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Lizzo Is QUITTING Twitter!
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  • luan trieu
    luan trieu 31 second ago

    It just show how much Paris love her dad

  • Michelle Morgan
    Michelle Morgan Minute ago

    People need to try to understand his lyrics better, they're deeper than they realize, has anyone even watched Darkness music video? He's literally promoting gun control in the end and it's about school shootings! People don't get it and jump to conclusions. Ugh

  • Dol Ma
    Dol Ma 5 minutes ago

    Hailey is nothing but a piece of shit..🤮🤮🤮

  • Ra Al
    Ra Al 5 minutes ago

    Ahhhhhhh finally

  • Dyllan Roby
    Dyllan Roby 6 minutes ago

    Yeah Mikey made the beat to 7 Rings and so the lyrics are the same? People need to step off because 7 Rings was a chart topping single and it’s blown up as her best successful song. People are so dumb to jump on the court train where they sue for copyright?! Do people know 90% of all the sales of that single went to Sound Of Music!

  • Wood Dragon
    Wood Dragon 7 minutes ago

    Who really cares! Lady you need to get a life. Worrying about people who could care less then two hoots about you.

  • E. K .O
    E. K .O 8 minutes ago

    Y'all so sensitive

  • Sunny5MA
    Sunny5MA 11 minutes ago

    Omz Emile!!! Have a good break/holiday, we will miss you and cnt wait to have you back but you deserve it, so make the most of it!! Drew, Sinead and Errn coming on tho?? Sooo here for it!! I'm so excited, cnt wait!!!! Who's gonna do the Celeb Lowdown with Sussan tho?? All of them?! I'm raising my hand hHaha. 🙌🏼🤗🤗💖

  • French Fox
    French Fox 12 minutes ago

    I don’t see what Justin said as wrong tbh

  • Adam Write
    Adam Write 12 minutes ago

    Rihanna pregnant, Rihanna and Hassan break up same old fake news kmt

  • ANA •ᴗ•
    ANA •ᴗ• 13 minutes ago

    This guy is so cute

  • Sara Vale
    Sara Vale 13 minutes ago

    He said that cuz she was crying on live ... jesus christ people need to calm down

  • Leah Kolawole
    Leah Kolawole 13 minutes ago

    Bish it's been a year and now he decides to sue her he is soo desperate

  • Adam Write
    Adam Write 13 minutes ago

    Fake news.

  • Aireen Castillo
    Aireen Castillo 17 minutes ago

    We love you sel

  • Khine Htay
    Khine Htay 22 minutes ago

    So she cuddled up napping with Noah while she was dating and living with Anthony..

  • David Romero
    David Romero 22 minutes ago

    Bruh if I were to make a song I would say I want it I ain’t got it

  • Denise MM
    Denise MM 24 minutes ago

    Your sooo inoing

  • Wan Bok
    Wan Bok 26 minutes ago

    No way don't think she stealing because they jealous Ariana is famous

  • Electra Yakamozi
    Electra Yakamozi 27 minutes ago

    She gave his such a cold solder

  • Sunny5MA
    Sunny5MA 32 minutes ago

    Good on her for thinking with her own head! Good on you girl! We need more people like you!🙌🏼

  • Elle Salagaras
    Elle Salagaras 34 minutes ago

    Okay normally these song copyright claims are a total reach, but this is actually legit😳

  • Elle Salagaras
    Elle Salagaras 36 minutes ago

    I honestly think Justin’s issues are drug related

  • Arnoldo Vasquez
    Arnoldo Vasquez 37 minutes ago

    It’s who you know... not what you know...

  • Smita Pandey
    Smita Pandey 37 minutes ago

    But weren’t they given an advantage of legacy 🤨🧐

  • Polish Prince
    Polish Prince 38 minutes ago

    TRUMP MAGA 2020!!

