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I spent a day with NUDISTS
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I maid a mistake (I'm sorry)
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Real ”Live Action” Sonic
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Cringe has gone too far
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YouTube Drama Awards
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*Emo* Anthony Returns
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Fans Roast My Hair
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should we break up? you decide
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2 High Guys Carve a Pumpkin
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Dear Virgos...
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Am I Adopted?
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I'm getting a divorce
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I’m going to jail
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Kids help me GET A JOB
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Taking a Dare Too Far
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Meet My New Girlfriend
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He saved me
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Boys night pranks
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Honest workout routine
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Guess who's back!
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Honest Daily Vlogger
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I forgot how to write
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2017 VS 1987 makeover
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  • FaZe Ninja 69
    FaZe Ninja 69 7 minutes ago

    How many times she said “like” She’s sooo dumb lmao

  • Kavukamari
    Kavukamari 24 minutes ago

    is that antonio quesadilla?

  • Owen Greenwood
    Owen Greenwood 39 minutes ago

    Your hair looks worse

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. 51 minute ago

    “You’re beautiful, fuck you, you’re stupid” 💀💀💀

  • Cain Gaming
    Cain Gaming 53 minutes ago

    My birthday is on June 12th and this was two years ago thanks for birthday surprise I'm being sarcastic please join back

  • Al Von Gientz
    Al Von Gientz 58 minutes ago

    Next interview sugar gliders.

  • Burnt Toast
    Burnt Toast Hour ago


  • Jax Briggs
    Jax Briggs Hour ago

    I spend a day with porn stars Like if you want

  • The Filminators
    The Filminators Hour ago

    Anthony is so respectful. Your great Anthony

  • Adam V.
    Adam V. Hour ago

    Oooh I loved this!!!!

  • krystle checchio

    Omfg 😭😭😭 I love all 3 of them!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Maria Zarate
    Maria Zarate Hour ago

    Sunscreen! :D

  • Marco Laguna
    Marco Laguna 2 hours ago

    Yo soy bilingüe quien tuvo más errores fue Germán. I'm bilingual who had more mistakes was German.

  • Jacob Craft
    Jacob Craft 2 hours ago

    Theodd1sout misspelling words 13:00

  • Kira Quintessence
    Kira Quintessence 2 hours ago

    So... 150k likes.... Waiting for the Whisper Lounge video

  • NZ card collector
    NZ card collector 2 hours ago

    4:42 boner moment

  • Morgan Blazy
    Morgan Blazy 2 hours ago

    Imagine going on a rode trip w your fav TVclipr

  • Kayla Novak
    Kayla Novak 2 hours ago

    Your hair looks great this way. Natural, it fits you well.

  • CandySkull !
    CandySkull ! 2 hours ago

    When i saw the title i was like OMG then i looked at the channel and upload date :(

  • Yep
    Yep 2 hours ago

    Real OG's remember Tennessee from T&E

  • Qowwin_keren
    Qowwin_keren 2 hours ago


  • Big Macs
    Big Macs 3 hours ago

    Gary is a godddddddddddddd

  • Elon musk Fan
    Elon musk Fan 3 hours ago


  • cuz why not
    cuz why not 3 hours ago

    what the hell happened to ur hair?

    TONG JIA SENG 3 hours ago

    Well, be a rich nerd is better than just a nerd. So I’ll with the first one

  • Da Bear
    Da Bear 3 hours ago

    It's not jack it's john

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 hours ago

    anthony how do u break ur ceiling every video

  • Jose Carlos Albarracin Sato

    i remember the good old days just your emo hair and ian's bowl cut before it was a brand when it was just 2 friends having fun. i was born in the right generation

  • Jose Venegas
    Jose Venegas 4 hours ago

    Do you know twenty one pilots

    RÉMINO 4 hours ago

    Cleaning Fee Is Good? Wut?

