're dead inside and nothing can grow in dead land.

  • Rundlii Gaming
    Rundlii Gaming 10 hours ago

    Sounds legit. Mooning people may finally yield results o.O

  • Adam
    Adam 10 hours ago

    Is she wears.glasses.and and a stephcurryscope?

  • james daniels
    james daniels 10 hours ago

    This is such a stupid ass video it's pathetic. Who would ever ask such a question? Just ignorance.

  • Lava
    Lava 10 hours ago

    The human stomach has hydrochloric acid inside of it when the seeds go in the acid would denature the cells of the seed

  • Sonia Flores
    Sonia Flores 10 hours ago

    She's hilarious!!

  • mouine mhb
    mouine mhb 11 hours ago

    I'm pretty that someone actually believes this shit lol funny thoe

  • Sidrat J
    Sidrat J 11 hours ago

    I must use this video to scare nosy neighbours, annoying friends' even more annoying kids, and witch aunts who were trying to lure me to join their cults untill I got into med school.

  • Subaru The Car
    Subaru The Car 11 hours ago

    Me: They had us in the firsts half, not gonna lied FUCK

  • iiAurorasii
    iiAurorasii 11 hours ago

    Oh he'll no..

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 11 hours ago

    The ONLY part of this entire dumbass video, was Kim Kardashian looks like she was sculpted out of magic dough.

  • Siyu Chen
    Siyu Chen 11 hours ago

    do i get superpower if i got guru in my belly , GuuRuuu

  • Jim Ross
    Jim Ross 12 hours ago

    Every male is Some kind of Servant to these Whores with these stupid shows.