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Let's Talk About Our Future
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More. Power.
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Le Studio Is Looking Sharp !
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The Renovation Has Begun.
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He Made Me Eat This...
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  • Omega Alfa
    Omega Alfa 3 hours ago

    When another man cooks for you and offers you a beer, the least you can do is toast and take a decent swig :P

  • adam burdt
    adam burdt 3 hours ago

    What are the spices? Nutmeg, clove, and what? Love that he teaches you the method!

  • Aniket Shendage
    Aniket Shendage 4 hours ago

    Alex I think you are the only one who can make a YT series about meatballs and keep it exciting or one would say adventurous .

  • dilan çelik
    dilan çelik 4 hours ago

    I love the new adjustments you did on your channel. And welcome to turkey once again. I recognized the airport from the mado behind you :D

  • Mina Noroozi
    Mina Noroozi 4 hours ago

    Only if i knew you're coming to turkey sooner... Welcome to turkey from all your fans here! Türkiye'ye hoş geldin Alex!!

  • J. Mig
    J. Mig 4 hours ago

    2:43 love how he avoids the Surströmming subject lol

  • zig zag girl
    zig zag girl 4 hours ago

    Welcome to Turkey, Alex ^^ Looking forward to seeing the next episode!

  • zno3
    zno3 4 hours ago

    Weird... I never learn any French but I understand everything you said

  • Ghcdy
    Ghcdy 4 hours ago

    I want him to make Pewdiepie’s recipe and compare it to the professional chef’s.

  • Mohammad Alhusaini
    Mohammad Alhusaini 5 hours ago

    I think what you have done for your channel is truly a step in the right direction. You're a brilliant story teller Alex!

  • M Karlsson
    M Karlsson 5 hours ago

    2:42 "Volvo, ABBA, Meatballs" Weeell... More like "Saab, Volvo, ABBA, Meatballs". How a Swede could forget Saab in such a sentence is unforgivable!

  • numberyellow
    numberyellow 5 hours ago

    This is far more than a meatball series.... it is a meatball ADVENTURE!

  • Jamielol
    Jamielol 5 hours ago

    Alex you should be proud, you’re creating a really authentic and high quality cooking show with a new and interesting format 👏👏

  • Hummels
    Hummels 5 hours ago

    This series is your best yet! I cant wait to see more

  • Dan Ben-Yaacov
    Dan Ben-Yaacov 6 hours ago

    very cool series Alex! Can't wait for the Istanbul part

  • Neil Meschke
    Neil Meschke 6 hours ago

    So I made them following your recipe. They were incredible. Thank you very very much!!!

  • Leonel Issa
    Leonel Issa 6 hours ago

    Tjena tjena

  • joe jitsu
    joe jitsu 6 hours ago

    Why in the world would you go to Stockholm for that? What do Arabs know about Swedish meetballs? Hummus? Yes. Falafel? Yes. Gyros? Maybe. Swedish meetballs? Nope. Oh wait! What's this? The king stole a recipe for Turkey meatballs from a bunch of Arabs? That's weird, and doesn't sound very good. My aunt made me eat Turkey meatballs once. They weren't very good. I'd rather have gone to Ikea for Swedish meatballs.

  • MrSuperrajab
    MrSuperrajab 6 hours ago

    damit its midnight here and I'm hungry ...

  • Jai Hill
    Jai Hill 6 hours ago

    This is like $20AUD but still good vid

  • Josh
    Josh 6 hours ago

    Great filmmaking at the end there. There were subtle to obvious queues that you weren't in Sweden anymore. When you said you were in Turkey it was like "oh yes, of course!" And I just had to go back and rewatch that bit to see what i missed.

  • Blu Wolf
    Blu Wolf 7 hours ago

    When problems first started appearing I immediately thought, maybe it’s the potatoes he’s using. Turns out HE USED THE WRONG POTATOES.

  • PhatTrumpet2
    PhatTrumpet2 7 hours ago


  • tony butcher
    tony butcher 7 hours ago

    Dutch Cream potatoes make the best mash hands down.

