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Arabic with MahaArabic with Maha
Arabic with Maha
2 years ago

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  • laura monso
    laura monso Year ago

    Hi Maha just starting to learn Hebrew with your videos I am moving to Israel in few month to do a volunteer job in Jerusalem God's will and I am made the decision to learn some over there but want to know something in advance and your videos are very helpful, thank you !

  • Piotrkos piotr
    Piotrkos piotr Year ago

    You are a very beutyfull women

  • Learning Arabic with mohamed naser

    من أى بلد أنتى ؟ وأين درستى العربية ؟

  • Serhat Canatan
    Serhat Canatan Year ago

    pls make more videso with lebanese dialect or palestinian

  • Ahmed Samir
    Ahmed Samir Year ago

    مرحبا أدعو أحمد والعربية هي لغتي Hello I call Ahmed and Arabic is my language.. can I help..

  • Sachein Anand
    Sachein Anand Year ago

    Hi, I love the Arab bread that you have made. will you please teach me how to make garlic sauce toum. since there is so many of them i tried but unsuccessful. thank you..

  • funfair1618
    funfair1618 Year ago

    Dear Maha, I have just a little remark that may turn to be a question, But first, thank you so much for your videos, Chukran. Now I can write the name of all my friends and family in arabic and read arabic, and it just took me two days thank to your great method ! Chukran ! Yet, Maybe your video in two parts on the vowels is not totaly complete. For example, it seems me that you don't explain how you can make the sound AE with the Ya. Is it when there is a consonant with a short A followed directly by a Ya, like in the word Alayhim ? Thank you from France, Chukran !

  • Winterstein Linguistics

    Thank you, Maha, for sharing with us so generously your love for your language and culture!

  • Kimley Neth Jr
    Kimley Neth Jr Year ago

    I'm very interested in taking Arabic lessons from you Maha! What are your plans for upcoming lessons dates?? More specifically beginner lessons??:)

  • Horizon of The Last

    You're fully aware of how to learn a language easily. So you tryna teach it the same way. I'm grateful. Teşekkür ederim. Şükran.

  • محمد طارق المناوي

    اقدر اتواصل مع حضرتك ازاى انا كنت عايز اكمل ماجيستير فى ايطاليا واكمل شغل فيها فعايز اعرف حجات عن الدوله واللغة تاخد اد ايه علشان اتقنها

  • TheLaimar
    TheLaimar Year ago

    Hej Maha, I reale like your arabic Wax Tutorial. It has helped me a lot in the past. Now I am about to make a new batch but the audio has been removed!!! :(

  • srinivas chepuri

    Dear Maha, Thanks for your Arabic lessons and i am very much interested learn Arabic, I am just going through all your videos to learn alphabets but after completing the video TVclip is taking me to auto play which is routing to other video which is not in sequence lessons. We would like to know is there any website where you have mentioned all the information to learn arabic. I really appreciate your help in larning the arabic and i dont whether you have the time to read all the users post but i am waiting for my luck to get prompt response from your end. Regards Srinivas - KSA

  • Soraya Signorina

    Maha, I'm so happy to find your videos. I am committed to learning Arabic this year and you will be my teacher! I have a bit of a personal question to ask; is there an email address you share publicly?

  • Luyig Miro
    Luyig Miro Year ago

    hi maha أنا طالب صيني و أدرس اللغة العربية في مصر الآن و قبل ذلك درست كثير منك من فيديوك لغويا ثقافيا حتي طباخيا هههههههه أنتظر أعمالك التالية دائما و أعطاك التأييد 😊❤

  • Fotinoura Miloshaya

    dear Maha! i started learning arabic with you almost 3 years ago. I was so passionate and you such a good teacher, that i went to an arabic class one day and the teacher asked me if i have arab origins..! now its been a long time since i dont practice and didnt have people to talk to, so i have forgoten lots... Anyway, i need your help now :-) i need to communicate with children from arab countries at a school environment. For now I need some expressions that are mostly used on children behaviour, good or bad. I would be very gratefull if you can help me this way! Alif sukran ya mudarissa! God bless you

  • Teacher Kendra
    Teacher Kendra Year ago

    Hi Maha! I don't know if you check these since the videos I've been watching are from years ago ^_^ I love your teaching style, and I wonder if you have videos teaching English to Arabic speakers? I'm an English teacher, but I'm finding it really difficult to teach low beginner Arabic speakers some concepts such as how to pronounce our "P" sound. I would love to direct them to some youtube videos if you have any. Thank you, Grazie, Shukran ♥

  • Maha Ibn
    Maha Ibn Year ago

    My name is Maha too!!!

