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  • Evan Park
    Evan Park 22 hours ago

    We need Steven Ogg.

  • Aleksi Aaltonen

    Barack Obama

  • gmoderX
    gmoderX Day ago

    Moronic concept, so god damn awful. You invite really interesting people to interview, but you construct your dialogue in a way that leaves the most interesting and deep questions until the middle or even the end of the interview - it makes sence, it's the traditional way of doing things.

    But the guys you invite ARE NOT ABLE TO SPEAK PROPERLY by the time you get there because of the hot sauce. I've seen Filthy Frank's interview - it's so fucking awful, he can't answer more than two words and "gimme a minute".

    You're just being a fucking tease is what you're doing.

  • -(BREAD)-Thebiggerboat3

    What if we got Andrew Lincoln for Hot Ones?

  • Z's KrayZ
    Z's KrayZ 3 days ago

    bill burr, tom segura, burnt krisler, joe rogan. hopefully your in the process of having them on Sean.

  • Randy S
    Randy S 3 days ago

    please get Justin Roiland on here, Rick n Morty would be so epic !!!!!!!!

  • Aaron Birk
    Aaron Birk 3 days ago

    Josh Homme needs to be on this show! I'll take his place and race you from Bhut sauce to Carolina Reaper powder snorting to make it happen! Don't make me call T.J, Miller for no reason! (I don't have his number) Still, Josh Homme.

  • D G
    D G 3 days ago

    Sean! I just saw your Colbert interview. What a journey this has been for you, huh!? I'm super excited for you and hope it only gets better.

  • Carrol Machan
    Carrol Machan 5 days ago

    Casey Neistat.

  • Ilovegrowingcannabis

    I can eat all of those wings without a drop of water or milk.

  • ragtotherok
    ragtotherok 5 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay!

  • Soapndope
    Soapndope 6 days ago

    It would be cool if you got SuperDuperKyle on your show!

  • Gastón Acosta
    Gastón Acosta 6 days ago

    Bas Rutten!

  • Dizzytek
    Dizzytek 7 days ago

    Jackie Chan. Hot Ones. Has a movie coming out. I know its last minute. One can dream..

  • Dan Bainbridge
    Dan Bainbridge 7 days ago

    Bruh Steve Harwell from Smash Mouth should be on Hot Ones.

  • J.Helgason
    J.Helgason 8 days ago Currywurst place in Berlin with Hot sauce up to 7 777 777 Scoville, it is a challenge there to eat it. check it out

  • Leopoldo Aranha
    Leopoldo Aranha 8 days ago

    Get John Oliver's soft Brit ass to that chair and make him eat some hot ones!

  • Kenny Joella
    Kenny Joella 8 days ago

    we really need to see chef gordon ramsay. he's gonna go crazy. Hell's Kitchen eating Hell's wings.

  • Michael LeRoy
    Michael LeRoy 8 days ago

    Best Channel I've subscribed to. Great work.

  • Kevin Krieger
    Kevin Krieger 9 days ago

    I'd love to see Will Ferrell, John C Reilly, Quentin Tarantino, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Burr, Tom Segura, Craig Robinson, Jim Jeffries, Ian McKellen, Danny Devito, Patrick Stewart, Barrack Obama.

  • Aleksi Aaltonen
    Aleksi Aaltonen 9 days ago

    Barack Obama!

  • DolphinToliet
    DolphinToliet 10 days ago

    Can I be on the show please

  • quickster208
    quickster208 10 days ago

    *Vinesauce Joel when?*

  • stalyon87
    stalyon87 11 days ago

    It'd be great to see Dwayne Johnson on hot ones!!

  • Bear Experiment
    Bear Experiment 11 days ago

    Get Marc M from Sick Animation on the show...

  • StL33T
    StL33T 11 days ago

    You guys need to bring in Connor McGregor and Natha Fillion (separately) onto hot ones!!

  • Heartless8604
    Heartless8604 11 days ago

    Can we get some Childish Gambino on this?