  • 34ey5 drift
    34ey5 drift 7 hours ago

    kødboller is danish not swedish ... :D otherwise nice

  • Matt Duncan
    Matt Duncan 7 hours ago

    I made these noodles and they were divine, along with Pork Chashu, Pork bone broth, Miso Eggs and marinated bamboo shoots OMG!

  • 神 ZLX
    神 ZLX 7 hours ago

    make cocaine (reverse-engineering)

  • Abdulla Kassim
    Abdulla Kassim 7 hours ago

    As a new yorker i almost shed a tear seeing what you paid for your bagels. This is why you have to go to a deli.

  • Syrup Face
    Syrup Face 8 hours ago

    chef reminds me of thom yorke

  • Blakely Creative
    Blakely Creative 8 hours ago

    good lord,,, shut the "F" up.

  • Alberto Castre
    Alberto Castre 9 hours ago

    I'm blown away......a Popeyes chicken in Turkey's airport? Wild.


    Imma say it, Alex should start a restaurant

  • roman szefler
    roman szefler 9 hours ago

    Volvo and IKEA

  • 2rustysporks
    2rustysporks 10 hours ago

    YES. Sauce series please :)

  • woolfel
    woolfel 10 hours ago

    really enjoying this meatball journey! that's why I love this channel

  • Jon Wright
    Jon Wright 10 hours ago

    Fantastic episode, this was better than most television about food

  • stepchildofsoul
    stepchildofsoul 10 hours ago

    Your effort, intent and success here are seriously gratifying to watch. My own omelet game has improved since I started using chopsticks instead of whisks and forks. It's easier on my gear and gets just enough air into the mix.

  • Zindy Koenig
    Zindy Koenig 10 hours ago

    Chef Alex, you are the best!! I would love if you could come out with a series of charcuterie. Scientifically and more. Please!

  • Daniel Coates
    Daniel Coates 10 hours ago

    6:30 : this is how an ADHD mind feels most, if not all of the time! 😳

  • karlpetersenstock
    karlpetersenstock 10 hours ago

    No eggs in the mince ??? Wow... Looks great !! Thanks

  • OneHarp
    OneHarp 10 hours ago

    I made these tonight. Delish! Thanks Alex!

  • Keith Doran
    Keith Doran 10 hours ago

    Hahahah my man wasted no time cracking that beer and sipping it

  • gho ul
    gho ul 10 hours ago

    These series better not end with a soggy sweaty meatballs at home

  • Tony P
    Tony P 11 hours ago

    I was surprised the gravy was just pan drippings and cream.

  • Nat Miname
    Nat Miname 11 hours ago

    Make a GOOD fish meatball

  • Knightcommander
    Knightcommander 11 hours ago

    I love the creativity in your videos. Beautifully done my friend. Looking forward to Turkey!

  • G Mallory
    G Mallory 11 hours ago


  • Sami Hamady
    Sami Hamady 11 hours ago

    For 43 CAD (32 USD) you can get a chinese knock off lansky apex pro system

  • mohammad adib
    mohammad adib 11 hours ago

    Is there any reason swedish didnt have any accent when speaking english while french have very strong accent? Coming from south east asian person here so didn't know how is the culture there.

  • Elias Lindqvist
    Elias Lindqvist 11 hours ago

    Greetings from Helsinki. Never been to this restaurant but I love it already and definitely need to go. Cooking on fire is just the best. I think I have the same cast iron skillet as my daily driver at home. What a twist at the end! This series is starting to feel like some Indiana Jones movie.

  • Matias Fjørtoft
    Matias Fjørtoft 12 hours ago

    I put coffee in the meatballs when i make it. Enhances the taste of it

  • Túrin de Riv
    Túrin de Riv 12 hours ago

    "C'est super bon, putain de merde" La meilleure phrase de l'année sur ta chaîne ! 😁

  • Matt McGale
    Matt McGale 12 hours ago

    Ekstedt looks like enough of a reason to plan an entire trip to Sweden. I can imagine the smell of the woodsmoke and cooking alone is worth the visit. Do want.

