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  • vrg kard
    vrg kard Hour ago

    We are men for god sake ! Is this really bothering any of us ? Smh lol

  • Full Comic Alchemist

    I hope they don't break up James and Madeline I'd like to see him go off into the sunset with her for good

  • craig lofton
    craig lofton Hour ago

    Look at The BLACK WIDOW TRAILER someone please tell Elizabeth Banks this is what an action movie involving women is supposed to look like. And stop blaming us men because Charlies Angels BOMBED

  • Landon Koplan
    Landon Koplan Hour ago

    Am I the only one that got 1500 ads while watching this

  • Charlotte wilkerson

    They’re going to butcher LABYRINTH, you can’t make a sequel to a movie like that. Especially without David Bowie. I mean come on...what are they thinking!?

  • Clint Hampson
    Clint Hampson Hour ago

    Maybe Marvel are just showing that even Superheroes get old and have the same hang ups as normal people. As a "stocky" guy, I actually think it's a good thing to introduce a few "chunky" heroes, plus it means I can now dress up as "Bro-Thor" for Halloween🤘🤘

  • Shoegum
    Shoegum Hour ago

    Daniel Craig is the real James Bond just as Heath Ledger is the real Joker

  • RapperStuff
    RapperStuff Hour ago

    The scene when all the hero’s turned to dust. I remember the first time I saw this scene I couldn’t believe it. It was completely unexpected.

  • Greg Ross
    Greg Ross Hour ago

    My opinion... They should have left his background a mystery, and that he was the only one of his kind. My opinion.

  • Mark Petrovic
    Mark Petrovic Hour ago

    A bunch of snowflake millennial crybabies! Fucking get over yourself!

  • Brandon Rooks
    Brandon Rooks Hour ago

    They did learn there lesson, fat heroes are hugely popular lol

  • Zay2Lit _
    Zay2Lit _ Hour ago

    People are mad killmonger is high, might as well not put black people in movies no more, all they get is hate.

  • John O. Williams

    Don't Care. Clicked on the video, immediately hit pause, and typed "Don't Care." Peace out

  • Nikhil S
    Nikhil S Hour ago

    4:30 🤣😂🤣😂👌🏽 wha a hilarious one, I still can't get over that lol

  • Deladrin 2.0
    Deladrin 2.0 Hour ago

    Dude...how many ads do you need on ONE video???

  • brandonisi
    brandonisi Hour ago

    The show could’ve ended exactly how we saw it, and still been good, had they just done a better job leading up to it. We needed two more full seasons. They gave us 6 episodes.

  • LaBelleDame DuManor

    And so.... Dany joins her Husband Khal Drogo of the Dothraki, her unborn Son, Drogon's siblings & her deceased friends/servants in the afterlife.

  • kohtxro
    kohtxro Hour ago

    Ana de Armas 😍😍

  • Daddy N Daughter

    Do the right thing was dumb, smash your own house

  • Looper
    Looper Hour ago

    What is your all-time favorite Batman suit?

  • Daniel Sarti
    Daniel Sarti Hour ago

    we all know Disney is not going to answer anything and will only poop more on Star Wars by making Mary Sue awesome and allmighty

  • Kyle Dinnel
    Kyle Dinnel Hour ago

    Yoda’s speech pattern is the way it is because he suffered a head injury as a child

  • blast
    blast Hour ago

    Now trailers are being explained. What next? Teasers expanation videos? Posters? Titles?

  • Paulina Strumińska

    I forgot about this horrible and pathetic ending only to remind it to myself by watching this video WHY AM I LIKE THIS

  • Pablo Vargas
    Pablo Vargas Hour ago

    Youre awfull for playing my movie in your smartphone Murray

  • Linda 82
    Linda 82 Hour ago

    😍I cannot wait for my baby yoda mug

  • EvilFookaire
    EvilFookaire Hour ago

    The Ugnaught.... now that you say it, yeah sometimes there is a bit of Nick Nolte there, but honestly, I kept seeing bits of three other actors in there (Ron Perlman, Wes Tudi and another whose name I forgot, who's been dead for more than 20 years now - the Ugnaught sometimes seems to nail the same type of looks/expression as some of their characters (and occasionally of the actors themselves) that I've enjoyed the most).