  • Spaced Man
    Spaced Man 11 days ago

    Mikey Chen, eats as much as a horse and LOVES hot food... but maybe not after your sauces. See if he can stand it.

  • Charlie Red
    Charlie Red 12 days ago

    It would be cool to see Kane from WWE do the Hot Ones, I hear he loves chicken wings.

  • AbsolemLNG
    AbsolemLNG 12 days ago

    We need Sean and Chili Klaus eat Pepper X.

    KSIx SGTMAJOR 12 days ago

    hey let me be on your show i bet i can eat the chickens lie its nothing eat sleep and drink hot sauce

  • The Ferocious Wolf
    The Ferocious Wolf 12 days ago

    Tyler the creator he's crazy so it would be a cool vid

  • R RafGeekee
    R RafGeekee 12 days ago

    I'd love to see and hear what Karl Pilkington has to say about the Hot Ones.

  • AGood Friend
    AGood Friend 12 days ago

    can we get the hot pepper gaming crew to come on

  • lazamarius1
    lazamarius1 12 days ago

    This show is Amazing ! Great job! Btw, this is the only channel i have notifications enabled on, and i just discovered it like 2 weeks ago! This is impressive, trust me. I have channels i like a lot and watch for 5 years or more, but none has notifications enabled. None! That has to mean something :).

  • phillyflyboy
    phillyflyboy 12 days ago


  • EmperorOfSand
    EmperorOfSand 12 days ago

    How about Dave Chappelle?

  • Igal Neshto
    Igal Neshto 13 days ago

    Can you get Jordan peterson on Hot Ones please?????????? This dude's the shiz!!!

  • OnlineOtaku
    OnlineOtaku 13 days ago

    i don't know if its been tried before on the show, but you guys have to try my hotness relief technique. it's simple and doesn't involve baby shampoo. a pinch of sugar on the tongue works wonders. trust me.

  • Rand Loki
    Rand Loki 14 days ago

    sorry but Wanda Sykes is the reason for the many rich liberal scumbags all out of touch with us little people

  • Silverlin212
    Silverlin212 15 days ago

    For how awesome your content is, you guys should be sitting at at least 10million subs. How the fuck you have as few a subs as you do boggles my mind.

  • George Stokes
    George Stokes 16 days ago

    Mate you need some Ooft hot sauces in your line-up

  • deepdownabove
    deepdownabove 17 days ago

    Wait, why hasn't Andrew Rea (bingingwithbabish) been on hot ones yet? Seriously! : )

  • Bladesmith
    Bladesmith 18 days ago

    FWF but the liberal leftists are getting too much TV time wheres the balance ?

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver 18 days ago

    Congrats on 100 Hot Ones videos. I think 12 of them aren't interviews though (not sure how to count the Chili Klaus and Rhett and Link videos). Boy, that puts the benchmark a little further away than I guessed.

  • Dan Kerr
    Dan Kerr 18 days ago

    This is a high quality fuckin show. I love it

  • Cyrus Connor
    Cyrus Connor 18 days ago

    Lol also when are you going to give guests a milkshake full of gelato and baby shampoo? I'm not joking I think it would be cool, maybe invite people on a second time to see what it's like to have a drink 100x better than milk? I'm referencing the episode of Sean in the Wild with Vsauce, where Vsauce comes up with that brilliant bowl full of gelato, crackers, honey and baby shampoo.

  • Cyrus Connor
    Cyrus Connor 18 days ago

    So I got into this show a couple of months ago and I love it. Sean Evans rocks as a host and the questions are good. The guests I have watched have been a lot of fun too. Only thing I would change is the way the "last dab" is done. I've watched guests have a lot of trouble with getting how much they want out of the bottle. Guests seem to have more trouble figuring out "how" they are going to get the dollop out the bottle. Then they are with the decision whether or not to take the plunge, and put the "last dab" on or not.

    I recommend something similar to the little paper cups ketchup come in or something similar, to make it easier for the guests to drop it on, little spoon, etc?