  • antonio evangelista

    Morning Maha, I studied some arabic with a proff by my own cause of my job I can not follow a regular course, He told me my level is B1 arabic beginner and may be I can prepare the exam in a local school but can you tell me correctly what is included in this B1 PROGRAM for ARABIC BEGINNER? thanks

  • Ella Lang
    Ella Lang Year ago

    Dear Maha, absolutely great idea and channel! I'm just about to start with it - and interested in both, Arabic and Hebrew- but find the playlists bit confusing. Is it possible to arrange them chronologically so that single lessons appear in a playlist as you publish them and as we would improve? Right now it appears quite mixed and I have Impression that I need to create my own playlist for overview. I know this means additional work for you but this might be useful for future playlists. Shukran in advance :)

  • Gorjan Ćemanović

    Marhaban. Could anyone recommend Arabic internet radio station, but only with talks/discussions/news? I found plenty of stations with music, but would like to expose myself to conversation/reading primarily. MSA, but dialects are fine as well. Shukran.

  • Sena Ata
    Sena Ata Year ago

    You have lovely teeth Maha!

  • amin andari
    amin andari Year ago

    السلام علیکم انا ایرانی و تعلمت اللغة العربیة جیدا و احب التعرف علی حضرتک هذا رقم جوالی لبرنامج واتساب و تلیکرام 00989399738014

  • Maerifat Majeed
    Maerifat Majeed Year ago

    your lectures are full of knowledge but you dont cover body. sorry

  • Pier Stein
    Pier Stein Year ago

    Hi Maha, Great channel you have here! :) I just wanted to show you a pretty cool tool that two friends and me just made to easily learn the vocabulary you want. Maybe you or your audience find it useful? We would be flattered if you would give it a try! It's called Wordeys and you'll find it on Google! Hope you like it and looking forward to hearing from you! Happy Sunday, Pier

  • Cailie Betz
    Cailie Betz Year ago

    Is there any accessible supplemental materials I can be using in conjunction with your and other videos I am watching.


    Ahalan wasahalan bikum Ana muhammad Nasir min nageria I want to use this opportunity to extend my regards to you anty maha by saying shukra laki optimistic you and your family lone life and prosperity Because really enjoy your lectures god bless you

  • Miguel Michael
    Miguel Michael Year ago

    Congratulations and Felicidades for your excellent work, hope that you learn some spanish and do some arab classes for spanish speaking countries! May God bless you and keep you as beautiful a you are!!

  • Miguel Michael
    Miguel Michael 2 years ago

    I loved your videos and learnt arab a lot, you are beautiful, sweet and awesome. Just a comment: Watching your last video I noticed your eyebrows angled up...I think...or thinner??...your old eyebrow form was much better because your beautiful hazelnut eyes, the bushier the better! Go on with more videos!!! Blessings!

  • Frieda Hamd
    Frieda Hamd 2 years ago

    And for the vegetarians grape leaves what size rice do you use

  • Frieda Hamd
    Frieda Hamd 2 years ago

    On the grape leaves what size rice do you use

  • Bsheer Allebe
    Bsheer Allebe 2 years ago

    Voglio nuove lezioni in lingua italiana. In aeroporto

  • Nicole Castillo
    Nicole Castillo 2 years ago

    i have a question. You are so beautiful, smart and your videos are awesome and so helpful. to understand islamic faith, ive started reading the Quaran. im still early in the book bt i read Allah doesnt hear the prayers of uncovered women. Do you consider yourself a "good" muslim? im just curious why you dont have the traditional hajab

    • Dive Etaz
      Dive Etaz Year ago

      Being arab doesn't make you Muslim, there are some jews and christians

    • Asaph Elysée
      Asaph Elysée Year ago

      Why are u guys always raisin nonesensical issues wherever thr's no need to..? She makes videos for people to learn Arabic, what are you looking for in questionning her faith instead of learning from her?? If the way she dresses disturbs u that much then choose another platform that fits your views and learn ARABIC over there........... But don't bring yourself and talk.......Nonsense Nicole Castillo

    • بهاء الدّين l BAHAA EDDINE
      بهاء الدّين l BAHAA EDDINE Year ago

      there is no god but ALLAH , ISLAM is true religion ,adultery forbidden

    • Qadeer Khan
      Qadeer Khan Year ago

      it is a personal choice no one other than the person can decide whether she is a good or bad Muslim. The point you raised may be related to self accountability and self analysis

    • Mir monir hossain Rasel
      Mir monir hossain Rasel 2 years ago

      i have a same question ...............

