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Grid - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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  • Zachary Quintiliano
    Zachary Quintiliano 3 hours ago

    I bought a gba sp 101 :)

  • Mihai Batu
    Mihai Batu 3 hours ago

    I can't recommend more Shadow Tech from Blade. They already have 2-3 years of experience in Cloud gaming computer service. Been using the service since November last year. Best Service Ever! Stadia is a little late to the party, and Shadow basically gives you a super computer in the cloud where you can use it as any Windows PC --- Steam games for the win hehe. Stadia asks you to buy games again. haha what a joke!

  • Echo Force Airsoft alabama

    I just wish you could download gta v and rd2 could be installed without the online parts then you could mod and not worry about getting banned on a miss click in that stupid character switch

  • Mihai Krieger
    Mihai Krieger 3 hours ago

    Takeaway: don't support lazy shit with your money.

  • Jay Marlin
    Jay Marlin 3 hours ago

    "By modern standards it's rough." Pretty much outdated, and I knew everything I needed

  • Stev Da Great
    Stev Da Great 3 hours ago

    No man! A kid shouldn’t be playing grand theft auto especially with issues

  • Tansy Joseph
    Tansy Joseph 3 hours ago


  • edub590
    edub590 3 hours ago

    that bout sums up my entire childhood to my early teens had alot of awesome memories along the way and met alot of incredible people to i wish i could play online again mcla ps3

  • austin edwards
    austin edwards 3 hours ago

    Fun little Easter egg, idk if anyone picked up on but each lightsaber crystal color has a different saber sound (ignite/ disengage/ attack etc.) didn’t notice til my second Play through

  • Allendale Manangan
    Allendale Manangan 3 hours ago

    you can’t use it on philippines

  • Fun_Fan
    Fun_Fan 3 hours ago

    about number 5: after first mission on Zeffo (you unlock force push) you can access certain workbench on Bogano and acquire your double-blade upgrade

  • Fred Fry
    Fred Fry 3 hours ago

    So relevant again. So aggressive. Mrrreow

  • Bigdawgnardo ___
    Bigdawgnardo ___ 3 hours ago

    We seem to forget how much money EA makes off there games THEY DONT GAF we still going buy them regardless 😂

  • NightOdin
    NightOdin 3 hours ago

    Not going to buy game made by douchebag director

  • Stephen Crane
    Stephen Crane 3 hours ago

    All I know is that I got the first two Shenmue games because of this video.

  • Erik dying light
    Erik dying light 3 hours ago

    He says the price is high think how much it would be to by a original super Nintendo with all the games separate shit your gona pay then 80 that's forsure

  • Nathan Locke
    Nathan Locke 3 hours ago

    BRUH. Mortal Kombat on that MacBook Pro looks HORRIBLE. How can they charge you access, then make you buy the games? They need to strike a deal with Xbox, Playstation or Steam so people can play games they already have on the go. I'd pay $10 a month to stream my games to my phone.

  • Keith Marshall
    Keith Marshall 3 hours ago

    2:26 We all feel like battlefield when we get sniped by a <Insert explitive> who can't help but say 'Get Rekt' in a message and spells it exactly like that. On the upside it does give retards a new hope that they can be something in life if that's in the gene pool. EDIT - This is a joke for all those snowflakes about to start screeching cause they've sent those exact messages. 😂😂

  • KewlDude RedX
    KewlDude RedX 4 hours ago

    1:18 I'm in awe at the size of this lad ABSOLUTE UNIT!!!

  • Kivikall
    Kivikall 4 hours ago

    I never was quite hyped about this. When you think about it; remote computer has to render game based on your inputs and then transfer that rendered game state frame by frame over the internet to you while you are transferring your inputs back to the server. There's no way to buffer so it requires lightning fast speed to have very minimal lag so that you wouldn't notice it. People tend to notice very little lag on inputs straight away. That with the fact that connections always have a little variations so I'm a bit skeptical about this ever working. I mean, in theory it's very cool idea and of course I don't know technology behind this. What kind of compression is used etc. Yes, probably some slow paced games like mentioned in video or something like turn based strategy games would be fine. But then again, these new technologies are always good for development and I consider myself late majority when it comes to tech adoption and I'm usually skeptical of many things. So, I don't know, I kind of lost my point halfway through...

  • Arif Wahed Hamim
    Arif Wahed Hamim 4 hours ago

    I think you made a typo, I don't see Black desert free on PlayStation. You still have to pay for base game. As for the online section almost every game has free online section as long as you buy base game. E.g,. RDR2, GTA5

  • Sean Birch
    Sean Birch 4 hours ago

    To be fair, the guy who skips the cutscenes and just plays the game is more of a gamer that the one who enjoys the mini movies.

  • Pwnopolis
    Pwnopolis 4 hours ago

    Gen 1!

