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  • Maliyah Smith
    Maliyah Smith 3 hours ago

    Okay I have a question are you investing 15% of income towards retirement yearly? And is that being invested into your Roth IRA? Also if your investing 100$ a month is that into your 401k ? Help me out somebody lol

  • Liliana Roman
    Liliana Roman 3 days ago

    Can someone please list the 7 steps

  • Zully Gonzalez
    Zully Gonzalez 5 days ago

    Im starting today!! Thank you

  • Jurgen Seru
    Jurgen Seru 10 days ago

    It's all true, twenty years ago I bought my house 80.000 dollars 100 % loan at 4.5% 15 years , my wife wanted to spread it over 25 years because the payment where lower and she almost convinced me until my neighbor, who had a financial brain maked it clear that at 15 years the intrest would be 3600 dollars a year or 54000 dollars in total so the total cost of the house would be 134.000 dollars At 25 years as where where planning to do the intrest ( that was 4% for 25 years) would cost us 3200 a year ( that seems to be a better deal , afterall your paying 400 dollars less a year , wrong!! 3200 dollars a year amount to 80000 dollars in interest so the total cost of my house would be 160.000 dollars a difference of 26000 dollars at the time that was 18 months of my income that I would have given to the bank. So my neighbor told me look go for the 15 year it will hurt but after that 15 year continue to pay the 3600 dollars only this time put it in a fund, and I did just six years later I bought a second house not for me but to rent out the income from that went straight in to my son's college fund today he is a dentist making 300 k a year no student debt. I sold my house for 185000 dollars invested the money and now I live free of rent in a house that I bought I rented out and that 185000 ? 401 k making money every year no more debt, I m free , I can do whatever I want no need to ask the bank for a loan.....

  • Justin Seward
    Justin Seward 12 days ago

    I like the radio show but this is kind of cringe

  • Alison Iara
    Alison Iara 19 days ago

    WOW! Thank you!

  • Sagest K
    Sagest K 19 days ago

    Money this money thst

  • Natalie Harvey
    Natalie Harvey 20 days ago

    Elvis is in the building

  • joe rolland
    joe rolland 20 days ago cash for college?

    • Gary Oakham
      Gary Oakham 17 days ago

      You take out a loan and pay it off during college by working part time since the time you’re in college is a grace period you could easily pay it off without any interest or if you do have debt after college it will be significantly less than if you didn’t pay any off

  • Alex McCluskey
    Alex McCluskey 21 day ago

    What year is this from? I saw Lehman Brothers on the stock ticker.

  • Fit Living
    Fit Living 22 days ago

    1 year left to finish college and im up and going man baby step 2 for now goodluck all

  • C T
    C T 24 days ago

    I have never owned a credit card. Unfortunately, I don't have a credit rating and can't rent an apartment now.

  • Erika Harrington
    Erika Harrington 25 days ago

    I’m 27. I have 5000 in savings. A 750 credit score and will be graduating from college next year with 40000 in student loans. This video has definitely got me motivated to jump start these student loans. Thank you Dave!

  • Carine Jou Zanfack
    Carine Jou Zanfack 25 days ago

    I didn’t get the 401k thing please help.

    • Alex McCluskey
      Alex McCluskey 21 day ago

      What’s your question? He teaches: Don’t invest in your 401k until you are debt free (except the house) and have 3-6 month emergency fund.

  • Carine Jou Zanfack
    Carine Jou Zanfack 25 days ago

    No government no person will borrow you a dime where I came from ( somewhere in Africa). Because of that I don’t know how to borrow, and so I paid for my school, it was hard but I didn’t know I can borrow so I didn’t, paid an affordable car cash...thought I was stupid but glad I have no debt. Thanks for helping my brothers and sisters Brother Dave. I am Christians too 😊.

  • Mansur Felton
    Mansur Felton 25 days ago

    I just want to say I cal bs on 40:45 “it was really god that did it, it wasn’t you” If you put all these into action and give back it was indeed you that did it. So what if you take credit or not, you still helped out.

