First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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  • Michael Trivette
    Michael Trivette Minute ago

    The Steelers we've become accustomed to? I'm accustomed to them looking kinda meh.

  • Seth Chandler
    Seth Chandler 23 minutes ago

    I wonder why everyone just seems to think that Drew Brees at 40 coming back from a torn ligament in his throwing hand is a lock.... I'm thinking he might retire.

  • Lightningstriker1
    Lightningstriker1 32 minutes ago

    Garrett is trying to injure QBs. He should be suspended; however,'s the Jets.

  • robert jehle
    robert jehle 35 minutes ago

    NFL fixed stop watching or be frustrated the rest of your life.

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 43 minutes ago

    Ever since the start of this season, Big Ben was having some second thoughts about continuing to play!

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 45 minutes ago

    I am really confident the Browns will be fine this season! It's about time!

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 54 minutes ago

    Don't forget about Mr. Jarvis Landry!

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 54 minutes ago

    The QB the Jets played against tge Browns was really pitiful!

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar 56 minutes ago

    I would think the Saints best hope would be to use both Taysom Hill and T. Bridgewater as their QBs.

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar Hour ago

    If the Pats were to lose T. Brady to injury, would they be going to the Super Bowl? The answer is NO!

  • DD2F Free
    DD2F Free Hour ago

    Enjoy it now. It won't last. But who does except the GREATS: Tom B, Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Jim Brown, Drew Breeze, Deion Sanders, Bradshaw, Walter Payton. These players are more than just football players, not clowns but men AB, like Ocho Cinco, are flavors of the day. Ocho Cinco who? Lavar Ball who? You'll get the point when history is written

  • ivan salazar
    ivan salazar Hour ago

    I don't see Teddy Bridgewater living up to Saints' expectations! I just don't see how!

  • Dalton hendrixx
    Dalton hendrixx Hour ago

    Johnny Manziel or Sam Bradford to the Steelers

  • Jaden Chinnwilliams

    How do you dislike lamar jackson he's so humble

  • JB Da ravaga
    JB Da ravaga Hour ago

    Whose gonna take the last shot?

  • ericabertagnoli
    ericabertagnoli Hour ago

    So he basically picked Aaron

  • joe chrow
    joe chrow Hour ago

    Browns wont go to the Promise land until they get a Legit QB...Baker Mayfield is an average QB at best

    • Willie 212
      Willie 212 12 minutes ago

      joe chrow that because of the of the o-line. If he get time in the pocket he can make them throws easy

    • joe chrow
      joe chrow 16 minutes ago

      @Luis_ GM2001 Baker Gayfield is GOBBAGE...Played some games during rookie season so the league has some homework on him....Dudes QBR is like "37" first 2 games...He is a SCRUB

    • Luis_ GM2001
      Luis_ GM2001 29 minutes ago

      joe chrow Baker is legit enough. I’m a chiefs fan but what they need is an upgrade in coaching staff

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant Hour ago

    CC is always cutting people off smh

  • Mashtanga
    Mashtanga Hour ago

    go ahead,,,,underestimate Taysom hill

  • Chad Brouyette
    Chad Brouyette Hour ago

    Minkah is in year two of his rookie deal. This is a steal, regardless of quarterback status, because a high first round pick is still a risk...As long as he buys in and goes to work in Pittsburgh.

  • Enlight The way
    Enlight The way Hour ago

    Trade bridgewater to the jags for #20. Trade a 5th round pick for eli then go with either or hill or manning i see success in that

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop ! Hour ago

    Chris you are not that smart.

