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  • TheUnknownJoker1
    TheUnknownJoker1 26 days ago

    What's the music background in the " why hollywood won't cast christopher mintz plasse anymore "?


    i am a inspired by your channel and im hoping to start a channel myself. i noticed that you dont have any ad on here. i was wondering how do you generate income off youtube reviews

  • kerry krishna
    kerry krishna Month ago

    How about a historic take on "Actors Whose Careers Were Ruined By Great TV Shows" I can not forget Max Baer from BeverlyHillbillies. He was wrecked for decades because of the typecasting of his character from the show. I'd watch that!

  • jadenova
    jadenova 2 months ago

    Aren't you the people who run those 'scam' ads on websites?

  • Awad Islam
    Awad Islam 2 months ago

    can we get full movies if possible

  • Georges Sabbagh
    Georges Sabbagh 2 months ago

    Hey guys what is the music you used in your The Ending Of Blade Runner 2049 video (same as the one used in the Why Joi From Blade Runner 2049 Looks So Familiar)? Thanks guys !

  • Tina Willis
    Tina Willis 2 months ago

    Age-gap OBSESSED mere benign SeX? Quote Swingin' 60s visionary BIG Bob, "Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command!"

  • WakenerOne
    WakenerOne 2 months ago

    Please add a comment feature to your web page articles! I just read your article on Easter Eggs in Blade Runner 2049, and you missed two DOOZIES! You point out that Gaff produced an origami figure, but completely neglect to mention that said figure was a SHEEP (as in Do Androids Dream Of Electric). Also, you missed the giant flying garbage scows in one scene. These were never seen in the original film, however they are the same kind of ships which dumped Sergeant Todd onto a garbage pile in Soldier, which is known to take place in the same universe as the first film.

  • Bobby Davis
    Bobby Davis 2 months ago

    The movie by Disney "The flight of the navigator", Why do they not show it very often, if ever at all. It is like they wish they never made the film. You never see it shown or replayed ANYWHERE... What happened? Could you find out and do a video on it? Thanks!

  • Dank Hatz
    Dank Hatz 2 months ago

    list videos r boring af

  • olgierd2001
    olgierd2001 3 months ago

    Made My Day (a german channel) they copy the videos of your and other amercian youtube channels but the only thing that they do is translating them.

  • SepulaJack
    SepulaJack 3 months ago

    Great idea: Do a "What happened to the case of Office" episode. Please.

  • SonOfRojBlake
    SonOfRojBlake 3 months ago

    Got a request for a video re: Game of Thrones - "Characters with more than one actor/actors with more than one character". Dario Naharis (sp?) was played by that Skrein dude from Deadpool for a bit, then someone else. Gregor Clegane has been portrayed by three different actors. Meanwhile The Actor Kevin Eldon was an actor (!) in Braavos in the company Arya was hanging around with, then in season 7 crossed the Narrow Sea and got a job as a goldcloak. It didn't end well, thank's to Gendry's hammer. Those are the ones I can remember. Any others?

  • Edward Millard
    Edward Millard 3 months ago

    Seriously!!!, 1:08 in your video on what went wrong with Iron fist, your point is wrecked by something Madame Gao said in episode 13, that he came back for vengeance on those who killed his parents, just like iron man at the end of civil war and he was probably homesick because unlike Devos he was not brought up from birth to be the iron fist, he joined as a pre-teens child like Anakin being too old to join the Jedi in Star Wars, my comment in that comment section of that video also debunks most of the points you made.
    I'm not saying Iron Fist is as good as the other Netflix marvel shows but it in my and Chris Stuckmann's opinion it deserves a lot better than that rotten tomatoes score (17%) especially as most critics on R.T. only reviewed the pilot or the 1st 6 episodes and the 1st 5 are by far the weakest part of the show but Episode 6 onwards are a lot better.

  • Miyu Sawai
    Miyu Sawai 3 months ago

    What the Cast of the Following TV Shows Look Like Now: Big Bad Beetleborgs/Beetleborgs Metallix, Los Luchadores, Mighty Morphin Powers, Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers S.PD., Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai, Power Rangers Megsforce/Super Megaforce, Power Rangers Dino Charge/Dino Super Charge, Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, V.R. Troopers

  • A J
    A J 3 months ago

    Does Vin Diesel pay this channel to say those stunts are real in the FF franchise? I've seen better cg in B horror movies.

