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  • विनोद नेताम

    भारत माता की जय

  • Tina Kassarate
    Tina Kassarate Hour ago

    Imm so shookeddd🥵🥵🥵❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️this danceeee is wowww

  • Knapp Bristol
    Knapp Bristol Hour ago

    Dance moms has left the chat

  • Tina Kassarate
    Tina Kassarate Hour ago

    Damnn that’s crazy whatttt charlize❤️❤️🥵🥵wow all the beats and everything

  • The Only
    The Only Hour ago

    Wow 😲 Indians 🇮🇳 wow 😲

  • Tina Kassarate
    Tina Kassarate Hour ago

    Omg I also live in ca ad she’s wooowow I have no words

  • Venkatesh Nayak
    Venkatesh Nayak Hour ago

    WTF, Suresh Mukund lost at Emmy even after such incredible choreography.

  • Gacha_ Karlee
    Gacha_ Karlee 2 hours ago

    Amazing dance!

  • Emily H.
    Emily H. 2 hours ago

    Every performance is 99/100

  • Ishteyaque Ahmad
    Ishteyaque Ahmad 3 hours ago

    She is better than whole crew of unity LA what a performer if not for the king the stage belongs to this queen.

  • Ishteyaque Ahmad
    Ishteyaque Ahmad 3 hours ago

    Apart of the king's she is the queen of the stage.

  • Apex Legends
    Apex Legends 4 hours ago

    Best part is 6:32 thank me later

  • jesari1701
    jesari1701 4 hours ago

    She's clearly not that comfortable being en pointe. Her foot doesn't look flexible. This is just a contempary dancer trying to be different by wearing some pointe shoes

  • Omo Ovbo
    Omo Ovbo 4 hours ago

    Thank God they didn't go to Agt

  • azliza razmie
    azliza razmie 4 hours ago

    V unbeatable bring me here... Amazing.. From 🇲🇾🇲🇾 ..(Malaysia).. Congrats 🇮🇳🇮🇳..❤️

  • Emily Foot
    Emily Foot 5 hours ago

    Just because she’s wearing pointe shoes doesn’t make it ballet. None of those were ballet steps, rather modern contemporary.

  • Sudipa
    Sudipa 6 hours ago

    And the Westerners still wanna remember India as a land of overpopulation, slums, poverty and filthiness. And for God's sake stop being racist to us. Grow up my dear Westerners!

  • Burak Dayanç
    Burak Dayanç 6 hours ago

    Baya sempatik bir kareografi olmuş.👍✌

  • Sudipa
    Sudipa 6 hours ago

    Proud of you my fellow countrymen!

  • Seema Pal
    Seema Pal 7 hours ago

    This performance is good but still my favorite one is ' bhubhali'....🙄

  • Ravi Chavda
    Ravi Chavda 7 hours ago

    Nice bro

  • Isaac Mukenye
    Isaac Mukenye 7 hours ago

    I marq from bussika kampala uganda u are fantastic mwaaaa

  • Shinjan Sardar
    Shinjan Sardar 8 hours ago

    what is the song of divisional cut

  • Mohammed adhil
    Mohammed adhil 9 hours ago

    This show is Better Than AGT.......

  • Amal Alsh
    Amal Alsh 9 hours ago

    Love it from 🇰🇼KWT

  • Lauren Kate
    Lauren Kate 9 hours ago

    ok seriously im in a trance i cannot look away shes so captivating!!!!!

  • Charlee TV
    Charlee TV 9 hours ago

    U see Indian dance

  • 1BlessedGem
    1BlessedGem 9 hours ago

    Sorry but these 2 ABSOLUTELY should have won!! Been watching them dance for some time now and the levels of musicality is RIDICULOUS!

  • pratyush singh
    pratyush singh 11 hours ago

    Gravity: I m leaving this Earth these guys have no respect for me

  • Dipjyoti Boro
    Dipjyoti Boro 11 hours ago

    Who is here after V unbeatable get roobed in 2019 !! AGT

  • Amir Khulal
    Amir Khulal 11 hours ago

    Indians know more about relativity. Physics is fun. 😋

  • bharat desh
    bharat desh 11 hours ago

    No one can beat, The Kings India

  • Kushal Swargiary
    Kushal Swargiary 12 hours ago

    Nice man

    KANCHINAIDU MAJJI 12 hours ago

    We prowed this song Telugu star pavan Kalyan jai power star

    FLOWZ HD 12 hours ago

    My brain during a test 0:45

  • walan31
    walan31 12 hours ago

    Asian dance has a precision i dont see often else where.They are good.I thought they are some K pop dance crew.

  • pratyush singh
    pratyush singh 13 hours ago

    Gravity: I m leaving this Earth, these guys have no respect for me

  • veeresh r
    veeresh r 13 hours ago

    Who are here after V unbearable from AGT

  • Alana Chansky
    Alana Chansky 15 hours ago

    Anyone else remember Kendyl from dance moms? 😁

  • Christien Mendero
    Christien Mendero 17 hours ago

    This is what competition calls for, choosing the best amongst the best competitors regardless of their nationalities. For the three judges, you guys really know how to judge and for the champion “The Kings” , you guys deserved it!

  • Farouk Zawady
    Farouk Zawady 17 hours ago

    I’ve watched this video over a 100 times. Every time my heart beat goes out of control ! Wow !!