  • elyes chellik
    elyes chellik 2 years ago

    give me your facebook please

  • shaily raju
    shaily raju 2 years ago

    Great channel .learnt to read and write Arabic with you.thanks.What does مدٌّ بالياءِ mean in Arabic?

  • Phil Danza
    Phil Danza 2 years ago

    I've found the prepositions videos really useful recently, would be great if you made some about some other prepositions.

  • magnmadsen
    magnmadsen 2 years ago

    I hope arabic will die with the flies. Thanxs.

  • Daniel Toilazic
    Daniel Toilazic 2 years ago

    Bonsoir Maha, Vous êtes particulièrement agréable et intelligente aussi. Pourriez-vous faire des cours d'Arabe en Français ? Cordialement.

  • Jacopo Cerro
    Jacopo Cerro 2 years ago

    Maha potresti fare delle lezioni su come usare l hamza anche insieme alla waw e la ya? Inoltre ho visto un'altra lettera particolare molto usata ina specie di ya senza i puntini ى puoi farci una lezione?

  • Dildar Husain
    Dildar Husain 2 years ago

    thank you so much you make this video i liket really i dildar huasin indian but live in saudi arabiya

  • IBN Arthur Media
    IBN Arthur Media 2 years ago

    Ahlaan, We listening to Arabic and pronouncing Arabic how can I hear the difference between Seen wa Sad?? Ex. sura vs. Sura??? Shookran

  • Jessica Ayoub
    Jessica Ayoub 2 years ago

    Hi! Thank you for your lessons on learning to read and write Arabic. I do speak Lebanese but I don't understand MSA. Do you have a video for some vocabulary in MSA?

  • Flamos rs
    Flamos rs 2 years ago

    come bella

  • ahmed elkholy
    ahmed elkholy 2 years ago

    your email, please

  • John Harrington
    John Harrington 2 years ago

    love your channel very much! but can you tell me how to pronounce the double "R"? pretty difficult for me.

  • anonymos 7
    anonymos 7 2 years ago

    Marry me !

  • Mohamed Magdy
    Mohamed Magdy 2 years ago

    السلام عليكم انا محمد من مصر. بشكرك كثير علي هذا المجهود رائع جدا يا جميل بالمصري ... انا بخطط اني اسافر لايطاليا وحاليا بتعلم الايطالي وكنت حابب اعرف منك عن الحياة هناك والدراسه ايضا per favore

  • dipen gautam
    dipen gautam 2 years ago

    maha, now i am your best student from NEPAL i want to learn arabic

  • Heraclite D'Ephèse
    Heraclite D'Ephèse 2 years ago

    You're so beautiful and intelligent. Don't change, you pronounce correctelly words and you take your time to speak and to explain us. I'm originary of Morocco but I live in France and learn arabic is, for me, important, because I'm arabic, we speak arabic in my religion and even in others religion arabic have an awesome pronounciation. In fact, the arabic calligraphy is interesting. But the problem is that I don't know speak arabic, but with your lessons is like if it's done. Thank you, still !!

  • ari ben saportas valencia

    hello maha,i am from Colombia south america living in mexico,long time not seen such a beautiful woman like you,with a lot of energy,so fresh,intelligent and with a lot of charistma sorry for my writing english is not my mother tongue...i am jew and i think you are the best example the human kind can live in peace..congratulations for be the person you are...you have to much vitality in every video you make...also i think with a teacher like you anybody can learn whatever you teach...have a nice life..you deserve the best...nice to found you here in internet...Shalom la

  • thearchitect27
    thearchitect27 2 years ago

    Salam Maha! I actually speak Urdu (Pakistani-American) and I love the Arabic language, so your channel is awesome! But I have a question. So in many Arabic words or phrases, especially when I read the Qur'an, there is "al" before a word. What is the logic of "al" and when do I pronounce it? Shuk'ran habibi, Ma'salama!

  • Mario Kraus
    Mario Kraus 2 years ago

    More lessons please, dear Maha :-) I love them

  • Hamza The Linguist
    Hamza The Linguist 2 years ago

    Long time fan of your channel, keep it up. I would like to hear more about the Palestinian Christian experience. How do Palestinian Christians live with all the oppression, how is their religious practice affected by the Zionists, etc. It would also be cool if you went over bible verses in Arabic.