  • Franson Ferguson

    Americans are sensitive

  • 305unleashed graphix

    MCU fans: apologize Martin: you people. Lol. I enjoyed the Irishman movie . All star cast 👌

  • Citizen Brain
    Citizen Brain Hour ago

    Crying shame, the best Bond ever and he's giving it up.

  • Villainy
    Villainy Hour ago

    I’m not sure if people are truly more sensitive or if they’re obsessed with the attention ANY media outlet will inevitably give them for being “outraged”.

  • Adnan Zaman
    Adnan Zaman Hour ago

    Lol baby yoda is just drinking a drink and just watching everything

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Does Looper reply to Terminators?

  • vm oi
    vm oi Hour ago

    Moving art

  • Jose Medina
    Jose Medina Hour ago

    *you're fat, get over it..*

  • Christian C
    Christian C Hour ago

    To quote the great Bill Burr: "You ate your way in, you can walk your way out"

  • Jose Resto
    Jose Resto Hour ago

    Why an overweight person can’t be a hero or be badass? It’s about character and performance. I respected David Harbour as an actor, he can play any character and has a great presence! I think that people cry and complaint for the wrong reasons!

  • anshul kumar
    anshul kumar Hour ago


  • Taylor Justice
    Taylor Justice Hour ago

    Really?? People are too damn sensitive today.. Get over it.. Its a getting old joke.. Completely relateable.

  • V ‘Don’t be lasagna’

    I’m not angry over them removing the characters, sure I’d love to see the grandmother, little brother, mushu, Shang, the cricket, Lao, Po And ling but that’s not why I’m refusing to see this movie. The real reason I’m refusing is because the leading actress, Liu Yifei, posted on twitter saying she supported the Hong Kong police force... which if you aren’t aware, have been using brutality against peaceful protesters, including firing rubber rounds into the crowds, tear gassing the protesters, they shot a protester (with proper bullets) they arrested protesters as they tried to get away and it just spirals downhill from there. That is why I’m angry. The actress may be beautiful and from what I’ve seen in the trailer does a brilliant job of acting but she will never be mulan, mulan fought for honor and loyalty against those who threatened China, she did not and would never have supported inhumane violence against innocent civilians! That is why no matter how good an actress she is, she cannot just re act out a legendary warrior who stood for everything just and true when she is neither of those things!!! Her behavior ruined the film for me and I was actually looking forward to going to see it, because I really adore Chinese culture and history and seeing a more historical take on the original Disney film was interesting but now I just can’t. The film forever will be ruined to me. I stand with the people of Hong Kong against their corrupt police force. 当不幸的时刻到来时,愿上帝在你的角落里。 Dāng bùxìng de shíkè dàolái shí, yuàn shàngdì zài nǐ de jiǎoluò lǐ.

  • Jay Pee
    Jay Pee Hour ago

    People are so soft and quick to "cry" about things.

  • Kamrul08
    Kamrul08 Hour ago

    The one that got away...

  • Matt McCullough
    Matt McCullough Hour ago

    It wouldn't make sense for it to be yoda sons cuz you'll never broke the Jedi rolls it is against the Jedi way to have families there supposed to be like priests some in some way.

  • Samuel Albuquerque-Stephenson

    This is gonna be a great movie! Im excited and really hyped, but I am going to miss Daniel Craig playing Bond.

  • James Morales
    James Morales Hour ago

    More importantly, this movie looks awful, but I love Hopper tho, but not enough to watch this film

  • Maximilian McAllister

    This world is under the power of the God of the air let knowledge find our obedience let the faith come to know and serve. We huhfse

  • Seblike
    Seblike Hour ago

    TASKMASTER??? I thought it was the Spymaster! Well the outfuit doesn't look like Tasmaster's.... As for the Red Guardian controversy well....I hated the Crimson Dynamo/Backlash version & Justin Hammer in "Iron Man 2" , same thing for The Ghost in "Ant Man 2" not to speak about the false Mandarin in "Iron Man 3" Ruining good villains may be fun for movie directors but I'm fed up with this "trick"

  • Jeepman89
    Jeepman89 Hour ago

    Will Smith would have ruined the movie.

  • kuroichi sana
    kuroichi sana Hour ago

    Would look good if they based it on Batman Beyond suit

  • Edgar Elias Tom
    Edgar Elias Tom Hour ago

    Second comment!!!🔥

  • MuffinJin / Isak Aidee

    Fucking snowflakes. Who cares. It's idiots on twitter, who gives a fuck what they think?

