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The Truth About Apple TV+
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  • GIO Gio
    GIO Gio 22 seconds ago

    Ots because wil smi5h sucks and he is a liberal. No one wants to hear actors talk shit. Look at deniro. Well he got his face blow. Off. Will smith should be next

  • Samuri Deli
    Samuri Deli 24 seconds ago

    So it's suffice to say that Scientology loves the movie.

  • John Marston
    John Marston 37 seconds ago

    Who cares about the oscars

  • Andres G
    Andres G 54 seconds ago

    “Todd returns in El Camino in extra large fashion” I see what you did there

  • Hajduk Besmrtnik
    Hajduk Besmrtnik 56 seconds ago

    Cuz he's not real? 😂

  • markman63
    markman63 57 seconds ago

    Disappointed how boring el Camino was

  • Ron M
    Ron M Minute ago

    I gave it a pass when I saw CGI Will Smith in the trailer. Was like nah thanks.

  • Jonathan Rayne
    Jonathan Rayne Minute ago

    People are tired of Will Smith. And let's be honest...Smith has ALWAYS been overrated.

  • 3a9lani
    3a9lani Minute ago

    I think will smith should so more Drama , he's really good at it , I liked him in persuit of happiness and I am legend

  • Bryce Haley
    Bryce Haley 2 minutes ago

    Basically because it was a crappy remake of looper...

  • f montes
    f montes 2 minutes ago

    Whatever. "El Camino" is terrible - and having to watch two hours of "crybaby Pinkman" was hard to endure. ASnd all so he could come up with enough scratch to go to Alaska? Wow.

  • Taylor Self
    Taylor Self 3 minutes ago

    This man is bloody crazy don’t want to be inside of his head

  • Dave B Chung
    Dave B Chung 3 minutes ago

    Joaquin is genius watching it tomorrow!!

  • Mangplamatada Von yiurs

    He got ugly he used to be sexy thats why

  • adam gilligan
    adam gilligan 5 minutes ago

    Movies are movies and nothing more only for fun nothing more

  • Rohan Sai
    Rohan Sai 5 minutes ago

    But that's how the society is now 😑 others just jealous because they like heroes not villains watch it as movie , don't judge any one because of their mental illness

  • Cleife117
    Cleife117 5 minutes ago

    Jesse doesn't shoot Todd because he knows that Uncle Jack will have Brock killed if he does. Not because he dislikes killing. Do you people even watch the programmes you make videos on. Oh yeah and "Mike Emmentrow" ha ha ha

    STEPHEN R 5 minutes ago

    The whole movie is CGI

  • iTechyounot
    iTechyounot 5 minutes ago

    Of course it under performed. Movie looked like trash based on the trailer l

  • NeonFlash
    NeonFlash 6 minutes ago

    Man, I would like if they would make a movie about that boy, the one who was in his bike in desert. I mean he must live in Albuquerque! And we get to see how that town looks. Also, I love the location they shot the show in!

  • TeeJay Scottzilla
    TeeJay Scottzilla 7 minutes ago

    Movie waste that bad, it was an alright action flick

  • amchav 71
    amchav 71 8 minutes ago

    I thought it sucked El Camino was like having great sex and never getting to have an orgasm

  • jjducci
    jjducci 8 minutes ago

    Totally random but am I the only one who felt bad for Todd... He seems to be a little mentally handicapped. I feel like he would be a good person if not for his uncles.

  • Emerson Valle
    Emerson Valle 8 minutes ago

    So complicated let's keep it simple Will Smith that's why it fail

  • Alexander Collas
    Alexander Collas 8 minutes ago

    I left after that negan episode, that was my last one.

  • Tall Metalhead
    Tall Metalhead 9 minutes ago

    Showing all the bad CGI in your trailer will do that.

  • D Mer
    D Mer 9 minutes ago


  • Von Duds
    Von Duds 9 minutes ago

    I'm not even watching....why do you feel a need to "explain" an ending that needs no explaining??? Please explain that!

  • Nicholas Plesko
    Nicholas Plesko 9 minutes ago

    Tuco is a Legend

  • SandieLou
    SandieLou 9 minutes ago

    It should have been titled "Breaking Even". My fan fiction that I wrote for my husband and I. Just because I needed more closure. The 672, 000 word Ff will leave the fans a helluva lot more satisfied than El Camino. Sure, I thought it was good but too much time spent on flashbacks with Todd and Vacuum guy.

  • Smiley Warhead
    Smiley Warhead 10 minutes ago

    2:42 lol. I'm watching this while working on a frac site. Best of luck to your electricity dependant business. I'll keep the grid running for you

  • Diablo X Machina
    Diablo X Machina 11 minutes ago

    Story: Been done a ton of times. Technology: They claim its brand new, yet its been in use for years.

  • TheGreatLegend007
    TheGreatLegend007 11 minutes ago

    Lmao the movie just plain sucked Will Smith hasn’t made a good movie in a while 🤣🤣🤣

  • Connie Wonnie
    Connie Wonnie 12 minutes ago

    Looper reviewing a film ripping off ‘Looper’?

