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  • Builder Boys Club

    Admit it we all want a Venom

  • Dueville7777
    Dueville7777 2 hours ago

    You don't fuck with Sonny Corleone

    JAGUAR SOUTHPAW 3 hours ago

    Chris kyle😎😎😎

  • kazik kulih
    kazik kulih 4 hours ago

    USA good job with these allah's rats

  • Isaac Goeth
    Isaac Goeth 4 hours ago

    "Vigo will kill me." Me - Really, your pulling that card? On HIM?

  • Brook Hubbs
    Brook Hubbs 4 hours ago

    This was always weird to me. Didn't they work for Destro in the last film? Why are they answering to Cobra Commander in this one? And how do they know his name is Cobra Commander? Didn't he only say that to Destro?

  • snafuthegreat
    snafuthegreat 4 hours ago

    You guys do know that the bald merc is Graham MacTavish, aka Dracula from Netflix Castlevania?

  • Jude H
    Jude H 4 hours ago

    Literally, just a few of them needed to switch places and they'd be mostly fine. Bedlam could've de-electrified the electrical wires and Deadpool could've gone through the wood chipper, removing Zeitgeist from harm and saving Peter. If Domino had replaced Shatterstar, she'd have easily avoided those blades. Thus, everyone is fine. Apart from whoever gets hit by the bus. Preferably Vanisher, that useless SoaB

  • DC4
    DC4 6 hours ago

    Armor piercing shotgun slugs don’t exist. Some manufacturers claim to produce them but they can’t even punch through a level 2 Kevlar vest so it’s not accurate to call them armor piercing. 12 gauge slugs are heavy and slow and speed kills armor. Won’t deny that they leave bad injuries to those shot by then but they don’t punch through armor so they don’t count as armor piercing

  • Green Folder
    Green Folder 8 hours ago

    When someone stands up after taking a gunshot to the chest, and has metal in their arms, Standard Protocol is to give them your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.

  • Nasir Sports
    Nasir Sports 8 hours ago

    Woooow, that was fun to watch!

  • Sanane La
    Sanane La 8 hours ago

    mustafa siker

  • abm_ mwmn
    abm_ mwmn 9 hours ago

    كذب هو لم يقتلوه هكذا كما واضح بالفلم انما عذبوه شخص!قناص من اثر التعذيب مات ولكن لن يتأكدو بأنو هو نفسه القناص الحقيقي او لا

  • سائد العليمي

    Do you think that people are stupid Baghdad sniper is not dead so you are fantasized and dreaming has died in prison by terrorists

  • سائد العليمي

    Always imagine that you are the protagonists of what you really cannot do in movies hahahahahaha

  • سائد العليمي

    You are dreaming not a US sniper killed him, but the terrorists in a prison that killed him

  • سائد العليمي

    Fuck you, you are the only heroes in the movies, American prostitutes

  • سائد العليمي

    The Americans arrested him and the terrorists killed him in prison

  • Armand Castro
    Armand Castro 11 hours ago

    Best part is seeing John Wick reloading the shotgun. I could watch clips of John Wick just reloading or fixing a jam on his weapons

  • سائد العليمي

    You are lying and you know that he is not dead at the hands of the Americans

  • سائد العليمي

    The Baghdad sniper did not die as in the film

  • Ahmed Aldoulaimi
    Ahmed Aldoulaimi 11 hours ago

    تره قناص بغداد ما مات هالشكل اعتقلوا ومات بالسجن واحتمال بعده عايش

  • ankur rawat
    ankur rawat 12 hours ago

    Rocky handsome

  • Eileen Sianez
    Eileen Sianez 13 hours ago

    It's more like...."Murder...you're gonna learn all about it Tin Tin!"

  • Ais Smart
    Ais Smart 13 hours ago


  • Injustice Warrior
    Injustice Warrior 14 hours ago

    Awesome movie I love it

  • Alex Major
    Alex Major 15 hours ago

    These two terminators are fighting the same way they would over which Mortal Kombat game is the best.

  • Cleili Mazariegos
    Cleili Mazariegos 16 hours ago

    yo....this was epic best less than 2hrs something minutes of my life lol

  • Heart of Madrid
    Heart of Madrid 16 hours ago

    I guess this shoot out happened before the range nerf for pistols and shotguns.

