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TK Maxx: Space Odyssey
Views 6K3 years ago
Digicel: Bring the Beat
Views 3.2K3 years ago
Telstra: Thrive
Views 8K3 years ago
Coca-Cola: #ThatsGold, 3
Views 2.6K3 years ago
Coca-Cola: #ThatsGold, 2
Views 2.2K3 years ago
Coca-Cola: #ThatsGold, 1
Views 3K3 years ago
Views 1.2K3 years ago
Subway: Date
Views 6K3 years ago
Daiya: Cheesier than ever
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Randolph: Seen it all
Views 2.3K3 years ago
Citroën: Cricket
Views 3.5K3 years ago
Citroën: Frog
Views 2.2K3 years ago
Citroën: Owl
Views 1.9K3 years ago
Audi: Stop
Views 11K3 years ago
Kinder: Time for children
Views 4.9K3 years ago
Smart Energy: Gaz & Leccy
Views 3.2K3 years ago
Legoland: Legoland Times
Views 1.5K3 years ago
Nike: Pro Genius
Views 4.8K3 years ago
Intel: Jim Parsons
Views 11K3 years ago
Loto: Style
Views 3.5K3 years ago
Loto: Smart
Views 2.9K3 years ago
Loto: Happiness
Views 3.4K3 years ago
Interface: Unlikely Hero
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Motorola: Moto Reissued
Views 1.5K3 years ago
Jabong: Be You
Views 2.9K3 years ago
B: Worry
Views 1.6K3 years ago
CUCAIBA: Donor cars
Views 7K3 years ago
Kashi: Plantable book
Views 1.3K3 years ago
Midas: Eyes don't lie
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Ajinomoto: Boss
Views 3.1K3 years ago
Ajinomoto: Engineer
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Ajinomoto: Rocker
Views 2.3K3 years ago
Ajinomoto: Stylist
Views 2.5K3 years ago
Snickers: Hungerithm
Views 10K3 years ago
Mercedes Benz: Intuition
Views 3.4K3 years ago
Nivea: Sunslide
Views 8K3 years ago
Soelden: Save Me
Views 1.1K3 years ago
Mein Kampf - against racism
Views 2.6K3 years ago
Coca-Cola: Anthem
Views 3.5K3 years ago
Fabogesic: Moving
Views 28K3 years ago
Fabogesic: Break up
Views 20K3 years ago
Yo Mujer: Cancer Dictionary
Views 1.9K3 years ago
Yumit: Motivation
Views 9K3 years ago
Danone: Shadow
Views 7K3 years ago
Cafe Pele: Front Page Pack
Views 4.6K3 years ago
Hello Angel: Nappy Notes
Views 6K3 years ago
Cif: Get Rich Quick
Views 2.7K3 years ago
Sunny: Life support
Views 3.4K3 years ago
McDonald's: Good Times
Views 5K3 years ago
KT: LifeSavingTV
Views 1.3K3 years ago
Maggi: Cook your stay
Views 4.3K3 years ago
Bepanthen: 10th month
Views 3.2K3 years ago
FundaCancer: Invisiballs
Views 2.6K3 years ago
Kolbi: Minutes of life
Views 2.2K3 years ago
Bankia: Self-employed
Views 2K3 years ago
Santa Cruz: WiFi cast
Views 9853 years ago
K9 Friends: Talent for hire
Views 1.1K3 years ago
Euromillions: Announcement
Views 9153 years ago
Euromillions: Plane
Views 1.8K3 years ago
Zonajobs: Hard worker
Views 11K3 years ago
Stonyfield: Lunch Box Dads
Views 1.9K3 years ago
Stonyfield: Dance Moms
Views 2.4K3 years ago
Grey Goose: The pursuit
Views 7K3 years ago
EDP: Flashes of light
Views 1.2K3 years ago
KitKat: Crossy Road
Views 3853 years ago
Baldini & Castoldi: Stories
Views 1.8K3 years ago
Lowes: In a snap
Views 31K3 years ago
Puma: The BeatBot
Views 4.8K3 years ago
Guinness: Myth
Views 3.7K3 years ago
Martini: Play with time
Views 15K3 years ago
The Army Reserves: No time
Views 1.5K3 years ago
Philadelphia: First date
Views 6K3 years ago