  • val Temirov
    val Temirov 4 hours ago

    im just a gigolo and every were i go people know the part im playing pay for every dance selling each romance what to say there will come a day when youth will pass away what would they say about me when the and comes i know im just a gigolo life goes on without me

  • 1toonhead
    1toonhead 4 hours ago

    Your just lucky you don't have to explain Babyfur's.

  • RandomEmo
    RandomEmo 4 hours ago

    G Note ( >o_o)>

  • Teaho Jones
    Teaho Jones 4 hours ago


  • yungbloodsucca
    yungbloodsucca 4 hours ago

    Literally the whole video is just one big ad

  • ĆíāņØķīŽəņ

    It was better when you at least made sketches

  • john Morante
    john Morante 5 hours ago

    You guys look alike

  • Jim Gao
    Jim Gao 5 hours ago

    since i can't see her face *i just focus on her baggage whenever shes talking* *totally not jealous*

  • Selene Melgar
    Selene Melgar 5 hours ago

    Oh helloooo Randall

  • Hugo
    Hugo 5 hours ago

    Jesus...Anthony is really annoying in this video..

  • Jim Gao
    Jim Gao 5 hours ago

    alita was good too

  • Aaron Wu
    Aaron Wu 5 hours ago

    So please

  • Aaron Wu
    Aaron Wu 5 hours ago

    But now it sunk dick

  • Trevor
    Trevor 5 hours ago

    Well fuck you

  • Aaron Wu
    Aaron Wu 5 hours ago

    Go go go ass hole

  • Vicky
    Vicky 5 hours ago

    tommy copper

  • Eron Ast
    Eron Ast 5 hours ago


  • Mazmun Nahar Barbhuiya

    1:58 i was pressing that *A* so damn hard, the screen nearly broke before I realised that i couldn't do shit!!😂 😂 lol

  • Faggotius Alexandrius

    I wouldn’t care if u got bullied I be flexing on these broke ass hoes

  • Shaelan Mulligan
    Shaelan Mulligan 6 hours ago

    Rip Anthony.

  • Joris Bohnson
    Joris Bohnson 6 hours ago

    i spent the day with whackjobs and druggies - these names are obviously plays on words to popular movies.

  • Justin Joy
    Justin Joy 6 hours ago

    2:09 I laughed so hard when the guy in black pulled up a google image of a hotguy when he was asked what he looks like in real life.

  • P!nk Baeby
    P!nk Baeby 6 hours ago

    First time watching this guy he looks so uncomfortable

    3EYECROWN 6 hours ago

    They knew what they signed up for.....I work for Lyft and LOVE it.....go work another job if you don't like it !

  • logtranser !!!!
    logtranser !!!! 6 hours ago

    When i get older i what to spend a lot of money on fortnight

  • Wendy McCoy
    Wendy McCoy 6 hours ago

    I got overly excited at Tennessee Luke.

  • Douma Awa
    Douma Awa 6 hours ago

    Where da gurl who said ridin in ma bladder

  • ekahramannn
    ekahramannn 6 hours ago

    Bo is AMAZING 😄😄👏🏻👏🏻

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 6 hours ago

    Is she literally holding a wax pen the whole time i love her

  • Farmer Cadman
    Farmer Cadman 6 hours ago

    The lady is the one I’d target to drive to insanity the black dude is the one I’d chill with and the red head is the one I stick up for

  • Pride
    Pride 6 hours ago

    Cut your hair dog

  • W0W W0W
    W0W W0W 6 hours ago

    I was looking for i spent a day with insane people.....i think i found it

  • Ash Playz
    Ash Playz 6 hours ago

    The older you get the harder it is. Honestly for me it’s easy

  • VHollo
    VHollo 6 hours ago

    Gay environment

  • Phantom VIP Gaming
    Phantom VIP Gaming 7 hours ago

    Poor clown guy lost his girlfriends. I’ll be your girlfriend and don’t care if you get mods 😂