  • Hannah McLean
    Hannah McLean 19 hours ago

    Kendyl was a Mini on Dance Moms? I Think😂

  • Julian Tan
    Julian Tan 20 hours ago

    I wish I’m naiya

  • Vishnuakash Vijjapu
    Vishnuakash Vijjapu 21 hour ago

    Wow its our bahubhali performance to powerstar sardar song👌👌👌

  • ❤L O V E❤
    ❤L O V E❤ 21 hour ago

    god she is the most underscored contestant, like she got under 90 for the first one?? wtf

  • Jonathan El Nino
    Jonathan El Nino 22 hours ago

    India won with Indian things🇮🇳

  • Ashish Dwivedi
    Ashish Dwivedi 22 hours ago

    The other team be like: "We're Doomed" Love to these kids from 🇮🇳

  • Miri Ilai
    Miri Ilai Day ago

    Ne-yo is the reason she was so underscored. He isn’t even judging the dance, just how fast moving it is. They need judges that understand dance more so that smtg contemporary can win

  • divyesh anchan

    Finished the dance like a king

  • Zy Zyzx
    Zy Zyzx Day ago


  • Zy Zyzx
    Zy Zyzx Day ago


  • Jimena Izabal
    Jimena Izabal Day ago

    Honestly Derek is the only one of the judges that knows what his talking about (dance)

  • NaoStar 8a
    NaoStar 8a Day ago

    They☆need☆to☆do☆a☆ ☆dancetown☆diva video☆

  • Ishteyaque Ahmad

    The king's rule.

  • SS Ann
    SS Ann Day ago

    im getting kim possible vibes

  • javier minyette

    Puta que baile la primera fue la que iso el mejor baile

  • Ashish Entertainments (AE)

    Thank god! The judges picked the winner, not American people. They would have picked Unity LA claiming they have better "dance moves" and kings were just using "tricks." First of all, define dance? If you all just want Americans performing call it "Dance for Americans." Also, never accept any international teams.

  • Queen Fu Fu
    Queen Fu Fu Day ago

    It looks like a bunch of random movements and flips

  • Sueli Toth
    Sueli Toth Day ago

    Espetacular, dá vontade de ver, rever, ver, rever👏👏👏👏❤️🥰

  • Five Dee
    Five Dee Day ago

    The creativity logistics (the final performance especially) is like nothing I've ever seen from dance groups here in the US!

  • Crazy Cooking
    Crazy Cooking Day ago

    Which is JLo?

  • dimitra karavidopoulou


  • RAJA22ism
    RAJA22ism Day ago

    Very poetic and rythmic

  • Sumit D- Funk
    Sumit D- Funk Day ago

    OMG incredible performance

  • sunil pawar
    sunil pawar Day ago

    If this performance they perform in finals they will be atleast 2nd position for sure....

  • DIGAMm's H'Zng

    Indians Are ruling The world Right now.. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Vicky arvi
    Vicky arvi Day ago

    Man where's gravity???

  • Singh Gurmeet
    Singh Gurmeet Day ago


  • WRLd BiuBiuu
    WRLd BiuBiuu Day ago

    What I luv about India is that they dance with their own song 😍 Respect Luv u guys 🇮🇳👏💜

  • Debbie Green
    Debbie Green Day ago

    Can anyone tell me when the new season starts?? I'm dying for it to start back up!!

  • georgia dimangilly

    okay but the real ogs remember her from “The Next Step”

  • Debbie Nina Boc

    This piece should be on divisional final and not on the cut

  • Samara Jimmy
    Samara Jimmy Day ago

    She is the best..no doubt! She should've won WOD

  • Phionah Vivian

    Woow this is so massive and lovely

  • Yash Mishra
    Yash Mishra Day ago

    Its so sad that indian talent does not get any recognition in their own country.This country is all about politics and corruption there is no place for real talents.😢😢😢

  • Elvis Ellis
    Elvis Ellis Day ago


  • Ollo Vlogs
    Ollo Vlogs Day ago

    Wow awesome

  • gaurav kumar
    gaurav kumar Day ago

    Judges should not be provided seat...

  • Ivan New
    Ivan New Day ago

    Imagine if the dance moms cast members did this dance

  • arken aliperio

    where he from?

  • Sophie CW
    Sophie CW Day ago

    She’s a brilliant dancer but her routines are repetitive and predictable.

  • Ivan New
    Ivan New Day ago

    I’d like to see the Dance moms cast members do their dance, imagine the dance moms cast members including Abby saw this dance

  • Ivan New
    Ivan New Day ago

    Abby is like : Okay I’m out of here. 😂

  • Zenaida Neduasa

    Love it

  • Leroy Hill
    Leroy Hill Day ago

    People who don't really dance like Derek shouldn't comment on dancers put the announcer ,the former stripper turned great actors wife, in Jennifer's seat

  • Blazing Night Stars

    Hiema were very different form of dance style. I love them and hope we see new clips when all clips end what are all stars doing?

    DEATH SCYTHE Day ago

    Nice choreography

  • Prospopdancetv

    Wow dance is a wonderful art. (Guys I dance too please support)

  • Athena griego
    Athena griego Day ago

    V unbeatable i think they can take this group down. Sorry ya'll my dance group is V ALL THE WAY!!!!!

  • L&R M. M
    L&R M. M Day ago

    Just wow

  • A Boy Is No One

    I came here after the v unbeatables lose in agt

  • B PRO
    B PRO Day ago

    Slomo : am i joke to you

  • rudavath jai
    rudavath jai Day ago

    This is my 5 th comment

  • Steven Roebuck

    This gave me goose bumps amazing

  • STG TM
    STG TM Day ago

    this is a real slow mo... u re the best guys....

  • Abdur Rahman
    Abdur Rahman Day ago

    The King's 👍👍

  • Rohit Chetry
    Rohit Chetry Day ago

    Who is here after v unbeatable lose If this show was also based on vote kings would have been eliminated in the first stage

  • i love snow
    i love snow Day ago

    What is the song?? I like the beats..!

  • Kishore Dey
    Kishore Dey Day ago

    who is here after v unbeatable's 4 th place in agt

  • Mohammed Fahad

    What there not to like about it! Out of this world.