  • pusang halaw
    pusang halaw 2 years ago

    Ramadan Mubarak : ) Salam to all muslims in your holy season.

    • Heraclite D'Ephèse
      Heraclite D'Ephèse 2 years ago

      Soon it's over !!!!! We are (or I'm) so killed... But we don't know when is Aïd, someones say Monday (fourth of July), others Wednesday...

  • Polyglot University
    Polyglot University 2 years ago

    We approve your channel.

  • Kaptain AJK
    Kaptain AJK 2 years ago

    how am i supposed to learn arabic when your so fuckin sexy i just beat my meat to your videos Kappa

  • التسويق الالكتروني

    you 'r pretty maha

  • Mohammed Elhussiny
    Mohammed Elhussiny 2 years ago

    could you plz send me a name of book that you recommend me to study from it italiano as I have just started learning italian language

  • Paco Garcia
    Paco Garcia 2 years ago

    I would like to say that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen on my life, how do you say that in arabic?

  • jtubiter
    jtubiter 2 years ago

    Mar7aba, i assume you originally speak with a madani accent but would it be possible to do a series on the falahi dialects. Mainly interested in regions such as qalqiliya, turmus aya, beit hanina, etc. Not only chaf for kaf and kaf for qaf but also the actual dialect.

  • برمجة الكمبيوتر Arabic Comp programing

    MY ARABIC COMPUTER TEACHING CHANNEL................. tvclip.biz/channel/UCmPOFyyLmn0h3uvMwP9gBmQ ARABIC COMMUNITY AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.Learning Computer Programming, Web Design, Web Development, Paper motion EngineerinElectronics, Arabic Reading, Reading fluency, Html Programming, Cascading Style Sheet Programming, JavaScript Programming, PHP Programming, Mysql, PowerPointTraning, MIcrosoft Word Training, Arabic/English Bilingual Computer Training, Web Design Training, Adobe PhotoShop Training, Reading Books Advocacy Service, Promoting Reading Institute, Reading with Confidence Centre.

  • Getsemaní Sinaí Villanueva Amador

    Asalam Alaikkum Maha! Thank you so much for your videos. By any chance, do you know a channel o web site with arabic music with subtitles like yours? Because I found them translated to english or with arabic lyrics only. And I would like to sing and repeat like in your classes. Thanks again.

  • Jonathan Benson
    Jonathan Benson 2 years ago

    How would God say "I love you" to me(man) in Hebrew, Or should I ask how it is written?

  • nasair78
    nasair78 3 years ago

    Hello, Does someone knows an arabic animated serie (or any arabic TV show) that can be found subbed (in english or french) on the internet ??? Thanks in advance

  • Khary Marshall
    Khary Marshall 3 years ago

    thank you for sharing

  • Andreas Eriksson
    Andreas Eriksson 3 years ago

    If a word begins with a short vowel, how do you write it? For example my name; Andreas. If it was a long "A" at the beginning I would write it with an "alif", right? But now it's pronounced quite short. How do I solve this, since I don't have a consonant to use the dash for short "a" with?

    • oxus72
      oxus72 3 years ago

      +Andreas Eriksson Jag är ny på det här och lär mig medan jag skriver men t.ex. 'du' skrivs أنتم och om du lyssnar på en online translate så är det ett kort [~Änton]. Alif kan 'bära' korta initiala vokaler utöver att vara en lång vokal i sig. För att direktcitera 'Mastering Arabic': "If a word begins with a short vowel, the vowel sign cannot simply hang in the air before the next letter. So the vowel sign is placed above or under an alif" . Sybolen ovanför i exemplet är inte en vokal utan en 'hamza', själva vokalen är inte utsatt. För att förtydliga att det gäller vokalen 'a' sätter du till din a-markör direkt ovanför hamza:t. Samma mönster gäller för 'u', medan 'i' placeras under hamza som i sin tur hamnar under alif. Anybody feel free to correct where I'm wrong or inconclusive.

  • Travis Probert
    Travis Probert 3 years ago

    Hi Maha, love your food videos...do you have a recipe for a traditional shanklish recipe that requires mold growth and scraping cheese?

  • nash jeet
    nash jeet 3 years ago

    I have a friend who is a Dr. he was studying in Iraq during the gulf war. He was in love with a girl whose name was Maha. He could not marry that girl. I am still sorry for him. You remind me of my friend.

