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ok boomer phone
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Gross, an update video
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Fortnite Funnies Vol. 1
Views 718K2 months ago
Green Screen Memes!
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iPhone 11 (parody)
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YIAY have an announcement
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UPDATE: We won, Mr. Stark
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$999 for a stand
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Watch Endgame. Beat Avatar.
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quick question
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Punishing my terrible dog
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Will Smith grunt
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thank u, ness
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"Whore" vs. "Who're"
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  • death's hell
    death's hell Minute ago


  • tin77
    tin77 3 minutes ago

    I just realized the next Jackask will be the 100th episode

  • The Scarlet Sho
    The Scarlet Sho 3 minutes ago

    I gotta feel I gotta feeling, that this YIAY's gonna be a good YIAY. That this YIAY's gonna be a good, good, good, good, good Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good YIAY. I'll meme it, uwu. I'll meme it, uwu. This is the YIAY, I make it in. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Hey Jack, What's up? Hey Jack, What's up? Hey Jack, What's up? Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up. Let's meme it up.

  • Maya Conner
    Maya Conner 3 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeels I'm aight

  • tin77
    tin77 3 minutes ago

    I’m stressed, depressed, and Sherlock obsessed

  • Sy Luckaiii
    Sy Luckaiii 4 minutes ago

    *tOoT toOt*

  • chauncy
    chauncy 4 minutes ago

    Can’t wait for Royalty Free Christmas Songs Vol. 6

  • 100 subs without vids?
    100 subs without vids? 5 minutes ago

    I feel weird Wait why is uncle here naked

  • Czar Khasm
    Czar Khasm 5 minutes ago

    I’ve come back from 2019, and THIS is where Jack got the Fortnite Funnies intro from!

  • Maya Conner
    Maya Conner 5 minutes ago

    Who knew fog horns could be musical?

  • damn carrots
    damn carrots 8 minutes ago

    TVclip rewind was bad

  • Dr. Jetki
    Dr. Jetki 8 minutes ago

    I feel like ur mum ghey

  • Floopy Doof
    Floopy Doof 8 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeelings I don't have feelings.

  • ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ
    ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ 9 minutes ago

    i was dieing after watching this

  • sayso
    sayso 10 minutes ago

    Why is this in my recommended right now

  • Oweiss Gunga
    Oweiss Gunga 10 minutes ago

    #yiayfeelings disappointed. i feel disapointed, john.

  • Frogmor
    Frogmor 10 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeelings I'm okay I guess.

  • Galvic Online
    Galvic Online 11 minutes ago

    Thanks, I hate it. #Yiayfeelings

  • Super Joseph Logan
    Super Joseph Logan 12 minutes ago

    What I thought they were your children

  • Casual Killa
    Casual Killa 12 minutes ago

    I feel like that one emoji in the just danc- EMOJIES MOVIES

  • Mr. Ramix Hardbass
    Mr. Ramix Hardbass 13 minutes ago

    I feel like i ate too much toes

  • ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ
    ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ 14 minutes ago

    after ten days of me being sick:

  • leizel65
    leizel65 18 minutes ago

    fix the flag of the philippines

  • GengarTV
    GengarTV 18 minutes ago

    Ooh God stop the bad down pitched airhorn 😓

  • koz !
    koz ! 19 minutes ago

    You know what I want for Christmas?a yiay episode where jack asks us for some good yiay questions...and the best comment/question is the next yiay question.....too good to be true?

  • ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ
    ʟօֆȶ_ӄօʍǟӄɨ 20 minutes ago


  • Tasoq
    Tasoq 20 minutes ago

    4:36 Her dress is really pretty

  • Piotr Zafhbd
    Piotr Zafhbd 20 minutes ago

    Jack and rajj have the same sponsor

  • Arctic Meme
    Arctic Meme 23 minutes ago

    I’m not old enough to move out and my parents want to take me and my sister to watch CATS. What do I do?

  • Two Tailed Warrior
    Two Tailed Warrior 23 minutes ago

    Recorded in Santa's loading depot.

  • The AGunn1
    The AGunn1 24 minutes ago

    I feel ok.... I made it on yiay

  • The Paper Empire
    The Paper Empire 25 minutes ago

    Why does it sound like everyone else is copying the same comment.

