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  • Samuel Attias
    Samuel Attias 9 months ago

    On Gagnera Au Canada

  • DiAnna W
    DiAnna W 11 months ago

    Thank you for streaming the CanWNT vs Norway today! A 3-2 win for our Canadian girls!!! YES!! It was a pretty slow start for them.. but man alive did they make up for it in the second half! Congrats ladies!!!! GO CANADA GO!!!! :)

  • Swag Boy
    Swag Boy 2 years ago

    When is Canada ever going to win a world cup, let alone enter one. At least defeat all other teams including Mexico will be enough

  • eilyn510
    eilyn510 2 years ago

    HI! When can we watch the game against Mexico in Natal, Brazil, please? It's Saturday now and tomorrow it's against T&T and we still haven't seen the first game? Can you upload the whole game please? I mean both the Mexico and T&T :-) Thank you.

  • Дмитрий Шморгун Russian Hunter

    Hello my name is Dmitry,I from Russia.You have a great channel,I really like it.Wanted to ask you could you help with immigration to Canada or have friends who can

  • A.K.A Channel
    A.K.A Channel 3 years ago

    when is gonna start the 2018 qualifacatoin of canada vs belize 2 macthe

  • od1exx
    od1exx 3 years ago

    When are the 4-0 highlights going to be uploaded?

  • Waluigi  testeur Waluigi   Testeur

    dans fifa jes inventer un attaquant qui sapelle laroche son numero 99

  • The YogiEconomist
    The YogiEconomist 4 years ago

    The yogi economist loves this TV

  • Tadius Carson St.Clair

    Nothing on the U-20 Milk Cup? We need more coverage, period.

  • ali sadeghi
    ali sadeghi 5 years ago

    please post more MNT highlights

  • Tadius Carson St.Clair

    I love this channel. Just wondering if any U17 World Cup coverage will be on here? Canada DID make it, just thought it made sense to advertise that.

  • FifaTrainer
    FifaTrainer 5 years ago

    Nice channel

  • Taejon Mikle-Ryan
    Taejon Mikle-Ryan 5 years ago

    Making my first soccer mixtape will probably be up tommorow please subscribe now it will take a few seconds i want the most feed back i can get so i can get better thanks and have a great day.

  • rvannieuwenhuijzen
    rvannieuwenhuijzen 5 years ago

    Do you have the FIFA World Cup Final under 16 1987 USSR - Nigeria in Canada.

  • Trey Jackson
    Trey Jackson 5 years ago

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  • CanadaForeclosure
    CanadaForeclosure 6 years ago

    Go IMPACT!

  • Melvin Clarke
    Melvin Clarke 6 years ago

    wheres the olympic highlights?

  • Melvin Clarke
    Melvin Clarke 6 years ago

    i like can soccer but where are all the womens vids,,,??? i appreciate you flogging the men but i don t care bout it. you should make the women and girls easier to find thx

  • Benoit Couturier
    Benoit Couturier 6 years ago

    where are the highlights from yesterday game?

  • silverdart333
    silverdart333 6 years ago

    Im your 901st subscriber!

  • Joshua Rendle
    Joshua Rendle 6 years ago

    Vamos Canada 1-0 Cuba

  • Winsome LeBlanc
    Winsome LeBlanc 6 years ago

    Good luck today Girls! Go hard! C'mon guys! Hang in there!

  • Jazzy Chiqui Ti Jardin

    good luck in london ladies

  • Melvin Clarke
    Melvin Clarke 6 years ago

    where are the other games and scores?

  • Melvin Clarke
    Melvin Clarke 6 years ago

    why arent all the highlights on here?its much better to see all the teams and the matchups...better than just following one team. not everyone cheers for canada in canada. fyi

    DADDA FYFFE 7 years ago


  • mcflyer8
    mcflyer8 7 years ago

    thanks for the canwnt coverage!

  • lars072
    lars072 7 years ago

    I hope we get our injured players back and can convince Hoillett to play for Canada if we are to stand any chance in the next round. Very depressing results...

  • DerekRants
    DerekRants 7 years ago

    nice channel

  • Gonzalo Urena
    Gonzalo Urena 7 years ago

    We better defeat St. Kitts and Nevis in the coming matches in November!

  • lars072
    lars072 7 years ago

    0-0 at home vs. Puerto Rico...yeesh! I hope this form doesn't continue into the next round.

  • TheBarcaShow
    TheBarcaShow 7 years ago

    Any plans for Canada to play in a city that isn't Toronto or Montreal?

  • Herb615
    Herb615 7 years ago

    Hope you'll can use Jackson more. He's pretty under rated.

  • gol4
    gol4 7 years ago

    Don't think McKeena should call their goal "a fluke". It was beautiful and it's incredibly arrogant/disrespectful to downsize them like that.

  • Adam Pietrangelo
    Adam Pietrangelo 7 years ago


  • DJHarrison93
    DJHarrison93 7 years ago

    Going to see you guys play Guadeloupe this Saturday