  • ytriles
    ytriles 19 days ago

    What we really need is a Hot Ones amazon seller page (Or any online store, really) where we fans can buy a collection of each seasons hot sauce lineup.

  • John Wick
    John Wick 20 days ago

    why are people calling you shaun "sh-au-n" when your name is clearly spelled sean "sea-n"

  • thejarrodytis
    thejarrodytis 20 days ago

    Could you please consider using Bunsters Hit The Bed 12/10 Hot Sauce.

  • Ryan Bronaugh
    Ryan Bronaugh 21 day ago

    Will Sasso! Do it.

  • TranceRufus
    TranceRufus 21 day ago

    Haven't gotten a subscription notification since Henry Rollins Hot Ones ep. What gives? I gotta actively go to the channel and catch up on the last three videos.

  • milkman00x
    milkman00x 21 day ago

    i wonder how awesome it would be to get either of the creators of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and/or Justin Roiland on the show. With Justin Roiland's often off the cuff reactions and/or Dan Harmon's neurotic rambling, I bet that would make great content.

    ever considered it?

  • izetria grace-lind
    izetria grace-lind 22 days ago

    someone get madeon on here we need to know if that frenchie can even survive the first wing

  • Chris Prince
    Chris Prince 23 days ago

    The last sauce should be Torchbearer's Ratpure. 1.2 million Scoville units. Total torture.

  • Marcos Humes
    Marcos Humes 23 days ago

    Please do an Episode with Seth MacFarlane! Love the show— watched every episode in two consecutive evenings! 


  • Rod M.
    Rod M. 24 days ago

    Emily Graslie from

  • Maro Armstrong
    Maro Armstrong 24 days ago


  • megatron2452
    megatron2452 25 days ago

    Do a show with Danny Duncan

  • Maximilian Vartanian

    Daniel Day Lewis

  • jimmy31hendrix
    jimmy31hendrix 26 days ago

    You guys should have Rob Chapman and The Captain, from Andertons TV, on the show.

  • Jeff Shawver
    Jeff Shawver 26 days ago

    First off hello. Love the channel! I have a request for guests for your show "Hot Ones" I just watched a video from the channel Andertons Music Co. with Rob "The Chappers" Chapman and Lee "The Captain" Anderton. Some seriously fantastic videos. If you could possibly find it in your hearts to put them on "Hot Ones". They are from near London Uk and are coming to Los Angeles in January and want to be on the show. Thank you for you consideration.

  • Owain Hale
    Owain Hale 28 days ago

    Just seen you on the Stephen Colbert show and couldn't be more pleased for you and the team Sean!

  • moonman 52
    moonman 52 29 days ago

    You should get Rhett & Link on Hot Ones, I know you did the curry thing with them but I wanna see them eat your hot wings

  • Jonathan Chunglo
    Jonathan Chunglo Month ago

    Found a new Hot Sauce for you guys to try out! It's called "Shit the Bed" from Australia :D

  • 💊Chemical💊
    💊Chemical💊 Month ago

    This Channel would be so much better , if it had a better host.

    • Ryan Oliver
      Ryan Oliver 18 days ago

      You clearly don't belong here. Sean Evans is king around these parts.

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett Month ago

    Keep up the great work in The Lord!!

  • Emma Donachie
    Emma Donachie Month ago

    Can you interview Missy Elliot??

  • Jordan Eggleston
    Jordan Eggleston Month ago

    Steve Harvey!!!!

  • Jesse Tomahawk
    Jesse Tomahawk Month ago

    New fan of the show !! Henry Rollins, WoW!! Now binge watching many episodes. Mark Twight as a guest, please.

  • Lawrence Nelson
    Lawrence Nelson Month ago

    Here's the thing that occurs to me on every one of these awesome interviews - WHAT HAPPENED THE NEXT DAY?

    Sean can you discuss

    A 'recovery time' between interviews?

    B Do you have any stories about any interviewee contacting you - post interview to curse you out or the like??

  • richard davidson
    richard davidson Month ago

    Where can you get the hot ones original sauce at?