  • Sprinkles _
    Sprinkles _ 26 minutes ago

    What about 'Christmas intros'?

  • R44 OP
    R44 OP 29 minutes ago

    Another pointless question

  • Wowlookit2487
    Wowlookit2487 30 minutes ago

    I N C L U D E S P A I D P R O M O T I O N

  • Benjamin Munoz
    Benjamin Munoz 31 minute ago

    Jack I don't know what to do because in school I have a crush on this girl and lately I've seen her with a boy thats bullies me what should I do? And its making me really sad that she would rather spend time with that jerk instead of me.

  • Elliott
    Elliott 32 minutes ago

    Hey Jack can you Fix the San Marino flag 🇸🇲

  • posho pump
    posho pump 33 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeelings I feel nothing Unless I get stabbed

  • unbothered kai
    unbothered kai 34 minutes ago

    This is what I wanted. Thank you Jack.

  • Rebeck Dragneel
    Rebeck Dragneel 35 minutes ago

    Oh I really wanted a lot of cringe to shit on it.

  • Brian HM
    Brian HM 35 minutes ago

    Help john

  • Aryan ROTHWELL
    Aryan ROTHWELL 36 minutes ago

    #yiayfeelings all these people saying there dad left when they were young but my dad left before I was even born so take that

  • Harry The Moth
    Harry The Moth 38 minutes ago


  • Lauren Kitty
    Lauren Kitty 39 minutes ago

    This reminds me of that time

  • matthew sebastian
    matthew sebastian 39 minutes ago

    My feelings is feeling feet

  • Andrew
    Andrew 41 minute ago

    #yiayfeeling why is youtube rewind a watchmojo list

  • The Lord of Cancer
    The Lord of Cancer 42 minutes ago

    Feeling kinda quirky might watch YIAY later idk X3

  • Iltzu
    Iltzu 43 minutes ago

    *So uh, my dog died yesterday and it was really sad but I managed to calm down with some hentai*

  • Max Morella
    Max Morella 43 minutes ago

    #YIAYFeelings whoof wants to know

  • itz.Kakuñaシ
    itz.Kakuñaシ 44 minutes ago

    I’m dead.

  • Cheeto Rat
    Cheeto Rat 44 minutes ago

    I'm doing pretty good, got a job, in dept to myself due to buying a bunch of love eggs, amazing girlfriend and I found a bus seat

  • Christian McGuire
    Christian McGuire 44 minutes ago

    i felt big boy me

  • Arergz Gamer
    Arergz Gamer 44 minutes ago

    Fix the Australian again I am affended

  • Max Gonzales
    Max Gonzales 45 minutes ago

    Guess you're in the Christmas spirit

  • WolfDemonProductions
    WolfDemonProductions 46 minutes ago

    Dang, I wish I could listen to the song, but it seems like every time I try, a fog horn starts coming to kill me. I don't even know what I did to it.

  • Owen Shirrell
    Owen Shirrell 47 minutes ago

    0:14- Erin, Darren, and Saran- wait.

  • wman 199
    wman 199 48 minutes ago

    yo it is not bad

  • •••
    ••• 49 minutes ago

    I'm feeling happy due to the fact that 'YO MAMA SO STUPID! Family Guy - Joe Swanson' by the Yo Mama youtube channel exists

  • Combo
    Combo 49 minutes ago

    Ah, yes. Q u a l i t y

  • Riverus
    Riverus 49 minutes ago

    Lowkey slaps

  • Cammy eevee
    Cammy eevee 50 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeelings I just feel so sad like all the time and I feel such an anger rising in me every day that I don't know how to deal with and the only thing I can do is drown myself in the one glorious distraction that makes me happy, which is of course, Garfield/Shrek inflation porn. #mylifeissohard #relatable #tfw

  • I got aids
    I got aids 50 minutes ago

    #yiayfeelings I caught feelings for my wife’s boyfriend... quite a pickle

  • Kaitlyn Stollery
    Kaitlyn Stollery 51 minute ago

    his dorky dancing is so cute

  • Mikael Hassmund
    Mikael Hassmund 51 minute ago

    Well, how do you feel Jack? Has anyone ever asked you that? You now we care about you, right?

