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    SANTOSH SINHA Year ago

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.

  • sudeep madhvi
    sudeep madhvi Year ago

    koi bata do pleas mujhe

  • sudeep madhvi
    sudeep madhvi Year ago

    stock bonus k liye kitne dino tak share ko holding me rakhna chahiye (aaj mene share purchase kiya or yadi next day bonus mil raha h to kya mujhe eska benefit milega)

  • Akshay Nadkarni
    Akshay Nadkarni Year ago

    Please upload aakhri sauda on same day evening REPLY

  • डिजिटल पावर


  • Bull-Bali Tradings

    Hello Sir, I just created a channel I would like to get your permit of posting your channel videos (Short Videos) on my channel which will also promote your channel. Please accept this and permit me to do so.I will post content like Daily Tips from your channel,Market View and such. Please accept it and permit me to do so.

  • Narendra Kumar
    Narendra Kumar Year ago

    Please upload immediately PEHLA SAUDA on youtube.

  • Bhikam Chandra Surya

    Nice Channel

  • Abc Of AJ
    Abc Of AJ Year ago

    @CNBC AWAAZ Lots of channel record your TV show and post it on youtube but you didnot do anything. can you please claim copyright because its a harmful for your channel and also for others

  • Shaktijit Jenamani

    CNBC Awaaz appears to be the most inconsistent news channel on TVclip ... I was a regular of Morning Call and Awaaz @ 9 for my daily dose of news ... I tried putting up with the ridiculously inconsistent upload regime without making a fuss .. but .. someone in CNBC TVclip management (god knows ... coz I think it's just a random dude) decided "Why so much hard work .. we already have 153K subscribers .. we rock! Let's give our viewers a taste of TV by streaming live" ... Sadly I'll have to look for a different who do basics right before they innovate and things I admire the way @otvodisha is a better TVclip News Channel than CNBC freaking Awaaz

  • Sanjay Chouhan
    Sanjay Chouhan Year ago

    How can i ask questions on your money ? and when will be the next episode ?

  • Rohit Pitale
    Rohit Pitale Year ago

    Sir, Can i upload your videos on my website. I will mention source & your name as video courtesy. Which will definitely bring more views to you and me both.


    todays akhri sauda video is missing..please upload.

  • Gaurang Shah
    Gaurang Shah Year ago

    Last week (9-Apr-17) show Pehredaar was missed by me, please upload it ASAP.

  • Gaurang Shah
    Gaurang Shah Year ago

    Last week there was discussion on DEPRESSION silent killer (almost similar ) related show,please upload it ASAP.

  • veer collection
    veer collection Year ago


  • Pratik patel
    Pratik patel Year ago

    sound is not working in your video

  • anand anand
    anand anand 2 years ago

    pls let me know how to start micro finance company

  • Asif Ali khan
    Asif Ali khan 2 years ago

    Pls let me know, how to raise question on kal ka bazaar show....any no or email address.... Pls confirm

  • Veerabhadra Hesarur
    Veerabhadra Hesarur 2 years ago

    Can you please let me know, if I can continue to hold for long time to Quess Corp and Bhageria Industries

  • Amit Goyal
    Amit Goyal 2 years ago

    Is Pehredaar_Awaaz closed?

  • Biswanath District Congress with Tushar Borah

    Pls upload a audio version of cnbc awas news.because i have 2g slow internet. Tushar borah

  • Arun Mohapatra
    Arun Mohapatra 2 years ago

    pls tel me, where to get bank guaranteers topic a video

  • CA Nagendra Sah
    CA Nagendra Sah 2 years ago

    Please upload Awaaz @9 of 16th January 2015 when first time rate cut was made. this video is missing

  • Arunprakash Arul
    Arunprakash Arul 2 years ago

    Pls upload videos of pehla kadam from episode 14 to 23 as it is missing in playlist as well.

  • ayush thakur
    ayush thakur 2 years ago

    hi.i am owner of gixxer 155 i want k&N AIR FILTER i am not getting it plz help

  • Gopal Krishna
    Gopal Krishna 2 years ago

    please share the video of your money show health insurance( diabetes special) dated april7,2015.