    • Ryan Oliver
      Ryan Oliver 18 days ago
      If you mean "The Last Dab", good luck. I don't think there's much of it out there yet.

  • Morbid Winter
    Morbid Winter Month ago

    Danny Trejo

  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor Month ago

    I'm sure someone has already made this request, but, can you try to get Barack Obama on the show?

  • Topsy Kretts
    Topsy Kretts Month ago

    Get on Hot Ones

  • Greyson Milburn
    Greyson Milburn Month ago

    or Dave Chappelle

  • Greyson Milburn
    Greyson Milburn Month ago

    You Guys should get Gucci Mane on here!

  • meredocu
    meredocu Month ago

    you should rename one of your sauce >Icarus<

  • thedankens
    thedankens Month ago

    Does First we Feast have an online store anywhere that I can grab Hot Ones sauce?

  • Rome Guardiola
    Rome Guardiola Month ago

    U need to use some REAL sauces.....switch it up. Use Reaper Squeezins, swampadelic, exhorresco, hydra......sauces like that!

  • Theresa Konieczny

    I think Ozzy could use some positive PR these days too LOL...Ask OZZY pleaseI... bet he wouldsay yes! Imagine...Ozzy trying to talk with a mouthful of hot sauce! You can't understand him regularly! HAHAHA!

  • Theresa Konieczny

    Shawn PLEASE ask BILL BURR to be one your show! He would be the bomb dude.Pleaseeeeeee with sugar and chocolate on it?! :o)

  • Hyper Chromatica
    Hyper Chromatica Month ago

    You guys should have collin furze, the guy that built a gasoline powered pony motorcycle and a hoverbike, on your show. Hes another youtuber.

  • Knifymoloko
    Knifymoloko Month ago

    If y'all got Bernie Sanders on here it would be *GROUND BREAKING* Please try! He has his Political Revolution book he can plug too so he doesn't burn his asshole/die in vain.

  • Tao Foreal
    Tao Foreal Month ago

    Make Shaq come to the show. ^_^

  • ChadwicKed
    ChadwicKed Month ago

    Get JUSTIN ROILAND on Hot Ones!

  • Joshua Suh
    Joshua Suh Month ago


  • Daniel D
    Daniel D Month ago

    Sean, come to Buffalo for next years Chicken Wing Festival. We aren't very far from you, and I think you'd be pleased at the variety available at the festival.

  • Nathan Drake
    Nathan Drake Month ago

    Hey First We Feast! Could you please get Dwayne Johnson on the show? His deep dive Instagram would be amazing, his on the spot improve on the show would be hilarious, and I would love to see how those big muscles stack up against some HOT WINGS!

  • Crushyg
    Crushyg Month ago

    I'm sure you've seen this, but in case you have not... (if the link doesn't work, its an animation on newgrounds, not mine but good stuff!!!)

  • Jared Strike
    Jared Strike Month ago

    I know Sean Evans has a lot on his plate (no pun intended!) but does he have any interest in trying sauces for season 5? I know season 4 is just starting up but surely production plans have already started for season 5!

  • Brandon Kelly
    Brandon Kelly Month ago

    Get Tim Ferris on here.

  • GunnermanFire
    GunnermanFire Month ago

    So i might be an idiot but where the hell can i get some hot ones

  • Purple Haze
    Purple Haze Month ago

    Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah. Now that would be fun, such good personalities!

  • Bork
    Bork Month ago

    Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon!

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra Month ago

    Hey, I'm a Vegan and I reeeally want to know what brand of vegan wings you use in your shows with vegan guests .??

  • LightningFish
    LightningFish Month ago

    I liked the idea of random "Hot Ones" episode releases. I checked YouTube/Your Channel more often when there was no set schedule. Now that I know they release on Thursdays I find myself not going on YouTube/visiting as often.

  • Carson Lawrence
    Carson Lawrence Month ago

    Can you bring Evan Fong (VanossGaming) to the show

  • chaos1625
    chaos1625 Month ago

    get joey badda$$ and rotimi on the show!

