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Top 10 Facts , But wrong
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  • tfnvv
    tfnvv 7 days ago

    Each side 3-4 mins, let rest 6-8 mins.

    • Barry Weaver
      Barry Weaver 6 days ago

      Thanks, I was only going by crispy edges.

  • Vasil Ianakiev
    Vasil Ianakiev 9 days ago

    Fucking beautiful

  • MsZyona
    MsZyona 12 days ago

    I always fried my pork chops with flour. This looks so good, a must-try!

  • creative grant
    creative grant 15 days ago

    To paraphrase Ramsay; It looks like the Exxon Valdez wrecked under that chop.

  • Caden Shoemake
    Caden Shoemake 15 days ago

    Made this tonight for my family. Amazing recipe. I added ground onion powder onto the chops and with the oil along with the actual onion. Its was delicious. Thanks chef

  • J J
    J J 16 days ago

    simple but good stuff, nothing to add except you could chose to brime them in thyme and pepper.

  • Dylan Gartner
    Dylan Gartner 17 days ago

    But Gordon my nut isn’t brown

  • mikebrisebois
    mikebrisebois 17 days ago

    three finger rule.... olive oil

  • oce
    oce 17 days ago

    the flatter the vegetables the more confident you are

  • Brittany Stephens
    Brittany Stephens 23 days ago

    Looks so good

  • Ferlin Ternofsky
    Ferlin Ternofsky 23 days ago

    Dont like red peppers

  • avangileign1
    avangileign1 24 days ago

    I made this recipe today and fucking nailed it!! First time ever trying it and it was so good I ate 3 whole pork chops by myself lol. To be fair I had smaller pork chops than Gordon has in this video. It was so damn delicious I'm making this far more often!

  • Debra Shuford
    Debra Shuford 24 days ago

    This was great! Thank you!

  • Ellen Yu
    Ellen Yu 28 days ago

    so perfect! thank you!

  • John Kugelfischer
    John Kugelfischer 29 days ago

    Gordon looks SO amazing for a man of 73 years! He's amazing. what? oh.............

  • brenda horn
    brenda horn Month ago

    well i like the freshness of the receipes but i tried this and 3 to 4 minutes per side of porkchop was not enough, had to toss back into pan to cook longer, as pork was still little pink inside, wish he would have cut these ones open to show the inside if the meat was actually cooked, as eating raw or undercooked pork will kill you

  • Nicholas InSeattle

    Thank you Chef! Wonderful method for chops. For me, it's all about simple. This makes that mark! NIS

  • Londale Carter
    Londale Carter Month ago

    Just finished making this for my girl! This recipe is P.D.A. Panty Droppin Approved! Just sayin! Tip: balsamic vinegar works better than red wine vinegar imo. And add it just before you finish the peper mix. It will reduce and be perfect!

  • TheJds1993
    TheJds1993 Month ago

    Mmm 😋 Do have a baking version?

  • Akash Chopra
    Akash Chopra Month ago

    Is this a sales video or instructional? Felt like a boring 80's commercial.

  • Mark Keith
    Mark Keith Month ago

    I'd be a cooking freak with a kitchen like that. What a kitchen!

  • Jason
    Jason Month ago

    What park of the chop did you use? Some just don't pan fry

  • Shina Omisanya
    Shina Omisanya Month ago

    Gordon Ramsey: Pan on. Me: YES CHEF!!!

  • petercraigg1
    petercraigg1 Month ago

    You can't cook pork for only 4 minutes on each side then expect it to be fully cooked. It's not like steak, it needs to be fully cooked or you'll get sick.

  • Marshall Elliott
    Marshall Elliott Month ago

    Food God! Man crush verified

    KATIELOVEHU TV Month ago

    hes house is like a restaurant i swear.

    HOT STREAK Month ago

    I went to a butcher to get 2-3 chops and it was their last day, walked out with 12 chops for $20 (aud)

  • piper wilder
    piper wilder Month ago

    FANTASTIC.. but I do brine my pork chops so extra juicy and tender.. And you?

