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  • Creative Cat Studios

    i noticed a cut on your left hand. are u ok?

  • April Jacobson
    April Jacobson 8 minutes ago

    My thought was to have 2 old men playing chess in the park when the sprinkler goes off

  • Casey :3
    Casey :3 29 minutes ago

    " I guess this is one of those happy accidents huh? " me : remembers Bob Ross saying " We don't make mistakes here only happy accidents "

  • Ithiliel ._.
    Ithiliel ._. 44 minutes ago

    Your abatract cactus looks Sooo cool! I LOVE it ❤️ would put it on my wall! Painting in an abatract way is really difficult... At least in my opinion and I think you are an the right path, keep up the good work! 😊

  • Julliana Costa
    Julliana Costa 53 minutes ago

    I'm sure someone already said that, blending for coloring pencils mean smoothing all the textures away

  • Chase Mazy
    Chase Mazy Hour ago

    The first one just finished leg day

  • Anam Arif
    Anam Arif Hour ago

    I Soo want to buy these but they are too expensive for me

  • Bizarre Name
    Bizarre Name Hour ago

    Imagine doing this but for crayons

  • Lindsey Vasquez
    Lindsey Vasquez Hour ago

    I love the small white posca paint pen for highlights 😄


    marri gold is a type of flower :]

  • Malak Mohamed
    Malak Mohamed 2 hours ago

    You copied drawingwiffwaffles in the first drawing

  • Gacha Luna The bear
    Gacha Luna The bear 2 hours ago

    July is the month where I’m freezing! yay for Australia

  • Crissy Moss
    Crissy Moss 2 hours ago

    Kasey, I love my blender pencils. Would have been supper excited to get a second blender in a pack since I use them so much. Figure a blender is often used over the entire piece of art while the other pencils are only used on their colored area.

  • Alona Daniel
    Alona Daniel 2 hours ago

    6:11 , save the amazons yall

  • Rowel Patdu
    Rowel Patdu 2 hours ago

    I saw a helicopter made out of bee hive in my head

  • Critical Hit
    Critical Hit 2 hours ago

    Me: *trying to calm my anxiety* Kasey golden: *draws amazon forest burning down* My anxiety: im bout to end this mans whole corear

  • Glug Glug
    Glug Glug 2 hours ago

    The only art I can do is abstract art

  • Lucky Malware
    Lucky Malware 3 hours ago

    Marigolds are these big, tall yellow flowers that bloom around this time (late summer early fall) and they apply a massive sneezing debuff to people with a negative pollen stat.

  • Monique Van Kooten
    Monique Van Kooten 3 hours ago

    Maddigold could be a pun on marygold which is a type of golden flower?

  • Hufflepuff V.F.D
    Hufflepuff V.F.D 3 hours ago

    Did you put milk in your tea ? Or did you ise black tea?

  • Uni Sagittarius Gacha

    2-4-6 right you could have made 3 batches of cupcakes much more delicious

  • Chrysantha Piano
    Chrysantha Piano 4 hours ago

    This is the first video I've ever seen of you, but I LOVE your art style!!! Your sketches were so cute and refreshing, and I loved how colorful all of it was. I can't wait to explore your videos more. =D

  • Emmizanette Dostoyevsky.


  • Julianna Gamboa
    Julianna Gamboa 4 hours ago

    Too expensive

  • cobywan0519
    cobywan0519 4 hours ago

    I’m super light handed when I write and draw so to see how heavy handed you are it gives me that cringey nails on a chalkboard feeling lol

  • Kawaii Kanasshi
    Kawaii Kanasshi 5 hours ago

    Kasey congrats!! You hit a million!

  • Rachel Bazilian
    Rachel Bazilian 5 hours ago

    Please give lonely man a friend

  • Lettrebag
    Lettrebag 5 hours ago

    For blending pencils, I find its best to lightly colour with plenty of overlap between; then blend with either a blender or a similar colour :)

  • Like A Lightbulb
    Like A Lightbulb 5 hours ago

    okay okay i saw this and i have no self control so i’m just gonna say it... 14:00 - should have made the cats butthole a chocolate chip this is why we don’t comment at 1AM kids

  • Matthew Dunfee
    Matthew Dunfee 5 hours ago

    Kasey: *sets pencil down Pencil: Imma head out

  • sara
    sara 5 hours ago

    You definitely can use a blender pencil to blend but you’re mainly supposed to layer the color pencil on top of each other until it’s smooth

  • El Catrin C
    El Catrin C 6 hours ago

    her face made me remeber a cute animated short named Nada Doctor.

  • datzu tzuyun
    datzu tzuyun 6 hours ago

    i like how Kasey's doodles look like serious drawings that would take me hours to make

  • temporalArtisan
    temporalArtisan 6 hours ago

    **Sees lil' ghost in corner** Me: (._ . ° )

  • PinkSmol
    PinkSmol 6 hours ago

    A marigold is a flower??????

