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Homeless Simulator
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hug me i'm cold...
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Kids Who Said Funny Things
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i cook but i fail
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cutting my hair by myself
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i'm fine, thank you
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Playtime With My Dog
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Ways People Tried To Flirt
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Creepy Stories That Are True
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Odd Emergency Room Stories
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True Stories That Are Creepy
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People Who Had A Gut Feeling
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Things We Can RELATE To
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Things That Were NOT Helpful
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Facts We Never Needed To Know
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  • Lali Pøp
    Lali Pøp 4 hours ago

    Mk great. Vid but i LOAF that outfit

  • im smart too
    im smart too 4 hours ago

    Why are you single

  • Jessica ohwell Clara

    Why do you have 3 dislikes they are mean lol 😂

  • Bellandrei V.
    Bellandrei V. 4 hours ago

    eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy <3

  • lAlmond x Milkl
    lAlmond x Milkl 4 hours ago

    Kids aren't roasting teachers they're just clearly being disrespectful,if you're now able to read this comment thanks to your teachers..

  • Galaxy Gamer Isabella

    You need more subs I love the vid

  • Galaxy Gamer Isabella

    You need more subs I love the vid

  • Victoria Hadden
    Victoria Hadden 4 hours ago

    Nice content, I felt cheated recently and i needed to make sure my instincts were true until i was referred to a hacking company who took care of the hack job. They hacked him ans I’m so glad i had a proven truth that he was cheating. Contact them if you need any of their services on @brandhackers1 on Instagram or chat them up on WhatsApp +19163042321

  • AwkwardRainbowPotato

    Dang, I have mad respect for teachers. They have to deal with a bunch of disrespectful kids and don’t get paid what they deserve.

  • Sketchy Sleeper
    Sketchy Sleeper 4 hours ago

    22 minutes late... that’s not bad right?

  • Jessica Wang
    Jessica Wang 4 hours ago

    I don't want to go to school tomorrow 😫😩

  • Bittersweetkey
    Bittersweetkey 4 hours ago

    I thought the fly was real i started slapping my phone😑

  • Zoey Vlogs
    Zoey Vlogs 4 hours ago

    Why tho thumnail why tho

  • Riley Harris
    Riley Harris 4 hours ago

    What exactly is Rotogenflux Methods? How does this thing really work? I see lots of people keep on speaking about this intelligence boost program.

  • Victoria Justicefan11

    Kids can be rude as hell nowadays 🙄

  • peachy teas.
    peachy teas. 4 hours ago

    w h y h e l l o t h e r e

  • ιм ѕнσσк
    ιм ѕнσσк 4 hours ago

    I'm kind of early, wow

  • Pickled Pumpkin
    Pickled Pumpkin 4 hours ago

    The fly thing isn't true! I've taken showers and when I go to take my dog out, they try to attack me for no reason. They're probably just attracted to the smell of perfume or, if someone actually is dirty, they'd fly around them too.

  • Sou Yasser
    Sou Yasser 4 hours ago

    This is so funny tho I was basically wheezing at every single one 😂😂😂😂 btw I love your hoodie

  • Gãçhä_ ØwØ
    Gãçhä_ ØwØ 4 hours ago

    Can some one plz tell me how to calm down plz I can't stop crying

  • •Bubbles •
    •Bubbles • 4 hours ago

    Kyutie videos are so funny :3

  • Cringie_ town
    Cringie_ town 4 hours ago


  • Jamiya & Annelise
    Jamiya & Annelise 4 hours ago

    One thing ion like abt Kytie’s videos is they are so short 😭

  • Lps Maddie
    Lps Maddie 4 hours ago

    I love you so much I've been watching for like since the beginning!!! You are the best!!!

  • Alex Reynolds
    Alex Reynolds 4 hours ago

    *I'm not first but I was here before there were a thousand likes*

  • Twisting Dervole
    Twisting Dervole 4 hours ago

    I'm always down to listen to savage burns 😁

  • Panache Women
    Panache Women 4 hours ago

    These kids parents.... Are savage, like mine😂

  • Therion Steel
    Therion Steel 4 hours ago

    Love the vid

  • cutieyuffie
    cutieyuffie 4 hours ago

    These are savage kids DX

  • unikitten3684
    unikitten3684 4 hours ago

    Loving the lip color!!

  • Bla Bla
    Bla Bla 4 hours ago

    Fastest click on the planet 🚫 🧢

  • Deathlyhallow
    Deathlyhallow 4 hours ago

    This was so funny. Thanks for sharing

  • Ytp Mkr
    Ytp Mkr 4 hours ago

    Ok these are so hurtful

  • Asugey Gallardo
    Asugey Gallardo 4 hours ago

    Those kids are Savage

  • MG1Playz
    MG1Playz 4 hours ago

    Omg haayy

  • Cute Cat
    Cute Cat 4 hours ago

    Early......ish 😅

  • Tah'Laya Gamble
    Tah'Laya Gamble 4 hours ago

    i love ur vids 💜💜💜💜

  • Maddie B
    Maddie B 4 hours ago

    UGH 7 minutes late!!! WHYYY love u though!

