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Thoughts That Are TOO TRUE
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  • Iz_Banana Here
    Iz_Banana Here 3 minutes ago

    How I knew a guy liked me: HE made a story starring me and how he wishes he would marry me, be with me, kiss me, etc. It was written in a book! And my bestie who is a TOTAL SNOOP at that time read the book. Then told me everything then it spread then everyone knew, during that time the guy who liked me threw it away. Other people also saw the book. My bestie who snooped at his book usually fights and bickers with him often. But then I found out she also had a crush on him! So many people had a crush on him but he liked me! And imma also tell you another thing, I had another bestie (not the snooper) let's call her Kelly (fake name, not gonna say her name) Kelly had a crush on the guy who liked me since kindergarten, and the guy liked her too! For more than 4 years they liked eachother, during that time I didn't know him yet. I left for another school for a year (due to a sickness I had) and when I came back I became pretty popular 😅 since I always had a ton of friends, when I came. I met the guy, he was okay? I wouldn't have met him if it wasn't for Kelly 😂 Kelly was the one who told me he liked me but I didn't believe because I didn't even knew him that well! But when my bestie (the snooper) told me the story that's when I knew 🤔 I didn't know why he liked me? But then my feelings grew for him and I had a crush on him too haha. It's been 2 years since that happened, we're still in the same school but talk rarely. Most of the time no words at all! Probably because of people teasing us when we're together😂 just a simple hello, someone freaking teases us. It's plainly annoying. I'm pretty sure he dosent like me anymore, but I also heard from a couple of my friend (and my bestest friend NOW) That he would still choose me over kelly, Kelly and him became really close when I wasn't his classmate anymore. But then I heard he would still choose me despite not even talking to me, it's pretty shocking 😂. But I'm cool with him not, just dosent talk as often as before.

  • Tamia's Art Life
    Tamia's Art Life 5 minutes ago

    One time my cousin told me my crush liked me so after school I texted him telling him I liked him.He said I like you too.He asked me to go to the valentines dance with him.I said yea. We started dating but then he broke up with me BEFORE VALENTINES DAY

  • Nawal Waqqas
    Nawal Waqqas 11 minutes ago

    Fan fictions are my life! 💓

  • Itz Boba_TeaUwU
    Itz Boba_TeaUwU 11 minutes ago

    When I see you I see a bootiful single girl.

  • Zefbang 2752
    Zefbang 2752 12 minutes ago

    I was writing with my red pencil when you read out 5:14. My mouth fell open and the pencil fell down from my hand

  • Noel For Life
    Noel For Life 15 minutes ago

    I came back to watch Kyutie after 3 years or something...And when I come back, she changed completely..damn..Her eyes got very big

  • totally lamaa
    totally lamaa 18 minutes ago

    The thumbnail is sweet aww

  • weird me
    weird me 19 minutes ago

    love square........... *I'm in a love pentagon 😭* . . *SEND HELP*

  • Hanny Qis
    Hanny Qis 34 minutes ago

    Think I know why is 4 is an unluvky number to the Chinese.. Four is pronounced as si (四) ,and death is also pronounced as si(死). That's why it presented death..

  • Jannah Maisha
    Jannah Maisha 42 minutes ago

    If i have crushes, idk. I just never talk abt them. So i'm kinda safe and not expsed lol. I just like silence happiness where theres no drama.

  • Mizna Rasheed
    Mizna Rasheed 45 minutes ago

    I am in grade 9 All of these are so relatable

  • Dayana Vazquez
    Dayana Vazquez 52 minutes ago

    So I had a crush on a guy he was my Freind and he would joke around with me and I would always were a beenie and he would always take it from my head and then I would say are you serious so I left for a vacation on winter brake for around 3 weeks when I came back I found out from my Freind who new I liked him that he moved so she told me that she told him that I liked him I didn’t get reagected Ps . I stoped wearing that beenie ever since he left I might were it later but idk