  • Tim Bishop
    Tim Bishop Month ago

    Would love to see Joe Rogan on this

  • Trey Dockery
    Trey Dockery Month ago

    Please get some rockers on here! Dave Grohl, Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson, Flea!

  • Kat Rhymer
    Kat Rhymer Month ago

    Benedict Cumberbatch XD CumberCollective FTW!

    Jimmy Kimmel XD

    John Krasinski :D

  • Evan Keller
    Evan Keller Month ago

    That FWF hat in the Machine Gun Kelly episode is dope. Where can I get one?

  • sajt saajt
    sajt saajt Month ago

    Get Dr. Jordan Peterson, please! maybe spicy food will defeat his serious personality :D

  • Shaun Martinez
    Shaun Martinez Month ago

    Yo im watching the Kevin Durant episode on his channel lol why did he release early

  • real name; no gimmicks

    hey guys,
    can someone tell me how to make these vegan hot wings? I'm not even vegan but they look great, thanks :)

  • adam
    adam Month ago

    Need to get some rockers and metal heads on here! Get Danni Filth, would love to see how his voice sounds when his gums are on fire!

  • Ravager Nick
    Ravager Nick Month ago

    Get Bendict Cumberbatch on the show!!!!

  • Seayoung Park
    Seayoung Park Month ago


  • wakenbakin1
    wakenbakin1 2 months ago

    to Joe rogan you don't have the balls to be on this show

  • wakenbakin1
    wakenbakin1 2 months ago

    or Jonny Knoxville would be siiik

  • wakenbakin1
    wakenbakin1 2 months ago

    Dwayne Johnson next please !

  • skreeonk
    skreeonk 2 months ago

    I would love to see Bruce Campbell make an appearance.

  • Kris Hutchins
    Kris Hutchins 2 months ago

    I think you should get Joe Rogan....  Sean and him give the best interviews and I think he would have some pretty awesome reactions and perspective!  Probably not as much exposure, but right here before the big fight could be AWESOME!!!

  • marcel feillafe
    marcel feillafe 2 months ago

    Have you ever been to Australia Mr Sean Evans? there is this terrible place called Crazy Wing in Melbourne. Its a chain but I've never been to any of the ones outside the city. It is the Melbourne Wings challenge. I dont know if its a thing but did see a group of young dudes with a huge bottle of strawberry milk between them out the front in on the footpath suffering. The only time I went there I had just gotten over food poisoning so i missed the crazy wings but its the only time I've ever seen someone almost crap themselves it was so hot. My Malaysian friend was talking trash about how this stuff isn't hot, then the crazy wings came out. He sat through it for probably 30 seconds before running to the toilet for like 20min in the restaurant. Anyway thought I'd share. great work. love it.

  • Chloe Cee
    Chloe Cee 2 months ago

    Get Brian Sella from The Front Bottoms!!!

    BGYN LLC 2 months ago

    What is your favorite product in our store?

  • Jon Le Beau
    Jon Le Beau 2 months ago


  • Dan D'Alessio
    Dan D'Alessio 2 months ago

    congrats on the Stephen Colbert appearance!

  • OS M
    OS M 2 months ago

    JENNIFER LAWRENCE please! More women!

  • Bent Knee fan
    Bent Knee fan 2 months ago

    More Food Grails please!

  • Ben Lorenz
    Ben Lorenz 2 months ago

    Dude, Run The Jewels, asap - PLEASE

  • debesay
    debesay 2 months ago

    tiffany Haddish please

  • pashcan
    pashcan 2 months ago

    Congrats to Hot Ones crew on making it "big time" with Sean's appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Now high profile guests will try to book themselves on your show... It's all well deserved attention and praise!

  • Nylon
    Nylon 2 months ago

    Congrats on Colbert! Was so very excited to see you get the praise you and your team reserve. Phenomenal research, solid interviewing skills and a wicked smart concept.