  • Dianne Royal
    Dianne Royal 39 minutes ago


  • Ella Wessman
    Ella Wessman 39 minutes ago

    She was the first one of my role models to die, Now, After 3 years i’m still depressed... The force is now with her stronger than ever✨ rest easily Carrie💕💕

  • Amanda Burkhalter
    Amanda Burkhalter 41 minute ago

    Eminem, omg! What were you thinking man??? Smh! And Justin, why DON'T YOU GO CRY * YOURSELF* TO SLEEP!!!! Yeah, you're talented ( still questioning the Yummy but still), and yes Hailey may be "pretty", but let me put BOTH OF YOU IN YOUR PLACE, YOU'RE HUMAN BEINGS JUST LIKE US! No amount of fame or $$ gives you the right to talk down TO ANYONE LIKE YOU DID! UGH! Oh and btw, your lil wifey, could have put her phone down for 5 mins bc let me break this down for you, w/o YOUR FANS, YOU'RE..... NOTHING! IRRELEVANT! And while you're spending all your $$ , stop and think, all bc of my fans! They're so loyal and that's why we are famous AND rich! Start thinking before you open your mouth! Before I go, DID YOU REALLY SAY," I FEEL SICK?" ( literally a second b4 you told her to go cry herself to sleep?) Okay, cool cool, well since your wife stays stuck to you like you're gonna run away or something, she can get you a bucket (since you" feel sick"), tuck you in bed, and wipe your tears as you cry YOURSELF TO SLEEP, THAT'S THE IMAGE I'VE GOT! Grow up, PLEASE!

  • Saria Alexandria
    Saria Alexandria 43 minutes ago

    I mean I heard he was super controlling think he's bitter oh well it's over they've moved on

  • longmayshereign •
    longmayshereign • 51 minute ago

    Justin will never grt that #1

  • Lena x Reika
    Lena x Reika 54 minutes ago

    As if Ariana heard his song nobody even knows him 😂😂

  • Isabella’s Room
    Isabella’s Room 58 minutes ago

    Miss you Carrie

  • Rere Williams
    Rere Williams Hour ago

    Seriously? But why? She just got out of a long relationship and everyone is only talking about Zac Efron? Disgusting

  • John Vidler
    John Vidler Hour ago

    Thank you for being so sweet

  • Tria A.
    Tria A. Hour ago

    they just read and watch the video without realising the mssg what Eminem brought here.. so annoying.. btw I am not even a stan but I understand what he trying to say on his music..

  • Vanda Dy
    Vanda Dy Hour ago

    People needs to stop being so sensitive about everything

  • ppande 26
    ppande 26 Hour ago


  • Amber Kay Karrera

    As someone who not only is starting their journey but also uses Nikki as a go to for beauty tips I was shocked and happy that she ended up sharing this. I mean I hate why she felt she had to but I think so much good has come from it and now she has something off her shoulders. Got nothing but love for a sister! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • grace sento
    grace sento Hour ago

    The girl can't find a man her dad is right

  • Cheryl Taylor
    Cheryl Taylor Hour ago

    I don't understand why anybody his shocked!? His mom couldn't stand them either.

  • Kristi Vendramin

    Hmmm the most unexplained thing is that why he say that 7 rings is plagiat like one year after the song was releast why he didn't say anything befor Grammy's if it is really plagiat why he was quiet for one year... this is all because of money he wants money that's all... who ever will read my comment i'm so sorry if u don't understand my words or some words are writed wrong i'm from Slovenia and my English is a little bit cramped it's not perfect 😄 with writing comments in English i can improve it😊

  • Mihaela
    Mihaela Hour ago

    okay but justin with that gum is pissing off

  • Aria k
    Aria k Hour ago

    Im i the only one that thinks full grown adults liking these kind of movies is weird??

  • Luke Hunter
    Luke Hunter Hour ago

    Now riverdale is having a crossover with katy Keene!

  • Briana Cunningham

    I don't know her irl obv. But Arianna rubs me the wrong way. Especially the doughnut thing.

  • Serena b
    Serena b Hour ago

    Well, if she had breast and female genitalia then she is a woman. Nobody cares who she was born to, but who she is now is really matter.

  • lamine428
    lamine428 Hour ago

    Hasn't he been linked to terrorism?! Why is this sad

  • Roua Andoulsi
    Roua Andoulsi Hour ago

    Just bcz u dont joke with ur fav doesnt mean we cant u guys just love drama ugh

  • BIK3 F0R LIF3
    BIK3 F0R LIF3 2 hours ago

    Lizzo looks like humpty dumpty that has sand bags as titties

  • Tim Cook
    Tim Cook 2 hours ago

    Alexis is not pretty that's why she has to be naked all the time.