  • Aditya Seth
    Aditya Seth 2 years ago

    Kindly Upload all the episodes of Pehla Kadam post-Episode 13.i have not seen anything post on the same

  • panthak shah
    panthak shah 2 years ago

    sir , i like to feed some suggestion ..... there is lots of idea and suggestion under the beneath of millions of indian people brains. Need to provide a one platform to evacuate it and put on table in front of govt... platform is such that one can freely suggest the step to make india better in all perspective. one side govt. , corporate , channels asking that people must contribute in it ... but never thought and take valuable suggestion of people and debate on it . only take suggestion and idea of some political governance or some corporate governance , and implement it on people. i think there must be one window open for general public for giving their idea and serve for country . Assuming that only big fame & name personality have innovative idea is not fair for society & country. Till govt. , media , corporate not understand the needs of common man of india , we cant make a better india for our future generation. hope that some revolution & initiative make by your company in this direction. Contribute N Convert

  • Milap Chavda
    Milap Chavda 3 years ago

    Keep uploading. ...and upgraded youtube page.. ..

  • Milap Chavda
    Milap Chavda 3 years ago

    Thank you so much to providing me to most important knowledge about market and Everything. .....

  • Arunprakash Arul
    Arunprakash Arul 3 years ago

    Last 4 months has been an incredible learning experience, thanks to Pehla Kadam team. However, have been deprived of knowledge from last 3-4 weeks and eagerly waiting for upload of remaining episodes (after 13th episode). Thanks in advance !

  • Saumyandra Kumar
    Saumyandra Kumar 3 years ago

    sir request u to upload your money regularly.

  • Aditya Seth
    Aditya Seth 3 years ago

    i have not seen last 3 -4 episodes Pehla Kadam have missed the same on TV.Kindly upload the same on the channel

  • Ravinder Gill
    Ravinder Gill 3 years ago

    none of ur video on hindi site: plays error: error loading media. pls sortout. also upload pehla kadam on you tube.. thanks

  • Ravinder Gill
    Ravinder Gill 3 years ago

    hi please upload daily episodes of stock talk on youtube, as i watch awaaaz in uk, so because of time differnce i miss most of live broadcast, then i watch repeat in night but u dont brodcast repaeat of stock talk, pls do that, also your money daily episodes upload on you tube, some od episodes of ur money are anot available in my conutry to watch> please sort out. thanks

  • Ravi Prasad
    Ravi Prasad 3 years ago

    Sir please try to upload every shows of CHAI PAR CHARCHA.............. I like the show too much...

  • Antu Baba
    Antu Baba 3 years ago

    Please upload Awaaz@9 of 25th September

  • rohit batra
    rohit batra 3 years ago

    please upload the episodes of tax guru

  • Aditya Seth
    Aditya Seth 3 years ago

    Kindly upload the Pehla Kadam EP-3 on Financial Goals I missed on the TV.

  • pranvendra singh
    pranvendra singh 3 years ago

    Where is the episode in which you covered theviralfever and youtube startups ?

  • pranvendra singh
    pranvendra singh 3 years ago

    Where is the episode in which you covered theviralfever and youtube startups ?

  • chandan agarwal
    chandan agarwal 3 years ago

    Please upload that episode of Market ki Pathshala in which Top Down and Bottom Up Approaches are explained

  • chandan agarwal
    chandan agarwal 3 years ago

    please upload the Market ki Pathshala episodes.

  • Avinit Singh
    Avinit Singh 3 years ago

    please continue market ki pathshala.....

  • Movie in HD
    Movie in HD 3 years ago

    Pls upload Your Money episode

  • Movie in HD
    Movie in HD 3 years ago

    Hello dear all, Pls upload Awaaz Investor Club episode dated 10 July 2015.

  • sharad gupta
    sharad gupta 3 years ago

    why stop uploading your money episodes request you to kindly upload your money episodes

  • Suraj Rathod
    Suraj Rathod 3 years ago

    please make vide on some of company registration company like quickcompany,indiafilling on awaaz entrepreneur

  • Vishal Jain
    Vishal Jain 3 years ago

    There was one episode where AE talked about an enterprise ,which tie up with hotels and route guests to their properties ... can someone point me to that episode?

