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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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How BIG is Rockstar Games?
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  • Business Account

    PS3's have the absolute worst disc drives.

  • Raid Prime
    Raid Prime Hour ago

    Borderlands 3:10 "With guns, all things are possible."

  • worton issk
    worton issk Hour ago

    I remember on my first build I took ages trying to put the hyper 212 cooler on then I never overclocked it.

  • CelticVizard
    CelticVizard Hour ago

    Fuck Rumble... it just ends up disabled anyway.

  • footthumb
    footthumb Hour ago

    More tips that were probably obvious, but maybe not: • Weapon Trinkets are equipped by selecting the empty square to the left of your weapon in the Inventory Screen (I seriously didn’t figure this out until accidentally hitting left while looking at a weapon’s stats... at LVL 30) • FL4K’s pets will annoy you after a while. They walk around in front of you when trying to interact with items, chests, etc., they will bump you around when they get close, and the Jabber makes noise constantly. They are indispensable for solo players but they will ruin emotional moments (nothing like a touching scene punctuated by my Jabber walking straight through talking characters making noise) and just generally get on your nerves outside of battle. You’ll love em’ at first, and then you’ll wish there was a way to tell them to stay. • You can use the Lost & Found system as extra storage for weapons you want to sell. Blues and above will go to the L&F on Sanctuary so instead of picking up a blue or above that you know you’re going to sell just leave it on the ground (you can view the weapon card without picking it up by just putting your reticle over it) and it will end up in the L&F when you head back to Sanctuary. This does not work if you pick a weapon up and then drop it, so leave it be. You can expand your L&F via SDU upgrades. • Technical issues exist but some people experience more than others. PC players seem to be the hardest hit but I had some doozies those first two days on a X1S. Now it’s just menu lag and the occasional mission glitch that at most requires a quit and reload. I’m sure I can think of more but I need to get back to playing.

  • Battery Thief224

    Who plays Xbox

  • AMVgrow A Marijuana Vision

    1. Not able to pick up loot 2.Grenades thrown through enemys 3.Laggy inventory 4.Screen flickering on n off 5.Not able to equipe weapons 6.Not grabbing edge to climb on (This aint uncharted) 7.Shooting through an enemys w/out damaging them 8.Not able to buy ammo 9.Not able to crack eredium w/ the eridium colecter thing by punshing it... # 10>< getting stuck behind a 1inch edge not able to walk over but u gtta go around

    NIGHT WOLF Hour ago

    I think cause of me being a veteran borderlands gamer these were pretty simple tips lol but I think it’s just because I’ve played so much borderlands

  • Koi
    Koi Hour ago

    and Yoteslaya never got to see this beautiful game, RIP to the Borderlands king!

  • Jordan Holliday
    Jordan Holliday Hour ago

    Really? Your saying the game doesn't tell us about taking vehicles back to catcharide as if she's not been shouting at me in alabama to do it

  • Mr. Noisy Owl
    Mr. Noisy Owl Hour ago

    Anyone Remember Mod Nation Racers!?

  • El Sideways
    El Sideways Hour ago

    Thanks for the Video. The sad part everyone knows... But yet... its not the fact Ea is bad or think we cattle. It knows we are.. I mean come on everyone... We keep buying the games, they make profit... We keep Buying the dlc and cash upgrades... So we can be better than anyone else.. We can rant and even show what they are doing wrong.. But in the end everyone... We keep being that cattle. I no longer do it.. Because being the best doesnt mean anything.. its the fun and memories we get from it.. until we the people stop buying into this fantasy of being the best.. because in the end.. Video games come and go... Yes there is a couple of games that you can win tournaments... but is that what video games should be? It use to be we bought them to just have fun and live in this fantasy world that the game creator made for us. Which made games great. Im not saying the winning tournament games are bad they are not.. But playing games that force you to buy coins for money is bad... but we can complaing and B**** about it... but we have no one to blame but ourselves.. we keep doing it we keep buying them and even supporting them..Anyways all I wanted to say is its not entirely "EA" fault... We are to blame they just capitalize on it.

  • Nocturnal Nuns
    Nocturnal Nuns Hour ago

    Anyone else find the Rick and Morty Easter egg yet?

