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Post Malone - Wow. (Audio)
Views 851K4 months ago
Post Malone - I Know (Audio)
Views 2.3M4 months ago
Post Malone - Circles
Views 153M4 months ago
Post Malone - Go Flex
Views 5M3 years ago
Post Malone - Go Flex
Views 339M3 years ago
Post Malone - Too Young
Views 128M4 years ago


  • who is who
    who is who 2 minutes ago

  • Damaris Ruiz Jiménez
    Damaris Ruiz Jiménez 9 minutes ago

    Llegué luego de TaTae FM no podía dejar de cantar esta canción luego de escucharla! ❤️❤️

  • jordan king
    jordan king 9 minutes ago

    He sounds like juice

  • Amjad Kamal
    Amjad Kamal 12 minutes ago

    post MaLoNE 🤫🤫🤫

  • Gazed.
    Gazed. 16 minutes ago

    people say that posty is gonna die next after juice wrld (rip btw) ,but I mean *yeah hes gonna be ok*

  • Andre Palma
    Andre Palma 18 minutes ago

    Ya valió verga, llegaron las de BTS

  • 정국•꧁ღ•Dudah•ღ꧂

    someone came from live Do Taehyung ???? I yes lol😂❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you Taehyung ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • puzzocchio
    puzzocchio 25 minutes ago

    Stupid song

  • JATYTTT Roblox Plays
    JATYTTT Roblox Plays 27 minutes ago

    i made this loop left click: press loop

  • Asma Hossain
    Asma Hossain 28 minutes ago

    Because of Taehyung's Vlive I'm here..but I really love post Malone💓

  • Kai Brown
    Kai Brown 31 minute ago

    zombie post still smokeing

  • BonnieJean McCandless
    BonnieJean McCandless 34 minutes ago

    Love for your soul..posty you have the voice of an angel

  • oof oof
    oof oof 36 minutes ago

    is somone comed here cuz of v live?:")

  • Crazy
    Crazy 41 minute ago


  • Verny
    Verny 44 minutes ago

    everybody gangsta till neck stab

  • Giovanni Cattabiani
    Giovanni Cattabiani 48 minutes ago

    Ecco il commento italiano che cercate

  • muhammad asif nawaz
    muhammad asif nawaz 59 minutes ago

    Is there anyone comparing the vocals of Lee and Malone. But still unable to decide which one is better.

    LUXOR FANDUB Hour ago

    So Nostalgic Wtf

  • Alvareza Ozka
    Alvareza Ozka Hour ago

    who is here because taetae? mehhh

  • Mardöll
    Mardöll Hour ago

    Me and Kurt feel the same Too much pleasure is pain My girl spites me in vain All I do is complain She needs something to change Need to take off the e-e-edge So fuck it all tonight And don't tell me to shut up When you know you talk too much But you don't got shit to say (say) I want you out of my head I want you out of my bedroom tonight (bedroom) There's no way I could save you (save you) 'Cause I need to be saved, too I'm no good at goodbyes We're both actin' insane But too stubborn to change Now I'm drinkin' again Eighty proof in my veins And my fingertips stained Looking over the e-e-edge Don't fuck with me tonight Say you needed this heart, then you got it (got it) Turns out that it wasn't what you wanted (wanted) And we wouldn't let go and we lost it Now I'm a goner I want you out of my head (head) I want you out of my bedroom tonight (bedroom) There's no way I could save you (save you) 'Cause I need to be saved too (saved too) I'm no good at goodbyes [Young Thug] I want you out of my life I want you back here tonight I'm tryna cut you, no knife I wanna slice ya and dice ya My argue possessive, ain't got you precise Can you not turn off the TV? I'm watchin' a fight I flooded a garage, blue diamond, no shark You're barbie life doll it's Nicki Minaj You don't need a key to drive, your car on a charger I just wanna see the side, the one that's unbothered, yeah And I don't want you to ever go outside ('side) But I promise if they play, my niggas slidin' (slidin') I'm fuckin' her and the tour bus still ridin' (ride in) [Post Malone] I want you out of my head (head) I want you out of my bedroom tonight (bedroom) There's no way I could save you (save you) 'Cause I need to be saved too (saved too) I'm no good at goodbyes Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye I'm no good at goodbyes Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye I'm no good at goodbyes

  • Mostafa Mohsen
    Mostafa Mohsen Hour ago

    who else thinks immediately of the man who sold the world when he listens to this song ???????