  • Zach Nelson
    Zach Nelson 21 hour ago

    Ur willy small I got a bigger one

  • flukey flick
    flukey flick Day ago

    His granny was too embarrased when she saw his tiny willy. She was disappointed it was so small😡

  • 🌸Shopkins Pesky🌸


  • Bansillo
    Bansillo 2 days ago

    His grandmas like “Where did this family go wrong”

  • Marija Matkovic
    Marija Matkovic 2 days ago


  • •Xychj•
    •Xychj• 3 days ago

    Why they be laughin... i would've Busted in their school and tell dem... kids... you guys are perverts... and disgusting >:(

  • Mustafa Alzuhairi
    Mustafa Alzuhairi 3 days ago

    Why do people think this is funny

  • Color Wings0
    Color Wings0 3 days ago

    Look at the dog 🤣

    BLACKPOOL BOOTZ 4 days ago

    He would get done for sending a picture to the girl in the first place. Your willy is offensive lol had to read the last bit thought it said share a willy,but was share aware lol

  • Classickid : Retro game player

    North side, east side Little Willy, Willy wears the crown, he's the king around town Dancing, glancing Willy drives them silly with his star shoe shimmy shuffle down Way past one, and feeling alright 'Cause with little Willy round they can last all night Hey down, stay down, stay down down 'Cause little Willy, Willy won't go home But you can't push Willy 'round Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no Little Willy, Willy won't go home Up town, down town Little Willy, Willy drives them wild with his run-around style Inside, outside Willy sends them silly with his star-shine shimmy shuffle smile Mama done chase Willy down through the hall But laugh, Willy laugh, he don't care at all Hey down, stay down, stay down, down 'Cause little Willy, Willy won't go home But you can't push Willy 'round Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no Little Willy, Willy won't go home Little Willy, Willy won't Willy won't, Willy won't Little Willy, Willy won't Willy won't, Willy won't Little Willy, Willy won't Willy won't, Willy won't Little Willy, Willy won't Willy won't, Willy won't Little Willy, Willy won't go home But you can't push Willy round Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no Little Willy, Willy won't go home Little Willy, Willy won't go home But you can't push Willy round Willy won't go, try tellin' everybody but, oh no Little Willy, Willy won't go home

  • Eddie G
    Eddie G 5 days ago

    I finally found this commercial for years

  • Stuart Beard
    Stuart Beard 6 days ago

    I’m at 1:06 😂

  • Ximena Zaldana
    Ximena Zaldana 6 days ago

    Me tomo

  • Adrian Smith
    Adrian Smith 6 days ago

    Why not say pee-nus

  • zavinger Butt
    zavinger Butt 7 days ago


  • mohammed625
    mohammed625 8 days ago

    OUR willy

  • Clorox bleach
    Clorox bleach 8 days ago

    Who else came here from Memeulous

  • Kolbi Evans
    Kolbi Evans 8 days ago

    🤔 why was his willy on da news?

  • D_oge - Read About
    D_oge - Read About 8 days ago

    Teachers and parents shouting “I saw your willy!” Nothing wrong there.

  • Aga Grzybowska
    Aga Grzybowska 9 days ago

    Me listening to music: The whole class: I SAW YOUR WILLY

  • Manikandan S
    Manikandan S 9 days ago

    Very nice conspints

  • Ryanorangeboar
    Ryanorangeboar 9 days ago

    I saw this in 3rd or 4th grade XD

  • Jessie Productions
    Jessie Productions 10 days ago

    This is absolutely retarded, in order for this situation to happen, the whole town would have to be pedophiles

  • Christy Sin
    Christy Sin 10 days ago

    Porn hub

  • Area69DankMemes -
    Area69DankMemes - 10 days ago

    Tf is this

  • 1000 subs to make me feel good

    Your willy is *R U B B I S H*

  • Dankey Mc Dunk'don
    Dankey Mc Dunk'don 11 days ago

    Nobody Not a damn soul *_YOUR WILLY IS RUBBISH!_*

  • Norton Buck
    Norton Buck 11 days ago

    I liked your willy can I show u mine, typical pervert

  • Supergirl2205
    Supergirl2205 11 days ago

    0:33 that green-shirt-black-guy is so excited to see the new celebrity on his way to the ice cream parlor