  • Blue Army Leader
    Blue Army Leader 6 hours ago

    He protecc He atacc But most importantly.... He a living snacc

  • Axel Cariño
    Axel Cariño 6 hours ago

    I guess u say unpack because of the PACK that is in the front of the box; hahaha

  • Emerson Harper
    Emerson Harper 6 hours ago


  • Violet Darling
    Violet Darling 6 hours ago

    Fun fact of the night: The breed of house cat that looks most like a tiger is called a toyger.

  • Isisnachelly Claudio

    16:12 *Calls the art police in Kasey for depending on distraction and setting cute trees on fire*

  • Rowel Patdu
    Rowel Patdu 7 hours ago

    Kasey can you please draw famous celebs in your art style? Especially Billie Eillish. I'd love to see that in my birthday!

  • FoxFwa Draws!
    FoxFwa Draws! 7 hours ago

    Hey congrats on 1M!

  • Kendra Rogers
    Kendra Rogers 7 hours ago

    Sidenote: your hair is always so cute!

  • Juniper Miller
    Juniper Miller 7 hours ago

    Please try acrylic pouring!!!

  • Juniper Miller
    Juniper Miller 7 hours ago

    Please try acrylic pouring!

  • Dove Playz
    Dove Playz 8 hours ago

    I would make the cherry mermaid- I mean mermaids hair green

  • darkstar2874
    darkstar2874 8 hours ago

    I’m like 50% sure that’s a typo of “marigold” but it might be a pun I don’t get.

  • Anime Renee
    Anime Renee 8 hours ago

    Congrats on 1 million subscribers!! Continue on that journey Kasey!

  • greengeekgirl
    greengeekgirl 8 hours ago

    And all of the people who have actually studied abstract art have a small aneurysm at “we’re going to turn off our brains” Ily Kasey but 😭😭😭😭😭

  • T Wilkes
    T Wilkes 8 hours ago

    Omg I LOVE, like LOVE the pixel cactus! 😍🤩. It has such an atmosphere, I’m just amazed

  • Stellbz
    Stellbz 8 hours ago

    As someone who uses colored pencils a lot the extra blender pencil is definitely needed 😂

  • Charlotte Weebie
    Charlotte Weebie 9 hours ago

    i think these pencils would be good for lineart- it would be a cool effect!

  • mephilesshadow1
    mephilesshadow1 9 hours ago

    For forest, I would of drawn a tree resting. Bad pun or not? But loved the rainforest one.

  • Chloe Cash
    Chloe Cash 9 hours ago

    no joke my cousin got me those same colored pencils yesterday what a coincidence

  • Giada Giorlando
    Giada Giorlando 9 hours ago


  • Alex Steiner
    Alex Steiner 9 hours ago

    Merigolds are a type of flower btw they mightve spelled it wrong or i probobly did idk

  • Jasmine Marie
    Jasmine Marie 9 hours ago

    Nobody: Kasey:🌲🔥 Oh no!

  • Lynn Leigha
    Lynn Leigha 9 hours ago

    Ninja octopus throwing starfish, lololol!!

  • Matthew Klein
    Matthew Klein 9 hours ago

    i liked this a whole lot more than i thought i would.... looks like lots of fun!

  • Vabulous1
    Vabulous1 9 hours ago

    Why didn' they call Mattigold Marigold, which is a real thing in nature which seems to be their naming theme.

  • Sofia Cavacini
    Sofia Cavacini 9 hours ago


    REXX & HEARTS 9 hours ago

    DEPRESSED? NO PROBLEM! - Let’s Fix It!

  • E Reif
    E Reif 9 hours ago

    Maybe for the next Tokyo treat you could make them into birds

  • Emily Veronica
    Emily Veronica 10 hours ago

    I think that 'madigold' pencil is a misspelling of 'marigold' which is a yellow-orange flower. 😊

  • 8BitKuma
    8BitKuma 10 hours ago

    An amazon tribute

  • Jazmyn Da Unicorn
    Jazmyn Da Unicorn 10 hours ago

    The intro messed with my brain because i misread 136 as 153. Then she said 153 and my brain hurts.

  • Mirian Lúcia
    Mirian Lúcia 10 hours ago

    My favorite color is purple and i get bullied every video of yours that i watch, but it's okay

  • Grumpy Kitty
    Grumpy Kitty 10 hours ago

    I used to think it was a stupid talentless genre of art, but now I do it when I’m stressed, it’s very therapeutic ☺️☺️ would recommend

  • Distressed rowlet
    Distressed rowlet 10 hours ago

    Congrats for the 1 millon subscribers

  • Guilherme Palacio
    Guilherme Palacio 10 hours ago

    I love those three-toned pencils. I have a set of Faber-Castell ones called "little mix" (Misturinha, in Brazil. Not sure if they have it abroad).

