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  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 2 minutes ago

    Eli is Tom Brady’s kryptonite

  • Mr.Ferrari
    Mr.Ferrari 3 minutes ago

    he's an average Quarterback ,just like Rivers ,you can't just have average idiots in the Hall of Fame just because they're nice people

  • Richard DeCredico
    Richard DeCredico 4 minutes ago


  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 5 minutes ago

    Lol they still haven’t found a replacement for Cris Carter

    • Richard DeCredico
      Richard DeCredico 3 minutes ago

      Indeed. Show sucks without him and Nick being empowered has really been painful.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson 5 minutes ago

    Huh? Zion is a great passer. It is one of his best skills.

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 6 minutes ago

    I wonder where the haters at now

  • Ronnie Burton
    Ronnie Burton 7 minutes ago

    Jimmy g will once again prove everyone wrong. Watch

    • Richard DeCredico
      Richard DeCredico 3 minutes ago

      Stop sniffing your farts. It makes you post stupid things.

  • Lucas Chudleigh
    Lucas Chudleigh 7 minutes ago

    Bahaha you let manning in to the HOF, might as well let every QB in. Talk about a QB that thrived solely because of the system and talent around him. Once those things left, he didn’t put up a single season worth even watching. The HOF is for the absolute BEST the NFL has to offer. Dudes that truly changed the field every time they stepped on it. You ding dongs need a reality check, ASAP.

  • memeboi
    memeboi 10 minutes ago

    Force Ryan Tannehill to throw the ball? That description is whack

  • Zachary Sturgeon
    Zachary Sturgeon 14 minutes ago

    Why do people hate on Nick Wright yet they still watch the show?

  • Splintor13
    Splintor13 16 minutes ago

    Another call for targeting? seriously?

  • Christina Crawford
    Christina Crawford 17 minutes ago

    All these videos talk about what the 49ers need to do to have a chance. I didnt know that kc already has it in a bag. I never have seen a team as good as 49ers be disrespected as much as it is. Guess the 49ers are not good.

  • Wraith Black
    Wraith Black 18 minutes ago

    So when your team sucks it's your fault

  • GuttaStarrEnt
    GuttaStarrEnt 19 minutes ago

    *He's an out of position PF so why compare him to Blake or Ben. Ben and Zion need to switch positions*

    THE FRIENDLY GAMER 19 minutes ago

    Jerome is picking the chiefs so the 49ers don't have 6 Superbowls

  • Dan Stevens
    Dan Stevens 21 minute ago

    He had 2 years where his team was so talented that they won... the rest of the time, Manning was always one of the worst QBs every year. He is only considered by some to be a hall of Famer cause of his family name and they're freemasons. They always use and abuse power to get fellow masons into fame and fortune

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore 23 minutes ago

    Hall of Average. 50/50. That's what you're turning the HoF if he gets in. Lowers the bar. Have to agree with Skip on this. If you have to ask the question, probably shouldn't be in

  • TJ ToThaMax
    TJ ToThaMax 24 minutes ago

    Number. 1 FAN HERE 👋👋👋 GO CHIEFS

  • Kimberley Vanderlinden
    Kimberley Vanderlinden 31 minute ago

    The raptors are only 2 games behind where they were last year, WITHOUT, Kawhi and Danny, and WITH almost all the starters down with injuries at one time. He should have stayed in T.O. for 1 or 2 more yrs. They would have won again and again. Load managed or not. The problem with the Clippers is that they DONT have enough talent 2 carry on without both stars healthy and playing together

  • dsales2011
    dsales2011 31 minute ago

    Eli is a nice guy but his whole career was average. So you don't know when to say it was time for him to retire. Only lasted this long because he was in NY. I thought those Super Bowls appearances were lucky myself. He's not like his brother or dad and that's ok. He's not a Hall of Famer.