  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge 2 months ago

    I just wanted to say I saw you on Stephen Colbert, and after watching 5 more episode I'm not only hooked, but you helped me feel better after a bad day. Thank you for that! I have but one request - it would be brilliant if you got Hannah Hart on your show where you could both drink and eat wings at the same time :)

  • The Sneezing Picture
    The Sneezing Picture 2 months ago

    Just saw Sean Evans on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, congrats buddy, that's amazing! After the subscriber bump, I can proudly go all hipster and say I was subbed BEFORE all these posers

  • Dom Leon
    Dom Leon 2 months ago

    Hey Sean saw you on Late night with Colbert. Your in the big leagues now and it's much deserved. CONGRATS on your current and future success!!!

  • Michael David
    Michael David 2 months ago

    THE LATE SHOW - Starring OUR MAN!!!!!!!
    Congrats Sean and the team for this HUGE surprise!!!!

  • Cody Pittman
    Cody Pittman 2 months ago

    Oh snap! Big Props to Sean Evans for receiving the "Colbert Bump". Hot One's is going mainstream.

  • Akuma Hokoru
    Akuma Hokoru 2 months ago


  • xarvous
    xarvous 2 months ago

    What is even happening on Colbert right now? Absolutely epic. Also, Colbert more hardcore than DJ Khaled.

  • Tim Bishop
    Tim Bishop 2 months ago

    I wonder who will be on this week but I cant wait :D

  • CaptnNuttSack
    CaptnNuttSack 2 months ago

    We want Lil Dicky. Give us the Dicky Sean. Give us the Dicky.

  • Julia Macchiarola
    Julia Macchiarola 2 months ago

    Ninja and/or yolandi from Die Antword

  • Ray Pereira
    Ray Pereira 2 months ago

    Great show! even greater host! Love it! i would like to see Snoop Dogg as a guest! What you think?

  • Trip Cerberus
    Trip Cerberus 2 months ago

    Please get George RR Martin on the show.

  • Xenith Orb
    Xenith Orb 2 months ago

    Get shaq for hot ones

  • Joran de Raaff
    Joran de Raaff 2 months ago

    I have no idea if this is the place to do a suggestion, but here goes: I'd love to see an episode with Run The Jewels.

  • indigojack99
    indigojack99 2 months ago

    yall niggas good funny

  • Spooky Scary Gang Raping Skeleton

    do hitler pls

  • maltazor666
    maltazor666 2 months ago

    Nobody gives a shit about Steve-O.

  • Ravenn Weber
    Ravenn Weber 2 months ago

    you guys should have Binging with babish on your show XD

  • omalley2324
    omalley2324 2 months ago

    gordon ramsey

  • Blender Dumbass
    Blender Dumbass 2 months ago

    invite some kids stars...

  • Ryan Turner
    Ryan Turner 2 months ago

    I have 3 gmail accounts and subscribed to First We Feast with each one. Love this channel!

  • Michael Francis
    Michael Francis 2 months ago

    Love this show but why not open it up to more diversity in guests. Not all of us are rap and hip hop fans. Though it's fun watching them get interviewed. Get some rockers on there. Or even some b list actors. Maybe a crooked politician or two see if you can get them to crack under the pressure. Heck even some of the NASCAR guys would be hilarious.

    • OS M
      OS M 2 months ago

      Yes agreed; and more women

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 months ago

    Gotta get Michael from VSauce!

  • Hector.t.k
    Hector.t.k 2 months ago

    I want to see Connor McGregor go on hot ones

  • Siman Shrestha
    Siman Shrestha 2 months ago

    Get Conor McGregor on the show!

  • Joe Landy
    Joe Landy 2 months ago

    Hey Sean, how's it going? Love the material man. My mate Saba thinks you should get karrueche tran to do an episode. You would be great together. If you could make this happen you would be the coolest.

  • RazorRaptor17
    RazorRaptor17 2 months ago

    Christopher Walken plz!

  • Cypeq
    Cypeq 2 months ago

    Sean my man I respect you greatly, it's not easy life to have your butthole on fire 5 days a week.