  • nash jeet
    nash jeet 3 years ago

    Hi Maha I would very much like to get one of your Arabic pan. Is it possible because I live in the Indian Ocean in an Island called Mauritius?

  • Josh Early
    Josh Early 3 years ago

    Hi Maha! I have a student that just moved to the US from Syria. Watching your videos is helping me rapidly learn to help communicate with her and help her learn math and English. I can now look up a word with Google, and know how to write it and (roughly) pronounce it after just a week.

  • Hector Carrasquillo Sr.

    What is better to learn, Hebrew or Arabic?

    • Hector Carrasquillo Sr.
      Hector Carrasquillo Sr. 3 years ago

      +Caroline Solomon Thanks sweetz. I will try to learn both. I already speak Spanish/English. Shalom...;)

    • Caroline
      Caroline 3 years ago

      +Hector Carrasquillo Sr. Why don't you learn both of the?. I speak Hebrew and now I'm starting to learn Arabic of course the letters are completely different but many words in Hebrew and Arabic when you pronounce them are quite similar so it's easy to remember. Good luck. It'great to know a few languages.

  • kin gega
    kin gega 3 years ago

    Studio le relazioni tra le lingue e trovo il suo lavoro fatta bene e piacevole. La pregherei di accompagnare il dettato con la scrittura a vista. Sarebbe un valore aggiunto! Grazie!

  • Ali Waheed
    Ali Waheed 3 years ago

    Maha can you please teach me Arabic phrases a doctor can learn because he might have patients who speak only Arabic? Thank you.

  • nana no
    nana no 3 years ago

    كملي دروس ايطالي من فضلك انت احسن مدرسه شفتها

  • Ismail El Youssoufi
    Ismail El Youssoufi 3 years ago

    where are you from please

  • Maha ben ali
    Maha ben ali 3 years ago

    exellent madame maha

  • Mariivoire
    Mariivoire 3 years ago

    Is Maha Palestinian or Israeli...I'm just curious, that's all

    • 667Gullin
      667Gullin 2 years ago

      +Mariam Sidibe Palestinian.

    • 667Gullin
      667Gullin 2 years ago

      +Kevin Potter Palestinian from Haifa.

  • Elhombre36
    Elhombre36 3 years ago

    Hello all. I hope somebody actually takes the time to answer me this question if I'm lucky Maha herself. Well here is the thing I been watching Maha's videos for a while now I always wanted to learn Arabic so finding someone like Maha who takes time to teach thru TVclip (free) was exiting for me. The problem is I work in a store and one of my customer told he knows the language and he would teach me , now thou him and Maha agree on lots of things they also disagree in a lot as well. When I told him about Maha he said that she might be teaching a "different" Arabic one that only was known in her country or so. He says he knows what he calls "Egyptian Arabic" which is known in all the Middle East based in him. So this is the question that has been busting my brain who do I listen to? Does Maha in fact teach the Arabic known by all speakers of the language? Are there really different types of Arabic languages? Please keep in mind that I don't mean to disrepect Maha in any way , in case is not obvious enough I don't know what I'm talking about so I mean no harm I do really wish to learn Arabic so please someone answer my question with all seriousness. I hope Maha is right what she is doing is really helpful for those that wish to learn.

    • Yoav Ginsburg
      Yoav Ginsburg 3 years ago

      well, your customer is is right in what he said about Maha's different dialect because she speaks Palestinian Arabic which is very different from Egyptian. he is also semi-right in saying that Egyptian Arabic is widely known, however he might have accidentally confused you. Arabic is subject to a process called Diglossia where a widely spoken language can develop different variants for different places, to make it easier to communicate the MSA (Modern Standard Arabic) was created. so the variant most people understand (though none speak as a mother tongue) is MSA. however since the Egyptian film industry is very popular in the Arabic speaking countries many people are also familiar with Egyptian Arabic.

  • AJ
    AJ 3 years ago

    I'm interested in private lessons let me know if that is possible please thank you

  • نعيم عمران
    نعيم عمران 3 years ago

    Hopedully i get it explained ... He writes =يكتُب He goes=يذهَب My question is why the 'fatha' comes in terms of يذهب and why it doesn't come in terms of يكتب.

  • عبدالرحمن خالد

    اذا ممكن اتواصل معك بالتويتر او اي موقع لظرورة

  • gurt wildurs
    gurt wildurs 3 years ago

    Do you agree with the phrase الموت لإسرائيل?

