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    Those eyes, Mmmmm

  • Eric Turpel
    Eric Turpel Hour ago

    There needs to be an Oogieloves Honest Trailer, the next time a bad animated kids film comes out.

  • Mak DM
    Mak DM 2 hours ago

    Daredevil is the second coming of Christ

  • Ace Diamonds
    Ace Diamonds 3 hours ago

    how can anyone not know about shia labeouf?

  • Mey
    Mey 3 hours ago

    Very disappointed to hear that Little Women isn't good, I'm a fan of the book since I was 9

  • Mey
    Mey 4 hours ago

    And so the watch list goes on and on....

  • 6reve
    6reve 4 hours ago

    I just looked it up and Cats is based on a collection of poems by T.S. Elliott, that's why there's no overarching narrative structure

  • David Eden-Sangwell
    David Eden-Sangwell 5 hours ago

    Remember this was not about a movie making money but a long advert for a toy line! They have that asset for years, and when it goes into streaming they have a long advert for kids to watch every day and pester parents for more toys.

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson 6 hours ago

    Is Santa Clause: The Movie a 'weird one' or relatively unknown? It was just a standard Christmas movie for me growing up.

  • Gavin Smiley
    Gavin Smiley 6 hours ago

    Really sorry to hear about your grandma. I didn’t know her, (or you for that matter) but I’ve heard you talk about her in very positive and flattering ways. I too have an awesome grandma and her not being would be a huge readjustment in my life.

  • Kallasanty Santy
    Kallasanty Santy 7 hours ago

    One day the machines will tell US what to do, so it would be nice to be able to ask them a question or two just to not anger our robot overlords with imperfect work ... I just hope we will not end up with SHODAN deciding our fate in the end (it would be hard to reason with that one, way to big of a megalomaniac and also a bit crazy) :P

  • Paul Januszewski
    Paul Januszewski 7 hours ago

    No Love for IBM;s Watson?

  • Jo Tan
    Jo Tan 8 hours ago

    Hey ! The person the voice of slappy is from Quiliver travels!!!

  • Calcifer Boheme
    Calcifer Boheme 9 hours ago

    Great conversation! I'm really looking forward to most of these. I'm super excited for Little Women. I actually just saw the 49 version recently and really liked it, and adore the 1933 version with Hepburn. Given the people involved, I'm fully expecting to love this one as well. The Safdies are great, and Sandler can be really good when in the right situation, so Uncut Gems should be top notch I'll be seeing Marriage Story soon, just have to figure out when I have time, and I really want to see Waves, but that will likely have to wait. I'm less excited for Bombshell and Richard Jewell, not because I expect them to be bad, they're just not stories I really want to see all that much.

  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 10 hours ago

    Theu showed the wrong Little Women picture 😂

  • Terry Fiorello
    Terry Fiorello 10 hours ago

    I do wish we got to see more of Gina Carano and Ming Na though, would have been fine seeing Gina as the 'companion' in every episode once they met on that planet. Incidentally, the episode directed by B.D. Howard needs some recognition, it had great human elements and the action was awesome. But I think it was so good because noone paid attention to the directing; which is the best type of directing.

  • Sam Newlun
    Sam Newlun 10 hours ago

    Rottweiler is Chris Daughtry

  • Chad Hauntz
    Chad Hauntz 11 hours ago

    Beardless Riker shocked me

  • Horatio Gamble
    Horatio Gamble 11 hours ago

    I want all things Emma Fyfe.

  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 11 hours ago


  • Eric meng
    Eric meng 11 hours ago


  • Claro Lacad
    Claro Lacad 11 hours ago

    "Is Lovecraft a videogame?" I know Roxy plays dumb often, which is easy since she's willfully ignorant of a lot of things, but this was funny.

  • matespider
    matespider 11 hours ago

    I hope they don't make too much .... adventures. Main plot must be taken further. They are so lonely only Mando and baby Yoda and random adventures :(

  • Chris Sears
    Chris Sears 12 hours ago

    OK Google. Tell me how Iron Man's Jarvis really works.

  • Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd 12 hours ago

    Pretty good as found footage movies go! I still enjoy watching this.