  • Poravit Lila
    Poravit Lila 17 hours ago

    Sniper amercan 555

  • errodd Budd
    errodd Budd 17 hours ago

    I've watched this yesterday 2019 anyone else?

  • John Dominguez
    John Dominguez 17 hours ago

    Some people say that it will look fake because of how much is thrown and ripped apart but no. This is very realistic. I like how they really managed to make it look this damn good. If you look up real gorr videos of people, it looks exactly like this

  • KingGeorge24
    KingGeorge24 18 hours ago

    I honestly thought this was an underrated film. Critics were hard on it but for an action flick it does exactly what it's supposed to.

  • Richard.X
    Richard.X 21 hour ago

    Everyone in my theatre gasped when Brad Pitt was revealed

  • Tim Lawson
    Tim Lawson 22 hours ago

    Yes! A 50 cal is no joke. Over 12,000 lbs of M.E. with a half inch projectile at 2800 fps.

  • Bella ‘ I ‘ Music
    Bella ‘ I ‘ Music 22 hours ago

    I miss brangelina😢❤️

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 23 hours ago

    I would give them hope

  • Dorito Chip Gamer
    Dorito Chip Gamer 23 hours ago

    When I saw Rambo appear, I pitied the soldiers.

  • Storyteller Universe
    Storyteller Universe 23 hours ago

    Oh my God, stupid 20th Century Fox.

  • Sif Greyfang
    Sif Greyfang Day ago

    I loved how realistic the gore was in this

  • Gamer Gunn of 87

    I the fact the receptionist pulls the shotgun off the wall before John in the movie 😁

  • Jerry The Mouse

    Resnov didn’t age one bit.

  • Cameron Doerksen

    2:03 pewdipie to the mobs after they killed sven

  • pjak1minecraft

    I love this scene so much

  • Rhodium 10
    Rhodium 10 Day ago

    During US occupation of Irak...we could see videos where JUBA and his Dragunov killed or injured US soldiers almost everyday....

  • Greg Hazones
    Greg Hazones Day ago

    Had no idea the koreans wass gangers

  • Raf S
    Raf S Day ago

    Mustafa’s faith in Allah wasn’t strong enough, Chris Kyle had Jesus watching him

  • alberto1616
    alberto1616 Day ago

    Magneto was not nerfed, Jean was empowered...

  • Starkster Industries

    This scene > Dan Paine

  • Starkster Industries

    John Rambo > Dan Paine

  • الكربلائي يوسف ٌ،

    العراقي لايك

  • شامي شامي

    رائع جدا

  • Muhammad Arifin

    Bullet Immunity is Real, no need Technology. Black Magic is The power of Satan and Cooperation energy devils on human body. its says "ILMU KEBAL" in my Country.

  • Dragoș Andrei Cristea

    2:06 shots the window 2:12 the window magically brand new

  • ww1980kolo
    ww1980kolo Day ago

    Epic ownage.

  • Kyle Gomez
    Kyle Gomez Day ago

    Agent 47 has join the room..

  • Don Rafael
    Don Rafael Day ago

    2:49 what is the music? I need it please let me know if you have any idea thanks

  • Ika Asia
    Ika Asia Day ago

    Film penuh aksi

  • Lito Ts
    Lito Ts Day ago

    People are complaining that the terminator just threw Connon, it well you asked Bucky why he just threw Cap when he had the chance to choke him.

  • Chris Cullen
    Chris Cullen Day ago

    News flash....Star Wars blasters aren’t “real” either. Movies...get a grip NERDS! 🤓

  • Blanko Gaming
    Blanko Gaming Day ago

    The Shotgun reload techniques clip in yt makes me watch this scene again 😊

  • Sanjuth Arengh

    Rambo 4 movie full

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay Day ago

    2:03 Nice grinding.

  • Searching Search

    3:29 i remember was ( since blueray has edited some few part ) Your Call What's you call Lets Move

  • 共和Charlie
    共和Charlie Day ago


  • Claus Øder Hjortkjær

    Imagine what the paramedics are gonna say when they find those guys.

