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  • Filip Sorocina
    Filip Sorocina 5 hours ago

    hopefully Tony gonna kill that stupid Russian arrogant creature... he think he'behaviour is okay like that,but one day somebody will smash his dirty,stupid mouth and face and he will eat by straw...this is exactly what he need

  • Akis Sasadwe
    Akis Sasadwe Day ago

    I don't like the fighting style of khabib but the guy seems unbeatable and I don't think there is someone worthy in this era of ufc to take him down

  • iishyxvietxboyii1

    Must be the nose...

  • Juan Cuevas
    Juan Cuevas Day ago

    Minute 4:16 Even the guy in his corner was laughing 😂😂😂

  • KHABIB will whoop Ferg & GSP

    *Khabib got crazy elbows too!* Elbow after elbow on Tavares!😅 Tony won't escape the maul if LEE can easily mount him.

  • Facts Justice Truth

    what is up with ufc fighters ears?... khabib's ears seems fine though...

  • adam t
    adam t 2 days ago

    the ref is in better shape then these 2 fat fucks, and there not monsters. there 2 over weight losers

  • Derek Taylor
    Derek Taylor 2 days ago

    America is turning boys into women and russia is turning boys into warriors.

  • Afandi Bachtiar
    Afandi Bachtiar 3 days ago


  • Yong Braveheart
    Yong Braveheart 3 days ago

    Talk bla bla bla at last the cage closed u heard this words Alhamdulillah God give me everything.....

  • North East Carrot
    North East Carrot 3 days ago

    9:54 Dana what time is it 😂😂😂😂

  • treez4brkfst1
    treez4brkfst1 3 days ago


  • Prof. Dina Reyes
    Prof. Dina Reyes 3 days ago

    Khabib look scared

  • Dr Nasir Shah
    Dr Nasir Shah 4 days ago

    Khabib the Great undefeated Champion White Eagle brave strong lion king !!!!

  • burak musıc
    burak musıc 4 days ago


  • Michael sadek
    Michael sadek 4 days ago

    He is chill but a strict boss

  • arelort al
    arelort al 5 days ago

    Tony spinning a powerball in his fist

  • Bexruz Toxirov
    Bexruz Toxirov 5 days ago


  • North East Carrot
    North East Carrot 5 days ago

    "No bodys talking about Tony time" 😂😂😂😂

  • Twisted Soul
    Twisted Soul 5 days ago

    Eagle vs bear u know why’s gonna happen 😂

  • Junel Tagapan
    Junel Tagapan 5 days ago

    May kaba si Ferguson

  • Jordan Rodriguez
    Jordan Rodriguez 5 days ago

    No one is going to talk about the amount of sweat that just dripped out of that suit. 7:14

  • Susi Schwarz
    Susi Schwarz 5 days ago

    Mcgregor wins the rematch!

  • M Mand
    M Mand 5 days ago

    Aww man, Funny TVclip videooo🤣🤣🤣

  • Md R
    Md R 6 days ago

    Whay his name 4:45

  • Matrix Glitch
    Matrix Glitch 6 days ago

    He fought in the UFC?

  • Rooney Lopez
    Rooney Lopez 6 days ago


  • Common Peasant
    Common Peasant 6 days ago

    I read a funny passage in his book where he said he used to randomly kick Don King in the head. “One time I kicked Don King in the head so hard you could see the dust fall off of his Afro” 💀

  • Soft Korner
    Soft Korner 6 days ago

    This match is over or when this is match cn dome one tell me

  • Nupuii Hrahsel
    Nupuii Hrahsel 6 days ago

    Never compare human and The Beast!!!

    • allàh jeśùš mullo aur chiŕstiano ke baap aapkeseho
      allàh jeśùš mullo aur chiŕstiano ke baap aapkeseho 3 days ago

      Subb2 praveen mohan channl bhavin754 Insta_gram વઠઠવણ છન ઞછધ છધઝછધ ઞછધ ઞછધવઞઞછધવજન ઞછન ઞછનશઞજઞનૉજૉશઞછૃવઞછઞવનઞૉવછજટશઞઠઞ ટધ ઝછઝ ધછઙવ છછન ઞછન ઙજનૉઙજઞન જન ઞઞજન ઞજન જઞ નડન ઞઠઞ ઢડઞપજઞપ જપટઙજજ ઝન જજડન ઞડઞન ઞડન જઞન ઠ ઞડઞ પન ડઞડઞવ ડઞવ ડનઞ

  • Dr kpk4242
    Dr kpk4242 6 days ago

    whahahaahah kfc

  • Anthony Willis
    Anthony Willis 7 days ago

    He didn’t want that fight from the start! The nerves were tangible!