  • Isabela Rosario
    Isabela Rosario 10 hours ago

    "the forest is on fire!!" ...too soon, bro... *cries in brazilian*

  • Jellylps
    Jellylps 10 hours ago

    I just found this channel and I Already love it(>ω<)(>ω<)(>ω<)

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 10 hours ago


  • Moebym
    Moebym 10 hours ago

    I'm a bit of an eraser hoarder, as I have a huge collection of block and stick erasers, but I have to say that of the ones I have, the Staedtler Mars plastic and the Moo are my favorites. I might have to check out the Factis brand, though, because I want to work in ink as well.

  • Mama Dee's World
    Mama Dee's World 11 hours ago

    Looking for a good eraser for my kid and I got more than I bargained for. Very informative. Thank you! 💖

  • Undertale Fan47
    Undertale Fan47 11 hours ago

    Marigold is a flower-

  • Qůáçķź OwQ
    Qůáçķź OwQ 11 hours ago

    Hi Kasey G.!! You're my fav. Artist, I love your art works and you inspired me to draw more ٩( ᐖ )و٩( ᐛ )و❤︎❤︎

  • Michelle Whitehead
    Michelle Whitehead 11 hours ago

    Ooo I want those so bad

  • Marisa Art
    Marisa Art 11 hours ago

    Great job :)

  • Tess
    Tess 11 hours ago

    I don’t like the text edited in on the box in these unboxing videos :/ distracting and never funny

  • The Wild Elyse
    The Wild Elyse 11 hours ago

    I was wondering... Do I have to connect this to a computer to draw???????? :| Did i miss that in the video?!!! 0-0 cuz yeah I'm looking for a tablet that doesn't hook up to anything to draw. Anyone got suggestions???

  • Dreamy DonutsYT
    Dreamy DonutsYT 11 hours ago

    Lol you have 1mil subscribers exactly XD Time:4:24 Year:2019 month:September day:16

  • Dakota Leavitt
    Dakota Leavitt 11 hours ago

    BROKEN LEG? NO PROBLEM!-let’s fix it!

  • CarmelleMilani McGuire

    Insparation for the next video, draw a girl in a long dress

  • paint draw
    paint draw 11 hours ago

    Who else got emotional when she left the little guy friendless? Just me? Ok....😢

  • Justintimeforthis
    Justintimeforthis 11 hours ago

    I watched this video several times yesterday, and today I bought a Posca Pen, it’s an amazing product! Thanks!

  • Sarah Balcom
    Sarah Balcom 11 hours ago

    Maddigold = marigold when you roll the 'r'.....it's just marigold lol

  • origins of organs
    origins of organs 11 hours ago

    I love how positive about ur art u were in this video :^) the lil guy at the camp fire is so cute, they all turned out great

  • MeMeS gaLorE
    MeMeS gaLorE 11 hours ago


  • Jasmyn army
    Jasmyn army 11 hours ago

    Just an idea but I think it would be cool if you tried painting with maple syrup 🍁🇨🇦

  • LittleMissMisa137
    LittleMissMisa137 12 hours ago

    I think you should definitely do more of these tiny little scenery pieces. they're super cute and fun.

  • Ana L. Velazquez
    Ana L. Velazquez 12 hours ago

    I love the names of these colors🌲💐🍑🍊🏝🏕🏔🌋⛰🌅🌄🌌🐯

    • Ana L. Velazquez
      Ana L. Velazquez 12 hours ago

      Idk what these emojis are for, I tried to match it with the names 🤷🏻‍♀️💐

  • J J
    J J 12 hours ago


  • Wildmoonchild 6
    Wildmoonchild 6 12 hours ago

    13:12 it’s Calcifer from Howls Moving Castle.

  • Lily Loyd
    Lily Loyd 12 hours ago


  • gray cloud
    gray cloud 12 hours ago

    i think with "matigold" they just misspelled "marigold"

    • kitteneyejo
      kitteneyejo 11 hours ago

      except its spelled "maddigold"

  • Emerson Harper
    Emerson Harper 12 hours ago

    How is the kit Kat going to stand when you put it together because then it will only have two legs!

  • Zero Rose
    Zero Rose 12 hours ago

    Evening storm doodle looked like two angry slugs coming to steal your food.

  • elliephant 3
    elliephant 3 12 hours ago

    Kasey:*draws cute little flame doodle "hE's GoNnA BuRn YoUr HouSe DoWn :D"

  • Lavender Pebble1224
    Lavender Pebble1224 12 hours ago

    13:30 the ants 😡🐜