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop ! Hour ago

    Ben has never been elite are you people crazy,Ben stinks,hes been in 3 superbowls as a small piece of the puzzle and got way to much credit because he is a qb

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop ! Hour ago

    Ben is overrated, Rudolph is the man,we dont want or need Ben

  • Alley Oop !
    Alley Oop ! Hour ago

    Ben is a chump, who was the fool that decided to extend this idiot

  • Chris Injeian
    Chris Injeian Hour ago

    Wow you beat the Jets with a 3rd string QB im soooooooooo impressed

  • James Martin
    James Martin Hour ago

    What happened to cc expert analysis that brady can play til 60. Cant touch quarterback. New rules. How many quarterbacks have gone down

  • Sasa Pejic
    Sasa Pejic Hour ago


  • Kruppt808
    Kruppt808 Hour ago

    Eric Mangini face in thst thumbnail looks like he just heard Brady retired

  • MarLy MarLLe
    MarLy MarLLe Hour ago

    How much team Chemistry u need to catch a quick slant. Thats All OBJ doing what he does.

  • T Martin
    T Martin 2 hours ago

    You continue to miss the point when analyzing sports (I.M.O.) and now you misinform on a biblical tale, C.C. Is it too late to go back to playing??

  • Elias Orona
    Elias Orona 2 hours ago

    He said AB will end up with 1,200 yrs and 10 touchdown, I can see it happening..let's goo!!

  • Robert Gowdey
    Robert Gowdey 2 hours ago

    Time for the Hill show.

  • The Original Don Dotta

    Lebron may have better averages but those stats didn't have as much impact as Kobes stats on WINNING big games. That's why he didn't get it done in the Finals SIX TIMES!!!i

  • Song Han
    Song Han 2 hours ago

    Mahomes>Wentz.....Wentz isnt even on the same planet as Mahomie

  • George Cherry
    George Cherry 2 hours ago

    In the immortal words of coach Green. We are who we thought they were. The Jets are missing their starting QB, who's also a rookie, but who could probably have beaten the Browns who still haven't proven that they aren't who we think they are. You're supposed to beat the Jets OBJ. BEAT THE PATS, STEELERS, BRONCOS, RAVENS AND A FEW GOOD TEAMS, MAKE THE PLAYOFFS (PLAYOFFS? PLAYOFFS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME PLAYOFFS? YA GOTTA WIN A GAME TO GET TO THE PLAYOFFS!) PLAY WELL IN THE PLAYOFFS OBJ AND THEN TELL US ABOUT TEAM CHEMISTRY.

  • goku1693
    goku1693 2 hours ago

    Eric Mangini is extremely smart, and it never fails to see “analysts” start to lose confidence when they’re across the desk from someone who truly knows the game.

  • Brett Jones
    Brett Jones 2 hours ago

    And if Rudolph peels off 10 wins ...

  • FMA Bincarim
    FMA Bincarim 2 hours ago

    I'm not sure the Steelers collapse. The younger players like Tomlin and dont know that they are supposed to be bad. All the old malcontents James Harrison Leveon Bell Antonio Brown and Ben who had never been the best leader are gone. I think they are going to be Ok.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 hours ago

    If the Saints are soooooooo mentally weak that a bad call caused them to get outscored 24-6 then they aren’t legit anyways.

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 hours ago

    If the Saints loss by 7 or less then they could blame the Refs, they lost by 18....

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee 2 hours ago

    Saints will be 2-5

  • George Cherry
    George Cherry 2 hours ago

    Are we ever gonna talk seriously about the ring chase and how K.D. is an example of how not to do it? If he's such a basketball savant Chris then how come he didn't see that he wouldn't bea good fit on a 73 & 9 team that had already won a championship without him and had beaten him along the way? Would Jordan have gone to the Pistons Knicks or Celtics? Let's also talk about how he Lebron and Chris Bosh are precursors to what happened this free agency and stop glossing over it. No one wants to be the one to make the argument that that whole episode was disappointing, dishonorable and troubling and that's troubling in itself. What happened to truth in journalism, objectivity and candor. Makes ya long for the days of Howard Cosell. He would have said the truth and nothing but. Just look at the things he said about Ali, free agency in baseball, steroids, and Pete Rose. C'mon man.

