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Honest Trailers | Tangled
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  • xs_ fox
    xs_ fox 2 hours ago

    Laughed so hard at the Kardashians 😂 So true

  • Omkar Shah
    Omkar Shah 3 hours ago

    Amazon Prime 🤣🤣🤣

  • Omkar Shah
    Omkar Shah 3 hours ago

    I know Alita cuz of Linkin Park. A capella version of their song 'The Catalyst' is used in the movie trailer.

  • Lunnare Leroy
    Lunnare Leroy 3 hours ago

    Fit me the movies us gréât and I like the movies. He is a great adatation and he’s loyal to season one

  • Robotic Crocodile
    Robotic Crocodile 3 hours ago

    What happened to the original voice guy?

  • Bryan Ramirez
    Bryan Ramirez 3 hours ago

    Did I have a stroke?

  • clayton bourne
    clayton bourne 3 hours ago

    Who else Hope's they'll do star wars like they're doing the terminator movies and canonically erase this trilogy? Still gonna get my money though.

  • Luney Rizzle
    Luney Rizzle 3 hours ago

    that duck is freakin' creepy

  • SNE Weather
    SNE Weather 3 hours ago

    Seriously, You should have done it the way you did honest trailers

  • Michael Walvis
    Michael Walvis 3 hours ago

    I don’t care what you say I liked the series lol

  • Augustas Šimonis
    Augustas Šimonis 3 hours ago

    So, turns out its a superhero movie

  • Shane Tyler Riley
    Shane Tyler Riley 3 hours ago

    My mom took me and some friends to see this in the theater on my birthday, which was a bit of a special treat. I was so disappointed

  • Luney Rizzle
    Luney Rizzle 3 hours ago

    like Psychics today that cannot win the Lottery...a psychic talent that's useless if he couldn't see this coming.... *whack* axe to the chest.

  • Shunsui Kyoraku
    Shunsui Kyoraku 3 hours ago

    HARD PASS on Snark Warts: The Ruse of Soywonker.

  • Alexandra Mikka
    Alexandra Mikka 4 hours ago

    Oh God...I remember when this trailer came up while I was at the cinema with my sister and I kinda zoned out at the "lucasfilm" part and I came back to it at the intro scene and I was also like "hey, it's Jumanji". My sister is still laughing at me about it. Also, is anyone else bummed that they game two huge spoilers already? The title of the movie and also Palpatine's voice in the trailer. They just don't know how to maintain big reveals dramatic in movies anymore, do they?

  • Eduardo Tinajero
    Eduardo Tinajero 4 hours ago


  • william hess
    william hess 4 hours ago

    it would be hard for people to give it a real chance but i would love to see a sequel if they did it right.

    MAX CHRISTENSEN 4 hours ago

    try Kylo Ren vs Darth Vader

  • Balram Krishna H.
    Balram Krishna H. 4 hours ago

    dont be a morty, and do rick and morty season 1-3 already

  • Brad Bailey
    Brad Bailey 4 hours ago

    Bringing back Palpatine makes the first 6 movies a waste of time

  • Charles Brown
    Charles Brown 4 hours ago


  • Sean
    Sean 4 hours ago

    Can I just remind Everyone one more time how damn bad last Jedi was.

  • nanasshi 07
    nanasshi 07 4 hours ago

    quick, hide Titanic and LOTR for they have double-digit oscars. I'm actually concerned

  • Dark myth
    Dark myth 4 hours ago


  • Keithustus
    Keithustus 4 hours ago

    I pretty much hate all comic book films but looks like I should check this one out.

  • Anto Ryan
    Anto Ryan 4 hours ago

    It never says “all men” are those things. If only you were so sensitive to negative portrayals of women.

  • HeavyMetal 2000
    HeavyMetal 2000 4 hours ago

    Say "You could not live with your failure, where does that bring you? Back to Sheev."

  • Mad Dog
    Mad Dog 4 hours ago

    "This film is not yet hated" Hahahaha!!

  • SpooneyToe11240
    SpooneyToe11240 4 hours ago

    The Last Jedi was good, Galaxy’s Edge is not even remotely close to being a failure.

  • Twimbo
    Twimbo 4 hours ago

    I think blowing up Alderaan in a fraction of a second was just down to cheap CGI. Star Wars was consider an 'expensive low budget' movie back then, would cost less than $40 million to make right now. The newer high budget films like Rogue One showed a more realistic death star on Jedha and Scarif, at half power (single reactor) would take some quite some minutes to tear through the whole planet. The crazy Star Killer Base on the other hand, now that would wipe out multiple planets at once in seconds, drains entire suns tho.

