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I spent a day with NUDISTS
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I maid a mistake (I'm sorry)
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Real ”Live Action” Sonic
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Cringe has gone too far
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YouTube Drama Awards
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*Emo* Anthony Returns
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Fans Roast My Hair
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Dear Virgos...
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Am I Adopted?
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I'm getting a divorce
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I’m going to jail
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Kids help me GET A JOB
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Taking a Dare Too Far
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Meet My New Girlfriend
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He saved me
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Boys night pranks
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Honest workout routine
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Guess who's back!
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  • Sydney
    Sydney 35 seconds ago

    yikes that girl was a nightmare..

  • Koki
    Koki 37 minutes ago

    oh god i love kaiji. thank u for voicing gonta and yasuhiro and koichi,,,

  • Emily Paulson
    Emily Paulson 40 minutes ago

    6:42 “Cause I’m a SNACC” Top 10 best quotes of 2019

  • Jenie's MindEscape

    I'm just here for the shower scenes.

  • Leilah Ortiz
    Leilah Ortiz Hour ago

    this video was awkward and made me cringe too much

  • Ava Swanson
    Ava Swanson Hour ago

    Why does Anthony remind me of Julian Solometa?? I know I spelled his last name wrong.

  • Tannia Eguizabal

    Antoni Hola como te Va la polla

  • sunil mishra
    sunil mishra 2 hours ago

    What the- I didn’t know they even existed By the way how did you even find them

  • Shams Ali
    Shams Ali 2 hours ago

    Uber deactivate me permanently for driving under the influence which is false accusations. I don't drink and drugs are off the question. I completed 3182 trips in 9 months in which more than 2000 trips are 5 star 🌟. I been arguing with uber since June 14th 2019 when I got deactivated. But uber don't accept any thing from driver to prove themselves not guilty. I asked uber why rider complete the trip and next day complain about driver being under the influence. Why don't they cancel the trip immediately and request for another uber. Uber had no awnser. Then I told uber that I have medical condition don't allow me to drink alcohol. Can I provide you doctors letter they said no. I asked uber can I call police to come to my house and take sobriety test. They said no. I asked is their any documents I can provide to prove myself not guilty they said nope. That's not fair. Here in Albuquerque people can be very cruel for few bucks they make false complain and uber believes them. But not the good honest driver. when I got deactivated my rating was 4.91 star 🌟. Imagine being 53 years old why I would do something like that. But uber don't care. Now I m in deep financial crisis in which you never what will happen to me tomorrow.

  • summer marie
    summer marie 2 hours ago

    That is one sweaty ass forehead

  • Rainbow Cookie
    Rainbow Cookie 3 hours ago

    Mwe furry

  • Rainbow Madness
    Rainbow Madness 3 hours ago


  • Burcu A
    Burcu A 3 hours ago

    it's sad how most of the commenters think the girl's behavior justifies their bullying about her physical features, so many hopeless people looking for an excuse to bring somebody down so they can feel better

  • Tristan Ulloa
    Tristan Ulloa 4 hours ago

    if can't well then enjoy life

  • Tristan Ulloa
    Tristan Ulloa 4 hours ago

    can you please join back

  • Eva Barbour
    Eva Barbour 4 hours ago

    Quote of the day. ‘I have cool hair’ - dan Howell

  • i
    i 4 hours ago

    i was going to say this is the best video of the series but ... i think this is the best video on the internet. these people are nuts im obsessed with them

  • Darkmare
    Darkmare 4 hours ago

    Can we just talk about how hilarious Riley is??? She's so funny it's amazing

  • Santino Corleone
    Santino Corleone 4 hours ago


  • bethanie
    bethanie 4 hours ago

    luis seems like such a cool person i won’t lie

  • Alfie Marshall
    Alfie Marshall 5 hours ago

    Um this is relatable

  • speltwithanInotaY
    speltwithanInotaY 5 hours ago

    I feel so much better???