  • cozzy27
    cozzy27 Hour ago

    Going crazy here

  • Hakou Sab
    Hakou Sab Hour ago

    Very good 😍👏

  • Sasuke Orduno
    Sasuke Orduno Hour ago

    We need a music video to this song Love it so much

  • zara dias
    zara dias Hour ago

    wow so many people are here from taes vlive

  • Laura Estefania
    Laura Estefania Hour ago

    La escuche en el vlive de taehyung y no me la puedo sacar de la cabeza desde genial esta canción

  • ZoLe ZoGa
    ZoLe ZoGa Hour ago

    2020 ^_____________________________^ <3 song

  • Gamer Deluxe
    Gamer Deluxe Hour ago

    I looked up rockstar and i found this

  • Rafi Ullah
    Rafi Ullah Hour ago


  • # Defc
    # Defc Hour ago

    Would be my WWE-Entrance Theme

  • Arda Aydoğdu
    Arda Aydoğdu Hour ago this is best

  • Riya shukla
    Riya shukla Hour ago

    I am searching lyrics in comment to sing but that ok🤣🤣🤣 I m feeling like Rasta 🤣🤣🤣

  • Geetha Rani
    Geetha Rani Hour ago

    Make 1 billion

  • vitor oliveira 02

    three years today 23/01/2020

  • Johan Hernandez
    Johan Hernandez Hour ago

    Man I Was Only 14 When This Song Came Out Now I'm Abou5 To Turn 17 Btw Who's Listening To This In January 23rd 2020 👍👍👍👍

  • LaDonna Harris
    LaDonna Harris Hour ago

    My son introduced me to this group.

  • Amy Cordova
    Amy Cordova Hour ago

    I remember being in the county jail when this came out. That was fun 🙄

  • Lucas Caetano
    Lucas Caetano 2 hours ago


  • aleksandrs grzibovskis

    dark souls?

  • seynab mohamed
    seynab mohamed 2 hours ago

    OK I hear this on tik tok and the on my car and phone good tho my favorite for now 😘

  • taetae BTS MV
    taetae BTS MV 2 hours ago


  • taetae BTS MV
    taetae BTS MV 2 hours ago

    So , the taehyung is the sing " im gonna be " the video now!!!!!

  • roz
    roz 2 hours ago

    but you have fists

  • Leticia Dias oliveira

    Tanto que usei ela na minha formatura

  • Leticia Dias oliveira

    Amo está musica

  • مافيا هاكر
    مافيا هاكر 2 hours ago


  • Vijyantee Lefade
    Vijyantee Lefade 2 hours ago

    You say bad bad or bad man

  • Saleha Faisal
    Saleha Faisal 2 hours ago

    Here because of taehyungie but it is worth listening to❤️❤️

  • Leticia Dias oliveira

    Post eu amo vc e suas músicas 💋🌹💋🌹🌹👏 vc é muito lindo igual a suas músicas

  • BTSqueen 9208
    BTSqueen 9208 2 hours ago

    I can imagine taehyung jamming to this song

    ABD AJOAD GG 3 hours ago


    ABD AJOAD GG 3 hours ago


  • TheJuice
    TheJuice 3 hours ago

    Mostly knew this guy for the memes. Didn't actually knew he was singer? Good song though.

  • 이영원
    이영원 3 hours ago

    marvel:"Our song is best" sony:"Hey..."

  • lorenzo cara de menzo

    RE TURBIO: Al parecer todo sobre pizzagate y la pedofilia en hollywood es verdad, ALTO MIEDO.

  • Tarcisio Pimenta Martins

    Almost 1 bi, sure he can get it

  • The Notorious One
    The Notorious One 3 hours ago

    I love it ❤️

  • Yasmina uno
    Yasmina uno 3 hours ago

    Post malone es el mejor cantante del mundoooo 💋💪

  • Celia Cruz
    Celia Cruz 3 hours ago

    A song that is well liked in our home ranging from age 19-68 years old. Even my dog likes this song!

  • Alex Marshmello
    Alex Marshmello 3 hours ago


  • C.J. Rhodes
    C.J. Rhodes 3 hours ago

    Charlamagne tha god tried to clown Post, little did he know that Post would go on to drop only bangers.

  • k-9 King
    k-9 King 3 hours ago

    I would give my life to be in a sword fight with Post Malone against our enemies! THE GLORY!@

  • CASH
    CASH 3 hours ago

    Лайк! Если смог это прочитать) 👇 Подпишись на мой канал пожалуйста)))🔴🔴🔴🔴

  • Sounds O Regret
    Sounds O Regret 3 hours ago

    When you're dead but you remember your bros said yes to your girl in smash or pass

  • Junaidi Md Sabri
    Junaidi Md Sabri 3 hours ago


  • Sharan k
    Sharan k 3 hours ago

    Who's here before 1 billion views

  • k-9 King
    k-9 King 3 hours ago

    Shine on Post !