  • Crypto Dwayne
    Crypto Dwayne 32 minutes ago

    Blake Griffin Sux

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr 32 minutes ago

    when Nick talks all the guest have headaches listening to his BS

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr 33 minutes ago

    Nick acting like he knows wtf he is talking about...lmao what a brainless idiot

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr 35 minutes ago

    Eli is no HOFer by any means

  • Grizz_904
    Grizz_904 38 minutes ago

    As long as he's not first ballot im cool with it.

  • Derek Bury
    Derek Bury 38 minutes ago

    I cannot remember the best throws of Montana, Elway, Marino, because they had so many. But to a man, we can remember Eli's best throws because they were so rare, they actually stand out. All this giant fan can remember is Eli overthrowing wide open receivers. I have an autographed picture of the Manningham catch, but Eli is not HOF worthy (a .500 overall record...all those interceptions) Justin Tuck was the real MVP of Super Bowl 42. The "Catch" is what gave Eli the MVP...a horrible throw of desperation, across his body, across the field, SHOULD have been picked. the MVP of that play was Tyree having to make an awesome catch on a horrible throw. I would start Simms, Hostetler, and maybe even Kerry Collins over Eli every day

  • Brenton Dudley
    Brenton Dudley 39 minutes ago

    Bosa and Ford on one side. Buckner and Armsted on the other. He will running for his life.

  • TheAnonymous916
    TheAnonymous916 43 minutes ago

    Only people that haven't been watching 49ers play all season is "shocked". I wasn't surprised. I knew same thing was gonna happen similar to week 12.

  • Daniel Alcaraz
    Daniel Alcaraz 49 minutes ago

    Can't FREAKING wait!!! #XFL2020.

  • The Lee Smith Channel
    The Lee Smith Channel 49 minutes ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I can't believe they are having this discussion with a career mediocre QB.

    • Intellectual One
      Intellectual One 6 minutes ago

      @Cormel Nope. He's not too 20

    • Cormel
      Cormel 31 minute ago

      You don’t have to be Peyton Manning to be in the HoF. He’s a T-20 QB of the SB Era. That’s enough.

    • david cone jr
      david cone jr 35 minutes ago

      total agree with what you said

  • Anwar Starwind
    Anwar Starwind 51 minute ago

    His Playoff runs that lead to SB victories were great but those were also great TEAMS he was on. He was a catalyst but not the only important part of those teams. Eli is 12th all time interceptions, led the league in interceptions three times and missed the playoffs ten times. I like Eli but come on man if he didn't play in NY and his last name wasn't Manning. This wouldn't even be a topic.

    • Intellectual One
      Intellectual One 2 minutes ago

      @Cormel Eli Manning Career Rankings Passer Rating: 45th Passing yards/game: 19th Touchdown Percentage: 71st Interception Percentage: 51st Completion Percentage: 43rd Nope. Not a hall of famer

    • Cormel
      Cormel 27 minutes ago

      There are only 4 players with 2 SBMVPs, he made 4 Pro Bowls. Is T-10 is every important accumulative stat but was available to be able to do that. He did amazing things with subpar weapons and supporting cast. He holds a ton of records and still holds the record for most yards in a single post season. He has a lot of great moments, more so than a number of already HoF QBs.

  • blackmanwithcomputer
    blackmanwithcomputer 55 minutes ago

    Ignore the two Superbowl runs (which were lead by his defenses), and he's got so many trash seasons. No All-Pro selections and no MVPs (SBMVP is a one game MVP, and those should've gone to the defenses). He's not a Hall of Famer.

    • Richard DeCredico
      Richard DeCredico 8 minutes ago

      Jim Plunkett needs to go in first and he is not deserving. Manning should only get into the HOF after buying a ticket.

  • First Things First
    First Things First 55 minutes ago

    Who will win the Super Bowl: 49ers or Chiefs?