  • Night Moon
    Night Moon 5 hours ago

    Still waiting :3

  • Henry Haines
    Henry Haines 6 hours ago

    omfg yes matty

  • Gwenyth Sefcheck
    Gwenyth Sefcheck 6 hours ago

    1:15 and 1:27 *subtle hint that drew and danny are the same person*

  • Mahir Şamil
    Mahir Şamil 7 hours ago

    In all levels except physical i am a wolf: Woof

  • Michael michael
    Michael michael 7 hours ago

    Here is the question, where you draw the line for mental illness so you can give help to the individuals who may reach to the point to harm themselves or even others ?

  • Fury boi
    Fury boi 8 hours ago


  • Maskr bloodwyle
    Maskr bloodwyle 8 hours ago

    Is it just me or is he...hotter now?

  • Maskr bloodwyle
    Maskr bloodwyle 8 hours ago

    I lost it after *"elves that came from space"*

  • Karlstein
    Karlstein 8 hours ago

    Honestly imma bit confused, the “vsco girls” thing had been there since 2013-2014 following the trend of we heart it and tumblr-ish post. The time when instagram feeds are so calculated. Why is suddenly a thing now? besides I think “SKSKSKJJ”, “and i oop” are terms that came from twitter stans, that usually used around arianators or sumn and Jasmine Masters meme.

  • RipRoar
    RipRoar 8 hours ago

    This video needs more views

  • Lexi Marie
    Lexi Marie 8 hours ago


  • bipher versão alternativa


  • Nathan Bronson
    Nathan Bronson 10 hours ago

    Oh, I didn’t realize Anthony was an uninteresting fairy now

  • SJ Woods
    SJ Woods 10 hours ago


  • Chingcune
    Chingcune 10 hours ago

    Me and my girlfriend live 909 miles away from each other, and we are VERY homosexual. I'm sad

  • Simone Highfield
    Simone Highfield 10 hours ago

    Day 1 till Anthony respond

  • Blades!TFRB Ponytown Animations

    *Literally falls through ceiling* My name's Anthony Padilla!

  • Henriana Johannessen
    Henriana Johannessen 11 hours ago


  • Rocket
    Rocket 11 hours ago


  • greenytaddict
    greenytaddict 11 hours ago

    It's just a little hocus pocus ✨

  • Tuuri Ketovirta
    Tuuri Ketovirta 11 hours ago

    the Ä in fjäll is pronounced like the E in hen, in räven the Ä is pronounced like fAIr and the E like hEn. in kånken, å is an o sound like in hOt, the e is a hen-E :p ... just call them fox backpacks.

  • Charmaine Hatledal
    Charmaine Hatledal 12 hours ago

    We still love you.

  • Veron Nicca
    Veron Nicca 13 hours ago

    Skskskskskskskkskskskskskskskskkkskskskskskskksskkskskskskskskkskskskaksksskskskskskskksskkkskskskskskskskskskskskkskkskskkskskskskskskskskskksksksksksksksksk I spam too much🤤 And i ooooop-

  • Christiana Underwood
    Christiana Underwood 13 hours ago

    One of my favourite videos. So funny. Also, thank you for putting in the suicide helpline in the video. That just made this video even better.

  • theshardedwolf
    theshardedwolf 13 hours ago

    Ima fricking furry but ima 14 and ima be 24 in 10 years to gain a fursuit and possibly start my channel

  • sahhhbrahhh
    sahhhbrahhh 14 hours ago

    I'm a straight dude but I can't stop looking at Anthony's hair. That shit looks fire my dude.

  • abraham gabriel carvajal fernandez

    Quiere ser un youtuber pero no entiendo para que este video?

  • abraham gabriel carvajal fernandez

    Alguien puede explicarme cual es su fin de este tipo

  • abraham gabriel carvajal fernandez

    Ni leyendo los subtitulos pude entender de que se trata este video

  • Abdul Mohsin
    Abdul Mohsin 15 hours ago

    Most of them are kids...poor child become victims of the internet

  • Nabu TGS
    Nabu TGS 15 hours ago

    Sksksksksk and I oop and I oop

  • Seth Leung
    Seth Leung 15 hours ago

    Next time get Jeff Witik to cut your hair. ⭐ Jeff's Barber Shop ⭐

  • Tropxcal Goddess
    Tropxcal Goddess 15 hours ago

    "staying late, playing roblox" *found guilty*

  • Seth Leung
    Seth Leung 15 hours ago

    Never played the game, only collected and traded with friends.