  • Wheelyy Biin
    Wheelyy Biin 11 days ago


  • yourboialex
    yourboialex 12 days ago

    I hate how my name is Alex

  • FinalTheHokage
    FinalTheHokage 12 days ago


  • FinalTheHokage
    FinalTheHokage 12 days ago


  • FinalTheHokage
    FinalTheHokage 12 days ago


  • {Forbidden.Knowledge}

    I guess I will go with the new Tesla truck.

  • saarbub
    saarbub 13 days ago

    ehm okay

  • Astrid Snook
    Astrid Snook 13 days ago


  • Backsoon
    Backsoon 13 days ago

    Why would NSPCC make a video like this.

  • Josh Rodriguez
    Josh Rodriguez 13 days ago

    He’s a free man now lol 😂


    ..... ---( Supermariologan sound 0:35 )

  • Spicy Spaghetti
    Spicy Spaghetti 14 days ago

    Get your dik out mate No homo obviously Let’s send it to your crush m8 I rate your ba8 8 outa 8 m8

  • Bill Whittaker
    Bill Whittaker 15 days ago

  • Default Icon
    Default Icon 15 days ago

    This ad makes me want to buy a Toyota or a Honda instead

  • funneh funneh
    funneh funneh 15 days ago

    my sister is doing this in school but they have a school!?

  • Jesse S
    Jesse S 15 days ago

    She dumped him cause he bought himself an Audi E-Tron. So he wins, twice. ;)

  • David
    David 15 days ago

    Such a strong whamen

  • Ryan Croghan
    Ryan Croghan 15 days ago

    Funny bmw needs the divorce to afford the repairs because she won't. I own 3 bmws now they are all for sale as of today and this add thank bmw for showing me why I will never purchase another bmw brand ever

  • Infamous Auzie
    Infamous Auzie 15 days ago

    Why, why does this exist

  • mark - SMGTOW 19
    mark - SMGTOW 19 16 days ago

    Now its time to own an bmw x6 lol!

  • Top Grandad
    Top Grandad 16 days ago

    You’re not British if youve never seen this

  • Sad Animatrønic
    Sad Animatrønic 16 days ago

    Memeulous gang

  • Bill Whittaker
    Bill Whittaker 16 days ago

    And fuck you too BMW.

  • Honest Dave
    Honest Dave 16 days ago

    Funniest part about this commercial? It failed horribly.

  • tomz1daful
    tomz1daful 16 days ago

    I'm woke! Women are a$$holes!

  • Mitchy Beausejour's Penthouse

    Me when I had my upsetting moment of 2017 that I won't share with everyone I know

    SORANOV 16 days ago

    Welcome to freedom comrade

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 16 days ago

    That’s a retarded commercial and i drive bmw you can do that with any suv i bet its some American feminazi that came up with it

  • Thursday Lane's #2 Fan

    Lame. BMW now comes with a glovebox full of Gillette razors. For cutting off your balls.

  • Portuguese Mayhem
    Portuguese Mayhem 16 days ago

    MGTOW Is Freedom

  • Narcissism: An Alternative Perspective

    that's assault and battery. destruction of property. endangering the public. she should go to jail. she looks just like my ex-girlfriend, who was also violent. also, what if it had been the guy driving, and kicking the girl to the curb? and there she goes, driving to the new simp's apartment, since she's been cheating for the last 3 months? why? because he didn't put back the salt shaker. and the sick joke is, that the guy in the commercial, is going to and chase the girl to get her back. yeah, that's going to end well.

    • TX WiseGuy
      TX WiseGuy 15 days ago

      Narcissism: An Alternative Perspective so true used to be me

    • Dave R
      Dave R 16 days ago

      First guy says "Well, I'm an astronaut, so I drive a Saturn". And the second guy says, "Well, I am a pimp, so I drive a cheap Escort". And the third guy says "I gotcha both beat, I'm a proctologist, so I drive a brown Probe".