  • Edson TNG
    Edson TNG 7 days ago

    1:57 it’s that poop?

  • RidewithDan
    RidewithDan 7 days ago

    You got a problem with that then turn off your station b*tch! In 2019 he means CNN

  • Top Notch Gaming
    Top Notch Gaming 7 days ago

    First guy u see who fights was he in the longest yard

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 7 days ago

    "broke his face, because this is what I do my whole life" - the eagle

  • Tyrone Watermelon
    Tyrone Watermelon 8 days ago

    0:18 video starts.

  • Ben popplewell
    Ben popplewell 8 days ago

    Connor thought he could win smh

  • R KxIxKxExR
    R KxIxKxExR 8 days ago


  • pasi ronn
    pasi ronn 8 days ago

    Both of them are OK now ??? "Hey Dana, wrap them both to the bubblewrap and lock them in cushioned rooms till the fightday !!!"

  • Shaun Thorton
    Shaun Thorton 8 days ago

    Love Mike hes a real Man from an era i know to well. Mike's philosophy, Play Stupid games win stupid prizes 🤕

  • boogieplex
    boogieplex 9 days ago

    Mike:”I had to get high back then, i had too” (Mike remembers he has to get high-RIGHT NOW) “You have to go...now”

  • B1Slee
    B1Slee 9 days ago

    We’re doing a live tv right now.” IDC what are you going to do about it? Yeaa ahhh not a damn thing

  • B1Slee
    B1Slee 9 days ago

    Mike owning that homo don lemon is always legendary

  • The REAL Mr. Gates
    The REAL Mr. Gates 9 days ago

    If he so tough, why doesn't he fight in the Octagon?

  • amin abdi
    amin abdi 10 days ago

    khabib:i want to broke his face because that is what i do all time ; thumps up

  • Ilham H
    Ilham H 10 days ago

    KFC haaaaaaaaaa lmao!!!!!

  • Marco Peláez Fernández

    Some love trash talk.. This is what represents me

  • viva_me_lotz2love
    viva_me_lotz2love 10 days ago

    I love how khabib says im gonna smesh him

  • MajieKill
    MajieKill 10 days ago

    It's THE SEIGE

  •  11 days ago

    who are the fighters at 4:00 ?

  • Vernon MacLennan
    Vernon MacLennan 11 days ago

    I would love to see khabib pound Tony's face into peanut butter.

  • Juan Martinez
    Juan Martinez 11 days ago

    Tony is way better than khabib... he is more complete, more inteligent, got lots style.khabib only put his opponent against the cage and put pressure, that is all he does, uses his strength to do that...Johnson in this fight was winning on his feet, he was faster ..Tony knows kahbib strength and can fight on the canvas on his back and use his leg to summit khabib

  • Ryan Robinson
    Ryan Robinson 11 days ago

    Crowd was hyped af!

  • World Terrific Fights

    I just want to see this fight happen so bad!!!

  • Young Black King 👑

    He's a 6'6ft 270 LOL!!!! What does that mean especially when it pertains to Mike Tyson

  • George Seleim
    George Seleim 12 days ago

    Thanks a lot

  • Michał Kozlik
    Michał Kozlik 13 days ago

    📲*00212645752301* *Whatapps*📲 ســمــعــت🧏‍♂️ كــثــيــر مـن الـشـبـاب يــبــحــثــون عـن طـريـقـة فــعــالــة✅ لــتــكــبــيــر الـقـضـيـب وأنــا أبـشـركـم😉 أنـي حــصــلــت عــلــى الــطــريــقــة الأصـح👍 والـمـنـاسـبـة👍 وهـتـشـكـرنـي بــعــديــهــا تـواصـل مـعـي وأنــا بـشـرح لــك ســر الـوصـفـة الـواتـس اب *00212.645.75.23.01*📲

  • thatnovaguy
    thatnovaguy 13 days ago

    this is my favorite way to listen to classical music .

  • Never Give up
    Never Give up 13 days ago

    Tony gonna win by decision

  • WanderAbroad
    WanderAbroad 13 days ago

    Feminist: there is no difference between men and women, were all the same. Me: F**k that! You think I'm going to challenge one of these monstrosities? And I'm a man!

  • Zog Ogre
    Zog Ogre 13 days ago

    Two dudes I might be able to beat with a smoke in my mouth.