  • realism51
    realism51 12 hours ago


  • Ryan4233
    Ryan4233 12 hours ago

    Challah bread makes the best french toast

  • aikesi Ch
    aikesi Ch 12 hours ago

    go see musa dadgeviren man !!!

  • Matthew Kodatt
    Matthew Kodatt 12 hours ago

    I HAVE to go to Sweden

  • Bibbly
    Bibbly 12 hours ago


  • Rafael Bittencourt
    Rafael Bittencourt 13 hours ago

    I want to go to this restaurant just to meet and hang out with the chef. Absolute legend.

  • k1000o73
    k1000o73 13 hours ago

    Il faut nettoyer les lunettes, ça fait pas propre pour cuisiner...

  • Michael Brennan
    Michael Brennan 13 hours ago

    Seriously want to visit Sweden now....

  • 327ewok
    327ewok 13 hours ago

    epic ending thanks alex

  • Diego M
    Diego M 13 hours ago

    For the record : there is a typical (and VERY popular) recipe in Brussels called "ballekes met tomaten saus" (litterally, "meatballs with tomato saus")... invented decades ago, when the Italian immigrants brought the habit of eating tomatoes to Belgium. Actually, it is slightly different from the original Italian recipe (for instance, we eat them with french fries...) but that's the most interesting part of the dish : it's a mix of cultures, it's the deep meeting of two traditions... Italians newcomers and Belgians shared their roots and created something new. That's the best definition ever of cultural encounter. And it happened in NYC the same way. That's why I don't understand why Alex went to NYC to "re-invent" a local recipe. Not only he could have done it in Paris, but also, it sounds like "I'll do it better than generations did"... We all cook better than our neighbours, don't we ? LOL

  • flodderr
    flodderr 13 hours ago

    But Why a wooden spoon!!?? I'm still waiting after that cliffhanger...

  • Gnulf
    Gnulf 13 hours ago

    what he did are the fancy shit not what normal plp eat just so you know alex

  • crooked shanx
    crooked shanx 14 hours ago

    I love you and your videos Alex. But here's a probably unpopular opinion, I preferred the older style of editing. The zooming in to emphasize humor for example is becoming very cheesy now. Every two bit youtuber does it. Your editing style in the older videos was really great. But I will always watch your content of course, no matter who edits the videos.

  • Seraph
    Seraph 14 hours ago

    That restaurant looks amazing, if I ever go through Stockholm I'll definitely swing by there

  • Robby
    Robby 14 hours ago

    10$ is not low budget!

  • expert zeus
    expert zeus 14 hours ago

    I love how when he wants to perfect something he goes to the roots and builds from there

  • Ben Setter
    Ben Setter 14 hours ago

    Loving thus series. And love that there’s mutual respect for each country’s way of doing things. Very cool!

  • N8Cality
    N8Cality 14 hours ago

    Been watching a lot of Alex's vids and so far I'm enjoying the format, if there is such a thing. Part 1 - Alex gets an idea. Part 2 - Alex just puts himself in a position/problem and goes crazy for a while. Part 3 - Alex tries to figure out. Part 4 - Alex Succeeds! Hahahhaa. It's like watching a movie in 10 minutes.

  • MrSafa61
    MrSafa61 14 hours ago

    * avrupalı köfte yer * "Oh my god these swedish meetballs are the best ever wow so much flavor and texture" * mangal başında ortalama dayı * "Lan at eti mi bu"

  • Ivanovic Romano
    Ivanovic Romano 14 hours ago

    Love the content and everything, but im not sure this is the best time to spend on airports.

  • Shawnaldo75
    Shawnaldo75 15 hours ago

    Manliest kitchen I've ever seen.

  • chrism95
    chrism95 15 hours ago

    He never told us why a wooden spoon... now i cant make these

  • KoiFlow
    KoiFlow 15 hours ago

    How do you meet someone so lovely, talented, and eat such amazing food in a brilliant place I would breakdown and cry right after I left.

