Black Bart
Black Bart
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Bart Superman!Bart Superman!
Bart Superman!
3 months ago
Lisa's New Friend!Lisa's New Friend!
Lisa's New Friend!
3 months ago
Bart With Love!Bart With Love!
Bart With Love!
3 months ago
School Is Hell!School Is Hell!
School Is Hell!
3 months ago
In another world!In another world!
In another world!
3 months ago
Ninja School!Ninja School!
Ninja School!
3 months ago
My Buddy!My Buddy!
My Buddy!
3 months ago

Comments • 25

  • logan gongas
    logan gongas Month ago


  • Black Bart
    Black Bart 2 months ago


  • The Crappy Animation Warehouse

    I'm dieying obout this vidoe

  • Abritryboi
    Abritryboi 2 months ago

    Can you change your intro and outro to old black Bart intro and outro?

  • Abritryboi
    Abritryboi 2 months ago

    Hello thx for naming your channel back in black bart

  • Abritryboi
    Abritryboi 2 months ago


  • Abritryboi
    Abritryboi 2 months ago

    And why did you hide the subscriber count becuse I don't know if you. Have 1k or 99k 1,0000000

  • Abritryboi
    Abritryboi 2 months ago

    Why did you change your name to happy lunch instead of black Bart

  • TheMightyGamer7
    TheMightyGamer7 2 months ago

    Why are you called black Bart and Happy Lunch?

  • Alpha
    Alpha 2 months ago

    can i be featured in one of your intros?

  • 8-Bit Izzy
    8-Bit Izzy 2 months ago

    You have no subscribers. Sad.

  • M Thiede
    M Thiede 3 months ago

    maybe start by fixing your end of video thing.. on black bart -- usually messes up the end of the clip. makes me not want to sub. or watch any more.

  • Ricky Berwick 2
    Ricky Berwick 2 3 months ago

    are you ganna chnage your name to black bart?

  • Ricky Berwick 2
    Ricky Berwick 2 3 months ago

    Black Bart can you please come in now?

  • Bornstellar-Makes-Eternal-Lasting

    Where's the videos???

  • Mrmbag0703 last
    Mrmbag0703 last Year ago

    there. you got 150k subs. now please delete your fucking channel. i said please so you have to do it. didn't your mom tell you that?

  • Yo-kai Watch Jibanyan

    do you like my little pony friendship is magic?

  • FFAplays
    FFAplays Year ago

    recommend to quit youtube.

  • Eric Wilson
    Eric Wilson Year ago

    This channel is shit

    • Motilal Motilal
      Motilal Motilal Year ago

      I agree. Just rehashing the same clips that 100 other channels are doing.

  • stanley evans-power

    115K, Wow! And people disliked your making money video... Social Blade says you make 4 thousand to 70 thousand a month :0 is that true?

  • Nicky227
    Nicky227 Year ago

    hmm... no sub counter why no sub counter?

    • FFAplays
      FFAplays Year ago

      he wanted to hide his subs to get more subs when ppl didnt know his sub amount sooo.... he also lost subs

  • Lee McKenzie
    Lee McKenzie Year ago

    Coming on 6.4million views and not one sub RIP

  • E A T
    E A T Year ago

    A bit strange how you got so many subs in a couple of days huh?

    • Ash
      Ash Year ago

      Joined Dec 11, 2011

  • WW2 Soldier Gaming and other stuff

    100k subs huh? Good luck with that

  • migero
    migero Year ago

    Help Me Get 10.000Sub on 1 week old channel LOL

    • Ash
      Ash Year ago

      Joined Dec 11, 2011