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Rockin' Christmas
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I miss you (The Gentle Giant)
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AC/DC Top 5 (Guitar Riffs)
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Metal Spirit (The legend)
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Sad thoughts (original)
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Granny Rocks
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Old School of Metal
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Guitar Trip
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Guitar Duel (Guitar Battle)
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  • Hank Ulley
    Hank Ulley 8 seconds ago

    IOMMI is the King.

  • Hank Ulley
    Hank Ulley 3 minutes ago

    Priest !!

  • Andrew Sheley
    Andrew Sheley 9 minutes ago

    I think the viewers won that one. Great shredding!

  • jett peters
    jett peters 22 minutes ago

    Crazy train is a good tune but I'm SICK of hearing it !!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Swigart
    Sam Swigart Hour ago

    My whole life I could never decide who was my favorite, AIC or Soundgarden. I think if I had a to choose it would be AIC but it's damn close. Honestly some of the guitar solos in Soundgarden aren't very appealing to me but it doesn't matter because Chris is a fucking legend. But AIC seems to have a tiny bit more of that "dark, mystical" feel that I crave. I think something about Laynes life and story just get to me. In the end though, they both give goosebumps.

  • doggy chan stp
    doggy chan stp Hour ago


  • jett peters
    jett peters Hour ago

    Eddie ALL the way, Randy was very GOOD but Eddie was GREAT. Different styles, Eddie had better feel, Randy was straight forward.

  • Йосип Богуслав


  • LARA
    LARA Hour ago


  • christopher espinoza

    Eddie invented the finger tapping or hammer technique whatever they call it now but Randy had riffs n sold that were beautiful not just shredding and whammy bar too bad he didn't live to see Eddie though I think it would have saved rock n roll

  • Nikoli Marshale
    Nikoli Marshale 2 hours ago

    Love nirvana but probably the least talented out of the 4 cant pick between the other 3

  • Hariku Hariku
    Hariku Hariku 2 hours ago

    Slash 🎩🎸🇺🇸

  • Mister Durmey
    Mister Durmey 2 hours ago

    Haha did you shave just for this video?

  • Kevin Wilt
    Kevin Wilt 2 hours ago

    Cheap Trick vs Kiss

  • Kevin Wilt
    Kevin Wilt 2 hours ago

    How about Ministry vs KMFDM?

  • Kevin Wilt
    Kevin Wilt 3 hours ago

    I still like Sabbath and Zeppelin but recently I have turned my attention to Deep Purple and why didn't I do that sooner? They're underrated compared to these 2.

    Z1LLON LIVE 3 hours ago

    I choose Limp Bizkit

  • Kevin Wilt
    Kevin Wilt 3 hours ago

    All great I prefer Anthrax because of the noticeable punk rock influence and they didn't take themselves too seriously. I would have added Suicidal Tendencies because it really was the big 5 only reason Pantera wouldn't make the list is because Cowboys from Hell came out in 90 91

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha 4 hours ago

    Helter Skelter...

  • Estrella Martinez
    Estrella Martinez 4 hours ago

    Chinguen a su madre Gana SLIPKNOT

  • военные игры

    Это просто ахуено

  • Hegemon59
    Hegemon59 5 hours ago

    If only your guitar is also black, it would look as if you are doing air guitar hahaha

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira 4 hours ago

      Hahaha...🤣🤣🤣... Cheers... 👍😉🤘

  • Crystality
    Crystality 5 hours ago

    Def Leppard vs. Guns'N'Roses Iron Maiden Whitesnakes

  • Crystality
    Crystality 5 hours ago

    Def Leppard vs. Motley Crue

    FRIDRICH 5 hours ago


  • Jorik
    Jorik 6 hours ago


  • Хап Chan/Pein
    Хап Chan/Pein 7 hours ago

    Объективно Rammstein лучше, их рифы можно считать эталонными. Лёгкие в исполнении, свучат гармонично с барабанами и с голосом Тиля, да и в принципе они приятны уху, даже если ты не любишь рок! Индастриал, Вперёд!!