  • zack ijames
    zack ijames 12 minutes ago

    captain marvel lol we're done here.

  • EruptionWolf
    EruptionWolf 13 minutes ago

    When me and my brother watch Endgame and we are watching the funeral scene we are like; "WHY IS THAT GUY THERE, WHO IS HE?" But guess what, we didn't watch Iron Man 3.

  • (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712
    (Gamer Bros) MaximuZ712 13 minutes ago

    Todd aged 20 years... Geez

  • Arturo Terriquez Ramos
    Arturo Terriquez Ramos 13 minutes ago

    I'm a Capricorn, I don't care...

  • David Hughes
    David Hughes 13 minutes ago

    February October 11th.

  • Ducati Dave
    Ducati Dave 13 minutes ago

    Dune 2020

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson 13 minutes ago

    The trailer told me the entire plot. Story wise, there is no reason to go watch.

  • Orkapipo Orkalino
    Orkapipo Orkalino 13 minutes ago

    Cuz dr house was the shit ...and black adder was 2 and he add good movies one with keanu reeves 2

  • Fox T.
    Fox T. 14 minutes ago

    I love will smith but damn...

  • chicostephenson
    chicostephenson 15 minutes ago

    the story itself doesn't make any sense.

  • Camden McInnis
    Camden McInnis 15 minutes ago

    3 quotes from the movie "Life is what we make it." "We make our own luck." The Qoute at the end. Great message

  • emmanuel dukes
    emmanuel dukes 15 minutes ago

    If this was release in 2009 this would have made more.

  • Chad Thomson
    Chad Thomson 16 minutes ago

    Will smith has probably had more bombs than anyone else, and he keeps getting cast. Weird

  • Anton Dutch
    Anton Dutch 16 minutes ago

    Because Will Smith is obsolete

  • Blueblazer 115
    Blueblazer 115 16 minutes ago

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    MEME TIME 17 minutes ago

    It was a great film.....but I think it shouldn't have came out in the same time as The Joker

  • Shaun
    Shaun 17 minutes ago

    Will Smith is a sellout imo

  • Romeo M
    Romeo M 17 minutes ago

    Wonder if it was because it was a stupid script. You’d think actors who have been in the game would read the script and be like..... nah

  • Michael Gomez
    Michael Gomez 17 minutes ago

    Its Sucked because of Will Smith!!!,,he is the Black Tom Cruise ,,,those 2 aren't half the Actors Joaquin Phoenix an Tom Hardy are!

    FUN MINUTE 17 minutes ago

    Let me tell you why ... Because it's shit 😁 That's it 😎 And Shit always goes down the sewers 😁😁😁😁

  • M3ll0
    M3ll0 18 minutes ago


  • Baggin Brooks
    Baggin Brooks 18 minutes ago

    One Big Detail You didn't miss! Todd's belly.

  • Ethan Twovoice
    Ethan Twovoice 18 minutes ago

    Seems like a wait for Netflix type thing yenno

  • Marlena Hanlon
    Marlena Hanlon 19 minutes ago

    The Joker was extremely well-done. I was thinking, though, that he is the first leading man with a physical....maybe not disability, exactly, but physical differences. I wonder why that doesn't get addressed more. Some would consider it uplifting.

  • Lamel Winston
    Lamel Winston 19 minutes ago

    Oh well, bad boys 3 should get him back in the game. That's gonna make some good change I'm sure.

  • themamamuffin
    themamamuffin 19 minutes ago

    Glass was amazing, so not sure what on earth you're talking about

  • Chance
    Chance 19 minutes ago

    “Dude, you’re on fire” I hope this becomes a meme.

  • Tom Delay Beats
    Tom Delay Beats 20 minutes ago

    Because it sucked...

  • Tyler Rader
    Tyler Rader 20 minutes ago

    Coming from an “actress” that can’t act her way from a paper bag, that’s rich. Not to mention Friends sucks anyways.

  • Flav
    Flav 20 minutes ago

    The Real Reason Gemini Man Bombed At The Box Office: Will Smith has been meh for over a decade

  • Hector Moreno
    Hector Moreno 20 minutes ago

    She knows what's up

  • Ten Bird Nim
    Ten Bird Nim 21 minute ago

    This is why when you see a chinese film company logo in the beginning of a film, you can rest assured that it will suck.

  • Daniel J.
    Daniel J. 21 minute ago

    The Chinese version will CGI Will Smith's eyes to look Chinese.

  • John Scott
    John Scott 21 minute ago

    Will Smith is not the draw he was back in the 90s and early 00s. In the last decade his stock has been going down steadily. In the last 5 years he really had only two really successful movies Suicide Squad and Aladdin. Both of those already had locked in fans of their respective properties through DC Comics and Disney animated. Both had ensemble casts. Even though Will was given top billing in both he was not the principle reason people went (in fact I'd say his Deadshot was not as good as the actor who played Deadshot on Arrow).