  • Peter King
    Peter King 3 months ago

    Cut Scenes ! Chariots of Fire. I was a Masseur on the American team and we spent 6 hours shooting a scene in a Victorian school gym, I even had a close up. Not one frame of that scene made it to the screen. :-(

  • dallasgoldbug
    dallasgoldbug 4 months ago

    Seems like you are on the right track. Take a look at my videos, I think you will find it helpful.

  • Mario Ballantyne
    Mario Ballantyne 4 months ago

    can you do a video on Pet Sematary or IT :D

  • Tracy Runyan
    Tracy Runyan 4 months ago

    How about a list of "Actors/Actresses people love to work with"?

  • Vladimir Kornev
    Vladimir Kornev 4 months ago

    Dude, I guess you've got some spam protection on your channel - some sort of spell checker that prevents from posting comments with misspelled words. So guess what - you can't post comment with "Matthew McConaughey" in it, cause script thinks it's misspelling :)

  • amjadjojo
    amjadjojo 4 months ago

    you sound like jesse from 'if Minecraft Story Mode was realistic series' by SmashBits Animations

  • zacharie ???
    zacharie ??? 4 months ago

    have they done a top 10 worst games that turned out to become great? (and i dont mean like 1st game was horrible but 2nd was best. 9i mean like halfway throguh the game its horribleness became greatness)

  • widowworks
    widowworks 4 months ago

    Has anybody with Looper seen Space Battleship Yamato (Live Action)? Do you have a video for the Best Sci Fi people haven't seen?

  • Bithin Karmakar
    Bithin Karmakar 4 months ago

    guys please tell us what music you are using... not the blue fox one... the other 1

  • shubham agarwal
    shubham agarwal 4 months ago


  • gaijinIRL
    gaijinIRL 4 months ago

    Potential freebooting: www.facebook.com/georgehtakei/videos/493767240970921/

  • Elias Crooker
    Elias Crooker 4 months ago

    Looper is trash

  • shubham agarwal
    shubham agarwal 4 months ago


  • Shawn Barr
    Shawn Barr 4 months ago

    I have a question. Why didn't we get to see a Need for Speed sequel? I thought it was a good live-action movie. :)

    • Nutty_Bara
      Nutty_Bara 4 months ago

      China Movie Channel, Jiaflix Enterprises and 1905 Pictures are teaming up with EA Games to develop a sequel with the film to be set and shot in China

  • ThatGuyAndrew
    ThatGuyAndrew 4 months ago

    This channel is cancer

  • Dan Irizary
    Dan Irizary 5 months ago

    Recently I have been getting really good suggestions from your videos. I watched Willem Defoe's The Hunter last night (loved it). It seems like I get at least one new must-watch-film from most of your videos. Good stuff.

  • Yoda Weissmüller
    Yoda Weissmüller 5 months ago

    MUSIC NAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 5 months ago

    Die of aids.

  • Mythronos
    Mythronos 5 months ago

    If I was stuck in a room with whoever created this stupid channel, Hitler, Stalin, and Donald Trump and only had one bullet I would shot the creator of Looper and then bash their heads in.

  • Fox asdasdasd
    Fox asdasdasd 6 months ago

    this channel's comic book videos are AWFUL
    they twist the truth and create a fictional storyline about characters. In the comments of every video there are tons of people giving the context as well as reasons why this channel is straight up wrong.
    I bet these guys would be excellent at making political ads.

  • Sudhanshu Goyal
    Sudhanshu Goyal 6 months ago

    Can You Guys make a video about Black Panther??

  • Atulya Jha
    Atulya Jha 6 months ago

    I hate this channel

  • Michael Hagberg
    Michael Hagberg 6 months ago

    In Prometheus and alien covenant I think people are missing one large detail. Predator? Aliens were created to be hunted by predator or did everyone miss this in the alien v predator movies this is explained who created them not the engineers, but the predators watch the movies and you'll see the signs and it can't be a coincidence that they just forgot because predators have been on earth before because of the artifacts that Danny glover finds on the ship. I know I can't be the only one who is seeing the oops here correct me if I'm wrong but I'm usually not

    • Magystik
      Magystik 3 months ago

      AvP isn't technically part of the Alien universe, that movie was made basically for fans who wanted it. In any case it's never said that the Preds actually created the Aliens, only that they use them

  • Dros
    Dros 6 months ago

    Your're the voice of Frisk in If Undertale Was Realistic, aren't you?