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 4 hours ago

    I get 360mps but it lags Nani

  • BlazingBlight
    BlazingBlight 4 hours ago

    Delivery man simulator 2019 is a better title imo.

  • xMrDead
    xMrDead 4 hours ago

    That is nothing fucking new. In germany it will be even worse. because we don't have any good connections on every service AND don't have glassfibre laid down properly... so it will flop the fuck out of everywhere in germany

  • Nathan McConeghy
    Nathan McConeghy 4 hours ago

    8:21 i almost threw up when it finally went through my red skull i completely agree

  • Dylan Atkincon
    Dylan Atkincon 4 hours ago

    Is the RX7 in the game?

  • HanuNL
    HanuNL 4 hours ago

    For a Shenmue fan the game is fine. This game could have been released 20 years with slighty uglier graphics (This game looks like a late PS3 game). I like it for what it is but i feel like the 60 euro price tag is way to steep for what i'm playing. The village i am in is really small filled with invisible walls and fetch quests that take place in the same area over and over again. I have not completed it yet but i've read that the story doesnt move forward at all in this game which worries me.. this has been a unique once in a lifetime oppertunity to tell the story they had in mind 20 years ago, i guess with "not moving forward" the reviews mean that there is space for a 4th entry in the series. This game is going to bomb saleswise (its to weird for a new audience) so we will be stuck in the same not finished state again

  • SW
    SW 4 hours ago

    4:29 Huh, didn't know Sylvester Stallone was in this

  • unknown 666
    unknown 666 4 hours ago


  • MasterAub01
    MasterAub01 4 hours ago

    This game is for the fans who played it on dreamcast 20 years ago and loved it at that time.

  • _ BiggDaddyShuggs
    _ BiggDaddyShuggs 4 hours ago

    I'm really glad that this failed I hate this thing with a passion and with Xbox making project x cloud just insures that it will fail

  • Moho Madness
    Moho Madness 4 hours ago

    BEFORE YOU BUY! : Save your $60, game is ass. Someone couldn’t pay me $60 to finish this game and not complain about it

    • Moho Madness
      Moho Madness 4 hours ago

      I’m sorry, I just spent 2-3 hours getting out of the tomb of eilram

  • Calvin Tan
    Calvin Tan 4 hours ago

    QTE made me quit halfway through shenmue 2 on gamepass. If it ever get to xbox gamepass will try if not easy pass for me.

  • Caleb Knutson
    Caleb Knutson 4 hours ago

    New COD Campaign "Here, screw on this oil filter to your barrel as a suppressor." Okay COD... that makes so much sense...

    • Caleb Knutson
      Caleb Knutson 4 hours ago

      I even took an oil filter off of a motorbike for one gun and one off of a huge diesel truck and the oil filter was the exact same size!

  • Sakib Ahsan
    Sakib Ahsan 4 hours ago

    Omg! Jake said something negative?!

  • Biggie
    Biggie 4 hours ago

    I made 100k from blackjack in gta 5 casino

  • Isaiah Compagne
    Isaiah Compagne 4 hours ago

    I hate that family at the end

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot 4 hours ago

    "Most anticipated sequels of all time! No.1 Shenmue" **Shenmue comes out and absolutely nobody talks about it**

  • Biggie
    Biggie 4 hours ago

    2:40. New idea if a mod can be used in online it won’t be allowed Only single player mods on pc Their are modders in all lobbies Modders can chase you from lobby to lobby

  • d1001more
    d1001more 4 hours ago

    I saw the IGN 50 second dual light saber video...I went early enough that I only had 1 skill unlocked...To top it off I didn't know you could run away...I died about 100 times...

  • Michal Roman
    Michal Roman 4 hours ago

    San Andreas vs GTA 4 - SA was way behind graphical standards at the time it came out, so it was even more of a jump when GTA 4 came up

  • drsizzl
    drsizzl 4 hours ago

    "...sue hoppy..." 2:58

  • Giuliano BassWarrior

    Forgot the two RC missions from Vice City , the hardest and more annoying I ever played

  • HotSizzleTV
    HotSizzleTV 4 hours ago

    Where was the Marketing for this game I didn’t even know this game was out.

  • Michael Monka
    Michael Monka 4 hours ago

    This sounds like it will just eat up data usage. If you rarely play games this sorta makes sense.

  • TurtleGamer 63
    TurtleGamer 63 4 hours ago

    3:09 HOly shIT WHAT is THAT in the background!!?

  • Djarra Cole
    Djarra Cole 4 hours ago


  • Rickcary Mcnish
    Rickcary Mcnish 4 hours ago

    Supply lines was one of my easiest mission

  • Konglomerat
    Konglomerat 4 hours ago

    I really disagree about WarZ. I LOVED that game. Played it and DayZ constantly. Also gotta disagree with no mans sky. Once everyone started saying how great it was I gave it a shot. It crashed just as I got literally the rarest gun in the game and since it never auto-saved, I was fucked. Uninstalled after 3 hours of trying to get the gun to spawn again.