  • Shon Moody
    Shon Moody 12 hours ago

    John Lithgow is probably the only actor that they considered for Doc Brown that could've worked. I woulda liked to see his spin on the character, but it wasn't meant to be. I don't know of another 80's movie that really holds up well for it's age. I really hope the never remake BTF since it's about as perfect as a comedy science fi movie can be, besides maybe Ghostbusters.

  • Me 4
    Me 4 12 hours ago

    Finally! We now know what Kevin's real laugh looks like instead of that fake one he always puts on!

  • Ricky Bhullar
    Ricky Bhullar 13 hours ago

    The last half of the movie was pretty boring tbh. It was really hard to care about Deniro’s character.

  • Chris O'neill
    Chris O'neill 13 hours ago

    This was the longest Alexa commercial ever... guess the Disney check wasn't quite enough this month? Nah just messing around, it was actually interesting.

  • Tim Carter
    Tim Carter 14 hours ago

    I liked the episode but the music was bloody awful in this one. There's a time and place for Hip Hop beats and it's not in a Star Wars score. Besides that, the guard droid designs, and a bit of lackluster sound design I thought the episode was awesome.

  • Sam Nelson
    Sam Nelson 14 hours ago

    All the ppl who haven't seen game of thrones the joke is on us! Not you.

  • Chris Adams
    Chris Adams 15 hours ago

    Thanks for this video Dan, Roth, and Screen Junkies! You guys are awesome!

  • HombreDeCalifornia
    HombreDeCalifornia 16 hours ago

    All is great, but... what are the 3 seashells for?

  • C-MC Official
    C-MC Official 16 hours ago

    3 years later we get the announcement of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness :)

  • Meghan Warren
    Meghan Warren 16 hours ago

    "It's a crummy commercial"- Ralphie (Actually still a very entertaining and cool video.)

  • Devin Wiggles
    Devin Wiggles 16 hours ago

    I saw the movie it was pretty good. I watched because of a little not what dan said, in the beginning.....I would recommend it

  • Matt Dargis
    Matt Dargis 16 hours ago

    Probably my favorite episode yet

  • Ben Iverson
    Ben Iverson 16 hours ago

    They should just call this video Roth doesn't understand humor

  • lawnjart16
    lawnjart16 16 hours ago

    Thanks for continuing to review smaller films. I was probably going to pass on Uncut Gems, because of Sandler. Based off of the reviews and Dan's recommendation, I now have it as a must see

  • Alchemist1330
    Alchemist1330 16 hours ago

    What I hate is that everyone is going after Olivia Wilde for her portrayal of her character. EXCUSE ME. It's the director and screenwriter you should be blaming, the actors are doing what they are told. You think Olivia Wilde wrote all her scenes? Get mad a eastwood, not Wilde.

  • Black X /Samurai Zackx

    ✖ the better make him a movie

  • Mariko True
    Mariko True 17 hours ago

    Siri and I have a love/hate vs. dismissive/oblivious relationship. I am in the love/hate camp...obviously. Human humor aside, this video is an effective illustration of the aspects of AI as we want it and as we have it. Thanks Dan and (human) staff.

  • Alpine Newt Plays Games

    Why would a Boston accent be weird in a universe that include LA, Texan, London, Scottish as well as Irish and Scottish actors doing English accents and English actors doing American accents? Add your own punctuation, I think I missed some.

  • straightedge veganbel
    straightedge veganbel 17 hours ago

    I just have to say I loved how this was done, like I'm just peaking in to two friends talking movies and I also love that you look at eachother while talking . Great show!

  • Mathias Hagensen
    Mathias Hagensen 18 hours ago

    Cool video. If this is going to be a regular thing, may I suggest fact checking the "enhancing a photo" trope. Most notably seen in Blade Runner.

  • Demanufactur3r
    Demanufactur3r 18 hours ago

    Cool feature! Love how you got into detail about phonetics :)

  • Mal van London
    Mal van London 18 hours ago

    The last great movie about kindness was the underrated Downsizing (with Matt Damon). I love that movie. Knives Out is very good too.