  • Silver Stars
    Silver Stars 7 hours ago

    "It just sounds like you're drowning" Lmao 😂

  • Selene Melgar
    Selene Melgar 7 hours ago

    Damn you Anthony for making me cry so much

  • Abdullah
    Abdullah 7 hours ago

    Please cut your hair. Please

  • Reqoil
    Reqoil 7 hours ago

    I didnt know these were real, and I clicked cause I thought "wtf are these people thinking" I regret everything

  • Selene Melgar
    Selene Melgar 7 hours ago

    Wow Fabian is so sweet, he looks like Tom Holland a little bit

  • WolfGaming 1
    WolfGaming 1 7 hours ago


  • SMULo HackZ
    SMULo HackZ 7 hours ago

    So I'm older than Piper wow I'm Barely 12 today

  • BennMa
    BennMa 8 hours ago

    this hurts

  • lxajin
    lxajin 8 hours ago

    where ya been???

  • fuck my ass
    fuck my ass 8 hours ago

    And here enters ultimate KAREN

  • Hayyul Qayyum
    Hayyul Qayyum 8 hours ago

    omg i saw @Suga Kookie at 0:41 yaaay ARMY lol

  • herjeanger
    herjeanger 9 hours ago

    Anthony please do an interview with child actors and invite Cristine (simpynailogical) PLEEASEEE

  • SεΙεηγχ
    SεΙεηγχ 9 hours ago

    Dudee I wish Mayes was my subsitute teacher. Like, I'd probably give him some money saying "finally, a good subsitute teacher" because the subs I had were trash. I'd be hella hyped if he just shows up and films a music video with us.

  • Black Riant25
    Black Riant25 9 hours ago

    Alguien que habla español: el ingle es facil. El español es dificil Alguien que habla ingles: El ingleseishon es mas dificileishon. El españoleishon es facileishon

  • Threeinchestall
    Threeinchestall 9 hours ago

    I thought it was the candy

  • z g
    z g 9 hours ago

    that 14 year old boy is mistaking the word hater for fan i think lmao

  • Olivia Serfass
    Olivia Serfass 9 hours ago


  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes 9 hours ago

    ningún idioma es difícil se les dificulta

  • Y. D
    Y. D 9 hours ago


  • Spill The Tea
    Spill The Tea 9 hours ago

    W h e r e I s T h e M a i d V i d e o A n t h o n y ?

  • z g
    z g 9 hours ago

    kyra is a bad bitch and we love her

  • Daniela Dejesu
    Daniela Dejesu 10 hours ago

    Lmao that Bitch was on dr Phil

  • Aria
    Aria 10 hours ago

    "i think this is what... waterboarding is"

  • Esteban Bolduc
    Esteban Bolduc 10 hours ago

    3:02 "Stop looking here"

  • extension
    extension 10 hours ago

    bro just look in the mirror you ARE one

  • Boo boo
    Boo boo 10 hours ago

    idk bout yall but MR MAYES CAN TEACH ME SOMETHIN

  • derek jose
    derek jose 10 hours ago

    im come to see Germán

  • Floda Brin
    Floda Brin 10 hours ago

    Ryan looks nothing like her photos lol

  • Bright Dragon
    Bright Dragon 10 hours ago

    5:53 this is the gayest thing I’ve ever seen and I love it

  • SophisticatedSerpent
    SophisticatedSerpent 10 hours ago

    The editor Mike is a legend

  • Chris Andrews
    Chris Andrews 10 hours ago

    Bruh why does his hair look like the plant

  • Brayden Dodge34
    Brayden Dodge34 11 hours ago

    Please do “I spent a day with Hypebeasts”

  • galax YT15
    galax YT15 11 hours ago

    Soy goku okno vine a trollearte haci que Me voy chau (*--*)/

  • Douma Awa
    Douma Awa 11 hours ago

    Aye look its jon snow

    LILEAUX!! 11 hours ago

    am I the only one who doesn't know any of them ??