    • NBA_Khris38baby
      NBA_Khris38baby 15 minutes ago

      First Things First the description says Ryan Tannehill 👎🏾 the 49ers will never get the credit they deserve

    • TJ ToThaMax
      TJ ToThaMax 24 minutes ago


  • Daniel Pezzi
    Daniel Pezzi 56 minutes ago

    You win two SB MVPs you are in. No question.

  • Ted Johnson
    Ted Johnson 57 minutes ago

    They would have gone to and probably won both super bowls with grappolo. His skill set surpasses Brady by far. They let Bledsoe go for Brady and it worked out. So belichek was only happy to do it again. Oh also Brady does get injured but is so afraid to lose his job he plays through it.

  • Eduardo Ortiz
    Eduardo Ortiz 58 minutes ago

    I hate Nick, these vids barely get any views, get rid of him and start over

  • Eduardo Ortiz
    Eduardo Ortiz 58 minutes ago

    I hate Nick, these vids barely get any views, get rid of him and start over

  • Herr T
    Herr T Hour ago

    He is a Hall of Famer for me. Just not a First Ballett Hall of Famer

  • Thalles_Costa :D

    How the north americans Still Listen to Nick Wright?

  • vinnythewebsurfer

    Ben Simmons should watch this game and be embarrassed

  • kashif bishop
    kashif bishop Hour ago

    He used the word consistent?! Wtf is consistent about a QB with a .500 rating? 😂😂😂😂

    • david cone jr
      david cone jr 42 minutes ago

      so true bro!!!!!

    • Trevon Sykes
      Trevon Sykes 51 minute ago

      kashif bishop winning then losing😂😂but in all reality the Giants have been terrible the last few years and that brought his win loss percentage to the .500 mark

  • balltalkdeep
    balltalkdeep Hour ago

    nice ender by Nick

  • david cone jr
    david cone jr Hour ago

    Smash the like button if you think Nick Wright should be fired for this statement

  • balltalkdeep
    balltalkdeep Hour ago

    glad Zion was able to create some buzz this game, alleviates some of the pressure off him

  • First Things First

    Do you think it's the right time for Eli Manning to retire?

    • diejagermeister91
      diejagermeister91 13 minutes ago

      The superbowl 42 win was bought. Elis pass to tyrie was holding on the whole offensive line. Goodell played refs extra to help giants. 46 win was his only true superbowl

    • dwarsinskey David Warsinskey
      dwarsinskey David Warsinskey 32 minutes ago

      @david cone jr chromosome 😀have a nice day sir!

    • david cone jr
      david cone jr 36 minutes ago

      @dwarsinskey David Warsinskey please get outta here you are in need of another chromosome

  • Andradé
    Andradé Hour ago

    4-4 from three in 5 minutes - crazy

  • Mike Larry
    Mike Larry Hour ago

    Jimmy G couldn’t beat out Brady for the job! Period‼️

  • Jason Striation
    Jason Striation Hour ago

    No excuses for the guy💉

  • devin johnson
    devin johnson Hour ago

    Joe Montana probably would have won another super bowl or two with the 49ers but you got to go with the younger no pun intended

  • Zack Morris
    Zack Morris Hour ago

    “If you don’t double Tyreek Hill, he will ruin you” 😂😂

  • Parke Obrien
    Parke Obrien Hour ago

    He may put on weight like Charles Barkley did.

  • Parke Obrien
    Parke Obrien Hour ago

    I wouldn't want him to be a 3 point shooter . He needs to be in the inside rebounding.

  • super negus99
    super negus99 Hour ago

    42-10 49ers win

  • devin johnson
    devin johnson Hour ago

    DeShaun Watson was drafted before the trade

  • Parke Obrien
    Parke Obrien Hour ago

    Maybe his knee is a bit behind on healing. But Zion wasn't as explosive. And I fear he may have a future weight problem. I don't think he will be as fit and maintain fitness of a LeBron James.