  • Ryan Bhagroo
    Ryan Bhagroo 2 hours ago

    Teddy led a bad viking offense to the playoffs and would have defeated the seahawks legion of boom had the kicker not missed a easy chip shot. Not to mention he was a pro bowler that year. Y'all sleeping on Bridgewater. Now that he has the weapons like Kamara and Thomas.... oh man.. he may not be as good as drew but he ain't no scrub.

  • Jon G
    Jon G 2 hours ago

    That was a fun interview . Bennett is so real.

  • Oliver Glenday
    Oliver Glenday 2 hours ago

    Jerry rice the goat of wide receivers

  • Kevin Frazier
    Kevin Frazier 3 hours ago

    Ben needs to retire onto commentator

  • MGBillionaire
    MGBillionaire 3 hours ago

  • Brian Hill
    Brian Hill 3 hours ago

    Dan Marino, Terry Bradshaw.... same injury... career ending! It's like a pitcher in baseball.... it's OVER!!!

    WHO DAT NIKKAH 3 hours ago


  • Derek Sessions
    Derek Sessions 3 hours ago

    Eric Mangini always makes Nick Wright's look silly. Thank you Mangenius!

  • John Leal
    John Leal 3 hours ago

    Mangini and Cris smugly agreeing while being wrong is hard to watch

  • bonderson 26
    bonderson 26 3 hours ago

    This isn't going to age well

  • amilah ali
    amilah ali 3 hours ago

    They should definitely get Eli his the only GB that beat the Goat twice in the Super Bowl.

  • rhsandne71
    rhsandne71 3 hours ago

    How does race have anything to do with this topic? He sounds like he has CTE just from this response. The NFL is the greatest opportunity for white people too. Ignorance is so sad

    • Andre Swagassi
      Andre Swagassi Hour ago

      rhsandne71 he ain’t white tho so he can’t speak for whites. You sure you don’t have CTE?

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob 3 hours ago

    2:10 so funny when white boys act black

  • TeW33zy
    TeW33zy 3 hours ago

    if I were been I would retire. That dude breaking down

  • Nati Daddy
    Nati Daddy 3 hours ago

    Black men have every chance and options as any white or other men!! Stop it!! Maybe back in his day, ok but now?? Just stop

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying 3 hours ago

    Brady will give Brown all the targets if he's the most open guy for all the snaps. You better believe that Edelman, Gordon, and Dorsett are going to get more open than AB on a lot of plays though. And don't forget about White and Burkhead. Plus Brady's gotta feed Michel the ball. Then you've got Jakobi Meyers lining up, N'keal Harry will come back in a couple weeks, and LaCosse looked good on Sunday too. We have so many weapons, it's a question of McDaniels and Brady being able to get them all on the same page

  • SoCal Golf
    SoCal Golf 3 hours ago

    Browns really excited they beat a 3rd strong QB

  • MiketheYung God
    MiketheYung God 3 hours ago

    What’s up with Nicks fake hair.? What with the chick with the muscles?

  • Sean Stewart
    Sean Stewart 4 hours ago

    Chris you played football. You know better. In my opinion it took the wind out of the defense. From that point on they looked flat. Plus I saw just as many holding penalties that could have been called on the Rams. What about the other no call when the Rams player ripped the Saints players helmet off mid play and they called Brandon Cook for holding

  • Ryan Sanford
    Ryan Sanford 4 hours ago

    Smh nick got schooled, as usual

  • BubbaJo
    BubbaJo 4 hours ago

    This could be a chance to do two things one find the future if not teddy or Hill then maybe in the draft and for Brees using the time off to beef up the arm and add some extra power to the throws

  • Donald Alexander
    Donald Alexander 4 hours ago

    You been???? Mossed.

  • Yellow Flash
    Yellow Flash 4 hours ago

    *Hoping the 9ers put a pin in the balloon that is The Browns' new over confidence*

  • Ben Rich
    Ben Rich 4 hours ago

    Who’s gonna let CC know that Aaron Donald only missed 2-3 plays😬😬😬

  • Larry G
    Larry G 4 hours ago

    Roethlisberger is DONE. The Steelers are DONE. Kevin Colbert is DONE. Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff are DONE. The Steelers will be mostly irrelevant for at least the next decade.