  • Scrub Doge
    Scrub Doge 4 hours ago

    I love Alien and they could really take it somewhere but everything after Aliens is hard to love. Really wish WB would of let Neil Bloomkamp take over. Ridley even said he was through with the series then when Neil released some artwork he changes his mind... Pass on the torch to someone neq

  • Keithustus
    Keithustus 5 hours ago

    No, the Chronicles of Riddick poster is the ONLY REDEEMING quality of the guy! Maybe do an Honest Trailer of it? I only remember the awesome parts.

  • Gamer626
    Gamer626 5 hours ago

    Where can we find the full episode? The website didn't work for me.

  • expectationlost
    expectationlost 5 hours ago

    what is this mess?

  • Leo Epsilon
    Leo Epsilon 5 hours ago

    “Fiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn!” 😂

  • 666nickyowen
    666nickyowen 5 hours ago

    A lotta fake enlightened dudes defending this movie on here

  • Jo Heggland
    Jo Heggland 5 hours ago

    Now I understand why I have never seen a Wes A. movie😄

  • Ian Scott
    Ian Scott 5 hours ago

    John Wick 1-3 The Dark Knight trilogy Batman Vs. Superman

  • Mr. Mediocre Gamer
    Mr. Mediocre Gamer 5 hours ago

    Please say (In your best Maury impression) Lord Vader... You are the father!

  • Mr. Mediocre Gamer
    Mr. Mediocre Gamer 5 hours ago

    No one is asking the important questions... Is Rose going to be in a scene stuck in a slave bikini outfit or not??? The people are clamoring for this!!

  • Тимур Золотовский

    Do Home Alone 2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Payon de
    Payon de 5 hours ago

    I don't know why the sudden love for the prequels. They were the most hated for good reason until the sequels came out, I like the prequels too but I don't think they're unironically great movies. And I definitely don't get how RotS is the best Star Wars movie over all others in a franchise where Empire happened.

  • mtn rabi
    mtn rabi 5 hours ago

    He had me on 'Coach Taylor'

  • Kenneth Rawson
    Kenneth Rawson 5 hours ago

    "Our Thanos is the one from the beginning of Infinity War, so he only has 2 of the 5 stones." But then you're going to analyze the fight on Titan to see how strong Thanos is, when he has 4 stones? Also there are 6 in total, not 5. Additionally, since the fight literally takes place on the surface of Titan, the moon he throws at them is clearly not Titan. This is really sloppy work guys.

  • DeVaughn Brown
    DeVaughn Brown 5 hours ago

    I thought this was an Aldo Jones trailer...

  • asmith121
    asmith121 6 hours ago

    Teared up? That would be a very big nope... TLJ made sure of that.

  • roranru
    roranru 6 hours ago

    i hope this goes well.

  • JohnnyScythe
    JohnnyScythe 6 hours ago

    I actually liked The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. The original trilogy was great. The prequels were ok with some good parts. I still think "fans" suck for harassing the actress who played Rose.

  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis 6 hours ago

    I always walk into a Star Wars film ready to love it. Sometimes, I don't. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Stephen Powers
    Stephen Powers 6 hours ago

    the acting sucked but the movie was actually surprisingly enjoyable

  • A.K 2003
    A.K 2003 6 hours ago


  • Always Tired
    Always Tired 6 hours ago

    Roof pizza always cracks me up😂

  • flawlessvic
    flawlessvic 6 hours ago

    4:08 holy gosh...that sound was their soul leaving their body.

  • Venkat Sai
    Venkat Sai 6 hours ago

    Say : my life sucks and I freakin hate baby Yoda

  • Anupam Jha
    Anupam Jha 6 hours ago

    Please say:luke i'm not ur father! Lol

  • Drew Carleton
    Drew Carleton 6 hours ago

    Legitimately the only thing I've seen that got me excited for this upcoming Star Wars movie. This is... weird

  • Serothil Music
    Serothil Music 6 hours ago

    lightspeed ahead to get dissapointed one more time by this particular movie instalment sieries...

  • Lianne Sanga
    Lianne Sanga 6 hours ago

    I was honestly both confused and amused when this took a tangent on Thanos' poop.

  • imon4mRUET
    imon4mRUET 7 hours ago

    Tangled is better than Frozen.

  • Reyna Soraten
    Reyna Soraten 7 hours ago

    I'm sad that this movie stained Chow Yun Fat's CV.