  • Ebola Chan
    Ebola Chan 2 months ago

    you should invite Trump, he would do it certainly

  • calvin mack
    calvin mack 2 months ago

    Just got my first taste of Hot Ones sauce today and I have to comment considering how much I like to see the suffering on the show. First of all, I watch also because of the quality of the interview. Second of all, the flavor of the Hot Ones sauce is absolutely perfect with Party Time pizza and I can't wait to make some wings with it. Third of all, I love the little touches in the order box from and I will be replenishing it when I'm done with these three bottles. I can honestly say I'm not a big fan of sriracha or tabasco; your sauce is the savior of my taste buds. From heat with love. Even if your show sucked balls, I would rate the sauce as the best I've ever had

  • Joshua Wilson
    Joshua Wilson 2 months ago

    There are lots of shows about food, but I think, what we come to watch... the interviews. Hot Ones uses a something as simple as hot sauce to give us an authentic perspective on people- who otherwise go to great lengths to appear a certain way. It seems that this is where the "magic" really is. Just wanted to share feedback as a huge fan of the show. Keep up the good work, pimpdiggles!

  • MustardTiger
    MustardTiger 2 months ago

    Get Rude Jude from Shade45! He would definitely do it to plug his upcoming book.

  • Rpu4
    Rpu4 2 months ago

    Here are my suggestions for guests: Wil Wheaton, James Arnold Taylor and Alan Alda :)

  • moonpatroler
    moonpatroler 2 months ago

    Flula Borg cmon

  • Nicolas mailloux
    Nicolas mailloux 2 months ago

    I'd like to see Andrew Zimmern on Hot Ones.

  • Karwan Qaradagi
    Karwan Qaradagi 3 months ago

    You need to do a late night marathon of Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, James Corden, Fallon.... see how each of them do...

  • Michael Bristow
    Michael Bristow 3 months ago

    Can you do a video showing how you prep the chicken wings for hot ones?

  • Michael Bristow
    Michael Bristow 3 months ago

    You should totally sell a bumper gift pack of all your seasons hot sauces. I'm in the UK and can't get these ones easliy.

    • OS M
      OS M 2 months ago


  • Miguel Valenzuela
    Miguel Valenzuela 3 months ago

    John Cena

  • GoddessAstrola
    GoddessAstrola 3 months ago

    I noticed that your Hot Ones the hottest sauce you have only goes to 550,000 Scoville Units I have a seasoning that is a sauce and a powder combo that I use for my Teargas Chicken recipe and it can be applied to wings. It clocks in at over 1.5 million Scoville Units they are called Demon's Blood and Devil's Dust. You cannot purchase these from any store I make them. If you would like to acquire samples please contact me at my channel.

    • Scopi
      Scopi 3 months ago

      That should be added on as a bonus round!

  • Scopi
    Scopi 3 months ago

    You guys are awesome with such a great original idea! Thanks for the inspiration and awesome vids!!!

  • David Z
    David Z 3 months ago

    If it's not already in progress, please have Andrew Rea from Binging with Babish on Hot Ones.

  • nigel t
    nigel t 3 months ago

    the guy from binging with babbish

  • Suren Kanchi
    Suren Kanchi 3 months ago

    You guys need to interview more women. Girls always talk about carrying hot sauce lol, you need to show em what's up. Really enjoy the show, great videos.

  • Mear The Meary
    Mear The Meary 3 months ago

    Jeff Kaplan would be fun to see on Hot Ones!!!!

  • Jay Po
    Jay Po 3 months ago

    Shoenice will down a whole bottle of mega death ijs.

  • scottlw
    scottlw 3 months ago

    On hot ones,

    Have you ever found yourself in the situation of asking a question then thinking, "I shouldnt have asked that" after seeing how the guest reacts or replys to the question? Or in hindsight, had a question you wished you asked a certain guest?