  • Shilender Kuntal
    Shilender Kuntal 3 years ago

    pl repeat KITANI BADHEGI SALARY.Actualy I want to know about the comment given by Kavita Krishanan about merger of HMT LTD. with Railways

  • Ranjit Chaturvedi
    Ranjit Chaturvedi 3 years ago

    please upload pehredaar 21st March Episode

  • Ultimate Security Solution

    Plzzzz upload latest aawaz entrepreneur episode i m unable to find it anywhere

  • Vishal Goel
    Vishal Goel 3 years ago

    Plz upload latest aawaz entrepreneur episode. ..thanks

  • Shitanshu sinha
    Shitanshu sinha 3 years ago

    Please upload Your Money episodes......

  • ajay malla
    ajay malla 4 years ago

    pl. upload 22th jan.'15 stocks on demand 7:30 pm show. i missed it.

  • jitender verma
    jitender verma 4 years ago

    Please upload latest TECH GURU Jan 2015 video on TVclip....

  • HindustanKaDil
    HindustanKaDil 4 years ago

    awaaz entrepreneur, brand bazaar ---all the latest episodes are missing ???

  • Ram Chauhan
    Ram Chauhan 4 years ago

    Hi , I need to watch Your money latest episode , please upload video of 15th and 16th Dec 14.

  • rohit batra
    rohit batra 4 years ago

    tax guru episode no 485 is missing from uploads. even your money episodes after this Monday have not been uploaded. please do the needful. These programs are worth in gold

  • Rakesh Negi
    Rakesh Negi 4 years ago

    I was looking for some specific information in your youtube channel but found that your all uploads title doesnot include any information about the video content, Anyone can not view all your episode toget that information, hence i would suggest you to include teh content topic in the title so that it will be helpful to find the content which anyone could be looking for. I was inetrested in starting as ecommerce seller and the required registrations and tax requiremnets, accounts etc. I am sure that it actually been covered by you but unfortunately i didnot find it.

  • cnbc tv 18
    cnbc tv 18 4 years ago

    sir muje apna port folio banana hai kya karu

  • Anand Kulkarni
    Anand Kulkarni 4 years ago

    As i noticed in few Episodes of Your Money...not having Audio only Video...plz make sure that everything is fine before Uploding.Thanks

  • Shitanshu sinha
    Shitanshu sinha 4 years ago

    Please share the link to watch latest episodes of Tax guru.......I really want to watch the show but couldn't find the link

  • Himanshu jain
    Himanshu jain 4 years ago

    plz upload real state tv and tax guru episodes

  • Hot Intimate Scenes
    Hot Intimate Scenes 4 years ago

    The pimp media is so scared of the people's response. Cant even upload the interview of arvind kejriwal by sanjay pogalia( ambani ka dalaal)

  • Rajat Bhatt
    Rajat Bhatt 4 years ago

    Please upload the Kejriwal's interview

  • Vikas Garg
    Vikas Garg 4 years ago

    Please inform, where can I find Arvind Kejriwal's interview by Sanjay Pugalia in Khas Mulakat dated 19-Mar-2014

  • Amit Chaturvedi
    Amit Chaturvedi 4 years ago

    Please share the interview of Arvind kejriwal by Sandeep pogalia. Plz plz plz . I

  • sarang gharpure
    sarang gharpure 4 years ago

    please share interview of kejrival by Sanjay Pugalia.....

  • Hot Intimate Scenes
    Hot Intimate Scenes 4 years ago

    Please share the interview of Arvind kejriwal by Sandeep pogalia.

  • Bharat Bhogesara
    Bharat Bhogesara 4 years ago

    what happen to the videos all of sudden NOT AVAILABLE TO YOUR COUNTRY, really disappointed. can you plz make it available in ISRAEL, i watch all the programs regularly and big fan of cnbc awaaz.

  • ajay patel
    ajay patel 5 years ago

    i want to see todays stok 20 20 please tell me how

  • Yusuf Qureshi
    Yusuf Qureshi 5 years ago

    hi I need yesterdays 15 Dec 2013 tech guru video on smartphones

    YASEER KHAN 5 years ago

    plz upload the CNBC AWAAZ SPECIAL WITH FIRST GLOBAL SHANKAR SHARMA. on 10th Dec,2013, very good one and you should do more interview with him, great person to listen, first time i listen and he speaks like awesome......