    • Zog Ogre
      Zog Ogre 10 days ago

      @Morgan no doubt he's a beast

    • Morgan
      Morgan 11 days ago

      Damn you’re bad then look at that big mf traps his shoulders have more muscle than a amateur bodybuilder.

  • Belfort Massimo
    Belfort Massimo 13 days ago

    Some infidels asshole dream to see khabib lose 😂 ...u gonna hear ellha7dolillah for long time

  • Yasir Akbar
    Yasir Akbar 13 days ago

    u have to go.. like he is now transforming into tiger its full moon now

  • self discarded king of ruin 72

    Great clips👊

  • Hass Kruger
    Hass Kruger 14 days ago

    Lol 11 loses ? Please dude

  • Ghost
    Ghost 14 days ago

    why he talks so much?

  • Nonato Cunha
    Nonato Cunha 14 days ago

    Show.. só marretada

  • UFC and MMA
    UFC and MMA 14 days ago

    How do you like this MMA?

  • Mirko Cecoro
    Mirko Cecoro 14 days ago


  • Ahmad Kholili
    Ahmad Kholili 14 days ago

    Khabib is the best ...

  • MA khan
    MA khan 15 days ago

    I am gonna smash ur chicken

  • Taha AlZawahra
    Taha AlZawahra 15 days ago

    Habib Time

  • Maria Gulshan
    Maria Gulshan 15 days ago

    I honestly feel like these two could be besties

  • Anton Dark-mart
    Anton Dark-mart 15 days ago

    4:54 beasts!

  • Aizen Sōsuke
    Aizen Sōsuke 15 days ago

    I will come back here after the fight

  • Dsiy
    Dsiy 15 days ago

    As a Khabib fan, I think Tony is going to be his biggest challenge and I‘m really not sure if Khabib is going to win. But I trust God so does Khabib and I hope he is going to win when this fight is going to happen.

  • syed abd rahman aliff

    tony is very easy for khabib

  • The Situation Room
    The Situation Room 16 days ago

    Dana lie White

  • Senni Chan
    Senni Chan 16 days ago

    Butterbean is so cute!!

  • srk shahrukh ansari
    srk shahrukh ansari 16 days ago

    Martin Ka jitna bhari haath hena utna Brock lesnor Ka pura weight he hahaha

  • Charlie Lucky
    Charlie Lucky 17 days ago

    Kabbib will smash tony feregson 💯

  • Arnold Domingo
    Arnold Domingo 17 days ago

    UFC or Sumo wrestling?

  • Abdul Khaliq Tanha
    Abdul Khaliq Tanha 17 days ago

    I love khabib

  • shaikh afroz
    shaikh afroz 17 days ago

    I just want to how much people loves khabib Like here all khabib fans

  • Mohammed nahid Miah
    Mohammed nahid Miah 17 days ago

    Khabib will beat him in round 3

  • Awing Lan
    Awing Lan 17 days ago

    can i ask? when time khabib vs tony furgison?

  • 11pakegmail.com
    11pakegmail.com 17 days ago


  • Ex Kay
    Ex Kay 18 days ago

    “He brought 7 million viewers with him. If he wants the phone he can use the phone” At 8:28 , who is he talking about ?

  • Luis Bartolo
    Luis Bartolo 18 days ago

    So this was like the real life Kumite??

  • asif mughal
    asif mughal 18 days ago

    Good 1?2

  • Friedrich Ulrich
    Friedrich Ulrich 19 days ago

    Mike Tyson : " You have to go now" Me : checking Google Flights

  • yudha saputra
    yudha saputra 19 days ago

    This not drama wwe 🤣

  • Matt Eagles
    Matt Eagles 19 days ago

    Who cares the loser, Conor is coming back, bc he needs money! Conor called out Tyron Woodley, dares him.

  • Felix Ramos
    Felix Ramos 19 days ago

    It seems to me, Khabib is making a lot of excuses, why he should not fight Tony Ferguson. So who is scared of whom? Tony seems to be ready to fight, and the one pulling out all the time is Khabib.

  • synthartist69
    synthartist69 19 days ago

    Mike Tyson and Donald Trump draining the government and politically correct swamp media would be awesome!!!!

    MD. ARIF BILLAH 19 days ago



    Nice remix.

  • Megatheron 86
    Megatheron 86 20 days ago

    GO DIAZ!!!!!

  • Lungelo Msibi
    Lungelo Msibi 20 days ago

    This Khabib guy is just a grabbler and one day he's gonna get smashed!!!