  • nadineprtw
    nadineprtw Hour ago

    “ellen is such a good *GiRl* “

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Hour ago

    *h e y*

  • ItzGiaa
    ItzGiaa Hour ago

    14 MINUTES LATE!!!

  • My Little Corner

    I don’t curl my hair everyday *I wake up with tangled, rough, messy, frizzy, curly hair*

  • Layla Loft
    Layla Loft Hour ago

    I’m watching this a 11:45

  • Captain Muffins
    Captain Muffins Hour ago

    Let me tell you about my cousin's story.. Once upon a time, she confessed to a boy named Bryan in 8th grade. Got rejected. A year later she moved on and planned to confess to her new crush named Koby.. BUT SHE DIDN'T GET THE CHANCE TO CONFESS BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT THAT KOBY AND BRYAN ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP. I don't know if it's a sad or a funny story.

  • Trucker 298
    Trucker 298 Hour ago

    I haven't watched you in a long time then TVclip Recommended saved me :> Also, Storytime (Bestie (girl): I, Boy 1: D, Boy 2: J, Me (girl): Me) Me, I, D, and J, were playing Truth or Dare and this happened Me: I, Truth or Dare I: Truth Me: Who do you like out of all of us? I: Uhh.. *Whispers to me* _Both D and J.._ Me: oHhH! *Later* Me: D, Truth or Dare? D: Truth Me: Do you like I? D: Yes.. J: I do too! I: D, Truth or Dare D: Truth! I: If I left who would you like? D: Noone Then I felt Jelous because noone has a crush on me ;-;

  • Callmeangel
    Callmeangel Hour ago

    The one with computer chips is actually true

  • Gabriel Abello
    Gabriel Abello Hour ago

    *Planes fly in circles to burn fuel in low altitude to land safely* Boomers don't understand it

  • Nell
    Nell Hour ago

    The second one is so sad

  • Лꙋкαсъ Трн҇ћъ

    My girl frend has our photo together on her screen😂

  • Cheochii
    Cheochii Hour ago

    Ok so i have a group of classmates and we play roblox and minecraft together on a daily basis and got us closer, it was the 4 of us and i was the only girl. One day, luz (lets call him that instead) sent a screenshot of his dms with Cameron (also not his real name). It basically went like luz: hey hey Cameron: what luz: quick question, who is your crush 😏? Cameron:..... Its [my name] So he sent the screenshot to me so he can screenshot that he sent it to me and then show Cameron that he "told" me,the fourth friend didn't take part of this btw. He was gonna delete it after but to his surprise, i saw it before he deletes it. I reply fast to messages, i apparently thought of it as a prank and didn't thinm much until people started teasing tho both of us. I only thought of him as a BEST friend and a side note, im having a small crush on his other best friend which is not apart of our minecraft cult thing. So yeah he doesn't like me romantically anymore but all of us are very close friends, i tend to go along with guys better than girls although im not fully tomboy. Im a normal girl that plays osu 24/7.

  • Waffles Are amazing

    When I couldn’t relate more to the thumbnail/first one (don’t judge me please)

  • Jessie Weir
    Jessie Weir Hour ago

    Not a crush but once I found out my friend (at the time) named her parrot after me and to this day I still don't know if it was weird of if I should take it as a compliment...

  • ¿Gabby ?
    ¿Gabby ? Hour ago

    Every night before I fall asleep I always here a ch-k-tt sound I swear this is true my dad says it’s probably a toy all battery’s in my toys are dead I’m scared this is true can u tell me how I can cope with this?

  • Hilary Janelle A. Lincuna

    Beautiful girl

  • someone's toilet
    someone's toilet 2 hours ago

    The words ever spoken to me directly that wasnt relavent, excluding intorductions and whatnot, was the words "(student name) likes you."

  • Colleen Medina
    Colleen Medina 2 hours ago

    I got 0 be honest the last picture was polar bears... Well that's what i saw...I guess I have a funny mind

  • Jasmine :D
    Jasmine :D 2 hours ago

    2:25 What if the location you are in doesn’t have grass near you??