  • S3V3N L0V3S
    S3V3N L0V3S Month ago

    Thank you

  • Renay Parrack
    Renay Parrack Month ago

    Pan on

  • shogrran
    shogrran Month ago

    shoot your goddamned video editor. and behead your cameraman

  • Fish Fly
    Fish Fly Month ago

    I'd like to see cast iron used

  • Luther Petty
    Luther Petty Month ago

    I love you Chef. I just freakin love you man. When you be yelling at your chef's on TV I know you just want them to do it like you do it LOL I know it drives you crazy LOL. Glad you make these videos, I always follow your steps every way and I impress this girl I have a crush with these amazing recipes. Thank you Chef Ramsey. Lu from California

  • martin F
    martin F Month ago

    Another great recipe. Gordon Ramsay has inspired me to cook with more confidence my family loves the meals i have prept from his teachings. My respects to a great chef!!

    • martin F
      martin F Month ago

      @littlenavybrat i wouldn't even be mad if Gordon cursed at me for messing up. I would feel honored to have a chef his caliber teach me his ways. Lol

    • littlenavybrat
      littlenavybrat Month ago

      Exactly! I am far from being as good as the worst chefs on Kitchen Nightmares, but he has inspired me to attempt cooking. Now, if only there was a Gordon Ramsay app that could yell and swear at me while I do

    CHAO TAO Month ago

    2:35,what’s this?

    • CHAO TAO
      CHAO TAO Month ago

      @mydogskips2 Thank you!

    • mydogskips2
      mydogskips2 Month ago

      Red wine vinegar is what he said.

  • Andybaby
    Andybaby Month ago

    Q: Doesn't the pork chop get cold after (5 mins?) of 'resting'?

    • Andybaby
      Andybaby Month ago

      After 5 mins, my steak was lukewarm... I think 'cover w foil' helps, and maybe 'put in oven', or both.

    • Michael Laidler
      Michael Laidler Month ago

      No, it'll actually increase in internal temperature by about 5 degrees Celsius. Also, if you don't let it rest, all the juices will run out of it once you cut it and increase the likelihood of the meat going dry.

  • mas bro
    mas bro Month ago


  • Brittany Frana
    Brittany Frana Month ago

    Has anyone tried this with white onion? I have a bunch of white onion that needs eaten

  • Pedro Balbuena
    Pedro Balbuena 2 months ago

    omg will try!

  • Jeryyjie
    Jeryyjie 2 months ago

    Now I watch ..and videos appear funny to me

  • Fish Tropic
    Fish Tropic 2 months ago

    I take his advice and make it better 😀 is it ok to marinate a chop a day before you do this ???

  • Jeremy Broussard
    Jeremy Broussard 2 months ago

    Who cleans your pots?

  • Archibald Doogan
    Archibald Doogan 2 months ago

    I actually prefer Tyler Florence's "Ultimate" brined chop recipe to this one, but it's still very good!

  • Terry Trahan
    Terry Trahan 2 months ago

    Puked on the peppers too much going on

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 months ago

    cooked some pork chops for dinner Wife doesn't like pork but I followed this reciepe and I gave her a try and she said what is this it's nice and i told her pork cutlets and she said more please

  • Dennis Ac-ac
    Dennis Ac-ac 2 months ago

    That's f*cking gross! I'm pretty sure that pork isn't tendered.

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 2 months ago

    Weak chops.

  • Petey Wheatstraw
    Petey Wheatstraw 2 months ago

    im pretty sure if i served ramsay meat with chunks of garlics on top, he'd yell at me

  • Dany R
    Dany R 2 months ago

    OMG, I have been wanting to try and make pork chops that was. Ot.baked and not fried and I just came across this video. Let me tell you these pork chops came out AMAZING

  • Cristalstar3
    Cristalstar3 2 months ago

    Yes, Chef.

  • 946brandon
    946brandon 2 months ago

    No secret, happily married gay boy with sense of humor apologizes to all you over sensitive viewers. there's probably a TVclip video which will explain when someone is joking and how to grow a sense of humor. God bless!

  • AEB 1976
    AEB 1976 2 months ago

    He is a true Scorpio. Very passionate

  • JB Kregs
    JB Kregs 2 months ago

    He really is the best chef in the world.

