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Why Iran's Geography Sucks
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  • Carver Bradley
    Carver Bradley 3 hours ago

    this video was a little over 1/5 if the length of the war

  • الوعي الواعر

    Copy of this video in TVclip Translation or copying I like dar al kitab better Thanks XXL

  • X Calibus Gaming
    X Calibus Gaming 3 hours ago

    2:52 Novorepnoye of PUBG Xd

  • X Calibus Gaming
    X Calibus Gaming 3 hours ago

    Reallifelore : Japan's geography suck's Japanese : *_TRIGGERED_*

  • Jonte Ded
    Jonte Ded 3 hours ago

    “ALL of Stockholm’s money” damns that’s a click bait

  • BoredYT User
    BoredYT User 3 hours ago

    Japan is an island by the sea, filled with volcanoes and it's *B E A U T I F U L* wait what type of Geography are we talking about?

  • bill bill
    bill bill 3 hours ago

    843 weebs disliked this video

  • Youfan
    Youfan 3 hours ago

    Japan is like playing Civilization in VERY-HARD mode. And they still technically win! Albeit got several setbacks (natural disasters, nuclear bombs, etc.).

  • BimGenius
    BimGenius 3 hours ago

    You ever be on a football field At night there are lights and you have 4 shadows

  • Emir Becic
    Emir Becic 3 hours ago

    0:12 R.I.P Flat Earthers

  • Dr Gunsmith
    Dr Gunsmith 3 hours ago

    Fuck nukes! what’s wrong fighting with ya bare hands

  • shivam verma
    shivam verma 3 hours ago

    Please discuss geography of India

  • freddie naputi
    freddie naputi 3 hours ago

    So Micronesia & most Melanesia don't count as "land masses"? tsk tsk

  • Maitreya Huisintveld

    we should use all this money to clean up planet Earth

  • Lawrence Jae
    Lawrence Jae 3 hours ago

    witch way. ww. owe. oh. how do u spell which...oh.

  • Eugenio Campos
    Eugenio Campos 3 hours ago

    "non justifiable" F u... USA does worse sht (or England or Spain... so on)

  • an ku
    an ku 3 hours ago

    @reallifelore you try to sell the idea of Dugin (who's political party is forbidden in russia) as a russian game plan? Check who is realy a threat to the peace in the world. Tell me in how many countries the US brought war and compare it with would be shocked.

  • vlanstar
    vlanstar 4 hours ago

    8:30 'there were two passengers of terrorist descent' ..

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson 4 hours ago

    So we have had Ecuador go to war with goats, Australia go to war with emus, and China go to war with sparrows. What's next?

  • Matto Jackson
    Matto Jackson 4 hours ago

    Nothing compared to volcanoes

  • andrás csont
    andrás csont 4 hours ago


  • Ryan R
    Ryan R 4 hours ago

    Another perfect example as to why Slavic women are the best.

  • Fabs
    Fabs 4 hours ago

    Why is Japan a "she"?

  • Tania Bhardwaj
    Tania Bhardwaj 4 hours ago

    but the people of Dharavi (mumbai) are living way more happy life than the slums of USA....

  • Evansenhle Nkosenhle

    how did he survive winter?

  • Goten
    Goten 4 hours ago

    He can build a nice ass PC and Have a couple of thousands left.

  • M'ShadowCC
    M'ShadowCC 4 hours ago

    Sudan has the lowest innovation rate in the world we dont create shit 😭😭

  • Good King Monty
    Good King Monty 4 hours ago

    *and pepole think god isnt real*

  • jackson7177
    jackson7177 4 hours ago

    WOW never knew Alaska was that BIG!!! But I'm cool I'll stay in CALIFORNIA LOL

  • Jacob Beaver
    Jacob Beaver 4 hours ago

    *Claims that Japan has never been conquered* *Project Manhattan has entered the chat*

  • Monstro Azul
    Monstro Azul 4 hours ago

    japan is she?

  • yo yo
    yo yo 4 hours ago

    End of world you idiot.

  • Benjamin Brewer
    Benjamin Brewer 4 hours ago

    Sub to jack Sherwood

  • mihajlo jelic
    mihajlo jelic 4 hours ago

    SRBIJA!!! 5:18

  • Rez night
    Rez night 4 hours ago

    That's tough

  • Ivan M
    Ivan M 4 hours ago

    Russia is just helping with overpopulation

  • jan simonides
    jan simonides 4 hours ago

    This is a true story, she has been many times interviewed on Czechoslovak TV.