  • Grace
    Grace 2 hours ago

    Yeah, can’t relate

  • n x f e l i b a t a
    n x f e l i b a t a 2 hours ago

    My phone lock screen is my crush but still he doesn’t care😪

  • Stay Nikki
    Stay Nikki 2 hours ago

    Okay so, y'all know that 'you look so sexy' thingy on tiktok where people send that to their crush? Well... My friend sent it to her crush and *he replied by continuing the lyrics.*

  • Husna Liyana
    Husna Liyana 2 hours ago

    8:50 u know the term "catfishing", right? So, there's this 1 moment where my friend was walking through a block of shops n suddenly some random guy was "woof"-ing her (in a catfishing sorta way)

  • UnicornQueen YT
    UnicornQueen YT 2 hours ago

    I told my best friend that i didn't like my crush anymore ,but before i finished she said that he likes me back. This only happened today..

  • INFJ
    INFJ 2 hours ago

    I’m one of them... oh no-

  • Bob The Builder
    Bob The Builder 2 hours ago

    How I knew someone liked me was my friend sent me his lock screen on his phone. It was a picture from 2 years ago. I didn't like him.

  • syahrill izzwad
    syahrill izzwad 2 hours ago

    We in malaysia have a blue rice...called kerabu

  • Nooshie
    Nooshie 3 hours ago

    Sorry to all the things you guys in the comments have gone through. I hope you have a nice day. 🖤🌙

  • riley mathis
    riley mathis 3 hours ago

    when you realize her name is ellen pellon

  • Love_Jack_ Dylan_Grazer

    In middle school I gave my crush a bunch of chocolates and the type of candies that he liked(I did this on valentines day) and the he told me he didnt have time for giving me something in return so instead for the rest of the month whenever he would see me he would smile at me and go towards me and just tell me "thank you " and hug me,I think it was worth it,whatcha think?

  • You can't Park Jimin he's not a car

    Its actually painful if their from a family memver because you see them oftem and remember the comment

  • BlueCheeseCake
    BlueCheeseCake 3 hours ago

    0:06 im sitting on couch and I’m squeezing the pillows so I think no one would be behind me lol 😂

  • rna5272
    rna5272 3 hours ago

    I have a crush and he’s one of the “ cool kids” but I think he likes me because he keeps looking away and his ears and nose turn red. Honestly I find it really fricking cute! But he is also really cold,and when I say cold I mean COLD LIKE ICE.So I’m confused. Like and comment to say what you guys think☺️

  • wenshook
    wenshook 3 hours ago

    soo, there's this guy friend I have and every time we were talking about relationships and stuff like that he would always say that he is friend zoned, how he and his crush are only friends. One day on Valentines I got a secret admirer and since we were really close I told him and after I did he wouldn't even talk to me! if I asked questions, he'd just nod and walk away like he didn't even know me! I was so sad since he and I were really close and I was actually starting to like him all of a sudden. It was until a close friend of ours told me how he said to her he liked me and felt so sad that someone else was making a move on me. After she told me that, I went to him and said "hey, let's take a picture together! you know, for memories!" and so we did and after I asked if he liked me. Obviously, he couldn't say anything and started stuttering so I told him "don't worry, I like you to bro" and started laughing 😂 He was caught of guard and just stared blankly at me until he blushed and hugged me. just wanted to share that. He is currently my boyfriend for 2 years now. 😊💖

  • WINWIN dong sicheng Lvr

    I find out people like me cause : 1) some boys just confesses 2) their friends tells me 3) they legit tell everyone (except me how can I not know-) 4) they’re being obvious (I’ve had girls crushing on me too but I don’t remember how I found out whOop I’m straight tho so I feel bad)