  • PNW_PsilocybeJedi
    PNW_PsilocybeJedi 4 hours ago

    Bridgewater is baaaad every play hes hesitant and always getting hit. Seahawks will eat him for breakfast

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell 56 minutes ago

      if they contain bobby wagner, NOPE !!! TEDDY TIME!!!

  • Knuckle Head Studio
    Knuckle Head Studio 4 hours ago

    Big Ben Retires

  • King Ebony
    King Ebony 4 hours ago

    Get the Ski Masks. They tried to rob us multiple times. Its 9ur time now

  • Knuckle Head Studio
    Knuckle Head Studio 4 hours ago

    Big Ben is a soar loser...he is not really hurt

  • luke wilson
    luke wilson 4 hours ago

    Lord breesus will be back in 5 or 6 weeks everything will be fine

  • Russ Hartman
    Russ Hartman 4 hours ago

    When Harry comes back off IR think about this Nickel package on the field: AB, Gordon, Dorsett, Harry and Jules . How does any team think they can cover that? Scary stuff.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 5 hours ago

    Dorset don’t sleep on Dorsett

  • Brett Matthews
    Brett Matthews 5 hours ago

    Everyone outside of AB is over rated. Edelmann, Gordan, and especially Watson have lost a step. They do not strike fear in me. Meanwhile the Chiefs have three #1 options on their team with crazy depth.

  • PhAnToM Of The AQUA
    PhAnToM Of The AQUA 5 hours ago

    Bridgewater Stats 2018-19: 74 of 122 or 60.6% 683 Total Yards 3 TDs and 2 Interceptions 1 Fumble Total of 13 yards Rushing QB Rating 80% Taysom Hill Stats 2018-19: 76 of 108 or 70.4% 808 Total Yards 5 TDs and 3 Interceptions 0 Fumbles Total of 309 yards Rushing QB Rating 99.8%

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell 59 minutes ago

      but was it against starting defenses though???? don't get confused. teddy will shine that's why they paid him and put him as a second-string over tasum. practice tells a lot about the QB position so teddy must be looking great or tasum would have that 2nd role. he did look shaky in the preseason but he took the brace all the way off. I'm not into the sympathy game but if you can play you can play..

    • The InvictusSamaritan
      The InvictusSamaritan 4 hours ago

      Nate Pace that makes sense but you can’t compare players based on preseason. Look at Brees stats during his first preseason with the Saints. 50% completion and 0 touchdowns with 2 interceptions, he was just horrible in preseason but he turned it up during regular season. I expect this from Bridgewater.

    • Nate Pace
      Nate Pace 4 hours ago

      @The InvictusSamaritan he's talking about preseason

    • The InvictusSamaritan
      The InvictusSamaritan 4 hours ago

      PhAnToM Of The AQUA Taysom Hill has never thrown a touchdown pass in his career, what the heck?

  • thejaw15
    thejaw15 5 hours ago

    This snitch Mangini

  • Keith Nell
    Keith Nell 5 hours ago

    Ben will stay on the roster long enough next year to get his money and then retire.

  • Zachary Frye
    Zachary Frye 5 hours ago

    Yeah we did bad on offense but what about the bad calls the rest of the calls not just the fumble recovery touchdown what about the holding calls on the defense we never got any penalties thrown

  • Delvon thefutureisourtv BBall academy Matthew

    Chris alway look serious in camera 🤣🤣🤣

  • SoyConnor
    SoyConnor 6 hours ago

    This is the most stacked Pats roster of all time. If Brown and Gordon can coexist and work as a team this team is going 19-0

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 6 hours ago

    I think they should start taysom Hill over bridgewater.

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell 55 minutes ago

      HA, HA, HA, you are joking right????