  • Gisselle Flores
    Gisselle Flores 4 hours ago

    0:56 the guy has black socks on and his hand is on top of his feet

  • Alyssa Nevaeh
    Alyssa Nevaeh 4 hours ago

    Hello cutie crew hope everyone has an amazing wonderful week and if you don't well read this comment and know your wonderful and the world dosen't deserve you and the people who are mean to you are too small minded to understand you and they don't know that your the best have a wonderful day~~~❤😊

  • Aniyah Unlimited
    Aniyah Unlimited 4 hours ago

    YT POEMS I WROTE I ain’t first and i’m DEFINITELY not last but when this video uploaded i clicked SUPER fast roses are red violets are blue youtube is lit and so are you green as grass soft as a rug kyutie is so pretty i just wanna give her a hug I am apart of the Kyutie tribe she’s the best youtuber like and subscribe! i like chicken yes i eat meet i’m watching this video late i have to be discreet k i’m done sorry for my cringe. but it’d be really cool if kyutie noticed me 😏

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    Becky B 4 hours ago

    Hi!! You are amazing and you need more subs, likes, and love❤️😊❤️

  • Mendes Army
    Mendes Army 4 hours ago

    who clicked fast like the speed of light 😂❤

  • Ash Crimson
    Ash Crimson 4 hours ago

    No dislikes hehe. Good job! I love you so much girl!

  • Aisha The Disturbing

    I wonder if they got detention. Probably. XD

  • Ja'Mya Pauley
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  • Lizzie Beth
    Lizzie Beth 4 hours ago

    It says one view so am I first

  • Mackenzie McKinnon
    Mackenzie McKinnon 4 hours ago

    Who else can relate to 2:24 because they can’t find a man (or woman).

  • sleazballq yeet
    sleazballq yeet 4 hours ago

    4 mins lol

  • Starry animates
    Starry animates 4 hours ago

    I love your videos ^-^

  • Bianca Goga
    Bianca Goga 4 hours ago

    Love you kyutie!!!

  • Ellisseyah Turner
    Ellisseyah Turner 4 hours ago

    "A fly was flying around me and the student said its flying around you because it knows your dirty." No one: Not a single soul: Kyutie: But isn't that true...😂🤣- Kyutie 2k19

    • cutieyuffie
      cutieyuffie 4 hours ago

      LOL but Kyutie should also know that flies also fly around anything that smells like something sweet DX So it's not entirely true LMAO

  • Diamond방탄소년단

    0:13 If my teacher ever said that to me her wig would have been snatched

  • Kyla Jerman
    Kyla Jerman 4 hours ago

    I love you ❤️ you’re amazing and makes me happy

  • #custer cutie#
    #custer cutie# 4 hours ago

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    Roses are red Violett are bleu I klickt Ellen video So did you :)

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    I love Anime 4 hours ago

    I AM SO FAST!! Reality comes in: Nah your 3 minutes late Also I'm on the road to 120 all help is appreciated!!

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    10 BEARS 4 hours ago

    how was your wknd ellen? goodnite beautiful. 💋4u

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    Lauren Litzmann 4 hours ago

    2 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blink_ Once
    Blink_ Once 4 hours ago

    How can you grab your teacher face. I could never

  • Sarah The Wolf
    Sarah The Wolf 4 hours ago


  • 1,000 subs with no videos challenge!

    98%: FIRST! 1! OML I’M FIRST!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!! 2%: Hey! Hi! 1%: Y7 0.01%: *HEY SISTERS-*

  • Farrah K.
    Farrah K. 4 hours ago

    *-* :(( insert something funny )): *-*

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    Autumn Runne 4 hours ago

    Can we lowkey talk about how pretty she is 💜💗💙🌌

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    Keira Boulris 4 hours ago

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    90 views and 177 likes. TVclip, when are you going to fix thissss

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    Hi I love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

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    Tayana Zook 4 hours ago

    WHO ELSE LOVES KYUTIE BTW I'm a TVclipr too! <3

    • Didier Alonso
      Didier Alonso 4 hours ago

      lauren paige gabrera exactly! Thank you for saying that

    • lauren paige gabrera
      lauren paige gabrera 4 hours ago

      Literally you do NOT need to keep saying you are a youtuber I think everyone already knows because you say it every time you put a comment

    • Didier Alonso
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      Shut the fuck up self promoting loser

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    31st! I wish the video was a bit longer. Part 2?

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    1 view 71 Likes 3 comments TVclip got drunk again (also kyutie if your seeing this uwu I love watching ur channel ❤)

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      @Didier Alonso r/woooooooosh

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      Wolfmastericy_ 553 :3 Views are counted when people watch a certain amount of time from a video idiot

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  • Alexa ClawSister
    Alexa ClawSister 4 hours ago

    So my mom worked as a substitute teacher for 6th graders once, she was doing attendance, she said, “okay friends!” And some kid blurted out, “we are not your friends!” Then my mom said, ”okay, Enemies!”

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      cutieyuffie But this happens a thought...nvm

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      It just means that you are the first comment?

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    These kids are savage

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    Ilysm can you do a scary video again