  • kim seger
    kim seger 2 months ago

    with out brazin or cooking the chop for hours i strongly cant do 5min per side i just wont i take the chop put in a zipplock add oil sage sait pepper let set over night in the frig throw it in a med hot pan hearing the cooking threw out with a bacon press let it cook 20 min turn and bacon press it again 20min then turn over bacon press it again 20 min till the meat comes away from the bone lots of sage i think i might add butter off the heat

    • stretch54
      stretch54 2 months ago

      If you cook your pork chops for 20 minutes a side they must have the consistency of shoe leather.

  • chesy Lig-ang
    chesy Lig-ang 2 months ago

    Any substitute for red wine?

  • Greg Johnson
    Greg Johnson 2 months ago

    The English subtitles are literally horrendous. Peppers comes out as Packers among other language crimes!

  • ivette santana
    ivette santana 2 months ago

    is there a written recipe? I just cant watch this is making me dizzy. why is the camera not still.

  • Carmen Puente
    Carmen Puente 2 months ago

    I will so this recipe but minus the sugar

  • Duck Pond
    Duck Pond 2 months ago

    One of my all-time favorite recipes. Easy and delicious.

  • Dominic
    Dominic 2 months ago

    What brand pots do you use

  • bob jones
    bob jones 2 months ago

    This guy is fantastic. Master of the Masters!!!

  • invaderzimismyfav
    invaderzimismyfav 2 months ago

    I made this tonight. It was spectacular. Every instruction was easy to follow and concise. Wow the basil really made that peppers and onion saute EXTRAORDINARY

  • monte fetters
    monte fetters 2 months ago

    Great recipe,but should not use wood cutting board for cutting meat and veggies at the same time,use non porous board for meat

  • lj033
    lj033 2 months ago

    Lol the dramatics

  • G Man
    G Man 2 months ago

    I respond better when he's yelling

  • Glenn Quagmire
    Glenn Quagmire 3 months ago

    Can we get Gordon Ramsay asmr

  • T7 Hunt10
    T7 Hunt10 3 months ago

    Pan On

  • Jamor
    Jamor 3 months ago

    Too much trouble for pork chops, just put some Shake and bake on them!!!!

  • KevinMphotography
    KevinMphotography 3 months ago

    I actually just clicked on this one to see how many times he uses the word literally incorrectly. Here we go

  • telecasterman18
    telecasterman18 3 months ago

    Gordon!!! Why are you using a Teflon coated pan?! I thought you were a professional cook? Get that cancer-causing garbage out of your kitchen.

  • Y S
    Y S 3 months ago

    No sugar. Can you squeeze a sweet tangerine. No artificial sugar

  • WRECK 215
    WRECK 215 3 months ago

    I don't eat pork but DAMN them pork chops look delicious 🤗

  • Rudy D
    Rudy D 3 months ago

    I think the cameraman was a former green beret sniper rifle expert

  • Elise P
    Elise P 3 months ago

    This dude looks horrible like an 80 yr old man trying to hang on to his youth. All his adult tantrums/fits of rage, arent cute, but most importantly, are only affecting his health. Besides, it is only food...there is no need to throw hissy fits of rage over someone else's cooking. Be glad you have teeth to chew and food to eat. His face and body have aged horribly. He looks like a shar pei. Physically, he has more wrinkles/saggy skin than an 80+ yr old. People with little melanin like him need to protect their skin from sun damage because by the time you are mid 30's in will catch up with you.

  • CantoloupeBC Ok
    CantoloupeBC Ok 3 months ago

    Who else was about to close their eyes when they saw him cut the onions but they forgot this was a vid?

  • Jamie Richards
    Jamie Richards 3 months ago

    Chef Ramsey gets down on the kitchen!! I’ve recently grown to love him

  • NibbaKibber
    NibbaKibber 3 months ago

    you legit have the logo of Agentur Für Arbeti in germany

  • Kenneth Angelo
    Kenneth Angelo 3 months ago

    Gordon: and let the knife do the work Also me: leave the knife to do the job and watch tv 😂

  • Gatrie MacLeinn
    Gatrie MacLeinn 3 months ago

    i just realized gordon doesn't hold a knife right...