  • # Life is awesome
    # Life is awesome 2 hours ago

    If they reunite, then everyone would forget about WW3

  • Laura G
    Laura G 2 hours ago

    I don't have a problem with bruce turning into a woman, I just have a problem with him having to kids plus three stepdaughters and then just throwing all that away

  • Farouk Baba
    Farouk Baba 2 hours ago

    Does adele know that selena even exists ?

  • Samantha Laymon
    Samantha Laymon 2 hours ago

    Fight that shit ariana! It's a pic of herself that's ridiculous!

  • random person
    random person 2 hours ago

    I can't believe somebody would actually threaten her like that, it's actually disgusting

  • C DL
    C DL 2 hours ago

    Selena Gomez is back! The queen is back!! 👑

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 hours ago

    well hes known for it doesnt mean he is right for doing it?💀

  • AJ 77
    AJ 77 2 hours ago

    Dating a Hollywood actrees like dating a porn star. Anthony is a pimp. And his girlfriend is a pornstar.

  • Kiana M
    Kiana M 2 hours ago

    He just mad because hers was a hit & his was a flop

  • Jackie Gigliotti
    Jackie Gigliotti 2 hours ago

    Oh man that sucks .im love my bf but im not in love with him but i love him in a friend kina of way .we just grew apart wr live together u can image my life

  • Rihanna Mamamoo
    Rihanna Mamamoo 2 hours ago

    How about this being bullshit?

  • Jane A
    Jane A 2 hours ago

    Bieber is a jackass!!!!!!!

  • laila felinda
    laila felinda 2 hours ago

    I rewatched Friends and in S01 Phoebe sings this one song with 100% same melody with 7 rings.

  • sabby my love
    sabby my love 2 hours ago

    why Eminem thought it would be great to joke about something serious when I was only 7 a bombing happened in front my damn eyes and it has affected me till this day

  • moonshadow941
    moonshadow941 2 hours ago

    Im just waiting for Drake and Rihanna to realise that theyre made for each other haha

  • Alexia Suomalainen
    Alexia Suomalainen 2 hours ago

    maybe she started liking Thomas while she was with Ryan but if she didn't act on it then she didn't cheat. she was mature about it and broke up with ryan because she started having feeling for someone new and that's the right thing to do. it's not cheating. cheating is when you get intimate with someone else other than your partner. also this Ryan dude was toxic in the first place. like it's been 3 years, get over it buddy. it's clear he just wants attention

  • Amyleigh Tolmay
    Amyleigh Tolmay 2 hours ago

    The only reason he is sue ing her is because there song’s lyrics sound similar so he is jealous that she is basically making about 10 million more dollars than him that’s rich dudes for you (not all are like that though 😊)

  • AJ 77
    AJ 77 2 hours ago

    If i were Anthony i Will dump her

  • rongmang t
    rongmang t 3 hours ago

    Eminem ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ms Precious
    Ms Precious 3 hours ago

    She knows her products and fame won’t last forever so sell while you can, smart move , obviously her team advises she is a young girl

  • selina
    selina 3 hours ago


  • Sophia Garcha
    Sophia Garcha 3 hours ago

    I would love to see another twilight

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 3 hours ago

    I Love💜Taylor swift and Selena G💜 They are the Best Singers of the Year, I just Hope selena CAN stop defending Hailey I mean she Started and then she plays the victim🙄👎

  • Lejla Karić
    Lejla Karić 3 hours ago

    Eminem didn't make a joke, it is the fucking real world. To quote him "When will this end? When enough people care."

  • E Genovia
    E Genovia 3 hours ago

    Okay. But can she drop her routine. ?

    ABCD EFG 3 hours ago

    Don’t even get me started, are Justin and his wife OUT OF THEIR MIND?! Poor fans, I swear, my heart broke when I saw the way they were treating them... He put out a shitty song, how about he starts making actually good music and stop manipulating their fans so he gets more views on that pice of trash??