  • Pepper Pepper
    Pepper Pepper 18 hours ago


  • aikouka
    aikouka 19 hours ago

    I'm sorry, but that "argument" was nothing more than a nonsensical rant. "It's a TV show!" so are all the serial TV shows out there? Breaking Bad is a serial TV show, and I'm pretty sure everyone on that panel would lavish it with praise. Now, to be clear, there's nothing wrong with episodic TV, but I don't think The Mandalorian is a good example of it. The episodic episodes tend to put forth little inklings of things that could be interesting to see; however, they generally don't follow up. For example, the woman in episode four was obviously far more than some fish harvester. Of course, the show just treated her as a generic love interest in the end rather than do something interesting with her. Part of the reason why Star Wars can be interesting is because the universe is so vast, and you can do so much with it. Yet... they just don't. The biggest qualm that I have with the show is that everyone talks up Mando like he's a god-tier bounty hunter, but he regularly comes across as green behind the ears. In this past episode, they even pulled one of the worst sins in movies, which also happened in Revenge of the Sith, "don't tell, show". Tentacle-girl kept going on telling us about Mando's exploits when running with them... and yet again, we see nothing. (In Revenge of the Sith, Obi Wan and Anakin will bring up their exploits together constantly.) To be fair, this episode at least gave us *something* to show how effective he is... albeit, it felt more like a horror movie slasher than an actual tactician. On the other hand, his tactical initial attempt at trapping the big red dude was an utter failure as it completely ignored his high strength. Speaking of tactics... in episode 4, why didn't they actually scout the enemy? I'm sitting here wondering "How is this guy still alive?" as he makes the most rudimentary mistakes imaginable. That AT-ST was lying dormant until they blew up the tent, which means they likely could've just blown it up without an altercation or stole it.

  • nay jay
    nay jay 19 hours ago

    I love Little Women the new Masterpiece Theater PBS version with Maya Hawke and you used two still pics from that version in your review. Little Women is not a romance; it's about sisters and growing up.

  • Moe
    Moe 19 hours ago

    9 years wtf

  • SatanicHorse
    SatanicHorse 19 hours ago

    The only thing that I thought about the standalone nature is that there are only two episodes left in the season so I hope they don't have to rush in the next two episodes. But then again, the nature of streaming would just allow them to expand the runtime of those episodes a bit.

  • TheSiemek
    TheSiemek 19 hours ago

    Meanwhile we are asking advanced AI to play Despacito!

    TONY BALLARD 19 hours ago

    Wait Dan, you mean this is a tv show? Agreed! Lol!

  • kenny u
    kenny u 20 hours ago

    I kinda remember having to say the same word to my talk to text word processor to "teach" it what I was saying.

  • Kenneth Fegley
    Kenneth Fegley 20 hours ago

    Fair warning some of the camera stuff in Waves made me feel sick.

  • artandcard
    artandcard 20 hours ago

    ROXY, you did a nice job moderating the panel. You prompted the panel with questions at seemingly natural pauses in conversation.

  • DeathStarKitty
    DeathStarKitty 20 hours ago

    How could you talk about movie AI and not include 1984's Electric Dreams; An 8088 that learned to love Virginia Madsen after being doused in champagne.

  • artandcard
    artandcard 20 hours ago

    Fandom Entertainment is SUCH a great channel. I am very, very glad to have subscribed. Dan and Roth are my go-to people for learning about the quality of films showing on the screens.

  • CAZADOR7471
    CAZADOR7471 20 hours ago


  • Jonathan Caro
    Jonathan Caro 20 hours ago

    It’s like opening a treasure chest of great movie reviews from Dan Murrell and Roth Cornet of potentially good to great movies.

  • PerrySport
    PerrySport 20 hours ago

    Guy got so many subs, you think he's gonna say his actual opinion? Lmfao. None of these reviews from big channels mean anything. They're not gonna say what they actually think. Worthless.

  • Joelle Brooke
    Joelle Brooke 20 hours ago

    So cool!!! And terrifying........... Can't wait to see what you guys do next!