  • Bit Whiskey
    Bit Whiskey Hour ago

    you forgot thermal too man, FUCKING PLAYSTION NEEDS TO WORK ON THAT!!!! my ps4 has thermal issues and yes i have changer thermal paste but man.... just no

  • mindmaster323
    mindmaster323 Hour ago

    You can fast travel from anywhere on the map to almost anywhere else. Like, You can fast travel from Athenas to Pandora from the map menu without a fast travel station. If you leave a car somewhere, you can go all the way across the map then fast travel back to that car. Respecing is easy and I recommend doing so often as you level up if you find skills you want to put points into that you can't or because you find stuff that better synergizes. Playing Fl4k, the Stalker and Hunter trees are devastating when used together. The skill Hidden Machine might seem useless, but in conjunction with Fade Away you get up to 30% extra damage for free, on top of all your crit bonuses.

  • Snoirex Nano
    Snoirex Nano Hour ago

    Guys BYB Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville

  • G Ponay
    G Ponay Hour ago

    Yep, I did fall asleep... cliches are boring

  • Snooty
    Snooty Hour ago

    Meh running 2 Jacobs shot guns not even mad about it

  • MIKE2111ful
    MIKE2111ful Hour ago

    PS3 was miles better than PS4 don't @ me

  • Goodeus Maximus
    Goodeus Maximus Hour ago

    I hated trophies and achievement

  • Loghan Styles
    Loghan Styles Hour ago

    I still like my good old destiny but this is still a good franchise

  • Potato
    Potato Hour ago

    When im hiding in big bushes to heal or to sharpen my weapon then my cat lure the monster to me.

  • Black Koolaid69
    Black Koolaid69 Hour ago

    Anybody know how to do taunts on PS4?

  • Kim Hummel
    Kim Hummel Hour ago

    i'm lvl 50 and completed the game on normal and true vault hunter mode so is there anykind of raid bosses or something since soloing mayhem 3 is starting to get too easy? Second time posting just need some answers

  • Grazing Ginger
    Grazing Ginger Hour ago

    11 things borderlands 3 doesn't tell you. Number 11: I just found out today my cousin is apart of bl3 voice acting for Archimedes, bloodflaps gang, judge high tower, and a security terminal! Thats awesome! Congratulations shawn! I hope to see you in more games or getting in movies

  • RepStyle
    RepStyle Hour ago

    HOLD UP! did i hear that right ?? they made the BL3 golden keys EXPIRE!!!??? What!? i still have 73 Golden keys that iv had since back on xbox 360 what do you mean they expire now?! (5:28)

  • Melo active
    Melo active Hour ago

    How to I summon my battle mech suit

    TRIPLU A Hour ago

    Linear games , are not bad at all , some of this gives you that kind of story and mechanics you are not imagine , personal i dont like multiplayer or open world games that much this games need you to spend a lot of time , i just want games who are giving me a story and keeps me to the chair all day , thats why a linear game makes me feel like i am the caracter and i pot feelings on the game and i wanna know how it end , for exemple Metro Last Light

  • Loyalty20ne gaming

    Naruto clash of ninja

  • Smithy Chris
    Smithy Chris Hour ago

    This game seriously needs a patch. It’s genuinely unplayable on split-screen, even with good hardware or pro consoles. Outrageous.

  • Ethan D
    Ethan D Hour ago

    I've never played any borderlands game it all just looks like a mess to me

  • Byron King
    Byron King Hour ago

    To answer the title, Rockstar knows that if they tied shark cards to the single player campaign dlc sheeple would trip out. The more you grind online the more one has a need for a shark card as the grind is really loooooooooooong. GTA 5 was the easiest and shortest GTA SPC ever. Chinatown Wars took longer to beat. Rockstar recently mentioned having a shorter single player campaign and adding on as they go. They are trying to go full bethesda yo! If they do it will end them.

  • Joshua Eugster
    Joshua Eugster Hour ago

    Another one is that you DON'T need to go to a fast travel beacon to actually fast travel.. you can just open your map and fast travel at anytime.. I didn't realize that until like lvl 15.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Booo PlayStation should stop xbox. Is more honest sony rival microsoft

  • Bruno Buzz
    Bruno Buzz Hour ago

    Thank you. As a beginner I'm quite lost in to the mechanics of the game, and a bit overwhelmed with the whole universe. Very helpful!

  • TheEnchilada Kid

    But can you use real cash to buy in game cash and stuff, that's people really want

    • KX_FWLR
      KX_FWLR Hour ago

      TheEnchilada Kid that’s called micro transactions and that’s not what people want lol a lot of people complain about them , bf2 ,destiny, black ops 4, ect.....

  • johnny_dollar
    johnny_dollar Hour ago

    Fun fact, for my birthday I got a ps3, but thought it was broken because I couldn't go online. My birthday is April 20th...

  • giannis psillias

    Of course you count tales from borderlands

  • bopo900
    bopo900 Hour ago

    i only miss the dialoge for you as the player, you got some lines here and then. but your just a random guy thats shoots off with some strangers into space without reason for you to join. havent completed yet but havent seen any of the 4 choosable players in a cutscene yet.