  • Mohamed Ali Kaabar
    Mohamed Ali Kaabar 3 hours ago

    Any NBA fans who thought they were going to watch Ozzy trying to post up Karl Malone? Who are Post Malone and Travis Scott? xD

  • Somaya Al-Radhi
    Somaya Al-Radhi 3 hours ago


  • Marlen Cordero
    Marlen Cordero 3 hours ago

    Adicta a la cancion, es perfecta!!

  • Carol Mkhwanazi
    Carol Mkhwanazi 3 hours ago

    I'll be back in 2025 leave a like so I remember 👇👍

  • Diana Esther Justiniano Ninaja

    Escuché esta canción gracias a Tae 💜🐯

  • Rishabh Khare
    Rishabh Khare 3 hours ago

    Thats What Reptilians Wana Promote Through Their Songs.... Sex , Blood , Money , Greed.... Snake With Another Snake.... Showing Your Favorite Red Color Of Blood of Humans You People Love to Drink. Shwoing A Triangle of Illuminati With your Legs. Illuminati Runs The World And These People Are None Other Reptilians Who are Illuminati.. Here on Earth To Destroy Humans... Hey Post Malone , If You Are Reading This Comment , Tell Your Shapeshifting Fox News Friends To Be Real About Those Alien Abductions.. Atleast Madonna Told Us The Truth... You Should Too...!! And Dont Delete My Comments Like Justin And Miley Cyrus Does.

    ROBLOX FLOATS 3 hours ago

    I like this song it’s the best song

  • art bow
    art bow 4 hours ago

    Wtf is this a grease remake? then we get neck stab and heart perforations ok.

  • Rifky Prasetya
    Rifky Prasetya 4 hours ago

    postie turned out to be great singer

  • Christian Pedrosa
    Christian Pedrosa 4 hours ago

    Post Malone is the real deal

    CKAMILO ROBLOX 4 hours ago

    Like si la escuchaste el 2020

  • Darwin YT
    Darwin YT 4 hours ago


  • Daniel Winter
    Daniel Winter 4 hours ago

    Recommend song when watching a red sunrise or sunset.

  • Mochi
    Mochi 4 hours ago

    I need more new songs with no sex, drugs or any explicit things in it. Any recommendations?

  • Kashy
    Kashy 4 hours ago

    If only one person reads this, it will make my day more beautiful. I'm a Romanian singer in Reggae / Pop / Hip-Hop / Rock and I know people write this all the time, but I think I'll be the person you will be happy to hear it. I make my own songs and videos. If you could appreciate my songs, I would be one step closer to fulfilling my dream. You will not be disappointed. Just give me a chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you 🙏

  • Ocean GamerYT
    Ocean GamerYT 4 hours ago

    🎆🌌Celebrating the 3rd year anniversary of this song🎆🌌 Time fricking flies by! Like if u agree

  • Lx
    Lx 4 hours ago

    when a rapper doesnt rap

  • Silas Greene
    Silas Greene 4 hours ago

    Y'all dick ride Ozzy to much. This song is ass cheeks because of Ozzy. Ain't no paranoid or war pigs. This what we got

  • Елена Олыкайнен

    Люди добрые,скажите мне,пожалуйста,на каком языке исполнение?? Знаю три языка-русский,матерный и немецкий...на английский вроде не похоже...но так красиво...класс!!!

  • kr 852
    kr 852 4 hours ago

    make it 1B quick

  • VIP 26
    VIP 26 4 hours ago

    This is very lovely music I am cruing 😢😭😭

  • wiwi wawa
    wiwi wawa 4 hours ago

    he reminds me off my uncle cervando

  • Finn Tönnissen
    Finn Tönnissen 4 hours ago

    Best music ever!!!!

  • Ed Kerby
    Ed Kerby 4 hours ago

    I'm here before it hit One Billion views

  • Pepperoni
    Pepperoni 5 hours ago

    💖Feed the flame, cause we can't let go..

  • Pepe The frog
    Pepe The frog 5 hours ago

    AND I WOULD WALK 500 MI-- Oh wait. Wrong song...

  • Kanye McLeod
    Kanye McLeod 5 hours ago

    Who still watches this song it's just Soo awesome u know

  • Kinyun Jarmon
    Kinyun Jarmon 5 hours ago

    My grand son: Grandma play the Piderman song! 😂

  • Ben Drewry
    Ben Drewry 5 hours ago

    Came here to read the comments about the Jonas Brothers shoutout

  • marshall chhangte
    marshall chhangte 5 hours ago

    yo relax🤣

  • Brenno Eduardo Lussolli de Cristo

    Sunflowuer siguinifica girasol

  • Gabrielle Boudreaux
    Gabrielle Boudreaux 5 hours ago

    If someone makes a ten hour version of this song I’m gonna die

  • day z
    day z 5 hours ago

    I've dead set given myself a headache obsessing all day.