    • Meghan Rachelle Marks
      Meghan Rachelle Marks 5 days ago

      @Mansur Felton totally serious. Any good thing I do is God's work through me, I don't take any credit for it. I was made in the image of God, when I do good, that image of His goodness is being reflected from me as though I'm a mirror. When I do evil that is a distortion of His image and not who I was created to be.

    • Mansur Felton
      Mansur Felton 14 days ago

      Meghan Rachelle Marks you can’t be serious

    • Meghan Rachelle Marks
      Meghan Rachelle Marks 21 day ago

      You have to follow the Christian logic that "Every good and perfect gift comes from above. Coming down from the Father of lights." If you have something that's good, it came from God. God paid her bill through you, by sending the money to you and moving your heart to give the money. It wasn't you who did it.

  • Waithera Wanjiru
    Waithera Wanjiru 25 days ago

    Great content.... I intend to listen to this over and over again until it sinks in my spirit. May God bless Dave Ramsey for me; He is a Gift in this Generation. I can't wait to manifest success through these great insights. Am forever blessed.

  • terryeffinp
    terryeffinp 27 days ago

    I found Dave not all that long ago and he really got the wheels turning in my head. I cash flowed 100k in tools for work over 6 years and I paid off 47k in debt in a little over 2 years, I got a bit off track due to a workplace injury. Now I am going to work towards saving to purchase a home and my next goal is to have a paid for home before my mid 30s. Dave and his team are a God send!

  • ihavehotmail2
    ihavehotmail2 28 days ago

    it isn't quick or easy, but it is worth it

  • Kelly York
    Kelly York Month ago

    Ok Boomer

  • Jay Smith
    Jay Smith Month ago

    How do I find one of these good growth mutual funds that average 12% return?

    • Gary Oakham
      Gary Oakham 17 days ago

      Spy is up 22% this year. Where you been

    • Alex McCluskey
      Alex McCluskey 21 day ago

      Just get $SPY or anything thing that tracks the SP500 or NASDAQ

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer Month ago

      Don’t get caught up in the number. It’s the average of the S&P 500 over 83 years. But the point is action. From the man himself:

  • Anna Casanovas
    Anna Casanovas Month ago

    Thank you so much for this wonderful video! I need some advice... I'm on baby step 2 now. And I have $2K credit card debt at 17% APR. I have $2,000 in savings, can somebody give me an input if I pay off my credit card debt in full using my savings? Thank you so much for any advice...

    • monicas madhouse
      monicas madhouse 6 days ago

      Anna Casanovas yes

    • Anna Casanovas
      Anna Casanovas Month ago

      I really appreciate your prompt reply and advice. I will follow that! God bless❤

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer Month ago

      Anna Casanovas Use half! Cash flow the rest. Baby Step 0.5 is really get a written budget so you can maximize your effectiveness. Check out the EveryDollar app.

  • Ryan Hutchison
    Ryan Hutchison Month ago

    I have used these steps and I am debt-free and building my assets on my balance sheet.

  • Daydreaming
    Daydreaming Month ago

    I found him in my mid 30s and in 4 years my husband and I are from step 1 to step 6 and will be totally free paid off house in 10 to 13 years with retirement funding each year now. Thank you Dave Ramsey!!!

  • Ayodeji Fola-Owolabi

    Day 0, I feel like am being punched in the face.

  • yodaflyz
    yodaflyz Month ago

    Step 1. $1,000 Step 2. Debt snowball. Pay all debt except your home. (Run from debt) Step 3. 3-6 months worth of expenses. It's Insurance, an expense to protect your money. (Not an investment). (Steps 4,5,& 6 are all done at same time) Step 4. 15% into retirement (Roth & 401k. Tax Free) Step 5. Kids college fund (education IRA. Tax Free) First rule of college "Pay Cash" Step 6. Pay off the mortgage on the house. Step 7. Build lots of wealth & give it away. Most powerful wealth building tool is your income. "Fun, Investing, & Giving" I guess this puts me on step 3.