    • Bashkim Ibraimi
      Bashkim Ibraimi Hour ago


  • TheChongmaster
    TheChongmaster Hour ago

    He won't go 4-4 from 3 often ...

  • Quincy Hodges
    Quincy Hodges Hour ago

    Zion had a better debut than Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Patrick Mahomes. He’s box office, a new king has taken over.

  • Dale Hammers
    Dale Hammers 2 hours ago

    Mangini guess what? The fact you dont understand why nobody can contain his is why you arent a coach anymore. Nobody can contain him because he cant be contained really.

    • Dale Hammers
      Dale Hammers 2 hours ago

      Also... Henry was being held to 3.6 ypc by half, you arent beating the Chiefs like that, just not happening.

  • Sal Martinez
    Sal Martinez 2 hours ago

    Nick is about to declare him the second best player ever after Lebron.

    • david cone jr
      david cone jr Hour ago

      Nick is to busy swallowing LBJ`s love load

  • April
    April 2 hours ago

    As a person from New Orleans and a huge Pels fan, I can tell you, that Zion and the young core, is bringing an excitement to this city that I've never seen when it comes to basketball here. This city is a huge sports city and we love basketball, it's just that professional basketball never seemed to be apart of the city. That was a huge problem. A franchise needs to develope the city's identity as their own. The franchise felt like it was separate and none of the players embraced the city like Zion has for example or like BI. The front office did a great job with changing the direction of the franchise. It's like the franchise finally arrived in New Orleans. The team is more involved in the city and its culture. I'll say this also, AD never had fans this excited and that was partly due to his personality and being a person who keeps to himself. That didn't translate well to the city and he never involved himself into the culture. We appreciate his time here but Zion really embraced us and the city embraces anyone who opens their arms to us. It's exciting to see. New Orleans is one of the best sports cities. We love our Saints and we love our Pels so saying we are not a basketball city proves how little people know about New Orleans. That false narrative needs to die. We're excited for the future.

    • xXcamp heroXx
      xXcamp heroXx Hour ago

      April I’m from BR man and the excitement is all the way out here too. The hype is gonna be real next year

  • Johnny M
    Johnny M 2 hours ago

    Look last year Superbowl no one can slow down Gurley and Rams they Patriots slow them on 8 points. Bighest quastion is can Chiefs defense slow 49 offense and keep their offense on field longer.

  • allen fraser
    allen fraser 2 hours ago

    He'll be a bust.

  • MoXy
    MoXy 2 hours ago

    Blake is much bigger and much fitter. I like Zion but those 3s made him seem like a better player than he was last night. HE didn't look athletic, he looked slow. 3s didn't look great either.

    • MoXy
      MoXy 2 hours ago

      @BigBody Rico he is explosive but not fast unfortunately, maybe due to injury but either way not looking like a mini Giannis more like a mini roy hibbert.

    • BigBody Rico
      BigBody Rico 2 hours ago

      @MoXy he looks like a truck to me. Like he can run fast but he lacks the acceleration. It was taking him too long to get to that fastbreak speed.

    • MoXy
      MoXy 2 hours ago

      @BigBody Rico He looked gassed but never slow like this. This guy looks like a 7 footer out there without the length.

    • BigBody Rico
      BigBody Rico 2 hours ago

      I thought it was just me. The way he runs is just off. He runs like his feet hurt lol he looked athletic in his jumping ability tho.Especially when he got his blocked shot back he looked good. He looked good when he went up for the lob. Then again no one is fit coming back from injury. Even Lebron coming back from his groin injury last year looked gassed at moments especially on defense.

    THE TRUTH SYNDICATE 2 hours ago

    love Zion!

  • willemdee
    willemdee 2 hours ago

    Waiting for the "Is Zion greater than LeBron" videos from the genius sports analysts.