    • Keven Woods
      Keven Woods 5 hours ago

      Taysom Hill is a player he don't need to be doing any quarterback stuff period

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 6 hours ago

    They still have AB and Bell

  • A
    A 6 hours ago

    Brees is a phenomenal man. Fan of whoever, we just want him to be ok and get better. Brees will always be the modern day king of NO

  • Bruce Kirk Jr
    Bruce Kirk Jr 6 hours ago

    Coming from a Steelers fan I’ll bet anyone on here that Mason Rudolph takes over and we don’t look back. Ben isn’t the same, I don’t want to here about how many passing yards he had. Dude threw 700 passes last year u should at least get 5k with AB and JuJu

  • Tiger Hoods
    Tiger Hoods 6 hours ago

    Le’Veon Bell is literally the whole entire jets team lol

  • Yung Jay216
    Yung Jay216 6 hours ago

    Bridgewater isn’t a bum, he had that great year in Minnesota until he got hurt. He will get them wins.

  • cholli4141
    cholli4141 6 hours ago

    His championship window ended when L. Bell and AB left. That’s EXTREMELY obvious, we understand why coach Mangini would make such an obviously incorrect statement about the window being there as long as Ben is there. Smh

  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown 6 hours ago

    AB/Kraft for Prison 2O2O 😄😁

  • Matt Lewis
    Matt Lewis 6 hours ago

    Nick makes outstanding point. Cc is Cc and oversells.. Nick checks watch to see how long it will be before he stops talking.🤣

  • Conservative Americans

    Mangini took Nick Wrong to school.

  • Scott Parsons
    Scott Parsons 6 hours ago

    Great win for the Browns. I like how everybody downplays the Browns win, yet praise the Ravens who beat the two worst teams in the NFL.

    • Chris Injeian
      Chris Injeian Hour ago

      Jets had their 3rd string QB playing playing let's not act like they had darnold out there

  • Kesley Cottrell
    Kesley Cottrell 6 hours ago

    He really hasn't been right after he wrecked his motorcycle.

    • Joe Snider
      Joe Snider 4 hours ago

      He literally just had his best season last year lol

  • Kras 4
    Kras 4 6 hours ago

    Mangini doesn't have a clue. Sean P has been grooming Teddy to be the #2 QB in NO since he re signed. Taysom is a nice gadget guy but he's hardly ready to become a full time QB. Nick has obviously done his homework as it relates to the current QB situation in New Orleans.

  • ben dover
    ben dover 7 hours ago

    Good teams like pit never rebuild, they just reload

    • jaxsonlee10
      jaxsonlee10 7 minutes ago

      The 80s and part of the 90s say different.

  • Equitable Apple
    Equitable Apple 7 hours ago

    Mangini summed it up nicely. If Ben is healthy the Steelers have a chance

  • Jaime Arcos
    Jaime Arcos 7 hours ago

    Well they aren’t winning the NFC South over Atlanta without Brees. So a wild card is their only hope.

    • lionel howell
      lionel howell 52 minutes ago

      @Kru Gaming watch ,teddy getting ready for this RUN!!! Payton knows what he's doing.

    • PhAnToM Of The AQUA
      PhAnToM Of The AQUA 5 hours ago

      Kru Gaming lmao 1-7 with Bridgewater at the helm.... 100% agree

    • Kru Gaming
      Kru Gaming 5 hours ago

      As a Falcons fan We still play Brees 2 times but we could be looking at a 1-7 saints team of Bridgewater can’t win a game they have a tough schedule. @ Seattle, Dallas, @ Jacksonville, @Chicago, Bucs, and Cardinals. They could very easily win 2-3 of those games

    • Base2567
      Base2567 6 hours ago

      brees is back in time to play 5 out of the 6 nfc south games including 2 vs falcons falcons

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie Robinson 7 hours ago


    • Christian Grice
      Christian Grice Hour ago

      Jets should pick him up for a year

    • K Ross
      K Ross 2 hours ago

      I just was thinking that either the saints or steelers need to give this man a chance seriously..forget everything else that's going on

  • Ron Stidham
    Ron Stidham 7 hours ago

    Poor old Jenna needs to bring some needlepoint, and the Nose man could catch a fish wit dat beak!