  • Idlmkdem Lahcen

    لم يقتلوه ولم يعرفوه حتى الى يومنا هادا هو قناص مجهول

  • Andhika
    Andhika Day ago

    2:15 VSS why not AWM 😆

  • AA Barbone
    AA Barbone Day ago

    Will Brolin be coming back as Cable?

  • Tintin Supz
    Tintin Supz Day ago

    Why isn't the viper ain't armed with misssiles and Rockets etc?

  • Varencilator
    Varencilator Day ago

    John Wick and Frank Castle

  • Mario Flores
    Mario Flores Day ago

    What kind of shotgun did he use ??!

  • Apocalyptic
    Apocalyptic Day ago

    Good night John good night jimmy 😂😂😂 that part always cracks me up

  • Southfield Trill

    Who i am is complicated, what im am is much easier. Damn

  • Trevor Cook
    Trevor Cook Day ago

    One thing I never understood.. why was one claw stuck? Was it just because he was too weak to fully extend it?

  • YnF Rolla
    YnF Rolla Day ago

    Its that cold blooded slow mo walk that baba yaga does fucking scary that shows death has come

  • مـنـكـوب /mnkob

    جوبا سحقكم يا جبناء✌🇮🇶الله يرحمه

  • Chainer D
    Chainer D Day ago

    real heroes do not die they just reload

  • handa haglbch
    handa haglbch 2 days ago

    والله لو تعرفون قناص بغداد منو جان مانشرتو الفلم لكم هاذه عايش بس بكلبي

  • alex duffy
    alex duffy 2 days ago

    who else thought when the music was playing as the special forces came in that would be the ending?

  • احبكم جرح الماضي


  • Satya Singh
    Satya Singh 2 days ago

    Karma hit it hard

  • NocturneKing
    NocturneKing 2 days ago

    They're all Dead..They just don't know it yet

  • Reinaldo Carvalho santos

    Alguém sabe a música de introdução desse filme? Nai nai nai news estes?

  • Ry Ho
    Ry Ho 2 days ago

    Goes to show how the Brittanys or britts have no match for the green beret

  • Muhamad Alwi
    Muhamad Alwi 2 days ago


  • Border Jumper
    Border Jumper 2 days ago

    3:14 Slick as fuck

  • The Movie Universe
    The Movie Universe 2 days ago

    does anyone know the name of that song that's playing when the truck crashes? ive been curious about that.

  • smik4978
    smik4978 2 days ago

    Instead of "no", Agent Smith should have said "that's a damn minigun"

    OMKAR FULARI 2 days ago


  • pelerieto rurhia
    pelerieto rurhia 2 days ago

    Why is his sniper making lots of noise

  • ThexBorg
    ThexBorg 2 days ago

    The Boss

  • Anand Powerlifting
    Anand Powerlifting 2 days ago

    Hollywood gunfights & bravado do not gallantry make. And neither do emmies CMOH's

  • بغدادي الهوى

    كذب قناص بغداد لم يقتله قناص امريكي اصلا الجنود الامريكان عندما يصيب قناص بغداد احد الجنود يدخلون عجلاتهم ويهربون مثل الفأر لم يواجهوا القناص ابدا

  • Rewster Fewd
    Rewster Fewd 2 days ago

    I love his frustration when he’s one bullet short after unloading on the dude that got a hit on him. Like a perfectionist that made a mistake

  • Matt D
    Matt D 2 days ago

    Juggernaut got hella nerfed in the movie, yet one punch is enough to destroy the damn road

  • Lil B Quiet
    Lil B Quiet 2 days ago

    Would like to see a vincent prequel.

  • jean paul TESSIER
    jean paul TESSIER 2 days ago

    Let’s kill her discreetly. Set up two men in the corridor. Two guys dressed like delivery men with a box. Then shoot 4-5 rounds without a silencer in order to not alert the whole neighborhood. Fucking brillant

  • Ying
    Ying 2 days ago

    He can probably take down a hulkbuster too

  • David Ferguson
    David Ferguson 2 days ago

    Angelina Jolie was a 10 in this movie to begin with but with that gun in her hands..... numbers to express that level of sexiness haven’t even been invented yet