  • Leo18770
    Leo18770 4 hours ago

    This is obviously not scary, but for me it was. Its short so, again it wont be scary unless it happened. So me and my sis, were in the same room. I was sleeping on the bed, well lying down in order to sleep. Until I heard a noise "heh_heh_heh" it was a panting, breathing type noise. I got shocked and scared. It kept happening on my right ear, twice. Until my parents said it wss my dad panting or sighing. I was alright after the 2nd, the time my parents said that, until it came from my left ear. It cant be my dad cuz it sounds close, all of those. It couldnt be my dad as it was from my left, the 3rd. It couldnt be my sis as 2 came from rigth and the third was much closer. In a clearer version 1st: right: heh heh heh slightly like a pant and weak but clear to hear. 2nd: right: heh heh sligthly like a pant and weak but clear to hear. 3rd: Left: heh heh heh like panting but sounded close to my ear.

  • Riggidy_ neale19
    Riggidy_ neale19 4 hours ago

    Yes I think animals know when they’re gonna die too cause my cats used to never sleep with me and then they started to be more cuddly a couple days later on the 24/12/19 my house burnt down and took their lives they’re now my profile picture

  • Indian ARMY
    Indian ARMY 4 hours ago

    Gosh Ellen, take the effin hint!

  • Indian ARMY
    Indian ARMY 4 hours ago

    I love Nate lmao, his humour and everything. Gawd, he's savage and funny AF. Want him to feature EVEN NOW. #NELLEN

  • Han_is_ Squirrel
    Han_is_ Squirrel 4 hours ago

    “Honestly, fan fictions are...” Me: WATTPAD

  • Jainna Sales
    Jainna Sales 4 hours ago

    Cute story? My crush is always looking at me and if I look at him back he always smile and obviously I will smile at him back then he even tied my shoelace ☺️ it wasn't untie but he pulled it and I was about to tie it but he volunteered to help me with it obviously I said yes but he never told me who is he's crush so what do you think??? Does he like me or not???🤔ohh and thank you for reading such a long story btw it's a true story😊

  • Kirishima Eijiro
    Kirishima Eijiro 4 hours ago

    I have a pic of my bestie as my lock screen. Thats not weird right..?

  • Eleanor Richmond
    Eleanor Richmond 4 hours ago

    So I’m gonna tell a story that is very recent. Basically my crush knows that I like him. How, you may ask? Because one of my friends was talking about him to me right as him and his friend walked past. His friend heard her talking and then was like ‘omg eleanor do you like (insert crushes name here)?’ So I just speed walked right out of that situation. That was before Christmas. So anyway last week on Monday his friend (the one who told him that I liked him) came up to me at lunch and said ‘right I’m not joking, I’m being serious, he said that he likes you’ and I was like ‘reallyyy’ (sarcastically) and then he said ‘no, I’m actually not joking’ so then his friend made me go over to him because he wouldn’t come to me. Then he told me to my face that he likes me back. Then he asked me out. So yes, last week was wilding, honestly.

  • Emily Ramirez
    Emily Ramirez 4 hours ago


  • kaidou shunDaddy
    kaidou shunDaddy 4 hours ago

    I made fan fictions about my crush one time someone found it and told the person I used to like 😂😂

  • kaidou shunDaddy
    kaidou shunDaddy 4 hours ago

    #singlesquad :(

  • rna5272
    rna5272 5 hours ago


  • Damodar Behera
    Damodar Behera 5 hours ago

    Aww she looks so cute in her dp

  • • Angelolz •
    • Angelolz • 5 hours ago

    Someone confessed to me It was a dare

  • sharon money
    sharon money 5 hours ago

    when everyone in the comments is like “i found out he/she liked me when” and no one likes me ITS FINE

  • Ashley coles
    Ashley coles 5 hours ago

    I Like a guy but i dont know him not even his name i wanted to talk to him but im shy and i don't want him to think i am desperate .The first times i saw him he would look at me even sit nearby me but not talk to me ...suddenly he stopped looking at me and would avoid me he usually got on the same bus as me but now it has been 4 days and i haven't seen him i would like him to talk to me but idk how to get him to talk to me once i even dropped my keys to see if he would pick them Up for me ...but he just passed right beside me (i dont know if he is into me or maybe he liked me before and now he doesn't or didn't even like me in they first place)😥

  • Hella Shawn
    Hella Shawn 5 hours ago

    Am I the only one who cant keep online friends? Like it’s always small talk and they all become a stranger who’s name you know at some point

    LUVLY CHIMMY 5 hours ago

    When I was walking I drop a note from my pocket that says "(my crush 's name), I lile you" and he found it. During break, he said "So you like me? My answer is, I like you too."