  • dwightj2
    dwightj2 4 hours ago

    Best defence is an offence. If Russia unleashed this weapon it will be met with the US entire nuclear arsenal. There would be no winner.

  • 3JB
    3JB 4 hours ago

    I found tourist in my region, in France it's normal... But where I live, it's always sort rainy or no sun in winter, cows everywere and kids named Kevin and Jordan... Happy to live in France !!!

  • Emirhan Çavuşlar
    Emirhan Çavuşlar 4 hours ago

    The Forest ?

  • Inertia Records
    Inertia Records 4 hours ago

    so what is the deepest hole we can possibly dig? still not answered

  • Samuel Hulme
    Samuel Hulme 4 hours ago

    What if the wind nocked down the ladder

  • YOGI ROX121
    YOGI ROX121 4 hours ago

    The best in narcos his *When the police returns from France he gives bullet to a kid n threatens him to say as I say to Escobar and next day Escobar kills him with the same bullet that he gave to the kid *When Escobar was in jail other took his place and started to run, without his permission, and he came out for some reason and he came to know some is running my cartel , he himself goes to the spot. And kills everyone and say PABLO ESCOBAR IS A MAN WHO NEEDS RESPECT, *and he called German presedent and threatens him for his family

  • Wayss
    Wayss 4 hours ago

    And here we are in Ukraine We have mostly flat land, amazing soil, amazing climate, access to the Black Sea, rivers etc yet we have the worst economy in Europe

  • Meeta Verma
    Meeta Verma 4 hours ago

    7 of these used to be one in ancient period

  • Mark Cox
    Mark Cox 4 hours ago

    Ahhh, I'll never forget these highly contrived ad segways into 'curiosity stream' 'skill share' and 'dollar shave club'. Thanks for an eternity of memes, Real Life Lore 😭💀

  • Meeta Verma
    Meeta Verma 4 hours ago

    Why don't they just terraform the mountains

    FULANODETAL 4 hours ago

    2056 is when my Mourtague will end

  • P.
    P. 4 hours ago

    "Gott, behutte uns von Pesten, Krieger und Kroaten!“

  • Sensation Clan
    Sensation Clan 4 hours ago

    You said clascow not Glasgow

    FULANODETAL 4 hours ago

    um jesica alba daughter is redhaired,,taht means is wasp?

  • Rapture Angel
    Rapture Angel 4 hours ago

    Jets do NOT use fuel! I do not know what happened, but it did NOT run out of fuel! Look it up!

  • Juan David Valencia
    Juan David Valencia 4 hours ago

    Make a video why COLOMBIA’s or PERU’s GEOGRAPHY Sucks

  • Nunya Beeswax
    Nunya Beeswax 4 hours ago

    Actually, Japan has been conquered. Just one time.

  • Doctor Doggo
    Doctor Doggo 4 hours ago

    Florida man commandos would win the war

  • boney thongam
    boney thongam 4 hours ago

    what if asia was just one country

  • Sourish Pillai
    Sourish Pillai 4 hours ago

    It's hindi

  • boney thongam
    boney thongam 4 hours ago

    what if asia was just one country

  • Anthony Kerry
    Anthony Kerry 4 hours ago

    So basically most in your list are mountains I wish there would be more realistic places since not everyone really is into climbing mountains

  • Dariune
    Dariune 4 hours ago

    tomorow on japans chanel, why reallifelore sucks

  • zZiL341yRj736
    zZiL341yRj736 4 hours ago

    This is the future.

  • Aryl John Exequiel Orsos

    Japan, once again, was devastated by a super typhoon named Hagibis, last week.

  • High King
    High King 4 hours ago

    This dude says "her" like it's an actual being, I bet he jacks off to topography

  • Kota Hitt
    Kota Hitt 4 hours ago

    There's a fine line between "imperial conquest" and "genocide"

  • RickK RocKStar
    RickK RocKStar 4 hours ago

    Geographic Shaming another country is not cool.🤔

  • Rapture Angel
    Rapture Angel 4 hours ago

    Thanks for not wasting our time!!!

  • ohi bacon
    ohi bacon 4 hours ago

    Expect there is a detailed map of the Antarctica, without ice even, that was made circa 1754

  • GregoryTheGr8ster
    GregoryTheGr8ster 4 hours ago

    Hey, I've been to Japan, and they would be OFFENDED by the title of this video. They LOVE their land and their country. They would say that this video is biased and typical of Westerners.