  • Nuno Brás
    Nuno Brás 6 months ago

    Does Dexter Manning narrate a bunch of your videos??? It does sound like him

  • Europa Agency
    Europa Agency 6 months ago

    I'm not surprised you're doing so well.  Your videos are great.  They're well written and produced.  I also have to say, they highly enjoyable too.  Please keep up the good work.

  • smahiz
    smahiz 7 months ago

    Hey - if you could not put spoilers in your titles or cover photos that would be fantastic. Jerks.

  • Paul Bethard
    Paul Bethard 7 months ago


  • Digitalhunny
    Digitalhunny 7 months ago

    Hey, You there, yeah you, Looper! Hey, Wanna tell me WHY I have had to RE-subscribe to this here Looper channel 5 different times? Yeah that's right FIVE, 1,2,3,4,5. In under an 18 month time period?
    Imma gonna keep subscribing to you Looper. So, deal with it! Only because, seeing as youtube won't bother.
    Looper, i'm bringing it all to you. the ones that have nothing to do with it. (*Puts on tinfoil hat, or DO you's?)
    Weird enough for ya's? BTW *Hugz from a Canadian gal OX

  • mutacole
    mutacole 7 months ago

    Looper is bad
    get rekt
    in the hood
    gone wrong

  • edmaras1
    edmaras1 7 months ago

    in 30 movies to come how could you possibly forget "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets" ??? the begginer of all ??? wtf

  • Luke5kywalker
    Luke5kywalker 7 months ago

    The Untold Truth Of bait car

  • John Galt
    John Galt 7 months ago

    That same repetitive music in your videos is literal cancer, please, PLEASE quit it.

    • Jmgjgdjd5
      Jmgjgdjd5 7 months ago

      that's why it's called Looper

  • Rick Mo
    Rick Mo 7 months ago

    why does the narrator sound like dexter manning?

  • Nova Palmer
    Nova Palmer 8 months ago

    I agree with Shadow.

  • Harris Zeboki
    Harris Zeboki 8 months ago


    REP PLAYZ z 8 months ago


  • Hank Anon
    Hank Anon 8 months ago

    Your channel hero worshiping celebrities is cancer.
    Please go play in traffic, so I can watch something entertaining instead of this garbage.

  • Lugaid13
    Lugaid13 8 months ago

    Can you guys do a video on "Why we dont hear about Molly Ringwald anymore" ??

  • Didier Cotte
    Didier Cotte 8 months ago

    Do Jack Black dont see him much in anything anymore

  • REZU
    REZU 8 months ago

    I am Rezu
    I see your videos ,your video is so good.
    I am new on youtube , I create a new channel. I uploaded so many videos ,but this videos is no views and no subscribe.Please ! You Can Help me ??
    and you add my channel on your youtube featured channel???
    please , Please ,Please.
    My Channel Name is REZU

  • Ephdel
    Ephdel 8 months ago

    Hey Looper, do you wanna buy my painted loopers on Rocket League?

  • BlazeNarutoShippuden
    BlazeNarutoShippuden 8 months ago

    You should make a video about Sean Astin. Haven't seen him since he played Sam from The Lord of the Rings.

  • Timmy Brisby
    Timmy Brisby 8 months ago

    sadly, why we don't hear about John Barrowman anymore,

  • Nerd U
    Nerd U 8 months ago

    Looper, first I want to say I love your videos. I kept running into them when looking for various things so I subscribed. When I watch one, I end watching like five or six or more until I remember I'm supposed to be working. Really good stuff and really addicting.
    I don't know if this is violating YouTuber protocol and etiquette but I wanted to ask you advice. I've just started a channel making movie and TV related vids about Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter and stuff like that. I feel like I'm making pretty good content but I'm just not breaking out of the Friend Zone. Pretty sure 90% of my meager views are coming from friends of mine. Do you have any advice about how to get past that? I'm getting nowhere and it's getting discouraging.
    Thanks for any help.