  • gacha_ berry
    gacha_ berry 5 hours ago

    5% dislike 30% just comment 20% like 10% like and comment 35% just watch TELL ME IF THIS IS TRUE

  • Puppy Love , Inc.
    Puppy Love , Inc. 5 hours ago

    -and tries to make it look like he proposed *Silence* Oop

  • Mystery Girl
    Mystery Girl 6 hours ago

    My best friend forced me to talk to him

  • Athena Gounaris
    Athena Gounaris 6 hours ago

    I had my bsf as my lock screen... Idk.

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 6 hours ago

    Im over here thinking "Who is ellen?" 3 seconds later... realizes she wouldn't actually be named Kyutie and that i was thinking about a totally different TVclipr...

  • Curly_ Simmer81
    Curly_ Simmer81 6 hours ago

    I had this one crush on a guy that I thought came in on second year of high school because I’d never seen him before, turns out he had a MASSIVE crush on me in 1st year Let’s just say he got in with the wrong crowd and smokes and stuff when he is still only 14

  • Rhea Anthony
    Rhea Anthony 6 hours ago

    There be people who have people who like dem and thens there's me

  • Kimberly Hammond
    Kimberly Hammond 6 hours ago

    The only crush I've ever had was in middle school. I liked him for 3 years and never even had the nerve to ask him out or tell him.....

  • edygreywolf edygreywolf

    Low key there are those who are expers they arent gifted enough to go into business and have embarrassment as they fear being nuts but aren't coming from a family who sorta dream about the future all the time aka extremely accurate dajavue ect. Sometimes we just know stuff we shouldn't nothing serious but often personal stuff.

  • twins time
    twins time 6 hours ago

    U know what Read more

  • edygreywolf edygreywolf

    This kind of throwing shade is why I'm still single I used to be in a singles group and had friends who were disabled im socially anxious so hung out with them but am considerably more attractive than most men in my area but what I heard the lady's saying behind the backs of my friends disgusted me and made me anti social and less trusting of wemon in my area.

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 6 hours ago

    Gabbi: Can I get a latte Worker: Name pls? Gabbi: Gabbi Worker Gabbi? Gabbi: yes *RECEIVES CUP Reads name: Garlic 😑 Wtf

  • moonlight legacy
    moonlight legacy 6 hours ago

    9:39 my brother tells me that all the time 😂😂😂 and my dad tells me my real dad is either the milk man or the mail man 😂😂😂

  • Jungle Jagaur
    Jungle Jagaur 6 hours ago

    As I’m watching there is 666k views😳

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 6 hours ago

    2:26 who thought it was Harper

  • yearning to die
    yearning to die 6 hours ago

    Yes it's true that men think random things. I'm one of the guys and we chat LITERALLY random things like what if we're ogres, what if baby oil is made out of babies, stuff like that. It's weird but It's fun to talk with them.

  • no yoongi left to cry

    *my crush finally confessed that he also likes me* *and then i woke up*

  • Tenisha Viveros
    Tenisha Viveros 6 hours ago

    My crush didn't know who I was at all he told me he only remembered me be cuz his best friend and my best friend we're brother and sister, we've been married for ten years and have two kids now, don't be shy , you never know what can happen, even tho I stared alot before saying anything 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • A͓̽s͓̽h͓̽u͓̽r͓̽ī-c͓̽h͓̽a͓̽n͓̽