  • Fantasy Films
    Fantasy Films 4 hours ago

    I live in Ontario, Canada. All we can get at my hometown were severe storms and blizzards, that’s literally it.

  • Sultan
    Sultan 4 hours ago

    Fault line

  • riphaven
    riphaven 4 hours ago

    we would go back in time, didn't you ever see superman?

  • Cheshkasaba
    Cheshkasaba 4 hours ago

    October 27 is my birthday...

  • Petter Lyngeng
    Petter Lyngeng 4 hours ago

    Why do you keep refering to Japan as "Her" as if it were a woman?

  • urpipmisAk wanna
    urpipmisAk wanna 4 hours ago

    Did I do that?

  • Bill Hentig
    Bill Hentig 4 hours ago

    Let’s just annex Canada instead 🤓

  • Mr. balle Singh
    Mr. balle Singh 4 hours ago

    Shame india shame you guys just need there votes not development of this people just built your own property using public tax money shit indian politician

  • Magnús Örn
    Magnús Örn 4 hours ago

    would be usefull to use a map that has doggerland and other land features accurate to the time periods you are going over

  • Eric Bravo
    Eric Bravo 4 hours ago

    Man, those mofos were ugly!

  • Nahtanoj Enotsylb
    Nahtanoj Enotsylb 4 hours ago

    Is this a bill wurtz video?

  • ঊᎷᎾNᏚᎢᎬᎡ 0

    Can we find Vibranium :3

  • 23045ah
    23045ah 4 hours ago

    5:31 Pretty sure Japan was thoroughly conquered by an outside power in 1945

  • RobosergTV
    RobosergTV 4 hours ago

    Japan is a she? WTF?

  • Fabio Ullrich
    Fabio Ullrich 4 hours ago

    Nobody is going to mention how the dude at 10:34 absolutely shot his own guy

  • kosmique
    kosmique 4 hours ago

    great video, really enjoyed this one and japan. learned a lot i actually didnt know or pay attention to. please make more of theese

  • kosmique
    kosmique 4 hours ago

    great video, really enjoyed this one and japan. learned a lot i actually didnt know or pay attention to. please make more of theese

  • Srle Pop
    Srle Pop 4 hours ago

    Kosovo je Srbija

  • MC Abber
    MC Abber 4 hours ago

    who are you and what did you do to the original reallifelore? he would never make a video about japan without mentioning toyota corollas.

  • S.
    S. 5 hours ago

    9:04 You say southern Kurile islands, yet highlight the entire Kurile island chain, which Japan has no interest in possessing.

  • I like to draw
    I like to draw 5 hours ago

    9 month resub, so glad I’m back

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh 5 hours ago

    *Cyberpunk 1993*

  • S.
    S. 5 hours ago

    7:25 What a mess. Australia got Papa New Guinea after WWI, since it was German holding before that. So Australia conquered Papa New Guinea? If Australia didn’t conquer Guinea, how could you claim Japan did, as if it sent some sort of invasion force and defects controlled it?

  • Aaron Elzy
    Aaron Elzy 5 hours ago

    I signed up for CuriosityStream after watching this.

  • Hashir Malik
    Hashir Malik 5 hours ago

    6:38 Oh grains of sand on the entire earth right right WHAT THE F**K DID YOU JUST SAY😨😨😨

  • Little Gamer
    Little Gamer 5 hours ago

    Thank you so much for the knowledge. Please keep sharing these kind of interesting videos.

  • 隆さぞれ
    隆さぞれ 5 hours ago

    If I had a nickel for every time he said "she or her" I would be rich

  • Mr show 1932
    Mr show 1932 5 hours ago

    Ur not gonna stop me loving japan!

  • ABCDE 12345
    ABCDE 12345 5 hours ago

    Very fascinating adventure

  • S.
    S. 5 hours ago

    5:51 “The only major time an invasion came from this direction” The Mongol army came from Korea, as it used Korean ship makers and soldiers to increase its Mongolia and Chinese Warriors. No, no, a war fleet has never come from that direction to invade Japan.

  • Dániel Kiss
    Dániel Kiss 5 hours ago

    4:13 +Franz Joseph lands Ferenc József szigetek is a Monarcháé volt, az 1.világh.után a Szovjetúnióhoz került. Like aki magyar és ezt olvassa 2019-ben!!!👍👍🇭🇺❤️😁

  • Thomas Sa
    Thomas Sa 5 hours ago

    Japan copied most of their culture from Korea.