  • Alexis Angel Dickhaus

    The Peacekeeper. I rest my case

  • rctrulez
    rctrulez 4 hours ago

    Lvl 100 Charakter? That's a lvl 70 Tauren Hunter in early BC gear (Tier 4 set).

  • Stephen King
    Stephen King 4 hours ago

    I'll pick this up, even though I'm more hyped for playing Shenmue I and II. I LOVE the old games and their graphics

  • Caleb Knutson
    Caleb Knutson 4 hours ago

    Games should have us sight in our own weapons when we attach a scope. For instance sighting in a rifle at 50 yards instead of 300.

  • toyota altezza
    toyota altezza 4 hours ago

    midnight club la

  • Powl X
    Powl X 4 hours ago

    Clickbait video 176875. Everything here the game is very clearly telling you or the rest ist just: How you can save time in not taking enjoyment out of discovering upgrades and secrets. Yes the Game is not telling me which upgrades I'm getting from the start. :) No hate, just my opinion...but the video is not very good.

  • Kevin Adi Nugraha
    Kevin Adi Nugraha 4 hours ago

    Subscription, the worst kind of way to play a game.

  • Konglomerat
    Konglomerat 4 hours ago

    #7 is my #1.

  • Friday
    Friday 4 hours ago

    This game sucks ass whether you’re a fan or not. Trust me, you’ll get bored in 2 hours and stop playing all together

  • silas232003
    silas232003 4 hours ago

    Google should have brought this out 2 years later when 5G is partially implemented. The U.S. and Canada are reviewing 5G Infrastructure, but the biggest hurdle is security. Especially since Nokia, Ericsson and Huawei are the leading firms in the field.

  • TukkyHD
    TukkyHD 4 hours ago

    No thanks.

  • Salman Qureshi
    Salman Qureshi 4 hours ago

    Meanwhile here with Gigabit Internet. :P

  • The Hobbit
    The Hobbit 4 hours ago

    WARFRAME: EMPYREAN IS NOT a new game, the update was barely anything after 2 years of no content, not to mention it isnt fkn out

  • E
    E 4 hours ago

    So no one gonna talk about that animal farm reference

  • Wyatt Riley
    Wyatt Riley 4 hours ago

    The absurd amount of free running/parkour along with the completely aimless wandering you have to do just to try and find your next objective is easily the worst part of the game, and about completely ruins the experience. It's all so pointless and serves no purpose other than to act as artificial time lengtheners instead of just creating more fun content to play. If you run around doing the dumbass parkour and mindless exploration for an hour you might get to play the fun parts of the game for maybe 3-5 minutes. Take out all the unnecessary shit and the boring 1-2 hour mission would be a 15 minute mission jam packed with action and excitement. To top it all off when you do finally get to do some combat it's all so clunky and inconsistent, this game is not like dark souls, dark souls is incredibly hard but fair. The game works and simply requires mastery, the combat in this game is clunky as fuck and there are so many times you get hit or take damage were instead of you making a mistake it feels like the game is just fucking you. Should have called the game Star wars parkour simulator since that is 95% of the experience. I've given up on there ever being a good star wars game because this ain't it

  • ed burns
    ed burns 4 hours ago

    Thumbnail looks like tekashi 69

  • David Alexandrovitch $129 for the ability to buy games still at full price but that google owns at the same time?? Confusing much?

  • Dieter Libotton
    Dieter Libotton 4 hours ago

    I think this episode of before you buy was on point. Shenmue IS weird! I played the hell out of 1 and 2... and for real, this is for an audience that demands special weird stuff. I had fun with the first two. But not anybody will. @gameranx I love how honest and on point these videos always match for me personaly. Greetings from Belgium! Keep making these please! FALCON GREAT JOB!

  • Paul D
    Paul D 4 hours ago

    how does this differ from playstation now - those you dont have to buy and are part of the streaming service...i think if sony expanded their service to psplus and more devices they would over take google

  • Jundas
    Jundas 4 hours ago

    I wouldn't mind a simple on screen compass for when I get turned around in the open parts and I can't stand how part of the game has a fixed camera.

  • Chuuni Chewer
    Chuuni Chewer 4 hours ago

    There are people defending this shit. Let that sink in.

  • Jeff Bumgravy
    Jeff Bumgravy 4 hours ago

    Double lightsaber can be found on bogano, way easier

  • Shana White
    Shana White 4 hours ago

    There's only been one instance of an "aim assist" program I've considered to be legit, and it was a mouse/crosshair stabilizer for someone with a condition that caused SEVERE tremors and muscle spasms at pretty much all times.