  • Grizabeebles
    Grizabeebles 8 months ago

    I got an idea for a video but I don't have the editing chops to do it myself - "11 scriptwriters who turned out to be awesome actors"
    1. Sylvester Stallone -- was living on the street when Rocky was sold and was adamant he play the title character
    2. Matt Damon -- co-wrote Good Will Hunting
    3. Seth Rogen -- got his start in the writer's room and even penned an episode of _The Simpsons_
    4. Jason Segel -- Ironically *not* one of the writers on _How I Met Your Mother_ he's written a number of projects including _Forgetting Sarah Marshall_ and _The Muppets_
    5. Emma Thompson -- She won an Oscar for writing _Sense and Sensibility_.
    6. Lena Dunham -- she started with a web series and and has been forging her own destiny ever since.
    7. Bill Bob Thornton -- his true love may be his music but Billy Bob rocketed to fame in 1996's Bling Blade.
    8. Tim Robbins -- just watch everything he's in okay?
    9. Tina Fey -- long before we saw her on camera she was making us laugh.
    10. Ricky Gervais -- he'd been writing for 20 years before he broke out with _the Office._
    11. Adam Sandler -- Does he even have to try any more?

  • Timothy Lung
    Timothy Lung 8 months ago

    Can you guys tell us what happened to Justin Long. Seems like forever since he was in anything other than New Girl. Miss that dude

  • Passionista Auctorres
    Passionista Auctorres 9 months ago

    Hello. I'm from Vietnam, and I really, really like your factual videos. Can I ask for your permission to adding Vietnamese sub and then stream it on Facebook (as your demographic in my country is more likely to see the video on Facebook)? Thank you very much for reading this request.

  • My Latest Review
    My Latest Review 9 months ago

    Hi Looper,
    I really like your Youtube Channel. It is fun to watch. Your videos are great.
    Please keep up the good work!

    • slXD100
      slXD100 7 months ago

      Hey Looper! Awesome videos! What is the song that you use in your videos? I like it

    • Looper
      Looper 8 months ago

      Thank you for watching!

  • Louie Ramos
    Louie Ramos 9 months ago

    There is Another Music then BlueFox Music Shake it Loose,.. what's is the other music in your video name.

  • pinchman 11
    pinchman 11 9 months ago

    you sound like dex

  • dragonfire810
    dragonfire810 10 months ago

    would you like to make top 10 Fantasy and Mythical Creatures in Movies and Television:
    10. Dragons
    9. Mermaids
    8. Chimeras
    7. Centaurs
    6. Minotaurs
    5. Satyrs
    4. Pegasus
    3. Nagas
    2. Hippogryhs
    1. Gryphons

  • SlippstersVideos
    SlippstersVideos 10 months ago

    Love your videos! Very professional feel when I'm watching, I always watch to the end, never cutting them off in the middle!
    KUDOS \m/\m/ Rock ON! - Subbed

  • Star Wars Ultimate fan
    Star Wars Ultimate fan 11 months ago


  • Kerin Gedge
    Kerin Gedge 11 months ago

    Hey Looper People, thanks for the vids this year, good luck for 2017!

  • Ian Bennett
    Ian Bennett 11 months ago

    I sub

  • J as in letter jay S as in letter esss

    Very impressed with the layout/material and frequency of new material. Time to do a deep dive and go back in time to see the roots of this impressive channel...for curiosity's sake.

  • Payday Productions HD
    Payday Productions HD 11 months ago

    Merry Christmas guys! Almost a million subs! Been watching for a while now myself! Awesome stuff!

  • Melvin Hermann Channel
    Melvin Hermann Channel 11 months ago

    I like the upcoming movie reviews.

  • Donnie Sandlin
    Donnie Sandlin 11 months ago

    You should do a video on what happened to gilligan's island. Love to hear what you guys find.

  • nathan ewing
    nathan ewing 11 months ago

    I loved the easter eggs in the ST: Rogue One movie. I saw most of those but I will admit I did not see the ST: Rebels ship The Ghost in the battle scene. But I am pretty sure I saw it earlier I  an overhead shot outside the rebel base on Yavin 4. Thing is, I am not that keen on seeing the movie again just to be sure. In the movie there was a lot of talk about hope, and all the main characters die horrible in the end. I don't feel like paying money to see that again. I will wait to see if anyone else saw the Ghost  as I did.

