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  • ASMR
    ASMR 2 hours ago

    드리블 돌파=마네 슈팅=손흥민

  • FTM
    FTM 2 hours ago

    “Both are LEGEND”

  • ww e
    ww e 2 hours ago

    Sonny is the best

  • 김영재
    김영재 3 hours ago


  • ᅳᄋᄉᄋ
    ᅳᄋᄉᄋ 3 hours ago

    진짜 까맣다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Thierno Seck
    Thierno Seck 3 hours ago


  • 우리형
    우리형 3 hours ago

    What is this song?

  • Elijah Wong Jing Er
    Elijah Wong Jing Er 3 hours ago


  • yoonzin
    yoonzin 3 hours ago

    댓글이 한국사람뿐이네..

  • 푸르
    푸르 3 hours ago

    이야 국뽕이 차오른다 주모 샷다내려

  • CA_ALE
    CA_ALE 3 hours ago

    Sergio Ramos is better, don't argue i know

  • 신태일따까리
    신태일따까리 3 hours ago


  • Hyeong Bin Chu
    Hyeong Bin Chu 3 hours ago

    Artists don't compete.

  • 떡국
    떡국 3 hours ago


  • xodlf djsej
    xodlf djsej 3 hours ago

    손 = ㅅ(S) + ㅗ(O) + ㄴ(N) = SON 🤟🏼

  • Leandro Lucca Campos Sobral

    I prefer messi, but i like the salah, he's very player. I Live in Brasil, I am Brasileiro

  • NYC Clestyn
    NYC Clestyn 4 hours ago

    Son !

  • 엔드게임
    엔드게임 4 hours ago

    솔직히 말하자면 마네

  • 개빡침
    개빡침 4 hours ago

    드리블은 마네인데 슈팅은 흥민이

  • 유준유준
    유준유준 4 hours ago

    Both player are diffirent type

  • check-췍
    check-췍 4 hours ago


  • Mackenzie the self taught gymnast

    I'm a Salah fan but Messi won

  • 강건
    강건 5 hours ago

    당근 우리흥이지

  • 꿀피기
    꿀피기 6 hours ago


  • Happiste
    Happiste 6 hours ago

    A comparison between Mbappe and Sterling is like a comparison between Neymar and Coutinho

  • Busta Gore
    Busta Gore 6 hours ago

    Watching this video, Mbappe is way more athletic & exciting to watch & he's only 20 yrs old.

  • Essamay Gnasia
    Essamay Gnasia 6 hours ago

    Kalidou koulibaly is better than van

  • James Manyanza
    James Manyanza 7 hours ago

    Kante ..Likes

  • Mx As
    Mx As 7 hours ago

    Of couse mbappe

  • Oussamaa Charafi
    Oussamaa Charafi 7 hours ago

    I m Liverpool fan but the truth sonaldo is the best

  • Pepe Cisse
    Pepe Cisse 8 hours ago

    Sadio mane

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva 8 hours ago

    Sterling joga de+😉...

  • Dzecu *
    Dzecu * 8 hours ago

    둘다 사랑한다 ㅎ

  • Badou Ka
    Badou Ka 8 hours ago

    Kalidou coulibaly

  • 김효준
    김효준 8 hours ago


    KING CH 9 hours ago

    Lol white boy say son Asian say mané

    KING CH 9 hours ago

    Lol how can son be better than mané. I doubt most of u watch football

  • Joseph Jaipur
    Joseph Jaipur 9 hours ago


    KING CH 9 hours ago

    One is world class while the other is asianclass

    KING CH 9 hours ago

    How can u compare mané and son, son is good but...

  • Shadrack Mutua
    Shadrack Mutua 9 hours ago

    Peter mwambi

  • Lance Vance
    Lance Vance 10 hours ago

    Mbappé all days

  • Guus van der Klok
    Guus van der Klok 10 hours ago

    Virgil is the best defender and messi is the best attacker

  • KUMA Y
    KUMA Y 10 hours ago

    한국인이고 손흥민 팬이지만 아자르랑 비교는 에바여...아자르는그냥....어나더레벨...