  • brutesirgaming
    brutesirgaming Hour ago

    Guys use the gyroscope as a catapult!!! Trust me

  • Bob The Teletubbi

    Honestly there is ONE complaint so far. Level up needs an update. I will say it takes so long to level up.

  • Sean L
    Sean L Hour ago

    Appreciate the Bojack reference

  • Nelson David Thomas-raja

    Advice for Christmas noobs

  • Andrew Allen
    Andrew Allen Hour ago

    I just wanna bring up how you didnt mention any of the glaring and game breaking bugs plaguing this game. Especially when playing with friends whether split screen or multiplayer the game glitches to a screeching halt.

  • owning microbe
    owning microbe Hour ago

    Don't play two player splitscreen until it is fixed as well as the lag


    THANK YOU!! Didn't know about half this stuff haha

  • Shit Owl
    Shit Owl Hour ago

    number 2 shouldn't be on here its so obvious and like wth you're stupid if u do otherwise

  • Jesper Sommer
    Jesper Sommer Hour ago

    Video is from 2018 and shows somewhat recent cases, yet all PC components shown are like a decade old? Why? Cables at 0:46 are ancient (IDE, Molex, 4 pin CPU power)... OMG, is that actually EDO RAM? The MoBo at 1:28 has IDE and Floppy connectors, a single PCIe slot and 6 old-scholl PCI slots. Really? You couldn't find a board with an AGP slot or what? Mobo at 4:05 is an Athlon II board released in 2013, and it looks "new" by comparison. Air coolers are ancient. MoBo at 7:11 again has an IDE socket. Are you guys even trying?

  • sommervilleTRS117

    That it's broken.

    MiLLHA HOUSE Hour ago

    Some very helpful info here. Thanks!

  • J R
    J R Hour ago

    The Dinosaurs are showing me there cocks in the game. Is it a bug? This isn't cool man.

  • StillNotChill
    StillNotChill Hour ago

    10 things you aren't told but know already. Jk love the channel have a good day.

  • will g
    will g Hour ago

    Number 11: the company is top tier shady and the CEO is a psycho

    • sky hammer
      sky hammer Hour ago

      A shady million dollar company??? Really....?

    • Dirty Dirt
      Dirty Dirt Hour ago

      Not shady enough for you to click a video about their game though..interesting

  • Tommy Kammers
    Tommy Kammers Hour ago

    Well what about all Playstation system backwards compatibility they can't forget about the other systems because what if people want to play their PS1 games or their PS2 games or their PS3 games but lots of people have already mentioned this

  • Talion Gravewalker

    Gameranx:10 things they don't tell you

  • Mr Tiddles
    Mr Tiddles Hour ago


  • Demonic-Deadbeat

    Awesome video but having different weapon types in your slots is nothing new man it's been like that since the first Borderlands. 👍

  • Travis Ollendick

    Totes forgot the Killzone trilogy. 2 Was a fantastic experience.

  • G whistle
    G whistle Hour ago

    I'm sorry I have a PS4 and when I put in a new game I cannot play immediately.

  • iTz Sticks
    iTz Sticks Hour ago

    This must be an old person thing but I never had update problems such as taking forever nor a miss click problem

  • IcedEarth1231
    IcedEarth1231 Hour ago

    If you think Skyrim is the worst PS3 port, clearly you have never played Splinter Cell Double Agent. The game ran like shit (I'm talking sub 15fps with a target of 30) and looked like shit (in comparison to the other versions).

  • Sean Williams
    Sean Williams Hour ago

    I thought having different gun types was pretty obvious, RIP your brain whoever was holding 4 of the same gun type

  • Matt Groves
    Matt Groves Hour ago

    How to find your preorder loot. Didn’t notice it till I was level 15

    • Star Killer
      Star Killer Hour ago

      Matt Groves Pause the game and press Social and go all in the end is the mail And there is all the stuff

  • Cameron Youngs
    Cameron Youngs Hour ago

    Does it tell you about SubMatto?

  • Uche Nweke Jr
    Uche Nweke Jr Hour ago

    Most of these are common sense, or they actually do tell you

  • IronRaja
    IronRaja Hour ago

    Tbh i tell my kid to figure it out.

  • deeWILLrise
    deeWILLrise Hour ago

    I can honestly say the cursor bug in your skill tree I do get that at times but other then that love the game

  • Brett Morrison
    Brett Morrison Hour ago

    I have atv of road like it showed

  • Phoenix0459
    Phoenix0459 Hour ago

    trying to play last of us and it wouldn't read the disc

  • Hunter Thornton
    Hunter Thornton Hour ago

    Anybody else have the fat ps3 cook their games and overheat like crazy, no, just me?