  • PanzerRanger
    PanzerRanger Year ago

    Were do you get the music in your videos?

  • YoungCrazyKebeko

    Great work guys! I think you should do a video explaining what is up with Eddie Murphy. I mean, why he seems to have vanished from hollywood in general.



    • hulkhatepunybanner
      hulkhatepunybanner Month ago

      If I recall correctly, Steve Rogers goes on a sabbatical or disappears in the comics and Bucky Barnes takes over the job for a while. So *Sebastian Stan CAN play Captain America* . Just a different Cap.

    • Jmgjgdjd5
      Jmgjgdjd5 7 months ago

      calm down

  • goonzjav
    goonzjav Year ago

    Seriously though tell us what the background music is

    • brave ali
      brave ali Year ago

      blue fox music shake it loose

  • david w
    david w Year ago

    i just watched a video where the guy had a voice that sounded exactly like dexter manning.... is he part of the crew?

  • Brian Burke
    Brian Burke Year ago

    I really enjoy your videos.  I'd like to see more on celebs.  Call me crazy, but I'd love to see one on the actor, Jackson Rathbone.  Between the Twilight crazy and the critic and fan reviled The Last Airbender movie, there's got to be a decent story in there somewhere.

  • Derek D
    Derek D Year ago

    I watched Coming to America and I'd like to know why they didn't make a Trading Places 2 after setting it up in the movie. I'd love to see you do a video on that.

  • Mike Christer
    Mike Christer Year ago

    I like your channel. I just subscribed keep up the great work!

  • Michael Mauro
    Michael Mauro Year ago

    What's the background music for your video "Strange Superhero Movies You May Not Know Exist?" I've tried to identify it but haven't been successful. Can you help? Great video by the way!

  • ait aziz
    ait aziz Year ago

    what music are u using

    • brave ali
      brave ali Year ago

      blue fox music shake it loose

  • Xavier Prime
    Xavier Prime Year ago

    Love the videos. Probably not a great video suggestion, but what happened to Billy Zane? Been curious about it. He'd make a damn good Lex Luthor if DC had their shit together.

  • Emily Creech
    Emily Creech Year ago

    Hi, this is to the Looper channel. I noticed that there are no videos at all about why Hemlock Grove decided to have it's final season already. It just seems like they cut off the show too soon. Is there anyway you guys would make a video about that? *just wondering*

  • giorgi ckvarchkava

    there is some thing interesting on Ben Affleks Facebook! i think that is DEATHSTROKE from bans upcoming solo Batman movie!

  • IamSpeedyWay
    IamSpeedyWay Year ago

    should do a video on where joe pesci is nowadays

  • Janice Columbus
    Janice Columbus Year ago

    How about a video on how Jeff Goldblum went from cool to creepy.

  • Djangooo FR
    Djangooo FR Year ago

    "Who should play Robin in the next Batman movie" ?

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer Year ago

    Can you do a video on why "The Nightly Show with Larry Willmore" is being cancelled?

  • MrTokedo
    MrTokedo Year ago

    has some interesting shit to watch. im just not quite sure about some of the facts being credible.

  • William M.
    William M. Year ago

    Can you do an episode about the untold truth of CSI, please?

  • TotalHitman
    TotalHitman Year ago

    Hey! I love the videos guys! I would be interesting in watching a "What happened" video about Eddie Murphy.

  • Tyler Buikema
    Tyler Buikema Year ago

    Great channel! Love your content. My only advice (not that I'm one to talk) is that your thumbnails aren't that appealing. Keep up the good work!

  • Apollo Kreez
    Apollo Kreez Year ago

    All I want to know is, IS THAT THE VOICE OF FCKN NICK MURPHY (In some Looper videos)??

  • Youtube Sniper
    Youtube Sniper Year ago

    Awesome videos!

  • Michael
    Michael Year ago

    I've seen a few channels stealing your content and mixing up the order. Might want to take action against; 'TheRichest' and 'TopTrending' they are often coming out with the exact same videos/content a week or so after your videos come out. They're not just stealing from you though, they're also stealing from channels like 'whatculture' and other 'top10' places.