    • Amber Boiko
      Amber Boiko 2 hours ago

      ABCD EFG go hate someone else.. Justin loves his fans.. he was joking with her and that fan obviously knew that.. she was crying tears of joy for fucks sake.. saying cry yourself to sleep was like saying "hey I know your happy to see me and that's why your crying but go to bed"

  • Blessed witharix
    Blessed witharix 3 hours ago


  • Helen Longkumer
    Helen Longkumer 3 hours ago

    I'm here only for justin

  • Jaxs kook
    Jaxs kook 3 hours ago

    Eminem well forever be a legend in my book fuck wat anybody say

  • XxtriggazupxX
    XxtriggazupxX 3 hours ago

    This is why I hate arianators or whatever

    ABCD EFG 3 hours ago

    Scoter Brown it’s a disease in human form

  • Nathan Tisdale
    Nathan Tisdale 3 hours ago

    So those brother's go for woman in the limelight

  • liv green
    liv green 3 hours ago

    Yh I don't get why she is being sued she didn't nothing wrong

  • Veto Cellule
    Veto Cellule 3 hours ago


  • Henry Mathews
    Henry Mathews 3 hours ago

    I wish I wrote Starboy by the weekend, my version would've been muah!

  • Charlotte Đ
    Charlotte Đ 3 hours ago

    What Bella wont do for clout. Seems like Tana gets all into these relationships and people are assholes to her

  • Sneha Suresh
    Sneha Suresh 3 hours ago

    My poor little Zarry heart😭

  • banana mcdonald
    banana mcdonald 3 hours ago

    I'm glad selena didn't write any songs for adele otherwise she would have flopped

  • christian gasparo
    christian gasparo 4 hours ago

    You guys are just so fucking informed just like anyone can just get cancer

  • _
    _ 4 hours ago

    hope he loses da lawsuit 😂

  • arya messi
    arya messi 4 hours ago

    Y'll wanna talk about Eminem just to get more views.

  • Kyhrux
    Kyhrux 4 hours ago

    They are so disgusting

  • D
    D 4 hours ago

    This is probably the most pointless commentary ever. I'm about 5 years late with my comment but seriously, who ok'd this useless garbage at the time?

  • Nesarika
    Nesarika 4 hours ago

    Justin is literally joking and when you’ve been a huge fan of anyone and u get the chance to talk to them bc they chose you ofc you’d be crying you can clearly see that she’s crying and probably won’t stop for a while so that’s basically what she’s gonna do after hanging up. I would also not be able to control my emotions if I ever got the chance to talk to my favourite celeb.

  • Nichole Ebert vlogs
    Nichole Ebert vlogs 4 hours ago

    He needs to leave “dove’ alone and let “dove’ be happy.

  • Moonlight_2004
    Moonlight_2004 4 hours ago

    Please none of ya'll attack me in the comments. I'm an Arianator but Eminem's songs and lyrics throughout his career are known for being controversial, and understand that he wasn't trying to joke about what happened at Manchester (He even helped raise 2 million dollars for the cause when it happened) he was trying to shed light on issues happening in our world like gun violence and violence as a whole, the whole song darkness is about shootings happening and one quote on Em's website even says "When will this end?" "When enough People care" and the whole album "Music to be Murdered by" is about controversy and horrific things. Then again I understand why people are upset about this topic, because 22 beautiful souls lost their lives (children and adults), lots were injured and still struggle to this day, and most including Ariana struggle with PTSD. Eminem's made many controversial references in his career but for this case he's just trying to get the word out and show the point of view of the people that create these heinous acts of violence, and start controversy about gun control and what we can do to end violence. And please don't kill me in the comments for my opinion....I understand where both sides are coming from, but Eminem hates gun violence and the songs lyrics are telling a story and proving a point it was never meant to be taken as a joke.

  • Nichole Ebert vlogs
    Nichole Ebert vlogs 4 hours ago

    I just think that it was a cry for attention. Because I don’t believe that “dove’ would do such a thing. She is so sweet and beautiful and genuine and loving. His just mad because “dove’ is happy with someone else and it’s not him.

  • Brianna Tyler
    Brianna Tyler 4 hours ago

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  • Brianna Tyler
    Brianna Tyler 4 hours ago

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