  • EightshFox
    EightshFox 4 hours ago

    Stadia can be great, once it's fixed. High-end gaming anywhere, without the necessity of a high-end PC or Console is great.

  • eliasmpikou
    eliasmpikou 4 hours ago

    actually gameranx the original sonic the hedghog is from 1991

  • Tommy Williamson
    Tommy Williamson 4 hours ago

    If you go back to Bogano after you complete your first trip to Zeffo you can unlock the dual saber there without going to Dathomir first. This way you get BD-1s scomp link upgrade AND your dual saber without having to go to Dathomir until you’re ready. Plus I think it’s a nice bit of story telling to attach Córdovas saber to yours in his workshop.

    • Tommy Williamson
      Tommy Williamson 4 hours ago

      As cool as the dual saber is, the scomp link is infinitely more helpful.

  • paccacio 29
    paccacio 29 4 hours ago

    I used to watch my brother play part one on sega dreamcast however i never i liked it,is just like real life you get a part time jib,play arcades,etc the start of open world id say

  • Solo Wing Pixy
    Solo Wing Pixy 4 hours ago

    CoDMW Shotgun already nerfed but still op on range, Activision what did u do on shotgun

  • Tolerance
    Tolerance 4 hours ago

    Internet in the US just isn't ready for cloud gaming yet.

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 hours ago

    Should I get it, i have pretty high speeds but idk if that really matters lmao

  • Wes' TECH
    Wes' TECH 4 hours ago

    Add RDRE 2 PC release to the list.

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 4 hours ago

    I do definitely feel like, despite being placed below the hardest difficulty, Jedi Master is the "Normal Mode" of the game. Far easier than any of the From games or their Soulsborne imitators, a snag here or there, but fairly easy. I

  • Jose Turruellas
    Jose Turruellas 4 hours ago

    Don’t buy.

  • Mark Payne
    Mark Payne 4 hours ago

    this game is no where near where it should be. clearly just throwing out the bare minimum to call it new. i will be back on board when they make a real upgrade like when they went from the 2d screens on the handheld to the 64 version that brought them to life. theres just soo much missing from these games now.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 hours ago

    Wow, you're a douche

  • Ryko_Et _Irish
    Ryko_Et _Irish 4 hours ago

    Trevors a cameo on Better Call saul.👀

  • Vagrant Slumber party

    If every house had the same connection speed then I’m down. Where I live I’m still getting DSL speeds, and I really only have one option. We need the infrastructure for this to be optimal.

  • safnhuo
    safnhuo 4 hours ago

    Before you buy, stop and realize that you'll be wasting your money. Then save that money.

  • r0beh
    r0beh 5 hours ago

    I travel a lot and thought this would be perfect but in reality the bandwidth requirements are crazy and hotel internet is normally good enough for streaming Netflix not 35mb dedicated bandwidth

  • Sean Vanetti
    Sean Vanetti 5 hours ago

    Honestly I’m seriously impressed with the game and think it’s a bunch of fun to just sit down and relax to myself and just figure out what to do next. You can easily lose hours of the day as this game is so invigorating and seem less. I love everything about it thus far

  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Google, a search engine: Nah lemme host games instead

  • Meme Iselfaneye
    Meme Iselfaneye 5 hours ago

    Thank you for saying "Sekiro," too many people focusing on "Souls," it's way more like Sekrio, which broke the Soulslike mold for combat.

  • 00 00
    00 00 5 hours ago

    i really don't like the "corners needed to be cut somewhere" mentality when it comes to the removal of most pokemon because like... no they don't? this franchise makes more money than the marvel franchise it isn't some indie game from a tiny team of developers. also the whole "gotta catch em all" part is so essential that it bothers me that this was the choice in cutting back. i mean they reused old animations for the preexisting pokemon already so why not just reuse them for the other ones too. dont get it lol.

  • Michael Cent
    Michael Cent 5 hours ago

    EA and recently Bethesda are both prime targets for piracy. Smaller game companies are those yoi need to support.

  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 5 hours ago

    *"Stadia - The Future of Gaming."* emphasis on 'future', because it definitely isn't in the present lol

  • darkwaver517353
    darkwaver517353 5 hours ago

    Check Escape From Tarkov for the most realistic shotgun behavior I think I've seen in any game ever

  • Jeremy Boateng
    Jeremy Boateng 5 hours ago

    Cool, I thought I was the only one purposely mispronounced a product name when giving it a negative review. XD

  • Luis Serrano
    Luis Serrano 5 hours ago

    Personally I think it’s a super cool but my internet is fucking trash.

  • Derrick Hayden
    Derrick Hayden 5 hours ago

    I still don't understand how POP Warrior within didn't do well. Even tho i loved all 3, It was my favorite one and it was mind-blowing for the time. The combat, the insane level design and a super complex and more mature story, damn I really need to replay the trilogy, I'm curious if they still hold up to this day.