  • sirkickassalot123
    sirkickassalot123 15 hours ago

    yes, this is the most swedish meal you could ever get...

  • Pauly Paul
    Pauly Paul 15 hours ago

    I'm sure that wars have been fought over it, but with a Danish stepmother, I would say that there is actually very little difference between Swedish and Danish meatballs. Danish meatballs are a bit larger. Just don't buy the cheap supermarket ones - they taste a bit weird. I particularly like the fresh pickled cucumber salad that goes with them, and very, very, easy to make.

  • James Mostowski
    James Mostowski 15 hours ago

    Since it wasn't in the comments: Chef Niklas Ekstedt Swedish Meatballs aka Köttbullar Meat: 2 parts Beef, 1 part Pork, 1 part Veal Cream mixed with Bread Crumbs (set for 1 hr.) 1 Egg Caramelized onions Spices: Cloves, Allspice & nutmeg (ground fine) Mix until 'Paté' like. Form in one hand, rolling around (about an inch & half in size) Fry until browned and add dome Butter. Serve with Mashed Potatoes, Lingonberries, and pickled Cucumber. Make a pan gravy with Cream over the top of the meatballs.

  • soca
    soca 15 hours ago

    Thank you, i'm going to make ramen too. bought paste maker like your on amazon. this get a like and subscibed.

  • Magnus Rixtorp
    Magnus Rixtorp 15 hours ago

    You should travel a bit more here in Sweden and eat your way around.

  • Raspberry Biscuit
    Raspberry Biscuit 16 hours ago

    I love your personality 😊 Excited and kiddish but in just the right amount so it's fun to watch and makes me happy 😁 ps. I loooved that you translated the world's best mash for us btw! I made my first try and next time I gotta buy the right potatoes...hehe Ps2. I live in a what I consider a non-food country (Swiss), only potatoes, cheese (not even as good as Italian or French), and chocolate (not even as good as Belgian) so trust me your channel is really helping to up my cooking skills further! 😋😇 That's if I can even find the ingredience here😭😅

  • asandrius86
    asandrius86 16 hours ago

    Good content Alex!!!

  • GunSheppard
    GunSheppard 16 hours ago

    I would watch a whole series with Niklas and Alex. Bring this guy back to France with you!

  • Bernd Kühnapfel
    Bernd Kühnapfel 16 hours ago

    blabla.....its so nice....tell us something about the nice little male babies.......

  • simon199418
    simon199418 16 hours ago

    I was skeptical at first when you said you were going to focus on travel documentaries this year but have to say these are fucking awesome. Keep at it!

  • Jacopo G
    Jacopo G 16 hours ago

    Fun fact: wooden spoons... Forbidden by the law in Italian kitchens

  • Andraz Novak
    Andraz Novak 16 hours ago

    precooked pasta or raw pasta in the lasagna? what's the general consensus here?

  • Justin Decker
    Justin Decker 16 hours ago

    too much cringe

  • Öhh
    Öhh 16 hours ago

    I love this dude. He’s incredibly charismatic (especially in his native language) and his TV show is just really good :))

  • Valérian Pigeon
    Valérian Pigeon 16 hours ago

    Super intéressant mais j'ai été obligé de couper le son et de mettre les sous-titres. Impossible d'écouter cet accent presque irrespectueux pour les anglophones, c'est quand même pas compliqué de pas dire les r... RRrrrrr .

    THE BOY 16 hours ago

    Can't wait for the next video

    THE BOY 16 hours ago

    Excellent video Alex

  • Bernd Eckenfels
    Bernd Eckenfels 16 hours ago

    Great Restaurant

  • Wietse hm
    Wietse hm 16 hours ago

    Already this serie is epic! The meatball saga continues

  • Devran Budakci
    Devran Budakci 16 hours ago

    That end talk was in Istanbul!

  • Lex Wringkey
    Lex Wringkey 16 hours ago

    The strangest thing to me was when you walked back from the table where you sat for the mini-interview you walked back in the lead when you were a guest in his restaurant.