  • Stephen Peterson
    Stephen Peterson 3 months ago


  • Anathema Blackest
    Anathema Blackest 3 months ago

    Not that I condone her behavior, but if you guys want an episode with a truly obscene amount of views, get that cash me outside girl

  • Aman Rai
    Aman Rai 3 months ago

    Next Hot Ones episode ?

  • John Moden
    John Moden 3 months ago

    Aziz Ansari

  • eggfacing
    eggfacing 3 months ago

    Why havent you had Alton Brown on.

  • Foxface Ronin
    Foxface Ronin 3 months ago

    Yo Sean, Just wanted to say, digging the show. Also, I think you'd make a good Lex Luthor. Ever consider acting? Think about it.

  • Mikael Karlsson
    Mikael Karlsson 3 months ago

    John DiMaggio Or Billy West would be crazy! West can tell Stern historis and DiMaggio is just god

  • Ryan Oliver
    Ryan Oliver 3 months ago

    First We Feast has more subs than Complex. We all saw this day coming right? (though sure, it probably happened a couple weeks ago)

  • wHereZmyBraIn
    wHereZmyBraIn 3 months ago

    You Should do Satans blood

  • HanQuixote
    HanQuixote 3 months ago

    Four people i'd love to see on Hot Ones: Ron Perlman, Jim Beaver, Bruce Campbell, & Mike Watt.

  • nian luisman
    nian luisman 3 months ago

    Brian Ambs!!!

  • Samsung Lanos
    Samsung Lanos 3 months ago


  • Igal Neshto
    Igal Neshto 3 months ago

    After seeing Neil Tyson..... You gotta get Jordan Peterson in there! His brain is a gem to be picked!

  • William Hennessy
    William Hennessy 3 months ago

    George W. Bush

  • AquaMizzle
    AquaMizzle 3 months ago

    Mitch McConnell

  • Alex Homer
    Alex Homer 3 months ago

    Hello Hot Ones, check it out, I know Chili Klaus has technically been on Hot Ones before, but now, on a special EXTRA HOT summer episode, Sean Evans hosts and interviews Chili Klaus while they both endure even hotter hot sauces than is tradition... featuring sauces from First We Feat's very own 'top 10 hottest hot sauces you can buy now' list.

  • Youtubehasaids
    Youtubehasaids 3 months ago

    Joe Rogan
    Alex Jones
    They guys from roadkill

  • Paul Mares
    Paul Mares 3 months ago

    You know who'd be a great guest? Either Conan O'Brian or JOrdan Schlansky, his fake italian ShowCaseGimp

  • TheAcidFiles
    TheAcidFiles 3 months ago

    I'm sure it's been said (but I'm not reading thousands of comments), but Joe Rogan would be awesome on this, maybe even Seth MacFarlane. And rap stars are funny on this, but what about metal band lead singers?

  • beamyappleV2
    beamyappleV2 4 months ago

    this has probably been said before but is there a reason you use blairs mega death sauce on hot ones, instead of blairs ultra death sauce?

  • Deep Patel
    Deep Patel 4 months ago

    I don't know how I found this channel, but i love it. Is there a package where I can buy the hout sauce line up?

  • Tyrone brimage
    Tyrone brimage 4 months ago

    i peeped this nigga on no jumper!!!!

  • MaineGeek75
    MaineGeek75 4 months ago

    So was watching your Bert Kreischer video. Loved it..Now, I have eaten the 100% Pain. Yes it's hot. But it tastes pretty good to me. On your video you state that its 40600 scoville units. A lot of the places that I have seen only rate it at 13,650. I think you should try Endorphin Rush Beyond Hot Sauce (33,500 Scoville units). It's a little hotter to me than 100% pain, but it has a fruity, tropical flavor that packs a good punch on the heat side. I have never had the opportunity to try anything hotter than that. anyway. Like I said, you should try Endorphin Rush. Really good stuff.

  • Kalon
    Kalon 4 months ago

    How do you not get stomach ulcers from eating such spicy food so often? I got half way through a bottle of 357 before I had to stop using it and wait out the ulcer.

  • steve mill
    steve mill 4 months ago

    you made TMZ NiCE