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  • Air Explorer
    Air Explorer 3 years ago

    Nice channel l subed ! Hope you sub back ;) ! PS: Continue to share your experience with US ! :)

  • FL-HDplanespotting
    FL-HDplanespotting 4 years ago

    Just fantastic channel !! I sub for sure !! Sub back ? ;) Greetings from Albi, France !

  • west-island kev
    west-island kev 5 years ago

    I subbed, great videos. Greetings from Kevin CYUL Montreal, Canada!

  • O'Hare Aviation - Jay's HD Plane Spotting

    Thanks for the sub!

  • bananamanuk TBP HYMAR

    a very nice channel, steady videos with excellent sound

  • YellowFlapsCrew
    YellowFlapsCrew 6 years ago

    Hey, you've got some very nice videos! I subbed. :) Would you sub back? I'd be really pleased. Greetings from Germany!

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 6 years ago

    Very nice channel!!!

  • ZurichAirportSpotter

    Love your channel, subbed. Please sub back?

  • Victor Genuth
    Victor Genuth 7 years ago

    excelent channel and film aviator !

  • Joluqa Malta
    Joluqa Malta 7 years ago

    Thank you my friend and you have a great channel .

  • AirwaysTV
    AirwaysTV 7 years ago

    U have cool video's ! I subbed, watch my channel?

  • no1matthew1
    no1matthew1 7 years ago

    nice channel, subbed your other channel aswell, plase sub back? :)

  • bristolcardifairport

    I subbed.

  • SKBenergy
    SKBenergy 7 years ago

    i sub and greetings from the Caribbean

  • Videography by gregster295

    nice new channel :) hope it goes well in the future :) i subscribed subscribe to mine?? :)

  • airaction2257
    airaction2257 7 years ago

    Great news mate look forward to seeing your video's!!

  • MANAviationHD
    MANAviationHD 7 years ago

    Nice to see a new channel James,look forward to some New HD videos!

  • mariodebontridder
    mariodebontridder 7 years ago

    i subbed!! and liked your FIRST vid!!! i cant wait for the next vid!!! please check my channel out and maybe sub back!! what do you think of my last spotvid!? with the B747-400!!!

  • LeicesterPilot
    LeicesterPilot 7 years ago

    Looking forwards to the new video!