  • フリー素材上級者向け


  • Данил Крабов

    Я так ору, когда смотрю на четырёх лысеньких мужиков, которые показывают друг другу свою игру. А они такие "Да да, круто, но у меня лучше" и так они и соревнуются. Это очень круто и смешно))

  • Йогурт без даты

    Пошлая Молли лучше имхо

  • Nina Sison
    Nina Sison 10 hours ago

    Awesome Miguel...love it..♥️

  • Hazzambaz Sarina
    Hazzambaz Sarina 10 hours ago

    hearth shaped box

  • michele lauricella
    michele lauricella 11 hours ago

    Led Zeppelin tutta la vita..😉🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶🎵

  • Rafael Del Villar
    Rafael Del Villar 11 hours ago

    Soundgarden>Nirvana>Aic>Pearl jam

  • Теплотех Утепление Пенополиуретаном

    why 4? i want to see here over kill

  • 80's Girl
    80's Girl 14 hours ago

    In my opinion: Nirvana Alice in Chains Soundgarden Pearl Jam

  • Antonio Reyes
    Antonio Reyes 14 hours ago

    And sympathy for the devil??

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira 14 hours ago

      Maybe on another video! Cheers... 👍😉🤘

  • Marco Ajún
    Marco Ajún 15 hours ago

    Fuck you this is a bullshit hope that the copyright fuck your chanel and this video

  • Belka Style
    Belka Style 15 hours ago

    Звук говно

  • The fake Irish man
    The fake Irish man 17 hours ago

    What about stone temple pilots


    deus salva e o rock alivia !!!

    DAVID GEERLING 18 hours ago

    Slayer, sometimes more high pitched, so not a true riff..

  • D4vi 67 gamer
    D4vi 67 gamer 18 hours ago

    Nirvana wins

  • Alanna Figliozzi
    Alanna Figliozzi 19 hours ago

    Alice In Chains is the best in my opinion I love jerry he’s freaking awesome I’ll put them in order Alice In Chains Nirvana Pearl Jam Soundgarden

  • Norberto Campuzano
    Norberto Campuzano 19 hours ago

    System of a down for life

  • ThE BaNd Of OnLy OnE
    ThE BaNd Of OnLy OnE 19 hours ago

    Feliz Natal.... Massa demais...👏👏🤘🤘😎

  • Nilton Morais
    Nilton Morais 19 hours ago

    Offspring sem dúvida!

  • Michał Pieniążek
    Michał Pieniążek 20 hours ago

    Poland wishes you a very very Marry Christmas, and a happy New Year. I love the riffs btw, great job as always :)

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira 20 hours ago

      Thanks a lot my friend! Regards from Portugal!

  • Diane Knowlton
    Diane Knowlton 20 hours ago

    Tough Soundgarden Alice in Chains Nirvana PJ

  • Andy Aguilera
    Andy Aguilera 20 hours ago

    No contest! Dimebag Darrell won! Greetings!

  • Claudio Santtos
    Claudio Santtos 20 hours ago

    Aw..... Muito bom .... Parabéns por mais essa Obra Prima... talento é o suficiente....👏👏👏👏👏👌✌😉

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 21 hour ago

    Greeen daaaaay

  • Jaden Yuki
    Jaden Yuki 21 hour ago

    06:12 Aquele solo que começa arrepiando a espinha. (Finalmente resolveu fazer uma homenagem a melhor música do Led Zeppelin e do mundo, né?!)

  • dayrwz
    dayrwz 21 hour ago

    Sepultura Vs Krisiun

  • Nahuel Fajardo Gonzalez

    Nirvana is the father of the genre, and the best band

  • Kris Majster
    Kris Majster 22 hours ago

    Merry christmas from Poland 😂🤘🇵🇱

  • Rodrigo Maia
    Rodrigo Maia 23 hours ago

    Rock e irreverência. Bom demais \m/

  • DaEpicPotatoe
    DaEpicPotatoe 23 hours ago

    Holy hell idk who is better, these are literally my 2 favorite bands ever, although i listen to pantera more when im pissed and it makes me feel tough, i think i like more of Metallicas songs so maybe they are number 1, opinions?

  • Jazzy D.
    Jazzy D. 23 hours ago

    Led zeppelin

  • Jazzy D.
    Jazzy D. 23 hours ago

    Beatles by a long shot

  • hacquard max
    hacquard max Day ago

    C'est quand-même mieux que les chansons traditionnel 🤣🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  • DonPandemoniac

    Merry Christmas and a fantastic new year to you! Rock on!