    My sad life; First day of school, I was assigned next to a boy named Alex. We always joked around and talked to each other daily. Until, people in our table started moving around. Isabella moved into our table, then eventually Alex's best friend moved into the table aswell. He asked if he wanted to switch seats, meaning I'd be sitting in front of Alex's best friend, and next to Isabella. Soon after, I became really silent, I only talked when they mentioned my name. Alex got a girlfriend, spoiled her, then broke up with her. Luckily! My teacher then moved Alex to a far away table due to the fact Alex and his best friend talked to much. Although we were at a distance, we still stare at each other. Oh, and, another boy named Angel moved into our table. Valentine's Day is coming and I really want Alex to ask me to be his Valentine. If you're Alex.. I love you. ;-;

  • Crystal2117
    Crystal2117 6 hours ago

    Her response to the feet off the floor riddle...😂😂😂

  • Itz Audrey
    Itz Audrey 6 hours ago

    5:12 how bout the teachers

  • Little Magics
    Little Magics 7 hours ago

    5:12 the nail won’t grow back because the cells that are responsible for nail growth are ripped off. Feel bad for the person😢

  • Abby Wong
    Abby Wong 7 hours ago

    Hey if y'all wanna be friends dm me @ipostartandotherstuffsometimes

  • Kittygirlawesome
    Kittygirlawesome 7 hours ago

    2:26 I thought it was Harper

  • Skeeby Zeeby
    Skeeby Zeeby 7 hours ago

    Guys the thumbnail was a persong GRABBING the neck with their hands and the head was showing so it made it look like a really long neck.

  • Little Magics
    Little Magics 7 hours ago

    PURRING to woo me: OMG!!! Cat noir, is that you ?

  • HeyimDani
    HeyimDani 7 hours ago

    How me and my boyfriend got together (added me in March through another friend) anyways we talked for a few months and stopped until 1 day my best friend was snapping him and I snapped him and he remembered who I was and then snapped me a few hours later started talking to me, I told him I’d NEVER EVERRRR date him and I was very disgusted but two phone calls until 4am later we went on a “date” and then he told my best friend he wanted to ask me out but was wayyyy too scared and she told him I wouldn’t say no and then he asked me, and I say sure. And now I’m the happiest ever

  • Grameo Larry
    Grameo Larry 7 hours ago

    I love all of your videos Kyutie!! You Always make me smile!!

  • Alicia Cherry
    Alicia Cherry 7 hours ago

    The second one is sad

  • Missy
    Missy 7 hours ago

    How my bf found out I had to spell it out for him

  • Lady Azurafied
    Lady Azurafied 7 hours ago

    A pointless argument I got into was with another girl when I was in 3rd grade. She wrote "Happy birthday, Angle!" On a card she made me for her birthday. My name is Angel. She said it was spelled "Angle" and that angle was spelled "angel." My name is spelled "Angel." Not "Angle." My vocabulary at the time was 5000+, and I just stopped arguing with her because it was just pointless to argue with a girl _that_ dumb, or at least seemed dumb to me at that time. Now I realize she was probably just in that childlike mentality of sounding out words to put their spelling together, whereas I, being autistic, had a better understanding of how words worked and constantly read and improved my vocabulary.

  • shy girl
    shy girl 7 hours ago

    Ellen: Honestly, fanfictions are so... Me: ah, that's right! some fans write fanfic about Ellen and James! Ellen:.... like, some of them are like, 18+ Me:wait, did someone write fanfic about Ellen and James in 18+?! woah... wait, she read it?! I wonder how she feels about it..

  • SP
    SP 7 hours ago

    I take off the lights after I lift my feet off the floor..

  • Hailey Hogan
    Hailey Hogan 7 hours ago


  • Blue Rays
    Blue Rays 7 hours ago

    My story so I had this companion he was Tom he was friends with a boy called Joe, so Joe liked me and I didn’t know, but josh said that one of his friends likes me, I was trying to guess in class, but then a boy called Brody, yelled IT’S JOE. Joe started to get embrassed because it was during class time... but now we’re dating and on February the first will be our third month dating :) For privacy reasons the boy called Joe and Tom, aren’t there real names.