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  • John Ash
    John Ash Month ago

    what illness did t lindsey get the beginning of camp?

  • tbone 88
    tbone 88 2 months ago

    No Sunday Quarterback after the Wisconsin game?

  • Adam Claus
    Adam Claus 3 months ago

    Are you aware of the audio issues in your press conference videos? I'm not an audio engineer but it sounds like you're recording the sound too low and jacking it up in post. I'm not sure if that's the specific issue but it'd be great if you guys could resolve it. I'd think it's a quick fix. thanks!

  • Matt Mohebalian
    Matt Mohebalian 5 months ago

    Love your work guys! Would also love to help you create a better intro since I've been enjoying your work for so long. I feel like a moocher. I specialize in Broadcast Graphics and I'm a 4th generation Cornhusker Alumni as well.

  • Highlight Productions

    Hello sir my name is Kandon Dortch and i attended the 3 stripe Challenge and i was wondering if there was any way to view the camp , because i saw it was being filmed. please let me know thank you

    • Highlight Productions
      Highlight Productions Year ago

      I mean the 1 on on 1s and 7 on 7 .Would it be okay for me to view the clips you have of me , i would really appreciate it . My Email is :

    • HuskerOnline Video
      HuskerOnline Video Year ago

      Hey Kandon, I know I got a few clips of you, what exactly do you mean about viewing the camp?