  • Royce Roller
    Royce Roller 23 minutes ago

    Why not put up 24/7 camera in the house.. buys and rips it down instead of really doing some real research

  • Aaron
    Aaron 24 minutes ago

    tbh it didn’t look good lol

  • diego diaz
    diego diaz 24 minutes ago

    Way better movie than Joker

  • Nittany America
    Nittany America 24 minutes ago

    This tells me nothing !

  • Keith Stewart
    Keith Stewart 25 minutes ago

    a colt .38 detective special has 6 rounds in it and joker fired it 8 times

  • Kelly Pagano
    Kelly Pagano 25 minutes ago

    Ummm... because it sucks and it actually looked like it sucked in the trailer. That’s it. That’s why.

  • megadethGUY M
    megadethGUY M 25 minutes ago

    I liked the movie

  • Erick Diaz
    Erick Diaz 26 minutes ago

    Flash is so OP that he can even reset the events of the real world... I have faith in you Flash for the good of DC just don’t erase Aquaman or WW...

  • Tsukuyomi27
    Tsukuyomi27 26 minutes ago

    House is my favorite show drama every written, but I'm glad he did Chance because that was a fantastic short series.

  • Varma Maharaj
    Varma Maharaj 26 minutes ago

    I will never know how JA became so famous I never liked her role in Friends..she cannot portray any character..if she's not raising her monotoned voice she whispering...she aspires to be plastic Barbie but had a problem with green screen and a fox with a machine gun better call the pot..kettle

  • Rãnh
    Rãnh 26 minutes ago

    All of Looper videos that featured joaquin pheonix always one way or another put him down. You think you can just warp people view on an actor by sprinkle in some negative into to your videos? (This is a real marketing stradegy that using repetetion to create believe and looper is trying to manipulate the crowd with their videos). When there something truly great worth praising for, people will recognise them and put them to their rightful place at the top. You can't change that Looper, this only gonna hurt your reputation, don't try manipulating the crowd any further. We know what we like.

  • Ninja way
    Ninja way 27 minutes ago

    Bully maguire: Finally a worthy opponent

    ENIEINC 27 minutes ago

    Ok Looper. Get the facts straight and have a better proofreader, This spot is worse than the movie you are talking about.

  • DubReggeaHopper
    DubReggeaHopper 27 minutes ago

    lol ncis is older then criminal minds tho xD its already at season 17

  • King Andrew
    King Andrew 28 minutes ago

    loved the casual "dude you're on fire" lmfao

  • rmordica
    rmordica 28 minutes ago

    Will Smith hasnt been a profitable actor in quite sometime. Audiences have moved on.

    • Dj Akademiks Sandusky
      Dj Akademiks Sandusky 10 minutes ago

      rmordica True. He’ll be good as a supporting or third maybe fourth main character in a movie today. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Kevin Mcghee
    Kevin Mcghee 28 minutes ago

    not seen it myself but its been 4 days since it released is it not a bit early to call it a bomb?

  • Orion6699
    Orion6699 29 minutes ago

    It just sounded stupid.

  • The Real ToxicBeast
    The Real ToxicBeast 30 minutes ago

    Wil smith haven’t made a good movie in quite some time. Jerry bruckhemer couldnt produce his way out of a paper bag.

  • Anthony Ruan
    Anthony Ruan 30 minutes ago

    This is a rookie video for non fans

  • Travis Scott
    Travis Scott 30 minutes ago

    Lmao you dumb

  • odiumsfist1
    odiumsfist1 30 minutes ago

    Right and how’s that career going........

  • Wired
    Wired 31 minute ago

    I didn’t “miss” a single one of these

  • lastpme
    lastpme 31 minute ago

    Movies 🍿 costs too much...will wait until it comes out on cable.

  • P4UN4
    P4UN4 31 minute ago

    Movie was great but jesse plemons wasnt Todd anymore "not bc of weight" and Bryan wasnt walt. Its long time tho!

  • MsMegs Madmumble
    MsMegs Madmumble 31 minute ago

    I spy a Steve Zaragoza

  • Napier Nygma
    Napier Nygma 32 minutes ago

    the movie was not bad not great either on paper it should do really good but when you watch it it is still good but nothing really special about it

  • Alexander Nefer
    Alexander Nefer 32 minutes ago

    He dances becouse there is No batman in this movie (by the way No batman Not the joker but only a joker sory but that is the truth)

  • macc boogie
    macc boogie 33 minutes ago

    Joker was “alright” stop hyping it up 😴

    • Jermaine Lynch
      Jermaine Lynch 21 minute ago

      Exactly why everybody hype and that shit up so much damn

  • Zett76
    Zett76 33 minutes ago

    David Benioff wrote it, and you think that‘s a selling point?? Hey, Star Wars producers: do us and yourself a favor, rethink your decision and pull this loser out of your project(s).

  • Brenda Richardson
    Brenda Richardson 33 minutes ago

    Did you even READ these stories!? Doesn't sound like it.

  • Mac C
    Mac C 33 minutes ago

    Todd made up for his weight gain with his great performance especially when he sang The sharing the night together song.