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Faime - Blue (Lyrics)
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  • soun pisey
    soun pisey Minute ago

    i love this song

  • Evelyn Wong
    Evelyn Wong 2 minutes ago


  • Eve Honeman
    Eve Honeman 9 minutes ago

    L ove this son

  • Quenie Elico
    Quenie Elico 12 minutes ago

    How awesome❤

  • Sapro - BMGO
    Sapro - BMGO 13 minutes ago

    Iam lonely at home °^°

  • Matilda Hocking
    Matilda Hocking 16 minutes ago

    Where they playing pin pon at the start???????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Bunny 567
    Bunny 567 22 minutes ago

    Hold your breath dim the lights... MoMS cOMInG To MAkE SUrE YOur SleePinG ThInk OF A SleEPinG PosItion You HAve oNE SeConD!!!

  • Anya Mari
    Anya Mari 22 minutes ago

    When you've never seen A Star is Born but you still love this song XD

  • jesuitmatthew
    jesuitmatthew 36 minutes ago

    Yes, satan? Oh I"m sorry I thought you were someone else.

  • akong50 roblox
    akong50 roblox 39 minutes ago

    All love this my brother love this

  • Ms. Zyra MMD
    Ms. Zyra MMD 48 minutes ago

    Songs like these give me a new feeling that I get when I listen to songs that remind me of being out in the open and just having this song play as im walking through the woods...yea im weird ehehe

  • 《Gacha BloodBoon》
    《Gacha BloodBoon》 53 minutes ago

    I understand a bit of words so I can dance to the groove and words in the music with my family

  • Joshua Moore
    Joshua Moore 58 minutes ago

    This song reminds me of my recently deceased grandmother 😥😥😥😥😔😔😔 I miss you grandma R.I.P Lois Whitney 1935- 2019 love you hope u see me now😔😥😪😞😕😭😢😟😭😭

  • Noah Bowling
    Noah Bowling Hour ago

    Don't blame it on kids !!!!!!!!😆so don't blame it on me because I'm a kid😉

    KEY GANDA Hour ago

    I feel this song when me anre lessining

  • Mason Washington

    This is me when my mom spanks me

  • Jude _
    Jude _ Hour ago

    this song taught me to not let other people drag you down with their opinions

  • alex the amazing gameplayer

    When i lost my dog and i found this song it remained me when i lost my dog i cried a lot 😢😢😭😭

  • Mason 4Life
    Mason 4Life Hour ago

    Does anybody like walking up the sides of buildings to this song?

  • ximena rafael
    ximena rafael Hour ago

    I felt this my boyfriend just broke up with me today, and I really felt this.

  • Cinthia Motta
    Cinthia Motta Hour ago

    I love it

  • Jackie Chan
    Jackie Chan Hour ago


  • Keixa Friginal
    Keixa Friginal Hour ago

    Idol believe r

  • DiamondMario Gaming

    Great video! Luv the song

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed Hour ago

    lily like and on my waya like 2 best song

  • crazypants 1234
    crazypants 1234 2 hours ago

    I love this song but am I the only one who gets a bit creeped out by it?

  • case grew56
    case grew56 2 hours ago

    se mamo no mames

  • case grew56
    case grew56 2 hours ago

    que crak canta 😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮💛💛💛💛👋👋👋👋

  • Bored Asf :/
    Bored Asf :/ 2 hours ago

    My classmates and me had to this in front of the school

  • Save Point
    Save Point 2 hours ago

    DK donkey kong

  • Josephine  Boylan
    Josephine Boylan 2 hours ago

    Maaa fav

  • Purple Koala
    Purple Koala 2 hours ago

    I love this song!

  • DiabolicCatGames
    DiabolicCatGames 2 hours ago

    This song honestly makes me feel so confident and invincible. Like all my wildest dreams can always become a reality

  • Sandro Santana
    Sandro Santana 2 hours ago


  • Sheri McCluney
    Sheri McCluney 2 hours ago

    I wish I was a wolf

  • Maylen Abel
    Maylen Abel 2 hours ago

    me with the cast of supernatural

  • Sheri McCluney
    Sheri McCluney 2 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I’m loser but that’s ok

  • Alessandra Saldivar cornejo

    1:26 i love these part

  • Sam Wang
    Sam Wang 2 hours ago

    This song is good cuz i have depression

  • Kaitlyn Bourgeois
    Kaitlyn Bourgeois 2 hours ago

    Panini is a good Songif you like it click here

  • Zach Blaze
    Zach Blaze 2 hours ago

    I'm 12, but I really like older songs like this instead of shitty rap garbage that's on today.