  • imYOURrealDAD 237

    That’s it, let’s bend the knee for the 100 or so people who get professionally offended. I’d pay good good money to watch their reactions to the ‘Sticks & Stones’ stand up just so I could laugh at them. Trailer looks great can’t wait to see it in the cinema.

  • Maximilian McAllister

    To survive outside the matrix you must cleanse yourself of want and strengthen yourself in faith and peace. Find us.

  • Evon Williams
    Evon Williams Hour ago

    I don't care he's so cute

  • Duncan Shaheen
    Duncan Shaheen Hour ago

    bruh first comment

  • Drin Slaughter
    Drin Slaughter Hour ago

    I'm fat and I'd cosplay as THORta the fat Mexican God of Thunder 🤣 get over it

  • Sentient Meat
    Sentient Meat Hour ago

    DC - Jokes about murder and insanity Marvel - fat man jokes Can’t please even the weaker audience members these days 😂

  • Looper
    Looper Hour ago

    What is your personal Baby Yoda theory?

  • Maximilian McAllister

    It’s believed that the matrix was created when man lost a war with machines but the reality is it was an attempt to combat low resources on earth and lack of a solution to social indifference

    • Maximilian McAllister
      Maximilian McAllister Hour ago

      During the war because of non sharing of reality tech the United States formed a robot army to protect their population

  • whataderk
    whataderk Hour ago

    Why is this even an issue?

  • Miss Piyong
    Miss Piyong Hour ago

    It because of frozen 2 👌

  • Scar Colon
    Scar Colon Hour ago

    I thought it was on Netflix

  • Humble Dandelion

    The revivals, the kids stabbing (lil birds), and lord of light's power, from there it was was what made the story so difficult imo.

  • Looper
    Looper Hour ago

    What did you think of the trailer? Did it perk your interest more in No Time To Die?

  • shushles
    shushles Hour ago

    If anything happens to him, I'm gonna kill everyone in the comment section then myself.

  • Youri Carma
    Youri Carma Hour ago

    What we've learned is that a yoda eats porgs for dinner.

  • Underdog Straatbrak

    Your fat...do something about it. Im fat....im doing something about it

  • Anthony McFadden

    I know this might be a little too OP of villain duos but Dr. Doom and galactus should be the next villains in the MCU

  • Ellis Gill
    Ellis Gill Hour ago

    Trash ass final season

  • Anthony McFadden

    I dont care bout fantastic four, they need to do my favorite villain Dr. Doom correctly this time

  • barzoly
    barzoly Hour ago

    Thoses people will never tell it to your face so they coward behind a screen and keyboard

  • Corey Hanson
    Corey Hanson Hour ago

    I think the facination is BY is you, and I as kids. We were BY, before we were corrupted by the dark side of life.

  • joe baller
    joe baller 2 hours ago

    Disney ruins everything they take over.

  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson 2 hours ago

    One thing I never understood is just how friggin old is Howard Stark? He's around during WW2 and is already a billionaire inventor at this point so he's gotta be at minimum mid 20's. Tony isn't born in the MCU universe until 1970, which would mean Howard is in his late 40's, early 50's? Possible I suppose. Then he gets killed by the Winter Soldier in 1991 which would put him in his early 70's? Am I getting all this right?

  • elnubnub
    elnubnub 2 hours ago

    DON'T LET JJ TOUCH BABY YODA AND THE MANDALORIAN, Favreau get the Star Wars universe, the reason Mandalorian works is because it's inspired by a classic story, Lone Wolf and Cub, Mandalorian has a backbone, the movies are built on sand JJ

  • Fil Mart
    Fil Mart 2 hours ago

    Who cares?

  • greedysniper85
    greedysniper85 2 hours ago

    Then need to stop skipping through all the Batman comics & actually finish what they started with Gotham. There are more Batman's on screen then any other character.

  • Brajesh Singh
    Brajesh Singh 2 hours ago

    I haven't seen Stranger Things but the guy Dennis Looper impressed in the first glance. It seems he fits in the role. what concerned me though is when his character the Red Guardian is said to be the equivalent of Captain America. So does this mean we are basically seeing an MCU type movie based in Russia. And here I thought they were trying something different ?