  • SatiricalSnake
    SatiricalSnake Month ago

    I’m almost 19 and I’m glad I found this now. I can avoid mistakes those before me made

  • Larry Fine
    Larry Fine Month ago

    A little bit of Sam Kinison going on here with the gazelle reference!

  • Stevens L
    Stevens L Month ago

    P.s millionaire by 65 or less. Promise

  • Stevens L
    Stevens L Month ago

    This is an awesome video, i swear it really just opened my eyes. Omg, i wish i had found this years ago. Never to late though.

  • Ladenna Young
    Ladenna Young Month ago

    Amen I like the advice in regards to counseling. Awe this whole video was a blessing. I'm glad that my cousin shared this with me.

  • Ladenna Young
    Ladenna Young Month ago

    So true! God please help me to follow his advice in Jesus name.

  • Great White North Bear

    How is any of this relevant? You will never get 12% returns. Ever.

  • Nathan Estlund
    Nathan Estlund Month ago

    This should have 100 million views. Shame.

  • I LuV Creation
    I LuV Creation Month ago

    Can I do an ESA to pay off college loans which I have accrued already? lol

  • StrikeZero Freedom

    Should have payed better attention to the book when I was in high school hey I'm 28 time to start is now

  • David FOX
    David FOX Month ago

    Education system, please watch this video.

  • InsideOutside UpsideDown

    Not that is much, but i am not able to stop investing in my retirement. 6% automatically comes out of my salary, its involuntary, i don't have a choice. But after im done with #2, then #3, i will only need to put 9% more into an IRA, or my case, a 457

  • Luminous Winfield

    I'm so amazed he's unashamed to speak about God and the Bible and if anyone says something against him can't go against his attained wisdom from the Bible and from the fruit of his lifestyle.

  • Shaezawn Barker
    Shaezawn Barker 2 months ago

    Black man under 25, taking this advice and turning my life around not today, but YESTERDAY lol

    • Emily Shears
      Emily Shears Day ago

      Accountability buddy checking in, did you finish BS1 $1000 emergency fund since your a month in?

    • Star Taylor
      Star Taylor Month ago


  • GoPro Cowgirl
    GoPro Cowgirl 2 months ago

    I wish this had been a required class in highschool. I'm 21, don't have any debt yet and I'm working the family cattle ranch beside my father. I'm saving to buy my own place since our ranch doesn't have room for me to grow my herd anymore. I would have gone and put myself in major debt if it had not been for Dave Ramsey and my dad hadn't cautioned me so much against it. I still need to take out a loan for the land, but I'm not doing that until I can pay at least a third to half in cash while maintaining my emergency fund. We've never had much money and I grew up I knowing how to pinch pennies to make the groceries last. I'm so glad I found this man that lays it out plain and simple. The app he designed for budgeting, every dollar, is absolutely amazing.

  • Rich Air
    Rich Air 2 months ago

    I want to thank you Dave. My wife and I were in deep financial trouble in the early 1990'S. We bought Financial Peace shortly after it was released and it truly changed our lives. Today due to that book and 7 steps we have been debt free for close to 12 years. And believe me when I say it was NOT easy for us to start the process. NOW No debt, buy our pre-owned cars with cash, use credit cards as cash and can do what we want when we want to do it. What saddens me is that not enough people follow your advise. I have 3 people, 2 family members, i've given your books to over the years that were in deep financial trouble and not one took the advise. They continue to do the wrong things financially. Again, thank you Dave Ramsey.

  • Rl Realy
    Rl Realy 2 months ago

    I need to find a guru like this who is this intense about weight loss! My finances have never looked better after reading Total Money Makeover!

  • Amber Massey
    Amber Massey 2 months ago

    I worked enough overtime last week to cover step 1. Tonight I created a nifty pay off "calendar" to post in my bedroom so it's the first thing I see when I wake up. it's 9 pages (9 different debts) in order from lowest to highest. Each page has the name of one debt in large bold font and in small font at the bottom has the remaining debts. So each time I pay off the debt and go to the next page I have a clear reminder of what I'm attacking while also seeing the debt list get smaller and smaller. We <3 you, Dave!