  • Riyaz Yacoob Saheb
    Riyaz Yacoob Saheb 3 years ago

    Assalaamu Alaikum, Great Site, May Allah Bless You, Ameen !!

  • Clint ROYON
    Clint ROYON 3 years ago

    Where in Palestine are you from ? I am quite familiar with Taybeh because I am there once a year. Would love to meet you in person.

  • Aloma Ricord
    Aloma Ricord 3 years ago

    I would like to get that thing you cook the pita in

  • 1000hassrah
    1000hassrah 3 years ago

    Maha ! Are you married ?

  • Dr. Be
    Dr. Be 3 years ago

    Maha.. 2 cuestiones .. Eres bella embajadora para el pueblo arabe y su idioma sin igual, o embajadora arabe para la belleza y su idioma? ---- y.. me vas a cazar (no es cuestion)

  • Aixa Tovar
    Aixa Tovar 3 years ago

    Hello Maha my name is Aixa and i was wondering if you had pointers on how to pick up arabic quicker. I live with an arabic family and i hardly know whats going on at home. I have been watching your videos and they're a lot of help, but wanted to see if you had any more advice! please help a girl out!!

  • greylock1959
    greylock1959 3 years ago

    I remember the first time I saw you on you tube. Sorry I don't remember which one but I do remember you. I don't know how you feel about the bigger world around you. I just want you to be happy and safe. I want you to have a long life with your family. I don't like what is happening in your part of the world. I use to be a soldier in the USA Marine corps. I know about danger. You will always have people like me who will always be thinking of your safety. Be blessed Maha.

  • Mick Lawlor
    Mick Lawlor 3 years ago

    Did you live in Lebanon?

  • Vito Grassi
    Vito Grassi 3 years ago

    Assalamu alaikum!! Maha, ormai sei una star! :D Tanti saluti da Taranto, e complimenti davvero!! Un tuo grande fan, -Marco!! :)

  • Junaid Shamim
    Junaid Shamim 3 years ago

    I think you are looking for word 'barren' when describing a person without hear.

    • Tristan van Oosten
      Tristan van Oosten 3 years ago

      Hearing impaired ? That's deaf. When a woman cannot conceive children- that's known as barren.

    • Junaid Shamim
      Junaid Shamim 3 years ago

      I meant hair.

  • Bahirullah Bahir
    Bahirullah Bahir 3 years ago

    aslam alikum teachar maha I respect you more becuze I learned Arabic from your videos I download and watch beginner videos that I start from wich playlist of you here is more. thanku

  • shahid shaik
    shahid shaik 3 years ago

    Nice videos Maha, Keep up with the good work. Please let me know if you are taking classes.

  • Savanah Ball
    Savanah Ball 3 years ago

    Can anyone tell me what kind of Arabic this is? I'm really enjoying the teaching style, but a friend who speaks Arabic told me the dialect is not correct.

    • Void LT
      Void LT 3 years ago

      Let me make myself clear, Maha speaks Palestinian Arabic, but teaches Standard Arabic. I'm an Arab, so you can take my word for it.

    • Hannah Handal
      Hannah Handal 3 years ago

      It is Palestinian Arabic. So it is correct is certain regions, but not in all. It is not a formal standard, such as you would find in a Rosetta Stone series for example.

    • Void LT
      Void LT 3 years ago

      Standard Arabic.

  • Prasad
    Prasad 3 years ago

    Miss Maha, simply I can say Its really a wonderfull job,

  • fairouz foufa
    fairouz foufa 3 years ago

    maha per favore baddi paragraph bimawdou3 lfacebookk tkoun faraa basita ya3ni choukran

  • Asfar Nasim
    Asfar Nasim 3 years ago


  • Asfar Nasim
    Asfar Nasim 3 years ago

    salam to maha..arabic teacher...but maha dress is not look like muslim...and when one day maha will died and go to grave then ALLAH gave maha to a very big punnishment with the snakes....and snakes will eat the all body of maha...so maha please u wear the muslim dress..cause u r a teacher of arabic lesson and u r a muslim.......ALLAH la bless on u.AMEEN

  • Aleena Wahid
    Aleena Wahid 3 years ago

    maha, you are awesome. you have really helped me with my arabic. i hope i pass my gcse

  • Nick G
    Nick G 3 years ago

    Hey! Can anyone tell me why a "ha" would have two dots above it? Like this, ة

    • Ahmed H. Ebrahim
      Ahmed H. Ebrahim 3 years ago

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