  • edina edcsi
    edina edcsi Day ago

    Great, Miguel!👍👍 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year🎅 😀

  • Angel Ernesto Pacheco

    Mushroomhead vs Slipknot or Sepultura vs Sarcófago Please

  • Fer Ramirez
    Fer Ramirez Day ago

    Hendrix Vs. SRV

  • Adri Rock
    Adri Rock Day ago

    YEAH MAN! 🤘🎶 Merry Xmas 🎄 Everybody!! From Italy🇮🇹

  • José Roberto Barsani

    Adora seus videos! Toca muito, show!

  • Dave Berry
    Dave Berry Day ago

    Fantastic! Have a great Christmas yourself, Miguel, and thanks for all the great content over this past year!

  • keiran kelleher

    Dreeding the day when both of our dogs will pass away . The song is great man.

  • Fightinfury 34

    Mac daddy Brian May

  • Valeriy Pyaterikov


  • Mateusz Poprawa

    Merry Christmas! Great video! 😉

  • ShadowBlader
    ShadowBlader Day ago

    Faça um tutorial, tá MT bom

  • bigwo56
    bigwo56 Day ago

    Personal preference, Brian May.. More technical, Mr. Page is general rock n roll riffs..

  • Markus Ammann
    Markus Ammann Day ago


  • саш жа
    саш жа Day ago

    Близняцы жеш, даж весла одинаковыи

  • SpeedManRS #1
    SpeedManRS #1 Day ago

    Starting of with my top 10 songs of metal

  • Alexander Weber

    Feliz Natal Miguel. E excelente ano novo

  • Bethany Karen
    Bethany Karen Day ago

    I have Megadeth and Metallica albums hanging on my wall. They are living in peace and harmony here because I have no winner.

  • Tomorrow's Lost History

    Hey Buddie 🤗 Awesome Work.... But leaves one question.... How could it bei topped? 👉🏻👍🏻👈🏻‼️ Great Performance.... 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻 Wish you always the best and always stay heavy, Ingo 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

    • Tomorrow's Lost History
      Tomorrow's Lost History Day ago

      The Man.... His secret Name is... Holy "Saint Sixstring"... So place a beer and a guitar under the tree and he will rock your christmas, youll never forget!!! 🤘🏻😎😁😎🤘🏻 Greetz from Germany, Ingo 🤗

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira Day ago

      Thanks a lot my friend Ingo! Regards from Portugal! 👍😉🤘

    DEMONAZER Day ago

    Вот это сногшибательно ,просто великолепно.Естественно,мое почтение и уважение.Запилил лайкос на видос!

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira 22 hours ago

      Большое вам спасибо! Обними из Португалии!

  • rewaze
    rewaze Day ago


  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Day ago


  • Alex Ross
    Alex Ross Day ago

    😂👍 😂✌ 🤣👏

  • ek bass
    ek bass Day ago

    Yep, this goes to my christmas songs playlist :) rock on

  • Mark O'Keeffe
    Mark O'Keeffe Day ago

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Brisbane, Australia

  • Jose Mesa
    Jose Mesa Day ago

    Heavy Christmas

  • Urban Exploration eXtreme


  • StarOFF
    StarOFF Day ago


  • Миша Пстыга

    Круто и смешно получилось )))

  • magamowolf x
    magamowolf x Day ago

    Cool man yeaaahhh rock in Christmas

  • marcia shiraishi

    😄😄😄 Miguel you are very funny 😄 Merry Christmas 🎅🎸🎶 Happy New Year 🥳 🍾🥂

  • Dominik K
    Dominik K Day ago

    Very nice🤘🤘

  • Designer Toaster

    Metallica Megadeth Anthrax Slayer

  • Павел Марочкин

    Perhaps the best greeting for the new year)

  • RaceReady 1
    RaceReady 1 Day ago

    Hallelujah and forward. Merry & Happy,man!

  • frank .foduw
    frank .foduw Day ago

    hamspheref0duw.blogspot.com/2019/12/rockin-christmas.html feliz natividad

  • Mariê Ezawa
    Mariê Ezawa Day ago

    Miguel, boas festas pra você e sua familia! Deus te abençoe e que continue nos deliciando com o som de sua guitarra. Um grande abraço do Brasil! 🎄✨🥂🎸🎶🎅🤘

    • Miguel Sequeira
      Miguel Sequeira Day ago

      Muito Obrigado! Feliz Natal para si e toda a família! 👍😉

  • João Amorim
    João Amorim Day ago


  • greg bump
    greg bump Day ago

    Slipknot vs black Sabbath