  • Michal 123
    Michal 123 20 hours ago

    My opinion 8. Goblet od fire 7. Half blood prince 6. Deadhly hallows part 2. 5. The order of phoneix 4. Deadhly hallows part 1. 3. Chamber of the secrets 2. The goblet stone 1. Prisoner of Azkaban

  • Charzy
    Charzy 20 hours ago

    bombshell has bad review, even by critics and top critics

    • aj pat
      aj pat 12 hours ago

      Bombshell is not critically acclaimed. It got mixed reviews.

  • Ron
    Ron 20 hours ago

    6 episode ll attack of the clones 5 episode l the phantom menace 4 episode lV a new hope 🥉episode Vl return of the jedi 🥈episode V empire strikes back 🥇 episode lll revenge of the sith

  • Benzaiten
    Benzaiten 20 hours ago

    what en elaborate set-up for an ad.

  • Ben Wili
    Ben Wili 21 hour ago

    So this is just one big ad for Amazon right...

  • Barre86
    Barre86 21 hour ago

    you guys are in no place to fact check anything after the bs in power levels

  • Fadda Warrior TV
    Fadda Warrior TV 21 hour ago

    I am confused, was the title question answered?

  • Jose Rocha
    Jose Rocha 22 hours ago

    Great story

  • Kay
    Kay 22 hours ago

    Marriage Story was so boring for me. Acting wise, no issue. But I was so bored.

  • Jared Clark
    Jared Clark 22 hours ago

    Everybody's giving kudos to Dan's rant this episode but idk. Personally it feels like Dan's always telling people to calm down specifically when it comes to hating on/ the continued talk of the Last Jedi and GoT season 8 but now he's hating on fans for having one small gripe with the show. I agree that the episodic nature of this show i amazing and actually helps it rather than hinders it and I love me a good Dan rant, I just personally didn't feel like this one was warranted in it's ferocity. Just like some fans feel like the show should be focused on a singular main plot and/or have longer runtimes. That's just an opinion. The problem comes when fans use those opinions to hate on these filmmakers, call them names or harass them.

  • hunnerdayEDT
    hunnerdayEDT 22 hours ago

    I trust Dan’s opinion on shows. He was the one who got me hooked on The Great British Baking Show.

  • Cole REVIEWS
    Cole REVIEWS 22 hours ago


  • Shane Hamstra
    Shane Hamstra 22 hours ago

    I like how it’s an obvious plug for amazon fire yet quite fun and educational at the same time😂

  • Glenn Ford
    Glenn Ford 22 hours ago

    2:19 where is this clip from?

  • lukey charms
    lukey charms 22 hours ago

    great reviews! it's such a pleasure to watch these two gush about great movies

  • Oon-Hui Ng
    Oon-Hui Ng 22 hours ago

    Joe's spoiler dance should be a thing. Looks fun to do lol

  • lukey charms
    lukey charms 22 hours ago

    the little women picture used at 24:40 is from the 2018 adaptation lol not greta gerwig's

    • lukey charms
      lukey charms 22 hours ago

      oh wait nearly all the little women photos are incorrect

  • Dakota Williams
    Dakota Williams 22 hours ago

    Why ask that question in the title and then have the enterprise in the thumbnail next to iron man as if they are related?

  • Chris Bedard
    Chris Bedard 22 hours ago

    Made my kids watch so I can justify parking them in front of Disney Plus while I do dishes lol

  • Stephen H.
    Stephen H. 22 hours ago

    Who on Earth pronounces it Mare-e-oh?

    • Jason Todd
      Jason Todd 18 hours ago

      @Elliott Lars Olsen Not just New England but New York and New Jersey, as well.

    • Elliott Lars Olsen
      Elliott Lars Olsen 19 hours ago

      So it's a New Englander thing? *"Wahs amattuh? You ain't head no Bahstunnuh speak befawr?"*

    • Jason Todd
      Jason Todd 20 hours ago

      People in the North East.

    • RiverNaiad
      RiverNaiad 21 hour ago

      Jimmy Fallon...and my Dad

    • Elliott Lars Olsen
      Elliott Lars Olsen 22 hours ago

      People who've never heard of Italy, I guess.

  • mlekod
    mlekod 22 hours ago

    F*** that, I've already watched Mandalorian, but now I never hear oil changing story...