  • Anthony Sx
    Anthony Sx 10 hours ago


  • Adama Diongue
    Adama Diongue 10 hours ago


  • Yunus avcı Avcı
    Yunus avcı Avcı 10 hours ago

    Greatest of all times

  • jia
    jia 10 hours ago

    Mane could score 20+ goals this season

  • 橘猫orange cat
    橘猫orange cat 10 hours ago

    Van dijk is better than Sergio ramos.ramos is great too

  • Ismo Karaagac
    Ismo Karaagac 10 hours ago


  • ツCrafty
    ツCrafty 11 hours ago

    if Virgil played against messi and ronaldo in their prime and all the other stars i don’t think he’d do too good

    ASWIN RAMOS 11 hours ago


  • AbdiFitax xuseen nk
    AbdiFitax xuseen nk 11 hours ago


  • luster monster
    luster monster 11 hours ago

    in my opinion, son is the best player in EPL

  • luster monster
    luster monster 11 hours ago

    in my opinion, son is the best player in EPL

  • Nirajan Shahi
    Nirajan Shahi 11 hours ago

    no boubt abously ramos ❣️❣️🔥

  • 박성복
    박성복 11 hours ago

    손흥민 파이팅3000골 박아라

  • David Choi
    David Choi 11 hours ago

    I think Mane has a bit more pace while Son is a slightly better finisher. Both class.

  • 강지현
    강지현 11 hours ago


  • 우영
    우영 11 hours ago


  • jame AHN
    jame AHN 12 hours ago


  • 오승현
    오승현 12 hours ago

    ??w t f...? of course it is 10zard

  • Son Tastic
    Son Tastic 12 hours ago

    소니도 좋고 마네도 좋고

  • T Henry
    T Henry 12 hours ago

    새끼 따봉 박고간다.

  • Oo Oo
    Oo Oo 12 hours ago

    Both Great

  • 김경민
    김경민 12 hours ago


  • 최성민
    최성민 12 hours ago

    son has ablity of soccer very well.but he can't comepare with mane yet..its pact..

  • 문어빵왕
    문어빵왕 12 hours ago

    손흥민 이 최고다.

  • Shamshad 123
    Shamshad 123 12 hours ago

    Mane is better

  • Asiya Ahmed
    Asiya Ahmed 12 hours ago

    Even it is not good i dea to do this video ramos is the best defender in the world while virgil is the best defender in 2018/2019 🤣😂🤣

  • Anmol Gurung
    Anmol Gurung 13 hours ago

    Both💓💓plz tell me the song name 1one

  • qw qw
    qw qw 13 hours ago

    mane win

  • Uzbom Net
    Uzbom Net 13 hours ago


  • محمد Gamer
    محمد Gamer 13 hours ago

    كريزمان افضل من هازارد كريزمان برشلوني الغدار

  • 장원희
    장원희 13 hours ago

    No doubt thar neymar is much better. Cannot compare two of them. Of course mane is also a world class player.

  • Mohamadou Mbacké
    Mohamadou Mbacké 13 hours ago

    Mbappé est meilleur

  • 장원희
    장원희 13 hours ago

    Sterling definetly became a top top class in recent years, but I think Mbappe is better player than sterling.

    • J K
      J K 12 hours ago

      원희 영어 쫌 하노

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ 13 hours ago


  • 이성우
    이성우 13 hours ago

    Jummo shatta naeri~

  • fhkkg l
    fhkkg l 13 hours ago


  • Shadow Killer
    Shadow Killer 13 hours ago


  • 박승환
    박승환 13 hours ago

    Son will be able to play in team that is better than now. and have to do that.

  • Hyung-Woo Kim
    Hyung-Woo Kim 13 hours ago


  • younhwan cho
    younhwan cho 14 hours ago

    한국인 손!

  • Heung-min Son
    Heung-min Son 14 hours ago


  • QuikMath
    QuikMath 14 hours ago

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I remember klopp was hugely impressed when Son outran all Liverpool defenders from halfway line and connect Harry’s cross cleanly. That game Spurs won 4-1. But Mane is a great player too.

  • jin hwan Kim
    jin hwan Kim 14 hours ago

    손흥민 이냐 마네 냐 이건데 ^^ 둘다 좋지만ㅋ 흥민이 ♡

  • 조민규
    조민규 14 hours ago

    이야 이제 아자르랑 비교되냐..ㄷㄷ 역시 손흥민

  • 후후후후라라라라랄

    Mbappe is best

  • Indra Grg
    Indra Grg 14 hours ago


  • Adi Lancenk mayonk
    Adi Lancenk mayonk 14 hours ago


  • simohamed El.ghazouani

    firmino 9

  • Adrian Oliver
    Adrian Oliver 14 hours ago

    Kante best

  • Yero Balde
    Yero Balde 14 hours ago

    K. Baly 💪💪💯💯🌹

  • 김정윤
    김정윤 14 hours ago

    Certainly, they are the best player.

  • sam IQ
    sam IQ 14 hours ago


  • 윤대표
    윤대표 14 hours ago

    Son is wingTriker n Mane is like more wingforward. Two r diffrent player but both r most threat to other teams.

  • simohamed El.ghazouani

    van dijk

  • 김진용
    김진용 14 hours ago


  • 박성진
    박성진 14 hours ago

    Heung-min Son win