  • Wanda Lipscomb- Lee
    Wanda Lipscomb- Lee 2 months ago

    Great advice Thank God. I found I'm in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy what is the best way to be on top of the Ladder when I come out of Bankruptcy?

  • M. Yolene Pierre
    M. Yolene Pierre 2 months ago

    Alex Gayer, thank you for posting this video. Dave is so passionate about getting out of debt. My dream is not to have that liability, and I am determined to get rid of debt.

  • BossUp Queens
    BossUp Queens 2 months ago

    He has motivated me soo much !!

  • Erica
    Erica 2 months ago

    Thank you so much Dave Ramsey. I started your baby steps about 3 months ago, I found $1,000 so much more easily than I ever thought (I sold some things and worked extra, it happens fast!), I've paid off FIVE of my small revolving credit accounts (stuff like Kohl's, Victoria Secret, Macy's, Maurice's, etc.) Now I'm working on knocking down the big dogs; Chase, Capital One and Bank of America credit cards, worth $14,000 total. I am in the process of selling my car to get rid of that payment ($320/mo). I come back and listen to this video for more motivation. I cry sometimes when I hear the gazelle intensity part. I feel the pain you've been through, the pain I'm in, and the pain that millions of others are feeling right now. If you've never been severely in debt, you don't know. You don't know that feeling, you might not pick up on the experience in Dave's voice, but I heard it. I know it. Thank you for shining the light so that others may find their way to freedom. I'll see you in 2020 to do my debt free scream. All the best to you and your family. Thank you for blessing so many others.

  • Matt's Stuff - Slots and Scratch

    11:30: Dave Ramsey Trying To Go Super Saiyan!

  • 1234
    1234 2 months ago

    Guys I have $10 in credit card debt what am I gonna do 😥

    • christian garcia
      christian garcia Month ago

      1234 attack it with a vengeance, start a garage sale anything you can do to destroy that debt lmao

  • Dallas Harvey
    Dallas Harvey 2 months ago

    37:34 if you are considering getting a mortgage.

  • Iraj Matthee
    Iraj Matthee 2 months ago

    As brilliant as his guidance is, I am concerned that the emergency fund of $1000 can't be this magical number to reach in order to progress debt free because it's different for each individual. A person who earns $40k versus another who gets $60k a year the emergency fund is skew. My question is, why is this emergency fund not a percentage figure like the 15% retirement or the 10% monthly savings Dave suggests too?

    • Iraj Matthee
      Iraj Matthee 2 months ago

      @Erica I've listened to his presentation and understand the process. But I feel the emergency fund starter should a percentage figure too because it's very difficult for those who earn very little a year whereas top income earners in debt will see $1000 as nothing.

    • Erica
      Erica 2 months ago

      It is. You need to listen to the presentation. The $1,000 is your *starter* emergency fund. After you're out of debt, then you return your focus to the emergency fund and grow it to 3-6 months of expenses for your family.

  • RISE Investments
    RISE Investments 2 months ago

    When you become 100% dissatisfied... you will change 100%! Thanks Dave Ramsey 💯🙏🏿

  • farrell2k
    farrell2k 2 months ago

    Follow these rules and you might have money in your 70s. Wouldn't you rather have it in your 40s and 50s? Invest in real estate

  • Richard Redner
    Richard Redner 2 months ago

    The figures he uses as average in terms of home prices, payments, and general loan terms are a little nostalgic lol. If you get a home on a fixed rate 15yr note and the payment is supposed to stay under 1/4 of your monthly take home.. for me that would be a payment of $600.00, and that would be carried from a loan as follows: 15yr Fixed rate at 3.64% Interest $20,000 Down $80,000 Home Payment $602.00 per month LOL I WOULD HAVE TO FIND A 80,000 DOLLAR HOUSE AND PUT 25% DOWN TO GET ME TO A MORTGAGE PAYMENT OF 1/4 OF MY MONTHLY TAKE HOME. REDICULOUS! Realistically speaking it would be more like... $200,000 $40,000 down (way too much) 3.64% APR 15 YR FIXED = $1,419.00 30 YR FIXED = $ 996.00 I would do a FDA loan with $6,000 Down on a 30yr fixed for a payment of $1,151.00 per month.