  • Alex Mclife
    Alex Mclife 2 hours ago

    It will the 49ers. Go 49ers go

  • Alvin Jones
    Alvin Jones 2 hours ago

    Zion will be the reason for watching the NBA in the future

    • ADblurrr
      ADblurrr Hour ago

      ZION will be a better shooter then gianiss, and has better young players around him.

    • BigBody Rico
      BigBody Rico 2 hours ago

      @Wesley Bird Giannis currently is wayyyy faster than Zion and its not even close. What Zion will bring to the table over Giannis is a new Level of Physicality. It just looks different bc hes only 6'7 and hes gnna be bullying 7 fters. Giannis is 6'11.

    • MoXy
      MoXy 2 hours ago

      @Wesley Bird You are wrong but that's ok. Zion is as explosive as roy hibbert at the moment so not even close to giannis.

    • MoXy
      MoXy 2 hours ago

      @Alvin Jones That's funny but Giannis will always be a much better, longer version of Zion.

  • TJ ToThaMax
    TJ ToThaMax 2 hours ago

    He went off 🔥🔥👏👏👏

    • Mike C
      Mike C Hour ago

      Wut was his stat line?

  • willemdee
    willemdee 2 hours ago

    Pelicans still not going to the Playoffs.

  • BronAintShit
    BronAintShit 2 hours ago

    They told Zion there would be gumbo and crawfish waiting in the locker room if he got the W and he went off

  • Low Distortion
    Low Distortion 2 hours ago

    Ben Simmons 204 games played 1 three made Zion 1 game played 4 threes...

    • MVP Simmons
      MVP Simmons 21 minute ago

      2 3s 😤😭

    • Sam Oso
      Sam Oso Hour ago

      JJ Edwards did Blake Griffin miss his rookie then?

    • JJ Edwards
      JJ Edwards Hour ago

      Sam Oso stop commenting thank you

    • Sam Oso
      Sam Oso 2 hours ago

      BigBody Rico the sixers should of made the play offs since the east is weak previous years .Also funny how Simmons is playing very week without Embid rn 🤔.

    • Sam Oso
      Sam Oso 2 hours ago

      JJ Edwards no he didn’t.

  • Busta
    Busta 2 hours ago

    Zion will be fun to watch until he gets hurt because he’s too fat for his size

  • Liam Ayter
    Liam Ayter 2 hours ago

    Talkin about clutch gene with 1 nba game. Media nowadays...

  • Dionta Scenters
    Dionta Scenters 2 hours ago

    Zion will be must see TV

  • 187 Macabee
    187 Macabee 2 hours ago

    How do the 49ers not have a great offense? The 49ers have been pretty dangerous. Im not exactly relaxed when Kittle, Sanders, Garoppolo, and co step on the field.

  • franklin smith
    franklin smith 2 hours ago

    49 ers Going to win the Super bowl 54

  • First Things First
    First Things First 3 hours ago

    What did you think of Zion Williamson's performance against the Spurs?

    • Raul Apaez Garcia
      Raul Apaez Garcia 39 minutes ago

      Phenomenal he’s a phenom

    • Jorel Byssainthe
      Jorel Byssainthe 2 hours ago

      @BigBody Rico you could tell he really worked on that J.

    • BigBody Rico
      BigBody Rico 2 hours ago

      He needs to slim down. He looks off, especially when bro runs. Everything else i like. Its about time a player got injured for a couple of months and worked on his jumpshot.

  • Mathew Torres
    Mathew Torres 3 hours ago

    "As right as I've been about the chiefs" Brags about being right about the chiefs like everyone didnt know they were going to be good this season 💀 lmao what "analytics" went into their thoughts

  • Caleb Cicero
    Caleb Cicero 3 hours ago

    Could have traded Brady for prolly 2 first a a 2nd a few years ago

  • Caleb Cicero
    Caleb Cicero 3 hours ago

    Last thing I want for the pats is for us to do what the lakers did with Kobe and pay him way more than he’s worth and ruin the rest of our team

  • Caleb Cicero
    Caleb Cicero 3 hours ago

    Best bet for the pats and ya fans is for us to sign teddy for a 2 year deal and draft someone like Herbert for the future

  • panther blue
    panther blue 3 hours ago

    Get rid of canty.