  • Damien Izzard
    Damien Izzard Hour ago

    Who did you pick?

  • Brett Morrison
    Brett Morrison Hour ago

    I have a PS2 and a 120 memery card

  • James Wolf
    James Wolf Hour ago

    Do I still count as Agamemnon if I only play mobile ?

  • Zachary T
    Zachary T Hour ago

    9xcbtwbxfr5trwjjjj33tx53z borderlands 3 diamond shift code

  • DebKor Was Here
    DebKor Was Here Hour ago

    Why am I watching this? I have like 3000 hours on Borderlands 2 and I have like 50 hours on Borderlands 3 already. Good video, though.

  • fuzzy pizza
    fuzzy pizza Hour ago

    Pro tip use different shit

  • 101commentary
    101commentary Hour ago

    Sorry but this is one of the most interesting subjects wittled down to a boring video. I don't know why but it's just awful.

  • Ducky 101
    Ducky 101 Hour ago

    Thank you gameranx very nice!

  • Muramasa Masamune

    One that I would add is that you can Fast Travel anywhere at any moment. You don't need to be on the same planet or next to a Fast Travel Station.

  • Tysean The Prince

    Yeah boiii

  • Hidook Underground

    When I first got ps3 I was young and was coming from ps2. I got told not to go hangout in some places on ps home because of "bad people" looking back at that I think they should of said just stay off it but hey. My parents tried to prevent me from hanging out with strangers.

  • Kid Streamer
    Kid Streamer Hour ago

    Was here when the video had 6k views

  • Joshua Auditore
    Joshua Auditore Hour ago

    I haven't played Odyssey yet, but I really loved Origins and it's DLCs. I like Bayek as a character and the game inspired me dive deeper into learning Egypt and it's history/culture (especially the mythology).

  • NGC 7635
    NGC 7635 Hour ago

    If you find anything with “cost effective” in the name, keep it. It’s basically free double damage

  • X T
    X T Hour ago

    Any one still play god of war 2?

  • Darkside780
    Darkside780 Hour ago

    The ammo thing was always a thing in the franchise. Or ANY game...really? Weak ass point to make.

  • Lobo Guará
    Lobo Guará Hour ago

    11 multy trees are way better

  • nip snip
    nip snip Hour ago

    Could have talked about the wepon parts each gun has.....ya know, something the game literally doesn't tell you.

    • Darksun Gwyndolin
      Darksun Gwyndolin Hour ago

      @Yourantsally guns can roll with different parts, some parts have insane bonuses. First one that comes to mind is Alien Parts, which can have stuff like double damage or +60% element effect chance

    • Dirk Diggler 151
      Dirk Diggler 151 Hour ago

      Why though? It doesn't actually provide any benefit to know that there's a list of parts on each weapon, it's not like they're customizable or anything...

    • Yourantsally
      Yourantsally Hour ago


  • Dark
    Dark Hour ago

    Almost everything is 100% told by the game, quit your bullshit here

  • cipriano lopez
    cipriano lopez Hour ago

    Diversity is our strength

  • Joshua Auditore
    Joshua Auditore Hour ago

    Hands down, Assassin's Creed Unity is a gorgeous game. My favorite combat system out of all AC titles, very realistic dueling and fluid up and down parkour, and my most favorite... The weapons and customization options. I can't insult Unity, especially since I've played an updated version of the game with less scary bugs such as terrifying no face glitch.

  • Marcus Hedlund
    Marcus Hedlund Hour ago

    Well, this video was useless.

  • Jennifer Kazimer

    Omg fonts are super small, crazy lag when other person is in the menu, and bring back vertical split screen. Other than that it's great!

  • Dylan Dunn
    Dylan Dunn Hour ago

    Borderlands 3 is Awesome Gameranx is so cool

  • DeathByWii
    DeathByWii Hour ago

    Should have titled the video "water is wet"

  • Diego Mihawk
    Diego Mihawk Hour ago

    Glorius master race

  • Snotset
    Snotset Hour ago

    missingno was just a placeholder. When you glitched the game to walk where pokemon "couldn't" spawn that's what would happen. not only near cinnebar island. But also on the shadow zone, the walk to the pokemon league tree glitch, the safari glitch, etc... so yes calling it an easter egg would be wrong. I mean as in the difference between something put in there to surprise it's players/wievers compared to being completely unintended. They released the game knowing fully that they didn't have time to fix everything before their set date