  • Dmiani Morgan
    Dmiani Morgan 2 hours ago

    So long as the MCU isn’t still trying to convince everyone Captain Marvel is “the MCUs most powerful character”. Franklin Richards? Now he’s OP. The moment he was born he was instantly aware that he was the most powerful being on the planet. He figured we’ll shit this is me as a child, imagine me a a full adult, then proceeds to age himself just to see how strong he’d become. He’s defeated Ultron by himself, he can create pocket sized galaxies to hide friends and family from danger, plus Franklin Richards eventually makes Galactus HIS Herald the way Galactus would Silver Surfer. He can basically do whatever he wants lol

  • Yankee Gaming
    Yankee Gaming 2 hours ago

    guys in the comment section stop it lmao. Looper knows exactly what he is doing here. He knows the Batfleck costume was the most accurate costume yet, straight outta comics. But he just pretending to ignore and makin ya guys talk bout it so ya guys keep coming back to argue each other and his views goes up. :D "So BATMAN demands yall to stop it."

  • InsaneDark
    InsaneDark 2 hours ago

    Wait since when is being fat a bad thing? I remember in past being fat meant you were rich. (Ofc I don't mean hugly fat cause that can cause health issues) Fat thor though I love it. The most honest portrayal of reality making the movie so much more believable and enjoyable. We ain't perfect and there are more chubby people in the world than muscular and having superheroes that only have abs etc can have negative impact on psyche of the most people. Making them believe they aren't good enough to be any kind of heroes. Making them doubt themselves etc. So hell yeah more chubby superheroes!

  • Chris D
    Chris D 2 hours ago

    How are there conflicting reports about him being in "What If..."? He was clearly listed during the comicon panel, right?

  • Afonso Lucas
    Afonso Lucas 2 hours ago

    Who the fuck watches a movie on a phone!? Especially a 4 hour movie!

  • Dakota Craft
    Dakota Craft 2 hours ago

    People always dying while or by falling lmao

  • Napoleon I
    Napoleon I 2 hours ago

    Historical accuracy = 0 never trust a westerner in particularly americans for making a movie about asian culture : see what's happened with last samurai

  • سجاد - Sejad
    سجاد - Sejad 2 hours ago

    Good Video.

  • Zibit21
    Zibit21 2 hours ago

    Fake controversy... :| Real crybabies of the internet have spoken!

  • Triforce Keyblade
    Triforce Keyblade 2 hours ago

    Honestly I didn't even know there was controversy concerning "fat" Thor. If ya dont like the way Marvel writes their characters, then just dont watch it. Simple.

  • SkellyBones Mobile Gaming

    Hell yea!!!

  • Billiam Billiamson
    Billiam Billiamson 2 hours ago

    Imagine getting upset at this. Like imagine your life being so sad that this affects you. It's kind of funny actually 😂

  • abmong
    abmong 2 hours ago

    After that last season who care what the show runners say anyway.

  • Levias FreeFate
    Levias FreeFate 2 hours ago

    If only they stood up to season 7 and 8

  • Julian Nailuj
    Julian Nailuj 2 hours ago

    I don’t get it. As an overweight guy, I never once got offended by Thor’s fat body. Never got offended by fat jokes. I thought, “here’s a superhero who’s really down on his luck, going through some mental issues like depression, and let himself go.” When he summoned mjolnir and it went to him and said, “still worthy,” I cheered him on. One would have to have the sensitivity turned up to 11 if fat jokes got in the way of watching a movie.

  • abmong
    abmong 2 hours ago

    The problem isn’t the cast. It’s the feminist bait tone that’s the problem. Good stories don’t need that kind of shit to make its’ female characters kickass.

  • Asmo
    Asmo 2 hours ago

    Baby Yoda is female and is the daughter of Yaddle and Yoda.

  • pplbaffleme 963
    pplbaffleme 963 2 hours ago

    i read somewhere that 'baby yoda' is the forces' answer to the 'birth' of vader?

  • NoChance Movie
    NoChance Movie 2 hours ago

    Who is going to watch this nonsense....... endless crap Batman movie reboots??? Wtf

  • Block Lee
    Block Lee 2 hours ago

    Im a fat guy and im not offended. These people are pussy

  • Krassus Maximus
    Krassus Maximus 2 hours ago

    Yoda and Yeddle were powerful af, Baby Yoda will be too.

  • Fish face
    Fish face 2 hours ago

    Absolute shit, cant laugh at this cant say that, world is totally f@$ked without laughter.