  • Santino Corleone
    Santino Corleone 15 hours ago


  • Spence Meyer
    Spence Meyer 17 hours ago

    I’m beating my meat right now

  • HoopnTunes
    HoopnTunes 17 hours ago

    What shoes are you wearing? I want to buy myself a pair

  • PoppYHD
    PoppYHD 17 hours ago

    High asf right now this is a fucking masterpiece

  • Paloma Campusano
    Paloma Campusano 18 hours ago

    Minuto 1:08 (Anthony poniendole la peluca a German) German pensando: yo preferia un pañuelo Like si entendiste la referencia

  • Melly Ramos
    Melly Ramos 18 hours ago

    Fuck Iaughed so hard I CRIED and I havnt heard myself cracking up in fucking years but this shit got me good 😭😩😂 #FUCKINGDEAD

  • Cosmic Taco
    Cosmic Taco 18 hours ago

    10:38 *the entire furry fandom* did you just....understand me?

  • Laura Hamm
    Laura Hamm 18 hours ago

    Quad suits cost over $10,000. They are the price of a used car lol

  • leonel 25 rosas lagos
    leonel 25 rosas lagos 19 hours ago

    Yo soy de peru no intiendo

  • Tetodash
    Tetodash 19 hours ago

    I saw the girl with pigtails a long time ago. She still looks the same. I feel like because she doesn’t look much different after several years it’s kind of ironic.

  • Bromas'tv M.S
    Bromas'tv M.S 19 hours ago

    E callase a la mierda

  • allie
    allie 19 hours ago

    i see a resemblance with Anthony and the Wolf Girl

  • channel is ded thx
    channel is ded thx 19 hours ago

    Something about the comments bother me. I have nothing against either of them but in general people seem so much more accepting towards Luis than Naia and I feel like he's more conventionally attractive and less weird. Both these people are enjoying their lives and altho being otherkin is weird, you do you I guess.

  • Dattebayo
    Dattebayo 19 hours ago

    Looking for a Billy Rock in my life

  • Wonderful world of Akio

    So you’ve played Zelda but not danganronpa I have lost my respect for you

  • Doll Junkie
    Doll Junkie 20 hours ago

    I vaguely recall having two kids bop albums when I was a kid. This takes me back XD

  • AI Dusty
    AI Dusty 20 hours ago

    More like "I spent a day with lunatics"

  • Vanya Calderón
    Vanya Calderón 20 hours ago

    *insert cancer*

  • Youtilla Gamer
    Youtilla Gamer 20 hours ago

    Idc what people say, ddlg is disgusting as hell

  • hola :3
    hola :3 21 hour ago

    Puedes leer este comentario?

  • Wølf în Thë Råînførëßt

    Aren't elves usually smaller not taller

  • MISTY_ shocked
    MISTY_ shocked 21 hour ago

    2019 enyone

  • 【Nostalgic】 【Nostalgic】

    Hey, anybody down to cook some baby black kids this Friday?

  • Mrs. Chanandler Bong

    Did y'all forget about Cole Sprouse? he played Ben in FRIENDS

  • mauricio cespedes
    mauricio cespedes 22 hours ago

    Hijos de la mismisima mierda biches bete ala verga

  • stickote
    stickote 22 hours ago

    every comment is about the elf guy LOL

  • Lucid Cops
    Lucid Cops 22 hours ago

    Only TikTok fans remember musically

    J.N.GAYMERS 22 hours ago

    yo ablo chino alv :v

  • sophie
    sophie 22 hours ago

    3:37 added to the list of things I didn’t need to see ha

  • Mazafaka ChickenSoup
    Mazafaka ChickenSoup 22 hours ago

    Im out....

  • Rose Fox
    Rose Fox 22 hours ago

    I thought yt stood for TVclip

  • LeEpicFunnyMan
    LeEpicFunnyMan 23 hours ago

    Anthony Is probably using his full concentration to not look down