  • Charles Bettesworth
    Charles Bettesworth 51 minute ago

    “ I’m gonna make the whole world deaf, from all of your screams. DOO DA LA DOO DA LA DOOO “

  • Two Dogs and a Dingo
    Two Dogs and a Dingo 52 minutes ago

    #YIAYfeelings I’m pretty confused at the amount of people here with LEGO Star Wars Avatars, I’m not judging, my alt account avatar has LEGO yoda with some ketamine next him on it. Just weirded out by the number Of them here now.

  • wholesomechildsuicidehotline

    I guess you could say that I'm FEELING suicidal

  • kyrk thegamer
    kyrk thegamer 55 minutes ago

    Hey where is the Philippines you are rude to us

  • Bluey
    Bluey 56 minutes ago

    yiay 488!

  • 122yotam
    122yotam 57 minutes ago

    #YIAYtree they should promote on your forhead

  • infelicis
    infelicis 57 minutes ago

    I never heard jack say uwu

  • Ankylo55
    Ankylo55 Hour ago

    #YIAYfeelings I'm feeling pretty upset my lyric didn't make it in ma boi

  • Lucas Borage
    Lucas Borage Hour ago

    I’m saf

  • G-ful Nar
    G-ful Nar Hour ago

    See this was actually good thats what I wanted in a rewind he isnt wrong

  • Kurt a Kazam
    Kurt a Kazam Hour ago

    this isn't bad because you made it work somehiw

  • Roberto Matte
    Roberto Matte Hour ago

    i don’t get pandas

  • KringusKrang
    KringusKrang Hour ago

    Now I'm not saying nothing but

  • milla yliharsila

    #yiay song all I want for christmas is daaad.

  • Marsel Music
    Marsel Music Hour ago

    holy shit that beard

  • Two Dogs and a Dingo

    #yiayfeelings I’m sad, how can I ever land a girl when I haven’t been featured on YIAY? Hahaha just kidding, I’m not one of THOSE basic commenters, because I’ve accepted I’m gonna die alone!

  • Faeron Mor
    Faeron Mor Hour ago

    Ive been seeing mvmt commercials on tv and I always think "wow jack is a big boy youtuber if hes getting these people to sponsor him"

    • Faeron Mor
      Faeron Mor Hour ago

      No I'm not being sarcastic, why would I be?

    • Faeron Mor
      Faeron Mor Hour ago

      Yes I think that exact phrase fully every time

  • The Molten Potato

    my feelins huh? I fear death thats why my other fears are WEAK hope I don't scare any of you with the fear of death.

  • Georgi Gyurganchev

    Jack nooooo

  • GaNgStA_ 102
    GaNgStA_ 102 Hour ago

    Im happy coz no yiay

  • Holding on to You

    YGS - The only. Film that makees yuo guestion. Hoomanitee.

  • Nova
    Nova Hour ago

    1:07 Meowth, that's right.

  • Alex Ivanovoc
    Alex Ivanovoc Hour ago

    Fruking varagara

  • Geordi Kinnane
    Geordi Kinnane Hour ago

    i like prequel memes #yiayfeelings

  • Katzek
    Katzek Hour ago

    This wasnt good. I give this a 1/5

  • Zombify [GD]
    Zombify [GD] Hour ago

    who did you hire to honk their horn

  • William Patton
    William Patton Hour ago


  • SketchElf
    SketchElf Hour ago

    I'm feeling tired because I only got two hours of sleep last night

  • Scrollreader 124

    #YIAYfeel I feel Great Ambitious Radical Fantastic Imaginative Excellent Lucky Dauntless

  • Faeron Mor
    Faeron Mor Hour ago

    We didn't write the Christmas song jack, you did

  • Shade 0210
    Shade 0210 Hour ago

    Avengers Endgame is the best crossover ever! Jack: hold my grammar bad

  • Samuel Johnston
    Samuel Johnston Hour ago

    I'm Done trying to be me

  • Moonlight Studios

    I’m sad that I liked my comment

  • Hey! Torres Here

    Thank you, so much 😭

  • Magnificent Farrell

    i feel like it's about time you change that outro

  • AF MakeVideo
    AF MakeVideo Hour ago