  • Richard Redner
    Richard Redner 2 months ago

    This guys great but I could do without the religious undertone. But damn, hes gonna have a heart attack if he keeps that up lol. He sounds just like Sam Kinison! I swear it!

    • Meghan Rachelle Marks
      Meghan Rachelle Marks 21 day ago

      It isn't a religious undertone, it's a biblical foundation. His entire paradigm comes from the Proverbs, in the Bible. Why get out of debt and save money? Then you die and it amounts to nothing. The reason be responsible with money is so you can live into who you were created to be and spend God's resources wisely. Then on judgment day you'll be handed new responsibility, "if you have not been trustworthy in handling worldly wealth, who will trust you with true riches?" Luke 16:11

  • Dalek Cash
    Dalek Cash 2 months ago

    I'm 27 debt free 35k saved up credit score at 700 and planning on buying a home. And I just heard from dave Ramsey and motivated me to go harder=]

  • T7emonic
    T7emonic 2 months ago

    I'm 19 and have 6,000 in debt but luckily I'm already tired of being in debt and I still live free with my parents I plan on spending every penny I earn to clearing my debt

  • hexlgaming
    hexlgaming 2 months ago

    Keyword: pre-tax investment (24:45)

  • Y-Travel Travel-X
    Y-Travel Travel-X 2 months ago

    I hate how this people get rich, then tell the secret how they did it .

  • Sal D'Acquisto
    Sal D'Acquisto 2 months ago

    Amazon stock for $77 now over $1800. Dave you should’ve told us to buy Amazon

    • Al Pardo
      Al Pardo 12 days ago

      Started investing with Robinhood in early 2015. I remember seeing Amazon below or around $350 and telling to myself nah that's to much, i can't afford it, how many shares can i possibly buy, 20, 30? So I decided to buy penny stocks instead get them in hundreds or thousands. More is better, right? Well I'm here 4 years, and 20k down the drain, later. Going back to baby steps, dreaming of Amazon at 350 :-) and ready to climb the ladder at 46!

  • Omar Araujo
    Omar Araujo 2 months ago

    I got them dave Chappelle vibes watching this. Telling it how it is.

  • ethanroe
    ethanroe 3 months ago

    25:10 - If this were true, parents could put $8000 into a fund when their kids are age 18. The kids would have a completed retirement fund, as long as they leave it alone. I've seen this chart before, but I don't get it. In 10 years you double your money (I'm going with 10% here). That happens 4 times in this scenario. 16 becomes 32, becomes 64, becomes 128, becomes $256,000. It's probably a little more than this but still, it's not $5 million.

  • Erin Symone
    Erin Symone 3 months ago

    Love this video!!!!! Currently in baby step 3, and this keeps me inspired!

  • Trouble Some
    Trouble Some 3 months ago

    I’m 20 I think I’ve found this in the perfect timing

    • Skip Lou
      Skip Lou Month ago

      Trouble Some nope because you have to be in the rain before u realize u don’t like the storm, live learn, no one watches a video when there young and actually listens

  • Tua Kalola
    Tua Kalola 3 months ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed this👏

  • Amarinh Kongmanivong
    Amarinh Kongmanivong 3 months ago

    I still get emotional when I hear Dave tell us to Run, Run, RUNNNN!!!!! " Deliver yourself like a gazelle from the hand of the hunter" ...and you will be free! I love this intensity, God Bless you Dave!

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer Month ago

      So I’m not the only one? 😭😂

  • Angela A
    Angela A 3 months ago

    Dave ramsey is the dad i never had! Teaching my kids about financial responsibility one day and will play this video

  • Michael Robison
    Michael Robison 3 months ago

    23:30 Thought he said 30 years, and I'm sitting here scratching my head, wondering how the hell he's assuming 17% interest. Still, at 40 years, he's assuming 12% interest, which is plausible but not exactly a conservative projection.