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 7 hours ago

    Wow...the commentary for these has come a long way since 2012. :)

  • United Against NPC’s

    Their not getting my money, I urge everyone who actually loves Star Wars to do the same

  • 666nickyowen
    666nickyowen 7 hours ago

    I saw this in theaters. My God.

  • 666nickyowen
    666nickyowen 7 hours ago

    Anybody else remember how hyped this movie was? Like we were told that CGI Hulk was gonna change everything.

  • Eris Cyl
    Eris Cyl 7 hours ago

    Nothing about Naomi’s accent tho?

  • Look athatdingo
    Look athatdingo 7 hours ago

    That Chinatown reference is the best thing out of the trailer

  • Labidi Tasnim
    Labidi Tasnim 7 hours ago

    Pls say 'Wabalabadubdub'

  • Candeyy
    Candeyy 7 hours ago

    Bruh the 'I'm kinda turned on by reindeer' got me.

  • rAnDoM wave
    rAnDoM wave 7 hours ago

    In your most epic voice say "Monkey had TWO BANANAS!!!"

  • saberline152
    saberline152 7 hours ago

    "we'll still take your money " me : now that's where you're wrong..

  • 666nickyowen
    666nickyowen 7 hours ago

    I used to rent this movie over and over when I was a little kid. Yeah I said it.

  • Podemos URSS
    Podemos URSS 7 hours ago

    1:49 You can't parody without following the tropes

  • Podemos URSS
    Podemos URSS 7 hours ago

    1:18 That's true love... between Donkey and the Dragon

  • Podemos URSS
    Podemos URSS 7 hours ago

    1:01 In Spain Donkey's voice was made by José Mota, who was and is one of the most famous Spanish comedians...

  • William Horner
    William Horner 7 hours ago

    "I'm not sad. Debate me" I almost spit out my coffee on my work computer.

  • Yolile Ndlovu
    Yolile Ndlovu 7 hours ago

    Do Us

  • Hung Bui
    Hung Bui 8 hours ago

    I dropped my phone when I saw the joke title.

  • Greg Wodzynski
    Greg Wodzynski 8 hours ago

    Still my favorite HT.

  • safy907
    safy907 8 hours ago

    Congratulations! Very funny Honest Teaser!

  • jean-marc ortiz graulau

    So who is here because of Ghostbusters afterlife trailer

  • Alejandro Mena
    Alejandro Mena 8 hours ago

    A Raptor that talks : Allen

  • Alejandro Mena
    Alejandro Mena 8 hours ago

    Toys Story

  • PhobosDynami
    PhobosDynami 8 hours ago

    Did they just admit that "The Last Jedi" was terrible? Do bad they weren't that honest in their honest trailer. And it could be good if it mentions in the opening crawl that episode 8 was a fever dream and we should all ignore it.

  • Ben Brennan
    Ben Brennan 8 hours ago

    The Room is the best movie ever made

  • Alejandro Mena
    Alejandro Mena 8 hours ago


  • Alejandro Mena
    Alejandro Mena 8 hours ago

    This film is for Bad Guys only.

  • Christopher Garfield

    Goku vs Aang

  • A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions

    That part where he stopped to name all the ships was beautiful

  • SYN4456
    SYN4456 8 hours ago

    If it was me I would have called Terrance Howard "Lightskinned Aunt Viv"

  • Julek Ambrozik
    Julek Ambrozik 8 hours ago

    Please say "I'm Peppa pig"


    Not my money. I'm not watching this garbage, ever

  • A Guy With A Lot Of Opinions

    This will be the first one of the new trilogy I’ll go to see in the theater. I wanna see how this trainreck ends.

  • Shah Hurrem
    Shah Hurrem 9 hours ago

    1:43 WHAT?!!! what? Are these from the actual book?

  • SYN4456
    SYN4456 9 hours ago

    That's crazy that BD Wong was in the first one

  • Denise Mayr
    Denise Mayr 9 hours ago

    Good on you guys, take that Disney money

  • SYN4456
    SYN4456 9 hours ago

    The Scarlett Johansson joke was brilliant

  • Zombie 9 4
    Zombie 9 4 9 hours ago

    did it all for the wookie... the woookie 🤣😭

  • salvador155
    salvador155 9 hours ago


  • ThunderGuy
    ThunderGuy 9 hours ago

    Please say "heaven is void of light Jon"

  • deathpool13 uzumaki
    deathpool13 uzumaki 9 hours ago

    This is why Rick Riordan is a better writer