  • Kaitlyn Bourgeois
    Kaitlyn Bourgeois 2 hours ago

    Why is everybody doing thumbs down

  • past unicorn gacha
    past unicorn gacha 2 hours ago

    Tik tok

  • Farhan Choudhury
    Farhan Choudhury 2 hours ago

    caleb finn: -tries to get into america- america: no can do, buddy. caleb finn: *I'M GONNA SHOW YOU, LOCO MANIAC-*

  • Sharron Babino
    Sharron Babino 2 hours ago

    The beat droped EXACTLY at 2:00 Yassss

  • past unicorn gacha
    past unicorn gacha 2 hours ago

    From tik tok

  • Beach Life
    Beach Life 2 hours ago

    To me this song is a good reminder if someone doesn't pay enough attention to you you should turn around and not look back . not worth your time .

  • Shonda Shots
    Shonda Shots 2 hours ago

    Anyone else blasting in headphones

  • Thỏ Bếu
    Thỏ Bếu 2 hours ago

    My mom give me 5000Đ🌸 I bought candies 2000Đ🍥 I love you 3000Đ💝

  • Anna Lau Maia
    Anna Lau Maia 3 hours ago

    De hrh yjyhycmf homen jcjxfkfn.

  • Caro Morales
    Caro Morales 3 hours ago


  • Brittany Marvel
    Brittany Marvel 3 hours ago

    whats the ending music to your vids? i like it

  • Shaggy Zoinks
    Shaggy Zoinks 3 hours ago

    Honestly this is my JAM

  • Sebastian Adams
    Sebastian Adams 3 hours ago

    When you add this to your art skank playlist

  • Going Mercury
    Going Mercury 3 hours ago

    This song sucks it repeats

  • Brandon Glass
    Brandon Glass 3 hours ago


  • Chocolate Queen
    Chocolate Queen 3 hours ago

    I was here before Tik tok 😂

  • Chocolate Queen
    Chocolate Queen 3 hours ago

    Me 2 years ago: Country music 🤢 who tf listens to country music ?? Me now: *listens to Country music and pop more than rap and r&b”

  • Hareem Plays
    Hareem Plays 3 hours ago


  • Cryogenic_ 916
    Cryogenic_ 916 3 hours ago

    You know I may be a guy but i can relate to this, i've had a few exes who've only kept me around after a relationship just for attention, plus it's super catchy :D

  • thelittlewoman
    thelittlewoman 3 hours ago

    Waiting on that tequila 😭

  • Giavanni Enoch
    Giavanni Enoch 3 hours ago

    night person i am lazy

  • michael mungia
    michael mungia 3 hours ago

    Who else found this song on tik tok?

    FRANCO PALOMINO 3 hours ago

    shamira shamira sha sha sha sha sha sha sha sha gozu

  • ßANANA gUrl Farida
    ßANANA gUrl Farida 3 hours ago

    (213) 267-9932 Who actually called it?

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando 3 hours ago

    sise. complica

  • Rylee Taylor
    Rylee Taylor 3 hours ago

    I love this song!

  • Eugene Alvarez
    Eugene Alvarez 3 hours ago

    please do not dislike this video

  • sia daz
    sia daz 3 hours ago

    the saddest part is that the person leave us but their memories still haunt us

  • Rianah Estrella
    Rianah Estrella 3 hours ago


  • Cesar Orta
    Cesar Orta 3 hours ago


  • hapy freinds hapy
    hapy freinds hapy 3 hours ago


  • NFO Girls
    NFO Girls 4 hours ago

    Gosh do I love this song😍😍😍

  • Danialbrc
    Danialbrc 4 hours ago

    I came here because of her voice:)

  • 20 Crwn20
    20 Crwn20 4 hours ago

    My favorite animal🐶🐱🦋

  • Erok Michels
    Erok Michels 4 hours ago

    Best song

  • Alex Bryant 01
    Alex Bryant 01 4 hours ago

    I feel this song 😔💔

  • Taya Wolf
    Taya Wolf 4 hours ago

    I’m tongue tied for real

  • Mark Stevens
    Mark Stevens 4 hours ago

    Luv it

  • Harlem Shit
    Harlem Shit 4 hours ago

    The only good thing about this song is the beat.

    • Victoria Heffly
      Victoria Heffly 44 minutes ago

      Yes because her whisper singing was just pathetic

  • Butrint Godanci
    Butrint Godanci 4 hours ago

    Well guys who live with depression better not listen this song.

  • Gamer_ Jimmy
    Gamer_ Jimmy 4 hours ago

    i love this

  •  4 hours ago

    Love músic!!!!!

  • Gabbie Girl
    Gabbie Girl 4 hours ago

    You’re the best youtuber I’m a girl

  • Snowy The Folf
    Snowy The Folf 4 hours ago

    I know this was a meme, but this is actually a pretty good song

  • I stan kpop asf
    I stan kpop asf 4 hours ago

    Everyone is coming here bc of bacon but I came here bc some I heard this song on a jungkook's FMV on insta

  • Morenita Morenita
    Morenita Morenita 4 hours ago

    Daisy not sick care