  • poppyseed1987
    poppyseed1987 22 hours ago

    Mandalorian fills a Firefly shaped hole in my heart. 💗

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 22 hours ago

    It was a lovely video but that little clip from singing in the rain is my absolute favorite bit. Wasn't expecting it among all the scifi references but it was perfect.

  • Arthur P
    Arthur P 22 hours ago

    love this movie

  • MariaVosa
    MariaVosa 22 hours ago

    As delightful as the Meowtdown is, I'm kind of stumped Dan hasn't still caught on that Cats is based on a series of poems by noted modernist writer T S Eliot. This is not Webber's ideas - he just had the mad notion to turn these poems into a musical...

  • Karly Perkins
    Karly Perkins 22 hours ago

    This was really cool. I love educational stuff.

  • BullPlop11
    BullPlop11 22 hours ago

    I was super confused at the end of the episode because I had thought they said the distress signal went to the First Order not the Resistance... but it could have also been my overwhelming stupidity 🤣

  • Golden Light Pictures
    Golden Light Pictures 22 hours ago

    Very interesting stuff feel like being partly educated lol We do talk to some computers it’s called Siri,Alexa, and cortana;)

  • Andriana Ferguson
    Andriana Ferguson 23 hours ago

    Tokyo Godfathers is a Christmas movie everyone should check out

  • Emily Lyon
    Emily Lyon 23 hours ago

    Omggggg is this gonna be a thing?? Yassss

    • Da Wolv
      Da Wolv 21 hour ago

      Calm down tho! I work in this field, and even with Amazons servers full of trillions of trillions of collected data, machines still cannot "understand" you. They can understand the sounds you make or the letters you type, but everything that happens after that is just picking an adequate response based on a pre-programmed set of responses (rule based) or a statistically amalgemated response from real corpus data (NLG - natural language generation). But the computer behind it doesn't _really_ have a personality or really comprehend what its doing like a human would. But then again.. do we really comprehend what we do, or is free will an ilusion our brains convince us is real? *queue "keanu whoa"-meme*

  • Chunkalunkin
    Chunkalunkin 23 hours ago

    2 views wut

  • ER Torn
    ER Torn 23 hours ago

    I have NEVER been more annoyed at SJU. I loved this episode for many reasons. But those characters they introduced were TERRRRRIIIBBBLLLEE!!! Xian was so overacting. Her brother, the prisoner, also terrible. And what was with Hellboy? I know his character exists elsewhere, but they lost some great opportunities to have actually interesting characters. The fact that the one dude was fire proof. Just seemed convenient and lazy. Felt like writers were sleeping on the job here. How many times did they have to say “like the good old days”. Barf! Please God! I hope we never see them again. I liked that the episode gave us more depth and history about our main character don’t get me wrong. And I still love the episode because of the action. And the droid stuff was cool! But I can’t believe no one on the panel thought that the other characters were vomit worthy. Not just the characters but the actors playing them. With the exception of bill burr. I have no problem with it being a TV show and having side quests. I actually love that! But I don’t like this assumption that the only reason someone would not like this episode is because we wish it was all one arc like a movie.

    • ER Torn
      ER Torn 23 hours ago

      The fact that they are still alive. At the end just pissed me off. We saw Hellboy (sorry I don’t remember his name... again .. forgettable) get squashed by the second door. Like cmon! Just seemed lazy! Again. Love the Alien style action with Mando playing the slasher. But. Ok. Rant over.

  • jayo1212
    jayo1212 23 hours ago

    @16:53 Oogieloves?! More like the Ogreloves...!

  • Emily Lyon
    Emily Lyon 23 hours ago

    You guys should do a huge review for cats the same way you got everyone in your endgame review. everyone who has been on charting with Dan and the meowntdown should be on the review for cats lmao

  • Halane
    Halane 23 hours ago

    What a treat of a video, guys. Keep it up :)

  • UK DoctorFRCS
    UK DoctorFRCS 23 hours ago

    I don't know why but I get angry when a movie is redone when the original was so perfect. It is NOT Jumanji without Robin.

  • Grace Pemberton
    Grace Pemberton 23 hours ago

    Mikey was my crush XD