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer Month ago

      Michael Robison Aim for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll still land among the stars. If this is the number people need to hear to do take action, it’s better than than giving low ball numbers and not encouraging action. That would be tragic.

  • Beutee4ul One
    Beutee4ul One 4 months ago

    Thanks for posting this!!

  • Lance G
    Lance G 4 months ago

    As grant cardone once said "Dave Ramseys not even worth as much as my plane" if you want to only be worth 1 of 2 million avoid debt at all cost and listen to dave ramseys advice, btw 1-8 million is chump change in today's day..if you want to be f you rich like Grant Cardon. You better start using that debt as good debt :)

    • Brian Beasley
      Brian Beasley 3 months ago

      Lance G lol you realize that Dave has his own jet paid for in cash right

  • BubbaTheBulldog
    BubbaTheBulldog 4 months ago


  • Cisco Girl
    Cisco Girl 4 months ago

    Good stuff!

  • Darin Herrick
    Darin Herrick 4 months ago

    First 2 years: Went from -$30,000 to $0 net worth. Next year and half: From $0 net worth to $30,000 net worth. Current net worth: $40,000 and climbing. Following this a MINIMUM will retire with $300,000 in the bank, assuming I never get a raise, my wife never gets a raise, and a crisis occurs now and then. I tell people buy the book. At a MINIMUM Total Money Makeover will make you THOUSANDS of dollars.

    • Darin Herrick
      Darin Herrick 2 days ago

      @Andy That's what I'm doing. But I'm a pessimist not an optimist. I'm not sure of those magical 12% returns.

    • Andy
      Andy 3 months ago

      Put it in index funds. You will have $1 million!

  • Daniel Kruger
    Daniel Kruger 4 months ago

    I need pizza Dave!

  • Adam
    Adam 4 months ago

    dave will never suffer from low blood pressure...with that gazelle intesity....i love this guy and the biblical values he shares

  • Lestat Staton
    Lestat Staton 4 months ago

    Its really really obvious how often Dave goes to church. This isnt a seminar, its a sermon.

  • Tow Doctor
    Tow Doctor 4 months ago

    Ladders have rungs but ok

  • niecybaby1960
    niecybaby1960 4 months ago

    Dave was a lot thinner here!

  • Mwadi ya Kin-Malebo
    Mwadi ya Kin-Malebo 4 months ago

    Thanks Dave I am doing step#6

  • ShesReady2Live
    ShesReady2Live 4 months ago

    Bro, lay off the coffee

  • Erica Jean
    Erica Jean 4 months ago

    First rule of college “pay cash!!!!” 👌🏿🙌🏾

  • Rickey Aycock
    Rickey Aycock 4 months ago


  • Khatiya Chenda William

    Thank you Mr. Ramsey for these wealth building tools and advices. It feel good to doing baby steps 4 &5 . I cannot wait to pay off my mortgage! I am very happy I found you wish I found you at age 18😢 20 yrs Iater time is ticking against me I must get Gazelle Intense right now!....😊

  • Brandon Lucy
    Brandon Lucy 4 months ago

    I’m 25 and im going to try this.

  • S Ahmed
    S Ahmed 4 months ago

    People with no credit card, how do you pay online?

    • usagi ken
      usagi ken 3 months ago

      yup...debit card all the way

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer 4 months ago

      Debit cards work the same and usually have MasterCard or VISA logos on them.

  • Brayden Riel
    Brayden Riel 4 months ago

    i love Dave he is the man

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 4 months ago

    Would it be smart to pay off the home right after the snowball?

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer 4 months ago

      James Wilson Not usually. While having a paid off home in retirement is advantageous, so is having a fully funded emergency fund and retirement savings. Best not to skip step 3. Do that first and that alone. Then do Steps 4, 5, 6 at the same time. You want the power of compound interest working in your favor! :)

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 4 months ago

    Why do you pay off your house after the college fund and after putting 15% in? Doesn't he want you to pay everything off first? I don't even save in taxes by not paying off the home because we already have a standard deduction

    • Alex Gayer
      Alex Gayer 4 months ago

      Interest takes time to work its magic.