  • Panty Anarchy
    Panty Anarchy 3 months ago

    I like porkchop's more then homer Simpson

  • chi ni
    chi ni 3 months ago

    Lo haces ver tan fácil. Wow 30 segundos cada lado

  • amy nell
    amy nell 3 months ago

    Keto friendly minus sugar. 🤔...maybe a splurge I'm due. Lol

    • amy nell
      amy nell 3 months ago

      I just checked the keto calculator. 1 tablespoon of sugar is only 12 carbs. So its definitely durable. But if you use cane sugar it is only 4 grams of carbs. So I wouldn't worry about it pulling you out of ketosis.

    • amy nell
      amy nell 3 months ago

      I'll give it a try soon. If I remember to I'll let you know what I did.

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader 3 months ago

      amy nell Yes I immediately thought same thing. What a great Keto dish. I always have problems with finding new sides to go with meat. I’ll try this but maybe cut sugar in half or minus sugar although then not so much sweet to the sour

  • K B
    K B 4 months ago

    I can watch him cook and listen to him talk all day.

  • Bailey Blue
    Bailey Blue 4 months ago

    wow who knew? I really can't say I did

  • R.B. Johnson
    R.B. Johnson 4 months ago

    I missed the part where we added vinegar or vinaigrette.

  • Ben's Views
    Ben's Views 4 months ago

    This is PORK FECT !!! thanks Sir.

  • D A
    D A 4 months ago

    Pork meat 🥩 has a Kind of substance makes the man not hot blooded don’t care about his mother or his sister if she’s with a foreign man not her husband she Kiss and she has sex with him without marriage the man will accept it instead of refuse it

  • Agape's Kitchen
    Agape's Kitchen 4 months ago

    It’s amazing Mr.Gordon Ramsay my God you are the most chef I’ve ever know..looks so simple but it’s difficult to do😅 you inspire me always si your food your way to cook is stunning wow.

  • Brian Sounalath
    Brian Sounalath 4 months ago

    Way too much oil and sauces tho

  • Jeannine Smith
    Jeannine Smith 4 months ago

    cheating sack of shit

  • Nichoals Nastari
    Nichoals Nastari 4 months ago

    I hate when others make prom chop it’s all skinny and gya

  • Nichoals Nastari
    Nichoals Nastari 4 months ago

    That’s real pro chop

  • Steven Dalpe
    Steven Dalpe 4 months ago

    Thanks Gordon! Amazing!

  • peter zebot
    peter zebot 4 months ago

    I hate frying meat in a pan. Makes such a mess on the stove. Grilling way better if you have the option. PS i doubt the middle is cooked. rip

  • Gina Bonina
    Gina Bonina 4 months ago

    Delicious! What I had on hand a substituted: frozen bell peppers, yellow onion, fresh rosemary in the front yard... killer! my first sweet and sour sauce ever. great use of that basil plant sitting in the window too!

  • Adam Binnie
    Adam Binnie 4 months ago

    Never knew you did pork in a frying pan like a steak, did a lovely pork chop today....

    • mydogskips2
      mydogskips2 Month ago

      @KevinMphotography Nope, if you don't overcook it it should come out tender and not tough at all. My dad wears dentures and has difficulty chewing, but I made pork chops last week and he ate every piece I gave him, they were soft and juicy cooked in a pan.

    • KevinMphotography
      KevinMphotography 3 months ago

      Adam Binnie I don’t think I would even try it, because I don’t think it would be tender inside. Was it too chewy? I think the best Porkchop is the smothered version. Slow cooked and tender

  • DontFuckWitDreDay
    DontFuckWitDreDay 5 months ago

    omg i feel like I am meowing lion watching a gazelle. I'm heading to the kitchen now!!!!!!!!! Wish me luck.

  • Gustavo Guzman
    Gustavo Guzman 5 months ago

    Delicious!! Thank you very much.

  • bomerman97's channel
    bomerman97's channel 5 months ago

    4:47 nut brown butter.

  • Bill Marcy
    Bill Marcy 5 months ago

    The only ingredient he does not tell us is the large, gallon sized ziploc bag of high grade columbian cocaine to bury your face into when it gets to the butter part. IT SPEEDS UP THE COOKING PROCESS! HELL YEAH!