  • desainv
    desainv 5 years ago

    Hi First of all i would like to congratulate you for making great shows. Just one request, Please make playlist of all your shows like YourMoney, TaxGuru etc. It is really hard for viewers to search videos in queue. Keep it up!

  • Rahul Jain
    Rahul Jain 5 years ago

    I need 26 Nov 2013 Rajyog Chunaav Episode.... plz upload!

  • Jaikrat Singh Tariyal

    Please upload your videos in categories like YourMoney, TaxGuru etc etc. Its very tough to search for a video of particular show of some date.

  • Sujay Ghose
    Sujay Ghose 5 years ago

    Hi, I want to check out the daily market update, that is shown at the end of trading session. I mean all the day's action and news in stocks. Just like Market wrap up. Any idea where to find it? I have missed the last week market action. Plz help.

  • Vikas Sharma
    Vikas Sharma 5 years ago

    Dear Sir, maine april 2013 me Karbonn A15 kharida tha aur june 2013 me usme restart ki problem aa gayi, 24 june ko main early morning jind (haryana) customer care me de aaya aur usi din sham ko unhone phone mujhe wapis de diya par meri problem solve nahi huyi. Phir main 25 june ko dobara phone ko customer care me de ke aaya aur 27 june ko care walo ne mujhe wapis de diya par usi din sham ko phir main phone wapis de ke aaya cutomer care kyu ki problem as it is thi. Phir uske baad mujhe mera phone kal mila 29 july ko aur meri problem ab bhi waise hi thi aur kal sham ko main wapis customer care me de aaya mera phone. Please sir help me. IMEI No. 9112446511117337 IMEI No. 9112446511117345 My mob no. 09416720180

  • kuldeep thacker
    kuldeep thacker 5 years ago

    pl uplod gul and tulsian show older episods

  • ICE HOUSE COLONY By- Rohit Raiknaut

    kindly mention the company name in know your company file name

  • ICE HOUSE COLONY By- Rohit Raiknaut

    please make playlist of your money episodes...

  • HindustanKaDil
    HindustanKaDil 5 years ago

    I think you forgot to upload ... Brand Bazaar Ep. 50 !!!

  • riken shakya
    riken shakya 6 years ago


  • Trinity de Guzman
    Trinity de Guzman 6 years ago

    Subbed! I subscribed, thank you!

  • arjun perseption
    arjun perseption 6 years ago

    we would also like to watch Real state guide show on you tube and its very nice we ve chance to watch today program online ...

  • Griffith CPA Firm PLLC

    Sometimes you don't know what your looking for until you see it. Well, that's what happened when I saw your video. I appreciate it.

  • busyvids
    busyvids 7 years ago

    Very interesting channel thank you for sharing this

  • jignesh ziniya
    jignesh ziniya 7 years ago

    pls upload dukandar mahakumbh video I am a shopkeeper running a gift shop in ahmedabad. 7 august has a friendship day so I was not see this episode.

  • HomePowerWind
    HomePowerWind 8 years ago

    thanks for the video Cnbcawaaz. Please FACEBOOK my video if you support CLEAN ENERGY.

  • Kushagr M.
    Kushagr M. 8 years ago

    hey u dont have live tv

  • aankurgt
    aankurgt 9 years ago

    need tech2 show

  • punjabicuteboy
    punjabicuteboy 9 years ago

    <~~~~ sexc channel.......... warning

  • punjabicuteboy
    punjabicuteboy 9 years ago


  • Mohd Khalid Siddiqui

    please upload gul and tulsiyan show

  • Mohd Khalid Siddiqui

    I am a fan of your channel. really its too good to see here in you tube. thanks

  • narayanan chellappa
    narayanan chellappa 9 years ago

    good pls visit my channel

  • Arecibo DaGod
    Arecibo DaGod 10 years ago

    go to black egypt 5 asap

  • gurkhaboy
    gurkhaboy 10 years ago

    Honestly, your piece on Obama was full of holes and was pure propaganda. I expect better from you.

  • lkjkorn19
    lkjkorn19 10 years ago

    Well, I can't really give you improvement suggestions as I don't understand Indian and therefore was unaware that CNBC had an Indian station called WAAZ, but I actually just wanted to drop by and congratulate you for the TVclip spotlight! :)