  • 5555144
    5555144 Year ago

    Why won't Hollywood cast Kate Beckinsale?

  • The Gaming Norwegian

    id love to see "The untold tructh about SOUTH BEACH TOW"

  • Nicholas Haindl
    Nicholas Haindl Year ago

    do something with cod infinite warfare vs battlefield 1 trailers

  • flyhigh3454
    flyhigh3454 Year ago

    do untold truths of "MTV The Challenge" Or Untold truths of "The survivor"

  • Joyce Rodin
    Joyce Rodin Year ago

    60 days in!! please dish the dirt on this show next!!

  • Harry Manav
    Harry Manav Year ago

    Backround song please anyone:)

  • Theepicmonsta
    Theepicmonsta Year ago

    Who owns Looper? Like uhh... what tv network owns this youtube channel?

    • CinematicMaj
      CinematicMaj 6 months ago

      what the hell does looper stand for?? is the title taking from the 2012 movie?? :/

    • Zenofile
      Zenofile 7 months ago

      One of the speakers is the youtuber Dexter Manning...that's what I'm getting from the sound of his voice

  • Benjamin Lock
    Benjamin Lock Year ago

    Im just gonna say hi and that Im here before this channel goes famous.

  • gursahib singh Buttar

    please, can you tell me the background music you guys use? please!!

  • I'm the father of God, and I'm disappointed in God and you gullible melon farmers

    Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury. The game that didn't make it. Look it up on YT.

    • hulkhatepunybanner
      hulkhatepunybanner Month ago

      I am disappointed in my failure to come up with a more elaborate username. Thanks.

  • Christopher S
    Christopher S Year ago

    Awesome videos! I feel like Looper is "The next big thing" here on youtube.

  • Matthew Pullen
    Matthew Pullen Year ago

    You guys are awesome, thanks for subtitling/captioning the videos so Deaf people can enjoy.

  • Star_Shine1
    Star_Shine1 Year ago

    Hi I just enjoyed your channel. Cool! Keep up the great work. Please check out my channel as well :)

  • Edward Nigma
    Edward Nigma Year ago

    317.311th subscriber.

  • mrlikable1
    mrlikable1 Year ago

    nice vids bruh

  • ultra bruce
    ultra bruce Year ago

    Why you steal my name?

  • Najiblet Buttsaginton

    What music do you guys use in your videos? It sounds so cool!

    • vids
      vids Month ago

      It's funny that they avoid telling us but I seriously doubt that they created the songs they use - they just paid royalties. But they fear that they will lose popularity if they tell us what songs they use. I dare LOOPER to prove me wrong.

    • Jikudan
      Jikudan 6 months ago

      What is the other music name?

    • Jikudan
      Jikudan 6 months ago

      What is the other music name?

    • John Galt
      John Galt 7 months ago

      The shitty repetitive music is the reason I unsubscribed from this crappy channel.

    • Michael Mauro
      Michael Mauro Year ago

      Yeah, that's precisely what I'm thinking... possibly a custom track that Looper won't let go of for some grubby reason. Hey Looper, if you're reading this, you're not helping yourself by being greedy. This has nothing to do with your videos and people will still watch them.

  • Pascl
    Pascl Year ago

    this channel is absicly watchmojo 2.0...thats a good thing as we needed a countdown channel with personality... I think

  • naftali zahav
    naftali zahav Year ago

    Looper, I enjoy your work immensely. One question - in your article about actors that Hollywood dumped after one role, when it comes to Cuba Gooding Jr. - why did you not mention the movie "Radio", for which I think he should have gotten an Oscar nomination....?

  • nhy7tr3wq
    nhy7tr3wq Year ago

    Was I the first sub?

  • tony thelma
    tony thelma Year ago

    first time ever subscribing---and then responding--how do I know that you are real looper////I've been searching for a ghost writer since the debut of Real World---cause I've been the butt of a million jokes for thinking that reality wasn't quite real ---so to let you know this is a real post and whether or not I unsubscribe ---and once again I've watched em' all and a few have reeled me in--so here goes --give us the story about the most aspiring character from the early days of this phenom---who was building furniture out of scrap airplane parts---and if you are really real looper  the class action lawsuit against the History---A and E---TLC--and countless others would at the least reach 2 billion dollars----so tell me about that character and what really happened

  • ElectricMoonlight

    Next you should do a video on why Hollywood won't cast Jimmy Stewart anymore.