  • vexacon
    vexacon 3 hours ago

    Maybe Trump can have a team in the XFL, like he did in the USFL, look what he did to that league!

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson 3 hours ago

    Seriously after the next QBs get paid nesr 40 million Wentz deal will look like a bargain

  • Robert Hayden
    Robert Hayden 3 hours ago

    Lonzo is 🗑

  • John Boy
    John Boy 3 hours ago

    Rubbish. Brady has been dominant since then. If anyone wants to compare them... Let's...this was a down year for Brady. He had more yards, half the amount of turnovers and only a couple fewer total TDs, if we factor in rushing. Jimmy had a vastly superior offence around him as well. The best fullback of this era, the best tight end. A much better o line and a solid receiving corps. And you could argue his numbers are scarcely better. He barely scored more, didn't move the ball as much and turned the ball over twice as much.

  • Robert Hayden
    Robert Hayden 3 hours ago

    What’s the rush 2 come back! They had to teach him 2 walk , 🏃🏾‍♀️ and land?😂😂Did he lose some weight? I’m smell Greg Oden or Shawn Kemp. Nick knows 🐎💩

  • Sarge Swagg
    Sarge Swagg 4 hours ago

    Mahomes is Russell Wilson 2.0. He has a tremendous knack for biding his time and making the other team pay when they make one or two mistakes. He just doesn’t make any mindless stupid mistakes either. So he plays like Brady did in a way; limit my mistakes while taking advantage of your mistakes. He turned the game on one play over a 60 minute football game. He’s dangerous....

  • SuperJohn12354
    SuperJohn12354 4 hours ago

    Jimmy made a play for the starting job by using his contract to try to force Brady out, Belichick broke the patriot way by choosing Jimmy, even though Jimmy wasn’t better than Tom, the patriot way is the best guy takes the field no matter who that is.

  • michael repuyan
    michael repuyan 4 hours ago


  • Pressley Cornelius
    Pressley Cornelius 4 hours ago

    bring chris carter back!

  • Travis pittman
    Travis pittman 4 hours ago

    But Aaron wasn’t a black man chris carter

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 5 hours ago

    It was the right move to trade him. Salary Cap reasons made us trade him. People forget we also go Brian Hoyer out of the trade. Bill saw Hoyer as a valuable backup to Tom.

  • Leo Cibrian
    Leo Cibrian 5 hours ago

    I think nicks the only one shocked

  • Javi Squad
    Javi Squad 5 hours ago

    bad take to think the chiefs are gonna go on a warriors like run in the nfl. theyre coming out of the AFC this year man. not even close

  • John Adams
    John Adams 5 hours ago

    Jimmy G had no intention of sitting on the bench while Brady continued to play until he was 45 years old. He had said that he was "Better" than Brady, he wasn't going to take another cheapskate deal by the Patriots, he wanted outta NE. He wanted to play and he wanted to get paid. End of story.

  • Bruce
    Bruce 5 hours ago

    I love how he says Jimmy has to play better in the Super Bowl that he has played in the playoffs. HE Didn’t play poorly in the playoffs! He just barely played!! I’ve been watching him win games all season. The man is clutch on third down when it counts.

  • Kittonwy
    Kittonwy 5 hours ago

    Brady went over Belichick's head and Kraft interfered, and it's Bill's fault?

  • Tahreem Sheikh
    Tahreem Sheikh 5 hours ago

    So the reason Jimmy G is going to the superbowl with the 49ers is deflate gate?

  • The Snookman
    The Snookman 5 hours ago

    My 'make a wish' dream is to pick Nick's nose up to the second knuckle. Dare to dream!!;)