  • Kylar Lee
    Kylar Lee 4 months ago

    This video is not politically correct in 2019, calling out all the men to stand up. Would be eaten alive today.

  • Rob D
    Rob D 4 months ago

    that passion and scream is powerful this man is here to do nothing but help

  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay 4 months ago

    I don't appreciate his political rants though!

  • Lee Jay
    Lee Jay 4 months ago

    This has really helped me. I'm absolutely fed up with being in debt!

    JOHN PETTY 4 months ago

    WHAT IF YOU'RE 50 AND TRY TO START SOMETHING LIKE THIS!!??? I have done something i should've done .......... YEARS & YEARS AGO ..... I've manage to save $1,500 (plus as I'm catching more hours a work) , ive NEVER saved from this day going BACK!!!! So this is HUGE for me to have $1,500.

  • jimbo
    jimbo 5 months ago

    It's sad that guys like this assume the average person makes 60k a year. Not all of us went to college bud. Or can afford it.

    • Tristen Shuptrine
      Tristen Shuptrine 4 months ago

      I make over 80k a year doing industrial construction, no college degree just physical labor. You can get an education or you can learn a trade. If you want to make over minimum wage you're going to have to give more than the minimum effort. Nothing is handed to you in life.

  • Richard Davis - Sales & Self-Improvement

    I loved his book. So many great things in it. in case anyone is interested. He also has a great budgeting tool at I use it as the app, but site works great too.

  • maniac attack
    maniac attack 5 months ago


  • Motoryzen
    Motoryzen 5 months ago

    18:45 to 18:55. I'm sorry to say Dave, but no...females ..women are NOT smarter than men on the subject of financial security given it's a FACT that literally MOST of all student loan debt in the USA are contracted by females and LITERALLY....MOST of the degrees or programs that females go into involving college student loan debt is in BULLSHIT such as sociology. psychology, and even worst often is liberal arts ...gender studies and feminism ( facepalm). Now, the actual REAL.women...the smart ones..go for medical field education programs involving nursing or xray technicians, doctrines & phd's to become doctors and surgeons. Even NURSES are FAR more job market valuable ( in EVERY CONTEXT btw) than some assclown pretending she can cater to your feelings while pushing her feminazism agenda. Most men, and I'm not talking about these feminine acting soyboy cucks and idiot simps ( simp stands for SExually Immature, Male Prostitute btw), get degrees in USEFUL fields of job market-connected education such as welding, engineering, medical field to become doctor's and surgeons, autotechnicians, or any other REAL trade career that will always be in demand regardless of what technology dictates from one decade to the next. So..NO..Dave...women are NOT smarter NOR wiser in the context of financial security in ..large..when you look at the historical facts for the past 20 years across the nation.

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 3 months ago

      @Mike Jackson don't be naive and stupid kid. I'm not your therapist. Move on .ya lost this argument before it even began.

    • Mike Jackson
      Mike Jackson 3 months ago

      Don't be salty lmao....yes they are🤣

  • Emily
    Emily 5 months ago

    I'm very grateful to have grown up with parents that listened to Dave Ramsey's radio show. In a week, I will be 21 with a car that I bought in cash and no personal debt. I have $3,500 in the bank, but am working on getting that $1000 cash emergency fund.

    • Ladenna Young
      Ladenna Young Month ago

      Awesome! 😊

    • Motoryzen
      Motoryzen 5 months ago

      If you have 3500 in the bank, you already have Baby Step 1 completed..Just do with that 1 grand how you wish involving having quick access to it be it leaving it in that bank account, putting it in a different one, or just yank out the cash and stuff that grand into an envelope labeled emergency fund, and hide it somewhere only you know about That leaves 2500 to go towards baby step 3 ( full 6 months of living expenses). Congrats gal. You're kicking ass

  • James Lee Jr
    James Lee Jr 5 months ago

    I found Dave Ramsey last year. Which i was 37. Im struggling thought this life. I have been wanting to call in talk to him. But im trying my hardest fix what i mess up.