  • Denny Ayard
    Denny Ayard Year ago

    Hi, I watched your video on the AT&T girl, and I'd really love it if you guys did a video on Flo and/or Jamie from the Progressive insurance commercials.

    HBMHD Year ago

    I do not like it so far; so many of your videos focus on the negative aspects of someone's career or a celebrity scandal. That is both of poor taste and an *extremely* cheap way of entertainment. I do want to believe this is not all this channel want to address, don't become a YouTube's TMZ please.

  • RandyPantheGoatBoy

    Hey, asshole, why isn't there a "Not Interested" button for this channel? I don't want to watch your stupid fucking videos, and I'm sick of seeing drunk Brendan Fraser!

    • Richard Lawler
      Richard Lawler 2 months ago

      I hate this channel and it's always in the suggested videos box. I have no interest in watching it ever.

    • Bryce A.
      Bryce A. 7 months ago

      Believe it or not blocking a channel will not completely remove it's videos from your suggestions. If you're using Chrome just get the Video Blocker extension. I use it to block all the let's play, reaction, and prank channels. Never have to see a single video from any of 'em anywhere.

    • Shadow The Monster
      Shadow The Monster 8 months ago

      Yes. For the sake of all monsters, let's ban the anti-monster sentiment.

  • websuspect
    websuspect Year ago

    Do something on CBS scorpion.

  • Margaret Fly
    Margaret Fly Year ago

    Dumb subject. I'd respect this more if it was on politicians or world leaders. Hollywood and Actors don't really matter and I find myself growing more and more disinterested in them.

  • Ross Granick
    Ross Granick Year ago

    I don't know who does the graphic design for these videos, but they don't get paid enough.

  • Axel Girona
    Axel Girona Year ago

    very interesting chanel , would be nice you subtitle what you say , for those who are not english/american.just to help us understand better what you say , thanks a lot.

  • Page Swingle
    Page Swingle Year ago

    I really wanted to like this channel the concept is acceptable but I think the host talks directly out the side of his neck.
    Perhaps you shouldn't employ the vetting process of a salad shooter when writing these things.

  • Bubba
    Bubba Year ago

    Great Channel

  • Samson Mar
    Samson Mar Year ago

    What's the background song / track used in your videos?

  • Mager_Psycho
    Mager_Psycho Year ago

    15,682 and counting, growing very fast but deserved

  • Marcus Ginnane
    Marcus Ginnane Year ago

    this channel is going to be big i can tell, keep up the good work :P

  • Zebastian
    Zebastian Year ago

    I will always be one of the first viewers of this channel, which will soonly become a massive channel.

  • A nonymous
    A nonymous Year ago

    Narrator has a cute voice 😃

  • Lopen-Zur
    Lopen-Zur Year ago

    What did you guys do before this because you clearly have the experience and the equipment even though you just started this channel.

    • hulkhatepunybanner
      hulkhatepunybanner Month ago

      Before YouTube they obviously fired all of their writers to remove the substance from their showy videos.

    • Klaris Davis
      Klaris Davis 8 months ago

      BlueFox -Shake it Loose

    • guiden kalle
      guiden kalle 10 months ago

      no reply about the background music?

    • AndroidPolitician
      AndroidPolitician 10 months ago


    • Looper
      Looper Year ago

      +Lopen-Zur Thanks for watching Lopen-Zur. Our team consists of a lot of cool people from various other YouTube channels and websites. Check out our subscriptions - those are a few of the fine folks that are involved with making these videos.

  • Lovro Zimak
    Lovro Zimak Year ago

    Great quality of videos and effects.

    • Shield Knight
      Shield Knight 8 months ago


    • fswwindjammer7
      fswwindjammer7 11 months ago

      Do you know that this particular soundtrack of HARRY POTTER was really taken from the STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE SOUNDTRACK by JOE McNEELY . It is in the 2nd part titled "THE BATTLE OF GALL" you will hear the familiar sound of the HARRY POTTER sound track.

    • Looper
      Looper Year ago

      +Lovro Zimak Thanks Lovro!