  • Bobby Here
    Bobby Here 16 days ago

    Anyone here from Memeulous?

    I AM EL NINO 16 days ago

    At least he's free now.

  • Mystic MLGxarcher
    Mystic MLGxarcher 16 days ago

    u r w i l l y i s r u b b i s h

  • Geometrical Robloxian

    Alex Is Now Famous Cause Of A Willy Pic Edit : Note To Self.. If My Willy Is Trash Then The World Would 💥

  • Megan Lovley
    Megan Lovley 18 days ago

    Your willy is rubbish *-10000 xp*

  • #1 best chef in the world for real!

    ur willy is RUBBISH.

  • Epic toast Man
    Epic toast Man 18 days ago

    *wHy aRe yOu lAuGhInG aT mY wIlLy?*

  • random person on the internet

    But how did they see it his willy was blurred out?

  • Robert Ribeiro
    Robert Ribeiro 19 days ago

    0:42 guards arrest this guy

  • Claudio André Velez Zavala


  • violet Life
    violet Life 19 days ago

    Like all these adults saw this 10 year old kid willy they should go to jail

  • TrIxCy _TrIXcEr _YT
    TrIxCy _TrIXcEr _YT 19 days ago

    Who came here from memoulus

  • Luka Kvas
    Luka Kvas 20 days ago

    Why ar they smiling pedo

  • Joseph Rowe
    Joseph Rowe 21 day ago

    You saw my Willy? It's old, it's got 4 wheels and it was a nice military vehicle.

  • Markky Narry
    Markky Narry 21 day ago

    It goes from kid getting abused by his dad to adults and kids screaming I SAW YOUR WILLY

  • Crocanut
    Crocanut 21 day ago

    Wish the grandma just looked at him and says “Bit small innit”

  • Statiscube
    Statiscube 22 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, Willy see you.

  • Scizzor Cut
    Scizzor Cut 22 days ago

    I saw your damn willy

  • TIX_TrXn
    TIX_TrXn 22 days ago

    Hey it’s not that bad. Him and his WILLY are on TV

  • iiTrooper
    iiTrooper 23 days ago

    Why isn't this a meme?

  • Artistic TRASH PANDA

    i feel so fucking bad for alex

  • Mermaidgirl200 Lol
    Mermaidgirl200 Lol 23 days ago

    This was shown in my assembly....I’m concerned about my school

  • Swifty dewey
    Swifty dewey 24 days ago

    Honestly i have seen your willy holy fuck seems like how Ricardo felt after he became a meme

  • Elvira Dela Cruz
    Elvira Dela Cruz 24 days ago

    I saw your Willy and it's rubbish

  • icyxparr
    icyxparr 24 days ago

    My mum shown this to me when I was 10 as part of a ‘internet safety’ ting. It was awkward

  • icyxparr
    icyxparr 24 days ago

    I sAw yoUr WillY

  • Conor Gattone-Jones
    Conor Gattone-Jones 24 days ago


  • Conor Gattone-Jones
    Conor Gattone-Jones 24 days ago

    gramma seems kinda interested

  • Harry Mountford
    Harry Mountford 24 days ago

    Who is here because of memeulous?😂

  • Oof quake Ooferton
    Oof quake Ooferton 25 days ago


  • Ganesh Harish
    Ganesh Harish 25 days ago

    0:31 *those adults deserve to be in prison*

  • Geno M
    Geno M 25 days ago

    I love this. Incredible. I would also like to say if I was dying I would want Grey Goose administered through my IV by a beautiful French woman

  • kevin kirk
    kevin kirk 25 days ago

    *what kid sends nudes?*

  • Me leon
    Me leon 25 days ago

    Hahaha 😂

  • Clod 36
    Clod 36 26 days ago


  • Coconut 505
    Coconut 505 26 days ago

    Grandmas just like ooO

  • pony player
    pony player 26 days ago

    *why were the kids so happy when they shouted I saw your will* I'm dying

  • Isaac mad lad
    Isaac mad lad 26 days ago

    You no

  • G.T.A-S
    G.T.A-S 26 days ago

    Middle aged Dinner ladies: I saw your willy Why aren't these creeps fired?!